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Exclusive: Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Norma Breaks Silence, Opens Up About Child Custody Drama & Being Abused During Their Marriage

March 25th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

For years, we’ve heard about all of the negativity surrounding singer Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife Norma Mitchell. In addition to a pretty messy divorce, the two have had their share of legal disputes surrounding their 7-year-old daughter, Shayla. Their most recent run-in involved the actor Furious 7 claiming that he feared his ex would not bring their daughter back to the States following their upcoming vacation to Israel. The courts eventually ruled in Norma’s favor, as she and Shayla are set to take the trip later this week, but according to the artist and single mother, this has only been one of several of Gibson’s attempts to terrorize her.

“I just have come to a point where I felt that I really want to have a voice and speak up for myself,” Mitchell told MadameNoire regarding her decision to finally speak out. “It’s been a long time that I have been going through this and I just want to move on and move forward.”

Considering that this isn’t the first incident that has landed the former lovers in court, the single mother expressed that she didn’t have much of a reaction to last week’s fiasco.

“I’m not a flight risk. It was sad for me seeing myself called ‘Satan’ in the press. It really hurt my feelings. I would never take my daughter to live in a different country away from her father. And if I were going to do that, I wouldn’t be asking for her passport.”

Norma adds that it’s interesting that Gibson would even question whether or not she would return with Shayla. Apparently, there’s a clause in their custody agreement which was added on August 28 that prohibits both of them from traveling to countries that are not governed by The Hague Convention. Israel happens to be governed by The Hague.

“The Hague Convention protects against child abduction,” she explained. “For me to run off with my daughter to Israel is ludicrous. I wouldn’t even live there. I’m a British citizen. I feel like that wasn’t explained.”

The 7-day trip to Jerusalem will more than likely consist of celebrating Passover and catching up with relatives—including Mitchell’s mom, brother and grandmother.

“I’m just going to see my mom. My mom is from Israel and she’s in Israel with my grandmother who is too old to travel. Sometimes we only get to see them once a year. The last time we saw them was three years ago,” said Norma.

News of Mitchell’s upcoming trip to Israel led to many negative comments from misinformed people who have only negatives views of the country. But the London native, who bears both Trinidadian and Israeli descent, expressed that the trip will be a safe one. Their itinerary includes visiting the Mount of Olives and going to temple for prayer.

Despite the continuous hardships faced while attempting to co-parent in such a hostile environment, Mitchell hopes to reach out and help someone else with her story.

“Seven years [of silence] is long enough. It’s not in my nature to try to harm someone else. I’ve always tried my best to keep it moving and keep to myself, but I’ve also become very aware that there are other women out there who are going through similar situations.”

She intends to provide this support through her women’s empowerment campaign, “Because I’m a Woman.” In addition to helping to build the self-esteem and confidence of these women, Norma hopes to equip them with information to assist them in understanding the court system here in America.

“There are a lot of women who are going through what I’m going through and they simply don’t have the resources to help them move forward and overcome the things that they’re going through.”

And who better to help guide these women than Norma, who represented herself in court against her ex-husband’s attorney—who sources say is paid approximately $900 an hour to handle his custodial disputes?

“I will do my best to make it known that emotional violence, verbal abuse and mental abuse is something serious and it happens to many women. A lot of men are using the legal system to control women and to put them in a state of fear. A few of the things that have happened to me that I know have happened to other women is being followed and surveyed. That’s not something fun. It makes you anxious. You know, just provoking you and harassing you with emails. That overwhelms women and it puts you in a fear state.”

For years, there were rumors and reports of domestic abuse in the former couple’s marriage. Mitchell confirmed to us that there definitely were some abusive moments.

“Yes, there was [physical and emotional abuse in my marriage]. Definitely. If you have this conversation with many women, they can tell you the exact same thing. Sometimes it’s so covert that you don’t know it’s happening until it’s happening.”

Because she never spoke out about her experiences, she admits that situations like the 2014 incident involving former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice made her feel a bit guilty.

“I felt so irresponsible at that moment because I wasn’t taking responsibility as a woman and using my voice to perhaps alleviate those blows. It starts with words and then it becomes physical, but the words are what linger. The physical abuse heals quickly, but the emotional keeps coming back because you’re so unsure of yourself.”

Sadly, abuse can sometimes even continue once a relationship has ended. During her time spent in court feuding with her ex-husband, Norma recalled seeing countless women in distress that became emotionally unraveled out of fear that their children may be taken away.

“A lot of men with money and more power, especially with passive women, are using the legal system to abuse these women. Then they can point the finger and say, ‘Look at her, she’s crazy,’ because one day you just explode and can’t take it anymore.”

We were also able to discuss how the public nature of the divorce and custodial woes have impacted her personal life. The single mother admits that all of the negative media coverage makes it difficult to do every day things such as promote her business and even to date.

“People Google people. People research. People look at that stuff and they believe it. It’s not okay, but I know that it happens.”

As for what she tells her daughter about all of the reports about herself and her ex-husband, Norma had this to say:

“I explain to her the reality of what media is. You just have to say, ‘The media puts a lot of stories out there. Don’t pay attention.’ I’ve talked to her about it and have educated her on other stories of people who have negative things in the media. She has an understanding that it’s like watching a movie. It’s not reality and that what we go through in our personal lives only makes us stronger.”

To learn more about the “Because I’m a Woman” campaign, visit

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Judge Allows Tyrese’s Ex-Wife To Take Their Daughter To Israel—Even Though He’s Afraid That She May Not Return

March 23rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last week, we told you that Tyrese attempted to put a stop to his ex-wife’s vacation to Israel because she plans to bring their daughter along. As previously reported, the singer feared that Norma Gibson would not return 7-year-old Shayla because Norma is actually a citizen of Israel.

Apparently, a judge didn’t see things this way because according to TMZ, Norma has been permitted to take Shayla with her to the Middle East. Earlier today, Tyrese was instructed by the courts to hand over Shayla’s passport to Norma for their trip. The two are scheduled to depart on March 27. They will be gone for two weeks.

Norma has agreed to make Tyrese aware of their itinerary for the trip. She has also made it clear that she has strong ties to Los Angeles and that it’s completely unreasonable for her ex-husband to consider her a flight risk.

Tyrese and Norma tied the knot just 10 months before filing for divorce in 2009. Prior to saying “I do,” the two were together for nearly seven years. It’s unclear why things unraveled the way that they did, but the singer has accepted at least part of the blame for their demise.

“I learned that sometimes marriage doesn’t work. When you get married you vow to share your life experiences with someone else. If you happen to be as busy as I am, your mind and spirit is all you have and if anything is taking away from that on any level then it might be time to re-evaluate that situation,” he told Essence in ’09.

Hopefully Norma providing the singer with a play-by-play of the trip will calm the waters. We’re also hoping that he hands over Shayla’s passport without a fight so that this doesn’t become any more difficult than it needs to be.

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Taraji On Choosing Derek Luke Because He’s Chocolate And Keeping Terrence Howard Unaroused During Sex Scenes

March 18th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Taraji On Choosing Derek Luke

Source: Power 105.1

Y’all already know that we’re waiting with baited breath to see how Lee Daniels, Danny Strong and the Lyon family will conclude season one of “Empire.” And of course we’re not the only ones. The show has captured the attention of the entire nation. So naturally, Taraji P. Henson has been making her rounds promoting the show. Recently, she sat down with Power 105’s Angie Martinez to discuss some of the behind the scenes secrets, including why she picked Derek Luke to be her second love interest, how she keeps Terrence Howard from getting an erection during their sex scenes and the little crush she had on Tyrese back in the day.

Check out the highlights from the interview and watch the entire thing on the last page.

Did you have any say in who got the role of your second love interest?

I did! They gave me a list and I said that one. You gotta know how to act too. Derek Luke is a good actor and he’s easy on the eye. But not only that, I just thought it would be great. You know in the community, we have this thing with light skin/ dark skin and I was like we gon’ have to mix this up a bit because if not, the people are going to get us. They’re going to be like ‘Oooh what y’all scared of the chocolate?!’ So I made it a point. I said whoever the love interest is, he has to be chocolate or not so light.


The booty shot 

You know that wasn’t scripted? But the Cookie in me had to get her [Anika] back. Remember that one episode time she went upstairs and made sure she changed and came down in her lingerie? I had to show her what a butt looks like. Literally, when I did it, the whole entire cast and crew was like *gasp.* And I said, ‘You betta keep it!’

For me, it’s not about Taraji and Taraji’s vanity. For me it was about Cookie and Cookie getting back at Anika. I didn’t even think about how my butt would look on television. I didn’t care. I wasn’t thinking as Taraji. It’s just something that happened in the moment and it worked. And thank God it looked good.

Auditioning for “Scandal” and her love for Kerry Washington

When I went into to read for Shonda Rhimes, in my mind I’m like ‘This is Kerry Washington why am I even here?’  Not that I didn’t try to get it, but it was her’s. It was her job. She’s great in it. Then I do “Empire” and they make these horrible memes. I saw her at the NAACP Image Awards and we had a good laugh about it.

Using the N Word on the show

I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. I just don’t think America’s ready for that on primetime network television. I think Terrence brought it up and then some kind of way people have been asking me my thoughts on it. As an artist, playing these people true to life, that word would absolutely be tossed around. If this was a movie we were doing or if this was on cable–because when I got the script, the n-word was all up and through there. And I was like ‘Fox is going to let us say this?’ But now that we’ve accomplished what we’ve accomplished we don’t even really need it. Now we make a movie? Because it’s true to who these people are. You can’t deal with Hip Hop and not use that word. You can’t go to the hood and think you’re not going to hear that word. Cookie spent 17 years in prison. You think she’s never been called one or used the word. People get sensitive sometimes but when you’re talking about art and you have to be true to the characters, you have to be true to the characters.

If they did use the N-word 

Oprah wouldn’t have made an appearance and we probably wouldn’t have as many viewers…or sponsorships.


Her relationship with Terrence Howard 

I would have walked away if they didn’t hire Terrence. The only reason it had to be Terrence is because Terrence and I have such a history. I’ve known Terrence for 10 years now. We hosted the Soul Train Awards two years in a row. We’ve done two or three movies together. I’ve been through all his relationships with him. He’s like one of my coolest male friends in life. We talk whenever we’re not working. So when you think about that love and that connection that Cookie and Lucious have, you’ve kind of got to have that.

Tyrese Fears Ex-Wife Will Flee To Israel With Daughter

March 17th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife Norma Gibson are heading back to court.

According to TMZ, the Furious 7 actor recently filed court documents asking that a judge put a stop to Norma and his 7-year-old daughter Shayla’s upcoming vacation to Israel as he fears that he’ll never see his kid again.

In the documents, the singer explains that Norma is actually a citizen of Israel and should she decide to stay there permanently, the Israeli government will do nothing to help him get his daughter back.

Apparently, he attempted to get Norma to sign a contract prior to the trip which would have obligated her to return Shayla to the States by a certain date and if she failed to do so she would lose custody. Norma, however, refused to sign. A family court mediator is reviewing the case and will determine what the rules are. Their trip to Israel is scheduled for March 27.

This is only the latest installation in Tyrese and Norma’s custodial saga. The two have been at it for years and yet, they still can’t seem to get it right. The feud even spilled over into social media at one point.

“In California the custody laws are set up to make you a victim of your own success,” he vented a couple of years ago. “I won’t give up on my daughter and I refuse to walk away.”

We’re hoping they’re able to get it together soon.

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Jody And Yvette Forever: Is Tyrese Coming To “Empire”?

March 16th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Is Tyrese Coming To "Empire"


“Empire” somehow manages to delight and surprise us with each passing week. And it seems like the season finale might blow our minds even further.

Last week, Tyrese posted a picture of he and Taraji on Instagram. But it was the caption that was particularly telling.

See what he said.

By now, we know how Tyrese talks mad trash on social media. And since this is how he gets down, we might have dismissed this post as yet another outburst. But then Derek Luke, who plays Malcolm on the show, another one of Cookie’s love interests, responded, also through Instagram.

And of course Tyrese had a reply.

That “see you soon” makes me think this really could be happening!

Personally, I’m here for Tyrese coming to “Empire” as just about anything but another potential contender for Cookie’s cookie would be particularly awesome.

Do you think Tyrese would be a good addition to the show?

Always Clear Your Browser: Tyrese Puts Woman On Blast For Googling His Net Worth During A Date

February 16th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Image Source:

Image Source:

If we were to put together a list of things you shouldn’t do on a first date with a famous fella, or any fella for that matter, the new #1 would be that you probably shouldn’t look up how much money he has while you’re out with him. It’s just a little bit (or a lot actually) tacky.

But that’s exactly what one woman did while on a date with actor/singer, Tyrese, but she got caught. It all started, according to Tyrese (aka, Black-Ty as he calls himself), when his phone died and he asked to use the woman’s phone so that he could look up something online.

Do you see anything wrong with Googling a Baller's networth? #tyrese

A photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

If this story is true, she was just super sloppy with it. If you’re going to look up a man’s net worth while you’re around him (which, again, you shouldn’t), at least try to close that tab. I mean…duh, right?

But at the same time, I’m also a little skeptical. I’m wondering if all this really happened, or if Tyrese just wanted all of his haters to know that, well, according to, he’s sitting pretty financially. Either way, talk about a hot mess.

Tyrese Congratulates Taraji On Her “Empire” Success…And Not Sleeping Her Way To The Top Like Others

January 20th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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As we all know (and as we’ve documented a lot on this site), “Empire” is a pretty huge hit for Fox. And while I could say that nobody is happier about that then the folks at Fox, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, there just might be someone who is a bit more geeked up over this show’s success: Tyrese.

Tyrese co-starred with Taraji P. Henson in Baby Boy in 2001, and since then, they’ve been very close–so close that people often wonder why they haven’t tried to make this whole ‘love’ thing work. But anywho, the actor took to his Instagram page late last week to show love to Henson for killing it in her role as Cookie Lyon on “Empire.” He also celebrated the fact that, according to him, Henson didn’t have to sleep her way to the top like other actresses do. Instead, she just focused on putting in the work all these years:


That was so sweet! Now I’m just trying to figure out whether or not he’s about to start dropping names for these folks he claims dropped it like its hot for some jobs…

Just kidding!

But we do agree with Tyrese about Henson deserving all the success she’s having with the show. Definitely one of our new favorites!

Not So Fast: Sanaa Lathan Shoots Down Tyrese Dating Rumors

November 14th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last month, many began to wonder if there was something romantic going on between Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan. The rumors began circulating after the pair was seen leaving The Cheesecake Factory last month. Some have also claimed to have witnessed the two of them during another romantic outing at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood. Tyrese’s refusal to answer questions regarding the status of his relationship with the beauty only seemed to add fuel to fire. But as we know, things aren’t always as they appear.

Sanaa recently set the record straight about their relationship and according to the actress, they’re nothing but friends.

“We’re friends,” she told Hip Hollywood. “We were having dinner and you know how they do.”

She went on to say that she’s flattered that fans want her to find love so badly.

“I mean, I love that people want something to happen with me. That’s great. I mean, you know, bring it on!”

Well, I guess that’s that.

New Flame: Are Tyrese And Sanaa Dating?

October 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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tyrese and sanaa dating feat

Here is something we wouldn’t have expected. TMZ is reporting that R&B singer turned actor Tyrese and actress Sanaa Lathan are romantically involved. TMZ’s cameraman caught Tyrese leaving the Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday night. And he asked Tyrese if the two were indeed an item. Tyrese seemed annoyed walking to his car and in response to the videographer’s questions kept saying “C’mon man.”

But sure enough, as he pulled out of the parking lot, we see that Sanaa was riding shotgun.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time they’d been out. Sources told TMZ that the two went out to dinner in Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood on Monday and then again on Wednesday.

Interestingly, Sanaa uploaded a picture of herself later on Instagram, showcasing her new jeans, and more sources claim it was taken inside of Tyrese’s house.


Can’t say I ever…evah thought she and Tyrese would be a thang. But stranger things have happened.

Watch the video of the two leaving The Cheesecake Factory below and the picture of Sanaa allegedly in his house.

tyrese and sanaa lathan dating

Source: Instagram

What do you think about the speculation? Are these two an item?

11 Fine Men Whose Foolishness Overshadows How Fine They Are

October 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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There are some men in Hollywood whose good looks keep us captivated. Hey Idris! What’s going on Michael (Ealy or Jordan, either one works)? Heeeey Morris…

And then there are those men who we know look good, but don’t act right. And I’m sorry, but there’s nothing less attractive than a fine person who revels in foolishness and drama. Need some examples? We’ve got you covered:

Daniel Tanner/

Daniel Tanner/

Isaiah Mustafa

Remember him? One minute every woman was fawning over Isaiah Mustafa in those Old Spice commericals, and the next minute, he was pariah #1. At the height of his 15 minutes of fame (which included some TV and film appearances), Mustafah made the big mistake of talking about “good hair” when speaking on what he wants in a future partner:

“I want my kids to have nice hair so she better have good hair. Cause, I don’t know if you’ve checked my hair out lately. Aside from today it’s normally nice. Today it’s slightly nappy.”

He’s picked up guest starring roles here and there on TV shows, but things haven’t been the same for America’s former sweetheart.