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Where Are they Now? 10 Of Crunk Music’s Heavy Hitters

January 11th, 2013 - By Kendra Koger
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Random Kendra anecdote:  Due to the slightly restrictive environment I grew up in, I wasn’t introduced to certain music until I went to college.  There, I learned of the type of music called “crunk.”

This music defined my first few years of college, and these songs became fixtures in my life as ringtones and common phrases (“That girl said what? Please, she better get on my level!  Pssh, what she gon’ do?!”)  Crunk seemed like such a heavy force, but it definitely doesn’t seem as dominant as it used to be.  So, why don’t we try to find out where some of these crunk music creators and contributors are?

Does That Change The Legacy? RHOA’s Porsha Stewart Is Supposedly A Reformed Video Vixen

December 6th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Bravo TV

“Some people work for a living, some people twerk for a living,” is a quote that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore venomously  dropped during her  recent visit to the Wendy Show. Of course it didn’t really take a rocket scientist to realize that she was referencing her nemesis and co-star, Porsha Stewart, but many were still in the dark as to where she was pulling her “twerk” allegations from.

Well, it has been revealed by Straight From The A that during her 20’s, Porsha spent some time working as a video model, having appeared in  a music video entitled “Some Cut” by Trillville and also posed as a calendar girl in Atalanta Dymes’s 2005 calendar.

“We actually shot Porsha back in the day for one of our calendar projects…nice girl,” Atlanta Dymes told Straight from the A.

Since this revelation, Porsha has been catching a lot of heat as she is very vocal about honoring the legacy of her grandfather, civil rights figure, Hosea Williams, but it really just seems like people just want to have something negative to say.  Granted, the nature of the song that accompanied the music video is pretty ratchet and a bit disrespectful, but why is everyone so quick to start judging this girl about something she did during her twenties? Does her doing a calendar shoot and a music video really take away from her grandfather’s accomplishments as a civil rights leader, I mean really? I’m sure if people started peaking back into our twenties they might find a few questionable actions as well.

What is even more intriguing is Kenya’s need to point the finger at Porsha. “I think she’s kinda single-handedly ruining her grandfather’s legacy,” the former Miss USA shared during her interview with Wendy Williams. This is strangely ironic since Kenya has also done some “butt modeling” in her hay day.

What do you think? Is Porsha’s video vixen past damaging to her family’s legacy? BTW check out her cameo in the video below, she appears to be the one who in the green dress who pops in and out on the right-hand side.

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