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Cute Kid Alert: A First Look At Tank’s Baby Boy, Zion

May 1st, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Earlier this year, Tank and his girlfriend Zena Foster welcomed a healthy baby boy named Zion into the world on New Year’s Day!

Since his birth, we’ve only seen a few photos of Zion’s hands or him sleeping with his face covered. Luckily today,  both Tank and Zena posted photos of Zion (and his beautiful eyes) on Instagram for our ovaries to scream:

Tank's Son


Tank captioned the photo:

💙🍼🍪 4 months already! Time flies when you’re having fun. Daddy loves you.. S/O to his awesome God Dad @jvalentine1!.. #Zion #FamilyFirst #BabySinatra

While Zena said:

“💙🍼🍪 My Zizi #Zion 4 months today… Mommy loves you so super much!!! #ThisFace #BabySinatra 😇”

Zion shares the same birthday as his famous father and he is the beautiful couple’s second child. A year ago Tank shared with us,  he would like to have 10 kids. With Zion being his fifth child, we expect to see five more scrumptious cuties in the future but we’ll  see what Zena has to say about that!

Congratulations again to the happy family!

Tank Calls Out Kanye For Exploiting His Naked Wife

March 20th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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WENN, Instagram

WENN, Instagram

Many of us have been wondering why Kanye West is okay with nude photos of his wife floating around the Internet—including R&B singer Tank, who recently called out the rapper. His rant came during an appearance on web show Have a Seat Radio during a segment called “The Golden Chair,” where celebrities are afforded the opportunity to give someone else the Sit The F-ck Down” award.

The 39-year-old prefaced his rant by explaining that although he is a fan of Kanye, he can’t really get with Yeezy’s obsession with folks gawking at Kim’s naked body.

“As much as I am a fan of this guy, I think he definitely deserves this golden chair. Im’a go Kanye.”

He continued:

“I just want to know how many pictures of Kim are we going to put out there with barely no clothes on? I just want to know how many pictures of your wife—with a baby—like you know what I’m saying?”

The “Please Don’t Go” singer went on to say that this type of behavior sets a poor example for the couple’s only daughter, North West.

“At a certain point we have to grow up and we have to be examples for our children. Alright? Let’s stop putting this married woman’s assets all over the place.”

As for his own personal life, Tank says that you’ll never see any wife of his plastered all over the web in her birthday suit.

“As a man, when I get married, I’m not putting my woman’s assets out on the blogs for people. That is mine,” he said. “When I oil it up, I’m oiling it up for me.”

What are your thoughts on Tank’s comments? Is he sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong?

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Tank and Girlfriend Zena Foster Welcome Son Zion [Photos]

January 2nd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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One of the reasons Tank initially said he couldn’t continue doing this music thing was because he had to take care of his family. And that family just expanded. On New Year’s Day (the same day Tank celebrated his 39th birthday), the R&B singer and his girlfriend Zena Foster welcomed their son Zion into the world. This is Tank’s fifth child and the couple’s second. A year ago the singer told us he wants 10 children, so he’s half way there. Check out a couple of photos and a video where Tank gets emotional listening to his son crying in the background. And you can also get a glimpse of the baby’s face in one of them. The whole experience seems like it was quite beautiful. Congratulations to Tank and Zena. And welcome to the world little Zion!

“Maybe I Should Have Been Born White:” Tanks Quits Music Industry Over Poor Album Support

December 19th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Tank fans beware, this post is not going to make your day merry or bright. One-third of TGT and the falsetto crooner who brought us hits like “Maybe I Deserve” appears to be completely done with the music industry. It’s hard to know how good Tank will make on the disheartened threat he posted on Instragram this afternoon, lamenting the lack of support for his latest solo project “Stronger,” but one thing’s for sure, he is completely in his feelings about the lack of success of his latest venture.

Posting a photo of him laying in bed, with his shirt off of course, and his hands on his head appearing a bit downtrodden, Tank wrote:

If I look tired it’s because I am. I’m deeply saddened and disappoint that “Stronger” will not get a video or the continued promotion it deserves! I’d love to blame @atlanticrecords but that would be a lie! It’s tough for record companies to continue to fund music that people don’t support! I pride myself on giving you real musicianship, real singing, real lyrical content and being true to the music that inspired my very existence. The problem is there aren’t many people left that want to hear it or buy it and if there are they won’t stand up and be noticed! Who am I doing this for? Who am I maintaining this so called integrity for? Not many as u can tell by my first wk The artist that don’t give a fuck sale the most and do the most! Should that be my new route? Maybe I should have been born white then all of my music would go straight to mainstream and pop radio instead of urban ac.. A format that continues to kill the true R&B artist! (Not mad at white artist just to be clear!) What I do know is that i will not continue to be faithful to something or someone that is not being faithful to me. I love you but I have a family. I have a mom and dad just like you. I have goals and dreams just like you. I refuse to work hard for nothing. I look better, sing better, produce better, write better, and perform better than dam near everybody and this is the thanks I get?.. Again I’m not angry I’m just tired.. Please enjoy my last real R&B album “Stronger” cause you’ll never get another one! #letterfromaking

Whether you’re a hardcore Tank fan or not, you can’t deny the brother, who by the way seemed to be the only talented glue holding TGT together, does have a point. Everybody knows the industry — and very few consumers — are interested in supporting true artistry these days, which makes it difficult for entertainers to continue to flourish with their craft, particularly financially. “Stronger,” which was released August 12, sold 16,000 copies in its first week, landing at number 13 on the Billboard 200 chart. In its second week, sales dropped to just 6,000 copies. So yes, Tank is understandably having a moment. What remains unclear is how long that moment will last.

Will you miss Tank if he never puts out another album?

“What Is This Chia Pet Hair Wig You Have On?” Singer Tank Clapsback At Fan Who Said Zena Foster Looks Like A Man

November 3rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Since people don’t seem to get it by now, I’ll make it plain: Tank doesn’t take too kindly to people, specifically women, making crazy comments about his girlfriend, Zena Foster. Have we forgotten about that time he tried to ask all black women of a darker complexion what their issue is with light-skin ladies like Foster? Yeah, that was all bad.

But yet and still, people are talking sideways about Foster on his Instagram page.

The singer posted this gorgeous image of Foster, who is pregnant with the couple’s second child, and expressed his love for her:


You would think that such a photo, celebrating love and parenthood, would be embraced by Tank’s followers. But who are we kidding? This is social media we’re talking about. One individual took the time out to let Tank know that the mother of his children looks like a man (in her opinion), and when his fans reprimanded her for such comments, she reminded them of her right to free speech:

Photo 3

Photo 2

But what she wasn’t expecting was for Tank to lash out at her in response:


Photo 1

Can we not bring God into this though?

Possibly regretting his statements, the singer took the time out to thank all of the people who have supported his relationship with Foster and her pregnancy. As he put it, “I refuse to let the negative outshine the positive!”


Photo 4

What do you think about the way Tank handled the situation?

Tank And Zena Foster Celebrate Baby Shower With Celebrity Friends [Photos]

October 27th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Over the weekend, R&B crooner Tank and his girlfriend, Zena Foster, celebrated the upcoming birth of their baby Zoe. Guests included the couple’s adorable daughter Zoey, relatives  and celebrity friends Tyrese, Larenz Tate and Ginuwine. The party, which was called Zion’s Bow Tie Bash,  had a black and white theme. We’re assuming that the bow ties mean that they’re expecting a boy, but it’s still a little tough to tell at this point. Either way, the event looks like it was absolutely beautiful.

“#ZionsBowTieBash earlier w/ @therealtank In route to celebrate our newest blessing #Zion way to many pics to post I’m exhausted and babe is already sleep and I got a fridge full of soul food I’m tryna not go break into again. ok goodnight I’ll post pics this week. I just want to say thank you to all our family that made today super special we love u guys so much,” Zena captioned one photo.

Check out some photos from Zion’s Bow Tie Bash below and on the following pages.

A photo posted by Karla (@klitosway) on

A photo posted by Zena Foster (@zenafoster) on

How Tank’s Twitter Blunder Sadly Propels “The Angry Black Woman” Mantra

October 14th, 2014 - By Ezinne Ukoha
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Tank’s Twitter Blunder


Last Friday, singer Tank did something that caused the Twitterverse to burst with undiluted displeasure. He tactfully shared a picture of him and his lovely girlfriend and mother of his child, Zena Foster, who is clearly light-skinned. And since we live in an age where posting pics to depict how sweet life is has become a standard operation, it is admissible for him to let us know that he is happily taken. But then he did the unthinkable. He captioned the picture with a query about why dark-skinned girls are so venomous towards their light-skinned counterparts. Apparently naysayers verbally attacked him after they were privy to the image of his girlfriend.

First off, thank you Tank for finding the perfect way to Set it Off. You obviously knew what would ensue after expressing your frustration at dark-skinned women who as always are seen as the culprit by not only the world at large but by our very own men. So let me break it down for you. There is no rivalry between the darker and lighter hued women, rather the battle is with men like you that enjoy publicly attacking our countenance and belittling our worth for all to see and revel.

We have spent centuries carrying the load that for all intents and purposes should have been reserved for our men, but due to the consequences of historical measures, we were forced to be more than we bargained for. As a result of this early manifestation, we have continued to struggle to maintain the level of balance that women from other races are capable of achieving effortlessly. Perhaps, this is because of the support and basic respect they receive without having to beg or demand it. If only Black women could be so lucky! How different things would be. The “angry Black woman” description would be a contrived and archaic label that holds no immediate relevancy. But alas, we are stuck with the realization that no matter how much we sacrifice, it will never assuage the deepened anger of Black men who seem intent on punishing us for the cracks in the foundation that threaten their temperament daily. But yet, despite the humiliation, rejection and outright disrespect, we soldier on in their defense and dutifully pick up the slack when abandoned and left to the vices of this losing battle.

Tank is confused and fed up with the reaction he received after he posted a picture of his girlfriend. Whatever comments he received from the women who object shouldn’t be regulated as the anthem of ALL dark-skinned women. A handful of opinions shouldn’t be the permission you need to once again regulate us in a negative light while propelling the “victimized” state of light-skinned women who have “suffered” so much due to the unwavering wrath of their darker nemesis. Yes, life hasn’t been easy for these selected women, but at least they have men like you and loads more to console them and assure their dignity in ways that their darker counterparts are yet to fully appreciate.

I am certainly not defying all Black men, but enough of you need to be brought to task and reprimanded for your vocal and emotional callousness. I am a dark-skinned woman and I am content with every facet of my being. Every woman regardless of skin color should feel weightless and confident with her genetic makeup. Trust, there are plenty who look like me and feel the same way I do. I am also an equal opportunity dater, so I could care less how many Black male celebrities latch on to the type of women they feel perfectly compliment their status. I am immune to the shock value that comes with acknowledging how light-skinned women are automatically given access to the “glamorous life” and treated with symbolic reverence. This isn’t “an angry Black woman” ranting and raving – this is simply a proven fact.

That being said, Tank, you are a cowardly troublemaker, who asked a question that you knew would be destructively divisive and illicit a barrage of corrosive remarks, mostly from women that have already been deemed “angry” enough. “Aren’t we all black at the end of the day??” Really Tank? You want to go there? Please don’t tell me that you are completely oblivious to the consistent strife pummeling within our community. If the answer to your question were Yes, then we wouldn’t be challenged with evidence of our displacement nor would there be a constant virus permeating our thwarted spirits which in turn hinders our progress and renders us incapable of overcoming our crippling sedated state.

None of us are ignorant to these occurrences in our society, including Tank and all the other men like him who thrive off of dangling their garnered merchandise in our faces in a manner that encourages retaliation and then have the nerve to question why we passionately reject their overt stance.

For the record, Dear Sirs, Black women don’t have time to be “angry” or bitter, because we are way too busy raising your children, advancing our viability and exploring the options around us that from where I am standing look pretty damn good. Furthermore, trying to engage us in banter involving light vs. dark skin is an exhausted and outdated tactic that yields no results. Save that debate for your attentive girlfriends who have all the time in the world to engage you. The rest of us have bills to pay and careers to nourish.


“What Do Dark Skinned Women Have Against Light Skinned Women?” Tank Blasts Haters For Comments About Girlfriend Zena

October 10th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Me n @zenafoster just have a lot of fun! #lifeshouldbethatway #stronger

View on Instagram


There’s a definitely a setback to being famous and trying to share the person you love and care about most with the public. While most fans will applaud your happiness, others will scrutinize your relationship, and in some cases, the looks of your partner. That seems to be the case these days for many celebrities (just ask Omari Hardwick and Lance Gross), but it looks like Tank has had quite enough.

While on Twitter yesterday, singer Tank decided to confront his followers about comments made about his girlfriend and the mother of his two children (one is on the way), Zena Foster. It didn’t take long for me to find one of those comments on a picture of Zena:

Tank doesnt want anything to do with black women. “Too much drama” and we probably make up 98% of his fan base smh love his music, but I won’t buy another cd or go to another concert. #bootleg #eyecandy #bootlegeyecandy

I can’t say he necessarily started the conversation with the right question, but he definitely got his followers and fans talking.

Tank 1

Tank 2

Tank 3 Tank 4 Tank 5 Tank 6

Tank 7 Tank 8


The responses to his question varied. Some of his fans told him not to go there (“smh…@TheRealTank just go ahead and log off now bae. You can’t win this one.”), others agreed with him (“@TheRealTank I agree it’s IGNORANT!! AFRO-AMERICANS have enough to deal with…racial profiling, BWD, COPS the list goes on and on!”) while some told him that it has a lot to do with the behavior of black men (“@TheRealTank or that our men do not want to admit they help with the divide between color within our culture. #gaveintothehypeofwhite”).

But what would your response be to such a question? Was the question poorly worded?

So This Is What Happened When MadameNoire Tried To Work Out With Tank

September 16th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Would you want to work out with Tank? We thought we did until we naively showed up to a New York Sports Club on a Friday a few weeks ago to find a bootcamp-like setup that involved us getting our butts whooped by three of Tank's trainers for at 30 minutes. And on top of that, we had to learn the dance routine from the TGT singer's new video. Ladies, the only thing that saved us was looking at these handsome men with muscles push us to our breaking points because this ish was hard! Watch the video and tell us what you think.

Pass Or Play? Tank Serves Maxwell-Like Vocals With “Hope This Makes You Love Me” Single

July 31st, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Hope This Makes You Love Me


When we were first introduced to Tank in the early 2000s, he found a place in our hearts with his honest lyrics on “Maybe I Deserve.” As his artistry grew, he went on to earn production credits for working with King Bey, Jamie Foxx, Donnell Jones and Aaliyah. After years of albums, songwriting credentials, and a stint with TGT, Tank is back with a solo jam “Hope This Makes You Love Me” about a man who admits his flaws to his significant other in order to gain her love and trust.

Aligned with a new sound, Tank channels his inner-Frank Ocean by transitioning the production of the song into a new beat. With a Prince-like vocal range, Tank reminds us why he has lasted so long in the industry. “Hope This Makes You Love Me” will appear on Tank’s sixth solo studio album, Stronger. This ear candy-filled album will be released on August 12, 2014! We hope this makes you love it, just as much as we do.

Take a listen below!