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Surprise! We’re Related! 10 More Famous Folks We Didn’t Know Were Family

July 29th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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For these famous folks, talent seems to run in the family. Here are 10 pairs of celebrities who we were surprised to learn (at one time or another) were related.

celebrities who are related


Pharrell and  Timbaland

Crazy right!? Two of the most talented producers in music are cousins–at least that’s what Timbaland claims. In an online chat with fans, Tim said that a little known-fact about him is that he and Pharrell are actually cousins. Hopefully he wasn’t referring to “play cousins,” but he seemed pretty serious.

Pass Or Play? Jennifer Hudson And Timbaland “Walk It Out”

June 17th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 6.12.12 PM

Jennifer Hudson’s collaboration with Timbaland has been out in the blogosphere since the spring time but this week, Hudson dropped visuals for the single. In the opening scene of the video, Jennifer walks out donning a cut off shirt leggings, an asymmetrical hair cut and some big, bold and gaudy jewelry. It’s very Sal-N-Pepa. She’s on her way to the hair salon when a dude from around the way stops and tries to holler at her.

J Hud admits that while he is enticing, he’ll have to do a bit more to win her affections or “Walk It Out” with her. And she provides him with a pretty comprehensive list.

Jennifer goes from the salon, to the park and finally to the night time streets, ignoring this nicely chiseled man. But finally, when he offers her the keys to his BMW convertible, she’s willing to give him a chance. Ha!

Check out the video below and let us know if you’re feeling this new one from Hudson as well as the song itself.


They Just Can’t Stay Away: Celeb Couples Who Filed For Divorce Then Reconciled

May 15th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Sometimes it’s just cheaper to keep her. These celebrity couples made public declarations that they were calling it quits then went behind closed doors and were able to work things out.

"Kobe and Vanessa Bryant pf"


Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

After just six months of dating, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant married his wife Vanessa in 2000. The mother of his two children stuck by his side as he faced sexual assault charges in Colorado after having sex with a hotel worker in 2002. As an apology, he bought Vanessa a $4 million eight-carat purple diamond ring. After years of reportedly putting up with Bryant’s infidelity, Vanessa had finally had enough and filed for divorce towards the end of 2011. But the NBA superstar did his best to win the love of his life back and in 2013 it was announced that the divorce was called off.

10 Love Lessons Missy Elliot Taught Us

April 27th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Love Lessons Missy Elliot

Growing up we learned Missy Elliot’s colorful lyrics verbatim and practicing her music videos’ choreography was the thing to do in the living room of your cousins’ house. While back then her music may have been all fun and games, now that we’ve gotten older we realize she was asking speaking a lot of truth about men folk — I don’t want no one-minute man anybody? Check out these 10 love lessons from Missy and tell us what you’ve learned from the icon rapper.

Lesson 1

Never give up the things you like to do once you begin dating. Most importantly, do not financially support a man who mistreats you.

“Gave you all my dough
When you needed it all the time
I thought you was the one
But you just a hit and run
Gave up clubs and parties
I put them aside
I stopped going to all the parties”

Song: Beep Me 911 Ft. 702

New Michael Jackson Album “Xscape” — Composed From The King Of Pop’s Vault — Drops In May

March 31st, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Epic Records

Epic Records

On the cusp of his death’s fifth anniversary, Epic Records plans to release new Micheal Jackson music!

Entitled Xscape, the album will debut on May 13. The idea to create the album was conceived by Epic CEO L.A. Reid, who chose eight songs and handed them over to the lead producer of the project, Timbaland, to “contemporize” the records for 2014 consumption, Gawker reports.

In a statement released by L.A. Reid:

“Michael left behind some musical performances that we take great pride in presenting through the vision of music producers that he either worked directly with or expressed strong desire to work with.We are extremely proud and honored to present this music to the world.”

Fans who rather hear the un-contemporized version with Jackson’s authentic vocals can pay extra for the Xscape Deluxe edition, The Los Angeles Times reports. The album will able available for pre-order tomorrow, April 1. The album’s title track was written by Jackson, produced by Rodney Jerkins and was originally intended for Jackson’s 2001 Invincible album. Stargate team producers Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon and John McClain also worked on Jackson’s posthumous album.

Despite the excitement revolving around the album, some believe it’s an unsavory act of business simply intended for record companies seeking to make more money off of dead entertainers. Do you agree?

“Can You Talk About Something Else?” Jennifer Hudson Is Sick Of Artists Constantly Singing About Sex

January 24th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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singing about sex

Source: Instagram

How many of us have listened to modern-day R&B music on the radio and thought, ‘Geez, folks are always talking about sex!’? If it’s not about beating something up folks are asking you to push your panties to the side (seriously, there’s a new song with Chris Brown and Kid Ink that says this), and at this point, it seems that very few crooners and singers can think of another topic to touch on. This is something that even Jennifer Hudson has noticed, and she says it’s tired. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Hudson was asked what (AND who) is played out, and she said singing about sex all the daggone time:

Girl, I can’t. Ooooh … Singing about the same old things in music is so overrated. Sex, drinkin’, the club. Okay, especially sex. Like, we [are] grownups, we ain’t got over that, like, really? Ain’t you too old for that kind of thing? Can you talk about something else? I get annoyed with those things. But I can’t answer the last question, ohhh though I want to.

Ironically, Hudson did say that she’s showing a sexier side of herself these days as she works on her third album. She has come up with a fierce alter ego, named Jones, which she came up with while working with some big names in the studio:

I call her Jones. That’s Jones, that’s not Jennifer. It’s so different, it’s really cool, and the music is, too. I love the energy. I got to work with Timbaland, and Pharrell, and R. Kelly.

I think we all caught a glimpse at “Jones” in Hudson’s new video for her single, “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel).” And with Hudson out here on red carpets with her bra out and posting pics on Instagram with her killer abs, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of “Jones.” But what do you think about Hudson’s statements? Is talking about sex in music overrated and overdone?

“You Look Like Kelly Rowland”: Beyoncé And Kelly Crash Karaoke Bar To Sing With Surprised And Tipsy Patrons

January 8th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Courtesy of Sing Sing Karaoke

Courtesy of Sing Sing Karaoke

What would you do if you were minding your business, singing “Party” off-key with your friends really late night at night at a karaoke bar, and both Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland approached you? I’d probably scream like I saw a ghost, but a few lucky (and a bit inebriated) karaoke partygoers almost didn’t realize who the former Destiny’s Child members were when the stars came into their room.

According to the Miami Times, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kelly, Michelle Williams, Timbaland, and a few other friends strolled into a karoake bar very late on Tuesday night in Miami to sing a little karaoke, have a few drinks, eat some light food, and just kick it. According to bar owner Kellie Pilicer, the place wasn’t packed (reminder, it was a very late Tuesday evening), as only two rooms out of the 17 in Sing Sing Karaoke were occupied, so the famous friends weren’t hounded by fans.

“A big security-looking guy walked in and asked us what time we closed. I’m thinking he’s going to come in with maybe a couple of other people and then all of a sudden a couple of people wearing hoodies do start trickling in and one woman comes up and asks me where the bathroom is and I look up and it’s freaking Beyonce.”

Bey reportedly asked if she could surprise those in the occupied rooms because she could hear her song “Party” being played in one of them. That particular room was occupied by three young women who had been in the bar for SIX hours, tipsy off of Long Islands (one woman is pictured asleep on the couch in the room) just a-sangin’. When the singer and Rowland walked in the room, the women couldn’t immediately tell who they were, but didn’t make a big deal of the fact that their singing session was bombarded by folks they would soon find out were famous:

“Beyonce follows the sounds, she just walks right in, and there are two girls sitting and one of their friends had fallen asleep on the lounge chair…I’m standing there watching this whole thing and the other people in their party started walking in and cracking up because they were singing Beyonce. They start dancing together, but they have no idea who it is. And all of a sudden one of the girls looks at Kelly and says, ‘Oh, you look like Kelly Rowland’ and then she looks at Beyoncé and goes ‘Oh my god!'”

Beyoncé and Kelly would go on to snap pictures with the ladies, and even stopped to photo bomb the very asleep young woman on the couch (see photo above right). That’s right. Her friends didn’t even try to wake her up. But hey, at least homegirl got a picture…?

But the takeaway from all this is that if you go to a karaoke bar late at night, sing “Party” and say “Beyoncé” three times, she just might show up. Noted.

“I’ve Earned The Right To Be Me”: Beyoncé Talks Honesty In The Fifth Installment of Doc!

January 4th, 2014 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Beyonce Part 5"

In what appears to be the final installment of her documentary, Beyoncé talks honesty and reveals it was the key for this album.

These videos have probably been as raw as we’ve ever seen Bey and we love it. Surely we aren’t the only ones because in all of the comments sections for the videos, people want to see the next installation. But in this seemingly final one, Bey talks about how her image and her responsibility had been holding her back from releasing music that was more true to who she is, or was at the time, as a person.

On Why She Felt She Couldn’t Be More Honest In Her Music:

“I started out when I was 9 with the girls of Destiny’s Child and our first album came out when I was 15. I was a child.  But now I’m in my 30s, and those children that grew up listening to me have grown up and I always felt it was my responsibility to be aware of kids and their parents and all these generations. and I feel like it stifled me. I felt like, in a sense, I could not express everything. I’ve done so many things in my life, in my career, that at this point I feel like I’ve earned the right to be me and  to express any and every part of myself.”

Beyoncé goes on to talk about the making of “Rocket.” She explains that it’s a song about singing from the heart, harmonies, adlibs, and arrangements. There’s a clip of her singing in the studio while Justin Timberlake and Timabaland (two of of the three writers – Miguel was the third) are there and Timberlake pretty much loses it. He just repeats, “There’s something wrong with you.”

Bey says she would not have been able to record “Rocket” in the past because she wouldn’t have had as much confidence. But now, she feels she’s let her walls down. She goes on to say about the videos as a whole:

“I feel like I’m having to tap into a lot of my life experiences to pull inspiration. And I fee like I’m opening up a lot in these videos and showing a lot of sides to me that only a few people have ever seen.”

Check out part five of the Beyoncé documentary below!

Check Out Beyoncé & Jay Z Recording “Drunk In Love” In The Studio In Part III Of Her BEYONCÉ Doc

December 26th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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For the BeyHive, here’s a late Christmas present from your beloved Beyoncé.

In Part III of “Self-Titled,” the short doc that the singer is doing to give fans an inside look at what it took to put her visual album together, Beyoncé shows us a side of her we don’t often get to see–Bey creating new music in the studio. The five-minute clip shows the singer working with producer Detail, as well as her husband, Jay Z, as they put together “Drunk in Love.” In it, Beyoncé talks about having more fun in the studio, instead of worrying about hits:

When I started picking the songs that I started gravitating towards, because I recorded about 80 songs, it was the songs that were more effortless for me that stuck around that I still loved just as much as I loved a year ago when I recorded them.

There was this new producer, Details, and he had this really hard beat and he had this song called “Drunk.” And I’m like, ‘That’s what I want to sing! [laughs]‘ I kind of freestyled the verse and Jay went in and he just started flowing out his verse. We just kind of had a party. And then Timbaland pulled out his keys. It was so great because it wasn’t about any ego, we weren’t trying to make a hit record we were just trying to have fun, and I think you can hear that in the record.

You also get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video as the two frolic on the beach. The video was of course just of Bey writhing around in the ocean and sand as Jay drinks D’ussé cognac in a white T-shirt and snapback. It was simple, and that’s exactly what the singer wanted:

I wanted to carry this idea of being in the moment and embracing mistakes and effortlessness in the videos. I wish every video was like “Drunk” [laughs].

In the clip, you also get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of other videos, including “No Angel,” “Yoncé” and “XO,” as the singer explains what it was like to skip all the planning she’s used to for visuals and “rebel against perfection.” Definitely a must-see for the stans–and a nightmare for the non-fans who I have a feeling will still watch it…

Is “Drunk in Love” your jam? Do you think Bey was having more fun with this album? 


Timbaland’s Wife Files For Divorce; Demands Child Support For Both Kids… Including The One From A Previous Relationship

October 17th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Timbaland's wife

Source: WENN

Forever just doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to.

After only five years of marriage, it looks like famed hip-hop producer Timbaland aka Timothy Mosley and his estranged wife, Monique Mosley, are officially embarking upon the road to splitsville. There has been no official word on specifically why the marriage didn’t work out, but according to TMZ, Monique is looking to hit 41-year-old hitmaker where it hurts—his pockets.

Court documents filed on Monique’s behalf reveal that she is first and foremost requesting child support for both of their children. The couple share a 5-year-old daughter. Monique also has a 10-year-old child from a previous relationship. She justifies requesting support for her 10-year-old by insisting that Timb has “publicly and privately proclaimed this child as his own.”

In addition to child support, Monique is also requesting that Timbaland foot the bill for life insurance, private school tuition, vacations, summer camp tuition and a slew of other expenses. According to the divorce papers, Monique says she’s struggling financially and even had to borrow money from a close friend to pay lawyer fees, which she always wants Timbaland to pick up the tab for. As far as alimony goes, Monique is requesting to be paid “rehabilitative alimony” while the divorce is pending and permanent alimony once the divorce is finalized. According to reports, Timb is worth an estimated $80 million.