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“Thanks For Helping Me Grow As A Person”: Despite Past Drama, The Game Sends Tiffney Cambridge A Loving Birthday Letter

July 29th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Rapper The Game and former fiancée Tiffney Cambridge have been through a lot over the years. From breaking up to making up and trying to make it down the aisle on their reality show “Marrying The Game,” to the former couple allegedly getting involved in a violent fight earlier this year that resulted in Cambridge sustaining a broken nose (when we asked her about that fight she said, “I prefer to just keep some things private and personal between Jayceon and I.”) and the rapper claiming that she was turning their kids against him, the two have had a very volatile relationship. But as Cambridge celebrated her birthday on Sunday, the rapper sent her a very loving message on Instagram, thanking her for making him a better person despite all they had been through.

“Happy birthday to the beautiful @lovetiffney… The best mother, care taker & provider for our children I could ever ask for. In relationships, there are ups & downs… negatives & positives but no matter what the years have brought & left… On this day I want you to know that you are both acknowledged & very appreciated. Through the years, we’ve been through a lot but no matter how big the hurdle…. We got up & over it & have always managed to get back to a peaceful existence. & again, for blessing me with @kingjusticetaylor & @lilmisscali.. I am forever in debt & will make sure you guys are always taken care of…. #1 because it’s in me to do so & #2 is because you are very deserving of it…. Thanks for helping me grow as a person & being there to say the least. Enjoy your birthday….. & do not let anyone steal your sunshine. Love”

Looks like these two might be on better terms, or at least, he cares enough to just acknowledge all she does for her birthday. Either way, it was a nice gesture from him.


Exclusive: Tiffney Cambridge Responds To Domestic Violence Allegations

July 11th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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A few months ago, terrible domestic violence allegations involving The Game and Tiffney Cambridge hit the web. Since then, several other negative reports pertaining to the couple and their deteriorating relationship made headlines as well. We were recently able to catch up with Tiffney, who revealed where she currently stands in her relationship with the rapper-turned-reality-star and what’s next for her.

MN: At the conclusion of season three of “Marrying The Game,” you and The Game expressed that you were accepting of the fact that things were over between you two. Does that still stand or are you all trying to work it out?

Right now, we are working on our friendship and co-parenting and raising our kids. Things are good between us right now.

MN: Since it appears that there won’t be a wedding in the near future, does this mean that there won’t be a season four of “Marrying The Game?”

We don’t know yet if there will be a fourth season. Things kind of just wrapped up with season three, so we haven’t really started speaking about season four yet.

MN: In the season finale, you were kind of on a date with someone. Are you currently seeing anyone new or interested in getting to know anyone in that way?

Right now I’m just keeping my options open.

MN: A few months ago, there was talk of a domestic violence incident. The Game took to Instagram and denied that any abuse ever occurred between you two. What do you say to that?

Well, I think that in every relationship, there are things that go on that should stay between the two people in the relationship. I prefer to just keep some things private and personal between Jayceon and I.

MN: What was your reaction when The Game blamed your friend Tami Roman for destroying your family?

I really didn’t have a reaction to that because that wasn’t true. When you’re with someone for an extended period of time, you know how they react to situations. Jayceon is a person where he gets upset and kind of lashes out and rants. He goes on those tirades and stuff like that. He may say things that are not factual or true because he’s upset in that particular moment. And that’s just his personality. When he does things like that, it doesn’t really effect me either way because I know how he is. He’ll probably calm down, come off of it and we move on.

Change We All Can Believe In: Celebs Who Tip Well

June 26th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Some stars have a reputation of being a tight wad when it comes to money even though they have more than enough of it. But these stars are quite to opposite and don’t mind sharing the wealth when it comes to leaving a tip. Check out this list of celebs who tip well… very well.

Celebs Who Tip Well


Jay Z

Jay Z has 99 problems but money certainly isn’t one. After the Brooklyn rapper teamed up with his mentee Kanye West for their collaborative “Watch The Throne” album, Hov went all out during the party thrown to celebrate its release. Jay Z ordered a quarter of a million dollars worth of champagne and when it came time to pay for the bill, he didn’t bat an eye dropping an extra $50,000 for the wait staff.

Tiffney Cambridge Says There’s No Truth To The Game’s Accusations That She’s Keeping Him From Their Children

June 25th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

Back in April around the time that domestic violence allegations surfaced, The Game accused his ex-fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge, of conspiring to drive his children away from him.

“Everyone has a BREAKING POINT & my weakness is my children,” he expressed. “Loving them too much has turned them into weapons to be used against me,” he went on. “& I say that to say, today I am……. LUCKY: I got to spend Easter & eat lunch with my 1st born. UN-LUCKY: haven’t got to spend time with both of my younger kids in over a month.”

“FACTS: My 3-year-old daughter told my mom that her mother told her that I am very bad man & a terrible father furthermore brainwashing Cali to harbor hate towards me preventing her from even wanting to speak to me. 3 year olds just don’t make these things up.”

Tiffney recently sat down with HipHollywood and she’s telling a different story. According to the “Marrying The Game” star, she’d never spitefully try to keep her ex-fiancé away from their children.

“I would never keep Cali and Justice away from him”, she said. “He’s their father. They love him and he’s loves them. That’s apparent to myself and everyone else, and no their hasn’t been an occasion where I’ve kept Cali and Justice from him.”

As for Jayceon’s social media rant where he accused her of doing so, Tiffney says:

“Jayceon takes to social media to address things that I feel are personal, I let that be his lane and I stay in mine,” she said.

Well if there were ever a time that The Game was not seeing Cali and Justice, judging by his Instagram page, he is back to seeing them regularly, which is great news. We can only hope that he and Tiffney continue to put their children first as they work through their differences as co-parents.


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Tiffney Cambridge Opens Up About The Game’s Mystery Daughter

June 24th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

The Game left fans slightly confused when he referenced four children in his Father’s Day Instagram post a couple of weeks ago. Up until this point, we’ve only known the VH1 star to have three children—two boys and one girl—but the photo featured another little girl by the name of Madison, whom he referred to as his daughter. The Game’s former fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge, recently dished on the rapper’s relationship with Madison and why we’re just hearing about her.

“Madison is not Jayceon’s biological daughter,” she explained to NecoleBitchie. “Madison is a little girl who plays basketball with this new basketball team that Jayceon threw together for the summer. And she happens to be one of the new girls who plays on the basketball team.”

According to Tiffney, Madison doesn’t have the most ideal home situation, so The Game decided to take her under his wing.

“It’s my understanding that she comes from a situation where there is not a father in the home. And she has several other siblings and may not be getting the attention she needs at her home. And because Jayceon has done things like ‘The Robin Hood Project’ where he reaches out and helps other people in need, he’s sort of taken Madison under his wing and has decided to father her or God-father her. And that’s what it is.”

Source: IG

Source: IG

As for people who have been speculating that Madison is some sort of love child, Tiffney says:

“It’s not like Jayceon has another daughter in that aspect. I just think that he decided because of his relationship with the little girl seeing her at the practices and at the games and so forth he decided to take her under his wing and help her out. He is a showman. I wish him the best in all his endeavors. If he ever decides to take Madison on and assist her as she grows up, that’s good.”

Well, that’s settled. It’s nice to see that The Game saw that Madison was in need of a father figure and decided to step in.

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Pass Or Play? Nicki Minaj Releases Video For “Pills N Potions,” With The Game Starring As Her Love Interest…

June 10th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Nicki Minaj PNP

Who’s ready for a softer side of Nicki Minaj?

We’ve already seen her tone down her look, but Minaj also seems to be toning it down when it comes to her music too. Well, at least for this debut single from her upcoming third album, The Pink Print.

“Pills N Potions,” despite the title,  is about dealing with somewhat ungrateful folks and people who change, but still acknowledging the love you have for them while getting through the hurt. The video that accompanies the often emotional song is on the trippy side, but still manages to showcase a vulnerable side of the lyricist. There are bunny rabbits smoking cigarettes, tears that come down with a metallic sheen, and how could we forget The Game? The rapper appears alongside her (and at one point she holds his severed head in her arm) in the clip, and the chemistry between them is pretty good, though she spends more time singing/rapping by herself than she does being held by him. But the rapper’s appearance is interesting, considering that he made her his WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) pick on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. He posted her picture and said,



#WomanCrushWednesday “lil brown skin girl caught my eye…. I thought maybe it was time to give a thug a try” @nickiminaj #Yuhhhh

I guess such public declarations of affection worked out for him…he at least had the chance to be in her new video!

But anywho, this new clip is directed by Diane Martel of “Blurred Lines” and “We Can’t Stop” fame, and it’s definitely a sight to see. Pass or play? Check out the video for yourself and let us know:

Our Favorite Interracial TV Couples

June 6th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Moguldom Films’ documentary, “The Swirl,” which looks at interracial relationships in America is now available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and VHX.

Since the U.S. Census Bureau has been keeping record, interracial marriages have been on the rise. While there are more than 2.4 million mixed marriages in the U.S., Hollywood has been a bit slow in keeping up with times and portraying more interracial couples, but low and behold we’ve managed to find a few favorites over the years. Take a look.

Interracial TV Couples

“I Love Lucy’s” Ricky and Lucy Ricardo

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were one of, if not the first, interracial couple on television. Debuting in 1951, “ I Love Lucy” made groundbreaking history when it aired with the real-life husband and wife stars. The show followed the antics played out by comedian Lucille Ball while her husband looked helplessly on. The show lasted for six seasons and more than 60 years later, “I Love Lucy” remains popular with over 40 million Americans still tuning in.

The Game Pens Open Letter To Assistant Lolo: ‘There’s Nothing In The World I Wouldn’t Give Her’

June 4th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

In honor of her 25th birthday, The Game took to Instagram with a heartfelt letter to his personal assistant and best friend, Lolo. In the letter, the “Marrying The Game” star praised his stylish sidekick for always being there for him and dispelled rumors that imply their relationship is anything other than a platonic friendship.

His letter reads:

“Her….. Let me tell you a little bit about “Her.” #1 she is the best friend that I have in this world & probably the next. She has done in 3 years what no one has managed to do in all my years on earth & that’s love me unconditionally !!! Some people say it, some come close to actually pulling it off, but no one has successfully been there for me day in & day out no matter the weather, task or support needed….

This girl right here is “MY N*GG*” !!!! Not my WOMAN, not my GIRLFRIEND, NO WE AINT F*CKING & to honestly be able to say that I’ve been to be around a woman this beautiful, fly, dope, smart & all around AMAZING & be able to maintain our friendship says all it needs to say about her character & loyalty to me, my children & my family. There’s not one thing in the WORLD I wouldn’t give her, & although she might know that…. She hasn’t once asked me for anything…. She works her a** off, plays her position & never complains about a f*cking thing & that alone gave her an eternal place in my heart as long as it beats!!!!

I love you with all my heart Lo & you will forever be appreciated as a gift from God to my life at a time when only he knew I needed someone to help redirect my life into a positive light… I’m FOREVER in debt to you & I wish you the most amazing 25th birthday EVER !!!! & since I’m right here, I guarantee it will be everything it’s supposed to be……. As long as I’m alive, you ain’t got to worry bout a mothaf*ckin thing !!!!! #LaFamilia”

Although the letter is clearly an ode to Lolo in honor of her birthday, some suspect that the eleborate birthday tribute was an underhanded shot at the rapper’s ex-fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge. In past episodes of “Marrying The Game,” the couple argued about his willingness to take Lolo almost everywhere he goes.

Destiny’s Child Got Booed?? The Most Memorable Summer Jam Moments Ever

May 30th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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The year 1994 marked the beginning of Hot 97’s epic annual Summer Jam concert. Twenty years later, the concert featuring the biggest names in hip-hop and r&b is still going strong and continues to showcase the biggest names in music. Here’s a look back at some of the most memorable moments from Summer Jam.

Summer Jam


The Notorious B.I.G.’s Only Performance At Summer Jam

The year was 1995 and Bigge Smalls was the king of New York rap. The year before he released his debut single Juicy and then followed that up with the platinum-selling album, Ready To Die. When he descended onto the Summer Jam stage in ‘95 as the headliner, the crowd went wild. Dressed like a dapper don in a three-piece suit, Big had the crowd on its feet for his entire set. That would be the first and last time the Brooklyn rapper would perform for the radio station’s mega concert. He was shot and killed nearly two years later.

Jay Ellis Talks His Crush On Tatyana Ali, Stereotypical Black Roles & His Dating Rules

May 8th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: BET

Source: BET


When our longtime favorite show, “BET’s The Game” switched up the formula, got rid of a few old favorites and added some new blood, we all stopped and took notice. We had to, the new character Blue was Ivy League educated and very, very very easy on the eyes. Now, we know that Blue is played by actor Jay Ellis. Naturally, we’re curious to know about the man behind the character so recently in an exclusive interview with Mr. Ellis we asked him how he, an military brat got into acting and broke the news of his ambitious dreams to his very practical parents. We talked about challenges within the industry, his thoughts on blacks playing slave or subservient roles and lastly how his dating life has changed since he’s gotten the exposure from the show.


On Wikipedia, it says your name is Wendell Ellis Jr. How did you come upon Jay?

I’m a Jr. so everyone called me Little Wendell and we were at a family reunion and I just flipped out. I don’t know what it was but one of my cousins teased me about something and I just literally lost it. I’m like ‘I’m not little! I’m not little anymore and you better not call me little!” To go with that, I have one of the highest voices you could ever imagine. So after that everyone stopped calling me little Wendell. After my flip out, after a few of my aunts, grandmother and cousins looked at me like I was crazy, they started calling my Wendell Jr. then it got to Wendell J and then Jay just stuck by the time I got to high school. It’s been Jay ever since.


You come from a military family, how did your parents receive the news that you wanted to be an actor. 

I actually started acting and they saw me on television. And that’s how they found out that I was acting. They saw me in a commercial. And then they called me and said, ‘Your cousin said he saw on a commercial. Is that you?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I booked this Lexus commercial.’ And my dad said, ‘Oh, that’s good! Well how much you get paid for something like that?’ So I kind of explained to them that I had been in class for the last couple of years and I was doing it on the side and I wanted to see what I could do with it. In reality, I was doing it every single day. It was my full time job. Once they actually understood the process of auditioning and booking a job, once they understood the full process, they were on board a hundred percent.

Formerly, in the service, they’re very salt of the earth people, very analytical people. They’re not the people you tell you’re going to go chase your art dream. So for me I wanted to have a level of success before I told them. I wanted to be proud of it and I wanted to show them this is what I’ve done and this is what I can do.


Speak about the challenges of the industry, do you feel like you’ve been able to avoid those in your career?

Definitely think it’s challenging. There’s not enough of us on tv. There’s not enough of our story out there. And not only for black actors but people of any ethnicity to be honest with you. We don’t live in a world that is all one color so hen you see things like that, then we can find anyone to identify with. And as an actor, there’s less jobs out there. So it’s difficult and it’s fight always. There’s typically only one black person in a project, or one Latin person or one Asian person in a project. I think things are opening up with works like 12 Years a Slave and The Butler.  And I think the industry has to take notice of that and start to write us in more, think about us more.


A few black actors have come out and said they’re tired of “slave movies” or roles where blacks are subservient. What do you think about those type of projects? Would you shy away from accepting one of those roles?

I think we need to do our history justice first. And not to say first as if we can’t do anything else but I think we need to do our history justice. These are stories and part of real life that hasn’t been put on screen and they haven’t been told then yeah, I think they should be out there. This is part of our history it’s part of our culture that a lot of our culture doesn’t even know. I do think those things should be out there so we can see what our ancestors went through, what our grandparents went through. I think it makes us stronger as people and all races actually. It makes us stronger and less ignorant or tolerate. And yeah, I do think there need to be black doctors and black astronauts, I absolutely agree. Those roles should be out there as well. But you wouldn’t tell someone not to Casesar. You wouldn’t tell someone not to do Lincoln. So why would we not have our history on the big screen as well.


Your twitter is full of inspirational quotes. What do you do or reflect on to maintain balance in the industry and life in general?

I think one of the things that keeps me going day to day is being happy in the life that I’m in. I’m happy with family, my friends and my career. And I’m happy that I am a part of something that reaches so many people, hopefully in a positive way, hopefully in an inspirational way. Sometimes it’s just that one little bright spot, that one little word of encouragement or that one little bit of inspiration that changes someone’s day or week or outlook on life even. And so, to be a part of that for me is really amazing. And I don’t think about it so much being a part of it as much as I’ve just really received how many people are affected by it.


In 2012, there was a bit of backlash about the show’s characters, particularly the women, being stereotypical. How do you feel about the show’s characters?

I think that what you have in the women on our show are three very different women who are slices of real life to some degree. A single mother who didn’t necessarily have every opportunity handed to her but has still survived and has done proud by her family. And her heart and her intent are in the right place usually.  And so she is going to fail, we all do.

I think you see true love or young love and what that looks like. It’s not easy for people to be vulnerable every single day. And I think that our writers try to go and tackle those issues, those sensibilities and those vulnerabilities that are real life and a lot  surface television doesn’t cover. I think for everything you see on screen, you also have to think what is going through that person’s mind and what has brought them to that point or to that decision and i think when you start to look at these characters in that way, you see it’s not just the words on the page, it’s the life that the characters have led that influence them to make their decisions.