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Hot Hair Or Hot Mess? Toya Wright Reveals New Grey Tresses

January 26th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Toya Wright’s personal life may not be doing so good, but she sure knows how to look good as she goes through her marital drama with Memphitz.

Wright is getting all Storm in X-Men on us with her new grey hair, and she shared the process she went through to get this new look with her followers on Instagram:

about to storm the scene. cc: @kellonderyck #greyisthenewblack

A photo posted by Antonia Wright (@toyawright) on


The end result, compared to the black tresses she usually showcases, is a pretty drastic change.


What's the Tea?☕️

A photo posted by Antonia Wright (@toyawright) on


There’s no telling what this grey hair will look like down the line, but I have to admit that I’m liking the new look so far. With all the curls and the right colors (the purple and pale pink lip she’s rocking definitely goes well with the hair), she looks hot! And who knows, if you’re digging it, she might put out some grey-tinted hair for you to try. Ya’ll know Toya has her own weave collection and what not…

But what do you think? Are you loving Toya’s new look or do you prefer her darker hair? Would you ever give grey tresses a try?

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Are We Feeling Toya Wright’s New Grey Tresses?
Love It Or Leave It?

What Does K. Michelle Think About Toya Wright And Memphitz’s Split? “They Put Me Through Hell”

January 12th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Reality star and singer K. Michelle breaks down on stage while discussing the abuse allegations she made against ex-boyfriend, Mickey "MempHitz" Wright.

Corbis Images

While you were enjoying your Sunday night, on Twitter, K. Michelle was taking questions from her fans, the Rebels, about all kinds of things–her relationships, her rumored boos, her music, her sleeping habits and more. It wasn’t to promote anything, but rather, to keep the singer entertained since she was battling a case of insomnia during a flight. But one question that was definitely an interesting one came from a fan who asked K her thoughts on the marital discord going on between her ex, Memphitz, and Toya Wright. I probably would have skipped over that one if I was her, but she decided to respond:

K Michelle

The hell that she is referring to is the fact that the estranged couple spoke out against K’s past claims of domestic abuse at the hands of Memphitz, and often tried to call her a liar. Friends of the couple also backed them up by publicly questioning the singer’s claims (including Rasheeda from “Love and Hip Hop” and even Tamar Braxton). And just recently, Memphitz was out here trying to crack jokes about K, calling her K. NoSales when her new album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, didn’t move the numbers I’m guessing he thought account for a hit.

“& the First Copper Plaque ever in the World goes toooo…Drumroll please…K. NoSales!! AMAZING!!! The People want to know! How’d you do it!???”

But in the end, those jabs taken at her just seemed to be an attempt to cover up all that he was dealing with in his own personal life…and it didn’t work.

What do you think about K’s response?

Toya Wright Says She’s Praying For Her Marriage; Memphitz Twistedly Jokes About Their Separation Being A Ploy For A Reality Show

January 9th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I can’t really call what’s going on between Toya Wright and Memphitz. Their out-of-the-blue decision to expose their marital issues to the world has left me a little suspicious (or maybe they’ve dropped hints for a while and we all just didn’t notice…). I will say though, when I read the things that Toya has to say, I believe that she’s really hurt and wants her marriage to work. But when I read what Memphitz has to say…not so much. It seems that he’s going through something really deep these days that’s causing him to act out, and that’s just based off of Instagram posts alone that I’m seeing.

There was this:


The 6 degrees of MeMpHiTz. I've influenced your lives in ways that might scare you. & I'm here to stay. Now tell me you Love Me. 😈

A photo posted by billiondollarboybizz (@billiondollarboybizz) on



#Word 2 My Mutha Fukkin Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

A photo posted by billiondollarboybizz (@billiondollarboybizz) on

This creepy thing right here…

And then finally, this post. In it, he states that what they’re going through is really just for reality TV:

That particular post seems to be in response to someone who wrote into BallerAlert, claiming that Memphitz and Toya were trying to drum up publicity for a new reality show:

Ballerific Comment Creepin ——🌾👀🌾 #memphitz #commentcreepin

A photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

But Toya isn’t finding any of this funny. She wrote a note and posted it on Instagram, telling fans that there is no show, and that her estranged husband is really going through things right now that have put their marriage in a dark place. But she is hopeful that they can salvage it, and she’s grateful for those who have been supportive during this time.

No matter what u may feel about me all I can do is pray and fight for my marriage.🙏

A photo posted by Antonia Wright (@toyawright) on

An unfortunate situation all around. What do you think about Memphitz’s posts and Toya’s response?


Toya Wright And Memphitz Reportedly Separated, Now Residing In Different States

January 6th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We’re still not sure where things went wrong between Toya Wright and Memphitz (born Mickey Wright), as they’ve always seemed like a happy couple, but the issues that both parties have been alluding to on social media seem to be getting worse. They’ve become so hard to deal with that now, Wright and Memphitz are staying in two different states–she is still in Atlanta, but he is reportedly staying in Los Angeles right now.

According to TMZ, Memphitz wasn’t happy being in relationship that was in the public eye (“a celebrity marriage” according to the site), and while he doesn’t plan to file for divorce, it doesn’t seem that a reconciliation will happen right now. The website says that Memphitz will let Toya be the one to file divorce papers if that’s what she decides to do, and also claims that rumors here and there about him having another child outside of their marriage aren’t true–he reportedly had a vasectomy a long time ago.

We told you recently that things started to look a little shaky between these two after Memphitz posted a picture of his wife’s wedding ring in a glass and told people that “this public marriage thing ain’t for every1. sh*t is hard. but when love let u down u let love go. who do i trust? who do I depend on? ME! Thas Who! just be happy.”

She responded by posting the quote, “Even the deepest of love may not be enuf [sic] too [sic] outweigh the depth of your situation…Prayer however, outweighs all…” and following it up with “they tell me forever is temporary.”

Since then, Memphitz posted this on January 3 on Twitter and Instagram: “Happy 2015. yea I’m a lil late but a ni**a always on time. #MissMeWitThatLoveSh*t”

As for Toya, last night, she posted this on Instagram to describe her current feelings:


We’re still hopeful that these two will be able to work on their marriage and not give up on it, but only time (and possibly therapy) will tell.

Memphitz Isn’t The Only One Venting: Toya Wright Sheds Some Light On Her Marital Issues – “They Tell Me Forever Is Temporary”

January 1st, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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 Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean that people aren’t taking confusion from last year into it.

We told you earlier this week that MempHitz (born Mickey Wright) decided to share, through Instagram, that his marriage might be in trouble. He posted the following photos (including one of an engagement ring in a glass) and said that “when love let u down u let love go”:



“All I’ma say is this public marriage thing ain’t for every1. sh-t is hard. but when love let u down u let love go. who do I trust? who do I depend on? ME! Thas Who! just be happy. happy f-kin new year.”

He also posted this:



“love lost. life is life.”

Both images were later deleted from his Instagram account. But his wife, Toya Wright, hasn’t deleted a message she posted a few hours ago about their relationship, though hers is more focused on the power of prayer during a tumultuous time:  


they tell me forever is temporary.


A photo posted by Antonia Wright (@toyawright) on


Toya’s post went up early in the day on New Year’s Eve, and by night, she was out celebrating the new year–with friends and not her husband.

It’s unclear what will happen with these two, but we’re hoping that they will find their way to happiness, whether with, or without each other. The couple have been married since 2011.

MempHitz Vents About Marital Woes: “This Public Marriage Thing Ain’t For Everyone”

December 30th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Social media is the gift and the curse of this generation. Of course, it has its positives, but when people use it as a means of measuring the value of real life relationships or to air out personal issues, I truly begin to wonder whether we’d be better off without it.

Yesterday, one of those more personal messages, which should’ve probably remained a thought or private conversation as opposed to an Instagram post, was shared by Mickey “MempHitz” Wright, the husband of former reality star Toya Wright. In the post, the former industry executive seemed to allude that he and Toya are experiencing trouble in their marriage after he posted a photo of what appears to be Toya’s engagement ring sitting in a glass.

MempHitz vents about marital woes on social media: "This public marriage thing ain't for everyone." His wife has yet to respond to the public revelation.


“All I’ma say is this public marriage thing ain’t for every1,” he captioned the image. “Sh-t is hard. but when love let u down u let love go. who do I

trust? who do I depend on? ME! Thas Who! just be happy.

happy f-kin new year.”

He also shared another image with a caption that reads:

“love lost. life is life.”

MempHitz vents about marital woes on social media: "This public marriage thing ain't for everyone." His wife has yet to respond to the public revelation.


Of course, all couples experience their share of issues at one point or another, but if saving the relationship is the goal, alerting the world that you’re having a hard time through social media probably isn’t the best move.

So far, Toya has not publicly acknowledge her husband’s comments. Whatever the situation is, we’re hoping that they’re able to work it out.

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Lil Wayne & Toya Wright Go All Out For Reginae’s 16th Birthday

November 30th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Last night Lil Wayne and Toya Wright celebrated their daughter Reginae Carter’s 16th birthday in style.

The super exclusive birthday party featured a performance by Nicki Minaj and appearances by some of your favorite celebrities. Rasheeda from LHHATL, Kandi Burruss, Diddy’s sons, Quincy and Justin, and Emily B’s daughter Taina were some of the guest in attendance.

In true celebrity children style, Reginae was gifted with a Ferrari and a BMW for her birthday by her parents. Reginae also changed outfits three times and arrived in a Cinderella style wagon. The guests reportedly partied until the early hours.

Press Play: Wayne bought Reginae the #BMW and Toya & Memphitz gave her the Ferrari! #LilWayne #toyawright #memphitz

A video posted by Just A Lil Bit Of RealiTea (@theshaderoom) on

#ReginaeCarter got a new Ferrari & a red BMW for her 16th birthday #naeday A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

Happy birthday nae @colormenae

A photo posted by – Taιηa W. (@latainax3) on

#BallerAlert – spotted – #NickiMinaj performing at #ReginaeCarter’s Sweet 16 Party #naeday A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

Repost from @kandiburruss Turning up with my sistas! @rasheedadabosschick @toyawright & @absolutelyquad #reginaebdayparty

A photo posted by Rasheeda (@rasheedadabosschick) on

We’re not surprised Lil Wayne went all out for Reginae. She is his first born and the only child he has with Toya Wright. It looks like everyone had a ball. Happy Birthday Reginae!

Instagram User Gets Shock Of Her Life When She Criticizes Christina Milian For Dating Lil Wayne On Her OWN Page, And Milian Responds

November 14th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Splash News

Splash News

What are the chances that as an everyday person, you would make fun of a celebrity on your social media page, only for them to find out and respond? One woman got the shock of her life when she took a dig at Christina Milian and the women of “the circle.” The circle, according to this individual, is the group of women who all know each other, get along (for the most part), and oh yeah, either have children with Lil Wayne or have dated him. She posted a collage of all of the women, including his ex-wife Toya Wright, Nivea, Lauren London, Sarah Vivian and of course, Milian. She shared it with the caption, “These hoes love Wayne!!! #IJS #AllHisBabyMommas #ChristinaAndNiveaBothHaveBabiesByDream #TheCircle” In essence, she was trying to call the women, specifically Christina Milian, messy.

But things didn’t go the way she planned, because Christina Milian actually ended up being tagged in the collage, saw it, and responded with something short and simple: “Sho do.”



Once the woman saw that Milian had responded, she tried to backtrack on her statements: “@christinamilian no offense boo. its all love.”

But it was too late. Once Milian ended up commenting, her fans went on attack mode and started insulting the woman’s looks and calling her everything but a child of God. She eventually had to make a whole new post to defend herself.

“Post made #TheShadeRoom quick. Probably only because @christinamilian commented but now my neck is being chopped over it. Simply because I used the word hoes instead of females. Lmao. I really didn’t mean they were “hoes” but okay. Wayne refers to all his females as hoes but that dude is loved. Feeling like Wendy Williams right now. Lol. People claiming I got 5 seconds of fame. Lmfao. It’s IG. This ain’t sh*t.”

While I personally wouldn’t date a man who has a child with a woman whose ex-husband I used to be married to and whose children call my daughter their sister (waaaaay too complicated), people need to let these grown folks live. But what do you think of all this?

“I Had Fans Spray Paint My Car…Scratch It Up”: Toya Wright On What Being Married To Lil Wayne Was Like And Successfully Co-Parenting

November 13th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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At this point in time, Toya Wright is happily married to Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, and they will celebrate four years of marriage next year. But 10 years ago, she was married to rapper Lil Wayne, whom she had first met and fell for when she was 13 (she got pregnant with their daughter Reginae when she was 14). She says that those years weren’t easy. In an interview with VLADTV, the beauty explained what it was like dating Lil Wayne back when they were just teenagers, and how all the girls and young women they grew up with in New Orleans were willing to do battle with her for the up-and-coming rap star.

“It was a lot. I had to deal with a lot of females. I was put out of school for fighting. There was a lot of drama with dating a young rapper that was very popular in the city. Back in the day he was charming. He had his little pimp ways with all the girls and they just used to come for me. It was crazy.

It’s been some crazy stories. One time a girl spray painted my car pink. I used to just have to deal with so much. I had to get out of the city.  I was like, ‘It’s time for me to leave.’ I had fans spray paint my car, they would scratch it up. All kinds of crazy stuff. Put stuff in the mailbox…it was just weird.”

And once he obtained mainstream fame after they were married, things got worse. After a while, she realized that they were on two totally different pages.

“It was a mutual agreement. We just knew we couldn’t do it. We wanted two different things in life. I’m a person that’s very family-oriented. I do a lot of things with my family, my daughter. His career is totally different. His lifestyle just didn’t match what I was looking for.”

But she says the decision to go their separate ways was for the best, because they get along a lot better now.

“We’re grown. We’re friends. I’m married. He’s in a relationship or whatever…his little situation. And we’re good friends. We do a great job co-parenting. We laugh about this stuff now.”

Check out Wright’s chat with VLADTV below:


[Watch] Toya Wright Says Lil Wayne’s Relationship With Christina Milian Is A ‘Hot Mess’

October 23rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Vlad TV

Vlad TV

We already know how Nivea feels about Lil Wayne dating her ex-husband’s ex-wife, Christina Milian. Now, Wayne’s ex-wife, Toya Wright, is also commenting on the messy love web.

“I think that’s a hot mess,” Toya told Vlad TV when asked how she felt about the relationship. “I think that is a hot mess, if you want my honest opinion.  That’s just too much.”

Toya went on to say that while she’s doesn’t involve herself in Wayne’s love life unless it pertains to their daughter Reginae, it’s completely unreasonable for him and Christina to think that it’s okay for them to date, considering that he has a child with Christina’s ex-husband’s ex-wife.

“It’s too many other women out there to date your son’s mother’s ex-husband’s girl. It’s just too much. It’s a lot to explain to your kids. I feel Nivea on that.”

Though she agrees that people can’t help who they fall in love with, she expressed that the pair should have taken all things into consideration before they even decided to get romantically involved.

“You can’t help who you fall in love with, but you can avoid certain things before it even gets to that point.”

At this point, I think we can all agree that Wayne’s relationship with Christina appears to be a train wreck waiting to happen.

Watch Toya’s interview below.