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On Instagram’s Plan To Ban The Game’s Peen-Print Pics And Why Thirst Doesn’t Look Good On Anyone

November 25th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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As with most things in life, people sure know how to run things into the ground.

I remember back in January when B.O.B. posted a picture of himself in his sweatpants, clearly forgoing underwear, showing off his penis to his Instagram followers, many who happen to be women. I’m not going to lie; I was impressed. And while he’s not the first to share a peen-print pic, his image, with the caption #eggplantfriday, set off a chain reaction that encouraged men, famous and broke ones alike, to share their junk on the social network. Soon after, some gentlemen took it to the next, next level, and started sharing images of their bare junk. And just like that, Instagram shut it all down.

The lesson? When you start doing too much, you ruin a good thing.

And that’s a lesson The Game probably needs to learn.

Sure, #eggplantfriday was banished into the nether regions of Instagram’s infamous hashtag pile, but Game wasn’t afraid to revive it. In fact, he’s never been shy about showing off his body and trying to entice his many female followers with his #FineN—aFriday posts. If you’ve seen those posts, then you already know that the hashtags he includes can be pretty explicit.

Anywho, he shared an image three weeks ago of himself in some tight blue boxers, which showed every inch and every detail of his business. The Internet went wild. The ladies had to fan themselves. And even the brand behind the boxers he wore saw a 500 percent increase in sales through the simple selfie.

And then The Game started feeling himself.

After that, his peen-print pics became a weekly thing, which he’s done three weeks straight, and now Instagram is fed up. I think I know why.

Remember those explicit hashtags I told you about? Well, that’s an understatement. They’re almost like soft-core porn with Game playing a phone sex operator. For each peen-print pic, there is a hashtag that says something like this, and I quote:


“#LickYourIndexAndMiddleFingers #Now TouchThatPearlTongueAndGoCounterClockwise”


Depending on what you like, such hashtags either turned you on or gave you a troll vibe. For me, I was turned off…and I couldn’t really figure out why. I mean, The Game is a very handsome man.

But Instagram was also turned off. According to TMZ, those behind the social network said they may shut down The Game’s account, just like they did Rihanna’s old one, if he keeps on posting his scandalous pictures with their sexually explicit captions. They don’t want another inappropriate movement of sorts to begin.

And instead of taking heed, The Game is actually irritated by such warnings. He posted this video and message on IG:

@tmz_tv calls me to give me the scoop……. Shit been up for a month, now y'all threatening niggas lol #KanyeShrug #YouAPhoneAppButYouStillLikeTheSausage 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #ProbablyLilWeeWeeNiggasReportingIt #YoDaddyJustWasntPackinSoGeneticallyYourLifeFuckedUp #MyDaddyWasADragonSlayerOutHereAndItGotPassedDownToMe #MyGrandaddyWasASeaMonsterKiller #ItRunsInTheFamily #TaylorMeatPackingCompany #MEATPRINTPAPI has spoken….. Now back to this Daddy thing I'm doing over here…. #HatersGoneHatePotatosGonePotate lmaoooo…. So if my account mysteriously disappear, IG hatin on a player & I'll be on snap chat for the duration: "blackb0yfly" & if they do delete it…. All my women fans, post it in the name of my Instagram memory #LongLiveTheDingALingKing #UnBothered

A video posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on

And he also told TMZ that he feels like he’s a victim of a cruel double standard. I mean, he is the self-proclaimed “DingALingKing.” Why is it that Kim Kardashian can show off her bare bottom (as she did after revealing her Paper spread last November and so many other times before), and he can’t post a few meat-print pics?

And that’s where he really lost me.

Out of all the causes to champion, you fight for the right to bear penis on social media?

Considering the many things men get away with in comparison to women, whether it’s the freedom to be sexually explorative, or in Game’s case, the freedom to be able to give the world a peek at your reproductive organs without someone calling you a whore, he’s just being petty.

And as someone just as petty, just like that, it hit me why his photos slowly lost his appeal in my eyes, and why I can’t agree with his grievances over Instagram’s alleged issue with his peen pics. It all reeks of thirst.

He’s not trying to show off his penis for the sake of some art. He just wants to get on IG once a week and get a thrill enticing women he’ll never meet. He wants to be your eye candy. Your personal porn star. In Tina’s words, “your private dancer.” He wants you to play with yourself to his images, and he makes a committed weekly effort to provide you with that stimulation. Some might call it sexy. Others might call it dedication. I call it thirst.

And that’s the reality of it all. Social media has not only brought out the worst in a lot of people, but it has also brought out the thirst. And anyone can be thirsty. Rich men like Game and just-making-it dudes like the guy I played in the band with who stays in his briefs talking about he’s looking for “real love.” Women as wealthy as Kim Kardashian as well as popular Instagram models can be thirsty. And yes, even you. When you set up thirst traps for people you claim are thirsty, you too are dying of thirst–in the form of attention. It doesn’t look good on men or women, young or old.

I’m all for images of transformed bodies and hard work paying off, but silent videos of you giving the world a front-row seat into the curves of your breasts? Images of you holding on to your penis while staring longingly in the mirror? Vines of folks intently twerking in booty shorts with their leg up on the bathroom toilet? When that becomes what you look forward to during the week and what you fight to share, the thirst is real.

And that’s why The Game needs to leave all this alone. Fighting for the right to take selfies in your undergarments kind of makes your forget that he’s supposed to be a rapper. That he has an actual talent to share. That he actually just released an album, which he’s not promoting in those peen pics. But alas, as my good friend put it, this is what happens “When you give a lame dude attention.” They start doing way too much and ruin what was once a really good-looking thing.

Underwear Company Witnesses 500% Sales Boost After Game’s Eggplant Photo

November 6th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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If you were on social media at all last week, there’s a good chance you stumbled across photos of Jayceon “The Game” Taylor posing in two pair of Ethika men’s underwear that put his sizeable man print on Front Street.

It seems laughable to think that with all that was going on in the photographs, someone actually stopped to research the brand of underwear he was wearing, but apparently, they did. So much so that Ethika reported seeing a more than 500% increase in sales for the two particular styles that the Compton rapper was wearing.

According to TMZ, The Game doesn’t have any sort of standing business partnership with Ethika aside from the fact that they sent him a swag package last summer, which is quite unfortunate. However, it seems that the reality star is open to doing business with the brand in the future.

“Well let’s sell some boxers then,” Taylor wrote on Instagram Friday in response to news of the sales jump.

Hey, at least you know what to put in bae’s Christmas stocking this year.

This Is What Made Pooch Hall Return To “The Game” For The Season Finale

October 19th, 2015 - By Madame Noire
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Everyone was ecstatic when Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall returned to "The Game" for the season 8 series finale this summer, but do you know what made the actor who already had a steady job on "Ray Donovan" return to show? Check out what he told us.

The Game Admits To Cheating On Ex-Fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge

September 23rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Apparently, infidelity played a huge role in The Game’s split from ex-fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge.

The rapper, who currently stars in VH1 dating show “She Got Game,” revealed during his Wednesday appearance on “The Wendy Show” that he regrets cheating on Cambridge.

“I was a dog,” he shared. “I had infidelity issues, and I kind of blew it. It’s pretty much my fault. I had a good woman: school teacher, master’s degree, mother of my children.”

The reality star went on to say that he didn’t realize what he had in Cambridge until she was completely done with him.

“You don’t really get it when you’re in the relationship. Then you get out—and she kicks you to the curb—then you realize what a great woman you had.”

Although things didn’t work out with Cambridge, The Game insists that he’d like to be married someday. However, he admits that he’s not ready at the moment.

“I want to be someone’s husband,” he said. “I want to be everything for that woman, but my grandmother says that one day I’ll wake up and know when I’m ready.”

The Game and Cambridge were involved in a tumultuous relationship for years. They called it quits last year just before rumors of a domestic violence incident surfaced. He maintains that he never hit her, but in an exclusive interview with Madame Noire last year, Cambridge refused to confirm or deny what happened that day.

“Well, I think that in every relationship, there are things that go on that should stay between the two people in the relationship,” she said. “I prefer to just keep some things private and personal between Jayceon and I.”

LisaRaye Sides With The Game After He’s Accused Of Sexual Assault: “Don’t Let Career Criminals Distract You”

August 10th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Jayceon “The Game” Taylor’s new reality show, “She’s Got Game,” is set to premiere this evening, and while we knew that the series would probably be a trainwreck, we never would have imagined that off-screen scandals would precede the premiere of the show. As previously reported, Taylor was accused of sexually assaulting game show contestant Priscilla Rainey in a newly filed lawsuit. VH1 has remained mum regarding the lawsuit; however, a friend of the reality star, actress LisaRaye McCoy, has come forward to pledge her allegiance to the Compton rapper.

Over the weekend, McCoy took to Instagram to encourage Taylor not to get caught up in the negativity, writing:

My friend my friend @losangelesconfidential 1st I want to remind you “new level new devil” somebody always tryna come up or get over….. I’m going to need you to stay focused don’t let career criminals distract you. When I see your growth & transparency especially with this new album. I’m proud to call you my mutha…… well you know how we roll. If only they knew but they don’t need to so EFF em. I heard you have a new show that airs on Monday with a guest appearance from yours truly. So let’s focus on all the good no negative vibes here. I need my Documentary 2 Album before September 25th cuz that studio flow was bananas so make it happen!!! #LIFEROCKS #NewBeginnings #winnerscircle

McCoy isn’t the only celebrity to weigh in on the lawsuit. Last week, Amber Rose also chimed in when she slammed a media outlet for reporting on Rainey’s colorful criminal record.

At this point, we’re not really sure what to think about any of this, but we’re hoping that the truth will be exposed.


The Game Responds To Sexual Assault Lawsuit: “This Was The Thirstiest Broad On The Show”

August 6th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Earlier today, we told you that Jayceon “The Game” Taylor was hit with a $10,000,000 lawsuit filed by a contestant on his new VH1 dating show, “She’s Got Game,” who alleged that he sexually assaulted her.

Shortly after the news went viral, Amber Rose sounded off in the comments section of Baller Alert’s Instagram page regarding the publication’s report on alleged victim Priscilla Rainey’s criminal record.

“This caption is victim blaming @balleralert. Her past has nothing to do with him touching her inappropriately. This is why rape victims and women that get sexually assaulted sit in silence. If he did it, then he did it. If she’s lying, then she’s lying. God will handle that, but this caption is ridiculous! Everyone is going in on this girl calling her a hoe! That’s probably why she was scared to say anything in the first place and continued to promote a show she wasn’t happy with. I’m disappointed at whoever wrote this.”

Interestingly, Taylor, who hasn’t even released an official statement regarding the lawsuit, responded to the socialite on Instagram, writing:

“@amberrose Leave it to you to defend a slut whom I’ve never touched inappropriately in my life. #1 this was the thirstiest broad on the show… She threw her nasty tw-t at me for 5 weeks straight & because I didn’t like her vagina strip eyebrows havin ass, she concocts a story & is suing me for 10 million dollars ??? A f-kin joke & a 1/2….She signed up for the show like all the other girls knowing damn well what she was getting herself into…A show where not one girl was disrespected by myself or anyone else…Yet, this nut job of a chicken says I touched her vagina?? Hoe please, if I did… her thirsty ass would’ve loved it, but I didn’t so fact remains, this chick is crazy & the show, vh1 & the entire cast knows it… But that’s the new way of the world, sue somebody for money you didn’t work for & try to come up…. Shout out to all the women of the world who wake up & go to work & get it the honest way… & shout out to all the women without vagina strip eyebrows…. This b-tch ain’t getting a dime & to Amber, once again… RELAX… I’m taking it easy for now.”

There’s no guessing how this will all unfold, but it has the potential to get extremely ugly.


The Game Accused Of Sexual Assault By Dating Show Contestant

August 6th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Jayceon “The Game” Taylor’s new dating show, “She’s Got Game,” hasn’t even premiered yet, and VH1 already has a major scandal on their hands. According to TMZ, one of the show’s contestants is accusing the Compton rapper of sexual assault.

In a new lawsuit filed with the state of Illinois, Priscilla Rainey alleges that Taylor sexually assaulted her on May 22. According to Rainey, the alleged assault went down while they were filming a date scene at a sports bar. She charges that the rapper was “out of control,” drunk and high on drugs.

The model claims that she was sexually assaulted several times during the outing, including when Taylor allegedly “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

Raining is demanding $10,000,000 in damages. So far, Taylor has not commented on the lawsuit.

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Is Tiffney Cambridge’s Old Engagement Ring Up For Grabs On The Game’s New Dating Show? [Watch]

July 27th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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The Game


VH1 has been winning in the reality TV game for quite some time now. Before “Love & Hip Hop” and “Basketball Wives,” series like “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York” dominated the network’s programming. Thankfully, they’ll be returning to their dating game show roots this August. Earlier this year, we told you that “Marrying The Game” star Jayceon “The Game” Taylor would be returning to the network with a new series titled “She’s Got Game.” Similar to “Flavor of Love,” 10 contestants will be tasked with winning the heart of the 35-year-old rapper.

The network recently dropped a trailer for the series, which premieres August 10, and surprisingly, the engagement ring (or a replica of the ring) that once belonged to Taylor’s ex-fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge, makes a major cameo.

“I lost the best thing that ever happened to me,” Taylor says in the trailer while holding the ring. “But now, I think I’m ready to find that special someone.”

As you may recall, Taylor and Cambridge’s relationship issues were put on display for several seasons of “Marrying The Game” before they finally called off the engagement. So yeah, Taylor is now trying to recreate that magic with someone new.

It’s unclear if the contestants are simply competing for a chance to date the rapper, or if a marriage proposal is actually being offered. But what is clear is that VH1 is playing all types of games with this trailer!

The Game


Watch the sneak peek below and let us know your thoughts.

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Melanie And Derwin To Return To “The Game”

June 28th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Fans of “The Game” can now breathe easy because they will be receiving a proper farewell from the series after a 10-year run. This evening at the BET Awards, cast members of the series, including Pooch Hall, took the stage and confirmed that Melanie and Derwin will be making cameos for the series finale.

“It’s official, ya boy is back,” Hall said. “But yo, it’s not just me. Melanie is also back on ‘The Game’ for the finale.

Unfortunately, Tia Mowry was not present, but according to Hall, she planned to attend but had to stay home because she is feeling under the weather.

“Tia wanted to be here, but Tia fell ill, so Tia feel better. We love you, and that’s what’s up,” he continued.

News of the reunion is pretty shocking considering that Mowry told fans early on that she would not be partaking the final season.

“The [love] I am receiving from fans of Melanie on ‘The Game’ is so amazing and touching! I couldn’t just ignore,” Mowry wrote on Facebook. “I had amazing 5 yrs on the show and feel so blessed to be have been a part of it:) Many are asking if I am making a return for the last year, and the answer is no. But again, I felt so blessed, so blessed, to have played Melanie Barnett!‪#‎melanieandderwinforever‬.”

We’re thrilled to see that she has experienced a change of heart.

So, will you be tuning in to BET on August 5 to catch Melanie and Derwin together one last time?

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How Lauren London And Hosea Chanchez Really Feel About “The Game” Ending

June 3rd, 2015 - By Brande Victorian
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Is the ending of "The Game" after two networks and nine seasons really bittersweet? Lauren London and Hosea Chanchez tell us how they really feel.