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The Ladies Of ‘The Real’ Finally Speak Out On Tamar Braxton’s Exit

June 22nd, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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It’s a been pretty gossip-filled month since the exit of Tamar Braxton from The Real. There’s been he-say, she-say about what really went down and why she was fired as a co-host, but nothing too concrete for us to comprehend. And from the looks of it, we’ll honestly never know.

However, today (June 22), in their first sit-down interview since all the drama, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, and Tamera Mowry-Housley shared their true feelings on Tamar not joining them for season three with Mario Lopez on Extra.

“First of all we want to let all of our fans know that we love them and we were totally taken by surprise when we found out that Tamar wouldn’t be returning to The Real, we love her,” Loni said. “We will miss her dearly,” Tamera added, after Mario noted that all five of the ladies seemed to get along from the outside looking in.

Well, with Tamar linking up with Steve Harvey for a show of her own and the ladies of The Real pushing on, it’s safe to say we can finally all put this issue to rest.

Press play on the video below and see what all the co-hosts had to say.

“The Real” Responds To Tamar Braxton’s Recent Interview

June 3rd, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Warner Bros., Patrick Wymore

Warner Bros., Patrick Wymore

Friday, a spokesperson for “The Real” issued an official statement in response to Tamar Braxton‘s recent interview with the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” during which she seemed to imply, yet again, that all or some of her co-hosts played a role in her firing.

According to the spokesperson, although the team will never fully address what went down with Tamar, they “felt compelled to correct some inaccuracies.” The statement reads:

Tamar Braxton’s contract was not renewed for reasons that will remain privileged and private, and that are between her and the studio. However, we would like to make it crystal clear that Ms. Braxton’s departure from the show had nothing to do with her former co-hosts; any suggestion to the contrary unfairly tarnishes them. As always, we wish Tamar and Vince all the best.

Since her initial Instagram post, which let fans know that things had gone south between Braxton and producers, the singer has suggested that she was betrayed by her co-hosts. This, of course, has resulted in her fans attacking her former colleagues on social media, which is likely why production found it necessary to speak out again.

Did Y’all See? Is Tamar Keeping It Real, Or Is She Really Wrong?

June 3rd, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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If we’ve learned anything from this week, it’s that people love to talk about what they would do in a situation they’ve never even been close to facing. That’s true when it comes to criticisms of the parents of the 4-year-old boy who jumped into the gorilla pit at the Cincinnati Zoo, resulting in the death of beloved gorilla Harambe. And it’s also true regarding the continued public spectacle surround Tamar Braxton’s exit from The Real.

So who’s to blame in these situations and are we the only ones who feel there’s more than enough finger pointing to go around? Watch and weigh in on these topics with the editors in this episode of Did Y’all See?

Have You Been In Tamar’s Shoes? How To Handle A Public Firing With Grace And Come Out On Top

June 3rd, 2016 - By Ann Brown
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Tamar Braxton public firing

Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television

May 22 wasn’t pretty. It was on that day that Tamar Braxton was on the wrong side of a high-profiling firing when she was removed from her position as a co-host on the syndicated talk show The Real. Rumors abounded. Why was she left go? Was it because viewers didn’t connect? Was it a revenge firing? Was she stabbed in the back, as she posted on Instagram?

Braxton was hit hard. On last night’s episode of Braxton Family Values, she revealed: “I just feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. I don’t understand. I could probably understand more if I know I did something, but I don’t know what I did.”

Despite feeling “humiliated” by her most recent professional downturn, Braxton has bounced back fast. On June 2, while being interviewed on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, she and host Harvey announced that Tamar will be launching her own talk show through Harvey’s production company.

When all was said and done, Braxton fared well, but how about you and me? Do you know how what to do to save your career when you’re blindsided by a firing? The key thing is to “Cover yourself with professionalism,” advised Corporate Trainer and Executive Consultant Chavaz Kingman.

“If you are the victim of public firing, keep a level head and stay calm. Politely and professionally remove yourself from the company’s premises when appropriate, and if you have questions regarding the termination send your questions to your former Human Resources department or manager in writing. This is to show that even when your boss acted like a bully you did not retaliate with immature accusations, violence, or a temper —  just in case you need to prove you were in the right for unemployment or other legal reasons.”

Part of staying calm is understanding the motive behind an unexpected or drama-filled firing. “You’re going to be hurt, but if you are being fired in a public forum, the goal is to humiliate you and to show who has real power. Honesty and professionalism are the best response,” shared Human Resource expert Pierre Tremblay. “It will garner respectability points from your employees and colleagues. Employees are by no means stupid. If they are even a bit perceptive, they will know that you were fired in a way that simply is unacceptable. It will actually lower the reputation of the person who is doing the firing.”

If your former colleagues aren’t so perceptive, you’ll need to be prepared for rumors to start to circulate about your departure. “When the other side attacks your reputation, one of your saving graces will be to have business contacts who can refute or contradict any ill word that your previous employer has stated. Never leave all your business contacts in or with one company. Develop strong, sustainable business relationships with others who are confident when providing you with reference letters,” Kingman said.

When asked about the firing, be as honest as you possibly can, without being messy, suggested Tremblay. “There is this underlying human component that really is part of the business world. Without that humanizing element, business doesn’t exist. If you’re able to reason with your colleagues using that humanizing element, where they feel empathy and have understanding, the ability to reset their expectations after being removed is so much easier. When empathy and understanding takes place, it has less to do about persuading somebody for forgiveness and more to do about logic–everybody involved knows what really went down.”

No matter what, don’t lash back and make it a she-said, he-said saga. Jim Webber, who conducts workplace training and runs a human resources advice blog called Evil Skippy at Work told CNBC, “The right thing to do is to take the high road and say, ‘Yeah, that was really crazy, but I’m just going to move on.'” After all, according to CNBC, “there’s probably nothing you can do to make your boss look worse. And for another, you always want to make sure you look like the saner party.”

Tamar Braxton Returns From Her Social Media Hiatus…With Shade

May 31st, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

It was just a week ago that Tamar Braxton announced that she was taking a break from social media. But homegirl couldn’t stay gone too long. Today, with an image of a bag from Shake Shack, she announced her return. 

And in case you thought, the week gave her time to get over all the drama behind her firing from “The Real,” you would need to think again.

A fan posted a picture of the ladies from “The Real” in a group picture. In the image, Tamar is either photoshopped into the back or she really was sitting away from them. Either way, there is a distinct space between her and the four other women.

Then, the caption for the meme says:

When you in a room full of phony b*tches and you have to distance yourself.” 

That’s one thing. The internets always have something to say about the latest gossip.

But it was Tamar’s response that has our eyebrows raised.

The former host was the first person to respond to the picture, writing “Pretty much” with the nail painting emoji.

Honestly, it’s sad to see it all playing out like this.

None of us know what happened behind the scenes, but literally just weeks ago, these women were calling each other sisters. And now Tamar’s co-signing to another woman calling them bitches.


KeKe Palmer Denies Rumors That She’s Replacing Tamar On “The Real”

May 30th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Since fans learned that Tamar Braxton will not be returning to “The Real,” the burning question has been whether or not the singer will be replaced and who that replacement might be. Recently, a source told our sister site, Bossip, that producers have their hearts set on 22-year-old actress KeKe Palmer as a replacement.

“The person who’s going to replace Tamar is KeKe Palmer,” says the source. “Rachel produced the pilot for Telepictures with KeKe Palmer last summer. She likes KeKe and KeKe, of course, wants to do another talk show. She’s on the fast track to being in that role.”

Considering KeKe’s experience with hosting a TV show and her history with Telepictures, the rumors did not seem farfetched; however, KeKe says that this is not the case. On Saturday, the “Just KeKe” host took to Twitter to dispel the report.

And there you have it.


Tamar To Address “The Real” Exit Next Week On BFV [Watch]

May 27th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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In the wake of her dramatic exit from “The Real,” Tamar Braxton has decided to do what any brilliant businesswoman would — capitalize on it. Instead of running to another daytime talk show host’s couch to spill tea, cry the blues, and throw the inevitable shade that we know is coming, Braxton has chosen to utilize one of her other television platforms to tell her side of the story.

Next Thursday on WE tv, Braxton will address her departure — and rumored firing — from “The Real” during a special episode of her reality show, “Braxton Family Values”. It is unclear how deeply the singer will delve into her apparent issues with producers and the network, but Tamar has very little chill, so we’re expecting her to drop a few bombs.

As you may recall, despite the fact that producers have expressed that Tamar’s exit was a mutual decision, just before the news broke, Tamar lashed out on Instagram about being betrayed by someone she believed was a friend — not to mention that she has been curving all of her former co-host Loni Love’s phone calls. Clearly, things were not as clean or amicable as production would like for us to believe.

Check out a clip from the upcoming episode below and let us know if you will be tuning in next Thursday.

H/t Love B. Scott

Did Y’all See? The Year Of Dramatic Exits And Natural Hair Hate At Salons

May 27th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Is 2016 turning out to be the year of the dramatic professional exit?

First Melissa Harris-Perry let MSN know she was nobody’s mammy, then Kelly Ripa threw a bit of a tantrum over Michael Strahan’s departure, and just this week Tamar Braxton threw the greatest of shade toward Fox and her former co-hosts of The Real over the termination of her contract. But did the baby Braxton go out in a blaze of glory or simply stir up a bunch of unnecessary mess?

We’re discussing that tea plus the sad reaction to Keke Palmer’s bare-faced selfie and asking what you would do if someone slipped relaxer into your shampoo with image activist Michaela Angela Davis on this week’s episode of Did Y’all See?

Loni Love Addresses Rumors Surrounding Tamar’s Firing

May 25th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tuesday, comedian Loni Love took to Facebook with a lengthy video to address certain rumors surrounding Tamar Braxton’s departure from “The Real.” Specifically, she wanted fans to know that she had nothing to do with the singer’s termination.

“As hosts, we don’t have that kind of power,” the comedian explained. “If I had that kind of power, I’d have my own show. I don’t fire people.”

As for speculation that she knew Tamar would be let go before Tamar knew, Loni says that there’s no truth to those rumors either. According to the TV personality, she first got wind of the drama when Tamar sent out a group text to all of the hosts on Saturday afternoon telling them that she suspects she will be fired.

“I got a group text from Tamar. She said, ‘I heard I’m being fired,'” Loni explained.

After receiving the message, Loni attempted to reach out to Tamar; however, the singer has yet to respond or pick up her calls.

“Saturday was the first time I heard that she heard she might get fired. Then that’s when we got a phone call from Telepictures and they confirmed that was she let go.”

Loni went on to say that she will continue to offer support to her friend and that she will not stop reaching out to her until they speak.

Watch Loni’s full video below. Thoughts?

Tamar Braxton Exits “The Real”

May 23rd, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tamar Braxton Exits "The Real"


Things are going to look very different on the set of “The Real” next season as one of the show’s co-hosts, Tamar Braxton, will not be returning. News of Braxton’s departure came over the weekend after celebrity blogger B. Scott shared claims that the singer was fired from the daytime talk show.

“Tamar Braxton just got fired from ‘The Real.’ She wasn’t reading too well with the audience and sales people didn’t find her to be a good fit with advertisers,” a production source told Scott. ‘”Also, production found her too difficult to deal with.”

Hours later, representatives from “The Real” released a joint statement with Braxton sharing that they have mutually decided to part ways.

The Real and Tamar Braxton have mutually decided that Tamar will not be continuing with the show for its upcoming third season. She will be leaving in order to concentrate on her solo career. Everyone associated with The Real appreciates Tamar’s efforts and the contributions she has made to the show’s success, and we wish her all the best for the future,” the statement reads.

Although this statement paints the portrait of an amicable split, an emotionally-charged Instagram message from Braxton shared hours before the news broke suggests otherwise. Her message reads:

“I love u all but I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted ( not my man or my sisters) I am not about to be tried and tested to snitch (👀) and it’s not in good taste to tell you who…… but as #tamartians you are very smart and can figure things out on your own. But know that everyone who smiles in your face is NOT your friend and is NOT cheering for you and will LIE and try and tear u down to TRY and dim your light. Thank GOD HE HOLDS MY FUTURE AND MY HAND! (Remember who u are)….I am Tamar Braxton. And if you thought for 1 sec u played me…..In the late great prince and the amazing Beyoncé voice you PLAYED yourself to God be the Glory and I will be taking a short break from ALL social media…until then yourself and WATCH YOUR BACK ( I put this picture up cause this is the embrace I got from my sister and best friend that she ALWAYS gives when she knows I’ve been had).”

A photo posted by Taytay❤️ (@tamarbraxton) on

At this point, it’s unclear who Braxton is referring to specifically; however, some outlets have reported that the singer has unfollowed all of her co-stars except Tamera Mowry.

We will continue to keep you posted as new details emerge.