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Meet The Stars Behind The HBO “Bessie” Biopic

March 19th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Meet The Stars Behind The HBO Bessie BiopicWe’ve already told you all how excited we are about the new HBO biopic Bessie, starring Queen Latifah in the lead role as the famed Blues singer and entertainer. And as we near the May 16 air date, more and more information about the cast and film keep popping up. And while we thought it was going to be good with the little information we’d been given earlier; now, we’re almost certain that this tv movie will be one to remember.

Not only has HBO released the trailer for the film, they’ve also included character spots from the very talented actors who will take part in the project including Tika Sumpter, who plays one of Bessie’s love interests, Michael Kenneth Williams, her overbearing husband Jack Gee, Khandi Alexander, her embittered older sister Viola and Mo’Nique, her mentor (and perhaps lover) Ma Rainey.

Meet the characters and the director Dee Rees on the following pages. Then watch the teaser for the film at the end.

Buckle up.

Tika Sumpter To Play Michelle Obama In Romance Film

December 6th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Tika Sumpter has landed the role of Michelle Obama in the romance film “Southside With You.” The film will focus on the early romance stages of The Obamas. According to Indiewire,

The project is being pitched as a “Before Sunset”-style type of movie (in short, man, woman, lots of mostly profound conversation over a period of time), which will take place entirely in one day during the summer of 1989, when one Barack Obama (then a first-year Harvard Law student) took his future wife, Michelle (an associate at a Chicago law firm), out on a first date, which included a tour of Chicago’s South Side.

The film will be directed by Richard Tanne and produced by Stephanie Allain. Reportedly Richard Tanne and Tika Sumpter worked on the script together. Sumpter will serve as an executive producer on the project.

Young Obama has not been cast just yet. Therefore this gives us time to voice our opinion! Who would you like to see on screen as our president?

“Get On Up” Stars Cover Ebony Magazine, Chadwick Boseman Explains Why He Didn’t Want To Play James Brown Initially

August 12th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Ebony

Source: Ebony

Get On Up is likely to exceed your expectations. Chadwick Boseman so embodies the essence of James Brown that Brown’s only family members have said that they had to question who was on screen at certain points.  After delivering such a stellar performance alongside Nelsan Ellis, Jill Scott and Tika Sumpter, it was only right that Ebony Magazine feature a few of the movie’s stars on the cover of their September issue.

On the cover, Chadwick, Nelsan and Tika, donning the same style depicted in the biopic. And inside, they talked about their approach to the film and what they ultimately ended up taking from the experience.

Boseman told Ebony that initially he didn’t want the role.

“When my manager brought me the script, I didn’t even want to read it because I knew attempting to play James Brown would just be crazy.”

But once he received the part, beating out 20 other actors, he became dedicated to bringing the Godfather of Soul back to life on screen and took time to understand his personality and motivations in order to do so.

“He was a complicated man, both good and bad.  Once you understand the reasons for his dichotomy, it’s easier to grasp who he was.”

Boseman was so committed to the role, he actually made his fellow actors step their game up. Nelsan Ellis, who plays Brown’s longtime friend Bobby Byrd and is best known for his role as Lafayette on HBO’s hit series “True Blood,” told Ebony: 

“I thought, ‘If I’m going to act opposite [Chad], I’ll need to prove myself worthy. You’ll see some of the best acting I’ve ever done on this last season of “True Blood” and I owe that to Chad. I don’t know what people’s reactions will be, but I do want them to see a different side of my acting in this film.”

And Tika Sumpter, who has a minor role in the movie, says she values the experience more than anything.

I wouldn’t take this time back at all.  The talent here elevated my own and has done nothing but push me forward. For me, it’s not always just about the work; it’s also about the connection.”

An increasingly rising star in this business, Tika knows the importance of seizing the day in order to make moves in your career.

“Nowadays, you simply can’t wait for someone to give it to you. You have to create opportunities for yourself when nobody else will.”

The September issue of Ebony hits newsstands today, August 12.


McDonald’s 365 Black Awards: Will Packer Shares Wedding Plans And Rob Riley Spills On Female Fans

July 8th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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You’re probably used to referring to him as “that fine man on ‘Hit the Floor,’ but that fine man actually has a name. It’s Rob Riley, one of our former Evening Eye Candy’s, and we were more than happy to catch up with one of the stars of VH1’s hit show on the golden carpet at McDonald’s 365 Black Awards during Essence Fest. The former football player and actor has been getting a considerable amount of attention from the ladies these days, which should come as no surprise, and we decided to ask him what’s life like being Rob Riley walking down the street these days.

We also caught up with Will Packer, Terrence J, Iyanla Vanzant, and Tika Sumpter on the golden carpet to ask about what they have coming up next and we managed to get Will to spill the beans on his wedding plans and Tika to let us in on her latest movie project. Check out what they had to say.


Barefaced Beauties: Celebs Who Look Stunning Without All That Makeup

April 29th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Putting on makeup is fun–for the most part. But for some, it can become something that you dread leaving the house without (and will be late to work to apply), and for others, makeup is something they rely heavily upon (seen those makeup sorcery slideshows on Bossip?). But when you’re naturally gorgeous, who needs all of that? Here are 16 celebs who do look nice with their face beat to the gods, but look even better bare.



Nicki Minaj

Underneath all the wigs has always been a beauty, and ever since she decided to get rid of the heavy makeup, big lashes and colorful hair, Minaj has been getting rave reviews for her toned down look. But her completely makeup-free look is a winner too.



“You Said No”: Tika Sumpter Almost Turned Down Tyler Perry And “The Haves And The Have Nots”

February 28th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Tika Sumpter Haves and Have Nots

When The Haves and The Have Nots first came on TV in 2013, I had an inkling that it would do well, what with Tyler Perry’s large fan base and what not. But who knew it would be the ratings juggernaut that it has been for OWN? It’s the channel’s most successful show, and one of the reasons that the channel was able to morph from the ball of confusion to success so fast. But one person who wasn’t so sure about the show initially is Tika Sumpter, the actual star of The Haves and The Have Nots.

In an interview with Tyler Perry for his new talk show (which will actually just be a 3-week special), he recounts the time he called her up and had her in mind for the role of Candace Young, only to be told ‘no.’ But according to Sumpter, she actually told him she needed to think about it for a while because she wanted to make the best decision for her career:

Perry: When I called you to do this show you were like, uh…let me think about it. You said no.

Sumpter: I didn’t say no, I said ‘Let me think about it.’

Perry: Well when you tell Tyler Perry “Let me think about it,” that’s no.

Sumpter: No! I think as a performer, as an artist, as a businesswoman, you gotta figure out what’s best for you. I think you would do the same thing. You would say, “I’m not sure…yet.”

Perry: Let me ask you this, are you sure now?

Sumpter: I’m very sure now…

Perry: Let’s go back to what I was just asking you about, with you saying no, and me having to get Oprah to call you.

Sumpter: Oprah did call me, she called me twice actually.

Perry: Let’s talk about that conversation.

Sumpter: Well you called me with her first. When you get a call from Oprah, the first time, it’s just kind of–you go blank. It’s noise in your ear. Like, what is happening right now? And I’m like, “I can’t hear you.” I was at an awards show, people were loud. I wanted to say, “Oprah’s on the phone, shut up!” She was like, “I’ll call you back.”  And then she called me and I was in the car and she just said, make sure that when I do make a decision,  it’s not the white noise trying to tell me what to do. I’m really the captain of my own ship.

Perry: Yeah, let’s be clear, she wasn’t trying to talk you into it, she just wanted you to really think about it. As did I.

Sumpter: She said “Honey, I don’t talk anybody into doing anything they don’t want to do. But I feel special about this one.”

Perry: And she was right.

Sumpter: She was right.

She definitely was right, because folks are flocking to OWN to get their weekly dose of drama with this show. And Sumpter clearly made a good decision for her career.

But what do you think? Was she right to not immediately jump at the chance to work with Perry on the show? Check out their conversation below and share your thoughts.

‘I’ve Never Had That:’ Tika Sumpter Talks Not Carrying The Burden Of Dark-Skinned Women In Hollywood

January 22nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tika Sumpter

Source: WENN

It is widely believed that dark-skinned actresses have a more difficult time making it big because colorism makes Hollywood an uneven playing field. “Ride Along” actress Tika Sumpter, however, says that she knows nothing about that struggle because she doesn’t subscribe to those notions.

“I don’t know who’s portraying that dark-skinned girls are supposed to have this like, dim look on life, but I’m just like, what is that? I’ve never had that,” Tika told theGrio. “And I’m not going to start having it.”

Surprisingly, the “Madea’s Christmas” actress went on to say that she never experienced colorism issues in her career.

“I’ve never had to deal with the colorism thing, really. I just walk in, wherever I’m going, as a confident woman. I don’t have to say that I’m a black actress. I know I’m black. I came out that way. I’ve been this way my whole life. So I’m just an actress, not a black actress or this is who I am.”

She went on to say that she doesn’t necessarily feel slighted when casting directors may opt for a different look from her own.

“I go in as a woman and a person with talent and beauty. And you either accept it or you don’t. And that’s okay. There are options. It’s a buffet of people.”

Though she doesn’t take these things personally, she did admit that she’s happy to represent for the dark-skinned women who feel that they are underrepresented in the media.

“But I’m glad that we’re representing [Lupita Nyong’o and I] for people who feel underrepresented,” the 33-year-old beauty express. “Every shade is beautiful. It’s just nice to see little girls who are like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so pretty and I feel pretty because…’ You know, media is huge. And what you see on TV, if you’re not there, you like, ‘Do I not matter? Do they not value me?’ I try to make sure women and young girls know that they are valued, whether they’re there or not.”

“It’s just nice when people can relate.”

She’s gorge!

Watch Tika’s full interview on the next page.

Ice Cube And Kevin Hart Play Bad Cop And Good (Wannabe) Cop In The Hilarious “Ride Along”

January 17th, 2014 - By Desire Thompson
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The transition from stand up to action-comedies isn’t a feat that comedian Kevin Hart needs to worry about. The new film Ride Along, starring himself and Ice Cube, proves to the world that Hart can carry a film and play a role other than his hilarious self.

Directed by Tim Story (Think Like A Man, Barbershop), Ride Along tells the story of gamer Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) and Atlanta police officer James Payton (Ice Cube). Ben wants to ask for his girlfriend Angie’s (Tika Sumpter) hand in marriage, but needs the blessing of her only living relative, which happens to be her big, very intimidating brother James. Big laughs ensue while Ben tries to get on his good side, as James decides to see if Ben can earn his respect by tackling a day in a cop’s shoes in the method of a ride along. James uses Ben’s urgency to his advantage, putting him in silly situations while he tries to find the infamous and mysterious Omar, who is head of a huge gun trafficking ring in Atlanta.

Throughout the movie, homages are paid to Training Day and silly good cop/bad cop movies, but of course, it’s all about the laughs. The twists in the movie are limited, but Hart is spot-on as he plays the role of a loser video gamer, and the lengths he ends up going to in order to impress an always annoyed Ice Cube are what makes you feel for him, and laugh hard at him at the same time.

Ben’s efforts are commendable, including standing up to bratty kids and wrestling with a honey-covered lunatic during the ride along. James’s restraint compared to Ben’s enthusiasm about the day (he actually aspires to be a cop) doesn’t fade away, but the two eventually share some bromantic moments toward the end of the film.

Hart isn’t a new to playing a nimble dork, some of his early work is worth checking out like Paper Soldiers (pre-Soul Plane foolery) and a few of his roles here and there in Judd Apatow projects (40 Year-Old Virgin, Undeclared). Hart’s one liners and honest reactions to chaos will have you rolling. And of course, nobody plays cantankerous like Ice Cube. The two share a strong chemistry that makes you think that the two were actually best friends before the ride along.

I would like to gripe about the fact that I think Tika’s character should have received a little bit more exposure, but she uses the time she has wisely (I mean, who looks that effortlessly beautiful while getting kidnapped?).

We’re sure this won’t be the last time you see these two together, as a sequel is already in talks for production. Balanced with funny jokes, heartstopping action scenes and celeb cameos, Ride Along is a must-see for this holiday weekend.

Exclusive Look At Tika Sumpter Behind The Scenes In “Ride Along”

January 16th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Ride Along
Tomorrow, what’s sure to be one of the most hilarious comedies of the year hits theaters. Yup, we’re talking about “Ride Along,” the funny flick starring Kevin Hart, Ice, Cube, and our favorite brown girl beauty Tika Sumpter that’s had us dying in laughter from the previews alone.

In the movie, Tika plays the baby sister of overprotective big brother Ice Cube who takes her fiance (Kevin Hart) on a ride along to see if he’s man enough to marry her. As you can imagine, pure foolery will ensue, and in this exclusive behind the scenes clip, Tika gives us just a glimpse into what it was like being on set with these two characters and an entire set of men. Doesn’t sound half bad to us…

Check out the video and tell us what you think! Will you head to theaters to see “Ride Along” tomorrow?

‘Some Of The Criticism Is Louder Than Ever:’ Tika Sumpter Talks Receiving Harsh Criticsm From The Black Community

January 9th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tika Sumpter

People are always going to have opinions and though shows starring Black actresses like ‘Scandal” and “Being Mary Jane”  continue to gain popularity, they are also attracting plenty of criticism from people who believe that they negatively portray Black women on television. Actress Tika Sumpter recently defended her OWN series, “The Haves and the Have Nots” against similar arguments during an interview with Rolling Out.

On resisting the temptation to compare:

“I think one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned is to put your head down and work. Don’t look at other people and compare yourself. Just do the work. Because when the opportunity is there, you have to be ready. Make sure your craft is refined and you’re constantly working on it. Plow through the weeds. Go to the auditions and go to the meetings and be on time. Stop looking to the left or the right. Keep your head down and keep moving.”

On dealing with disappointment:

“When you don’t get a specific job and you’ve worked really hard on it; [or] when you read a really good script and you’re so close to getting a part and you don’t get it, it’s always hurtful. But what is for me is for me. My path is my path and it’s no one else’s. That’s how I’ve survived and it’s been in my head forever. You have a lot of disappointments as an actor. It’s a very tough business to get into and to be able to work [without being] a waitress on the side. You think ‘Oh, of course I can do that right now.’ But it’s definitely a wake-up call when you start out.”

On her popularity helping her to get more opportunities:

“It definitely helps [you get into] the room when you become more visible. You get more opportunities and different scripts to read. It’s definitely a small change. I don’t really look around and smell all the roses. I have so much further to go and I want to do so much more. I’m still like ‘Oh, you know me?’ I enjoy it and I appreciate the people who do follow me and have been following me for a while. But I’m in no way satisfied. I don’t feel there’s an arrival point.”

On her ‘The Haves and the Have Nots” character negatively portraying African American women:

“I think sometimes, because we haven’t been on TV that much, and [because] this is all relatively new; people want to be represented differently and they feel like one person is speaking for the masses. But if the character has no challenges or isn’t a bit messy — there’s no show. There’s a reason why people love [ABC’s prime-time hit] ‘Scandal’ or ‘The Haves and Have Nots’ or ‘Being Mary Jane’ on BET. It’s because these characters aren’t perfect. If you want to put a perfect person on TV, you will have no show. In life, sometimes you see yourself in these characters and sometimes it’s not pretty.”

“Look at ‘Breaking Bad.’ This is [a show about] a teacher who had a meth ring. And it was one of the biggest shows. It’s a show that people love. But nobody’s going after that.”

“Life is messy. People make decisions. Sometimes art imitates life. And I think, as people of color, we have to understand that we have stories, too, that need to be told. And real or not, that makes a good show and good characters and makes people watch.”

“Some women are not really lifting up other women in these arenas. Which is really sad, because finally we’re getting some kind of voice,” she says of the criticism many black women have of these shows. “Some of the criticism is even louder than ever. But for the most part, I feel that a lot of people are positive about these shows and are happy to see themselves and it’s fun to watch. And it’s not just black people watching the shows—there are other people watching, as well. So I’m grateful for the masses that are positive about it and are entertained.”

Check out photos from her stunning photo shoot on the next page.