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Do You Look For Your First Love In The People You Date Afterward?

October 11th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Happy Birthday to my Day 1🎉🎉🎉

A photo posted by Antonia Wright (@toyawright) on

It’s very clear that Lil Wayne and Toya Wright, his only wite to date and mother to his first child, still share a very strong connection. They always come together when it’s time to celebrate their daughter Reginae. I can’t recall a time when I heard him speak ill of her publicly. And after the recent passing of her brothers, Lill Wayne was visibly by her side during and even a bit after. So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that there’s still a lot of love there.

And in Toya’s forthcoming memoir, In My Own Words: My Reality” an excerpt of which was obtained by our sister site Bossip, we see just how much.

A message from Wayne: Hey fat sry for hittin u so early but I’m up at work as usual and I wanted u to know something that u may not know…& pls don’t respond to this msg but keep it forever kuz it’ll ALWAYS be true.

I want u to know that no matter what woman or relationship I involve myself with, I look for u or a piece of u inside that woman. And why I do that is bekuz we are only creatures of habit and accustomed to what we know and believe, & what we know and believe to be love is what we learn when we first experience it, & for me that experience was with u…

First, I thought the message was really heartfelt and incredibly sweet. And I still do. But then I wondered if other people, specifically other women felt like this. So a crafted a quick group chat thread.

I asked six friends: What do you think about the notion of looking for qualities of your first love in everyone else you date afterward? Yes, no? And why or why not? 

V: Qualities or signs that I DON’T want in other people tbh. Look for him so I can avoid him lol

Other than that I think it is limiting

Me: [escalating gif]

Coco: PTSD just reading that question lol

J: Lol

B: lol I agree with “V” that you look for qualities to avoid but you also I think aware of the things you liked and seek those as well. And then there’s the physical aspect too (if you are always limiting yourself to a particular type, whether subconsciously or intentionally)

And then I think too, what impacted your choice in your first love as well? What was the example in your life that led you to him but that may be another topic lol

And V it couldn’t have been all bad, you know something kept you for awhile!

Me: Right! She’s simplifying quite a bit.

J: Hmm tbh I think it is kinda limiting but it also depends on what you’re looking for. Like, I still like the fact that my ex is a kind person who really wants to make a difference in the world…but that doesn’t mean I’m only gonna date someone who wants to make a difference in the exact way my ex does. I think you have to open yourself up to good qualities that may (and probably should) manifest differently in a different person

Me: I feel that J! Thank you!!

J: Yaaasss girl!

A: Not at all! I was so young and who I wanted then is very different from the kind of man I want now

V: Nah it wasn’t all bad. It was my first love so there were definitely good times. But when I think about looking for him in others it’s more the qualities that I am trying to avoid.

J: But I def see what you’re saying V because there are other qualities of his that I run from if I see them in someone else 😑✋🏾🙅🏾

V: Mm hmm

J: We were together for a reason but we broke up for a reason too

V: Exactly

C: Hey Ladies!!

A: In my second major relationship he had a terrible relationship with his mother and I didn’t realize how major that red flag was until much later

Me: Huuuuuge!

C: I think that men (and some women) often have more than one person because each individual brings something different to the table and have different qualities the other may not. So if one has a loving heart, the other can cook, clean, better sex, etc. To look for all of the ideal traits in one person is rare for some.  So when they find that they put that woman on a pedestal as the standard of what to look for. If he wants Toya’s traits (the full package in his eyes) in each woman he dates then he may never find it, because no two people are alike and everyone does things differently.

Me: And for you personally, C?

C: Yea, same concept applies to my life..Lol.. I’d have to literally custom build a man. Not my first love, but there are qualities I’ve seen in different people I’ve dated I wish the other had. I have yet to get all the qualities in one, not even my first love had them all.

Me: I’ll answer as well so y’all don’t feel like I’m taking without sharing…I would definitely say I was looking for someone to amplify and CONSISTENTLY make me feel how I occasionally felt with my first love: valued, admired, respected. I wanted someone who could make me laugh like he did. The problem with him is that he was/is just too wayward and I never knew which version of him I’d get! Smh. So to your point V I learned–after too long– that inconsistency is not something I could fix. So any inkling of that, I gotta go.

V: Preach, preacher

So, now I pose the same question to you all, do you look for your ex in the next person you date? Is that a good strategy or does it limit your dating pool? Also do you use your ex as more of what you do NOT want versus what you do?


Veronica Wells is the culture editor at She is also the author of “Bettah Days.” You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @VDubShrug.

Janelle Monae’s Cousin Natasha Hays Killed In Drive-By Shooting

September 1st, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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natasha hays feat

Janelle Monae has been outspoken about quite a few things. She’s been vocal in support of Black Lives Matter, penning a song for the movement, “Hell You Talmbout.” She performed at a benefit concert to aid the victims of the Flint Water crisis. And she’s been outspoken in promoting the rights of women.

And now, unfortunately, after the death of her cousin, she’s having to speak out about against gun violence.

Yesterday, the singer tweeted:

According to the Kansas City Star, Natasha Hays, 37, died when gunfire struck her home at about 3:45 a.m. on Tuesday. Hays three children, ages 14, 16, and 18 were not harmed.

Marco McElwee, who is married to Hays’ cousin said, “She was a hard-working mother of three. She did not deserve this. She did not deserve to be in the predicament she is in right now- for us to be in the predicament that we are in now.”

While a neighbor heard the gunfire and looked out the window to see a gray car with a sunroof and spoiler, speeding away, police have not made any arrests.

McElwee said that Hays worked as a caregiver.

“She spent the majority of her time helping somebody else, and she ended up in a helpless situation. The community lost a good citizen, a good person.”

The family is asking anyone with information about the drive-by shooting to call the police. They are also asking any local businesses or anyone else in the area who has surveillance cameras to submit the video to authorities.

Every death is a tragedy but Monae’s cousin is the latest in a string of relatives of celebrities affected by gun violence. Dwyane Wade’s cousin was recently killed in gun crossfire. T-Pain’s niece was stabbed to death in front of the Walgreens where she worked. And Toya Wright had to bury both of her brothers after they were killed sitting in their car in New Orleans.

Toya Wright’s Brothers Gunned Down In New Orleans This Weekend

August 1st, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Reality star, author and businesswoman Toya Wright’s brothers Rudy and Josh Johnson were killed this weekend in New Orleans according to officers in the city and several news outlets, including

The brothers were discovered inside a car, shortly after midnight on Saturday in the city’s 7th Ward. Both had been shot multiple times and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Toya’s brothers were just two victims of the violence that rocked New Orleans this weekend, as another man was shot to death just an hour later.

At this time, police had not released any information about a motive or possible suspects in the fatal shooting.

In the wake of their passing, Toya posted this memories of her brothers on her Instagram page.

Can’t sleep. #RipJosh 💔

A video posted by Antonia Wright (@toyawright) on

She and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Toya Wright Finally Files For Divorce From Memphitz

July 28th, 2016 - By Niki McGloster
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Source: Bravo

Source: Bravo

No more hall passes and second chances for Memphitz.

After a five-year marriage that started off good and ended up tumultuous, The Jasmine Brand exclusively reports that Toya Wright is officially calling it quits from husband and music producer Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.

The couple married in June 2011 and have been on a pretty rocky road ever since. Recently, the two appeared on Marriage Boot Camp to mend their failing relationship, but Memphitz’s explosive temper was a clear indicator that their problems ran deeper than any quick reality show could fix.

Toya, who filed the papers on July 8, lists the marriage as “irretrievably broken and there is no hope of reconciliation.” Though the two have been separated for over a year now, that hasn’t stopped the music producer from sharing his love for his ex.

i will never Love like this again.

A photo posted by Mickey Wright. aka “MeMpHiTz” (@therealmemphitz) on

He also posted a meme that gives the impression that he was shocked by Wright’s filing.


A photo posted by Mickey Wright. aka “MeMpHiTz” (@therealmemphitz) on

Still, Memphitz has not responded to the filing outside of Instagram. And in case you were wondering, considering that the prenup (which protects her) is pretty solid, this split shouldn’t get too messy.

Toya Wright Prepares For Divorce

June 6th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Apparently, their issues were too great for Jim and Elizabeth to fix because Toya Wright confirmed her plans to divorce her estranged husband, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, during a recent radio interview with V-103.

According to the TV personality, who made her debut on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Friday, it’s a wrap for the marriage.

“It’s going to be hard to watch and it’s going to be hard for me to relive this situation,” Toya explained to radio host Big Tigger. “This show was filmed a year ago. I don’t know why they waited to so long to release the show, but it is what it is.”

Of course, it appeared that the couple’s marriage was done a long time ago after they appeared on “Untying the Knot,” so it seems odd that they would go on another show attempting to repair the marriage; however, the single mom insists that she really wanted to see if the marriage was repairable — adding that “Untying the Knot” was actually filmed after “Marriage Boot Camp” wrapped.

“We were in a crazy place. When I signed up to do this show, I was in a vulnerable place,” she explained. “I did it with the hopes that we could make things work —at least take the counseling with Jim and Elizabeth.”

Wright went on to say that the show taught her a lot about herself and helped her to realize that she and her soon-to-be ex-husband weren’t a match made in heaven after all.

“I can honestly say after filming this show, I learned a whole lot about myself. I learned about Memph and I. We weren’t as compatible as I thought we were. It was crazy.”

“We’re not together,” she went on. “That’s no secret. We are getting a divorce.”

Considering that one of the more interesting aspects of “Marriage Boot Camp” is the suspense of not knowing which couples will decide to stay together and which ones will divorce, it’s interesting to see that Toya already disclosed how things will end.

Did you check out the new season of “Marriage Boot Camp”? What are your thoughts on it so far?

Do You Mind If He Plays His Degrading Music Around You?

February 23rd, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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degrading music


In middle school and in my earlier years of high school, I played volleyball. And for volleyball we had summer training. And since I hadn’t gotten my license yet, my friend’s older brother would pick us up from our house and take us to volleyball practice at my high school, which, in hindsight, was completely unnecessary since we literally lived across the street from my high school.

But, truth be told, both of us had a thing for each other, so it worked. Every time he’d pick me and my sister up, he’d be bumping something. I remember I was in his car this first time I heard 702’s “I Still Love You.” Usually, he played some jams on our two minute ride from my driveway to the gym. But one day, we got in the car and as soon as he pulled out of my housing edition, he started blasting Three 6 Mafia’s “A$$ and Titties.” 

For those who are unfamiliar, the lyrics are far worse than the title. It goes, “A$$ and titties, A$$ and titties, A$$ and titties and big booty b*tches.” Later, one of the group’s members talks about how he’s just got to get his dick sucked. Real classy stuff.

It was pretty awkward. Not only was he the only boy in the car, his sister was riding shotgun. That was a song for a solo ride or for him and his boys riding around. But y’all know high school boys can be a little oblivious. So it was his sister who had to tell him to turn that off. Suddenly, it was as if the words and their meaning started seeping into his head. “Oh! Yeah.” And he switched to something else.

I would end up in his car as I got older and that never happened again. But that moment stayed with me.

I was reminded of it again when I listened to Toya Wright’s interview on The Breakfast Club. Toya told the crew that she’s all about respect. And she doesn’t allow the men she’s dating or the boys her daughter is dating to play derogatory music around them. Charlemagne was quick to remind her that Lil Wayne was her ex husband and father to her child. But she said, it doesn’t matter. And Wayne knows better than to bring that around her.

It was pretty interesting. I guess because the assumption is that if you get with a rapper, you automatically approve of his content. But for Toya, not only is that not the case, she doesn’t even want to hear it being played around her. Interesting indeed.

Her interview made me wonder what our readers thought about this topic. There’s no shortage of music that degrades and derides women. It’s everywhere, especially in Hip Hop. And seeing that Hip Hop is a Black art form, it’s supported heavily by Black people, men and women alike. We’re not going to even pretend that many of us haven’t, at one point or another, listened and enjoyed songs that didn’t exactly uplift us. “Loyal” was a huge hit. Still, some of us have made a conscious decision not to engage in that type of listening. But if our dates, boyfriends, or husbands haven’t, how do you want him to juggle his musical tastes with your need to be respected?

Toya Wright Defends Hall Pass Decision, K. Michelle Calls Her And Memphitz “Dumb And Dumber”

November 10th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: Bravo

Source: Bravo

We told you last week that Toya Wright was out here giving estranged husband Mickey “Memphitz” Wright eight days out of the year where he could go and do just about anything, and anybody. And despite knowing that such scandalous information was going to be shared on national television via Bravo’s new series Untying the Knot, the heat must have grown a little too hot in the kitchen, because Toya went on the radio to explain herself.

When the news of her controversial episode hit the Internet, Toya was pretty defiant against criticism, basically saying that people don’t really know her life–and that many put up with far worse for far less. But after the episode aired on Sunday, Toya claimed that producers cut her full response to Memphitz’s revelation about his eight hall passes. And she took to Twitter to let folks know that she wasn’t happy about it.

Toya II

Feeling some type of way about the editing (per her words: “when they edit out what you really said”), Wright visited the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to set the record straight. So what’s up with their relationship and the hall passes?

Well, Toya and Memphitz are in the process of getting a divorce. They’ve been separated for almost nine months, and, unfortunately, “we’re moving in two different directions.”

They’ve been moving in those opposing directions for quite some time. Hence the reason for the hall passes–according to Toya:

“As far as the hall pass thing goes, I felt like I was already at the friend zone with Mickey. We were moving in two totally different directions, so go ‘head! Do what you do. That’s what you wanna do. Because guess what? My focus is on my businesses, and my No. 1 priority is my daughter. You can’t get it together and it’s so much going on, I’m not about to be bothered with that. And let me set the record straight: That stuff never came about when things was all good.”

To sum things up, Toya made it clear, in the third person, that “She’s not trying to keep no man that don’t want to be with her.”

As for one of the things that left their relationship in such a strain, Toya reiterated that Memphitz was pressed for years about the fact that he didn’t get to “defend himself” against abuse allegations coming from K. Michelle on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

“I really didn’t think it was a good look…I felt like that would be going backwards to go on the show and go back and forth with your ex. He has been holding that over my head. He blames me for it.”

As for that ex, K. Michelle has been sitting in the audience, like the rest of us, watching Memphitz’s shenanigans play out in front of and behind the camera. Clearly, she finds it comical because she posted this on Twitter on Sunday.

K Michelle

And she followed it up on Instagram with this message to the ladies, telling them to know their worth as she shared her testimony.

I don’t really have a response to all this because I don’t want to kick Toya while she’s down, nor do I want to talk crazy about K. Michelle (as the adage goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, you have to shut that mouth…). But what do you make of all this?

Toya Gives Memphitz 8 Hall Passes Per Year To Cheat

November 6th, 2015 - By Brande Victorian
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Toya Gives Memphitz 8 Hall Passes

Source: Bravo

I almost set this post up as a serious question, would you give your man a hall pass to cheat?, but I figured that answer would be met with a resounding “hell no!” so I thought it best to just tell you about a woman who would. Her name is Toya Wright and she’s married to Mickey Wright, aka Memphitz, and they’re currently having relationship issues because… hall pass.

The deal is Toya gives her husband of four years eight days per year to do whatever he wants, no questions asked. We actually have about 27 questions to ask about this whole set up, like why 8? why him? where they do that at? and girl what?! But we guess we’ll have to wait until the debut episode of Untying The Knot which airs this Sunday at 10 pm on Bravo to get to the bottom of their mess.

One thing we know for sure is whatever infidelity Toya appeared to be trying to avoid with the the eight-day hall pass doesn’t appear to be working, as she came across some very suspicious photos of half-dressed women on a $10,000 camera she bought her husband when he claimed he wanted to get into photography. Thus far, all he’s gotten into is bed with other women for a photo shoot he describes as some sort of creepy Peeping Tom fantasy which I must admit doesn’t really help his case.

Watch the episode preview below and try to figure out for yourselves why Toya, seemingly a smart girl, would fall for this okie doke. I believe my coworker said it best when she declared this is what happens when you try to be your man’s friend. I concur.

Oh and one more fun fact: she’s not allowed to step out at all.

Toya Wright And Estranged Husband Memphitz Spotted Having Dinner Together

July 26th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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When Toya Wright and Memphitz wed back in 2011 and shared their picture perfect wedding ceremony with the world, we all just knew they’d be together forever–the chemistry between the two read lifetime lovers.

However, in nearly four years their enviable relationship turned from sugar to sh*t as the martial bliss they once shared ultimately became marital woes, resulting in the two separating. Just earlier this year in February, Wright sat with Necole Bitchie for an exclusive interview that not only confirmed but also explained the reason behind their parting. Surprisingly, the accusations of abuse towards ex-girlfriend K. Michelle took a toll on both Memphitz career and marriage to Toya, which she had denied bothered her in the past.

Since the announcement of their separation the two have not be in contact, as far as we know. However, earlier this week, the two were spotted together. They were at popular Los Angeles restaurant Crustaceans having what looked like a couples dinner with another estranged couple, former Basketball Wives L.A. cast member Brittish Williams and her ex-fiancè, European basketball star, Lorenzo Gordon.

Toya nor Memphitz have spoken further about the status of their relationship, but from the looks of it they might possibly be trying to patch things ups.


Wanted! Memphitz Assaults And Robs A Car Wash Employee

June 29th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Photo Credit: PNP / WENN

It looks like Toya might have been telling the truth when she said that her husband Memphitz Wright was having some mental challenges.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, police are searching for Mickey “Memphitz” Wright and have issued warrants for his arrest. On Friday evening, the former music executive and reality tv star, was accused of pulling a gun on car wash employee who he accused of stealing his weed.

The accusations become a little more believable considering there is surveillance video documenting most of the tense and threatening interaction.

Memphitz had his jeep cleaned Thursday afternoon and according to Harold Huntley, the car wash employee, when he took Memphitz’ car, he smelled marijuana. When he returned the car, Memphitz accused the employee of stealing his weed.

He told reporters, He comes back and is like, ‘You stole my weed, you stole my weed.’ I was like, ‘Nah, man,’ and then he pulled a gun out on me and was like, ‘It’s gonna be your life or it’s gonna be my weed,’”

Huntley called the police and that’s when Memphitz snatched his phone and ran off.

“He was like, ‘Man give me the phone, give me the phone. What’s it gonna be? Your lit or your phone? Is it really that important?”

Felony arrest warrants have been issued for armed robbery and aggravated assault for Wright.

Police later found the jeep, the handgun and the stolen phone a few miles from the car wash. But Wright was no longer with the items.

They believe he called someone to pick him up.

You can watch the exchange in the video below.

And though he’s a wanted man, Fameolous_ discovered that Memphitz is still very much connected and in the know. He was caught liking a couple photos on the gram over the weekend.


Source: Instagram

Cares not.

After all those people were riding for Memphitz, swearing he would never, I know K. Michelle is somewhere shaking her head.