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“Pray For Them”: Tika Sumpter Responds To Those Critical Of Her Pregnancy

September 14th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Tika Sumpter


We shared with you the other day that Tika Sumpter told Fit Pregnancy and Baby the reason she waited quite some time to spill the beans on her pregnancy is because she wanted to enjoy it without having to deal with nosy people.

“She’s my first child, and I wanted to experience every moment of this pregnancy for myself and enjoy it without everybody else being in it with me,” Sumpter said. “I didn’t want to hear, ‘Who’s the dad? Are you with the dad?’ Social media can be harsh, and I’m a mama bear, protective of my family. So that’s why I waited to tell people, including some friends.”

Well, if she was hoping to keep some things private about her personal life, it’s not going to happen. People have already done their own investigation and say that Sumpter’s The Haves and the Have Nots co-star, Nick James, is her boyfriend and the father of her daughter. Bossip stated that sources who know both actors confirmed the news to them, and even called her child a “swirly seed.”

From there, the less than positive comments came flooding in, even on Sumpter’s social media. She responded by basically saying that she’s not seeking validation on how to live her life from strangers “who need a big hug.”

This is probably the sort of criticism she was hoping to avoid at the beginning of her pregnancy when she was looking to celebrate it and get her mind right. Really, can you blame her?

Tika Sumpter On Why She Kept Pregnancy A Secret: “I Didn’t Want To Hear, ‘Who’s The Dad?'”

September 12th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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#TBT happy then and happy now. Live life to the fullest my friends.

A photo posted by Tika Sumpter (@tikasumpter) on

We told you back in July that actress Tika Sumpter surprised a lot of people when she stepped out for an AKA induction ceremony. And no, it wasn’t because she was becoming an honorary AKA, but rather, because she was very pregnant. She revealed the next month that she is indeed expecting her first child, and early next month, she is scheduled to give birth. The question some had was why she waited so long to say anything (“some” being people who don’t understand how the whole privacy thing works…), so she decided to be open about her hesitancy in an interview with Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

“She’s my first child, and I wanted to experience every moment of this pregnancy for myself and enjoy it without everybody else being in it with me,” Sumpter stated, before sharing that she didn’t want to deal with a long line of questions from the public. The “public” even included some of her friends.

“I didn’t want to hear, ‘Who’s the dad? Are you with the dad?'” the 36-year-old actress explained, as the Internet has already started claiming it’s her Haves and Have Nots co-star Nick James. “Social media can be harsh, and I’m a mama bear, protective of my family. So that’s why I waited to tell people, including some friends.”

Sumpter said that she found out she was pregnant around Valentine’s Day. After having a crazy craving for some McDonald’s during a surprise trip to San Diego with her beau, she caught the itis when she finished her meal and was out cold.

“Afterward, I immediately fell asleep,” the actress recounted. “When I woke up, my boyfriend was like, ‘Ha-ha! Are you pregnant?’ I said, ‘Maybe. Go get a test!’ He brought back a generic-brand test, and right away it said positive. I could not comprehend it. So I said, ‘Go get a name-brand test!’ He did, and that one said yes too.”

Sumpter still has the stick, which she had to show to her mother who didn’t believe the news initially.

“One of the first questions my mother asked when she found out I was pregnant was, ‘Are you going to get married?’ I’d love to, but maybe in a year or so. I’ve been with my boyfriend for more than a year and a half.”

Sumpter continued: “Our relationship is not dependent on a ring. I love him to death, and he loves me to death, and that’s all that matters to me.”

But she admitted that the opinion of her boss, Tyler Perry, also mattered to her, as she was scared to tell him she was expecting at one point.

“It’s hard to be pregnant, because you get scared about your job. I even felt worried about telling my agent and manager. Then when I was five months, Tyler Perry texted me, ‘Are you pregnant?’ Inside, I was thinking, ‘Oh, my god, how did he know?’ I wrote back, ‘What are you talking about? You’re crazy!’ But when I saw him that afternoon, I told him. He just said, ‘I knew it! Tika, this is going to be the best time of your life.’ I feel lucky that he’s been so supportive.”

Check out Sumpter’s full interview over at Fit Pregnancy and Baby, including how she’s handling cravings, rejecting guilt, being open to a natural birth, and how she dealt with a fibroid growing during her pregnancy.

“Do You Have Anything More Soulful?” Angela Robinson On The Limitations Of Being Black In Theater

July 27th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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We’re not sure if you know this but before Angela Robinson landed the role of Veronica on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots, she was a theater actress. In fact, she actually played Shug Avery in The Color Purple alongside Fantasia which is also the first time she met Oprah, who’s now apart of her career for the second time.

Having been in the entertainment business for so long, we asked Robinson what her experience has been as a Black woman, and though she shared she hasn’t necessarily dealt with blatant racism, she is aware of the limitations put on her because of her color. For instance, she said every time she tries out for Les Miserable, she’s asked, “Do you have anything more soulful?” pointing out how that perception has limited the type of theater she’s been able to do.

Check out our full interview with Robinson as she talks about the success of The Haves and the Have Nots, working with Oprah, and being stopped on the street and scolded for not appreciating her (TV) spouse when she’s with her real husband of 20 years.

Oprah, Tyler Perry Hit With Federal Lawsuit Over ‘The Haves & The Have Nots”

May 21st, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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Parables Entertainment and its executive Vanessa Lynn has filed a federal lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, claiming they stole the idea for their hit show The Haves and the Have Nots. The lawsuit targets Oprah’s production company and Tyler Perry himself.

According to the story, first posted by The Jasmine Brand, Lynn says she wrote a screenplay called Affairs and had it copyrighted. That script — about a man running for mayor of a small town and his drama-filled family– was made into a play in 2008 then became available as a video on demand in 2011. The lawsuit seeks an injunction to cease the copyright infringement of the OWN program and a piece of the money made from the successful show.

The Haves and the Have Nots is scheduled to return to the network on May 27 at 9 pm ET, this coming Tuesday. The show left off on March 11 with a “network high ratings,” reports TV By the Numbers, with 3.6 million viewers. OWN ordered another 20 episodes to air through 2015.

At this point, with so many lawsuits tossed at people in the entertainment industry over stolen ideas, we wonder how executives like Oprah react when they get news of another case. Can they shrug these things off? Or is it as bad as it sounds?

“You Said No”: Tika Sumpter Almost Turned Down Tyler Perry And “The Haves And The Have Nots”

February 28th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Tika Sumpter Haves and Have Nots

When The Haves and The Have Nots first came on TV in 2013, I had an inkling that it would do well, what with Tyler Perry’s large fan base and what not. But who knew it would be the ratings juggernaut that it has been for OWN? It’s the channel’s most successful show, and one of the reasons that the channel was able to morph from the ball of confusion to success so fast. But one person who wasn’t so sure about the show initially is Tika Sumpter, the actual star of The Haves and The Have Nots.

In an interview with Tyler Perry for his new talk show (which will actually just be a 3-week special), he recounts the time he called her up and had her in mind for the role of Candace Young, only to be told ‘no.’ But according to Sumpter, she actually told him she needed to think about it for a while because she wanted to make the best decision for her career:

Perry: When I called you to do this show you were like, uh…let me think about it. You said no.

Sumpter: I didn’t say no, I said ‘Let me think about it.’

Perry: Well when you tell Tyler Perry “Let me think about it,” that’s no.

Sumpter: No! I think as a performer, as an artist, as a businesswoman, you gotta figure out what’s best for you. I think you would do the same thing. You would say, “I’m not sure…yet.”

Perry: Let me ask you this, are you sure now?

Sumpter: I’m very sure now…

Perry: Let’s go back to what I was just asking you about, with you saying no, and me having to get Oprah to call you.

Sumpter: Oprah did call me, she called me twice actually.

Perry: Let’s talk about that conversation.

Sumpter: Well you called me with her first. When you get a call from Oprah, the first time, it’s just kind of–you go blank. It’s noise in your ear. Like, what is happening right now? And I’m like, “I can’t hear you.” I was at an awards show, people were loud. I wanted to say, “Oprah’s on the phone, shut up!” She was like, “I’ll call you back.”  And then she called me and I was in the car and she just said, make sure that when I do make a decision,  it’s not the white noise trying to tell me what to do. I’m really the captain of my own ship.

Perry: Yeah, let’s be clear, she wasn’t trying to talk you into it, she just wanted you to really think about it. As did I.

Sumpter: She said “Honey, I don’t talk anybody into doing anything they don’t want to do. But I feel special about this one.”

Perry: And she was right.

Sumpter: She was right.

She definitely was right, because folks are flocking to OWN to get their weekly dose of drama with this show. And Sumpter clearly made a good decision for her career.

But what do you think? Was she right to not immediately jump at the chance to work with Perry on the show? Check out their conversation below and share your thoughts.

‘Some Of The Criticism Is Louder Than Ever:’ Tika Sumpter Talks Receiving Harsh Criticsm From The Black Community

January 9th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tika Sumpter

People are always going to have opinions and though shows starring Black actresses like ‘Scandal” and “Being Mary Jane”  continue to gain popularity, they are also attracting plenty of criticism from people who believe that they negatively portray Black women on television. Actress Tika Sumpter recently defended her OWN series, “The Haves and the Have Nots” against similar arguments during an interview with Rolling Out.

On resisting the temptation to compare:

“I think one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned is to put your head down and work. Don’t look at other people and compare yourself. Just do the work. Because when the opportunity is there, you have to be ready. Make sure your craft is refined and you’re constantly working on it. Plow through the weeds. Go to the auditions and go to the meetings and be on time. Stop looking to the left or the right. Keep your head down and keep moving.”

On dealing with disappointment:

“When you don’t get a specific job and you’ve worked really hard on it; [or] when you read a really good script and you’re so close to getting a part and you don’t get it, it’s always hurtful. But what is for me is for me. My path is my path and it’s no one else’s. That’s how I’ve survived and it’s been in my head forever. You have a lot of disappointments as an actor. It’s a very tough business to get into and to be able to work [without being] a waitress on the side. You think ‘Oh, of course I can do that right now.’ But it’s definitely a wake-up call when you start out.”

On her popularity helping her to get more opportunities:

“It definitely helps [you get into] the room when you become more visible. You get more opportunities and different scripts to read. It’s definitely a small change. I don’t really look around and smell all the roses. I have so much further to go and I want to do so much more. I’m still like ‘Oh, you know me?’ I enjoy it and I appreciate the people who do follow me and have been following me for a while. But I’m in no way satisfied. I don’t feel there’s an arrival point.”

On her ‘The Haves and the Have Nots” character negatively portraying African American women:

“I think sometimes, because we haven’t been on TV that much, and [because] this is all relatively new; people want to be represented differently and they feel like one person is speaking for the masses. But if the character has no challenges or isn’t a bit messy — there’s no show. There’s a reason why people love [ABC’s prime-time hit] ‘Scandal’ or ‘The Haves and Have Nots’ or ‘Being Mary Jane’ on BET. It’s because these characters aren’t perfect. If you want to put a perfect person on TV, you will have no show. In life, sometimes you see yourself in these characters and sometimes it’s not pretty.”

“Look at ‘Breaking Bad.’ This is [a show about] a teacher who had a meth ring. And it was one of the biggest shows. It’s a show that people love. But nobody’s going after that.”

“Life is messy. People make decisions. Sometimes art imitates life. And I think, as people of color, we have to understand that we have stories, too, that need to be told. And real or not, that makes a good show and good characters and makes people watch.”

“Some women are not really lifting up other women in these arenas. Which is really sad, because finally we’re getting some kind of voice,” she says of the criticism many black women have of these shows. “Some of the criticism is even louder than ever. But for the most part, I feel that a lot of people are positive about these shows and are happy to see themselves and it’s fun to watch. And it’s not just black people watching the shows—there are other people watching, as well. So I’m grateful for the masses that are positive about it and are entertained.”

Check out photos from her stunning photo shoot on the next page.

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves And The Have Nots” Ends First Season With Highest Ratings Ever

September 5th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

After 36 episodes of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots, the show’s first season ended with a bang this week. According to Shadow and Act, it show pulled in a record high 2.6 million viewers on Tuesday for its fall finale, and because of that, it became the #1 episode in the series history. We told you back in May that when the show debuted it easily became the network’s highest rated debut ever, bringing in 1.77 million viewers for its first episode, and 1.8 million viewers for the second episode, which debuted that same evening. Since then, fans have been consistent in their support of the show. The numbers in viewership have continued to grow, so much so that additional episodes were continuously ordered, hence the show lasting all summer. And Perry has done what a lot of folks thought wasn’t possible–save OWN.

This has been a good year for the Oprah/Tyler Perry partnership for OWN, and it can only get better with For Better Or Worse joining the OWN lineup on September 18, and an additional 20+ episodes being ordered of Love Thy Neighbor. As for those who couldn’t get enough of The Haves And The Have Nots and helped it rake in almost three million viewers on Tuesday, the show will return in January 2014. Until then, I’m sure TP fans will support his many other television (and film) endeavors in the meantime. Congrats Tyler!

‘The Have and the Have Nots’ Snags 2 Million Viewers, Becomes OWN’s Most-Watched Scripted Telecast

August 1st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: OWN

Source: OWN

Although the OWN network got off to a bit of a rocky start, thankfully, things appear to be turning around for the Oprah Winfrey owned network. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the newly introduced Tyler Perry series, The Haves and the Have Nots, attracted an audience of 1.87 million during its premiere episode, making it the fourth most watched telecast in OWN history. What’s even better is that it appears that this number will only continue to grow.

The most recent episode of the drama, which focuses on the interesting dynamic of a rich and powerful family that “becomes intimately involved with the families of their hired help, creating a web of controversy,” drew in 2 million viewers, making it the network’s second most-watched telecast. Recognizing the show’s growing success, OWN recently ordered 16 more episodes. The current episodes will run until September 3rd and the newly ordered episodes with debut in 2014.

The success of The Haves and the Have Nots is pretty ironic, especially considering how hard people tried to protest against it. Some even went as far as to sign a circulating web petition, urging Oprah to take both of Tyler’s new shows off the air. THTHN star Tika Sumpter recently addressed those critics, inviting them to change the channel if they’re not crazy about the show.

“You have the right to turn the channel. There are a lot of people who turn the channel on, who have made him this successful, so there is an audience. When we start making judgments on what’s lowbrow to some people, then you’re making accusations that this group of people doesn’t know what’s really good. I don’t think that’s fair…Don’t condemn a bunch of people who actually go to these movies for what they like,” the 33-year-old beauty told The Grio.

What are your thoughts about The Haves and the Have Nots?

Oprah’s Network OWN Finally Reels In Profit

August 1st, 2013 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Oprah’s formerly struggling network OWN, is finally pulling through and showing financial earnings. After cancelling The Rosie Show for embarrassing rock-bottom ratings, the network revitalized itself with new hit shows that has provided Discovery Communications, OWN’s investors, a long-desired sigh of relief, reports Ad Age.

It was only last year that OWN lost $330 million. The network was plagued by drama with the dismissal of industry veteran Christina Norman as CEO, the firing of 30 producers and executives, and Twitter mayhem. But much thanks to Tyler Perry, his two new scripted series The Haves and Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor appealed to many viewers and drew in a larger audience.  This new wave of OWN fans lured in more advertising clients to recoup the lost money.

OWN experienced a 39 percent increase in viewership during the second-quarter among women between 25 and 54 years old. “The network will now begin to pay back Discovery for its investment,” Ad Age added.

Increased revenue also stemmed from higher subscriber fees from cable and satellite providers.

“I want to congratulate Oprah and the entire team at OWN for this significant milestone,” David Zaslav, Discovery Communications CEO said in a statement.

When asked why she did not give up on the network, Oprah replied, “I’m a very driven person. I believe that I am here to fulfill a calling. That because I am a female who is African American, who has been blessed in the world, there’s never going to be a time to quit.” With shows like Master Class and Sweetie Pie’s, Oprah’s trajectory to success is inevitable.

“Make Your Haters Your Motivators”: Patrice Lovely, AKA, Hattie Mae On “Love Thy Neighbor” Talks Critics Of Her Show And Tyler Perry

June 11th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Love Thy Neighbor

After Love Thy Neighbor debuted on the OWN network at the very end of May, it definitely had people talking. Why? Well, the Tyler Perry comedy brought in the second-highest ratings for any series premiere on OWN, second only to another Tyler Perry hit, The Haves and the Have Nots. Perry’s fans definitely showed up and showed out. But it was also the talk of the town because of those who found it to be a stereotypical portrayal of black folks and life. There was even a petition created to take it off the air. And a lot of the controversy had to do with Perry and the main character of the show, Hattie Mae Pierce, played by Patrice Lovely.

While the character had been around for years and first appeared in numerous Tyler Perry plays, some weren’t so happy to hear she was getting her own show. But after speaking exclusively with Lovely, who is a lovely woman by the way (and on a sidenote, was the first black female ringmaster in the world while working with UniverSoul Circus), she says that she isn’t worried about the detractors, but instead, is appreciating all her blessings. See what she had to say about haters, how Hattie Mae Pierce came to life, and a few things you might not know about her good friend, Mr. Perry.

On the creation of Hattie Mae Pierce:

“Hattie Mae is a character I created. It just came from my mother, my grandmother and my aunt. I grew up with Hattie Mae, it’s always been a part of me. And I’m just glad that someone else gets to see what I dealt with all my life and what I grew up around. Tyler wrote the show Love Thy Neighbor as if he was sitting in my house watching what was going on my entire life [laughs]. For him to center it around myself, it’s just a blessing. I’m just happy to have been in the right place at the right time.”

On the petition made to get Oprah to cancel “Love Thy Neighbor” because some think it’s stereotypical:

“Honestly, I have no clue as to what you’re even talking about. I didn’t hear that. All I’ve ever heard was great reviews. I mean, 1.8 million viewers…the first night. All we’ve felt and all I’ve heard was love. Because people enjoyed the show, so I don’t know anything about that. Even if I had, all I can say is you’re going to have haters, you’re going to have people who have their issues. Anywhere you go in life, just keep on steppin’ and keep walking over whatever problems and challenges that try to get to you. Just believe God. He got you here and He’s going to keep on elevating you and moving you to the next level. Make your haters your motivators.”

On critics of her character, Hattie Mae, who claim it’s VERY stereotypical: 

“All I know is God has blessed me and He’s allowed me to create that character and obviously Oprah and Tyler saw something in that character and they loved it. And I’m sure the viewers love it. I’ve only heard great things that’s been said about the show as well as the character. I don’t get caught up in what people say and what people think. I just do what I do, and I do it to the best of my abilities and I pray that people enjoy it.”

And her thoughts on Tyler Perry as a person behind-the-scenes: 

“Tyler is hilarious, he’s funny. He’s a genuine, and kind-hearted, gifted man of God. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do. He’d bend over backwards to help and do whatever he can to make your life better. He’s not one to keep what he has to himself.  He’s just a people person and he loves life, he loves love, and he loves to laugh.”

And clearly, the fans love him, because the show if still doing big things.

You can still check out the show, Love Thy Neighbor at 9 p.m. on OWN.