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Teyana Taylor Gets Chic In ELLE Magazine’s Fall Editorial Spread

October 22nd, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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ELLE/Katie Friedman

ELLE/Katie Friedman


From StyleBlazer 

Once Teyana Taylor decided to leave the ratchetry for the birds and actually focus on her singing career, a world of opportunity has been opening up for her.

The latest power move by the singer/dancer is a full length spread in ELLE magazine shot by Katie Friedman around her native New York hood, Harlem. The ELLE crew and TT hit iconic locations like Rucker Park, 125th street, and the Big L mural and Teyana surprisingly slayed in fall’s hottest fashion looks including Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney. The singer stays true to her signature urban.

Read and see more of  Teyana Taylor’s fly spread at  

Celebs Who Broke Into The Industry After Reality Tv

September 12th, 2014 - By Kendra Koger
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Derrick Salters/

Derrick Salters/


For many people, when they first get on reality television, it’s because they feel as though they have some talent, but haven’t been discovered yet.  It’s a way to make yourself be seen by the right people.  But, too many of those people forget their reasons for getting on their chosen shows in the first place, and find themselves stuck to the allure of infamy, because it’s easier.

However, there are some people who the entertainment industry took notice of, and didn’t hold (some of) their ridiculous behavior against them.  There are also people who focused on their talent, and kept a cool head in manufactured drama.

So, here’s to these participants of reality television who the entertainment industry looked beyond the reality shows that they were on, and gave them a chance regardless.

Was Teyana Taylor Ray Rice’s Mistress?

September 11th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sources: Instagram, Corbis Images

Sources: Instagram, Corbis Images

Ray Rice has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL, but the scandal surrounding his infamous knockout tape is far from over. In addition to the NFL being probed for possibly attempting to cover up the severity of Ray’s assault, there have also been some salacious claims being made on the back end.

Earlier this week, Baller Alert shared a blind item sent from a person who seemed to be implying that Teyana Taylor and Ray Rice had been carrying on an inappropriate relationship for a few years. The snitch went on to claim that their relationship is what led to Ray assaulting his wife, Janay. The post reads:

“This young mystery singer/socialite has been involved in a lot of drama as of late but no one is aware of this. In recent news football player Ray Rice and fiancée were arrested in Atlantic City due to an altercation between the two. The altercation occurred when fiancée Janay Palmer saw texts received from the mystery socialite trying to persuade Rice to leave his family to be with her. In college Rice reportedly dated the socialite’s best friend and mother of her God child but that didn’t stop her from perusing him. Yet she has a problem when the shoe is on the other foot.

Rice has reportedly sponsored events for the socialite’s men’s fashion consulting company [name redacted]. Rice made his decision to do away with the socialite and all of her drama by marrying his long time girlfriend and mother of his child, Palmer. Word on the street is that she is also responsible for the break up between a singer and her NBA boyfriend.”

There were also several flirty tweets exchanged between Ray and Teyana that date back to 2009, and somehow resurfaced. In one particular series of tweets, Teyana teased Ray for dating “man looking girls” who are a “lil ruff in tha face.” Even rapper and reality star Joe Budden seemed to imply that he had some level of knowledge about Ray and Teyana’s affair.

Was Teyana Taylor Ray Rice's Mistress?

During a recent interview with Power 99 FM, Teyana responded to the rumors, saying:

“No one received a text from me. I had nothing to do with that. These were also the same blogs that said that I accused Colin Kaepernik of raping me and when the actual girl came out and said who she was, there was no apology to Teyana. Nobody cleaned it up. So now I’m at a point where all I can do is laugh at it. People feel like they know your life and it’s so sad, because it’s our people. This is a big matter. ESPN hasn’t said my name. No sports blogs have said my name BUT a whole bunch of OUR people. Our people who want it to be true so bad but I can’t entertain those type of things.”

She also spoke on the nature of her relationship with Ray.

“What I won’t downplay is me and Ray. We used to stay in the same building. He dated my best friend. I was on the phone with her and she was laughing like, ‘don’t even feed into that.’ I never touched that man. That’s my homie. I don’t condone what he did, and I don’t condone what his wife did. They need to work that out and figure it out, however, she shouldn’t have hit him and he shouldn’t hit her. I feel like there is a double standard because sometimes we don’t realize that a man is still a man but Ray shouldn’t have put his hands on her and she shouldn’t have put her hands on him.

I’m in a full blown relationship so don’t drag me into that. I never touched that man. What y’all not going to say is that I was the reason why that happened in that elevator.”

Watch Teyana’s full interview on the next page.

Brandon Jennings & Tae Heckard Call Off Their Engagement

September 1st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

Not that any of us were sitting around,  holding our breath and waiting for these two to actually make it down the aisle or anything, but Brandon Jennings recently confirmed that he and Tae Heckard called off their engagement. It’s unclear why the two decided to part ways, but Brandon recently tweeted a special thank you to MTO after they reported that Tae may have cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, Nelly. According to reports, Tae was sneaking around to see him behind Brandon’s back.

Brandon and Tae’s short-lived relationship was a popular one among gossip outlets considering the messy nature of it all. As you may recall, Brandon dated and was purportedly engaged to Tae’s former friend, Teyana Taylor. We imagine Teyana is probably somewhere laughing hysterically at the irony of all of this, considering that a lack of loyalty is what brought Tae and Brandon together and apparently is what caused their relationship to fall apart as well.

Confirmed: Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert Are Definitely An Item

July 16th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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A few weeks ago, we reported that there may have been a budding romance between Teyana Taylor and New York Knick Iman Shumpert. Shortly after, the actress and singer confirmed that Iman is, in fact, the mystery man that she has been spending all of this time with. During her recent “106 & Park” appearance, Teyana gushed about her new beau.

“You know, his birthday just passed,” Teyana said of a beach photo of her and Iman. “We was in Hawaii for his birthday and it was fun, you know.”

Apparently the shooting guard must be doing something right, as Teyana says she’s in a great place.

“I’m very happy. We getting it right, you know what I’m saying? He’s amazing. I can’t even stop smiling. He’s simply amazing and he never fails to amaze me.”

Teyana also spoke on the upcoming basketball season.

“This season is going to be a great season. He’s so focused. We was in Florida and I’m literally with him shooting in the gym. Watching him, he’s so focused and he’s ready. I’m ready to see him go to work.”

As you may recall, Teyana made headlines earlier this year for the intense love triangle involving her ex-friend, Tae Heckard, and ex-fiancée, Brandon Jennings.

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Is Teyana Taylor Dating Elle Varner’s Ex, Iman Shumpert?

June 26th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

Teyana Taylor clearly has a thing for professional basketball players. And Iman Shumpert obviously has a thing for R&B singers. But do they have a thing for each other? At this point we’re pretty sure that things are over between Teyana and her purported ex-fiancé, Brandon Jennings. As you may recall, the Detroit Pistons point guard is now in an exclusive relationship with Teyana’s ex-friend, Tae Heckard. Things have also been over with Iman and his R&B singer ex-girlfriend, Elle Varner, for quite some time now. Elle confirmed the split last fall on Twitter.

“I’m single….please don’t ask me a million questions I won’t answer any of them,” she tweeted.

As the saying goes, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure and it appears that Teyana and Iman may have found love with one another. While discussing her breakup from Brandon with The Breakfast Club, Teyana revealed that she was already seeing someone new.

“I’m happy. I’ve moved on. I’m so happy and the n***a I’m with right now is making me feel so beautiful,” she expressed.

Though she didn’t reveal the identity of her new beau at the time, Jill over at Jocks And Stiletto Jill may have already connected the dots. Teyana shared a very intimate photo (above) of herself with her mystery guy yesterday and captioned it, “Happy Birthday baby.. #ILoveU.” As it turns out, Iman’s birthday is today. The other clue was dropped last week when the New York Knicks shooting guard shared a video of himself vibing out to Teyana’s new single “Maybe.” So far, neither of the two have officially confirmed the relationship, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

Do you think they make a cute couple?

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“I Just Didn’t Feel Like It Was Right”: 106 & Park’s Keshia Chante Backed Out Of Lifetime’s Aaliyah Film Over Family’s Disapproval

June 25th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I did a slideshow last week on a list of women who were recommended as great candidates to play Aaliyah before and after we all heard that the Lifetime biopic was happening. Keshia Chante, the short and pretty co-host of 106 and Park (and the young lady who had that uncomfortable exchange with August Alsina on the show not long ago) was one name that came up constantly. She can sing well, and bears a little bit of a resemblance to Aaliyah. In fact, she was so convincing, that she was actually picked to play Aaliyah in a film that never completely took form, but was supposed to be directed by Dreamgirls director Bill Condon. She claimed in 2012 that the movie was halted because of a lack of support from the family:

“…there are people trying to create a movie and Aaliyah’s family are still mourning her loss and aren’t ready to share her story and create a film. So there’s a bit of back and forth thing with her family and with creative people. And I know that they would bless a movie being created, they’re just not 100 percent comfortable and unfortunately from my understanding they don’t have complete control of her estate. So a movie could technically be made without them green lighting it and I kind of think that’s unfortunate. So I want her family to be on board and to be happy with it. It’s still kind of lingering in the air.”

That film is now defunct. Instead, Chante was approached about auditioning for the Lifetime biopic, but in an Instagram post, she said that the approval of the Haughton family was always important to her, and after doing some digging, she found that the Lifetime biopic was going to go forward without the family’s input. That didn’t sit well with her.

“Now regarding the Aaliyah film, I just want to say Thank You all for the outpouring of love & support. You guys went so hard!! It’s really touching to know that you root for me! Words can’t even express. But this particular project just wasn’t for me. After learning more about the situation & how the Haughton family truly felt, I just didn’t feel like it was right. But at the end of the day, this is just one, of what will be many movies on Babygirl’s life. So maybe one day, if it’s the right circumstance, timing & I get the blessing, I’ll choose to be a part of something. Until then, keep #Aaliyah‘s legacy alive & positive! And support my girl Zendaya who is just living out her dreams & working hard to do so! xo KC”

Chante isn’t the first person who was associated with the movie and then backed out because of the family’s wishes. Teyana Taylor also auditioned for the role, but opted against continuing on with the process when she heard that the family wasn’t involved.

Is it wrong to take a role in a biopic, knowing that the family of the late subject isn’t on board with it?

Turns Out, Teyana Taylor Tried Out To Play Aaliyah In That Lifetime Biopic Too…[Watch]

June 19th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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While the beautiful and talented Zendaya Coleman nabbed the part of Aaliyah in the Lifetime biopic –which has already been targeted with a petition, and is also a production that the Haughton family is NOT feeling and plans to try and stop – there were quite a few also very talented young women who threw their hat in the ring for the chance to portray the singer. Turns out, Teyana Taylor was one of those women.

One of her good friends, a choreographer named Tyrone, posted the following videos of Taylor on his Instagram. He says that Taylor tried out for the role, but backed out of the audition process after finding out that Aaliyah’s family weren’t involved in the movie and disapproved of it. But he says that had she stuck it out, she most likely would have been cast as the singer because she was just that good.

“I know teyana is gona be mad at me for posting her audition clips but i honestly feel no one deserves this role more then her . She embraces Aaliyah dancing , acting and singing. (Which I’ll be posting all 3parts) but unfortunately @teyanataylor heard that Aaliyah’s family isn’t involved & she no longer wanted to be apart of the film. Here’s part 1 The dancing .”

“Here’s Part2:The acting”

“Here’s Part3: The singing.”

On the dancing and singing front, Taylor did a great job in these audition clips. As for the monologue aspect, well, she tried her best…

There has been no response as of yet from Taylor about her friend putting all of this out there on her behalf, but it seems like he had good intentions.

All in all, Coleman will play Aaliyah, and I think she’ll do a good job–IF the film actually is allowed to go into production. But what did you think of Taylor’s audition clips? Talk about it below.

How NOT To Break Up: A Little Bit Of Dignity And Respect Goes A Long Way

May 13th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

For the past couple of weeks, messy headlines that tell of the love train known as Floyd Mayweather, Shantel Jackson, Nelly, Ashanti, Tae Heckard, Brandon Jennings and Teyana Taylor have been shared across media outlets. While so much can be said about the über eventful love lives of these well-known people, there are also plenty of lessons to be learned. One of those lessons being, how NOT to break up.

Floyd Mayweather and ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson, made news after he attempted to embarrass Jackson by uploading medical paperwork to Instagram, accompanied by a caption that pointed to an abortion as the reason for their split.

“The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies.#ShantelJackson#FloydMayweather#TheMoneyTeam#TMT.”

Shortly after, the boxing champion released a dated photo of Shantel and joked that he wanted a refund for all of the cosmetic surgery that he paid to have performed on her.

“…@missjackson Before all the plastic surgery I had to pay for. I’m an Indian giver I want my money back LOL…#PlasticSurgery #TMT,” he wrote.

Despite the seemingly misplaced LOLs tacked at the end of his messages, his antics reeked of a heartbroken man who lacks a constructive way of dealing with his feelings. He was hurt that their relationship didn’t work out (and possibly that she terminated her pregnancy), and since he was unsure whether or not she was feeling the same way, he set out to inflict pain on her as well. He sought to publicly humiliate and degrade her, possibly hoping that he would feel better after the fact. But in the end, it’s highly unlikely that he did. It’s believed that Shantel’s recent revelation that she’s romantically involved with Nelly is what sent Floyd over the edge. But in the end, he only made himself look bitter, vindictive and emotionally unstable. Blasting or attempting to “expose” an ex after a breakup is rarely, if ever, the move.

But Mayweather isn’t the only offender here when it comes to how not to break up. There’s also something to be learned from the actions of Detroit Pistons star Brandon Jennings. In case you’ve already checked out of this messy web of love and lies because it’s way too much to digest, allow me to catch you up to speed. Jennings and Teyana Taylor were an item, off and on, for nearly six years (according to her timeline). The two were even allegedly engaged. Recently, Jennings began claiming actress and model Lashontae Heckard as his new girlfriend, and even fiancée. Problem 1: Heckard was actually a friend of Taylor’s. Problem 2: According to Taylor, Jennings began to seriously downplay their relationship on social media once he got with Heckard.

“On Twitter he said he’s been single for three years,” Teyana said during a recent interview. Brandon knows, the world knows, I know that we were engaged. That was very public. We were engaged at the Madea premiere.

I feel no real man should ever downplay anything, whether it’s me, his baby’s mother, anything. Don’t downplay your past relationships to build a platform. If she loved you for who you are or liked you for who you are, then she’s gonna like your regardless. You don’t need to downplay me. I was disappointed. I felt betrayed because of everything we’ve been through on and off for six years.”

Some speculate that Jennings simply wanted to get back at Taylor for ending their relationship, while others speculate that he made their relationship seem insignificant to make his new lady feel secure. Either way, trying to diminish or downplay the role a person once played in your life simply because things didn’t work out is also a really immature thing to do.

Breaking up has always been hard to do, but there’s no reason for it to get so ugly. The name calling, taking to social media, and downplaying the roles of the person you once couldn’t get enough of isn’t necessary–and you’re not fooling anybody. Maturity is everything. And if your ex is the one seeking to get a rise out of you, remember this quote from Rachel Wolchin: “Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.” Get it? Got it? Good.

What do you think? What are some other things that people should avoid doing after a break-up?

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Tae Heckard Claims She Was NEVER Friends With Teyana Taylor; Taylor Reveals Texts And Heckard’s Number In Response

May 12th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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tae teyana

We told you on Friday that Brandon Jennings responded to Teyana Taylor’s very revealing Breakfast Club interview, where she claimed that she was betrayed by Tae Heckard, who is now engaged to Jennings, a Detroit Pistons star that Taylor used to date. She claimed that they were engaged, and that Jennings took her virginity, and considering that Taylor considered Heckard a friend, she was bothered that not only was Heckard dating her ex, but that the two were engaged, and Taylor had to find out on blogs. In a string of Tweets, Jennings basically told people not to believe everything they hear, to come for him and NOT his new lady, and that Taylor just needed to let the situation go.

But now, Heckard is speaking for herself.

She went to Instagram and posted a message this morning, which basically said that Heckard and Taylor weren’t ever actually friends, before she took it down:



Taylor would go on to respond to Heckard by posting text messages between the two, where they definitely talked to each other like people very comfortable with one another. Taylor would also go as far as to post Heckard’s phone number so people knew it was her. This is what Taylor said on Twitter:

Tae II

Courtesy of Baller Alert

@taeheckard are these texts photoshopped? You remember this convo?


Taylor also said this on Twitter about exposing Heckard’s phone number: “Sorry I didn’t mean to post her number but facts is facts. Tae kno wassup”

*Deep sigh*

Taylor has a new single coming out tomorrow called “Maybe” with Pusha T and Yo Gotti, and from the snippets I hear, it’s going to be hot. So for that reason alone, I just want her to focus on her music and her talent, and less on speaking about and responding to the foolishness of people who aren’t helping to take her career to the next level, or bringing any positivity to her. Especially considering that she has a new man in her life. Let Jennings have Heckard have each other.