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10 Startups Revving The Tech World

July 23rd, 2014 - By Lauryn Stallings
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Tech matters. And the best new thing about tech are startups. These small, burgeoning teams of Ivy League dropouts and charismatic leaders mash-up necessity and technology to bring innovative apps, products and services to the smartphone clutching public. Yet with so many LLCs and registered trademarks flooding the marketplace, it’s no cinch to decide who to keep in an open tab. The next 110 companies are startups getting the support that makes them likely to excel.

Tech Start-Ups Thrive Outside of Silicon Valley

February 22nd, 2013 - By Tonya Garcia
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Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP/dapd

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP/dapd

Of course, tech start-ups in Silicon Valley are finding lots of success. But there are a number of other cities that are also becoming fertile ground for burgeoning technology businesses.

According to data provided by Thomson Reuters and the MoneyTree Report by PwC and compiled by National Venture Capital Association, San Francisco and San Jose, CA are the two top cities in the U.S. for technology start-ups. But coming in at number three is New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and other New York government officials started a big push in 2011 to make the Big Apple a hub, not just for industries the city has been known for. It has been building a reputation as the place for tech start-ups on the East Coast.

“Part of this is that many of the traditional industries in which New York has always been a leader — like financial services, and retail, and business services — are more and more becoming high-tech industries as well,” Sen. Schumer said at the time.

Mashable also credits companies like Facebook and Google, which have set up offices in New York, for boosting its tech cred.

Coming in number four on the list is Boston, which, according to (the site originally posted this information) is a venture capital hub and is seeing a lot of activity in the healthcare and IT spaces. That city is also aided by the prestigious schools that call the city home. For instance, according to, MIT grads are jumping into a lot of startups.

And finally, number five is Los Angeles, which is, naturally, seeing a lot of activity in the media and entertainment area.

Digital Diva 2.0 Helps Women Excel in Tech

February 8th, 2012 - By Charlotte Young
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Former journalist Dee Daniels is a woman with a certain talent for developing business initiatives. In 2004 she created Noir Woman News, a monthly news insert published in the Chicago Sun-Times. This business soon transformed into Noir Woman Ad Network, a website designed to give African American women a voice in the community. With her newest venture, Digital Diva 2.0 Women in Technology, Daniels hopes to assist women of all races. Chicago Business reports that Digital Diva 2.0 is designed to give aspiring women tech entrepreneurs a platform to network.

Daniels knows first-hand how difficult it was to start a business and how clueless she was when she first started. The 48-year-old Chicago resident saw how fast the tech scene was growing in Chicago and observed the lack of support for women.

“Through my business, I started running into a lot of women who were involved in technology — developers and coders and women who were creating sites — and everybody was saying, ‘There’s nothing here for us as a group,’” Daniels tells Chicago Business.

In efforts to remedy the problem, Daniels decided to step in and create a company to help these women entrepreneurs. Her business is much more than a women technology news site; it’s also a woman accelerator for start-ups in Chicago. In addition Daniels’ company brings women together to network and find support over panel discussions and events and also spotlights women in the industry.

“Ultimately, we want this to be a monthly place where people can come and get the resources they need. The events are the second Monday of every month,” she said.

So far Daniels has events lined up and available on Digital Diva for any interested women entrepreneurs. More importantly, she hopes that women realize just how valuable the internet is in starting business.

“When you have a bad economy like we do, online is probably one of the least expensive ways to start a business, yet women are more consumer-driven online than we are in building businesses,” she said to Chicago Business.

“I would like to see that change. A lot of that is because women don’t see the Internet as a business. Yet it’s not just a social environment. Somebody is making money off of us, so why are we not getting some of that money?”

Tech Start-Ups: Act Like You’re Selling T-Shirts

July 12th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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(Business Insider) — The emotional bond with a brand is permanent…like a tattoo.  The building blocks of modern programming languages, (X)aaS and the simple integration of social mean anyone can build a product or service cheaply and quickly — original or knockoff.  Good ideas will be copied so founders should leverage the technology ecosystem in hyper-efficient construction of brands that can emerge as category killers. To create significant enterprise value web start-ups need to think like a T-shirt company and build an emotional connection with the consumer that transcends the product.

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Tech Boom Hits New York

May 27th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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(Wall Street Journal) — Two years ago, the founders of eyewear company Warby Parker entered their idea in a business-plan contest—and lost. This spring, the 15-month-old New York venture had to fight off would-be investors jockeying to write it a check. One firm was so desperate to invest in the company that its employees showed up at Warby’s offices four times in 24 hours, following up a dinner with offers of free breakfast and lunch.  “The more we tell these guys we don’t need their money, the more they want us,” co-founder David Gilboa said.  It’s official: The Internet gold rush is spreading east. A decade after the tech bubble burst and brought down Silicon Alley, investors are crowding back into New York’s start-up scene, pumping funds into companies like fashion website Gilt Groupe Inc., which now commands a $1 billion valuation, private-company trading system SecondMarket Inc. and location-based networking business Foursquare Labs Inc.

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MC Hammer Headed to Silicon Valley

April 22nd, 2011 - By TheEditor
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(Wall Street Journal) — Rapper MC Hammer has done a lot of things since breaking into the neon limelight of the mid-‘80s.  The entertainer also became an ordained preacher, a reality TV show producer, a record label CEO, the co-founder of start-up, and most recently an angel investor in Square Inc., Bump Technologies Inc. and a handful of other tech start-ups.  Now the Bay Area native is helping a batch of start-ups get it started through a new summer mentoring program for start-ups.

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Changes Afoot in Manhattan Tech Corridor

December 6th, 2010 - By TheEditor
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(Wall Street Journal) — Google Inc.’s interest in a downtown Manhattan office building comes at a time of big changes in a little-known technology corridor that’s vital to Wall Street and the city’s telecommunications and Internet businesses.  It was revealed last week that Google had signed a contract to buy the behemoth building at 111 Eighth Ave. in a deal valued at $1.9 billion. Google is the largest tenant, occupying about 500,000 of its 2.9 million square feet. The building houses telecom companies like Sprint and Verizon, which are attracted by its proximity to underground fiber cable critical for transmitting high-speed data. The telecom companies, in turn, have attracted another category of tenant in recent years: businesses that transmit stock market and other financial data so fast that enormous sums can be made by shaving milliseconds off the delivery time.

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