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‘The Real’ Hosts Break Down While Discussing Their Baggage & Insecurities

October 30th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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We all have some form of baggage that we’ve carried with us that can have negative impacts on our self-esteem if they are not properly addressed. During a recent episode of “The Real,” the show’s hosts got pretty emotional while discussing issues that they’ve struggled with.

Jeannie Mai revealed that when her aunt learned that she wanted to become a television host, her aunt suggested that she have surgery done on her eyes.

“I was about 16 when I told my family that I wanted to be a television host,” Jeannie revealed. “My aunt—I can’t believe she said this to me—she said, “You probably should go and get your eyes fixed pretty soon because you can heal and by the time you’re 18. You’ll get more jobs”

Jeannie went on to say that initially, she wasn’t sure what her aunt was talking about. She eventually realized that her aunt was trying to say that there aren’t many Asian people on television and that she’d probably be more successful if she masked her Asian decent. Sadly, this caused her to become insecure about other things as well.

Tamara shared after Jeannie and got really emotional. The former child star said that because she is a twin, the unavoidable comparisons eventually weighed on her self-esteem.

“Um, being a twin, people compare and they compare a lot…by default. It’s not their fault, but sometimes they see two people and they either say, ‘Oh, she’s the sexy one,’ or ‘She’s the cute one.’ Well, I was known as the goofy cute one. I used to read our fan mail all the time and that’s what I used to get all the time when I was 16 years old. Well I kept it and going to college, I carried that. I always thought it was a negative term because all I wanted to be was sexy

Tamar also opened up about being diagnosed with vitiligo and how people have accused her of bleaching her skin in the past. It’s refreshing to see these beauties speak candidly about these common issues.

Check out a clip from the episode below.

“We Spoiled Her – She’s Going To Be Spoiled”: Traci Braxton On Baby Sister Tamar Accusing Her Of Using Auto-Tune

October 30th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Traci Braxton

Source: WENN

As we’ve said before, things have been a little catty between the Braxton sisters as of late, with Tamar being accused of not giving credit where credit is due to big sister Toni when it comes to the success the sisters have. Traci posted an image earlier this month of Toni holding a Grammy and captioned it, “This little lady right here, my big sis @tonibraxton is the reason I am here today! She paved the way for all of us to be successful!”

When one of Traci’s fans commented that she would win a Grammy someday because of how good her new music is, Tamar was caught throwing shade at her sister:
Courtesy of TSR

Obviously, this wasn’t a good look. Tamar deleted the tweet and later went on a Twitter rant about her fans, her haters, her sisters and her hard work getting her the success she has now.

Traci didn’t comment on Tamar’s statements afterwards, but in a recent chat with Juicy Magazine, she let it be known that no matter what they go through or say about each other, Tamar is still her sister and she loves her dearly.

“You know what, fans like to be on sides, and try to ’cause some division with the sisters or speculate anything. That’s my baby sister. Tamar and I, we know we love each other – we know we say things to each other and everything like that. But you know, she’s the baby sister. We spoiled her – she’s going to be spoiled. It’s like Venus and Serena, you know, when they have a match together, but they still love each other.”

She was also asked whether or not she felt “Braxton Family Values” should continue on, seeing as there seems to be a lot of tension between the ladies these days. Tamar recently said that she wasn’t sure if she would return, but Traci is hoping the show will continue on until it can’t anymore:

“I think we should let the show keep going on and on until it dies down. But you know everybody can identify with us when we’re taping, or showing people our lives and letting them know, you know, this is us. And people say, ‘You know what, that’s my family.'”

“I Made A Name For My Own Self Too”: Tamar Might Be Done With “Braxton Family Values” Because It’s Hurting Relationships With Her Sisters

October 29th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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This hasn’t been the best season of “Braxton Family Values” for all the sisters. And even though they’ve all made strides in their careers, we’ve watched the tension grow between them. One big issue this time around has been the fact that certain people feel Tamar does not give enough credit to sister Toni for paving the way for her current musical success. On the other side of the fence, Tamar acknowledges that Toni has opened doors for the family, but that she has worked hard on her own to build up her name outside of Toni. That drama spilled over to social media recently, and it was starting to look like the show was creating a rift in the relationships of the Braxton sisters.

In a new interview with Renada Romain of Ear Candy Mornings, Tamar and Vince Herbert talked about all the drama and why “Braxton Family Values” might not be a good fit for her anymore.

Renada: “Do you think you need to leave the show?”

Tamar: “I have not quite made up my mind yet.”

Renada: “But it is something you’ve been thinking about?”

Tamar: “Definitely. I feel like I really work hard for everything I have. Nothing has been handed to me, no matter if people want to contribute that to Toni’s success or Vincent’s success. At the end of the day, I have to get up early every day and bust my behind just like everybody else. So for me, I don’t want to be depicted as a person that I’m completely not. If I signed up for a reality show that’s one thing. But if I signed up for a scripted show, that’s another thing. I’m not into that.”

Vince: “It’s not worth Tamar’s relationship with her sisters. That’s what attracted me to this woman. She loves her family so hard. At the end of the day, Toni Braxton is Toni Braxton. The way they will turn…Tamar also said in that line, ‘and so much you have done for our family,’ but that line got cut off. It’s a little sad for me to watch my wife defend herself when I know how much she loves her family. Each and every one of them, including her mom and her dad. Because I know that 11 years ago, I saw this woman loving her family so hard. And for people to see THAT and make that decision, that’s not who they’re looking at because that’s not her and that’s not true.”

Tamar: “I don’t know if people remember, but last promos, I walked around with a Toni Braxton T-shirt! I’m trying to figure out when did Toni Braxton become a problem in my life? I look up to her!”

Renada: “Tamar, what’s the one thing that you think is the biggest misconception about you? Because a lot of people, I don’t think they knew that you had four record deals prior to the show. They think it happened overnight! But you’ve been grinding for a while.”

Tamar: “For a while…I think that now, the one that has been created is the saying that I have a big head and that I think I’m the diva. Or I think that I don’t owe anything to my sister, Toni Braxton. At the end of the day, yeah, she made the Braxton name very famous because she worked her behind off. I can’t take that away from her. But then again, you can’t take away from me the fact that, at the end of the day, I made a name for my own self too, and that’s okay.”

I would have to agree that it might be time for Tamar to move away from this show. Anything that entertains others but hurts the relationships with family that make you happy is simply not worth it. Besides, does Tamar really need to be on this show anymore?

“I Don’t Start Trouble”: Kenya Moore On Her Issues With Tamar Braxton And Why Season 7 Of RHOA Will Be One Of “Redemption” For Her

October 22nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Ever since she joined “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in season five, Kenya Moore has gone from celebrated Miss USA to mean girl in the eyes of many. But according to Moore, who spilled some tea with our friends over at Enstarz, season seven of the reality show will be one of redemption for her. The truth will come to light about a lot of people and their lies, and she says that she won’t be involved in a lot of negative drama this season. Will we be seeing a new Kenya Moore? She speaks on that, as well as why she is “disappointed” with Tamar Braxton in her chat with Enstarz. Here are the tidbits of that interview that stood out:


How She’s Feeling About Season Seven:

I am very excited. This season is going to be a great season for me. It’s the season of redemption; a lot of things will come to light that I feel will be redemptive for me. I’m just excited for people to not question the lies that were told by many people on the show, and now we’ll all get to see what the real truth is.

I’m cordial with all of the women and some of them are really my friends on and off-camera. I think you’ll be able to see who those people are when you watch the show as well.


Turning A New Corner In Season 7:

Well, it’s not necessarily a new corner. It’s just that I’ve made people relevant on this show for negative occurrences and I’m just not doing that any more. I think people need to stand on their own two feet and not ride my coattails, and you see when they don’t ride my coattails, they don’t get very far.


The Biggest Misconception About Her:

I’d see sometimes, early on, that I was being called a “mean girl.” I think it’s very clear that I don’t start trouble, trouble tries to find me and I sort of end arguments. I don’t start them. I think that the viewers have clearly seen that from season one to two. The other thing is about this whole going after someone’s man or things like that… I’ve never been interested in anyone’s man, husband, boyfriend and I’m actually that girl you want to have around if you have a boyfriend or a man or a husband, because I’m so not interested. I am the one, that if they come to me I send them back home basically saying, “You know you have no chance over here.” I’m a real girl’s girl. I love to support other women. I love beautiful women. I love confident women. Throughout my years of being a personality, I think that speaks for itself about me in terms of relationships with my boyfriends who have all been very quiet about me. I’ve never had a reputation in that regard.


If She Has Any Regrets About Past Behavior:

In life, I just don’t live with any regrets. I think everything is a teaching moment. It’s a show, I don’t have control over editing. I don’t have control over what other people say about me and I don’t have control over the fans. All I would hope for is that people can watch intelligently and decipher who I am for me versus what is being portrayed on a show. Which is only a half-hour a day and five months, and it’s edited. I think you just have to get to know me by looking at my history and looking at my intentions, and not looking at things that are manipulated such as what other people would like you to believe based on what they say about you.


The Real Deal When It Comes To Her Issues With Tamar And Being Called “Thirsty”:

I was on her show, “The Real” last week, and we were all very pleasant to one another and I think that was the only time I’ve met her in person and there was a very pleasant exchange. So, to see her say that on Bravo, which is my family and that’s my home… So you’re going to come into my house and disrespect me? I couldn’t just stay quiet about that. If it was someone else, I would just ignore it like I always do. But you don’t get to come into my house and disrespect me. I was disappointed by her but I will always be nice to her. And I will continue to be nice to her because that’s just who I am. But sometimes, when people see you shining–again, she was in my house so maybe she felt some type of way about that.

You can check out Moore’s full interview with Enstarz here. What do you think about what she had to say?

“At Least I Have Edges”: Kenya Moore Blasts Tamar Braxton After Singer Called Her “Thirsty” On WWHL

October 20th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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While visiting with Andy Cohen at “Watch What Happens Live,” Tamar was asked a question from a viewer calling in about what she thought of Kenya Moore’s attempt at a singing career (remember “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”?), and which RHOA cast member is her favorite. While Braxton tried her best to avoid throwing shade, Moore still ended up feeling some type of way about her comments.

Here’s what Braxton had to say:

“She sings? No shade! No shade! ‘Twirl, twirl! That’s the record?’ Yeah, I heard that in the club one time. I didn’t know that was a serious record. No shade!

I can’t lie, she’s not my favorite. My favorite is NeNe. She’s a great girl and we had drinks like a week and a half ago. I swear that every Atlanta reality star was at the bar for some odd reason. Oh my God, it was a scene with a gangster lean, honey. I don’t know, something about the thirst of it all, you know? She’s a pretty girl, but I don’t know, the pageant thing kind of reeks.”

Moore caught wind of her comments and took to Twitter to respond:

KenyaKenya 1 Kenya 2 Kenya 3 Kenya 4

This isn’t the first time Tamar Braxton has spoken about Moore and her antics. Earlier in the year, when speaking on the Russ Parr Morning Show, she called Moore out because of her behavior with Apollo Nida.

“I do think there were several ratchet moments, but the one that sticks out to me the most was Ms. Kenya. I’m not talking about Kenya per se, but just any woman who feels like it’s OK to have somebody’s husband and have a conversation with them one-on-one. And try to be friends with him and not the wife. I’m sorry. I feel like I have to read all the Kenyas of the world who just be trying it and then come to the face of the wife and be like, ‘You need to ask him. I think he need to speak for himself,’ No ho! I’ma speak for you – me and him! That’s my man. I don’t like that stuff. You know, I’m real protective of my Teddy Ruxpin. And I wish somebody would try me like that! I just feel like she tried Phaedra like that because she felt like she could. Now she wouldn’t try NeNe like that. See what I’m trying to say?”

Check out Braxton’s conversation with Andy Cohen below and you let us know what you think:

Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None: Celebrities Who Can’t Seem To Stay Out Of Drama

October 16th, 2014 - By Asha Boston
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Celebrities are just like everyday people, and if you talk crazy about them, they just might talk crazy about you in response. It happens. But the following people on this list are known for staying involved in public squabbles with both famous and everyday individuals. Either they enjoy it or their mouths continuously get them into trouble. You decide.

celebs who can't stay out of drama

Image Source:

Kenya Moore

From drama with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams, to going head-to-head with Vivica A. Fox, Kenya Moore has no problem with being in the center of drama. In fact, being known for petty antics has helped her bank account increase substantially, so whether she’s texting someone else’s man or being accused of stealing someone’s phone, Moore is happy to create chaos.

“Do The Grammy’s Have A Duet With Auto Tune Category Yet?”: Tamar Braxton Throws Shade At Big Sister Traci On Twitter

October 13th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Image Source:

Image Source:

From the outside looking in, it would make sense for people to say that Toni Braxton is a major part of the reasons why her sisters are famous. If she hadn’t taken part in “Braxton Family Values” in 2011, there probably wouldn’t have been a reason for people to watch or the chance for the show to happen at all. And Tamar, Traci, Trina and Towanda wouldn’t have been able to take that spotlight and flip it into albums, business ventures and more. But when the sisters had a conversation on their reality show recently about what Toni knows about the business, and the impact she had on their careers, things got heated between Trina and Tamar.

When sister Traci decided to put her two cents in later by posting a pic of Toni, reminding EVERYONE that she paved the way for the Braxtons to be successful, Tamar didn’t like that.


This little lady right here, my big sis @tonibraxton is the reason I am here today! She paved the way for all of us to be successful!

View on Instagram

A fan seeing the picture of Toni holding one of her Grammys told Traci that she would get one soon (“your going to get a Grammy Traci I can see it already”). Traci has already put out the song “Last Call,” which is off of her album Crash & Burn, and she has been doing performances to promote it. Some love it, others think it’s a little boring, and a few people have claimed that Traci used autotune in it. Even though she appeared in the video, Tamar threw quite the bit of shade at such Grammy hopes and dreams for her big sis.

Courtesy of TSR

Courtesy of TSR

When people on Twitter put her on blast for shading her sister, Tamar deleted the tweet, defended herself, and gave sister Toni her props. She also called out a guy who works for Toni and Towanda Braxton, who she claims lied to her sisters about statements she made.

Tamar 1 Tamar 2 Tamar 3 Tamar 4 Tamar 5 Tamar 6 Tamar 7 8

Tamar 9

As for the guy she tried to put on blast (she used the wrong Twitter handle), he threw his own bit of shade at Tamar on Twitter.

zo 2Zo 1


Traci had no response to Tamar’s comments on Twitter. But I hope that they don’t let their reality show, their fame or the people who come with it (like this Zo character) negatively impact their relationships with one another. Totally not worth it. Support your sisters!

Tamar Advises Women To Sign Prenups—Even Though She Didn’t

October 9th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

During a recent episode of “The Real,” the ladies discussed Nick and Mariah’s seemingly inevitable divorce and talk of the estrange couple’s iron-clad prenup. This, of course, led to a discussion about whether or not prenuptial agreements are necessary when folks decide to tie the knot. The always outspoken Tamar kicked things off by encouraging successful women to sign them.

“I think that when you have the kind of shinety oldddddddddddddddd coins that Mariah has; she has some old crinkled up hundred dollars bills that we ain’t seen in like thirty years. You kind of have to protect yourself. I’m not saying that Nick is a guydigger. He’s not a guydigger at all. He works really hard. He’s always worked hard for Mariah and he’s not that kind of dude. BUT when you got the kind of wealth of Mariah, you kind of got to protect yourself.”

Tamar went on to say that her parents taught her that people become “unrecognizable” during breakups, which is another reason why women should consider prenups.

“People become unrecognizable when you’re going through a breakup. I remember when my mother was saying that my father became unrecognizable, and this is the person she’s been with since she was 15 years old. I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I wasn’t raised with a plastic one either. But at the end of the day, my parents built what they have now together. I think I took that to my own marriage.”

Interestingly, though she encourages brides-to-be to sign on the dotted line, Tamar says that she and Vince don’t have a prenup.

“So Vincent and I, we don’t have a pre-nup because when we got married, we had a discussion and we discussed divorce is not an option. So, that will always be the last, last, last, last of the resort! Because I am a product of a divorce child and I didn’t like the way that made me feel.”

Tamera also chimed in on the prenup conversation, revealing that she and her husband Adam signed them out of respect for their parents.

“Breakups cause people to act crazy,” Tamera explained. “Sometimes when people break up, they turn into the person that you didn’t marry. To me, it wasn’t not being romantic, it was being smart. Being wise.

Our parents actually told Adam and I to get a pre-nup before we got married. I made my money before Adam and I got married and he made his money with the family winery. And they just wanted to protect that and it made me feel good because I knew that Adam wasn’t marrying me for my money and I wasn’t marrying him for his. So in our case, it was more about respect.”

Watch the clip from “The Real” below. Thoughts?

Have You Been Watching? Ratings For The Premiere Of “The Real” Are In And They’re Not That Great…

September 17th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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In case you weren’t aware, this week marked the premiere of “The Real” on Fox. The show had a four week trial run last summer and though it only premiered in seven Fox markets (including New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston and Tampa), the show did so well that it was given the green light to be broadcast nationally, with reruns playing on BET.

The show premiered on Monday, and according to reports, it’s doing so-so. Let’s see if I can break this TV numbers talk down so that it makes sense.

Courtesy of Broadcasting & Cable, according to Nielsen Media Research, the talk show premiered on Monday with a 0.9 rating/3 share in primary run metered market averages. The show’s numbers were 40% below their lead-in program and had a 10 percent decrease in viewership compared to the show that it replaced (the short-lived “Bethenny” was in the same time-slot last year).

Among women ages 25-54, the show averaged 0.8 and was down 38 percent from its lead-in show, but was up 14 percent from the numbers “Bethenny” was pulling last year. With less than a million viewers in its premiere, the show isn’t necessarily tearing the roof off of daytime TV (“Live with Kelly and Michael is doing that with 2.7 in its premiere), but it’s doing well among younger viewers. And with all the commentary on Twitter that I saw on Monday about it, the program has a strong social media presence.

I’ve watched every episode since the program premiered on Monday, and I still think it has potential.

However, the women should probably start talking about things going on in the news or in popular culture (or get some better guests) instead of just taking Twitter challenges to talk with mouths full of marshmallows and pissing Tamar off with too much talk about her man Vince (“Let’s talk about somebody else’s man”), because sometimes it seems they’re talking over one another about a whole lot of nothing.

Aside from that, I like that they’re trying to bring something fresh to daytime, and I would encourage everyone to give the show a try if you haven’t–at least once.

Have you been tuning in to “The Real”?

Tamar Braxton Tackles Domestic Violence Rumors

September 9th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Corbis Images

Source: Corbis Images

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert’s constant bickering is nothing new to reality TV fans, but apparently, there were some rumors floating around that their fights frequently become physical behind the scenes. During a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the “Hot Sugar” singer tackled the reports head-on.

“Now, they’re also trying to put out these rumors that you and Vince get into these drag-down fights. And I read that on a couple of different sites. Do you want to address that?” Angela Yee asked.

“Where do they come from?” Tamar asked. “I ain’t that chick. We ain’t getting ready to just guff everyday, like. No, I ain’t got time for that. I’m booked.”

Speaking of domestic violence, the hosts questioned Tamar about her thoughts on the Ray Rice controversy and whether or not she would go back to Vince if he hit her.

“I can’t see it and you know what. The reason why I can’t is because I’ve been an abusive relationship before, like a for real, for real abusive relationship. I am not that girl who you’re just going to hit on. So when people ask me those questions or allegedly say things like that it’s just like, ‘Chile sit down and have several seats because, no.'”

As for the divorce rumors that never seem to go away for long, Tamar had this to say:

“They all do [want my man] honey. They act like they don’t, but they do. It’s the truth.”

“I mean, we argue, yes,” she continued. “It’s a lot to argue about. Number one: we work together. Number two: he’s my husband. Number three: he’s my baby daddy. We have a lot to argue about. But you know, at the end of the day that’s my best friend. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him, you know, and that’s it.”

The “Real” host went on to say that she doesn’t get too bent out of shape when people gossip about them, adding that what actually bugs her is when “heifers say stuff that don’t know me.”

Watch Tamar’s full interview below.

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