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We TV Renews ‘Braxton Family Values’ And ‘SWV Reunited’

March 21st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: We tv

Source: We tv

“Braxton Family Values” fans will be excited to know that the popular series, which documents the life of Grammy Award-winning singer Toni Braxton and her sisters, has been renewed by WE tv for a fourth season.

“WE tv has become a true destination for quality unscripted originals on Thursday nights,” said Lauren Gellert, senior vice president in a press release.

The network has also announced that they will be renewing We tv newbie “SWV Reunited,” which documents the lives of 90s group SWV as “they attempt to heal old wounds and regain their standing on top of the music charts,” for a second season.

“These shows have played a significant role in expanding our audience, reaching new viewers, attracting advertisers and building momentum for the network, and we’re excited to give our viewers exactly what they want by bringing them back for fresh new seasons,” adds Gellert.

Season three of “Braxton Family Values” attracted an average of 1.4 million viewers, while “SWV Reunited” followed up pretty closely with an average of 1.2 million viewers.

Are you a “Braxton Family Values” fan? What did you think about  “SWV Reunited”?

Traci Braxton Dishes On Losing Weight The Healthy Way: ‘When You Lose It Quickly, You’re Bound To Fail’

December 31st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Traci Braxton

Source: WENN

Traci Braxton is looking fabulous these days. In two years the “Braxton Family Values” star has dropped 64 pounds and she says that she’s feeling a lot better since shedding the weight.

“Within two years [I lost 64 pounds],” the reality star told News One Now’s Roland Martin.

“When it came down to eating, I basically ate anything I wanted to eat [at anytime]. And I thought, it’s okay, it’s fine, it’s healthy. I didn’t have my mind right. I was upset with myself because I was gaining the weight. I didn’t really feel as sexy as I wanted to feel and I wasn’t giving my family my all.”

Traci adds that drastic weight loss should be spread out over time and that she doesn’t advise anyone to use weight loss pills without consulting a medical professional.

“You never should lose that much weight in one year,” said Traci. “When you lose it quickly, you’re bound to fail. Failure is not an option for me. I’m like, ‘No, okay Traci, you need to show the world that you’re not the underdog. That you’re likeable too and that you can do it for yourself.’”

“You have to go to the doctor because me being borderline diabetic now and I have to take medication. I could kill myself. You can actually kill yourself taking these medications because it [diet pills] doesn’t mix with your medication.”

As for how she shed so much weight, Traci says it was combination of dieting and exercising.

“I went to the gym about three times per week, [I woked out] for about an hour or two [per session] depending on how I ate that week. I’d just go to the gym say, ‘Okay Traci, this is for you. This is for your life. This is for everybody who said that you’re going to fail.’”

Keep up the good work, Traci!

Catch footage from her interview on the next page.

Traci Braxton And Husband To Address Paternity Scandal On WE TV’s ‘Marriage Bootcamp’

December 13th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Traci Braxton

Source: In Touch

If the current season of “Braxton Family Values” isn’t serving up enough drama for you, then maybe a second scoop of Traci Braxton will do the trick. According to In Touch Weekly, Traci and her husband of nearly 20 years, Kevin Surrat, will be starring in the upcoming season of WE tv’s “Marriage Bootcamp.”

On the show, which is scheduled to air in early summer 2014, Traci and Kevin will address infidelity concerns and the possibility of Kevin fathering a child outside of their marriage.

“Traci and Kevin have huge hurdles to overcome,” says “Bootcamp” director Jim Carroll. “They’ve made every mistake you can make, and infidelity would be poisonous to a marriage.”

Can Traci and Kevin survive “Marriage Bootcamp?” We certainly hope so! If you recall, on a recent episode of “Braxton Family Values” Traci confronted Kevin about rumors that he stepped out on her and had a kid. As if all of that isn’t enough, we hear that former “Bad Girls Club” star Tanisha Thomas and her hubby, Clive Muir, will also be bringing their problems to the show.

“Tanisha and Clive struggled throughout the entire boot camp both individually and as a couple. ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ was their last ditch effort to see if there was any life left in the marriage,” said Jim.

In a perfect world, all couples participating in this show will find ways to strengthen their marriage and walk away more in love than ever before, but unfortunately, reality TV doesn’t seem to work out that way.

Do you think that it’s wise for Traci and Tanisha to appear on a show that could potentially expose the flaws in their marriages?

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Sexay Hell On Wheels: Surprising Celebrity Biker Chicks

December 12th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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During the first season of “R&B Divas Atlanta,” we found out our favorite Neo-Soul songstress Angie Stone is a biker chick, but she’s not the only one. Check out who else knows how to ride dirty!

Celebrity Biker Chicks


Angie Stone

Angie Stone surprised us when she featured her motorcycle with her face painted on it on “R&B Divas Atlanta.” Come to think about it, Angie has all sorts of surprises up her sleeve.

TV One

TV One

“They Give Unsolicited Advice:” Traci Braxton Says She Was Hurt By Her Sisters Meddling In Her Marriage Troubles

November 18th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Our favorite outspoken sister from the Braxton Clan, Traci Braxton is real, lovable and most of all hilarious. We recently had the chance to share a few laughs with her as she gears up for the third season of “Braxton Family Values” and in the end she made us feel like family. During the interview, Traci revealed how she feels about Tamar’s behavior on social media, the lack of privacy her family gives each sister’s romantic relationship, and her weight loss journey. Traci also shared how to she plans to reinvent her career since she was dubbed the “wannabe” sister on the first season of their family reality show.

What should fans expect from this new season of “BFV”?

“Fans should expect to see me standing up for myself this season and you usually do not see that a lot. I am usually the quiet one and I never say anything but this time around I am sticking up and making moves for Traci.”

How do you feel about your sisters discussing your marriage on national television?

“I was really hurt to find out they discussed my marital problems on the show without my consent. I could not believe it but then again my sisters are nosy. Tamar especially; she will make comments regardless. Whether it be her marriage, my marriage, or anyone else’s, she will have something to say. She is very vocal and will continue to do what she wants to do. I think the relationship my sisters and I share is too close, at times.  They give unsolicited advice and it can be so bothersome. But that is how we grew up in our household, always in each other’s business.”

Do you ever feel the need to defend Tamar when she goes on social media rants?

“Tamar does not need anyone to defend her! We are talking about Tamar Braxton-Herbert; Tamar is a grown woman and it is her mouth piece. Tamar can hold her own.”

What’s going on with your weight loss journey?

“I have several trainers and the hilarious trainer you see on the show is just one of them. Unfortunately, I recently gained some weight. I was not being conscious of what I was eating while traveling. I was taking cortisone shots and I gained 12 pounds. No one told me you gained weight when you take those shots! I was so upset. I came to tell y’all never take a cortisone shot, it will make you so hungry! Every time I turned around I had something in my mouth!”

How has being on reality TV changed you?

“I had to change my image from the first season of the ‘Braxton Family Values’ because I was labeled the wannabe and I ain’t like that at all! I wanted my image to be positive so I turned what it was around and now I am in the works to have my own radio show. It will be called ‘The Traci Braxton Show’ and on it we will discuss current events, entertainment, fashion, and celebrities. The show will be hosted in the DMV (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia) area, as well. I am also a part of many business ventures, so I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds for me. WE Television has been so supportive of me, I love them. I am excited for everything coming together for me because that ‘wannabe’ thing had to go!

Towanda Braxton Celebrates 40th With “School Daze” Themed Bash — All Her Sisters Dress Up Except Tamar

September 23rd, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Guess who turned the big 4-0!? Braxton sister Towanda threw herself an ’80s themed School Daze party. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of the attendees didn’t really get the memo.  Some of them looked more ’90s than ’80s, and some folks (like singer Nivea) just threw on an afro wig and camel-toe inducing shorts and acted like it was a look from the back in the day. Trina rocked a Flashdance inspired look, but everybody else kind of did there own thing. Toni rocked a fringe vest, Traci wore an off-the-shoulder look with leather, and Tamar, well, she didn’t even participate, despite Towanda encouraging guests to dress the part. Instead, she rocked an LBD with a jacket and seemed to stay to herself or with their mother and father during the soiree. As you can see from the photos below and on the next page, she didn’t seem as enthused by the party as her siblings were.

Anywho, the birthday girl wore a majorettes sheer and fringed ensemble that she popped out of a box in. The look definitely showed off her fabulous frame and the event at Compound in Atlanta also featured a live marching band and dancers, DJs working from a huge boombox stand, graffiti of the sisters and more. Check out more flicks from the party below and on the next page and let us know if you think these folks played the ’80s theme well of if they missed the mark. Happy belated birthday Towanda!

Braxton sister

Photo from It’s Robin Lori

Braxton family

Photo from It’s Robin Lori

Is Traci Braxton’s Marriage On The Rocks Too?

July 25th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Though Tamar Braxton has been too busy c0-hosting “The Real” and preparing to go on tour with John Legend to give us all the nosy details of giving birth and new mommyhood, her sisters were more than willing to spill the beans to us. We caught up with Traci and Trina Braxton at the Essence Festival a few weeks ago and they told us what it was like being in the delivery room with their baby sister — lots of screams! — and how much they love their new nephew, Logan.

More importantly, the sisters also told us a little bit of their own business — like is Trina really divorcing Gabe and whether talk Traci’s marriage is on the rocks too is true. Check out our interview with our favorite TV sisters and tell us what you think. How are you feeling about all the Braxton’s relationship drama right now?

Oh! Tamar Braxton Will Deliver Baby On Air

May 1st, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Tamar Braxton

Image Source:

From EurWeb

*If ever there was a time to be private, childbirth would be appropriate. Ain’t no body got time for that!

But Tamar Braxton wants to share the experience with her fans and followers via the next season of “Tamar & Vince.” Maybe this episode should be called, “Tamar” because she’s moving forward with the taping of those precious, gut-wrenching moments despite her husband’s wishes.

“My husband’s not comfortable with any of this,” she stated with a giggle before collecting her thoughts. Tamar is a little more open to the idea because she feels that it’s only right to continue bringing fans along for the rest of the journey that she started last season on “Braxton Family Values” and her own spin-off.



Started From The Bottom Now They’re Here: Freeloading Friends And Family Of The Rich And Famous

April 30th, 2013 - By Davisha Davis
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Whenever a celebrity first gets on, they, naturally, always want to introduce the people around them to the life of luxury they’ll soon be accustomed to. Some people get a house, others get cars, but then there are some family members and friends who make freeloading a way of life once someone they know starts getting paid. You know, they stop working like they’re they ones bringing home the bacon. Here are some of the worst offenders.



Lamar Odom’s Father

Lamar Odom’s father should be ashamed. He hasn’t been a part of his son’s life for decades. But as soon as he realized what he’s been missing, he returns with his hands out. That’s very tasteless. This poor old man was begging on TV for tickets to the game and whatever else he could stiff Lamar on. Lamar is being played because as everyone says,” you only get one father”.

“I’m Tired Of Being The Wannabe!” Trina Braxton Does Spot-On Impressions Of Her Sisters (And Mama Ev Too!)

March 14th, 2013 - By MN Editor
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If anybody knows the Braxton sisters good and well, it’s Trina Braxton. A fan favorite on Braxton Family Values, Trina definitely keeps it real–and real funny. When we sat down with Trina Braxton here in our offices, the energetic and funny sister, singer, actress and mom showed us that she knows her sisters (and their quirks–and catchphrases) like the back of her hand. Watch her bring to life the fun-loving, serious, sweet, silly and diva personalities of her sisters, and even Ms. Evelyn. We promise you’ll be cracking up laughing!


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