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YouTube Makeup Guru Missy Lynn Says Women Should Embrace Their Beauty

November 17th, 2014 - By jade
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In this new series, One Bold Move, MadameNoire profiled four popular bloggers in the categories of Hair, Makeup, Style, and Fitness. These bloggers discussed the one bold decision that placed their life on a completely different trajectory. In this episode, makeup guru Missy Lynn shares her story and explains why African American women should embrace their beauty.

To visit her YouTube channel for tutorials and more, click here!

Episode 1 – Curly Nikki 


Curly Nikki’s Tips On How To Keep Your Hair Moisturized

November 11th, 2014 - By jade
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In this new series, One Bold Move, MadameNoire profiled four popular bloggers in the categories of Hair, Makeup, Style, and Fitness. These bloggers discussed the one bold decision that placed their life on a completely different trajectory. In this episode, Curly Nikki shares her story on why she made the bold move to become natural and start her own website. She also gives a quick tip on how to keep your hair moisturized for the winter.

For more information on Nikki Walton, visit her website


Episode 2 – Missy Lynn 


Zoé Zeigler On Toyota, ColorComm, And Rising Together As Women Of Color

June 25th, 2014 - By Michelle Alerte
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zoe_zeigler_web resWith 10 years of Toyota experience under her belt, MadameNoire was happy to sit down with Zoé Zeigler, a marketing and communications professional, and get a behind-the-scenes look on what it takes to apply passion to your career as well as the careers of other women of color in communications.

As assistant manager of corporate marketing & communications for Toyota in North America, Zeigler’s work has earned the company coverage in numerous media outlets including The Today Show, The Huffington Post, AdWeek, and more. While her position as the communication director of ColorComm has allowed Zeigler to foster connections with the women before and behind her.

MadameNoire: How did you get started with Toyota?
Zoé Zeigler: I started with Toyota as an intern in college. After graduation it was really a no-brainer to take the job that was offered because I really enjoyed working there. I truly felt there was a space I could carve out for myself, despite not being a “gear-head.”

MN: That’s a good segue into discovering what you feel you bring to Toyota.
ZZ: Making great and safe cars is only part of our story. One of the biggest ways to really get people interested in your brand is telling the stories around the cars. You want people to view you as a leader, not just from a metal perspective but from a thought leader perspective as well. That’s where my job comes in; I work to merge what our product is with what our business stands for.

MN: Can you give us an example of a story you’ve created around Toyota?
ZZ: One campaign I worked on was called Meals Per Hour. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we took engineers from our manufacturing plant in Kentucky and transplanted them to various food banks. There, they were able to help Food Bank of New York City make minor changes to serve more families. Before us it was taking around three minutes to pack one box of food and three hours to deliver boxes to families. Toyota’s engineers were able to show how small changes can make a big difference (i.e. changing the size of the box or using a conveyor line to pack it). Soon the food bank was packing boxes in 11 seconds and delivering them in an hour and a half. My job was to document this work, done over the course of a month, and figure out how to tell the story.

MN: Did the campaign produce the results you wanted?
ZZ: Definitely. Toyota committed that for every view of our video – a documentary we commissioned the director behind the movie CatFish, Supermarche, to create – it would give one meal back to the food bank. Within 24 hours we had over half a million views and over the course of the campaign it had over a million views total. The campaign did its job showing the humanity behind Toyota in a way that was relevant to people.

The Haters Gon’ Be Mad: Beyoncé Stars In New Toyota Commercial

March 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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For those of you who are tired of seeing Bey Bey, your day of deliverance has yet to be seen. The singer might be making several appearances in your living room now that she’s featured in the new Toyota commercial.

Beyoncé partnered with the car company’s new “Get Going” campaign which aims to encourage people to chase their dreams. In the commercial we travel through her journey from the womb to super stardom while her song “XO” plays in the background.

At the end the singer says:

“Every day I wake up, I make a choice not to let the world decide for me. I decide for me. I decide to get going.” 

In addition to the inspirational message, the commercial also has many…or Perez Hilton speculating that the advertisement also served as a way for Beyoncé to announce some upcoming tour dates. In one of the backstage scenes you see the names of several cities listed including Beijing, Shanghai, Kyoto and Sapporo.

Perhaps she could be expanding the tour even further. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Take a look at the commercial and let us know what you think. Love it, hate it, what?

You Better Get Your Refund! Here Are The Massive Product Recalls Thus Far In 2014

March 19th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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As much as we all wish things would do what they say, there will always be something that’s faulty. The question is are you in the know? It’s important to stay up-to-date on product recalls as you could very well be the proud — or in this case, unfortunate — owner of the item in question. Here are some of the 2014 massive recalls thus far.

Tip: Checkout for information on the different product recalls.

Chanté Moore Has A New Man At Home…Guess Who?

August 22nd, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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About the Episode

Previously on Destination LA, our Editor for a Day, Ashley Caprice was surprised by  Chanté Moore of TV One’s “R&B Divas LA” during lunch at Hollywood hot spot restaurant, Te’kila.  Both Ashley and Madame Noire’s Deputy Editor Brande Victorian caught up with the singer as she dished on her reality show, new album and offered career advice for aspiring artists and singers.

In this episode, Ashley and Brande turn the questions up a notch by asking Chanté all the juicy questions about her love life. Chanté Moore tells us about her new man and if she’d ever date or marry another celebrity. She also offers some relationship advice that you definitely want to hear. Make sure you watch the full video to find out how you can win a $100 gas gift card.

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Guess Which Hollywood Exes Star Surprised our Editor for A Day? | Destination LA | Watch & Win

August 8th, 2013 - By jade
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About the Episode

In the first episode of Destination LA, Brande Victorian, Deputy Editor for MadameNoire, surprised our contest winner at her home to let her know that she will have a fun filled day full of surprises and she gets to drive a Toyota Rav4. In this episode, the girls visit the Moguldom LA office to meet the staff and Ashley gets a surprise visit by one of the cast members of VH1’s “Hollywood Exes.” Since she is editor for the day, she had to conduct an interview with the amazing reality star to get the juicy details of the show and her life as a mom, wife, etc. Make sure you watch the full video to find out how you can win a $100 gas gift card. If you want to watch the full interview with the Hollywood Exes star, click here.



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Don’t You Just Love Surprises? Meet MadameNoire’s Editor for A Day & Win a $100 Gas Gift Card | Destination LA

July 1st, 2013 - By jade
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About the Episode

One lucky LA MadameNoire reader won the chance to become the Editor for a Day.  In this episode, Brande Victorian, Deputy Editor for MadameNoire, surprised the contest winner at her home to give her the exciting news and to let her know that she will have a fun filled day full of surprises and she gets to drive a Toyota Rav4. Be sure to check out each episode to see which of your favorite celebrities will be stopping by and how you can win a $100 gas gift card.


Meet the Winner

Ashley Caprice – Contest Winner

ashley caprice

Ashley Caprice was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating with her B.A. in 2008, Ashley joined Hot 92.3. She started off as a street team member and shortly after became a producer for the Laboe Connection and the Afternnon Drive with Renee Taylor.

Ashley is the creator and host of “Conversations with Caprice” where she interviews up-and-coming music artists, community leader, authors and other public figures.

She gives back to the community by volunteering for Josefa Salinas’ “How to Be a Girl Camp” and is a mentor for “Rooted for Life Mentoring Program.” Ashley started her blog in 2010 to share her thoughts on different topics.


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The Nine Most Anticipated Super Bowl XLVII Commercials

February 1st, 2013 - By Blair Bedford
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AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

If you’re not into NFL football, Super Bowl parties or even Beyonce for that matter, Sunday’s big game might not be a highlight for you, but the multi-million dollar commercial advertisements might be!

You might have already seen a few ads here or there gearing up for the Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and San Fransisco 49ers and the record-breaking audience it will receive, including Beyonce’s Pepsi ad for her sponsored halftime show, but there are many more to come. From big household names like Toyota to smaller, but well-established products like Mio drinks, we are anticipating some of the biggest Super Bowl commercials ready to premiere this coming Sunday evening. Are you?

Toyota Brands Top Consumer Reports’ Auto Reliability Report

October 30th, 2012 - By Kimberly Maul
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The 2012 Toyota Scion. AP Photo/Toyota

Consumer Reports’ annual auto reliability report came out this week, and Detroit-based Ford dropped in the rankings, while Japan-based Toyota brands claimed the top three spots. Meanwhile, General Motors’ brands also moved up the list.

The Toyota Scion was the top most reliable car, according to Consumer Reports, followed by the Toyota brand and Lexus. Mazda and Subaru rounded out the top five. Ford’s namesake brand dropped to the second worst reliable car, second only to Jaguar. Ford’s Lincoln brand was the next worst on the list.

In an interview with Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing for Consumer Reports, said a lot of Ford’s problems were based on new technologies in the cars that just didn’t meet expectations, such as MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch Audio.

“They’re taking that system and putting it in more and more vehicles, so there’s really not an indication that even next year things are going to get better,” he also told Bloomberg/BusinessWeek. Additionally, some of the newer lines — the Explorer, Fiesta, and Focus — “came out of the gate with more problems than normal,” according to Consumer Reports.

This drop is new for Ford, which two years ago had 90 percent of its brands perform above average in terms of predicted reliability. Now, Consumer Reports said, 60 percent of its brands are below average.

This year, General Motors has the highest-ranking domestic brand, Cadillac, and its other brands—Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC—also rose. Jeep, which was the top domestic brand in 2011, dropped seven spots.

Consumer Reports noted this: “As is the case every year, there is much movement across the industry, underscoring the importance of not making assumptions simply based on brand reputation. Within a brand’s portfolio, there are models that are better than others.”

What auto brands do you trust? Do you agree with the rankings?