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Dear Tom Hanks: Tell Your Son To Stop Using The N-Word

June 2nd, 2015 - By Rich
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Dear Tom Hanks,

Never in my life did I think I would be writing Tom Hanks a letter. But, here I am in 2015 writing you, buddy. I hope you don’t mind me calling you “buddy,” but you seem like the sort of father I could have grown up knowing. See, Tom, a good part of my life was growing up around White parents that resembled you and son’s that lookd like you kid Chester. Most of them were good, hard working people that were just looking to raise their kids. It just so happened my family and two other Black families decided to break the color barrier in a certain section of Newark on the outskirts of Delaware back in the day.

Tom, I am going to leap to the present day for a minute before I go back to my rearing in Delaware. I promise there is a rhyme and a reason. Lets get to the rhyme: your son, Chester, aka rapper Chet Haze, aka a white guy that feels strongly he should be able to use the N-Word despite the objections of…anybody. Here is what he said – word for word – on his Instagram account.

If I say the word nigga I say it amongst people I love and who love me. If I say “f**k yall hatin ass n***az” it’s because that’s really how I felt at the time. And I don’t accept society getting to decide what ANYBODY can or can’t say. That’s something we call FREE SPEECH. Now I understand the older generation who grew up in the Jim Crowe era might have strong feelings against this. And that’s understandable… But what I’m saying is this is 2015… And even tho we are still far from where we need to be and black people are still being literally KILLED by a RACIST and fucked up system… We have also reached a point where the word can no longer have a negative connotation if we so choose. And who is to say only black people can use it? The way I see it, it’s a word that unifies the culture of HIP-HOP across ALL RACES, which is actually kind of a beautiful thing. It’s a word that can be used out of camaraderie and love, not just exclusively for black people. What’s the point in putting all these built up “rules” about it. It’s time to let go. You can hate me or love me for it, but can’t nobody tell me what I can or can’t say. It’s got nothing to do with trying to be a thug. It’s about the culture of the music. And that’s all I have to say about that (no pun intended) lol. It’s all love. Some people will get it, some people won’t. Either way, Ima keep living my life however the fuck I want. ALL LOVE.

There is so much wrong in this stupid post that I cannot begin to address it in a single sitting, Tom. I think the fallacies and the foolishness speaks for itself. So, I am going to question you, because you are Chet’s daddy and he, my Hollywood friend, is a reflection of you. Why does your boy want to use the N-Word so bad? Why’s he using it anyway? Did you all use it in the house a lot? Or was it his white, hot lustful burning love of Black people, culture and Hip-Hop music that make him long to spew the word as symbol of his camaraderie? Do you think he would take a bullet for his African American Hip-Hop comrades? Since he mentioned racists and a f**ked up system, is he out here marching to fight the evils that we Black people face daily? Does he want to play in the Black playground a bit without once delving into what life is truly like?

Back to Delaware and me, Tom.

I am bringing it back to my life, because I wonder how many real Black people your boy Chester knows. While growing up, a white boy that looks a lot like your son Chester called my best friend a n***er on the way to school. My friend proceeded to bash his head in on the school bus and they had to pull him off of that kid. They kicked my friend off the bus after that, but he was never called a n***er again. Tom, I too have been called that ugly word too. There’s no need to share all the stories with you, because you can gather that it is still a very sensitive topic and word.

I gotta tell you, bro, you have a problem here. Chester is making you look a bit crazy and we used to wonder what went on in the house of those white kids that said n***er. If Black people tell you not to use a word considered derogatory, who is your boy to say otherwise? Talk to him, Tom. Don’t pin the tail on the donkey of Hip-Hop when you talk and don’t let Chet either. As parents, we have to raise our kids right and check them hard when they are very wrong. If you don’t, somebody else will. I’m a little older and wiser – not Jim Crow era – but the younger me would probably try to turn Chez into a human pretzel or something. OK, I know I wasn’t going to share any more stories, but here is a quick one. In college, some White students from the University of Delaware in a car did a “drive-by” calling me a n***er. Tom, I instinctively picked up this gigantic cobblestone rock and threw it. I missed and that was a good thing. The cops were right there to witness it all. Imagine if I had hit that car or somebody in it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.24.14 PM
Sure there are some Black people out here that willingly allow White people to call them n***a or  n***er. That does not you we should do it. The great Ice-T once said, “Freedom of Speech…Just watch what you say.” This slogan applies to everybody even though he was talking about Black people under persecution. In Baltimore recently, a Black man was peacefully protesting at a march, but he happened to have a t-shirt that said “F**k The Police.” Don’t you know those cops yanked him by his locks (dreadlocks), pepper sprayed him and cuffed him, seemingly for wearing such a shining example of Freedom of Speech? Check the video, Tom. You gotta see this!

The point is: we don’t just get to do what we we want in life. If you are rich, White and a male you may grow up thinking that. That’s how privilege and White Supremacy tends to work. Perhaps you and Chester aka ill rapper Chet Haze and tell me that. Its bad enough that this sort of appropriation is rampant in the world, but for it to be infiltrating Hip-Hop is a travesty. Hip-Hop music gave Black and Brown people a voice when there was no voice. It made businesses and opportunity where there was none. It yelled a that “RACIST and f***ed up system” that your boy spoke about. It didn’t stop there: it sought to change it. These days, some say Hip-Hop today is all messed up.


The system is still messed up and rap music reflects that. We are still messed up and your son and those like him want to fight for the right to use the word that continues to degrade. Unacceptable, Tom. Talk to you boy before he tries to gain entry into this world of Blackness and Hip-Hop. (Let Chet read this piece from talented white producer songwriter Mike Posner called “We Have No Idea What It’s Like To Be Black In America”) Teach him about the wonder of people of color, if you know. Teach him about the gains and losses Black people deal with. Teach him respect.

If you don’t somebody will. Take it from a guy that’s come across quite a few Chet’s in his life.


Chuck Creekmur

P.S. For the record, there are a lot of terms of endearment in the Black community. We call each other king, queen, brother, sister and even god. Tell Chet to use those, especially “god.” 🙂

Is Hazel E Dating Tom Hanks’ Son Chet?

October 21st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Hazel E Dating Tom Hanks' Son

Source: Instagram

Well, it certainly is a small world. And yes you read that headline correctly. I’d heard about Hazel possibly dating Tom Hanks’ son a while a few weeks ago and I brushed it off because…I mean that just sounds wrong.

But there may be some truth to it.

When you hear Tom Hanks’ son you probably thought of his eldest Colin. But Tom Hanks has three sons and a daughter.  The son we’re speaking of today is Chet. Chet, 24, isn’t exactly following in his father’s footsteps. Instead, he’s pursuing a rap career. Which better explains how he and Hazel managed to cross paths.

Anyway, yesterday she made him her #ManCrushMonday.

Hazel E Dating Tom Hanks' Son

Source: Instagram

And Chet responded to the praise, saying:

You know exactly how to treat a man I’m very lucky to have you in my life #andyousexyaf 😉

Hazel says he’s been real since day one and calls him her partner in crime.

Sounds nice right. Like they might have a little budding romance going on. But that might not be the case. When Hazel first posted the picture, Chet responded with something completely different than what he wrote later. The initial response, quite frankly, sounds like a line Yung Berg would hit her with.

Here’s what he originally wrote:

Hazel E Dating Tom Hanks' Son

Source: Instagram

Good friends, ehh?

He quickly deleted the comment but the delete button is no match for a screenshot. Chet has posted images of himself and Hazel before but he usually refers to her as “the homie.”

When the blogs picked up the image of him and Hazel walking down the street, he wrote:

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

All of this kind of makes me think that Chet wouldn’t mind a spot on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.” It’s kind of the perfect fit right? He could pretend date Hazel (Love). He’s a rapper (Hip Hop). And is the son of one of the most bankable actors of our time (Hollywood).

I’m not going to lie, going through his Instagram page, the dude seems slightly entertaining. And it would be interesting to see what type of dynamic he’d bring to the show.

A Rags To Riches Hollywood Story? Barkhad Abdi & The Cost Of Being An Actor

March 6th, 2014 - By Candace Smith
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Brian To/

Brian To/

Actors seem so glamorous. People know your name, who you are dating, and what your next projects are going to be by the click of one button. You get to wear expensive clothing, travel around the world, and eat at the finest, most exclusive restaurants. By all appearances, actors who gain some manner of celebrity are also doing well financially. But that’s not always the case.

Somali actor Barkhad Abdi recently had his name has been splashed in magazines, newspapers and websites, not just because he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his role in Captain Phillips, but also because we found out in The New Yorker that he made $65,000 for the job. Not exactly the figure that you would imagine for a big-budget Hollywood film. The production budget for Captain Phillips was $55 million. Other jobs in which one can make $65K are a registered nurse, a personal financial adviser, a microbiologist, and an orthotist. And that was two years ago.

Now, Abdi lives in Hollywood, broke and struggling alongside scores of other actors who have not been nominated for any prestigious industry awards, much less, for an Oscar. Abdi’s story is a vital fiscal lesson for many who have ever thought about making their love for the arts into fulfilling, paying jobs. When you’re an actor just starting out, there will be months of making payments for headshots, classes, industry workshops, and other career-building duties. If you are lucky enough to have an agent and/or manager and get a paying gig, 10 percent will go to your agent(s), and 10 to 20 percent maximum to your manager. If you are even luckier to advance your career and become a member of SAG-AFTRA performer’s union, you will have to pay a membership initiation fee of $3,000 (which can be loaned), an annual base membership fee of $198, and 1.575 percent of all individual earnings under SAG or AFTRA contracts between $1-$500,000. Once you are a SAG-AFTRA member, you can earn a minimum rate of $490 to 609.50 per day, and if you are working on a weekly basis, $1,721.50 to $2,131.50 a week, versus non-union talent who earn much less.

Normally, when you move up to Oscar-, Emmy-, or Tony-nominated territory, there are also more people on an actor’s payroll: publicists, lawyers, makeup artists and stylists. Even while they may be gifted with the swankiest designer clothes, shoes, and jewelry, many times these are on loan, so they are expected to give it back.

True enough, once you get to high-profile status, you can command a king’s ransom for your participation in a movie. Sandra Bullock was reportedly paid $70 million for her role in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity; a base of $20 million and then a smartly negotiated 15 percent cut of box office sales. Tom Hanks, who has one of the most glittering careers in show business today, took a pay cut for Captain Phillips, with rumors that he settled for $10 million.

Obviously, Abdi, being a Hollywood industry newcomer, cannot be compared to Tom Hanks, in terms of bankability. Captain Phillips is his first feature role, and, picked out of tons of people who came to a casting call, his is a true Cinderella story. But, now he’s in a precarious time of his new acting career where he has to think about next steps and longevity, so one day he too can command more money like Bullock and Hanks. Yes, even Oscar-nominated stars have to think about longevity. But Abdi also must realize that the pickings for being cast in another movie or even a TV show are slim when you consider the tons of people who are also in the running.

With any luck, and more sweat, we’ll see Abdi on screen again in the near future. He has already started his acting career with a bigger bang than most other actors could ever dream of. The question is whether this was lightning in a bottle or the beginning of a long career. If he can ultimately achieve not just the name recognition, but the A-list power of players like Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, Abdi can look back at this time of economic instability and laugh about it. At this point, like Abdi, we can only wait and hope that he does not become another Hollywood one-hit film wonder.

Mixing A Little Bi’ness With A Lot Of Pleasure: Celeb Couples Who Met On Set

March 28th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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A budding relationship can start to grow anywhere but more often than not a relationship will bloom at work. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie weren’t the only celebrities to fall in love at work and they won’t be the last. Here are 15 stars who hooked up with their co-workers when the camera lights went off.

"John Travolta and wife PF"


John Travolta and Kelly Preston starred in the box office bomb The Experts back in 1987 but unfortunately Preston was married at the time. Her marriage ended a year later but it wasn’t until her relationship with actor Charlie Sheen ended that Travolta finally had the chance to snag his leading lady. The couple wed in 1991. Their marriage experienced hardship when their 16-year-old son Jett passed away in 2009. Travolta and Preston have two other children together.

Celebrity Grandparents We Love!

February 28th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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They may be known for working the runway, smiling for the camera or performing for millions of fans, but when these 15 celebrities wipe off the make-up and step away from the flashing lights, they are simply known as ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandpa.’

"NeNe Leakes pf"


In addition to being a reality television star, NeNe Leakes has added two primetime shows to her resume but is now prepared for another big role in her life: grandmother. Leakes’ oldest son Bryson welcomed baby girl Bri’asia in mid-June of 2012 giving the mother of two a granddaughter to play dress-up with. The “New Normal” star said, “I always wanted to have a girl and now I have one! She’s just adorable. Forty is the new 30. I’m a sassy, fashion-forward grandma!”

Denzel Takes Flight: Denzel Washington Named America´s Favorite Movie Star

January 25th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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Photo Works /

Photo Works /

It’s been four years since Denzel Washington was recognized America’s Favorite Movie Star. Now the Oscar nominee has reclaimed that title.

In a Harris Poll, conducted online within the United States between December 12 and December 18, 2012 among 2,141 adults (ages 18 and over), Washington was named the Favorite Movie Star, and surprisingly Clint Eastwood, despite his embarrassing “Obama chair” incident at the Republican National Convention (or because of it?), came in next place, for the second year in a row. Tom Hanks took the number three slot.

Rounding out the top ten list were, according to a press release:  Johnny Depp, who fell from number one to a tie for number four; Brad Pitt, shares the fourth spot (unbelievably he has not been on the top ten list since 1998); the late John Wayne is on the list, this year dropping one spot to number six;  George Clooney, who goes from number six to number seven; Harrison Ford remains in the number eight spot; Meryl Streep makes this list at number nine; and Matt Damon is number 10 (his first time on the list was in a tie for the seventh spot in 2007).

Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, and Adam Sandler all dropped off the top ten this year.

When breaking down the stats, men favored Clint Eastwood, and women still love Denzel Washington. “Echo Boomers (those ages 18 and 35) and Baby Boomers (ages 48 to 66) agree on Washington as their favorite actor. For Gen Xers (ages 36 to -47) the number one spot is a tie between Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. John Wayne is the favorite among Matures (those ages 67 and older), says the release.

And, Eastwood is the favorite for Republicans and conservatives, while Washington is the favorite for Democrats, liberals — and moderates. Independents picked Tom Hanks as their favorite.

Do you agree with the poll?

Thank You, But No Thank You: 14 Actors That Passed On Leading Roles

November 14th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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Actor collage

Source: Shutterstock

From StyleBlazer

For some actors, being given the chance to star in a film is the dream of a lifetime, though some actors have had the opportunity to play a lead role in a movie and declined the offer. Here are 14 actors who were offered a lead role but said “no thanks!”

Read more at StyleBlazer

Gender Benders: 8 Actors Who Play Gay But Are Actually Straight (and Vice Versa)

June 19th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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Of course there’s no cookie cutter profile of a hetero or homosexual, so celebs are often cast into a role regardless of their real-life orientation. After all, it is called acting. Here we take a look at eight actors who have played gay characters but are really straight and vice versa.

1. Tom Hanks in Philadelphia

In probably one of the most notable “straight playing gay” roles, Hanks expertly played Andrew Beckett in this Academy Award winning role. Tom even lost 30 pounds and thinned his hair out to portray the gay lawyer dying of AIDS who sues his firm for discrimination.

Check out the other 7 actors on

More on Madame Noire!

Larry Crowne: The King In All of Us

June 27th, 2011 - By Julia Locklear
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Madame Noire caught up with the eclectic cast of Larry Crowne that includes Academy Award winners Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Taraji P. Henson, Cedric the Entertainer, Gugu Mbatha-Raw from “Undercovers”, and Wilmer Valderrama of “That 70’s Show”. Have you ever come to a point in your life where in order to move forward, you had to reinvent yourself? But then you realized that the only version of yourself you knew was the one who had been getting by all this time? Larry Crowne is the story of a man who must do just that and Larry gives us all an example of how we can face the unknown with optimism and perseverance and maybe even get the things we want for ourselves along the way. Larry Crowne opens nationwide, July 1.

Read the rest of this entry »

Stars Show Up and Show Out for Oprah’s Farewell

May 18th, 2011 - By Veronica Wells
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Oprah filmed two of her final three episodes yesterday at the United Center in Chicago. If you were expecting grand that’s what precisely what you’ll get. The last two episodes were literally jam-packed with celebrities all to celebrate Lady O in her final season. Oprah’s leaving her enormously popular talk show, after 25 years,  to devote her attention to the OWN network. Can you believe she’s been on air for a quarter of a century?Amazing.

Anyway, the final two episodes included performances from Beyoncé, Usher, Stevie Wonder and Patti Labelle among others.

Athletes Emmitt Smith and Michael Jordan were in attendance. There were also several actors in the place to be including, Tom Hanks, Jamie Foxx, Halle Berry, Will and Jada and Tom Cruise were there as well. (No surprise that Tom would make it back around, considering he used Oprah’s couch as a trampoline.)

The performances will air on May 23 and the final episode on May 25.

This should make for really good television. Are you excited to watch?