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Diggy Simmons, Teyana Taylor and Bria Murphy Cast In BET Series, ‘The Start Up’

April 11th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

A couple of years ago BET announced that former “Run’s House” star Daniel “Diggy” Simmons would be starring in a new entourage-like pilot called “The Untitled Diggy Simmons Project”.  The pilot was going to be directed by Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil. According to a description provided by the network, the movie would “take an edgy look at Simmons’ life as a blogger and his group of friends that support him during his rise to the top.”

Though two years have passed since the network’s original announcement, it looks like the pilot is still going to happen and will eventually be turned into a series. The title has since been changed to “The Start Up”. Diggy announced the big news to Instagram and Twitter followers earlier this week.

“Not only have I been excited about this new music that’s on the way, I’m also very excited to announce that I have a new scripted television show titled #TheStartUp that has been picked up by @BET and is be going to series,” he wrote. “Last night was the @BET Upfronts and I was accompanied by 2 of my beautiful cast mates @TeyanaTaylor and @Bria_Murphy to represent the show. I’m super excited to be apart of the BET family and can’t wait for everyone to see #TheStartUp! Last night marked a historical day in our journey.. And we’re only going up from here! Thank you Ms. Debra Lee!”

Diggy Simmons, Teyana Taylor and Bria Murphy cast in BET series, "The Start Up".

Source: Twitter

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in watching?

MN Exclusive: Adidas Ends Relationship With Teyana Taylor — “We Don’t Condone Violence Of Any Kind”

December 4th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Teyana Taylor Adidas Partnership Over

Source: WENN

Earlier this week there were rumors floating around that G.O.O.D Music artist Teyana Taylor had been dropped from her Adidas deal, considering the shoe that was expected to drop on Black Friday never happened. At the time, Teyana’s publicist denied the news, saying:

Teyana has not been dropped, the sneaker is on hold, no other comments or statement is ready to be issued at this time.

Finding it odd that no definitive statement from Adidas had been made on the matter, we reached out to the sneaker brand for a comment and that’s when they told us Teyana has in fact been dropped from her deal. A Senior PR Manager for the corporation wrote to us in an email:

“We have ended our relationship with Teyana Taylor and do not have any upcoming product launches with her.”

When asked whether the decision was based on Teyana’s altercation with Rihanna and if the petition calling for Adidas and Reebok to eliminate the endorsement factored into the decision at all, the rep added:

“All I can say is that adidas partners with athletes and artists who blend well with our brand values.  We evaluate our relationships with partners based on the values we hold at adidas and we don’t condone violence of any kind.”

In other words, yes. This news is unfortunate considering Rihanna was the initial antagonist in this drama. We’re sure you remember how Rihanna and Teyana’s beef spiraled out of control within minutes on Twitter after Rihanna posted an Instagram video mocking Teyana’s cover of “Rapture of Love.” After warning Rihanna, “Don’t let twitter get you F-CKED UP!!!!,” Teyana went on to post this picture, which we can only speculate was the final nail in her endorsement coffin.


Considering the success of Teyana’s Harlem GLC sneaker release earlier this year, we imagine it will only be a matter of time before another brand gives her an opportunity like this again. But in the meantime, word to the wise: Do not let Rihanna get you caught up in these streets. Unfortunately her victim’s losses always seem to be greater than hers.

Hours After Rihanna Drops “Pour It Up” Clip, Teyana Taylor Shows The World How To Really Twerk

October 3rd, 2013 - By IndigoBlack
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Teyana Taylor twerks

You’re probably thinking that she needs to go sit down somewhere, but I’m trying to get Teyana Taylor to teach me some moves after she dropped an Instagram video of herself twerking to New Orleans bounce music last night. The 16-second clip (there’s actually two) came just a few hours after Rihanna released the video for “Pour It Up.” In those visuals, Rih Rih and her crew of talented pole dancers shake one butt cheek at a time, and as Ms. Fenty said, they even twerk on water: “I bet you never seen b***hes twerk on water!”

But out of the blue, Taylor decided to drop a couple of clips of her toned self dropping it low to some bounce music, as well as to some Drake. And say what you want, but the gal definitely can dance. I wouldn’t call it a “diss” against anyone, but she shows folks how twerking is really done. She even jokes about her own moves on Instagram by captioning one video with the hashtag, “#TuckDatLilButtIn.”

Check out the clips of the First Lady of G.O.O.D. Music shaking a leg with her friends and let us know what you think.  She definitely held it down for us ladies in the lil butt crew!

The Hotheads Of Harlem: 9 Uptown Celebrities Who Will Put You In Check

September 26th, 2013 - By IndigoBlack
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Jim jones

After watching the drama unfold between Rihanna and Teyana Taylor on Twitter this week, I learned two things: 1. Rihanna really likes to nitpick at people. 2. Teyana Taylor is extremely trill to be so tiny. While folks like Ciara, Karreuche Tran, and more have all cowered back in the corner when they’ve had to deal with the Bajan bad girl, Taylor held nothing back (though she did get a little too fired up). But I’m not really surprised. TT is from Harlem, and Uptown folks don’t play that. Don’t believe me? Check out these nine other Harlem-ites who are quick to put somebody in their place and maybe snatch a wig or two in the process.

UPDATE: Petition Made To Strip Teyana Taylor Of Adidas Deal After Rihanna Spat; One To Strip Rihanna Of MAC Deal Pops Up

September 26th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Teyana Taylor

Photo Credit:

I really don’t know how to feel about this here petition. I can understand the idea of not making light of domestic abuse victims, and it’s very wrong, but honestly, something about this petition just comes off a bit ridiculous. Must we come for people’s livelihood?

After this week’s extremely intense Twitter row between Teyana Taylor and Rihanna, it seems that folks are trying to hit Taylor’s pockets. A petition has been put in place asking Adidas to have Taylor fired as the face of some of their shoes. If you weren’t aware, Taylor actually has a deal with Adidas to design two pairs of sneakers for their brand. Her first pair, the Harlem GLC, are said to hold the record for being the fastest selling sneakers in Adidas Originals history. Her second pair, which she debuted on her Instagram, are due out in November, and sneakerheads are already drooling on her page.

So with all that in line, this isn’t a good time for people to start coming for that child’s check. But after posting that picture of her face posted on the body of Mayweather beating up Canelo with Rihanna’s battered face (from the Chris Brown incident) transposed on him, some folks are up in arms. Here’s what the petition says, which was made by one Jan Brown.

Miss Taylor first (before the image above) started sending abusive and offensive tweets/retweets to Rihanna for over a period of 8 hours. This is not about RIHANNA, this is about all the ABUSED WOMEN of the world being MOCKED! IT IS A SHAME that ADIDAS seems to be endorsing @TEYANATAYLOR!

We demand that you do the right thing and terminate her contract and send a strong message to your consumers! Letting one of your sponsors mock a domestic violence victim discourages your female customers from speaking out against their abusers!!!

As of this moment (12:19 p.m.), the petition already has 1, 787 supporters out of the 2,500 they are looking for. Petitions these days (not all, but some) have been instrumental in getting shows like All My Babies Mamas and other forms of foolery taken off the air and put out of business, but will the same happen to Taylor?

Was she wrong for posting the picture? Of course. But I might be one of a very few people who just doesn’t think that a picture she put up for a short while and then took back down after feeling publicly humiliated and disrespected by Rihanna (and her thousands of fans) is worth losing a profitable partnership with Adidas–aka, her job.  She’s 22. She’ll make dumb decisions, but should she lose the endorsement because of it? Let us know what you think.

UPDATE: Coincidentally, there is now a petition for Rihanna to be dropped from MAC for bullying. So I see folks are just doing the absolute most on that site this week…


Hairstylist From Rihanna’s Teyana Taylor Diss Video Speaks: Rih Rih ‘Could Care less’

September 26th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Hairstylist from Rihanna's

Source: Twitter

For two days the Twitterverse has been buzzing with news of Tuesday’s social media squabble between former friends Rihanna and Teyana Taylor. As you may recall, the disagreement began after Rihanna shared a video of her hairstylist, Yusef Williams, wearing a black wig and singing Anita Baker’s “Caught Up In the Rapture Of Love”— a song that Teyana posted a video of herself singing just days prior. After Teyana confronted Rihanna, things got pretty ugly. Now Yusef is speaking out, claiming that the video was never meant to disrespect Teyana.

“Honestly, I just finished making the wig. I started making the video. It was amazing, no malicious intent towards Teyana. I just think it was uncalled for. Teyana killed that song,” Yusef told EnStarz.

He went on to say that the video is all in fun and that Rihanna really isn’t worried about Teyana .

“She [Rihanna] could care less. It was funny. Thats whats so funny. It wasn’t like that. She doesn’t care., that’s her personality.”

As for Teyana’s recent claims that her former friend is a cyberbully, Yusef says it’s definitely an exaggeration.

“It turned into this big drama, but I guess it was all good at the end of the day to help with her new album. A little publicity doesn’t hurt good or bad these days.”

It all seems so high school. What do you think of Yusef’s response?

‘She’s A Cyberbully!’ Teyana Taylor Talks To Hot 97 About Rihanna Twitter Feud

September 25th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Teyana Taylor discusses Rihanna Twitter feud

Source: WENN

Yesterday former frenemies Rihanna and Teyana Taylor got into one of the biggest celebrity Twitter wars in history. Cryptic messages and subliminal tweets went out of the window when Teyana decided that she’d had enough of her former friend and began calling out the “Diamonds” singer by name. In case you missed it, the huge blowout was initiated by Rihanna, who for some reason, felt the need to post a video poking fun at Teyana’s singing abilities. In no time, the ladies were going at it. This of course, wouldn’t be the first time that Rih Rih has taken to social media to attack a fellow singer with her mean girl antics. Today Teyana called popular New York radio station, Hot 97, to discuss the feud. During her interview,  Teyana revealed that Rih Rih’s stab came totally out of left field.

“I don’t understand this either,” Teyana said of Rihanna’s random attack. “I’ve been in the studio, minding my business, staying focused or whatever. And one day, which was yesterday, I randomly was on my Instagram page and I had heard that she made a video. I went to Twitter, someone sent me the video and I just thought it was really harsh,” she continued.

Teyana went on to say that she’s 100% sure that Rihanna was coming for her when she posted the video.

“It’s like, you got a dude singing “Caught Up In The Rapture Of Love,” with big hair, a snapback and some Jordans on and I just sung that a week ago. It ain’t no coinky dink. For her to go and put out a video like that, it ain’t no coinky dink. “Caught Up In The Rapture Of Love” ain’t a recent song. She knew what she was doing.”

The New York City native also blamed Rih Rih’s die-hard fans, better known as her “Navy,” for condoning her cyberbully rampages.

“I know her very well.  Her fans allow and condone her behavior. She does this to everybody. It’s not always fun and games all of the time. You do it, you get away with it. You tried me. You clapped and I clapped back. That’s what that was. You didn’t think it would go as far as it did, but you can’t do that to everybody. Sometimes you’re going to bark up the wrong tree.”

Though she complimented Rihanna for her musical talents, Teyana argued that being talented doesn’t give a person a free pass to be a bully.

“I think she is a cyberbully. I really do. I think she has dope music, I’m not no hater. Dope music is dope music. She’s a pretty girl, but that don’t mean that you can just bully anybody. It don’t work like that.”

Check out Teyana’s full interview on the next page.

*Update* “I Hate Broke B!tches” Rihanna Compares Her Networth To Teyana Taylor’s

September 24th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Rihanna And Teyana Taylor

And here we were thinking Rihanna and Teyana Taylor were cool. Well, I guess things change. Here’s how it all went down.

Two weeks ago, Teyana posted this Instagram video of herself singing Anita Baker’s “Caught Up In The Rapture.”

If you ain’t know, Teyana can sing a little bit. But apparently, Rihanna and her crew tend to disagree because just  6 hours ago Rihanna posted this video of her male hair dresser Yusef singing the same song, (right where Teyana left off as a matter of fact), in a long wavy wig and a snap back. Classic Teyana.

See for yourself.

And she captioned it: “Bitches be like…yasssss.”

Now usually Rihanna shade leaves a bit more open for interpretation but this right here seems like shots directly fired at Teyana.

Either way, Ms. Taylor didn’t take to kindly to it and essentially told Rihanna, via Twitter of course, “run up get done up.” Maybe that’s not the exact sentiment but I always wanted to use that phrase. Here’s what she actually said:

Don’t play wit me rihanna f-ck all this industry sh-t, YOU & I know each other VERY well. Throwing subs 4 wat? u got my #, don’t show off.

y’all could bully everybody else & get away wit that sh-t but that sh-t ain’t gone work ova here. so y’all could miss me with that NAVY sh-t

i sing caught in the rapture on IG then she posts her boy singing the same song, the same part, with curly hair and a snap back???

petty is petty and shade is shade, b!tch knew what the f**k she was doing.

And then just for good measure she posted the following picture on her Instagram account.
teyana taylor instagram
Yeah, that’s a run up get done up for real. We’re sure it’ll only be a matter of time before Rihanna “Clapback” Fenty responds.  We’ll keep you posted.
And just as we suspected Rihanna continued the discussion, sans an @ mention on Twitter.

Screaming in an empty room! #dontfeedtheanimals

I REFUSE to help your career…you will NOT get an @ from me! Not til you pay me! #iRefuse

I hate broke b-tches.

And then Teyana…

Don’t let twitter get you F-CKED UP!!!!

Melissa & Robyn never been about that life. Them b-tches know wassuppp!

Sh-t I Hate Broke B-tches Too.

You Used To F-ckn With B-tches Knowing They NOT Gon Clap Back #yougonelearntoday #shortywhereyourheartat @rihanna

Let me stop y’all know RiRi punk A$$ be pressing charges

Even though Rihanna refuses mention Teyana, it didn’t stop her from coming for her pockets. Check out the current background image behind Rihanna’s Twitter bio.
Source Twitter

Source Twitter

Dang! Why did you have to come for her pockets Rih Rih? Sigh… it’s just not fair.

But…not to be outdone, Teyana had an image of her own.
Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Daaaanggggg…low blow.

Abs Of Steel: Teyana Taylor Shows Off Her Summer Body (Again) For Complex Magazine

August 21st, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Remember a few months ago when Teyana Taylor was posting behind-the-scenes photos of her sickening beach body on the set of an upcoming photoshoot? There were abs and buns of steel everywhere! That was for Complex, and the full photos from the beautiful Miami beach photoshoot are now available for all to see thanks to photographer David Cabrera. Taylor was snapped in a variety of hot beachwear, most of which showcased her toned arms and legs, as well as those perfect abs. With their August/September issue now out on stands, it’s not too clear when or if this photoshoot will be featured in an upcoming Complex issue, but you have the chance to check out what the beauty (who sings and models and is known in some circles as a socialite) is working with. Check out more of the gorgeous photos on the next page and let us know what you think. This baby better work!

Beach Body Envy! Teyana Taylor Shows Off Her Flawless Fit Frame On The Set Of Her Complex Shoot

June 14th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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I’m just really ready to be on a beach. Hence all these posts of very fabulous celebrities looking even more fabulous in their swimsuits, flexing the muscles they’ve been working for all winter and spring. This time around, I had to show some love to Teyana Taylor, the singer and “socialite” (where did that title come from?) who posted pictures on Instagram from the set of her upcoming spread in Complex in an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikini that showed off her killer abs, toned arms and curves. And I always knew she had a mean six-pack, but she often keeps her body covered up in sweats and sneakers. But that body is fabulous and fit, and it reminds me that after I stuff my face because it’s Friday, it’s back to the gym for me! As for Taylor, after having a successful shoe collaboration with Adidas with the Harlem GLC shoe (she allegedly holds the record for fastest selling sneakers in Adidas Originals history), she’s working on another pair of sneakers, and putting together her debut album that she will release under Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label.

Check out more images from before and during her Complex shoot on the next page and let us know what you think. She looks awesome!

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