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Tattooed in the Name of Love: Celebs Who Probably Regret The Ink They Got For Their Ex

October 21st, 2012 - By Brooke Dean
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There was a time when I thought getting a tattoo was an act of rebellion, or maybe a way to express myself…but never about expressing my love for someone else. But nowadays, folks are using body art to show their undying love for the man or woman of their dreams…until their dream becomes a nightmare – and celebrities are not exempt. Love doesn’t always last, so it’s a good thing there’s laser removal available. And since Hollywood romances can fade before the ink dries, you’d think they’d be more careful about permanently professing their love on their bodies. These stars thought getting tatted up meant forever…until forever had gone away. Before you have his name scripted on your bottom, consider these celebs who regretted getting inked up in the name of love.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon Get Matching Tat’s For Whitney’s Bday

August 9th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Today, Whitney Houston would have turned 49 years old, and though the singer is no longer with her adoring fans or family, her daughter Bobbi Kristina and her partner Nick Gordon got something to remember her legacy forever: matching tattoos.

Bobbi sent out these tweets yesterday honoring her mother and detailing her ink plans:

I’m REALLY REALLY missing my mommy today . 2morrow is #MOMMYSBDAY of course. Once it hits 12 am mommy it’s your birthday & I am going 2 celebrate it 2 thee fullest! Bc YOU deserve it damn it, YOU deserveNothingbuttheBEST!

On the way with MY booboo @nickdgordon :) heading2 #Inksomnia for our TATTSSS !this is for you mommy (: we love you, happybirthday OurladyXxo

You all will get2see! No worries :) we’ll show you & so will our #Realityshow ! #TheHoustonChronicals! Make sure you look out for it nxt yr!

Tat tat tatted YURP.. ;) now your truly ALWAYS with us mommy (: we love you @nickdgordon always&forever{<3} 

The last pic revealed the matching “WH” tats above, symbolizing Whitney Houston, her faith, and her memory.

Since midnight, Bobbi has also been trying to get #HAPPY49thBIRTHDAYMOMMY trending on Twitter. Hopefully she’s comforted by the support of her family and followers on this bittersweet day.

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How Old Is Too Old To Still Be Getting Tattoos? And Why You Should Think Twice About WHAT You Get…

July 9th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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So I was having a conversation a while back with a colleague of mine as we were heading to lunch. We weren’t talking about anything business related, the state of the world, politics, or anything deep whatsoever, we were just having a back and forth about tattoos. I told her I had this idea that I stole from a former hairdresser of mine to put an afro pick on my wrist, and she was going on about a tattoo she wanted to get on the back of her shoulder, but in the midst of being all starry eyed about the idea, she shunned it off and said she wasn’t actually going to get it at this point. When I asked her why, she said because she was too old to still try and run to the tattoo parlor to get “tatted up.” She also made it known that at a certain point, if you’re going to keep getting tattoos, you need to make better decisions as to where you’re going to put them, and why you’re getting them in the first place.

At a mere 28, I didn’t really understand what she meant by being too old. Was she too old for the practice of sitting in pain for 45 minutes to an hour or more for ink? Or was she saying there comes a certain age where women just need to stop trying to do the most when it comes to being creative with their skin? She broke down that she meant the latter. As one who can often appreciate interesting tattoos, I hadn’t stopped to think that being over a certain age and still getting tattoos was deemed tacky, nor had I thought about how a huge tattoo will look on the skin when you get older, when things on your body spread, and when you have to start showing up for school functions for your kids. Therefore, I just assumed she was being overly-cautious in her reasoning, but to each their own.

But as time passed, the more I looked around at other people’s tattoos, and the more people started to notice my own, I could somewhat see where she was coming from. Around town, I was peeping out women in the over 40, even over 50 club with huge roses and markings on their thighs, cursive letters, cherries (dripping at that…ewwwww), huge crosses and more on their arms (arms that were probably bigger than they used to be, hence, some of the tattoos were stretched), and I even noticed an aunt who was toting a tattoo of a dark cross on her bicep. Really Auntie? All of these women’s markings were damn near larger than life, and after a few years of being the talk of the town during lunch dates and outings with the girls I’m sure, nowadays they were faded like an old pair of dark dungarees.

With the temperature shooting higher and higher over the past week, I ditched jeans and regular shirts for maxi dresses, racerback tops and stuff that would just let my skin breath. Before I knew it, after kicking it around town with friends, people were asking me about a tattoo I had almost forgot about that’s on my back. I got it fresh out of high school after I hit that, I’m-18-and-grown-I-do-what-I-want” phase. While I definitely don’t regret getting it as it was for a family member, I regret that I got it so large and done so dramatically and intricate design-wise that I have to explain what every single aspect of it says and means:

Friend: “I didn’t know you had a tattoo! *Starts trying to read it* For the loving memento…”

Me: “Naw girl, that’s “In Loving Memory with wind blowing around it! You know, like…nevermind.”

I’m going to have to explain the story about this tattoo for the rest of my life…or during the summertime at least…

I started to understand what she meant about getting too old to for tattoos and the importance of making smarter choices when and if you decide to get them. It made me rethink my own decisions to continue acquiring more and more tattoos, as what might seem creative now might have me shaking my damn head 10 years from now. I have ideas for days, and I’ve had places picked out for a long time too, but after some thought, my heart is just no longer into being a human drawing pad. I’ll cherish the ones I have now (even the confusing one on my back) and call it a day. A few tattoos are cool for the person who wants to try it and say that they did, but for all the chicks I know running around with sleeves and legs covered in things they can barely put into sensible words, I’ll just say, good luck explaining why you have “Slippery When Wet” on your lower stomach or “Bad Girl” on your lower back to your nosey kid in the future.

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Don’t Even Ink About It: 7 Places Women Should Not Get Tattoos

May 29th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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Tattoos can be Hot, fun and rebellious but here’s seven places a woman should never get a tattoo!

7. Breasts

Before you think about getting a rose or a name tatted on your boobs think about how you’ll never be able to wear low cut shirts without someone seeing that ever again.

6. A$$

Tatts on the A$$ cheeks are never a good idea. It just looks plain tacky and

5. Thigh

The first way to ruin a classy moment is a big tattoo on your thigh in your dress or gown.

Check out the rest of the list at Hello

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Shorty Wanna Be a Thug?

January 25th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Apparently, Rihanna is channeling her inner Tupac with her latest inking. The word “thug” on one hand and the word “life” on the other. We should mention that we’re not sure whether these markings are permanent or not.

What a pop singer from the islands knows about “thug life,” I don’t know. But it’s her body, not mine. (Thank God.)

Check out pics from tattoo parlor visit at Necole

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Terribly Tatted Up: When Celebrities Get Ratchet Tattoos for the Ones They Love

January 18th, 2012 - By IndigoBlack
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Photo courtesy of

You have probably already heard about the new tattoo Chris Brown has (stans would say it’s old, but who’s keeping up with the dates?). To show his love for girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Brown got a tattoo of the young lady’s face on his arm. And you know there’s nothing that says I love you like permanent tattoos of a person you’re not even married to…(*sarcasm*). If you’ve followed any of our tattoo stories from back in the day, you know it’s a horribly bad idea to get a tattoo of the person you’re with, whether it’s their name or their face–anything = bad idea. Just because you’re with them now doesn’t mean you’ll be with them forever, and who needs a constant reminder of something that didn’t work?

But with all the money Chris has, I’m sure he could get that removed if worse came to worse (or if he got back with Rihanna). And speaking of tattoo removal, he’s not the first celeb to get a random tattoo on them for the one they love. Just take a look at the following folks who need to go ahead and burn their symbols of love off. Notice how most of these folks are men. We told you: when men love, they love HARD.

(*Note: Shout outs to the late Amy Winehouse’s “Blake” tattoo, which was on the list originally.)

Barbie Gets Tattoos and Parents Go Berzerk: Really, What’s the Big Deal?

October 25th, 2011 - By IndigoBlack
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Barbie has just been wilding out over these past few years, huh folks? I’m not mad at it though. While the Mattel doll has always been pretty controversial, over the years, things have become a bit too real for some people. She’s had pregnant friends, had a tramp stamp on her back, inflatable boobs, and now, she’s covered in ink! On top of that, the edgy Barbie also has a pink bob (is that Nicki’s wig??)  and wears Hot Topic-esque clothing with a side of leopard print.

The doll costs about $50, and according to Mattel, is marketed at adults who are fans of collecting the miniature women. As the brand said in a statement, “Barbie has been dressed by more than 70 fashion designers over the years. Many of Barbie’s most pop-culture couture outfits have been designed for the adult doll collector.” While the doll may seem cool for older people, many parents are NOT feeling this new look for a doll that will be seen by their kids. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Queens father Tom Gurry said he would lay the smack down on his 11-year-old daughter if she tried to come home with a tattoo, or the doll:

“I’d kill my daughter if she came home with a tattoo. Barbie’s supposed to be a role model for young girls, right? I don’t want my daughter looking up to someone like that.”

Another parent, mom, Tiffany Newkirk, said that now that her own teenage daughter is bothering her about getting a tattoo, she really doesn’t think a doll like this is a good idea to put out there for kids to view:

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate toy for a young girl. You don’t want your kids to think tattoos are a good idea at such a young age because they last a lifetime.”

Okay.  The sensitivity level out here is getting waaaay too high.

Six Things You May Have Done That You Will Regret…

October 9th, 2011 - By Erica Renee
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In life we’re expected to live and learn. You can’t grow if you don’t make mistakes. While mistakes are needed for us to learn about life and even about ourselves, there are things we should and should not do to ensure we don’t have a life full of regrets.

Yeah, yeah, yeah the saying goes ‘No regrets. Just lessons learned’ but that saying can’t be applied to everything in our lives. And the truth is how many people do you know who consider everything in their lives phenomenal lessons and have never uttered the words “I wish I wouldn’t have…”? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

Some hasty decisions made in the spur of the moment can make for some story-telling, regretful decisions later down the line. Yet at the time ‘down the line’ is the last thing on our minds.  If only we would have known then, what we know now, the story may have played out differently.

Here are 6 things that you will probably regret later…

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Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Get a Tattoo

June 12th, 2011 - By Rashana A. Hooks
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If I could turn back the time I would ask myself a few important questions before deciding to ink three tattoos on my body. Specifically regarding the most embarrassing one plastered on my right arm of my name. Like seriously, do I not know what and how to spell my own name? So to save you from experiencing a horrible tattoo tale I’ve complied 7 questions to ask yourself before getting one:

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Mike Tyson's Tattoo Man Wants the Biters to Pay

May 21st, 2011 - By TheEditor
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(New York Times) — Hollywood is accustomed to lawsuits over salaries, movie credits, even half-baked concepts that become movies. And now a studio may be going to court over a tattoo — or at least over the original concept of the tattoo.    In “The Hangover Part II,” the sequel to the very successful what-happened-last-night comedy, the character played by Ed Helms wakes up with a permanent tattoo bracketing his left eye. The Maori-inspired design is instantly recognizable as the one sported by the boxer Mike Tyson, which is part of the joke. (Mr. Tyson makes an appearance in both films, playing himself.)  But S. Victor Whitmill, a tattoo artist formerly of Las Vegas and currently from rural Missouri, doesn’t quite see the humor. Mr. Whitmill designed the tattoo for Mr. Tyson, called it “tribal tattoo,” and claims it as a copyrighted work.  He has gone to Federal District Court in St. Louis to ask a judge to stop Warner Brothers Entertainment from using the tattoo in its posters or in the movie, which would amount to stopping the film from being released, as well as to demand monetary damages for what he calls “reckless copyright infringement” by the studio.  “Mr. Whitmill has never been asked for permission for, and has never consented to, the use, reproduction or creation of a derivative work based on his original tattoo,” argues the lawsuit, which was filed April 28, and will be taken up next week.

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