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“I Never Want To Work With Him Again”: Co-Stars Of Some Of Your Favorite Movies Who Didn’t Get Along At All Off-Camera

October 6th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We told you last month about television co-stars who might have had successful shows, but couldn’t seem to get along off-camera. This is more common than you think. Actors from some very successful films over the years only had to work together for a few weeks or months, but the individuals on this list were throwing verbal grenades and actual physical punches at one another. Here are 10 epic co-star feuds from over the years.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Jamie Foxx And LL Cool J

They had issue on-screen, and unfortunately, Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J had issues off-screen as well while filming Any Given Sunday. While filming a scene at Miami’s Pro Player Stadium, the rapper punched Foxx in the face (while they were both wearing helmets). As the story went, things got a little out of hand, but both men agreed that if LL was going to punch Foxx again for a scene, he would warn him. However, Foxx claimed that after their squabble, the rapper hit him in the back of the head as he was walking away. Foxx turned around and punched LL in the face. Police were called, and it was all in the news back in ’99. But today, Foxx says he and LL are friendly again. “When you’re grown, you don’t really have time for all that. When you’re young, it’s cool to have your emotions on your chest. But we’re grown now.”

“God Gave Me A Second Chance At Life” August Alsina Released From The Hospital

September 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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August Alsina Released From The Hospital

Source: WENN

Good news ladies and gents, R&B singer August Alsina is being discharged from the hospital yesterday, after a week in the hospital. After falling off a stage during his Testimony Live Tour and being placed in a medically-induced coma for three days, Alsina was well enough to be released.

He tweeted:

And posted this picture and caption on Instagram:

Recovery, it’s a process. I woke from a coma.. God gave me a second chance at life & I’d like to thank each and every person that sent any form and expression of love thru gift, card, flowers or simply your kind words and prayers. I’m a hustler, I’m a worker, I overwork myself at times but I’m a survivor and still here by the grace of God and your prayers. #AlsinaNation #Squadd We still here & time to go harder!

This incident ended up being far more serious than we initially thought, so we’re glad to hear that August is well enough to go home. But we certainly hope and pray he continues to get the rest, nutrition and possible treatment he needs in the future so he doesn’t end up in this same predicament again.

Check out the celebrities who wished August well via Instagram.

Author Sues Tyrese For $83K, Says He Ruined Her Reputation

September 9th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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Image Source:

Image Source:


From TMZ 

Tyrese Gibson owes more than $83K to a woman who claims he ruined her life after she wrote a book about his mom … but Tyrese says the author is the one who’s guilty of taking advantage of his mother.

Cynthia Banks claims she befriended Tyrese’s mom Priscilla a few years back … and agreed to write a book about Priscilla’s 27-year struggle with alcoholism. Banks says the Gibson children cooperated with her on the book — except Tyrese, who publicly trashed the author and ruined her reputation.

Banks filed a lawsuit against him in Texas, where she lived … but when he failed to respond to the suit, a judge awarded her $75K.

Banks says Tyrese never paid — so now she’s coming after him in California. She’s asking an L.A. judge to order him to fork over the money, which has ballooned to $83K due to interest charges.

Read about this case at 

The Lack Of Advice For Men, And What It Says About Society

May 21st, 2014 - By Kendra Koger
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Tyrese blames reality TV & blogs for ruining happy relationships, marriages and families in new video.

Source: Instagram


Let me start this post off by saying that there will always be a sweet spot in my heart for Tyrese.  Ever since he got on that bus and sang an ode to Coca Cola, he was my first celebrity crush.  In fact, my soon to be ex-husband and I made his song “What am I Gonna Do” (along with Usher’s “There Goes My Baby“) our relationship anthems as we drove to the courthouse and got married.  I am proud of the fact that Tyrese has maintained his success without compromising himself.

With all that said… let’s get into this reality television blaming that he’s doing.

Now, I’m usually not up in arms about most of Tyrese’s advice.  When he mentioned about how women needed to work out more and saying that if you’re fat, you earned it, I thought:  “I’m still carrying my baby weight because I’m not working out and I like cheeseburgers.”  It was true for me.

So when his latest video of advice popped up, I wanted to check it out for myself to see what he was saying.

Now, I agreed with a good portion of it.  In fact, I wrote about how when people feed themselves mentally with too much crazy reality television that, if they’re not careful, they can begin to mimic the behavior thinking that it’s normal to behave in that manner.  It was one of my first articles with this site.

But my head stopped nodding abruptly when he started going in on the correlation of reality shows and their effect on married women’s mental capacity.

“What ends up happening is you’re at home and you’re looking at shows like ‘The Housewives’ and all of these different reality TV shows and in your mind, this reality becomes reality,” he expressed. “You find yourself arguing and having issues at your house and in your marriage and in your family that are directly influenced from the sh*t that you’re seeing on TV. You don’t even know it.”

“You, as a woman, you’re sitting there watching TV and you’re witnessing in which women complain and have issues and conflicts in their marriages that are filmed on a reality show. And they’re directly influencing issues and conflicts that are being created in your house.”

Err… what?  But he continues:

“That is not your f**ing marriage. Those are not your issues. That is not your situation. You have what you have with your husband. That is your family. Those are your kids. That is your situation that you created. So, the fact that you’re allowing these outside images and reality TV shows and blogs and websites and all of this negative stuff that is being constantly fed on all social media [and] all over television everywhere to influence how you feel about your husband, your own family, or your wife is wrong,” he reasoned. “I believe it is a direct orchestration of the devil’s work. That’s how I feel. That’s my opinion.”

“Think of how many arguments were sparked and created from some sh*t you seen on TV,” he continued.

*Sigh* Okay, let’s do this:

First, I’m not going to make him try to qualify his opinions.  That’s how he feels and he has a right to that.  However, here’s how I feel:

That’s utter bullsh*t.  That was just insulting, for the simple fact that he is putting all of the blame on women and our weak minds that for some reason can’t decipher between entertainment and our own marriages/relationships.  Us women are too fragile to watch the power hungry argumentative women that we decide to attack our husbands how they attack their mates.  Please note the extreme sarcasm in that sentence.

This entire situation just illuminates the way society sees women.  Hundreds of years ago we were sheltered because we were the “fairer sex.”  Men wanted to shield us from the rough reality, because they didn’t think we could handle it.  Now that we’re Rosie-the-Riveter-ing it up, our mental faculties are still being questioned.

If you think that women are so impressionable, what about the men?  What about the men who see their favorite rap stars blow racks on racks in strip clubs and are mimicking them?  Do you blame them?  What about the men who sing along to songs that glorify adultery and the need for men to have sidechicks?  They’re not the problem, right?  Oh, what about the men who glorify the pimp culture?  The culture that emphasizes that women are property and need to be controlled (sometimes through brute force) if they step out of hand.  These men are just having perfect marriages… until their wives start watching reality television, that is.

On this two way road of life that both genders are travelling on, why is it decided that women are the only ones in need of direction?

At the end, it just puts all the blame on women, and pacifies the role the men play in a marriage ending.

But let me close out by saying this:

As a woman who is currently paying for her divorce, there was no outside force that tore my marriage apart.  It was both of us in our union that contributed to the demise of our marriage.  In fact, sometimes it boggles my mind to know that after only paying about $30 to get married, it’s costing me significantly more than that to get my life back on track.  The courts make it difficult to end a marriage.  You have to work to get your freedom back.  So if a woman is divorcing her husband, please believe that there was more than the outside influence of a reality show to drive her to enter into the soul-crushing process that is divorce.

But, we can agree to disagree.

Kendra Koger loved that Coca Cola commercial, but loves Dr. Pepper and twitter @kkoger.


Porsha Discusses Backlash Over Homosexuality Comments & Responds To Tyrese’s RHoA Rant

May 15th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Porsha Discusses Backlash Over Homosexuality Comments

Source: Instagram

Last week, Porsha Williams made headlines for some comments she made during an old sermon that resurfaced on the Internet.

“So don’t let the devil tell you, you ain’t worthy of God’s blessings. He wants to use you no matter what. That’s why we Christians supposed to be telling the hooker on the street, the drug dealer, the person in the hospital who’s trying to commit suicide, the gays the lesbians. We’re supposed to be trying to save them and tell them ‘You are worthy!’ God can use you. God can use me,” Porsha said in the sermon.

During a recent interview with Big Tigger, Porsha made another attempt to clarify her statement and discussed the backlash she received once the video resurfaced. According to Porsha, people distorted her words.

“The way that they showed the footage, it was literally a 45-minute speech, they showed maybe 15 seconds,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star explained. “I was speaking to the congregation and what I was saying was, I know that God loves everybody and at the end of the day if we’re Christians, we shouldn’t only go out and minister to who we want to minister to. We have to tell everybody that God loves them.”

The “Flatline” singer went on to explain that she was not speaking from a place of judgement.

“It was a speech about salvation,” she continued. “It was really spun the wrong way and it hurt me, I was really hurt over two days over that situation. I have a lot of friends who live their lives and I don’t judge anybody, we are not to judge anybody at the end of the day and that was just press that was media that was switching the situation and that was evil to me.”

Switching gears, the reality star also discussed her new beau, who she promises to reveal to the public if she’s brought back for RHoA season seven.

“I really haven’t said yet who I’m dating. He is someone special. I’m not ready to say yet. I’ve been there before and put my relationship out there. If I’m signed again with Housewives, then of course, I’ll share the situation. But until then, you’ll just have to wait and see. I can tell you this, I’m loved and it’s a great feeling.”

As for Tyrese’s recent rant that shows like RHoA are ruining happy relationships, Porsha says:

“And then he tried to holla. Next. Child please, sit down.”


Watch Porsha’s interview below.

Video –

Dynamic Duos: Musical Duets We Would Love To See

May 13th, 2014 - By M A
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Musical Duets Would Love To See

Brian To/; Judy Eddy/

What’s better than a musical powerhouse taking the stage before thousands of screaming fans? Two musical powerhouses taking the stage before thousands of screaming fans. It is all too rare an occurrence that singers join forces for an epic concert experience for the fans that adore them. But the union of Mr. and Mrs. Carter “On the Run” together has given us renewed hope that there are years of superstar-duo tours in our future. Here are the musical duets we would love to see.

“I Love Me Because I’m Great!” Tyrese’s Daughter Gets A Lesson In Self Confidence

April 8th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From HelloBeautiful 

Tyrese has one of the sexiest voices in R&B, but his presence on social media often makes me roll my eyes. From his often misspelled words of wisdom to his unsolicited relationship advice, there have been several times where I’ve said, “Bye Tyrese.” But not this time. Tyrese has completely stolen my heart with this one. His daughter is obviously the most important thing in his life and showing her that she’s beautiful, special and no one’s opinion of her matters, has got to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

If more fathers took to the time out to talk to their young daughters in this way, we would see less cases like this one–where a father publicly beat his daughter after she was “missing” for three days. Daddies, take notes.

Tyrese Gibson shared a video of himself with his adorable 6-year-old daughter, Shayla Gibson and it’s honestly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. In the video, Tyrese is giving his daughter lessons on how to say her name and several tactics to increase her confidence and know her worth. With statements like, “The only person who can stand in my way…is me. And me standing in my way is not an option.”

See the video of  Tyrese and his daughter on 


Artists Who Got Called Out For Not Having Black Women In Their Videos

February 26th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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white women in music videos

Last night Pharrell’s new album “Girl” streamed on iTunes radio, much to fans’ delight. By morning, though, any excitement for the producer’s new project was dimmed by concerns over his album cover and its lack of color — and by color we mean Black women. No matter how you feel about this particular situation, Pharrell is far from the first Black man to be called out on this issue. Check out this list of artists who offended plenty of fans by not featuring black women in their videos.

Can’t Get Right: Tyrese Begs Arsenio Hall For Forgiveness After TGT Misses Performance

February 20th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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It’s always something with TGT. Despite, being nominated for a Grammy for their Three Kings album, there always seems to be something or someone–looking at you Ginuwine– falling through the cracks.

Yesterday, TGT was supposed to perform on the Arsenio Hall Show. But they never made it and left Arsenio scrambling to fill the time he had allotted for them. The group had been invited back after they went over so well with the crowd on Wednesday night. Man. We don’t have to tell you this is unprofessional as an artist and just inconsiderate as a person.

Tyrese felt terribly about it and he issued an apology on Twitter.



TGT fans responded with mixed reactions. One woman said she flew from Seattle to be in the #LadiesOnly audience in Las Vegas and said she was very disappointed. And others offered words of encouragement saying everyone makes mistakes and commended Tyrese for apologizing when other artists wouldn’t have.

Another fan wrote that Arsenio commented that the studio never smelled so good with 200 women waiting for the group.

He also retweeted Tyrese’s apology, thanked the comedians who came through for him in the midnight hour and the audience full of disappointed women.


Arsenio’s being very classy about this. And hopefully he’ll allow TGT to make it up to him. Do you think he should give them a another chance to appear on the show?

Panty Droppers: 15 R&B Crooners To Get You In The Valentine’s Day Spirit

February 14th, 2014 - By Deron Dalton
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 Valentine’s Day is here and that means boxes of chocolate, teddy bears, dates and lovemaking. But it takes more than a special day for lovers to set that mood. And that’s when your favorite love songs and baby-making music come into play. And MadameNoire has the list of smooth R&B crooners, and their best slow jams and ballads ladies (and gents too) love to listen to while getting it on. Some of these male vocalists have the looks and some honestly just have the voices, but either way, women love them.