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Tami Roman Checks Instagram Follower Who Said She’s Setting A Bad Example For Her Daughters: “Get You Some D-ck And Relax!”

January 5th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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It’s been a while since Tami Roman has appeared on reality television, but apparently, she’s still no stranger to drama. Recently on Instagram, the 44-year-old decided to call out a follower who was bold enough to tell her that she’s setting a poor example for her daughters, Jaz and Lyric. The exchange came after the former “Basketball Wives” star posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend, Reggie, lying in bed.

“What an example you are for your daughters, laying around with a man you aren’t married to. Find you a man who would put a ring on it, marry you, and then invite you to his bed. I bet you think you got something, real men don’t treat their women this way,” the follower scolded.

Tami’s fans quickly jumped to her defense and accused the commenter of being a troll. And then, eventually, Tami decided to address the comments.

“Excuse me random person, I am the perfect example for my daughters exuding leadership, loyalty, honesty and representing the struggle turned victorious. I have been married and choose to date in a monogamous relationship. I’m not looking for a ring at this time. I am a grown woman who can make her own decisions and right now…I’m f-cking and loving it…as for my daughters, they are both abstinent…monkey see, monkey don’t do in my household…so go get you some d-ck and relax in 2015. I apologize to my followers for my language, but damn I need b-tches to worry about themselves!!!”


Tami Roman On Losing Weight After A Diabetes Diagnosis, Falling Out With The Game, And Why “BBW: Miami” Fell Apart

November 3rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: FayesVision/

Source: FayesVision/

In part I of her interview with The Jasmine Brand, Tami Roman revealed that she had found love with a much younger man (17 years her junior) and said that he will appear on her upcoming reality TV show, a spin-off that focuses solely on her and her family.

In the second part of her interview, Roman is talking about what’s going on with that reality show, what happened with her previous reality show, “Basketball Wives: Miami,” what the deal was with rapper The Game publicly cursing her out on Instagram, and how she slimmed down to her current size. Here are the tidbits that had us talking:


Why We Haven’t Seen Another Season Of “Basketball Wives Miami”:

Well, we did Season 5 and even though our ratings were good, they weren’t what we were familiar with because we tried to change it for people. People didn’t want to see the drama, they tried to boycott us, they didn’t like the fights and all of this othre stuff. So we decided to focus more on what each girl was doing, what career paths we were taking–not really getting into the drama that our relationships can be, and people didn’t like it. So it’s like damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So we didn’t know if we were coming back or not and in the interim, Evelyn had a beautiful baby boy and her relationship. She’s focused there and Shaunie’s got L.A. still going and other things going on and then I’ve got my thing going on. You take the fan favorite three and their doing something else, it’s kind of like how do we bring this back?


If She Would Ever Join “Basketball Wives LA”:

I think L.A. is going good. I don’t think they really need me in their situation. I don’t want to catch no cases. I’ve been doing very well, staying out of jail [laughs]. You can change but the inner workings of you sometimes–people can push those things. I think they are good the way they are. I would love to see Miami come back with an All-Star version, you know? Bring Jen back, bring Royce back the starters and some of the heavy hitters that came later and put us all together. I don’t think that’s going to happen [laughs].


If She Still Communicates With Members Of The Cast:

Honestly, I haven’t talked to anybody in a very long time. Communication is different now, you don’t have to pick up the phone. If you like somebody’s picture on Instagram, you’re still cool with them. In that sense, I have liked Tasha’s pictures [laughs]. Suzie will hit me up from time to time. And I love Royce. So if I had to say the person I deal with most out of everybody, it would be Royce…Everybody left the show on one accord. There were no problems.


The Status Of Her Upcoming Spin-Off Reality Show:

The pilot went really well and we are actually in the midst of negotiations with several networks regarding that situation.  Because what happened was, what we originally shot, it took so long for people to make a decision that that stuff wasn’t really good anymore. So we went back and shot more stuff. Now the new concept for “The Roman Empire: The World According to Tami,” is so great that we’ve got several people interested. We will be announcing it soon.


How She Dropped The Pounds So Fast With Halle Berry’s Help:

Okay, we can address this. Everybody saw me have smart lipo on the show. It’s no f**king secret and I was trying not to curse, but I had to let one slide. So they saw that on the show, but I had not been diagnosed. I was literally thinking, ‘why am I gaining so much weight? I’m going to have to figure out a way around this.’ A year later I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and literally I just start losing weight. You can either go this way or that way. Once I found out, I still didn’t really honor the fact that I had it. Even with NV [dietary supplement caplets], I only got to a size 10 or 12. I continued to eat and not really care. It wasn’t until I started working on “Extant” and I was talking to Halle, who is also diabetic, and she said “Tami, the truth of the matter is — you either wanna live or you wanna die. You can continue thinking what you think and doing what you’re doing, but you’re not going to be here long.” And that like really hit home for me. So I changed up my whole diet and eating and trying to be healthy and live right, and now people say I’m too skinny [laughs]. Now, I’m a bobble head.


Rumors About Her Bleaching Her Skin:

No I don’t bleach my skin…You know what, I’m gonna curse my make-up artist out LOL. No, I do not bleach my skin. I think that is not a process, that most African Americans partake in. We’re happy with our shades….And I have not had a nose job and I have not had a facelift…When my make-up artist contours me, they say I have a nose job. If she puts my eye liner on a different way — I’ve had a facelift….I feel like I’m aging backwards…I’m healthy, I’m doing the right things for my body, my skin and all that stuff so, thank y’all.


Why Rapper The Game Publicly Disrespected Her:

Tiffany was one  of my best friends. I’m a very strong personality and sometimes when men and women have issues in their relationship and you inject a best friend who is very strong and opinionated—they don’t like that friend because they know that friend is telling the real about your situation. So that’s why he was upset with me although we have since talked and mended fences. We have no issues. He came to terms like ‘It’s not you–we have to work on our situation.’ So he kind of took me out of the hole. Game…I’ve always respected him & never had a issue with him and that’s the road we are on today.Tiffany is still a friend.

You can check out both parts of Roman’s interview below:


“I’m Close To His Mom’s Age”: Tami Roman On Dating A Man 17 Years Her Junior And Being Insecure About Their Age Difference

October 28th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Well look who has found love again!

Former “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman has been out here building up businesses, acting and dropping the pounds, but she’s also been spending time dating a new man named Reggie, who she calls her “baby boo.” Sitting down with The Jasmine Brand to talk about her new relationship, Roman was pretty open about the role Reggie (the owner of a trucking company in Houston) plays in her life, but honest about the fact that she is a little insecure when it comes to him. You see, Reggie is 17 years younger than Roman (“I’m close to his mom’s age.”) and she’s a little worried that the women around his own age might swoop in at some point. But she does say that she’s happy. Here are some of the most interesting details that Roman shared.

Why She’s Comfortable Sharing This Relationship With People:

Even when I was on “Basketball Wives,” I was in a five-year relationship. We kept it like, “You do your thing, I’ll be doing my thing.” That’s always worked. I’m taking a chance right now. Finally I’m like, let me be open and honest about what I’m doing in my life. I’ve always been a open book and so I’m opening this part.

I think I’m at a point now where I have to expose that part of myself. I’m constantly trying to figure out ways that Tami can use her ways in whatever. I know at this moment, there are a lot of women that–for me the age difference was an issue and then it wasn’t an issue. I know a lot of women out there who are going through that thing–older women, younger men. So now I am just trying to expose that part. If there are any things that looking at our relationship and how we deal with each other can help them with, or make them feel more comfortable in their relationship…

What Her Two Daughters Think Of Their Relationship:

My daughters love him. They say, ‘Mom, you’re like a young mom and he’s like an old soul soul so ya’ll kind of work.’ But he is closer to my oldest daughter’s age than he is to mine [laughs]. Seven years.

The Biggest Challenge In Dating A Younger Man:

When I go to the movies, I want to see The Butler and things like that. He wants to see The Ninja Turtles. [laughs]

What They Both Love About The Relationship:

Reggie: For me, personally, she’s just a real person. She’s a genuine person–it’s hard to meet a genuine female. She’s a real person–that’s what I love about her.

Tami Roman: He’s an admitted womanizer in his past because he just felt like all women wasn’t worth anything or they’re out to get something. He was coming from that place and I was coming from the place that I can’t trust men based on my previous relationships. We’re both wounded but help each other by being together.

Their Silliest Argument:

The silliest argument is probably–if he looks in that direction a little too long and something’s over there and I feel like you shouldn’t have been looking for three minutes. One minute tops.

Why She Feels Insecure When They’re Around Younger Women:

He is more age appropriate with that demographic than with me–that’s what makes me insecure. I can’t be out at the club, I can’t be twerking. My knees are bad and I can’t get down low twerking all night. I don’t have much a** to be doing that anyway. I have real bills and expenses and a mortgage and a car. They have really no responsibility . That’s kind of where he’s at in terms of age.

You can check out Part I of Roman’s chat with The Jasmine Brand below, where she also talks about if they want kids and Reggie possibly being featured in a spin-off show she has in the works.

Tami Roman Reacts To Weight Loss Critics: ‘I Am Fine And Dealing With My Illness Accordingly’

August 25th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Tami Roman has lost a ton of weight since she last appeared on VH1’s “Basketball Wives.” And while some are loving the new slim and trim Tami, others have been criticizing her for losing so much weight. The reality TV veteran recently decided to clap back at her critics with a post that reads:

“I have to hear how skinny I am on EVERY post. I am not trying, I have diabetes and this is just my world right now,” the mother of two expressed on Instagram. “I am fine and dealing with my illness accordingly.”

“If you can’t handle me this way, please unfollow, because I don’t want to be reminded of something I already know and have no control over,” she said.

We get how Tami could feel a way about people constantly discussing her weight—especially if she had to shed those pounds for health reasons. Hopefully fans will layoff after this.

“I’ve Heard The Dead Rises”: Tami Roman On If Basketball Wives Miami Will Return; Jennifer Williams Denies Throwing Shade At Evelyn

July 29th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We told you last week that Evelyn Lozada was speaking openly on Twitter about wanting to make amends with Jennifer Williams after the two fell out on while they were on “Basketball Wives Miami.” She told a follower that she had actually reached out to Williams:

“I did reach out & I apologized for my actions& any hurt I caused her & her family.”

Despite Lozada wanting to let go of grudges and move forward, Williams posted some tweets soon after Lozada on Twitter that looked like they could be about that situation. Her messages included saying “Reason, season, lifetime PERIOD!!!” and she also wrote this:

Jenn I

But Williams is now saying she wasn’t throwing shade at a “certain someone” and if she was, she wouldn’t be afraid to mention them in her messages:

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams II

I’ll admit that I definitely thought Williams was addressing Lozada (all her messages happened soon after Lozada spoke about Williams on her account), and I’m not 100 percent sure I believe that she wasn’t…But hey, either way, she seems unbothered by all of it.

Speaking of former basketball wives, Tami Roman was asked by a follower late last week if she thought the Miami installment she was a part of would be coming back. She didn’t rule it out (only Shaunie O’Neal has those answers), but it didn’t seem like she wanted to take part in any return:

tami roman


Roman has said in the past that she didn’t plan on returning to the show, especially since she didn’t appreciate the way she was being portrayed this past season:

“Listen, let me tell you, I’m still mad. Listen, here’s the thing. They’re trying to portray me week after week as a certain type of person and I’m not going for that. I’m not having that. I’m sick of the Basketball Wives train that has left the station this season.”

After all the ups and downs this show has had, and with both Roman and Lozada acting as though they wouldn’t return, it’s about time “Basketball Wives Miami” hang it up. But what do you think?

Reality Stars Who Got Plastic Surgery As Soon As The Checks Started Rolling In

April 23rd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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What a difference money makes. These reality show stars used their checks to upgrade their looks, not with designers clothes or shoes, but by going under the knife for plastic surgery.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Porsha Williams

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was a hit show long before Porsha Williams joined the cast. Brought in for the start of season five, Williams had a tough time getting along with everybody, especially with the other newbie Kenya Moore. Her short marriage to husband and NFL great Kordell Stewart fell apart during the offseason and Williams walked away with nothing. To celebrate her newfound freedom, Williams treated herself to a couple of breast implants. “[My chest] was something I always wanted to fix,” the 32-year-old said. “The day I brushed my teeth and they jiggled, I screamed with joy!”

“God Don’t Like Ugly”: Tami Roman Says A Reportedly Broke & Homeless Eric Williams Is Facing Karma After Mistreating Jennifer

April 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Image Source:

Image Source:

We told you earlier this week that Eric Williams, former NBA star and ex-husband of former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams, claimed that he had fallen on hard times and can’t afford to pay his past due child support. Not only did Williams say that he has no home (“[The]court-ordered citation for me to appear was not delivered to my home address as I have no home”), but he also claimed that he’s so broke, he can’t afford a lawyer to handle this situation or to appear at scheduled court dates. Williams says that he’s in the “rebuilding stages” and trying to get his life back together.

While many people don’t believe that a man who was once making millions and played for 12 seasons now can’t even afford to show his face in court, Basketball Wives star Tami Roman says she’s not surprised, because that’s how karma is.

She told TMZ that she understands what he’s going through when it comes to being homeless “because I have been there, but clearly God doesn’t like ugly.” 

She also says that while Eric is struggling, the ex-wife he mistreated and threw alcohol in the face of is doing big things.

“Meanwhile, my girl Jen is being a beauty enjoying her new life and loving her new life.”

This is all very interesting coming from Tami Roman of all people. If you’ll recall, Roman was quite the Evilene during past seasons of Basketball WivesShe physically attacked and threatened her cast mates, and was quite the bully (remember the purse stealing incident?). So for her to say that “God don’t like ugly” is kind of a joke. But hey, you live and you learn, and maybe she has.

But what do you think about Eric playing the broke and homeless card, and Roman’s response to his circumstances?

Tami Roman Rushed To The Hospital After Fainting Episode

March 27th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Former "Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman rushed to the hospital following Monday fainting episode.

Source: Instagram

In other reality TV news, former “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman was recently hospitalized. The mother of two broke the news to concerned fans yesterday via Instagram.

“You know I hate hospitals, but I’m here,” the 43-year-old New York native wrote. “Sneaking on this phone to let everyone know I’m ok and thank you all for the well wishes. Be home soon.”

She also offered thanks to friends and family members for their kind gestures.

“Thank you to all the family and friends for the get well wishes, prayers and flowers. I’ll be home soon!”

According the The YBF, Tami’s publicist says she was rushed to the hospital after fainting due to dehydration related to her diabetes diagnosis.

“Tami is rehabilitating at a private hospital in Houston and is expected to make a full recovery,” her rep explained in an issued statement. “Tami is currently filming two TV shows, traveling back and forth between Houston & Los Angeles so her body became overwhelmed.”

Get well soon, Tami!

Tami Roman Filming For New Reality Show, ‘The Roman Empire’

March 6th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

“Basketball Wives Miami” may be a thing of the past, but reality TV veteran Tami Roman has big plans to return to the small screen with yet another reality show.

The mother of two recently began filming a pilot in Houston for her new series, “The Roman Empire,” which The Jasmine Brand reports will feature her two daughters, Lyric and Jazz.

“We are taping this week for an hour pilot and then going forward from there,” the former “Basketball Wives” star recently told the Chicago Tribune.

She went on to say that the show will be a VH1 production and that the storyline will center around her life.

“My focus is getting this storyline about my life in development and making it something VH1 is proud of and brings in viewers.”

In addition to a new reality show, Tami says she’ll also be starring in a new series for CBS soon.

“I have a TV show coming this summer that CBS has asked us not to talk about. It’s with a very well-known and respected Academy Award-winning star. People get to see me back in the lane I was in before returning to reality TV.”

So far no premiere dates have been confirmed.

Do you think you’d be interested in seeing Tami’s reality show?

The Game May Be Starring In ‘Love & Hip Hop LA,’ But Tiffney Cambridge Won’t Be

January 27th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Earlier this month we told you that rapper The Game was being courted by VH1 to participate in some capacity in the debut season of “Love & Hip Hop LA.” Since The Game jumped into world of reality TV as a package deal with “Marrying The Game” co-star and on-again, off-again fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge, some naturally assumed that Tiffney would also be joining the cast of “Love & Hip Hop LA” with him. It turns out those assumptions were wrong.

“I cannot confirm this [Game’s LHHLA involvement] as this is not something that Tiffney is involved in,” Tiffney’s publicist told Mara The Hip Hop Socialite. “There is no confirmation of any shows involving my client at this time.”

This isn’t completely surprising, as it looks like Tiffney and The Game have broken up, yet again. If you recall, earlier this month we told you that the former G-Unit rapper attacked Tiffney’s friend and fellow reality star, Tami Roman, via Instagram. According to his posts, Tami was to blame for the demise of their relationship.

“I hope you and that d*ke b**ch blue burn in hell for ruining my family!!!!!” he wrote beneath one of Tami’s photos.”Ya’ll f**king with the wrong ni**a!!!”

“Go ahead and block me & erase this b**ch!!!” he continued. “That ain’t gonna change nothing or what I”m about to do!”

It’s still unclear exactly what The Game believes Tami has done to “ruin” his family and Tiffney’s rep declined to comment on his outburst.

“At this time I have no comment. Tiffney is really trying to continue on her positive endeavors and not feed into negativity and rumors.”

So much for that. Do you thin Tiffney would’ve been a good fit for “Love & Hip Hop LA”?

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