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Chris Brown Talks Awkward Domestic Violence PSA At The Grammys, And Why He’s Ready To Impregnate, But Not Marry Karrueche

February 23rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: Splash News & Picture Agency

Source: Splash News & Picture Agency

Anytime Chris Brown sits down for an interview, you can be sure that he’s going to say something very interesting or very crazy. I’ll let you decide which statements are what after you check out what he had to say on The Breakfast Club today. The singer, there to promote his tour with with Trey Songz and the Fan of a Fan album with Tyga, talked about why he falls out with Karrueche publicly, why he went in on Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon, and people continuously bringing up his past. He definitely had a lot to say. Check it out.

If His Social Media Rants Get Him Into Trouble With The Judge Presiding Over His Probation

I wouldn’t talk about the judge because I’m not off probation all the way. So I would say that I don’t think it would make a difference. I think even if I was at church every day, it would be something to talk about. I think how media has kind of–not to say targeted me because I’m not here to be like “Woe is me,” that’s bullshit. But I feel like the only thing that’s highlighted in my career over the last five years is my negativity. Only thing I can do is put my positive music out and do what I do and be great at that. That’s the only thing that has been successful is the music. People can’t deny an undeniable hit.

The Percentage Of Blame He Would Put On Himself And The Media For His Image

It’s 50/50. I’m not going to sit there and say I’m a saint. But I definitely say that a lot of the choices I made in the past reflect now. So now, I don’t have the benefit of the doubt. “Oh, Chris didn’t do it.” People be like, “No, he did it!” It’s because of my past decisions.

Why Chris & Karrueche Always Fall Out Publicly

A lot of the times, I’m impulsive. I don’t have no filter. Whether it’s a relationship issue, whether it’s her or me, we don’t know how to communicate sometimes, to be able to be like, let’s talk about this before we say some sh*t and then we’re back together next week. Then you give everybody else the option to depict our relationship and set their own basis for how we live our life. It’s better for growth and maturity when you communicate and talk through a relationship and understand each other. I’d rather do that and not make my stuff as public because it’s not anybody’s opinion! And people’s lives is sh*t so they can’t comment on mine anyway.

Agreeing With Kanye Saying That Karrueche Probably Couldn’t Do Better Than Brown, And Bringing Up Rihanna

I feel what he meant by it. I’m not saying that as an arrogant statement…there’s nowhere else to go. Even with ol’ girl. The first one. Who else she gon’ go to? That’s nice, [Leonardo DiCaprio] is a good choice, but who else in this game she gon’ go to? Some corny singing rapper? You know what I’m saying? What she do now, I got respect for her and whatever her choice is, but at the time, not to toot my own horn, but who’s hotter than me?

Where Things Stand With Rihanna Now

We’re cordial. I respect her space. She respects mine. Too much talking leads to “Hey, what you doing? What’s up? What’s up? We gon’ hang out?” It just complicates things.

On People Bringing Up His Abusive Past

It’s not even about, “Oh, he doesn’t show any remorse.” How much remorse am I going to show? It’s been damn near almost 10 years. I just feel like, if you not going to get over it, you’re never going to get over it.

Why He Lashed Out At Tamar And Adrienne Bailon

Mine is a roast. If you want to say something about me, let me just joke. But I don’t say the stuff that’s like, “Okay, yeah, he got her.” I say the stuff that’s going to hurt and feel like someone took a dagger to your veins. I’m getting smart now because I’m realizing that when people are in panic mode and they need to sell something or they need to get ratings, it’s “Let’s poke at Chris Brown because he’ll bite on it. He’ll say something and we’ll get a reaction out of him because guess what? It’s going to bring our ratings through the roof because he’s going to go all the way and then he’s going to look like the bad guy and we’re going to win.” I’m starting to realize it. It’s still fun to me because I like to entertain.

On The Domestic Violence PSA At The Grammys

I left before that came on. I didn’t even know until I looked at my Instagram and Twitter. My thing is, that’s great. If you’re going to focus on that, that’s great. But also talk about Mike Brown. Talk about all these injustices going on as far as politically, and all the things that’s wrong with our country. Don’t use the music to just talk about domestic violence, because ya’ll don’t talk about it on nothin’ else…Then you got other people in the crowd that are artists, I don’t know half these people because I don’t listen to their music, but I saw little tweets like, “Well then you shouldn’t have let Chris Brown come to the awards.” To me, that’s a slap in my face, because that has nothing to do with you. If you are in a totally different lane and you’re doing whatever you’re doing, your opinion shouldn’t be that valid. You should worry about what the hell you’re doing. Old Chris Brown would have come over and smacked you in your mouth, but the new one is like, “Cool, tell me how to get into them pearly gates since you’re perfect. I need to know how to get on that VIP list because I want to get there too.”

If He’s Ready To Settle Down With Karrueche

I’m too young for that. I can deal with babies. That’s different. I don’t follow the certain formula…I’m cool having a baby. The marriage thing? I’m not cool with giving you half of what I earned all my life. Prenups, all that, that’s cool. But in our generation, marriage has been distorted to our generation of people because it hasn’t worked. The older generation, it worked…as our culture, generations from being teenagers to now, it’s all about the turn up. I’m not promoting the turn up, but that’s what our mentality is. So it’s all about what’s hot at the time. Those values aren’t instilled in us right now. We don’t have leaders to instill that. I’m particularly not going to be that leader because I’m going to turn up with you [laughs]. As I progress and find out who I am more, when I’m more in my 30s, then maybe.

What He Thinks Of People Saying He Could Have Been The Next MJ, But Blew It

The funny thing is, I am on that level. I’m not saying I am Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. If you know you’re great, you know you’re great. When people say, “He’s supposed to be that,” it’s because they know I am that.

I can’t look back and say, “I wish I could have done it this way,” because I’ll be mad at my life because I didn’t get it to the fullest potential. All I can do now is say, “You know what, I’m just going to to kill everything I do.”

“The Real” Renewed For A Second Season!

February 11th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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The Real


Last night Tamar Braxton announced via Instagram that The Real has been renewed for a second season!

Captioning a silly photo above) of she and her castmates with: “Yes!! We are coming back for season 2!! #wonthedoit,” the ladies are currently the number one new syndicated talk show on the air and can look forward to a season of trying to stay on top.

The news of The Real‘s renewal comes as no surprise with their competitor’s ABC’s The View’s ratings decreasing dramatically. Besides television The Real’s YouTube channel  has received more than 65 million video views and their online coverage receives high ratings as well, reports Deadline.

We should also note Tamar along with Tamera Mowry-Housley are ranked among the most popular talk show hosts on Facebook.

Congratulations to the ladies on The Real, we can’t wait for what is to come!

H/T B.Scott 

Tamar Braxton Talks Marriage, Chris Brown & New Music On Café Mocha

January 30th, 2015 - By Madame Noire
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tamar-braxton-420This weekend we meet songstress and The Real co-host Tamar Braxton. She addresses the beef with Chris Brown that went viral, stepping out of the shadow of her big sister, Toni, and how she keeps the women away from her husband, Vince. Plus, her new album is going to be hot! And did she just kick off a clothing line? Tamar tells all to her The Real co-host Loni Love and Café Mocha.

Don’t miss it this weekend on Café Mocha Radio. Click here for show cities and times.

Did Ya’ll See? Segment

Did ya’ll see the story of singer Mya’s recent risqué performance and Bow Wow’s Facebook comments about it? Well, the ladies of MadameNoire aren’t pleased. Don’t miss Did Ya’ll See on Café Mocha Radio this weekend to find out what they had to say.

Cafe Mocha Radio Logo_Light

Tune in this weekend to Café Mocha Radio and go to MadameNoire’s YouTube page to find out how the ladies weigh in on the hottest topics.

Café Mocha™, radio from a woman’s perspective!

“What If People Don’t Like It?” Adrienne Bailon Won’t Put Out Solo Music Because She’s “Scared To Fail”

January 28th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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When people say that the music industry has changed to a point where it’s not even fun anymore, I guess that’s true, because Adrienne Bailon says the obsession with accolades, attention (aka, brand building) and sales has caused her to, in a way, give up on music. When asked by her co-hosts why she put her solo music career on hold to do everything BUT sing, she had this to say on a recent episode of “The Real”:

“One, I’m scared to fail, so I’ve had this solo album that I’ve said is coming out for the last five years. I’m scared to fail. I don’t like the sound of my own voice, and that’s honest. In 3LW, I probably enjoyed the music side more because it was R&B, it was more of my thing. But I felt like in Cheetah Girls, they praised the fact that I sounded so young. And as a 31-year-old woman, sometimes I hear myself recorded and I still think I sound really young.

When I finished Cheetah Girls, I got a record deal at Def Jam and it didn’t go the way I thought it would go. There was so much more to music than just what I love about music. I grew up singing in church! I sing every day, nobody knows it, but I love to sing! I felt like the music business was different than when I got in the game at 16 years old. It was about music and talent and singing.

To step out on my own and let my voice be heard, I’m scared. What if people don’t like it? What if it’s not successful? I almost have been saying I would rather it not come out and just say, well, it never came out, than for it to come out and be wack.

It also felt like at a certain time when I was doing my music, every other door kept opening for me, but music.”

Her fellow co-host, Tamar Braxton, said that she could relate to Bailon’s feelings, because she felt the same at one point. But in order to really go after her dreams, Braxton said that Bailon needs to sing for the right reasons.

“Maybe the door has not been open for you because you’re not ready and you would be walking into it for all the wrong reasons. You have to fall in love with music. You can’t think about who’s going to buy it, if anybody is going to like it, you have to love it. That was my issue. I understand my situation. I understand why I wasn’t Mariah Carey at 18 like I thought I was gonna be. I was not ready. I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. I thought, I want to be a superstar, I want to sing–no, it wasn’t about singing. It was about the accolades, it was about the charts. Now, I don’t even look at that stuff because it taints the gift and the love and the passion that you have for it. You can’t do that. Who cares if 100,000 people or four people–her, her, her and me–buy your record? You be proud of your record! Because that’s what you wanted to do.”

And considering that Bailon has a great voice, we agree that she needs to get back out there. Just check out a rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” that she did during the run of her reality show, “Empire Girls.”

“God Really Saved Me From Myself:” Tamar Braxton Talks Leaving An Abusive Relationship

January 16th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

During a recent episode of “The Real,” Tamar Braxton opened up about an abusive relationship that she found herself in the middle of prior to meeting her husband, Vincent Herbert, and finding her way out of that situation.

“God really saved me from myself, because I was with the wrong person, and when I was with the wrong person, it made me feel bad about who I was,” the wife and mother explained. “He made me feel so bad about having dreams, having goals…and my dreams and goals was not the same as his. And because of that he used to beat me down, mentally and physically. It was just a really hard time for me.”

She credits her ex-boyfriend’s ability to get away with the abuse with her failure to realize who she was and what she deserved.

“The only reason why he got away with it then is because I did not know who I was, and I could not make the right decisions for myself because I didn’t know where to go…Yes, I do, and I did, have a real strong family background, but at that time, if you don’t know who you are, you don’t know where to go.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the singer has spoken of the experience, but it seems that she hopes that her story will serve as a cautionary tale to others, especially young women.

“That’s why I like to encourage all young ladies — I say it during my shows, I’m gonna say it here — get to know you.”

Hopefully, her story will help someone else in a similar situation.

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Tamar Braxton Set To Release New Album In April

January 5th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Great news for all of you Tamar Braxton fans! The reality star and singer recently announced that her next album will be in stores by spring 2015.

According to Singersroom, Braxton announced the great news during a recent radio interview with Atlanta’s V-103.

The forthcoming project, which will be the 37-year-old’s third studio album, does not have a title as of yet, but the first single “Let Me Know,” which features Future, is already creating quite a buzz.

“Right now I’m in a place where I’m really happy, and sometimes I’m overwhelmed, but at the end of the day I’m just trying to balance it all and understand myself as a woman,” Tamar told Billboard back in June regarding her process when putting together an album. “So those are the songs I’m writing right now, but I can’t say whether that’s going to be the end result.”

As a big fan of Tamar, I have to admit that I’m pretty psyched to hear that she’s working on a new album. Her sophomore project Love and War was everything.

What about you? Do you plan on checking out Tamar’s new album when it drops?

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Tamar Braxton Puts Instagram Trolls On Blast For Saying She’s “Not Pretty”: “Why Are You SO Mad??”

December 16th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Johnny Louis/

Johnny Louis/

Tamar Braxton has said in the past that when she was a young girl, she was bullied in school, and it wasn’t easy for her.

“I walked different, I had a different attitude, and I was picked on because I wasn’t like everybody else.”

Unfortunately, she has also said that even after working hard to become a Grammy-nominated singer, she still deals with bullying, but this time on social media: “I was bullied as a kid, and so for me to get on social media and still have that is a problem for me.”

And it’s a problem that the youngest Braxton sister isn’t trying to keep quiet about. Just this week, the Instagram page for her show “The Real” posted an image of the singer with a mistletoe over her head, and followers were playfully encouraged to meet her underneath it. Two people in particular weren’t feeling the idea (or the holiday spirit), and decided to be less than jolly:


Meet @TamarBraxtonHer under the mistletoe! She’s ready to give some holiday love today on #TheReal!

A photo posted by The Real Talk Show (@therealdaytime) on


“No thanks she is not Pretty. Sowwy Lol”

“OMG NO! !!!How old is she . She look like she 45 years old.  NO !!!!”

Somehow, Braxton saw their statements and decided to give both individuals a piece of her mind, and her resume, to let them know that at the end of the day, whether they think she’s cute or not doesn’t matter:

“@hollywoodbeelife @tyheerahj what chall mad for?? Oh…..I know why

@tyheerahj @hollywoodeelife Ok fine you THINK I’m ugly (feel better??)) I don’t care at all!!! Trust Me! I think I am amazing!! I’ve Sold out my OWN tour? (At 36) had a miracle baby (at 36) and now at (37 years old)…Put out MY OWN clothing line, Have an AMAZING family, 2 #1 reality shows that I created, started my OWN liquor line, writing a book, and u want to tell people NOT to watch this show because YOU both THINK I’m ugly??? Well I think the two of you are UGLY people as well so NOW we are even!! Cool??!!…HOWEVER.. the Question STILL remains….why are you SO mad??”

So in conclusion, don’t come for Tamar unless she sends for you.

What do you think about her response to her detractors?

Gloria Govan Denies Being Vincent Herbert’s Mistress

November 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

So apparently, there was a nasty rumor floating around that Gloria Govan has been carrying on an affair with the very married Vincent Herbert. The rumors were fueled by a source claiming to have knowledge of the affair.

“Gloria REALLY wants to get back on reality TV since she’s no longer doing ‘Basketball Wives’ and Vince was supposed to be helping her with that,” a source told Bossip. “She’d been wanting to work with him for a while and things just escalated from there.”

“It’s true,” another source claiming to be a friend of Gloria added. “She’s mentioned before how much she thought he’d be able to help her. Money and placement are always a motivation for her.”

Yesterday, Gloria took to Instagram to dispel the rumors.

A photo posted by glogovan (@glogovan) on

“Must be a slow media day… Smfh @balleralert @bossipoffical stop with the outrageous LIES!!! Y’all want tea go do your homework instead of making random sh-t up. I’ve never met @tamarbraxtonher or her husband day in my life! And I wish them nothing but the best in their marriage and beautiful family!!! Stop believing everything u read!!! #dry #stupidassmedia #dumbstories #lies #stoplying.”

Neither Vince or his wife, Tamar, have acknowledged the rumors. 

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Watch Your Mouth! Tamar Threatens To Sue Sandra Rose After She Claims Vince Beats Her

November 17th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Tamar Threatens To Sue Sandra Rose After She Claims Vince Beats Her

Blogger Sandra Rose is known for starting mess with her unsubstantiated, salacious and speculative headlines. Y’all remember how she came for Faith Evans’ son, claiming that he was gay during his high school graduation. Basically, she takes pride in being messy.

Everyday she’s coming for someone else. And yesterday, in addition to saying no one cared about Solange’s wedding (laughable), Rose also claimed that Tamar’s husband, Vincent Herbert, beats her.

Here’s what she tweeted.

tamar threatens to sue sandra rose 1

Source: Instagram

Tamar doesn’t take lightly to much criticism; but she really wasn’t down for this sort, considering that she’s been pretty open about dealing with an abusive relationship in the past.

Here’s what she said in response.

Tamar Threatens To Sue Sandra Rose

Source: Instagram

Rose, being the troll that she is, was probably delighted to see that Tamar not only read something she wrote but  took the time to respond. Naturally, she wanted to keep the conversation going.

Tamar Threatens To Sue Sandra Rose

Source: Instagram

And Tamar responded again.

Tamar Threatens To Sue Sandra Rose

Source: Instagram

Rose continued to respond. But fortunately, sometime during the night Tamar realized that Sandra Rose is nothing but a troll and deleted the tweets she screen shotted from her Instagram page.

But we’re wondering whether or not she’ll actually go through with this lawsuit business. It might be an exercise in futility but it would certainly teach Sandra Rose a lesson.

What do you think, should Tamar sue her?

“Please Don’t Start Drama That Doesn’t Exist” Adrienne Bailon Responds To Chris Brown

November 5th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Adrienne Bailon Responds To Chris Brown

Source: Fox, The Real

When the ladies of “The Real” sat down to speak about the topic of friends dating shiesty dudes, referencing Chris and Karrueche’s on-again, off-again relationship, I doubt they thought it would cause so much of a stink.

But Chris Brown got word that the ladies were talking about him and his girl and he acted a fool.

He singled out Tamar and Adrienne, calling them all types of names and attempting to bring up Adrienne’s sexual history. Which was interesting considering Jeannie Mai was really the one coming for him. (And that’s not a diss toward Jeannie. Anyone with internet access has seen how Chris gets down. It’s out there.)

The issue is still Chris’ apparent disrespect of women.

Either way, Tamar already responded.

And now Adrienne’s chiming in with her two cents, just a little bit more quietly.

According to The Shade Room, Adrienne Bailon headed straight over to Chris Brown’s Instagram page with her response.

“Who said anything bad about her? I actually know her…We’re cool. The conversation was generally speaking of anyone who may “possibly” be in a bad relationship. Please don’t start drama that doesn’t EXIST. If she’s happy…So am I. And I certainly STARTED my career in a multi platinum singing group. Get your facts straight. You don’t need to freeload when you have your own Barbie. God bless. <3″


What do you think about Adrienne’s response? Personally, I admire the fact that she went right to Chris Brown’s page, instead of creating several Instagram posts.

Take a look at it in the image below.