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“I Prayed And I Asked God, ‘God, Don’t Let This Be My Life'”: Tina Campbell Talks Fighting To Save Her Marriage After Infidelity

October 7th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Another great night on our Honeymoon/Anniversary/Vacation trip! #Hawaii #Maui #Love. #TeddyandTina

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While checking out the Circle of Sisters event in NYC this past weekend, I had the chance to see the ladies of Mary Mary do their thing on stage (and boy did they take me to church!). While there, Tina Campbell spoke honestly on-stage and off about dealing with a lot of pain when she found out about her husband Teddy’s infidelity, which was featured on “Mary Mary.” But she says that they have pinpointed and continue to work on their issues.

“My husband had issues, but I had those same issues. You want to focus on your strengths and mask all of your weaknesses. And then you think your weaknesses are not creating a fire in your life that is going to brew and build one day. I was broken, I was insecure, I didn’t know how to communicate…the same thing I was, I attracted.”

In a recent chat with EnStars, Campbell also spoke in-depth about moving forward and fixing her marriage to Teddy. She says that the steps they took to resolve major issues will be shared on the newest season of the WEtv hit, “Mary Mary.”

“I prayed and I asked God, ‘God, don’t let this be my life. Does this really have to be my story? Is this how I’m going out? This is terrible. Why do I have to be the gospel chick who goes out with the horrible life and it just stays devastated?’ And I was praying like, ‘God, if you get me out of this rut that I’m in, I’ll tell the world.’ So of course I’m going to show the world how we are now. And no we don’t have a perfect relationship, but we work hard every day. We work hard to enjoy each other. All of the stuff you do while you’re dating, we just do that now. Because what happens is you practice being in love. You practice being s*xy. You practice understanding–‘oh baby, that’s okay.’ You do all of that stuff and then you stop practicing that. He practiced opening the door–‘Whatever you want, babe. I got you boo.’ And then he just stopped practicing that. And that’s how your relationship goes crazy, because everyone stops practicing being in love. We just practice being in love every day. We practice being better to each other, being friends, being understanding and being considerate. Are we perfect at it all the time? No. But we’re much better at it than we used to be because it’s our practice now. And the fool I used to be and that he used to be? We don’t practice that no more. So we’re going to show the world.”

Campbell said that during the time that she started working through her pain and on her relationship, she finished a book and completed a solo album that was completely unexpected. The feelings just came out on wax. It seems that the pain helped her in the creative process.

“If we had not have separated…I did have to through this devastation, but all this beautiful stuff was birthed out of it…I want them [the world] to see how I got through it because there are so many people who deal with what I deal with and don’t know, ‘How do I get from here to there?’ I didn’t know how to get from here to there until I started praying and trying and working. When I was so desperate to figure it out, I figured it out. So all the stuff before of ‘I just can’t figure it out, I’m trying but I never get there.’ Well, if you get broke down and devastated enough, you’ll find your way to a solution. Now that I’ve found it, I really want to share that with the world.”

“All My Trust Has Come Back”: Tina Campbell Says Despite His Cheating, She Loves Teddy, “More Than I Ever Did”

June 10th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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You read that title right.

In a new interview with the ladies over at Sister 2 Sister for their June/July issue, Tina Campbell opened up about the long process she went through to forgive her husband, Teddy, after he cheated on her with multiple women, including a family friend. In this most recent season of Mary Mary, we saw Campbell dealing with the pain of Teddy’s admissions, which he didn’t reveal all at once, but gave her more heartbreaking details over a short period of time. At one point she even said that she tried to stab him when speaking to EBONY about her pain:

“Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband. I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him. Several times…I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words…My words hurt.”

But she tells Sister 2 Sister that she decided to move forward with the help of her faith and that she fully trusts him again. No snooping for her!

“You want to know the truth? [laughs] All of my trust has come back. I love my husband more than I ever did. I am deeply in love with him. I was just talking to my brother-in-law last night because a lot of my family is even amazed with it. I don’t check on my husband. I don’t check his e-mails. First of all, I’m not that chick. I think too much of myself to be a detective behind some man. And if I’m going to trust you and give you a chance, I’m going to give you a real chance and a real chance is not holding your hand and micromanaging.

Everything I ask my husband, everything I’ve required of my husband through this process, every single thing, he did it. Whatever I asked him, whatever I wanted, whatever I needed… I know every explicit detail of every single thing with every single affair. Every woman can’t handle that, but for me and the stage that I’m gonna be at in my life, I needed to know.

I was tortured. I was tortured dealing with that information, but guess what? I forgave every bit of it, and I love my husband immensely. I love him with all the passion that I have, and I trust him. I believe everything that he told me and I believe in him, and only God can do that.”

When I read this, I could only say “wow,” because the amount of sadness and hurt Tina displayed during this past season of the reality show, I just wouldn’t have expected her to open up and say that she loves him more now than she had before. But kudos to her for not letting her anger eat her up and doing the work with Teddy to salvage their relationship. It isn’t easy…

Check out her full interview with Sister 2 Sister in the new issue, which is on stands now.

“You Stole My Life Away From Me!” Tina Campbell Breaks Down When Speaking On Teddy’s “Countless” Affairs

April 8th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Erica and Tina

If you’ve been watching this season of Mary Mary, you already know pretty well about the pain that Tina Campbell has been dealing with after finding out that her husband, Teddy Campbell, stepped out on her while she was touring. However, as the season has gone on, Teddy revealed to not only Tina, but Warren also, that he cheated on her with quite a few women, saying there were “countless affairs.”

In a clip from the upcoming episode, Tina emotionally cracks when speaking on the betrayal, and how it has been made worse by the fact that Teddy keeps withholding the full story about his infidelity and tells her a little bit here, a little bit there. She shared her feelings not with Teddy in the scene, but with Erica, telling her what she wants to tell Teddy:

“You stole my life away from me. I’m angry. Why you gotta do me like this?! I was good to you, man!”

In her anger, she says that she thinks she wants to move on from Teddy.

“I don’t want him. He don’t deserve me. I don’t want him.”

However, it’s the words of her sister that get her to calm down. Erica shares how she got through infidelity in her own relationship (yes, she states it clearly in the new episode):

“You said you’ve never been through this, I have…I’m a tell you how you get better.”

Check out the interesting tip she shared with her sister in the clip below and let us know what you think of the whole scene. It’s quite heartbreaking to watch.

Mary Mary On Dress Controversy: “This Body Blesses My Husband, Which Helps Us Produce Baby Christians”

March 6th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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If conservative Christians thought they were going to slow Mary Mary down after slamming Erica Campbell for the form-fitting white dress she wore in a photo shoot not too long ago they were wrong. Though the gospel singer has already responded to the backlash several times in separate interviews, she shared a few more thoughts with us when we got her and her sister in the office last week. And, of course, Tina had to come to her baby sister’s defense:

“Being confident and feminine is sexy. If we were R&B singers they would say ‘Oh they’re going in a more conservative, wholesome direction,’ but because you’re singing gospel and you’ve got a body it’s a problem. God gave us this body. This body is what blesses my husband, which is what helps us produce baby Christians. What is the problem?”


Well when you put it like that, what is the problem? Check out what else the sisters had to say about being confident, feminine, and sexy Christian women in the video above. What do you think?

“God, I’m Probably Going To Hell.” Tina Campbell Talks Being In A Dark Place & How Her Faith Brought Her Out

February 27th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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By now, you’ve probably heard that Tina Campbell and her husband Teddy are trying to recover from infidelity on his part. While Tina ultimately decided to allow the cameras into her life while they worked on their healing, she said she might have made a different decision if she had known what it was going to entail.

She didn’t realize how broken down she was going to be. In our exclusive interview she speaks about her dark thoughts.

“I think people need to see what real life looks like. It’s not all this ‘Heavenly Father, I’m in a bad way.’ Like I’m probably going to go to hell but before I leave I’m taking some people with me. Either you gon’ help me or this is the way it’s going to be. This is the way I was talking to God because I was in a bad way…it was that bad.” 

Tina said initially she thought revenge was the answer. But quickly realized that avenging herself didn’t relieve any of the hurt. And it was then that she decided to get back to her foundation. During this time, where she was studying the Bible and speaking candidly with God that  she learned her faith wasn’t as strong as it appeared to be on stage.

Erica also explained how she was there for her sister at this time and how the family came together to help her get through this.

Check out the very real and very moving interview in the video above.

Be sure to tune into WeTV tonight and every Thursday at 9/8c to find out how Tina gets through this situation and what else is going on with the Marys.

Erica Campbell Says Sister’s Marital Woes Made Her Second-Guess Going Solo

February 19th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Last spring 1/2 of gospel singing duo Mary Mary, Tina Campbell, revealed that her husband, Teddy Campbell, had an extramarital affair.

“Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband,” Tina admitted during an interview with Ebony magazine. “I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him. Several times…I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words…My words hurt.”

As fate would have it, news of Teddy’s infidelity was revealed around the same time that she and her sister, Erica Campbell, decided to work on solo projects and give Mary Mary a break for a while. This however, is a decision that Erica later admitted to second-guessing.

“I didn’t want to watch my sister go through that,” the “A Little More Jesus” singer told Sister 2 Sister. “Then realizing that it was happening at the same time that I was going solo, it was like, ‘Wow, God, shouldn’t this have happened another way?’”

Though the group’s hiatus and Tina’s relationship troubles seemed to have the absolute worst timing, Erica says she trusts that God is simply testing her sister to make her stronger.

“Sometimes He allows things and it feels like a test but it’s going to make you stronger.”

We can only imagine how hard this all had to be for Tina. Anyone who watches their show on WE tv knows that Tina loves pretty hard. But just like her sister Erica, we’re confident that she’ll pull through.

Catch Erica’s full interview in the March 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

“I’m Dying Inside”: Tina Struggles To Trust Cheating Hubby While Out On The Road In “Mary Mary” Preview

February 11th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The new season of Mary Mary premieres on February 27, but we’ve already been given a pretty deep glimpse into what to expect from season three. One big topic that will be extensively covered is how Tina deals with learning of her husband Teddy’s infidelity. According to the singer, he strayed while she was out on the road performing alongside her sister, so in the new season, as the sisters prepare to tour once again, she can’t help but feel worried.

“Whenever I’m on the road, I think about what my husband did to me. He was unfaithful to me while I was on the road. So I’ve got to wonder, since you got caught, are you faithful now? Do you really mean that you want to be a better man to me? Or are you still who you were?”

The scene is a very emotional one, as Tina breaks down about her feelings. “I gotta get on the stage and I gotta act like everything is all good, and it’s not all good! I’m dying inside!”

The group’s former manager, Mitch, freaks out at the same time because she has not shown up for a sound check for the group’s upcoming performance because she was in bed dealing with her feelings, and she has not shown up yet for their show. What will happen? Guess you’ll have to wait to find out, but check out the sneak peek below and let us know what you think.

First Look: “Mary Mary” Returns With An Explosive Third Season

January 21st, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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mary mary season 3


WE Tv’s hit reality show about the lives of Grammy-Award winning gospel duo Mary Mary is returning and in the third season fans will see how Tina and Erica lean not on their own understanding. Tina will open up about her husband’s infidelity and explain her remarks in Mary Mary’s high profile interview with Ebony Magazine in which she said:

“Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband,” she admitted. “I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him. Several times…I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words…My words hurt.”

As we see in the season 3 trailer, after the interview, Tina’s marital life apparently becomes worse as she tries to forgive her husband. Although her sister Erica offers advice, Tina isn’t interested in what she has to say. While Erica continues to offer Tina help, she also takes the opportunity to become a solo artist. Erica finds out, though, going after your calling has a price as she constantly worries about connecting with her new audience, her health, and the ultimate fate of Mary Mary.

Besides their own personal drama, Tina and Erica also consider terminating their manager Mitchell. And while they try to balance their career and marital lives, another set of painful information comes their way- their father is diagnosed with stage four cancer and eventually passes away. It’s safe to say Mary Mary’s return to television will give fans an opportunity to see how they become victorious after their storms.

Mary Mary season 3 returns on February 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Check out the preview clip below. Will you be tuning in?

Gospel Singing Duo Mary Mary’s Father Loses Battle With Cancer

June 27th, 2013 - By La Truly
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"MaryMary pf"

Johnny Louis/WENN

According to, Erica and Tina Campbell are bidding farewell to their father, Eddie Atkins, Jr. who had been fighting cancer.

Radio producer, Sheilah Belle, announced that Mr. Campbell had lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Erica and Tina have reached out to supporters via Twitter, thanking them for their prayers and well-wishes, saying:

“Thanks (for) all the kind words & prayers sent today. Our Dad was a great man, but he’s with Jesus now he taught us how to pray & trust God… Our hearts are heavy but we can rejoice knowing our father knew we loved him. RIP Elder Eddie A. Atkins Jr. Rest in the arms of Jesus Daddy.”

The sister singers have been supported by a host of celebrities, including former Glee star Amber Riley who tweeted:

“My condolences to Mary Mary and their families and friends for the loss of their father. I can’t even imagine losing a parent. Prayers.”

Comedian and actor, Rickey Smiley, reached out to the duo to express his condolences as well:

“So sorry to hear about Mary Mary’s loss … Please keep them lifted in prayer.”

The sisters have been a highly acclaimed and awarded Gospel duo since the early 2000s, bringing a new sound to the Gospel music world to reach those who might not listen to traditional Gospel music. Unfortunately, the sisters have recently decided to split up as a singing group. Erica has decided to pursue a solo career. Click here to listen to her first single.

Our thoughts and prayers go out the Atkins/Campbell families during this time of bereavement.

Tina Campbell On The State Of Her Marriage: “My Hope Turned Into Hopelessness…”

May 26th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Teddy Campbell’s Instagram

Are there any, as they say in the church world, prayer warriors out there? If so, Tina and Teddy Campbell are reaching out to you.

As many of you know, the June 2013 issue of Ebony featured Gospel group Mary Mary on the cover and in the article, Tina Campbell revealed that she found out earlier this year that her husband, Teddy, cheated on her. The affair, according to Teddy, happened two and a half years ago and was with a now ex family friend.

Ebony pointed out in the article that when Tina showed up for the interview, she was not wearing her wedding ring.

Apparently, things have taken a turn for the worse.

On Friday afternoon, Tina posted a message on from both she and Teddy. In the note, Tina says that they are struggling right now but are fighting back:

…Well since the article, the challenges have worsened. My hope turned into hopelessness & despair and I became unwilling to forgive and fight, until God showed me myself.

My husband’s struggle, was with sexual immorality BUT I have struggled with anger, rage, unforgiveness, pride, just to name a few, for over 2 decades. The devil wanted to use strongholds that took hold of our lives in our childhood, to remain and destroy us as adults. So now instead of being mad at each other we’re mad at the devil and we’re ready to fight…”

The good news is that they are prepared to fight to save their 13 year marriage. In fact, Tina and Teddy aren’t stopping at just communicating with each other, a therapist and/or a pastor; they are reaching out to the fans.

Tina and Teddy began a 30 day fast on Friday “for complete deliverance & restoration.”  For those that aren’t aware, many Christians fast for the purpose of gaining clarity and healing for things going on in their lives.  They asked that the fans join them in this process:

“If u are able to, please fast and/or pray daily that God would answer our prayers and give us a deeper love & commitment to him and to each other. We believe he still works miracles and he can give us the greatest marriage we could have ever imagined. We can pray alone BUT your prayers will certainly help.”

Well, this is…a lot.  Many of us know, whether we’re single or married, that marriage is very hard. But once you add being in the public eye to the equation, things can be even harder. Many question why Tina even revealed that Teddy cheated on her in the first place because had she not, no one would have ever known. However, her revelation may be helping her (and Teddy) figure out her next steps.

Do you think Tina made things worse by going public with this news? Have you ever fasted to gain some type of clarity?