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This Weekend On Café Mocha: Toni Braxton Talks Dating After Divorce

August 21st, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Toni Braxton

Image Source: WENN

This weekend, Café Mocha gets personal with the legendary husky contralto Toni Braxton. During their interview, Toni talks about her new tour and how her sisters manage becoming over-night celebrities. Toni also talks about her dating life after divorce and host Loni Love even thinks she may have find “the one” for her.

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The 14 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions In Hollywood

August 9th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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There have been a lot of wardrobe malfunctions in Hollywood, but none of them can top Lenny Kravitz’ recent concert where he rocked out with it all out when his pants split open mid show (and revealed his secret piercing to the entire audience). We’ve got the gif here, but keep in mind it’s very NSFW.

Continue clicking to peep these celebrity wardrobe malfunctions left nothing to the imagination.

“Stop It!” Tamar Braxton Addresses Bullying Breakdown, Not Paying People And More

July 2nd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Tamar And The Real Hosts Talk Bullying feat

Recently, B. Scott had the chance to chat with Tamar Braxton when she called into his new podcast, “The B. Scott Show.” He asked her a series of questions we’ve all been dying to know like why she got so emotional during that episode of “The Real” where she referenced the bullying she had endured the hands of fellow songstress K. Michelle, spoke issues of jealousy between she and Toni and even addressed the rumors that she and Vince don’t pay people who work for them.

Check out a few of the highlights below.

On that infamous ‘bullying’ breakdown on ‘The Real’

You know, it’s always the person whose bullying you who makes it about themselves — but I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t about the people who have bullied me. It was really, honestly, about what information can I give my own child, you know?

The reason why I broke down, was because — yes, it does affect me emotionally. But the reason why I broke down was because I felt like I didn’t have the information to give my child if he comes to me and asks me…because it still affects me, if you know what I’m saying.

On Dealing with it now

You know, I really don’t care any more. To be honest, if I don’t know those people — and I love my Tamartian friends and my fans, and I’m sure they love me…but they’re not gonna love everything you do. I think what has helped me the most is that I have to truly, 100% believe in what I am doing and what I stand by. 

On the reoccurring rumors that she and Vince don’t pay their employees:

I can’t say they don’t have a good experience working with me. You know, because I’ve kept people employed for, you know, a very long time — years and years. When things start to not work out and people get let go or what have you, they’re upset. They start saying things  — which is the same exact thing — and it’s ridiculous. If that was the problem, then you wouldn’t have been here for 3 or 4 years. You understand what I’m saying? But now, all of a sudden, oh, I ain’t paid you for three years and you’ve been sticking around! *laughs* That doesn’t even make no sense. Stop it!

On supposedly being jealous of her sister Toni:

Let me go back to last season of [Braxton Family Values] where everyone heard me say — ‘no disrespect to you Toni, I feel like you have definitely been a huge part of not just this family, but to the music industry itself — but I do not feel you paved the way for me.’

Let me just explain myself, right? This is what I was talking about — I’ve had five record deals before now. If it just depended on the fact that Toni is not only an icon [but] my sister, then I would have made it five deals ago! That’s all I was saying. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to her or say that she’s not talented or say that she doesn’t deserve to be [anything]– or that I’m even jealous. I was just saying, ‘[Toni] being my sister has NOTHING to do with the success I have today! I worked my complete behind off. This is my SIXTH record deal and, you know, if it was just solely dependent on YOU being my sister than it would have happened five record deals ago.

You can listen to Tamar’s full interview with B. Scott in the audio below.

These 15 Stars Win In Neon Dresses

June 30th, 2015 - By Rich
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Neon dresses are pretty fab and working the scene in and out of Hollywood. Get inspired by these top stars to give your LBD a break and go bold in this bright, haute trend.

All images courtesy of WENN

These 15 Stars Win In Neon Dresses

Meet Their Kids: Toni Braxton

February 21st, 2015 - By Rich
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Toni Braxton is a musical icon. This singer-songwriter, pianist, musician, record producer, actress, and philanthropist rose to fame in the 90’s and has had a successful career ever since then. This international star has sold more than 40 million albums, headlined her own Las Vegas show, and penned the memoir, Unbreak My Heart.

She met musician Keri Lewis , they dated and were married in 2001. That same year she gave birth to their first child, a son named Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis. In 2003 she had the couple’s second son, Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis. Diezel was diagnosed with autism and Toni is very involved with Autism Speaks, serving as their International Spokesperson. In 2009 Toni’s attorney announced that her and Keri had separated.

According to Toni’s site:
Today, Toni Braxton balances the demands of her career with the high priorities of family, health and public service as she raises her two sons Denim and Diezel. Regarding her youngest child’s autism, Braxton is giving a message of hope that wasn’t quite the case for her a few years ago. “Today, Diezel is talking and attending a mainstream school. He still needs occupational therapy, but he is a wonderful example of what can happen with early detection and intervention.”

In addition to being a spokesperson for Autism Speaks, Braxton also is active with the American Heart Association. Braxton was most recently diagnosed with Lupus. She announced her health struggle publicly as she accepted the Lupus LA award for “Women of Achievement“.

Most recently, Braxton is enjoying huge success with her Braxton Family Values reality show on the WE network.

Meet Their Kids: Toni Braxton

No Easy Choice: 15 Celeb Moms Who’ve Had Abortions

February 2nd, 2015 - By Rich
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These celebrity moms who’ve had abortions all have unique stories and reasons as to why they did it. Some stories are tragic and painful and others tell of the ability to survive and thrive. They are all proud mothers today.

Sources: Ranker,  Tinseltown Mom. All images courtesy of WENN

No Easy Choice: 15 Celeb Moms Who’ve Had Abortions

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: 15 Reality TV Stars Who Went Broke

January 13th, 2015 - By Rich
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These TV stars both of the Reality TV Stars variety and others have quite a few money problems with several of them having declared bankruptcy, caught on camera at the Medicaid office and even crying on Dr. Phil about just how broke the were. Oh and don’t get us started on the jail time being served.

Sources: Yahoo, The Richest, Bossip

All images courtesy of WENN and Instagram

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: 15  Reality TV Stars Who Went Broke

Toni Braxton’s Ex Auctions Off Royalties To Nearly 80 Of His Songs

January 7th, 2015 - By Ann Brown
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Toni Braxton Takes Ex To Court For Back Child Support


Maybe Toni Braxton can breathe a little easier. Word is her ex-husband, Keri Lewis, has been auctioning off some of his song royalties in order to pay what he owes.

According to an exclusive by, Lewis, who used to be a member of the group Mint Condition, has auctioned off the royalties to nearly 80 of the songs he wrote. He actually held an auction to sell off 100 percent of his future ASCAP royalties for 78 songs he penned. According to the auction ad, his music had earned money from such TV shows as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Everybody Hates Chris, and even Braxton Family Values.

Lewis was asking for $16,500, but even though he attracted more than 200 bidders he just missed his mark, getting $16,400.

So now maybe he can pay up the child support Braxton says she’s due. Not long ago the 47-year-old songstress-turned-reality star hit Lewis with a lawsuit asking that he be found in contempt for not paying his required child support for their two children. She filed the legal suit in Georgia court for Lewis to cough up back support for their two sons, Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis and Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis.

And Braxton could use the money. “According to Braxton’s bankruptcy documents, she is to receive $2k a month from Lewis for support for the 2 children they share together. The contempt lawsuit is seeking to have a court order find that Lewis has not been paying the ordered support and to have an order to get the back child support ASAP,” reports

So Much For Her “Very White” Divorce: Toni Braxton Reportedly Takes Ex To Court For Back Child Support

December 4th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Considering how well they appear to get along on “Braxton Family Values,” Toni Braxton and her ex-husband, Keri Lewis, are the last people that we would expect to see in family court. But apparently, friendship is never guaranteed in divorce and co-parenting.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the six-time Grammy Award-winning singer reportedly filed documents with the family courts in Georgia back in October in an attempt to acquire back child support from the former Mint Condition singer. In addition to paying the past due balance, Braxton is asking Lewis to begin paying the $2,000 per month that he was originally ordered to pay.

Interestingly, less than one year ago, the singer-turned-reality-star bragged to Bethenny Frankel about having a “very white” divorce because she got along so well with her ex-husband. I suppose that this means they’re now experiencing black divorce, according to Ms. Braxton’s standards. As you may recall, the two married in 1998, separated in 2009 and finally had their divorce finalized in 2013.

Pettiness aside, it was very refreshing to see the former couple getting along so well, so it really sucks to see that she has been forced to get the courts involved in their family’s affairs. Hopefully, these two can iron out whatever issues they’re experiencing and return to co-parenting their sons, Denim Cole and Diezel Ky, in a friendly manner.

“I Made A Name For My Own Self Too”: Tamar Might Be Done With “Braxton Family Values” Because It’s Hurting Relationships With Her Sisters

October 29th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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This hasn’t been the best season of “Braxton Family Values” for all the sisters. And even though they’ve all made strides in their careers, we’ve watched the tension grow between them. One big issue this time around has been the fact that certain people feel Tamar does not give enough credit to sister Toni for paving the way for her current musical success. On the other side of the fence, Tamar acknowledges that Toni has opened doors for the family, but that she has worked hard on her own to build up her name outside of Toni. That drama spilled over to social media recently, and it was starting to look like the show was creating a rift in the relationships of the Braxton sisters.

In a new interview with Renada Romain of Ear Candy Mornings, Tamar and Vince Herbert talked about all the drama and why “Braxton Family Values” might not be a good fit for her anymore.

Renada: “Do you think you need to leave the show?”

Tamar: “I have not quite made up my mind yet.”

Renada: “But it is something you’ve been thinking about?”

Tamar: “Definitely. I feel like I really work hard for everything I have. Nothing has been handed to me, no matter if people want to contribute that to Toni’s success or Vincent’s success. At the end of the day, I have to get up early every day and bust my behind just like everybody else. So for me, I don’t want to be depicted as a person that I’m completely not. If I signed up for a reality show that’s one thing. But if I signed up for a scripted show, that’s another thing. I’m not into that.”

Vince: “It’s not worth Tamar’s relationship with her sisters. That’s what attracted me to this woman. She loves her family so hard. At the end of the day, Toni Braxton is Toni Braxton. The way they will turn…Tamar also said in that line, ‘and so much you have done for our family,’ but that line got cut off. It’s a little sad for me to watch my wife defend herself when I know how much she loves her family. Each and every one of them, including her mom and her dad. Because I know that 11 years ago, I saw this woman loving her family so hard. And for people to see THAT and make that decision, that’s not who they’re looking at because that’s not her and that’s not true.”

Tamar: “I don’t know if people remember, but last promos, I walked around with a Toni Braxton T-shirt! I’m trying to figure out when did Toni Braxton become a problem in my life? I look up to her!”

Renada: “Tamar, what’s the one thing that you think is the biggest misconception about you? Because a lot of people, I don’t think they knew that you had four record deals prior to the show. They think it happened overnight! But you’ve been grinding for a while.”

Tamar: “For a while…I think that now, the one that has been created is the saying that I have a big head and that I think I’m the diva. Or I think that I don’t owe anything to my sister, Toni Braxton. At the end of the day, yeah, she made the Braxton name very famous because she worked her behind off. I can’t take that away from her. But then again, you can’t take away from me the fact that, at the end of the day, I made a name for my own self too, and that’s okay.”

I would have to agree that it might be time for Tamar to move away from this show. Anything that entertains others but hurts the relationships with family that make you happy is simply not worth it. Besides, does Tamar really need to be on this show anymore?