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“God Corrected Me Through You All” Sheryl Underwood Talks The Infamous Conference Call And Backlash

December 10th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: The Breakfast Club

Source: The Breakfast Club

We have never talked about Sheryl Underwood this much before. But ever since she revealed her secret on “The Talk” about fellow comediennes talking badly about her, everyone’s very interested. Months after her admission the streets are still whispering about it. So when Sheryl stopped by Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” this morning, she spent a significant amount of time talking about the reason she shared the story in the first place, why she never addressed it with the women personally and the aftermath of it all.

On the initial call 

I did not know that people were not checking for me like that. I did not know that I was not on chandelier status. I did not know that. Am I mad? No I’m not because some of us get along and some of us don’t. But I’m not going to let nobody knock me out. I believe that the Lord was telling me ‘Get yourself right.’ Don’t look at nobody else. Look at you. You are the foundation of what’s happening to you.

Why she never addressed it with the ladies

I kind of thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to talk to them and as you can see, I may be right.

On Rickey Smiley saying Sheryl Underwood was not blameless

When you have comedians that say Sheryl Underwood is not pure, she would come in and change the lineup. That’s not what was happening. In my contract, it would say ‘Sheryl Underwood host.’ So I would enforce my agreement, like I saw the men enforcing their agreements. All I was doing was what I learned. I watched Bernie Mac when he was alive. I watched Stevie Harvey. I watched all the men walk in and say ‘That’s not going to happen.’ I’m a boss. I just happen to be a girl. But I’m a boss. I make my money for me. I don’t have people representing me and I’m not going to have no man that I’m sleeping with representing me. Now you make your bones off of me, now you’re mad at me now you take my money and give it to someone else. So how I get everything I got, it’s me.

Me being on CBS that was God opening a door, didn’t even know a job to be had. Now I’m on it. But it’s still me. It’s me orchestrating me.

On working with these women

If I had had an agent on that call and he would have dialed or she would have dialed in early, they may or may not have told me. But I’d still be, ‘La, la, la. I think we cool. Let’s make some movies together.’ I still believe even if you don’t like me, we can still make some movies together.

I thought that what I was doing was telling a greater story was how God corrected me through you all and the last thing I probably should have said was ‘And if I ever hurt you, I’m asking for forgiveness.’

I was being called a liar but you [The Breakfast Club] got the footage saying there was a call.

Has she spoken to them since then?

Not at all. I was not lying. There was a call and things were being said about me.

Why did you do it in front of them– White people. 

Why didn’t you keep it in the family. Because it wasn’t about that. It was about a secret that I had been harboring. God said to me, I can’t speak about what God says to other people. God to me, I put you here for a reason, you better do something good with it.

Will I spend my life trying to make amends? Yes, I will. But I think I’ll make amends by becoming a better person. I’ll make amends by not keeping up a comedy gang war.

Is the lawsuit real?

I can tell you this, if there’s an admission that there was a call, there were things said about me. If you still feel you must do this, use your resources in a better way.

The Impact

I also understand the power of my words. We started with a secret that’s now people use for their Bible study classes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sheryl probably shouldn’t have mentioned these ladies’ names. But I tend to agree with her, the greater moral behind her story is that the things people say to take you down, can be used to elevate you. And there is power in hearing your shortcomings if you know how to respond properly. And Sheryl did that.

You can watch the rest of the interview where she talks about her show “The Talk,” her take on the Bill Cosby allegations and what she thinks Black Greek Letter Organizations should be doing about the protesting of police brutality across the country. If you want to her speak specifically about all the comedienne drama, go to the 12 minute mark.

“People Put Out Albums, I’m Putting Out Personalities” Musiq/ The Husel Endures Brutal Breakfast Club Interview

October 10th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Musiq/ The Husel

Source: Power 105

When Musiq Soulchild announced that he would now be performing under the new moniker called “The Husel,” with entirely new content, most of us weren’t here for it…at all. In our confusion and duress, Musiq Soulchild, as The Husel became the subject of quite a few memes. He was trending at one point. Sadly, most people interpreted the whole alter ego as a joke.

And historically during interviews, Musiq has been a little defensive about the backlash and complete lack of understanding of his new brand.

His defensiveness and Charlemagne’s frankness made for a very interesting interview this morning on “The Breakfast Club.”

Check out a few highlights from the conversation.


Charlemagne: “I cannot respect The Husel. Musiq Soulchild is a great R&B singer…

Musiq: He is

Charlemagne: Why conform to what these kids are doing today?

Musiq: Nobody’s conforming to anything

Charlemagne: So who am I talking to Musiq or Husel?

Musiq: You’re talking to both of them.

Charlemagne: So why is Musiq introducing the world to The Husel?

Musiq: Because I feel it’s only right. I’m an artist and that’s what I’m doing right now. And I figured y’all might dig it. And if you don’t, then it ain’t for you.


C: So why rap though?

M: Again…I’m not rapping. is anybody listening? Nobody’s listening.

Yee: I did listen, it is a little singy still. It’s not necessarily like rap. I listened to the music…

M: Oh, you actually listened to it? Oh cool.Thank you very much.

C: Yeah, see me I saw the viral video and you said you were going to turn into the Husel and you was  gon’ rap and I said ‘oh hell no.’

M: Next question.

C: I don’t have anymore, since you’re still singing I’m cool.

M: But if you were really like peeping it…

C: I was not interested.

“The Chick Is Sour” Lil Kim Addresses K Michelle Beef

September 29th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Lil Kim Responds Addresses K Michelle Beef

Source: Instagram/WENN

There are just so many people K Michelle has fallen out with. Sooo many people. From all of her cast mates on “Love and Hip Hop,” to her ex, to Elle Varner and just about anybody else. K Michelle has a problem with just about everybody. Generational beefs, including one with Lil Kim.

The two got into on it on Twitter about a month ago when Beyoncé’s “Flawless” remix came out and K Michelle agreed that Nicki was the Queen of Rap. Of course Lil Kim’s fans came for her, calling her disrespectful and Lil Kim agreed with them.

But apparently, they have more issues.

Which is kind of sad, considering K Michelle is a well-documented fan of Lil Kim and even alleged that the two had gotten so close Lil Kim almost made her the godmother of her child.

Well, Lil Kim stopped by the Breakfast Club to clear all of that up. Here’s what she had to say about K Michelle.

That chick is a bag of pecans. Like, a trail mix. You know when you eating a trail mix and the nuts that you like, you eat and the ones that you can’t stand, you put back in the bag. She’s the bag of nuts that you put back. Like a black jelly bean. She is so nuts, you are liable to see her skipping. Who skips? 

Why would I ever make her my child’s godmother? I’ve only met this woman one time, one time in person! We talked on the phone after that because she’s a fan of mine. I appreciate that. Anybody shows me love, I’m going to show them major love back. 

We never had a conversation about her being my child’s godmother. I don’t know you. Why would I do that? 

The chick is sour because she’s a huge fan of mine. Everybody knows that. She’s been bitter and sour because you guys had 105 Power last year. I performed with Kendrick. I was supposed to perform with K. Michelle but the sprinter got lost. It just never happened and she was sh*tty, sour, pissed. 

There you have it. K Michelle’s mad. Lil Kim is over it.

You can watch Lil Kim’s full interview, where she speaks mostly about Nicki Minaj, in the video below.

Nicki Minaj Talks Opening Doors For Female Rappers, Her New Look, And Forbes Saying Iggy Azalea Runs Rap…

May 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN


In case you didn’t know, Nicki Minaj released a new song this week called “Pills N Potions,” the first official single from her upcoming third album, The Pink Print. No more reality TV gigs, no more films (for now), no more focusing on clothes at K-Mart–Minaj is back to music and ready to reclaim her place at the top when it comes to women in hip-hop. She did an interview this week with The Breakfast Club, and in it, she discussed her upcoming album, her toned down look, and what she thinks about people (just Forbes really) saying Iggy Azalea is running rap right now. This is what she had to say:

Why She Switched Up Her Look:

“I don’t know. The album is more personal so the look being stripped down goes really well with the third album. I always planned to do it at this time. It didn’t just come about now; I just always thought in my head that my third album I would want to go back to my real hair.”

Other Female Rappers Aren’t Having The Same Success As Her:

“I feel like I have opened that door in the industry. To be honest, I think there are women that do their thing and for whatever reason they don’t get the recognition. But that’s something you have to take up with pop culture and it has nothing really to do with me. I can’t really speak for anybody’s grind or how pop culture receives people. To answer your question, no I’m really not surprised because even when I was grinding and putting out tapes and stuff, it was hard for me. It takes a lot of work. It doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s not a female-friendly business. Hip hop is not female friendly at all.”

If She’s Going To Stop With The Pop And Go Back To Hardcore Rap On Her New Album:

“I don’t want to label what I’m doing. This isn’t about ‘is it a hardcore album?’ This is a meaningful body of work and I’m tired of labeling it. I’m not going to ever label my music again. It is what it is. You can tell from ‘Pills N Potions’ that I’m just creating music and the most important thing to me is to keep is truthful and keep it honest. Sometimes you’re going to feel like it’s hardcore and sometimes you may feel like it’s not. But as long as it’s good music then that’s really all that matters to me at this point.”

What She Thinks Of Forbes Saying Iggy Azalea Is Running Hip-Hop:

“[Laughs] Okaaaaaay, I’m reloaded! Listen, all Forbes needs to be worried about is my finances and when I’m going to be selling MYX Fusions for $250 million. That’s all they need to worry about. We rely on hip-hop connoisseurs and blogs for that kind of information, so we can appreciate that, but no thank you.”

What do you think of all that Nicki had to say? Are you excited for her new album, The Pink Print? Talk about it below.

“What Had Happened Was…” Brandon Jennings Responds To Teyana Taylor’s Breakfast Club Interview

May 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Earlier this week, we reported on the love triangle between Teyana Taylor, Brandon Jennings and Tae Heckard. Teyana made some pretty strong allegations against Brandon Jennings, her former fiancé, and Tae Heckard, her former friend in an interview with “The Breakfast Club.” Teyana had text messages to back it up so we’re inclined to believe what she was saying.

But Brandon didn’t really agree with what Teyana had to say during the interview. On Twitter, he insinuated that she was not telling the full truth but he really didn’t refute any of her claims. Instead he posted this picture of Tae.


Brandon Jennings Responds To Teyana Taylor

Source: Twitter/Bossip

With the caption: “What had happen was…NVM.” 

He deleted it shortly after but not before people, including our sister site Bossip, had a chance to grab the screenshot.



Then there were a string of tweets:

Y’all be so ready to believe anything

Btw Tae isn’t 36

That ain’t Tae style but me if u bon talk it make sure it’s 100

We chill in. Just keep Tae outta it. Just blame me if u gon do it. 

If y’all gon talk bad about someone let it be me. Not Tae. 

U just gotta let it gooooo


If I had dated a man for six years, was engaged to him and ultimately decided to give him my virginity, I wouldn’t be so ready and willing to move on either. I have to agree with Teyana it’s funny how dude is going so hard for her when she was just dating Nelly last month…Soap Operas out here, ladies and gentlemen.

“No Matter How Much I Dislike This Man, It Will Never Be To The Point Where He Can’t See His Son”: Keyshia Cole On Daniel Gibson

March 20th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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keyshia cole


To promote her new song, “Rick James” (you read right), Keyshia Cole stopped by The Breakfast Club to give a very interesting interview about everything that has gone on with her marriage (she and her husband are on social media beefing terms), her issues with Michelle Williams and Beyoncé (including why she was so critical of “Bow Down”), her drama with her sister Neffie and her mom (they no longer speak), and more. Here’s what stood out:

Her Statements About Beyoncé:

“I was not hating on Beyoncé. No, it was not directed at all as hate. I’ve seen Beyonce a few times. She’s always a very sweet girl. To me, that just wasn’t her, her thing you know what I mean? But I don’t know. Like dude said, she switched it up or something. So, I don’t know, you know? But that’s just not what I know of her so it kinda hurt my feelings a little bit.”

Issues With Michelle Williams And Working Things Out:

“Well she stared that you know what I mean? She started that and it really hurt my feelings too because she’s Christian and she’s a church girl and all of this but yet we talk on the phone and you say you apologize for taking a Tweet down that you said about me in the first place. You know what I’m saying? And I mean, it just felt like everybody just jumped on me ‘cuz I’m from Oakland, I’m the ghetto chick and I’m always starting everything when in actuality I just say how I feel. You know what I’m saying and I don’t feel like I was starting nothing. But I was just getting her back for what she said to me. It was just like, I felt real like, everybody going in on me. You got ol boy, the Hamburgler up here talking about me. The-Dream [laughs]. You got Rico Love up here going in on me, but everybody was defending her. But in actuality she called me and apologized and said she never should have tweeted that or whatever. She called me and apologized and I said ‘Well next time you get a chance, address it, because you got people going in on me and that ain’t even the case.’ She said, I was at the Soul Train Awards and she was like, ‘I ain’t even know you could use Auto-tune at the Soul Train Awards, what’s that about?’ It’s cool. It’s over.

The State Of Her Marriage:

“I just, you know what I mean, I just wanna put my music out. And just, you know, sit in my own craziness. You know what I’m saying? And just chill out for a minute. Like, I don’t even really know what I wanna do right now. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t really want go into it.”

Where They Are Now:

“We co-parent. He’s a great father though. Exactly, 8:30 come take DJ to school every morning and I pick him up.”

On Thinking Her Husband, An NBA Player, Wouldn’t Cheat:

“I did. I really did. I believed in that, you know what I mean? And on top of that, we just had so much of a great relationship. I felt like, I felt like it wouldn’t be possible.”

If They Can Work Things Out:

“I’d just rather avoid questions like that for my son’s sake. We’ll know it as the time goes by whats going to happen. You know? This we’re talking about now involves a child…I want the situation to play out. I just want to protect my son. I’ll never be the kind of woman who–No matter how much I dislike this man, it will never be to the point where he can’t see his son. Period.”

If She Can Work Out Issues With Neffie And Frankie:

“No. I mean, it’s just chaos and I don’t want that around him [son Daniel]. I have to protect him from that type of chaos. I haven’t even spoke to my mom, Frankie, in a minute. They don’t have my number. It’s just a respect thing for one. Last time I had my mom around I sent her through rehab and I tried to help her and I spent a lot of money…and she just took it way too far, yelling in my house. Luckily my child was asleep. After that I was like, ‘Naw.’ You gotta make an adult decision to move that out…I just need…not right now.”

Growing Up:

“I’ve grown a lot. I’m 30 years old. Ain’t the same way I used to do it. Take my anger out and just go ahead and approach you and do something about it.That ain’t the way I do it no more. You know? I’m a mother.You know what I mean? Whatever I do from here on out, I want my son to be proud of. Regardless of what it is.”

Putting All Her Business On Social Media:

“Well I have feelings, you know what I’m saying? I guess sometimes I have to put my phone down like ‘yo, I need to put my phone down because I’m about to go in.’ But I’m chillin’.”

She addressed quite a bit. Check out her full interview and Keyshia’s answer to the question of whether or not she’s really happy at the point and difficult time in her life.

Tatyana Ali Hits The Breakfast Club, Talks Drake Rumors And Posing For King

March 11th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Tatyana Ali Hits The Breakfast Club


We watched Tatyana Ali grow up gracefully before our eyes as Ashley Banks on “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.” After the show ended in 1996, she became a singer and had us lip-syncing to her hit song “Day-Dreaming” with our friends, and as she continued to explore other  industries the child star became a producer, Harvard graduate, and campaigned for President Obama’s candidacy. Yesterday, Miss Ali hung out with Power 105’s Breakfast Club and spoke about her new movie November Rule, which stars Lala Anthony, Jay Ellis and Mo McCray, posing for King Magazine and if she got a little nookie from Drake. Here are the highlights from the interview.

Her New Movie, November Rule

“November Rule is about Mo McCray’s character. His character has a rule, by November he always breaks up with whoever he’s with. November is when Thanksgiving starts, then it’s Christmas, the other holidays. So If you break it off before then, it will never get too serious. You never have to introduce people to your family. When I first read the script, I thought “this is such a cool idea, no one ever does this.” Then on the set, I realized everyone is doing this. This is something guys do.”

For King Magazine

“I’ve posed for King Magazine twice. I never put it out there. The first time I did King, it was a different type of magazine. The flavor of it was a bit different than it is now. The pictures were different. You could cover up more. When I posed for them, I was in my twenties and when I’m a grandma I can look back on those pictures. I thought I looked cute and I wanted to celebrate it. The second time I did it, the theme was Hollywood Era. I didn’t even show my stomach.”

Dating Drake

I had a panic attack after that [Wendy Williams] interview. When I’m nervous,  I laugh. If you look at the interview I am laughing the entire time. I thought she would ask (because of what was happening with the blogs), so I prepared for the question: “Are you dating?” But instead she asked if  I smashed him and I never experienced that from Wendy before. [Drake’s] flattering (refereeing to him dropping her name in his song,”Tuscan Leather.”) I thought it was really nice of him.

Check out Tatyana Ali’s full interview with The Breakfast Club in the video below. Jump to the next page to see her chat with Wendy Williams about one-night stands and Drake.

Ashanti Talks Nelly And Tae Heckard, People Who Say She Can’t Sing, “Good Hair,” And Surviving The Industry On Breakfast Club

March 4th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Ashanti Breakfast Club

Ashanti’s new album, Braveheart, drops today, and to promote it, the singer stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat with Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy. In their very interesting interview with her, Ashanti touched on everything, including critics who used to talk about her vocal abilities and her sideburns, what she’s learned about the industry, who she’s dating, and of course, Nelly. Here are the tidbits from the 30-minute interview that stood out:

If She’s On Good Terms With Nelly These Days:

“I will say that, there was a space where it was bad. It was really bad. Are we cool? Yeah. We’re okay.

When a man is hurt and a woman is hurt, I think men deal with hurt differently. I feel like we handle our emotions differently. There were a lot of things said and done publicly that should not have been. There was a foundation set and those things shouldn’t have happened.

We both definitely made mistakes in a lot of things. But I will say things do come full circle.”

If Nelly Is the One:

“Um, Nelly is a really good person, he has a really good heart. You know?”

If She Felt A Way About Nelly Going With Tae Heckard Soon After They Split:

“Did I feel a way? I’m very smart and I know him. I knew what the facade was.”

If She Was Dating NFL Baller DeSean Jackson:

“Um…No. We were hanging. I went to a football game. He’s real cool peoples. I can’t go to the game?”

How She Paid Bills Since Her Last Album In 2008:

“I did Broadway. I did Army Wives. I write. People forget early, I was writing for J. Lo, one of J. Lo’s biggest records ever. I wrote for Christina Milian, I wrote for a couple of pop groups. And I’ma be honest, I don’t really like to spend my own money. I know how to save.”

Dealing With Critics Who Said She Couldn’t Sing:

“When you’re hot and you’re on fire, you gotta expect that. When you’re number one and you’re killing it, it comes with the territory. You have to be strong enough.  If you’re strong enough to be number one, you have to be strong enough to endure the BS.”

Dealing With Haters Who Said She Had Sideburns Back In The Day:

“I’ma keep it all the way 100. I have nice hair. I ain’t even gonna lie. When you have ‘good hair’ you’re hairy a little bit and you have sideburns [laughs]. Some people love sideburns. This is what I thought though. On TV, on film and in pictures, it looks a little different than it does in person [laughs]. So when you’re looking in the mirror, you know, you gelling them down, but on film and on camera it may look a bit different. I looked at it like, they wack, you know, for saying that. I’m a girl, that’s real feminine for you to be saying that. But then I would look and be like, damn it! [laughs]”

How She Makes Her Relationship With Her Mom-ager Work After All These Years

“We been tight before the industry. My mom and I have an amazing relationship…Our relationship is not, oh because of the music industry, it’s more that we have a relationship and not an authoritive, mother, ‘I’m telling you what to do’ relationship.”

If She Ever Felt Like Giving Up:

“It’s definitely gotten to places where I fee like, ‘this is bulls**t’. This is not how it’s supposed to be. You’re not supposed to have to put in ten times more work and get less the pay. Just conceptually understanding the game and the agendas that people have and the fact that people look at you as a commodity and not a person. Once you understand that, you don’t take things personal. It’s about adapting and understanding it.”

If  She Would ‘Allow’ Nelly To Be Friends With Tae Heckard From Here On Out:

“What? Who? I don’t know what ya’ll talking about.”

Dealing With Famous Folks Trying To Holler At Her Mom:

“It’s so annoying. I swear, since I was like 7-years old. Steve Harvey? Jay Leno? It’s really bad. He [Harvey] pushed me out the way. The first time we went to LA to do an interview, he was like, ‘Heeeey, we have Ashanti! Who that? That’s her momma? Tell her momma to come over!'”

If you have 30 minutes to spare, I would recommend checking out the interview. It had quite a few funny moments, and moments where Ashanti kept it really real about the dark side of the industry. Check it out below and share your thoughts.

Melyssa Ford Says Karrine Steffans Is The Reason Video Models Get Called “Video Hos”

January 9th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Melyssa Ford Karinne Steffans

In an interview with DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club, Blood Sweat and Heels star Melyssa Ford sat down to serve some tea on her struggle to try and get past her days as a “video vixen” and be taken more seriously in other endeavors, including TV. During the conversation, Ford brought up the fact that part of the struggle comes from the fact that people can’t seem to separate regular video models from models who sleep around on sets. She says that after Karrine Steffans wrote her book, Confessions of a Video Vixen, all video models received a bad rap. She says that it was always her plan to leave videos behind (even though she claims she was making $5,000 A DAY), but it hasn’t been easy. Here’s the tea:

Her Exit Strategy To Leave Video Modeling Behind:

[6:00 minute mark] Who would want do do that forever? Whose trying to be a 35-year-old video girl? You gotta have an exit strategy for just about everything. In terms of business, the whole point is to dominate and then leverage it and then move on to the next. Hopefully, it’s not a lateral move, hopefully, you’re moving on up. I just took my popularity and leveraged it, branded myself and started creating product: calendars, behind-the-scenes DVDs, pep posters–you name it, I slapped my name on it.  After I accummulated this fan base, then I started to solicit television opportunities. I was already on BET’s radar. A lot of what’s happened in my career has been solely based on timing.

Why Karrine Steffans Made Things Hard For All Video Models:

[8:00 minute mark] You know the answer to that. It’s kind of a book that came out. Here’s the craziest part, Karrine, I’m sure that personally she’s a lovely girl, I don’t know her personally…Here’s the truth of the matter, when I was on video sets, no one knew who this girl was. I thought she was the Snuffleupagus. I thought she was an urban myth, I didn’t think she existed because I didn’t know anyone that had ever seen her before. Her name just floated around like this big mystery. Then this book came out and it defined an entire group! Like all video vixens–hos. I was just like, ‘hold on, your story and mine are two very, very different stories.’ I was the queen of no…You really have to monitor what’s going on around you in a video set.

Of course, Ford has come a long way and she knows what she’s capable of. Go, girl! Check out her interview with The Breakfast Club below, where she also talks about her ex, Flo Rida, and his ex, Eva Marcille, who she had a light beef with. I mean, if you have 40 minutes to spare…

Janelle Monae Talks What It’s REALLY Like To Work With Diddy And Eating Pancakes With Prince

September 18th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

If you don’t already have Janelle Monae’s new album The Electric Lady, you are truly missing out. It just might be album of the year (I’m torn between it and Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience), but we still have a few months left in 2013 to figure that out. To promote the new disc, the beauty actually hit up The Breakfast Club. And while the show is usually a bit much when it comes to the questions they ask their guests, the hosts were on their best behavior. Well, for the most part (DJ Envy tried to imply she was gay but her facial expression shut that down real quick). Check out what she had to say about what it’s really like to work with Diddy and if she’s on Bad Boy, having jam sessions with Prince, and why sales do matter to her.

Is She on Bad Boy? And What It’s Like Working With Diddy:

“Diddy actually is somebody I have to credit for helping me get my career off the ground. I started my own label a few years back, the Wondaland Arts Society, and Big Boi was working with us, and Puff came down and saw what we were doing and just wanted to help. He said, ‘I don’t want to be involved creatively with anything you guys got going on, I just want the world to know about you.’ So it’s a partnership. I came into the business owning my own label.

It’s a very unique position that I’m very thankful for. I was very anti-major label. I just felt that I didn’t see myself out there. I felt that if I was going to be signed directly to this big machine I would have to change my image, my music and stuff, so I felt the most important thing was getting the music to the people, unfiltered…I’ve been in the unique position to have Puff’s support and Big Boi’s support. They’re executive producing this album. I’m here because artists helped me get to this level.”

How She Became So Close With The Purple One:

“My first nationally released EP, Metropolis, came out and he listened to it. I was actually on tour with Raphael Saadiq and he had his DJ, DJ Rasheeda, she came backstage and said, ‘I have someone who wants to talk to you’ and I’m like, ‘Okay.’ So I get on the phone and this voice…I’m going to do it in my voice, he said ‘I love your voice, I love what you’re doing, I’m happy, I’m proud,’ and ‘Do you want to come over for a jam session?’ So he invited my band and I over for a jam session. We stayed up until seven in the morning just talking and playing music. He took me on tour with him, I did Madison Square Garden and the Forum in L.A.”

Charlamagne: “Did he feed you pancakes?”

“I’ve actually had pancakes. We all did, he’s a great host. But we didn’t play basketball [laughs].

But I’m just humbled and thankful. He doesn’t appear on a lot of albums so just to have his support–again, I’m here because a community of artists have supported me.”

And Why Sales Do Mean Something To Her:

“I need ya’ll support. I have not sold a million albums or 500,000 but I think this music is worth it.”

Charlamagne: “You care about that stuff?”

“I want everybody in the entire galaxy to hear this music. I don’t write music just for myself. I write it to help inspire and heal and to move people, you know what I mean? I want the world to hear about this album.”

And the world needs to quit sleeping and open their ears because she’s one of the most talented artists we have in all of music right now. Click over to the next page to watch her 20-minute interview with Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee at Power 105.1.