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15 Creepy Stalker Moves That Only Happen On Social Media

July 14th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Social Media brings us closer every day. Unfortunately, that closeness includes exes and haters. On Facebook, these moves are fair game. But if this were real life we’d call the cops

Stalker Moves

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The Passive-Aggressive Poster

Post a selfie, this person writes a status about being self-absorbed. Complain about work, they post a prayer about being grateful to have a job. It’s like having an obnoxious shadow that throws salt on everything you say.

Did She Take It Too Far? Kenya Moore Responds To Apollo’s 8-Year Sentence

July 8th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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RHOA star Kenya Moore explains confronting Apollo during Sunday night's episode.

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Being that Kenya and Apollo had such a tense relationship, marred by inappropriate flirting and then vicious shade throwing at the reunion, it’s no surprise that today, when news of Apollo’s 8 year prison sentence broke, that Kenya would have something to say about her former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mate. She took to Twitter to express her feelings and sympathies, with just an ounce of “I told you so.”

I’m never one to ride for Kenya and her antics, but I have to give this round to her. At the reunion when Apollo claimed that he made her and suggested that she put money on his books during his inevitable imprisonment, everyone turned their noses up in disgust. Where did this dude get off?! Sure the mess between the two of them was a big part of her storyline but trust and believe, Kenya has no problem finding numerous ways to create drama for herself, with or without Apollo. We’re sure she’ll be fine and continue to thrive in the messiness that is reality tv. And while people called it the shade of the century, I even felt a way when Phaedra came after her saying her future child could be fathered by a crazy murderer man who donated just so he could afford a pizza. Low blow. But seeing as how both Apollo and Kenya’s future criminal baby daddy might just run into each other in prison, Phaedra doesn’t have a whole lot of room to talk. 

What do you think about Kenya’s response? Should have taken this opportunity to take an additional dig or was it well deserved after all Apollo and Phaedra had to say about her?

The 15 Stages Of Grief When He Finds Out Your Hair Isn’t Real

July 8th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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We’ve all been there. He put his hand up before you could stop him and now he knows that all of your fabulous hair isn’t home grown. He’ll get over it, but he’s going to need a minute to recover. Check out these hilarious memes on the stages of grief when he finds out your hair isn’t real.


“I thought we had something real…”

Don’t Throw Stones: Roland Martin Tells Black Women To Cover Their Stomachs, Gets Slammed On Twitter

July 3rd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

If you’ve ever followed Roland Martin on Twitter for just a few minutes. You know he’s known for making some very inflammatory statements against…just about everyone. We all remember the David Beckham fiasco. And today, as he arrived in New Orleans for the Essence Festival, Martin thought it would be a good idea to offer up a bit of advice for the ladies out there trying to stunt. It was a part of his #RolandsRules hashtag and it was supposed to be all in good fun but given the source, Twitter was not here for it. See what he had to say and the swift and brutal response on the following pages.

    Check out some of the more hilarious tweets on the following pages.  

Tweet & Shop? Twitter Tests Out ‘Buy Now’ Button For Social Shopping

July 2nd, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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I never really connected shopping with Twitter, but pretty soon you may be able to shop right on your Twitter timeline. On Monday, a new “Buy now” button popped up on various tweets, all of which included goodies that link back to shopping site Fancy, reports Mashable. The button only appeared on mobile. It didn’t appear on Twitter’s web version.

Tech news site Re/code first discovered the tweets, but the button didn’t work. So it looks like Twitter is just testing out the idea of entering into offering e-commerce services.

“The tweets, which no longer appear in the form captured by Re/code, gave a possible glimpse into Twitter’s plans for creating a new revenue source. So far, the social media site has relied on sponsored tweets, essentially advertising, to make money, but Wall Street wants more,” reports CNet.

When asked for a comment by Mashable, Twitter did not immediately respond. But Twitter’s entry into e-commerce has long been rumored. According to a  Wall Street Journal report from April, multiple ad types were on the way for Twitter, including shop-able Twitter ads. And Twitter put its toe in the water when Amazon launched a similar shopping feature on Twitter. “The e-commerce giant now lets users put things in their shopping carts by tweeting #AmazonCart in response to any tweets with an Amazon product link,” reports CNet.

Twitter isn’t the only social media sites considering — or have tried — social shopping. Facebook tried and failed with Facebook Gifts for example. Social networks, with their viral component and the ability to add photos and clips, could attract online shoppers. Though we’ll have to see if consumers are ready to go shopping when they’re just doing a little leisurely tweeting.

If Twitter does actually roll out a shopping option let’s see how it plans on enticing you to spend your money.

Can You Spot What’s Wrong With These Photos?

July 1st, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Have you seen these photos floating around the internet? They each have a secret. And when you find it, get ready to laugh out loud…and side-eye a bit.

What's Wrong With These Photos

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Life’s A Beach

There are two women in this photo.  And one of them is going to need more sunscreen.

Should You Upload? 14 Relationship Commandments For Social Media

June 30th, 2014 - By Dee Rene
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Relationships and social media sometimes are a toxic mix. We’ve all seen the break ups, make ups and screw ups go down on Facebook, Twitter and more. We all use social media differently – for business or pleasure – but there are certain commandments to keep in mind. Comment below! Do you agree? Disagree? Or have a few of your own?

#AskTI And Other Terrible Hashtag Ideas

June 18th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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If you haven’t heard, today VH1 is hosting #AskTI and Twitter is already flooded with insults, accusations and every other kind of shade.

We don’t know who’s bright idea it was to turn to the audience for questions, but we do know of a few more hashtag campaigns that were just as dumb.

Terrible Hashtag Ideas

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We don’t know what genius thought up the #AskRKelly account, but the results were just as disastrous as you’d expect.

@HBCUFessions:15 Of The Most Scandalous HBCU Confessions

June 16th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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HBCU-goers beware, the @HBCUfessions handle on Twitter has been tellin’ all y’all business and it’s not pretty. Check out some of the craziest confessions thus far.

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HBCU Confessions

Smile, It’s Candid Camera

Pretty sure that’s illegal.

From Email To Social Media, Here’s The Ultimate Digital Etiquette Guide For Effective Online Communication

June 10th, 2014 - By Rhonesha Byng
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The accessibility offered through digital communication is a luxury. However, with that luxury comes the responsibility to communicate appropriately and respectfully to maintain strong professional ties and build effective digital relationships.

While email is the tried and true form of professional digital communication, the rules are evolving and the lines are blurring across platforms. Social media is now the number one activity on the web, and approximately 87 percent of companies use social media for business, so it’s important to master the lingo and the rules when it comes to communicating on each of these platforms.

Here are a few digital etiquette tips for effective online communication.