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We’re Not Homies, We’re Cordial: Tamar Talks Performance With K. Michelle & More

July 21st, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Tamar Braxton

Source: YouTube/Power 105.1

That performance with Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle left many of us feeling a little strange. Something about it just wasn’t all the way authentic. And apparently, in a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Tamar explained the reason for that. She also spoke about Rihanna being nominated for an R&B Grammy and how “The Real” gets her in trouble sometimes.

Check out some of the excerpts below.

Angie Martinez: On the performance with K Michelle…have you made nice?

Let’s me just be honest about it. That weekend was the first time I’ve ever met her. So, we’re not homies. It’s not that. We’re just cordial. It’s no beef. Never really was no beef like that because I had to treat it like someone on Twitter because I never met her.

AM: Did BET try to put you two together?

BET did put us together and it wasn’t awkward. …Well, yes it was a little bit at first. But then you know, she sang, I sang, we went home.

AM:There was no backstage conversation?

No. That’s why I decided to apologize on stage because it was weird.

AM: You didn’t have a conversation before the stage. 

No! I mean, ‘Hi, how you doing? God is good. Won’t He do it?’ We didn’t go out to dinner, we didn’t go have drinks. It’s just no beef. You know what I’m saying?

AM: At least that’s been put to bed. 


She also talked about some of the negative reaction fellow celebrities have had to the ladies of “The  Real,” talking about their personal lives.

AM:”The Real” is going to get you in trouble

A little bit. But you know what, guess what, you can’t get upset if you’re pop culture. What else are we supposed to talk about, yarning?

AM:What about you, can you take it because after the BET Awards they were meme-ing you up.

I loved it. I cracked up. I posted some of them. because I do make funny faces when I’m singing. That’s why I sing for real.

Then Angie brought up Tyrese’s campaign to bring R&B music back to the forefront . He even mentioned that artists like Sam Smith benefit from White privilege when singing Black music.

I definitely wouldn’t consider that R&B though. I had an issue with Rihanna being nominated, at the Grammys, for best R&B album. She doesn’t sing R&B music. She’s a pop star. And so I had an issue with that. I love her. Glad she won.

AM:What makes something R&B?

It’s called rhythm and blues. Ribs and barbecue. It’s not pop pop pop, *bee bops* . It’s not that music.  It’s soulful. That’s R&B music.

AM:I’m trying to think of a song that could be categorized as R&B

No. Every song of hers, I’ve gotten my complete and utter life to, twerking. I love her. I’m one of her biggest fans, period but that’s not R&B music.

Beyoncé for me is more R&B than what Rihanna’s music would be considered.

See what else she had to say, in the full interview.

You can watch her full interview in the video below. 

The Gift of Life: Did You Get A “Push Present” After Having A Baby?

July 11th, 2015 - By Toya Sharee
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"pregnancy myths"

The first time I ever heard of a “push present” was when Tamar Braxton was shading hubby Vincent Herbert on “The Real” after he neglected to give her one after birthing baby Logan. He later made up for his oversight by gifting her with a huge diamond ring. Then there’s the rumored $770,000 tiger-striped diamond ring Kanye blew on wife, Kim after delivering North West in addition to sparing no expense on a birthing suite complete with leather sofas, mani/pedis and blow outs at Kim’s command in between breastfeeding and burping (which I am going to assume she did herself).

After I gave birth to my daughter last fall, I barely got an Edible Arrangement let alone a tiger diamond, but the idea of getting a “push present” after having a lavish baby shower and having the world wait on you hand and foot for nine months just screams excessive greed to me. It makes a sad statement on a culture I feel is no longer appreciating moments for that sentimental value and using them as mere opportunities to “turn up and get stuff”.

Don’t get me wrong, milestones in life such as weddings, births, graduations should be celebrated. The problem for me is when people think these times are an excuse to have their hand out, especially when a side-eye is given to any gift that someone didn’t have to invest a whole year’s salary into. People are expecting more and more for less and less energy and effort. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like any woman who can endure pregnancy and birth deserves all the respect and love in the world, but at the end of the day you aren’t doing anything your body wasn’t already designed to do. You didn’t colonize another planet for humans to live on or invent an alternative energy source, you gave birth and women have been doing it for millions of years without a “push present” to look forward to.

I won’t feed you some Hallmark BS about how a beautiful, healthy baby should be all the gift you need after giving birth. After having a c-section I was nursing a mean set of staples and hadn’t bathed for at least two days. Not only was I being harassed by a nurse about if I had passed gas yet, but also by an annoying photographer that wanted to take pics of me and my newborn while I sat in a satin bonnet looking anything but “glowing”. Trust me, a push present may have took my self-esteem up a few notches (but I didn’t actually have to “push” so I guess that’s why my present wasn’t in sight). So I totally understand how a woman wants to feel appreciated and rewarded for getting that mini human into the world safely after a labor that might make you feel like you’re going to meet your maker. But if what Tiffany locket you’re going to get to makes or breaks your priorities as a new mom, I’m going to need you to get it together. And it’s one thing if you’re child’s father is Vincent Herbert who is worth a reported $10 million, but if you are parading a flashy push present and wondering how you are going to afford formula: Get your priorities straight, ASAP. This also applies if you’re hype about a getting a Birkin diaper bag from a guy who also impregnated his side chick at the same time.

The Today Show recently asked viewers how they felt about push presents with 45% saying they weren’t fans, 28% responding that they were great and the remaining 27% who were clueless about the whole process like me thinking, “Does you partner pop up with a Tiffany bracelet before or after cutting the cord?”.

Look, I’m not hard to please. After 8 months of motherhood , I’ll take a good six hours of sleep and a bottle of Yellowtail Big Bold Red as push presents. But in all honesty I must say there are sweet simple moments in motherhood that money just can’t buy. And if your partner wants to get you a little something for harboring another human being over your bladder for almost a whole year, that’s awesome. But it matters not if that same person is pulling a no show during every 3 AM feeding. At the same time if he blanks on the push present, but spends the next year covered in spit up and swaddling mid REM, you’ve probably got a winner even if you don’t have a new piece of jewelry to show for it.

Most importantly, giving birth should your first and most important lesson in motherhood: It’s no longer only about you. If you’re more concerned about flossing your gifts for the ‘Gram and getting a pat on the back, you might need to nip that narcissism in the bud before baby takes his first steps.

How do you feel about “push presents”? Here’s how other women felt about the business of getting gifts for giving life:

“I have no idea what that is. I’ve never heard of it. But in regards to presents, I think that American culture is constantly inventing new reason to receive presents and it’s shallow and unnecessary.”

“I never heard about ‘push presents’ until a friend asked was my child’s father getting me one when I was pregnant earlier this year. I knew he wasn’t, so she ended up getting him one to give it to me. Apparently, I definitely deserved one.”

“It’s cute.  Like a ‘thank you for sacrificing your abs to bring my baby into the world.'”

“People hype about a ‘push gift’ and got a trifling behind baby’s dad.  Explain how that makes sense?”

“I thought gifts were just for the baby. Damn, the mom gets a gift too?  Does dad get anything? I mean he showed up at least once for this whole process.”


Toya Sharee is a community health educator and parenting education coordinator who has a  passion for helping  young women build their self-esteem and make well-informed choices about their sexual health.  She also advocates for women’s reproductive rights and blogs about  everything from beauty to love and relationships. Follow her on Twitter @TheTrueTSharee or visit her blog, Bullets and Blessings.

“Have Several Seats” Tamar Braxton Doesn’t Approve Of Jeannie Mai’s Decision To Host Miss USA

July 6th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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tamar and jeannie mai feat

There has been plenty of drama with Donald Trump and his recent comments about Mexican immigrants, right before the Miss USA pageant. Roselyn Sanchez canceled her participation as a co-host. And NBC has decided that they will not air the show on their network.

But there is one person who’s still down to ride.

And that’s “The Real’s” Jeannie Mai.

Over the weekend, Mai, whose own parents are immigrants, announced that after much consideration, she decided that she would still serve a co-host for the Miss USA pageant.

She posted her decision on Instagram.

While I absolutely do not condone Mr. Trump's statements, after careful deliberation I have decided to continue my role as co-host of the upcoming Miss USA Pageant. For the past several years, I have been co-hosting both Miss USA and Miss Universe aligned to support President Paula Shugart. I can't abandon these women when they need our support now more than ever. The mission of the Miss Universe organization has always been to unite women from all over the world and celebrate different cultures. They empower women to become role models in their communities in order to build self-esteem and advance philanthropic initiatives. It is truly unfortunate that recent events have overshadowed the amazing work these women have been doing, but the goals of their organization have not changed. Through the years I've experienced a wide variety of inspiring stories. I've met women who used the pageant to help fund their education. I got to know winners like Miss Universe Leila Lopes who used the platform to bring so much positive attention to emerging countries like Angola. There are countless stories of real women working hard to impact social change. My entire career has been driven by my inspiration to celebrate women and their potential. I hope everyone can transcend this controversy so we don’t lose sight of that. As long as there is one woman standing there on that stage, I intend to be standing there beside her.

A photo posted by @thejeanniemai on

Well, her co-host on “The Real,” Tamar Braxton had something to say about that.

The Shade Room captured her response.

Well, this is a little awkward considering Tamar and Jeannie seem to not only be coworkers but friends even off the set. When people starting questioning Tamar’s response to Jeannie’s Instagram post, she had some words for them as well.

#TamarBraxton clears up what she said about #JeannieMai — view prior post

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

You’ll also notice that she liked the picture afterward.

Ooh Tamar.

What do you think about all of this here? Should Jeannie Mai have taken the job? Should Tamar have expressed her concerns in this way?

“Stop It!” Tamar Braxton Addresses Bullying Breakdown, Not Paying People And More

July 2nd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Tamar And The Real Hosts Talk Bullying feat

Recently, B. Scott had the chance to chat with Tamar Braxton when she called into his new podcast, “The B. Scott Show.” He asked her a series of questions we’ve all been dying to know like why she got so emotional during that episode of “The Real” where she referenced the bullying she had endured the hands of fellow songstress K. Michelle, spoke issues of jealousy between she and Toni and even addressed the rumors that she and Vince don’t pay people who work for them.

Check out a few of the highlights below.

On that infamous ‘bullying’ breakdown on ‘The Real’

You know, it’s always the person whose bullying you who makes it about themselves — but I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t about the people who have bullied me. It was really, honestly, about what information can I give my own child, you know?

The reason why I broke down, was because — yes, it does affect me emotionally. But the reason why I broke down was because I felt like I didn’t have the information to give my child if he comes to me and asks me…because it still affects me, if you know what I’m saying.

On Dealing with it now

You know, I really don’t care any more. To be honest, if I don’t know those people — and I love my Tamartian friends and my fans, and I’m sure they love me…but they’re not gonna love everything you do. I think what has helped me the most is that I have to truly, 100% believe in what I am doing and what I stand by. 

On the reoccurring rumors that she and Vince don’t pay their employees:

I can’t say they don’t have a good experience working with me. You know, because I’ve kept people employed for, you know, a very long time — years and years. When things start to not work out and people get let go or what have you, they’re upset. They start saying things  — which is the same exact thing — and it’s ridiculous. If that was the problem, then you wouldn’t have been here for 3 or 4 years. You understand what I’m saying? But now, all of a sudden, oh, I ain’t paid you for three years and you’ve been sticking around! *laughs* That doesn’t even make no sense. Stop it!

On supposedly being jealous of her sister Toni:

Let me go back to last season of [Braxton Family Values] where everyone heard me say — ‘no disrespect to you Toni, I feel like you have definitely been a huge part of not just this family, but to the music industry itself — but I do not feel you paved the way for me.’

Let me just explain myself, right? This is what I was talking about — I’ve had five record deals before now. If it just depended on the fact that Toni is not only an icon [but] my sister, then I would have made it five deals ago! That’s all I was saying. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to her or say that she’s not talented or say that she doesn’t deserve to be [anything]– or that I’m even jealous. I was just saying, ‘[Toni] being my sister has NOTHING to do with the success I have today! I worked my complete behind off. This is my SIXTH record deal and, you know, if it was just solely dependent on YOU being my sister than it would have happened five record deals ago.

You can listen to Tamar’s full interview with B. Scott in the audio below.

Tamar Braxton & K. Michelle Share The Stage With Patti LaBelle

June 29th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tamar Braxton and K. Michele recently squashed their long-lived feud, and to seal the deal, the pair graced the 2015 BET Awards stage together. We were also shocked to see the legendary Patti LaBelle join the ladies for the performance.


Are You Here For This? K. Michelle & Tamar Braxton Will Perform Together At BET Awards

June 27th, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Source: WENN/IG

Source: WENN/IG

Wayment! Is the beef finally over between K Michelle and Tamar Braxton? According to Tamar, it is. For those of you who have been completely under a rock. The new singers have been involved in what seemed like a never-ending beef since 2013.

The issues between Tamar and K Michelle, started when Tamar called K Michelle out for her messed up wig. Ever since then, the two have played tick for tack. However, according to a new interview by Tamar, the two will now join forces.

In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Braxton stated,

There is a very special performance that is coming up. With the whole women empowerment and everyone coming together and women coming from a place where we all can understand each other..I’m doing a very special performance with myself and K.Michelle, who in the past, we’ve both had a lot of disagreements…about life in general.

This is actually the first time we’ll be meeting each other. I’m just really excited. I’m about girls sticking up for each other and being there for each other. It’s just time for all the nonsense to stop. Let’s just empower each other and be great.

Is anyone else here for this? Personally, I’m happy the ladies are finally taking the high road. I’ll be tuned in tomorrow night!

Exclusive: The Braxton Sisters Request The Gritty Details Of Trina’s Divorce [Watch]

May 11th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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We tv

We tv

“Braxton Family Values” returns to WE tv Thursday, May 21 and we’re picking up with Trina Braxton finally deciding put an end to this long and drawn out two-step she has been doing with her estranged husband Gabe Solis. After years of trying, Trina has decided that she wants out of their marriage—for good this time.

Of course, her sisters were a little shocked by her decision considering how hard she seemed to be trying to make things work with Gabe.

In a preview clip of the upcoming season exclusively obtained by Madame Noire, the Braxton sisters waste no time questioning Trina about the circumstances that led to her more recent filing. A visibly shaken Trina, however, is reluctant about sharing, but her siblings aren’t having it.

Personally, I tend to shut down and not want to talk to too many people when I’m going through something, so I can honestly relate to Trina in this instance. Sometimes things are so bad, it hurts to even utter them aloud.

I also have to admit that I was slightly troubled by her sisters and their reaction to her refusal to speak. There are few things more frustrating when you’re in the middle of a crisis than someone who is hell bent on knowing the gritty details. Perhaps it was just the way the scene was edited, but the ladies come off as a little insensitive here.

Editor’s Note: This episode was filmed prior to the finalization of Trina and Gabe’s divorce back in April.

“Braxton Family Values” returns to WE tv Thursday, May 21 at 9 pm ET/PT.

Peep the clip below. What are your thoughts on all of this?

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As Seen On TV: 15 of the Most Outlandish Reality TV Stars

April 30th, 2015 - By Rich
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If you didn’t know them before the small screen you certainly are well aware of who these Reality TV Stars are now! Their over -the-top personalities have certainly created some memorable TV moments. Take a gander!

All images courtesy of WENN

As Seen On TV: 15 of the Most Outlandish Reality TV Stars

Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert Accused Of Stiffing Ex-Nanny Out Of Owed Wages

April 15th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Unfortunately, yet another employee of Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert is accusing the pair of being funny with their finances.

According to Funky Dineva, a former nanny of the reality TV couple has hired an attorney because she claims that she has not been paid for her services. The woman alleges that she was hired to look after the couple’s son Logan during the Love & War tour. At the time of her interview, the plaintiff also says that she was not informed that the tour would begin three days later. Upon being offered the job, the former employee claims that the couple refused to draft up a contract or pay her on the books.

According to documents filed with the Department of Labor, the ex-nanny says that it was agreed that she would be paid $37.50/hour and $1,500/week. Judging by these documents, that didn’t happen because she’s now claiming she is owed $161,060.

We would hope that these allegations are false, but this isn’t the first time someone has accused Tamar and Vince of stiffing them out of paychecks. And then, of course, there was that time the singer screamed on her former stylist DiAndre Tristan for requesting a contract.

Just last month, reports that Vince was facing financial trouble began circulating but Tamar quickly took to social media to dispel the rumors.

So.. YALL blogs and validated radio stations etc getting your news from a BATHROOM blogger @SandraRose ?? If my husband owed 1.6, hell 4.6 million dollars I could pay that! Be very careful because you ARE sending me to the hospital with anxiety issues!! Maybe I Should talk to my Lawyer about the rumors you are spreading and how sick it’s making me… You did say that’s why I went correct.

So far, Tamar and Vince have not spoken publicly about their ex-nanny’s allegations.

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Serious Question: Should Toya, Tamar And Rasheeda Apologize To K. Michelle?

April 13th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Should Toya, Tamar And Rasheeda Apologize To K. Michelle?

“That man beat my ass.” Most of us remember the episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” quite well. The tears K. Michelle shed when she told Rasheeda about the abuse she endured at the hands of her ex-boyfriend were unforgettable. The tears were in response to Rasheeda, who with the straightest of faces, told K. Michelle that the story she had just shared with her probably didn’t happen.

At the time, we didn’t know who “that man” was. But people starting putting the puzzle pieces together and were able to surmise that she was talking about record-producer Memphitz. And it wasn’t long before he came forward, denying K. Michelle’s claims, attempting to tear down her credibility in the process.

The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” scene with Rasheeda was hard to watch. One, because K. Michelle was reliving a real hurt. But mostly because Rasheeda, her castmate, another woman, should have been able to listen supportively. Even if in knowing Memphitz, she had reason to doubt her accusations, telling K. Michelle that she was lying was just not the right move.

Sadly, Rasheeda wasn’t the first or the last woman to tell K. Michelle they believed she was lying about the whole ordeal.

After her, there was Toya Wright, Memphitz’s current [estranged] wife. She quickly grew tired of hearing K. Michelle talk about her family and had some less than pleasant things to say about the singer turned reality star. After K. Michelle appeared on Wendy Williams talking about the abuse from Memphitz, Toya commented on Instagram saying “fuck K.” Then in an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Toya blasted K. Michelle for not having any proof of her allegations against Memphitz.

“If somebody abuse you like that, where is the proof, where is the police report, where is the pictures, where is the messages that you said he sent threats to your kid and threatened to kill your child?…It don’t matter about love, you would be in jail if you threaten my kid…And she’s saying that I said all this stuff about her, pull it up, where is it?”

Then she took it a step further:

“Anybody that knows him for real just be like ‘what is wrong with this girl?’ And the crazy part about it is everybody say that you crazy and you hit them. You the abuser.”

Then Tamar, Toya and Memphitz’s friend, jumped into the mix. Subtweeting K. Michelle, but @ mentioning Toya, telling her to ignore the haters and enjoy her marriage. She’s also called K. Michelle a liar flat out, instructing her via Twitter, that it was time to tell the truth.

But this weekend, when Memphitz’s defamation suit was thrown out, it seemed that K. Michelle finally received public vindication.

After a years-long battle, during his deposition, while he was under oath, Memphitz finally admitted that not only did he smother K. Michelle with a pillow but also that he threatened to kill her son. Sounds pretty abusive to me.

And now that the truth has come from Memphitz’s own lips, I wonder how all the women who rode for him are feeling these days. Perhaps, quite salty.

I doubt that this will ever happen, but it really wouldn’t be a bad idea for Rasheeda, Toya, and Tamar to issue an apology to K. Michelle. Each of these women went out of their way to drag K’s name through the mud when she was telling the truth the whole time.

It’s incredibly mind boggling that Memphitz would attack K. Michelle for years in interviews, over social media and through others, only to eventually acknowledge that he did what she said he did. What was it all for? Surely, he didn’t go through all of this just to get attention. Either way, I’m sure homeboy is looking a bit unrecognizable to quite a few people right now. And perhaps this is the man K. Michelle knew all along.

I can understand that each of these ladies had other reasons to dislike K. Michelle. Hell, she’s not exactly my favorite either, but an apology is in order.

The notion that these ladies should apologize is not one I came up with on my own. The Shade Room reports that a mutual friend of Toya, Tamar and Tiny, Sabrina, who owns a business women-empowerment business called The Glam University, wrote an Instagram comment, saying the women treated K. Michelle horribly throughout this whole ordeal.

 Should Toya, Tamar And Rasheeda Apologize To K. Michelle

Source: Instagram

I agree with Sabrina not only because they called her everything but a child of God; but also because in claiming that she was lying and denying her right to tell her story, they also showed other women, who may share a similar experience, how their stories will be received if they decide to share. That unknown woman, perhaps with a smaller platform than K. Michelle’s, will be told she’s a liar, people will try to silence her and her character will be attacked.

Outside of the far off land called celebrity, we regular folk can all learn something from this. Just because you dislike a woman, even if you have good reason to, doesn’t mean she should not be allowed to speak her truth, without ridicule and degradation. As fellow women, sisters in the struggle against misogyny, we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss stories of abuse, especially when it could be, and in the case of Tamar, has been one of us.