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8 Rules To Keep Facebook From Ruining Your Relationship

April 26th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Before you read on, you should know I love and I loathe Facebook. I use Facebook for personal and businessreasons. It has replaced email for me in a lot of ways and it is a great avenue to showcase pictures of the family to relatives that are far away. But, it is also a cause of a lot of relationship issues that I see in my office.

From cheating online to lamenting over a break up that has moved on — I hear about how Facebook has supposedly ruined their marriage or their dating relationship. But guess what? Facebook didn’t do anything. The responsibility here lies on the people involved … not the technology. Here are some quick tips for you to remember on how to keep your relationship offline and healthy. It all starts with boundaries.

1. Don’t fight. This is awkward. Really. When I see two friends go at each other, even if it is short sarcastic remarks, you can still get a sense that there is more to it than just joking. Not fighting on your Facebook page isn’t just about keeping others from feeling uncomfortable. That is secondary to the most important issue — that it isn’t fair fighting.

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