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Hide Your Wallet, Hide Your Kindle: 11 People You’ll Find On Public Transportation (And A Few To Avoid At All Costs)

February 19th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Ah, the every day rat race. If it isn’t bad enough to have to pull yourself out of bed to get to work, it might be worse when you have to hop on public transportation and deal with funk, funky attitudes, sweaty and confined spaces and suspicious looking characters all around. But for anybody who rides these forms of transportation on a regular basis, it’s nothing new. For those that don’t, be warned. Here are just a few people you will probably see acting a fool on public transportation, and chances are, they might end up sitting right. Next. To. You.



The Dancer

Nothing amuses me more on public transportation then the individual, headphones in and music player on, busting a move while standing in front of one of the exit doors. Maybe they’re part of a dance troupe, maybe they’re a choreographer for a living, but the person pop locking and sliding like Usher in 1997 during his My Way days and then abruptly stopping when the doors open keep everybody entertained on the low. I don’t know what they’re listening to, but they need to start asking for donations with all the side eyes and confused faces they receive.

Tough Old Lady: Grandmother Stops Thief with a Frying Pan

September 30th, 2011 - By Veronica Wells
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If you mess with Ms. Flossie Taylor, prepare to throw down. This 74 year old grandmother walked into her son’s home in Warren, Ohio to find two thieves had broken into his house. Instead of panicking or fleeing Taylor fought back and ultimately the bad guys bolted. Check out Taylor’s description (with a little help from her grandson) on how it all went down.


4 Big Lessons Paris Hilton’s Knife Incident Teaches Us

August 25th, 2010 - By China Okasi
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You ever have this creepy feeling while you’re in the shower that some lunatic jerk is going to try to break in? Well, rotten bastards are always abound, as the LAPD confirmed Wednesday that their suspect, Nathan Lee Parada, 31, attempted burglary into Paris Hilton’s Mulholland Estates home.

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Thieves Target Prescription Drug Makers

March 23rd, 2010 - By TheEditor
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Authorities raid Florida home & find hundreds of stolen cigarettes, razor blades and lotions.