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Why We Need To Stop Comparing Things To Slavery

November 3rd, 2015 - By Charing Ball
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(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

If real slaves thought they had it bad, wait until they hear what Steve Williams had to endure.

Who is Steve Williams, you ask?

A slave.

More specifically, Tiger Woods’s slave.

According to The Guardian UK, Williams is courageously sharing his 13 years in forced servitude in a slave narrative called Out of the Rough, which was released in his native New Zealand yesterday. The book focuses on the period of his life when he was horrifically stolen from his native land, thrown into chains, beaten every day and forced to work as Woods’s personal caddie.

No, I’m just kidding.

Actually, he applied for the job, got hired, and then was paid handsomely for it (specifically, $8.8 million in 12 years with Woods as reported by the Business Insider).

Still, Williams alleges there was plenty of oppression.

In particular, the time in 2010 when he had to endure “questions” about what he knew of Woods’s extramarital affairs. Granted, no one came into his house, tore his wife and children from his arms and sold them down the river. But his wife and children were extremely bothered by the inquiries.

He also said that massa Woods had a bad temper. As Williams noted in his narrative: “One thing that really pissed me off was how he would flippantly toss a club in the general direction of the bag, expecting me to go over and pick it up. I felt uneasy about bending down to pick up his discarded club, it was like I was his slave. The other thing that disgusted me was his habit of spitting at the hole if he missed a putt.”

Oh, the humanity!

Imagine the indignities of Woods expecting his fellow human being, whom he paid, to actually walk across the green, bend over and pick up a golf club like some common overcompensated caddy?

Thank God he was able to escape with Tubman and ’em to freedom using the North Star – or more accurately, get fired, get into his car and freely drive home.

Clearly this guy has deep-seeded issues. And I imagine most of those issues have less to do with some perceived captivity forced upon him and more to do with Woods being partially Black. I don’t know. Call it intuition…

Of course, this is not the first time that Williams had made questionable remarks about Woods. More specifically, he told reporters back in 2011 that he wanted to take a mock award he had just won and “shove it right up that black arsehole.” So let’s just call it common sense.

Nevertheless, what is most bothersome about Williams’s comments is how quickly he tried to co-opt the pain and the actual history of a member of the group for whom he was trying to vilify. And he is not the only White man who has done this. Over the last few years, mostly whiny White people have compared the horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade to a number of personal discomforts including a woman’s right to have an abortion, funding welfare, paying income taxes, and illegal immigration.

After centuries of cultural, political and economic dominance, the audacity of White men claiming oppression, particularly by the hands of the oppressed, is not only ill-informed but laughable. Moreover, claiming these indignities as their own while still denying the descendants of those atrocities equal protections, access and respect in society is just flat-out disrespectful.

If Williams feels like a slave because Woods made him do his damn job then perhaps he should suffer the same repercussions our ancestors (and their descendants) had to go through for speaking maliciously against their masters. Let’s see how he feels about the comparison then.

But the deflated White male-privileged egos of Williams and others aside, there are some of us who too use the term as a slur. And truthfully, that bothers me just as much as when White people use it. We use terms like “mental slave” and accuse other Blacks of “acting like a slave” as if there is some connection between the behavior and attitudes of the enslaved and why our ancestors were held in bondage.

There isn’t.

Our people were forcefully kidnapped and transported to a new land. They had their names, religions, languages, cultures and identities stripped from them. Although many of them were adults, they had to get permission and be told when they could marry, what they could call themselves and when they could leave the plantation. They were dehumanized, turned into property and denied even the most basic of protections under the law. And yet, many of our folks, the descendants of those held in bondage, have grown accustomed to using the word to suggest that many of us don’t truly respect our ancestors. Like we see them as “lesser people” rather than people who were treated less than.

The casual use of the word “slavery” is either proof of how poor our education system is in this country, or just how flippant we have become at remembering such a pivotal period in our global history.

I personally believe it is a combination of the two.

Now, folks who regularly read my stuff here know I am not down for the whole racial envy thing we tend to do with Jewish people and the Holocaust. But I do think their community has the right idea about how to organize against anti-Semitism. In particular, the work that anti-defamation leagues have done in many countries around the world, including Romania, France, Sweden, Mexico and Germany (to name a few), to pass laws that either define anti-Semitism or make it punishable to deny the atrocities of the Holocaust.

I know we have freedom of speech, but that speech is not absolute. And while discussing slavery so erroneously would not likely be a punishable offense here in the land of the free, we can certainly make it a social faux pas.

After all, it is not just about remembering and honoring the past. But it is also about getting us to realize the seriousness of slavery so that we can ensure it never happens again and actually help the millions who are still being held in bondage (be it children on cacao farms, in the sex industry, or in some rich person’s house) today.

Helping Out Our HBCUs: 6 Benefactors Of Historically Black Colleges & Universities

April 20th, 2015 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Our beloved Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in America aren’t doing so hot financially. The demise of St. Paul’s College in 2013, a 125-year-old HBCU institution, served as a wake up call for the future of other Black academies. Who’s next? Well, according to Inside Philanthropy, Cheyney University — the oldest HBCU in the nation — is on the chopping block.

Many HBCUs are going through a financial hurricane: falling enrollment numbers, cuts in higher education funding, and a dearth of wealthy donor bases.

In 2013, Howard, Spelman, Hampton, Meharry Medical College, and Florida A&M all had a combined endowment of $1.3 billion. That may seem sufficient, but compare this number to the big guys, such as Harvard. The Ivy League collects an endowment of $30 billion.

In efforts to prevent an HBCU from becoming another St. Paul’s College, donors around the country have given scholarship packages to keep our Black academies afloat. Who are they? Here are some recent benefactors of our beloved HBCUs.

Take Your Settlement But Not My Reputation: 10 Sloppy Celebrity Divorces

June 5th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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If your relationship is not going to work out, why must you broadcast it for the world to see? Divorce unfortunately happens to more than half of all married couples in the United States. Yet there are many who feel justified to mud sling and go for the jugular. While there are probably reasons each person has to be pissed off they have to think about others their arguments affect, and even their own brand. Check out these sloppy celebrity divorces. Hopefully there can be some healing before it’s too late.

How Do You Leave A Woman Who Gave You A Kidney? The Most Horrible Celebrity Cheaters In History

May 21st, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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There’s cheating and then there’s cheating. While it’s always wrong to dip out on a spouse or partner, these celebrity cheaters were especially wrong for betraying women who gave them their hearts and in some cases other vital organs!

"Ceaser and Dutchess pf"

Source: Twitter


Viewers watched a romance blossom between shop owner Ceaser and his tattoo artist Dutchess on VH1’s “Black Ink.” By the end of the first season, they were officially a couple, but then viewers also watched their union fracture and by the time the third season rolled around, Cease was dipping out on Dutchess, who revealed during season two that she suffered from a serious heart condition. Duchess found out about her man’s infidelity when the other woman left her an email. Dutchess called her and the two were on the phone together for over five hours. Cease was ceremoniously kicked out of their apartment.

The Stars Have Fallen: Celebrities Who Went From Being Everywhere to Elsewhere

November 2nd, 2013 - By Nicole Akoukou Thompson
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Some stars have been with you since puberty or earlier. You might’ve heard one of their well-crafted verses when you experienced your first kiss, or nodded along sadly to one of their well-sung ballads after your first break up. Or, perhaps, you watched a certain film that uplifted you every single time, and you grew fond of the person cast in the lead role. Yes, these artist/actors found a neat place in your heart… that’s why it’s shocking when all of sudden they just disappear from the scene. They were killing it in their heyday, laying down track-after-track of generation defining hits, or they leading astounding roles in incredible movies, then they turned on ghost mode? Some of these celebrities quietly faded to into the background, while others disgracefully slide into oblivion, like Lindsay Lohan.


Tiger Woods

Image Source:

Tiger Woods was at the top of the world of golf for a long time, before it was discovered that Woods was spreading his seed around to every cheap piece of flesh that would have him, which ultimately destroyed his career, his marriage and his life. The Tiger days are now over.

They Know They Got It: Celebrities Accused Of Being Cheap

September 5th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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As a result of tough times, many people have become frugal with their money but while that is normal behavior for everyday folks, these cheap celebrities have been accused of having short arms regardless of their deep pockets.

"Madonna pf"



She may be a “Material Girl” but pop diva Madonna is stingy when it comes to tipping. Unfortunately, she’s been known to skip out on the bill without leaving a tip and when she does, sometimes Madonna’s math is a little off. According to one British tabloid, Madonna and her then-husband Guy Ritchie went out for a bite to eat. The bill for the duo came up to about $400 but Madonna, who is worth a reported $300 million, only left a tip of a measly $18, well short of the recommended 20% gratuity.

Celebs Who Lost Major Endorsements Acting A Fool

July 12th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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When will celebrities learn that once they sign on the dotted line for an endorsement deal, they have to walk a fine line and stay out of trouble? These stars found out the hard way, how their personal lives could negatively affect their bank accounts.

"Paula Deen pf"


Paula Deen

A few weeks ago Paula Deen found herself in a public relations nightmare after the transcript of her deposition in a racial and sexual harassment lawsuit leaked. When asked if she’s ever used the “N-word,” the Queen of Butter replied, “Yes, of course.” Although Deen tried her best to deny she was a racist, she was vilified in the media. As the story grew, one endorsement deal after another fell by the waist side. The Food Network opted not to renew Deen’s contract. Home Depot, Walmart, Target and Smithfield all abandoned ship. Once the second highest paid celebrity chef, it is estimated that Deen’s slip of the tongue could cost her as much as $12.5 million in earnings when the dust finally settles.

It’s Not All About Drugs: Stars Who Entered Rehab For Reasons Other Than Substance Abuse

June 12th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have publicly battled with drug or alcohol but others have entered rehab for other underlying problems. These 15 celebs sought help for problems other than substance abuse.

"Mariah Carey pf"


Mariah Carey’s diva behavior is legendary but back in 2001, the “Beautiful” singer hit a low point in her career following the release of her semi-autobiographical movie Glitter. After the film tanked, Carey was dropped from her record label. Posting ominous messages on her website to her fans, it was clear something was wrong with Carey. Succumbing to the pressures of the industry, Mimi had a public meltdown and went into treatment. Fast forward four years and a new record deal later, Carey drops The Emancipation of Mimi, which wound up being the biggest album of that year, and returns to superstar status.

Athletes Who Went From Beloved To America’s Most Hated Overnight

June 7th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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For their undeniable talent and charisma, athletes are some of our most adored public figures. But when they fall short of expectations by breaking laws, doing steroids, and otherwise acting out of character they can quickly go from beloved to hated – just as these 14 have.


Credit: Hugh Dillon/WENN

Credit: Hugh Dillon/WENN

You Ain’t Going Nowhere! Crazy Ways Celebrities Keep Their Boo Thangs on Lock

May 28th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Dating in Hollywood is hard ya’ll, and sometimes celebrity women have to go that extra mile to keep a good man at home. While the rest of us are wasting time cooking, cleaning and breaking him off, these chicks are handing out checks, razor blades and free all access passes to all the groupies their men can stand. Here are some of the most drastic ways the rich and famous are rumored to have tried to keep their boos from straying.

Britney Spears

Image Source:

Pay His Way

Britney must be getting her dating tips from Love and Hip Hop. She keeps her side pieces in line with a pay check. She hired her new man David Lucado to be her personal assistant. A friend of the couple told Star magazine, “She’ll offer him a sweet deal so he’ll feel obligated to stick around.”