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The “Should You Fix His Plate” Question Reemerges On Twitter

May 19th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Even as a young girl, I was fascinated to see my mother fix my father’s plate. They were both clearly able-bodied people so I couldn’t understand why she was the one making his plate. While he was more than capable. After years of watching this, finally I decided to ask her what this was all about.

“Why do you fix Daddy’s plate when he could get it himself?”

My mother, having endured years of my persistent questions and slick mouth, responded with a twinge of an attitude.

“I don’t have to fix your father’s plate. And I don’t always do it. But it’s just a nice gesture. And I don’t mind.”

Well, that made sense. If she liked it, I loved it. And she was right she didn’t always do it and my father wouldn’t sit and starve waiting for my mother. Quiet as it’s kept, he could cook pretty well himself. He bakes exceptionally well.

I learned long ago, from watching my parents and my mother’s response, that a woman should do only what she feels comfortable doing for her man. And what works for some women doesn’t work for all. (Though I later learned that I too am not opposed to fixing a man’s plate.)

I’d reconciled this in my own mind and life but apparently, the topic came up again, when this picture went viral on Twitter.

There are two points of discussion here. Whether or not this woman should fix her man’s plate and the other woman who jumped up to do it while his significant other was there.

If you ask me, the other woman is completely out of line for offering to fix a plate for another woman’s man. If she’s offering to do something like this, she knows that this gesture is intimate and typically reserved for couples. Homegirl is looking for trouble. And honestly, if I were the type of woman who didn’t fix plates, I would expect my man to tell her he can fix his own plate or leave the one she prepared for the birds and small insects to devour. He shouldn’t eat from that plate like Adam and Eve shouldn’t have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge.

You’ll also notice in the original tweet, the man tells his girlfriend that he’s hungry. Which is one of the last things I want to hear from a man when there is food around and readily available. The fixing of the plate, as I’ve observed, is something I’ve seen offered, never expected or demanded. Because able bodies. Expecting me to fix your plate will have you severely disappointed. Let that gesture come from the goodness of my heart not the misogynistic nature of your expectations.

But that’s just me. Check out what some Twitter users had to say about it on the following pages and answer our poll below.

The “Should You Fix His Plate” question has reemerged on Twitter so we have to ask… in Madame Noire Polls on LockerDome

President Obama Joins Twitter

May 19th, 2015 - By Tonya Garcia
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President Obama joined Twitter yesterday and quickly amassed 1.83 million followers. Here are his first three tweets.

Obama’s presidency (and both of his presidential campaigns) were tech savvy ones. @BarackObama, run by Organizing for Action, a group stemming from his campaigns, has been tweeting for years. And @WhiteHouse has been tweeting news from his administration.

While he’s got a ton of followers, the President is only following 65 accounts, among them his alma maters Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, as well as some Chicago sports teams and members of his Cabinet.

Lots of users were quick to welcome the President to Twitter, including his VP, with this pic that we love.

Update: President Obama has broken a record for the speed at which he reached one million followers. Obama reached that benchmark in less than five hours. The actor Robert Downey Jr. previously held that record, according to Guinness and Business Insider, with 23 hours and 22 minutes, set back in April 2014.

Deepak Nope-rah: 11 Times Stars Wanted Us To Believe They Were Deep When They Actually Sounded Crazy

May 1st, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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We’ve all had those moments when we read a celeb quote that made us roll our eyes and shake our heads because the star absolutely tried it. Thanks to social media, you can always expect a head-scratch worthy quote from a fake deep celeb. Let’s take a look at 11 times celebs did the absolute most.


“Hood Doughnuts?” Deion Sanders Reminds His Son That He’s Got A $1M Trust Fund

April 3rd, 2015 - By Ann Brown
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(Photo via Twitter)

(Photo via Twitter)

When football legend Deion Sanders saw his son talking about the hood on Twitter, he felt like he needed to set the young man straight. He felt the need recently to remind his son that he’s got a $1 million trust fund, reports Yahoo.

It all started when Deion Sanders Jr., a football player at Southern Methodist University, sent out a tweet about “hood donuts.”

He wrote:

His father responded with a tweet, comparing his son to the Huxtables from The Cosby Show.

But it didn’t stop there.  Jr. defended his culinary tastes with this tweet:

Do you think Deion was wrong to call his son out on Twitter and tell everyone about his trust fund?

Twitter History: Do You Remember These Celebrities’ Famous First Tweets?

March 27th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

We’ve all been twittering, tweeting and twitpic-ing for years. But do you remember these celebrities’ very first Tweets? Want to know yours? Find out what you were saying here.

Twitter Launches Periscope, A Live Video-Streaming App For iPhone

March 26th, 2015 - By Janel Martinez
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Periscope-LogoTwitter will now offer users more than 140 characters. The popular social networking site has unveiled Periscope, an interactive video app that let’s you broadcast in real-time to your followers.

Sound somewhat familiar?

Well, Twitter acquired live video-streaming company Periscope in January. It’s clear that the social media juggernaut wastes no time, rolling out the app, which allows followers to interact in real-time by commenting and “sharing ‘hearts’,” as VentureBeat noted.

“A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around,” the Periscope team said in a release on

The app is also a direct competitor to Meerkat, the new live streaming app introduced recently. With news of a building explosion on Second Avenue in Manhattan, Periscope is already trending on Twitter as users livestream from the scene.

Mashable reports that the apps simple design and easy-to-use navigation make it a more polished product than Meerkat. Fellow live-streaming app Meerkat has been gaining traction and popularity, which could’ve led to the quick release of Periscope

Here’s how the live-streaming app works:

Like Vine, you have to sign-in with your Twitter credentials. When you launch Periscope, you’ll see a list which is divided into “Featured” Periscope users, including early adopters like Shonda Rhimes and magician David Blaine, and people who you follow who are currently on Periscope. Don’t feel pressured to keep all those on that list. The app allows you to deselect and pick and choose who you want to follow.

In the Watch area, you’ll see a list of videos. At the top are your current broadcasts as well as recently recorded ones. When you broadcast, you can choose to make it public or private. You’ll have to hit the “lock” icon prior to broadcasting to select the individuals you want to invite if you’re opting for the private option. Periscope allows a tweet to be sent out to your followers when your broadcast begins, so they can watch via the Twitter site or in Periscope if they have the app installed.

Once your broadcast has ended, it can be viewed for 24 hours as a “replay,” or deleted immediately or saved to your camera roll.

Periscope is a standalone app currently available on iOS.

Will you try Periscope? If so, let us know why in the comments section below.

Twitter Announces New Rules To Ban Impersonation And Nude Photos

March 12th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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twitter bird

Twitter has has updated its rules to ban tweets of intimate images that have been shared without the consent of the subject/s who are photographed or appear in the videos.

This major move for Twitter has been greeted with praise since the company has struggled to address bullying and revenge porn on its platform. Cosmopolitan has published a leaked memo from Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo saying even he was disappointed with how Twitter has handled trolling in the past:

“We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years. It’s no secret and the rest of the world talks about it every day. We lose core user after core user by not addressing simple trolling issues that they face every day. I’m frankly ashamed of how poorly we’ve dealt with this issue during my tenure as CEO. It’s absurd. There’s no excuse for it. I take full responsibility for not being more aggressive on this front. It’s nobody else’s fault but mine, and it’s embarrassing.”

In their updated rules, Twitter notifies users: “You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others.You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission. You may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject’s consent.”

Last month, Reddit also banned users from posting sexual content without the consent of the contents subject/s.

How Much Is A Tweet Worth To A Movie?

March 1st, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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twitter bird

Twitter is a powerful tool for sharing news (if you consider llamas on the run news), however, one does not think about the costs behind sending a 140 character message on the social media platform. Variety says in the time leading up to a feature film’s release, a single tweet can add $560 value to the film’s earned funds. For example, when a  studio’s advertising campaign is at an all time high, a consumer’s tweet is worth an average of $713 in box office revenue. The week before a film stops showing in theaters, a tweet about the movie will average $161 in ticket sales.

There is a caveat. How much a tweet generate funds depends on the film’s genre.

Animated films have a better chance at making more money during opening weekend because multiple tickets are being bought, not because of Twitter because children usually don’t have Twitter profiles. Also, when a person expresses the need to see a movie four weeks before it releases, it can generate $4,420 and $1,100 once the film debuts.

Network Insights investigated these financial factors by evaluating 400 movies from 2012 to the present and examined Twitter’s activity around the time each film was released. Network Insights also used 10 different mathematical models to average how much money tweets generate for films. Studies like NI’s give studios the opportunity to evaluate if they are marketing films correctly to their target audiences.

Does social media influence what movies you see?

Twitter Announces Two Major New Features

January 27th, 2015 - By Rhonesha Byng
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twitter video_blog_image

First, they purchased Vine, then they said let there be .gifs, now Twitter is officially saying, let there be video (and private group chats).

Twitter announced today that it is rolling out two brand new features: group chats along with video capture and editing. With the group chat feature, you can speak privately with a group of up to 20 people. The video update allows users to capture share and edit video right from the Twitter app. Videos can be up to 30 seconds.

“Anyone on Twitter will be able to capture and share video,” said Jinen Kamdar, a Twitter product director, said in an interview with The New York Times to discuss the changes. “It’s less about pro editing and more about getting authentic clips out in the world really quickly.”

You can record directly within the app and inline editing tools allow you to clip the video, and re-arrange your clips. You can also upload video from the camera roll. Videos will play in your timeline with just one tap.

For group chats, you no longer have to worry about your Twitter handle taking up characters for the messages you want to share. Also, you can add people in the chat who don’t follow one another and you will have the option to be able to share gifs, videos and pictures.

The features roll out in the coming weeks. These updates come at a critical time as Twitter’s investors have long been unhappy with the pace of product development and criticized the platform for its “lack of growth.” The additions also come at an interesting time as the popularity of private chat/video platform Snapchat has risen. The features put Twitter more on par with other platforms like Facebook that have long had these capabilities.

We aren’t sure if we should be excited or brace ourselves for the two new features. However, despite the criticism, something to appreciate about Twitter is that it still manages to preserve its core feature – broadcasting a 140 character status – while still evolving the platform.

How do you feel about these new features? Are you looking forward to trying them out?

Soulja Boy, Nia Riley & Why You Can’t Date Men Who Call Themselves Boys

January 23rd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Vh1

Source: VH1

The saga between Soulja Boy and Nia Riley has been long and drawn out. We witnessed it on “Love and Hip Hop New York” and then again on various social media sites. In case you missed it, here are a few key moments from what we’ve seen of their relationship.

– Nia knows that Soulja Boy has cheated in the past but sees the potential in him and wants to make it work.

– Soulja Boy is still young and wants to have fun. He throws a birthday party for himself at the house and Nia gets mad that he didn’t tell her he was doing so. She thinks he’s still behaving as if he doesn’t want to mature and be active in helping her raise her daughter.

– Nia had a miscarriage and, on camera, Soulja Boy offered absolutely no support.

– Nia was in a car accident and Soulja Boy realizes he doesn’t want to lose her.

– On the reunion, Nia says she’s not stupid and realizes that Soulja Boy is still probably still sleeping with other women.

And even though the two have broken up a time or two, as recently as this past Christmas, they were all booed up.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

But today, Soulja Boy and Nia are definitely on the outs. How do I know? The same way I know when any celebrity breaks up, they put it on social media.

Here’s what Soulja Boy tweeted early this morning.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.01.03 PM

Source: Twitter


Wompity, womp womp. I really wish I were making this up.

I see Soulja Boy is on his Chris Brown steez…but a bit worse.

Listen, I empathize with Nia, quite a few of us have a story about dating a man who was not only immature but was downright disrespectful at times. But even with that being said, I still want to shake the hell out of her whilst screaming “Leave him alone!” And that’s the short, expletive free version.

Soulja Boy’s name literally says it all. He is a child…a very young child. A toddler perhaps.

Yeah, Soulja Boy deleted the tweets but every celebrity knows the screenshot is real…and swift. Anyone who would disrespect someone he claimed to love is just not someone you want in your life or your child’s, for that matter.

I don’t condone violence or anything but I wouldn’t fault Teddy Riley for “reaching out” to this clown and letting him know what he will and won’t do as it refers to his daughter.