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“When U Have Your Baby Your Hair Falls Out!” Tamar Braxton Blames Missing Edges On Childbirth

August 26th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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tamar II


On the most recent episode of “Braxton Family Values,” the sisters went to therapy with Dr. Sherry to try and work out their issues with one another, and boy was it stressful! But the one thing it seemed people were focused on talking about more than the episode itself was how Tamar Braxton appeared in the episode. With her hair pulled back, it was apparent that Tamar’s edges were gone, and on Twitter, people were trying to be amateur comedians about it:

“its #tamarbraxton ‘s EDGES “last scene and season” ….oowee #bfv getcha lace front back boo”

“Tamar braxton hair line needs Jesus she ain’t got no edges or nothin stop wearin them damn lace front wigs”

“Somebody please put out a missing persons ad on @tamarbraxtonher edges #pleaseandthanks”

People even thought K. Michelle was trying to throw shade about it, posting this message on her Instagram last night:

“Looking out to heavens thanking God for everything. This fame stuff is cool sometimes, but the TRUE blessing is that I have all of my edges. Oh, and I don’t have to steal my cable anymore. Laugh it’s good for u.”

All these statements prompted a response from Braxton, who took to Instagram a few hours ago to let it be known that her hair loss came from having her son, Logan.




“When u HAVE your baby …(my son) your hair falls out!! Thanks to @simplicityhairoil for my hairline coming back! But if it didn’t work I would BUY me some. Glad you all get to see the changes while #bfv & #T&V on T.V.”

And there is truth to what she’s saying. Postpartum hair shedding is usually caused by a decline in estrogen after pregnancy, but it’s short-term. Tamar used a specific hair oil to help her edges grow back, and it seems that all is back to normal, so give the lady a break…

Have you dealt with postpartum hair loss?

“It’s Only So Much A Single Person Can Take”: Towanda Braxton Explains Why She Spazzed Out In “BFV” Premiere

August 19th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you tuned into the premiere of Braxton Family Values last week, I’m sure you saw all the bad energy and glass throwing that occurred.
It all started at Tamar’s birthday party when one of her friends, a fella named Charles, stood up and made a speech after the sisters saying that Tamar hadn’t changed in all the years that he’s known her. This directly contradicts claims from the Braxton sisters that Tamar has changed since finally reaching solo fame.

Things went left when the sisters (minus Toni who was in bed over a lupus flare up) took the man’s comments personal. Tamar tried to defend her friend from her sisters, and from there, the tension was non-stop, with Towanda calling out Tamar’s beloved (but sometimes crazy) fans at a dinner for Toni. By the end of the episode and a third dining opportunity, things came to a head. Tamar left the table because she didn’t want to argue with her sisters any longer, and eventually, Towanda flipped the HELL out. She stated that she felt like no one really cared about her and her feelings before banging on the table, flipping over glasses and storming off.

From the outside looking in, it was definitely a breaking point for Towanda, and she tried to explain her behavior on the WeTV blog.

For YEARS I’ve never been one to share or show my emotions. It’s almost an expectation from my family to not even ask about me or my feelings. Therefore, I taught myself not to show them at all and to suppress my feelings to be buried in the pit of my soul. When Iyanla was my life coach, she warned me that somehow, it’s going to get to a point of explosion….Boy was she right! I tried to hold on to my emotions to no avail.

It’s only so much a single person can take. When my CHILDREN were being attacked on social media, that’s where I drew the line. I’ve been baffled in trying to understand why the innocent relatives were not being defended. The ignorance of childish cyber bullies need boundaries and needs to be addressed by their leader.

One thing is for certain, I’m ABSOLUTELY not ever going to tolerate ANYONE disrespecting my children or nieces and nephews. They are off limits. I know I can’t expect anyone to act or react the way that I’d like.

I can no longer be a punching bag of everyone else’s emotions. Just because I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve, it doesn’t mean I’m not hurting or going through something. I am human.

If you missed out on the episode, the full thing is below. But if you want to see where things went haywire, start watching from the 32:00 mark.

“We Have An Open And Front Door” Towanda Talks Open Marriage With Andre On Wendy Williams

July 22nd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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In the season four trailer for “Braxton Family Values” included above, it seems like all hell breaks loose. The sisters are talking about pressing charges, Tamar’s threatening to quit and in what seems like something completely out of character, we watch Towanda spazz out at a dinner table, pushing glasses over while she yells that no one cares about her.

Well, until the season premieres on August 14, we won’t know what’s going on and whether or not there will be any resolution. But today on the “Wendy Williams Show,” sisters Trina and Towanda came and sat down with Wendy to discuss what they could about their sisterly drama, the Braxton family album and the state of their on-again-off-again marriages.

See what the ladies had to say.

Towanda on her breakdown

“I know it was hard for everyone to see because generally, I don’t show emotion, so that was like 40 years of suppression.”

Trina: “Well it was really difficult to see her react that way because Towanda is always the Rock of Gibraltar. She always acts like nothing bothers her and nothing ever gets to her and she’s always like, ‘Oh, if you need anything, just call me.’ And that’s wonderful however if something’s on your mind, you have to let it out. Otherwise it turns into the blowout you just saw there.”

Tamar being at the center of the drama

Towanda: “Yea, even when were were growing up.”

Trina: “Well she’s the baby in every sense of the word so now that we are growing up and going through all these growing pains, she still wants to act like the baby.”

Towanda: “It’s good [our relationship with Tamar], its a great relationship. Even though we argue hard, we still love each other.”


Their Romantic Relationships

Trina: “Well you know, we’ve been square dancing for a lot of years, we’re in we’re out, we’re in, we’re out.  We are concentrating on being good parents right now. And when we stepped away we decided that no matter what we are going through, that our kids come first.”

Wendy: “Gabe, and I didn’t realize this, is not the biological father of your two children.”

Trina: “But don’t tell him that honey…”

Wendy: “Do we ever see their bio father on the show?”

Trina and Towanda: “You don’t want to.”

Towanda: “He’s like…” *inflates herself to insinuate he’s overweight.*

Wendy: “Are you all sleeping in the same bed?

Trina: “You mean do, we sleep together? Yeah we do sometimes.”

Wendy: “Are living under the same roof?”

Trina: “We are working on that, we’re working on that, its a gradual process.”


Towanda’s relationship with Andre:

Wendy: “You all’s marriage is one good footing?”

Towanda: b”Well, it’s on a foot.”

Wendy: “Do you still have an open marriage?”

Towanda: “Well we have an open and front door.”

Trina: “What does that mean?”

Towanda tried to play coy, telling them they would have to just keep watching the show. But both Wendy and Trina kept pushing, asking exactly what are the rules.

Wendy: “Does Andre go out and have sexual relations with other women?”

Towanda: “I don’t know.”

Trina: “And if so, does he tell you?”

Towanda: “I have to be honest. If he does, I don’t know about it. He’s home with the kids a lot, while I’m on the road. So honestly, I don’t see how he would have time.”

Wendy: “Do you date?”

Towanda: “I don’t, I haven’t dated.”

Wendy: “But you have the rule in place just in case something walks by you that you like?”

Towanda: “Yes.”

Whether or not Tamar is going to quit BFV

Towanda: “Tamar quits every season.”

Trina: “Even when we were playing games, whenever Tamar would lose, she’d pack the game up and put it away and quit. So you know, she’s being a baby. That’s Tamar.”

You can watch the full video, where the ladies talk about the sister album and how long they think the show will last on the next page. And be sure to tune into the new season of “Braxton Family Values” on Thursday, August 14 at 9 pm on WE Tv.

So What Happens To Logan While Tamar Is On Tour?

July 15th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Being a working mom is tough enough, but what happens when a mother’s job requires her to travel across the country on a regular basis? Reality star Tamar Braxton recently spoke with People about how she manages to still spend quality time with her 1-year-old son, Logan Vincent Herbert, even when she’s out on the road. For one, the 37-year-old singer says little Logan goes everywhere she goes.

“Logan goes with me everywhere and brings a normalcy to everything,” she said. “I make sure he knows I’m his mother and I put him to bed every night and he wakes up to me.”

But she can’t take all of the credit for this decision, Tamar adds that this is something she learned from her siblings.

“My sisters are great mothers,” she said . “Now, for the first time in our lives, we’re all mothers.”

It seems like it was just yesterday when the singer first announced her pregnancy, now her baby boy is walking and talking.

“He’s amazing,” she gushed. “He’s walking, he’s talking, he’s playing the piano — he’s a little Benjamin Button, it’s crazy. I don’t know what happened, he’s not a baby anymore.”

While he looks like the perfect combination of both Tamar and Vince, the first-time mom says Logan is taking after his dad in more ways than one.

“They have some of the same clothes and it’s the funniest thing. They both wear caps. It’s like his mini-me,” she adds.

Speaking of clothes, Tamar admits that keeping up with Logan’s laundry is not one of her strong suits. Thankfully, she has her mom and the baby’s nanny to help out with that.

“Either my mom or his nanny will do it. I’m not the laundry girl,” she confessed. “I’m terrible! I’ve ruined too many good pieces. Some people can’t cook — well, I can’t do laundry.”

Our girl seems to be handling this mommy thing like a pro—with the exception of her refusal to do laundry.

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Nooo She Wasn’t Ready: Tamar Braxton Clowns Out-Of-Tune Fan On Stage

July 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Tamar Braxton Clowns Out Of Tune Fan

Source: Instagram

A word to the wise ladies and gentlemen: if you’re ever attending a Tamar Braxton concert and she asks for singers to come up on stage, be sure that you’re ready to really show your stuff; because if not, you will be publicly clowned on Instagram for all the world to see.

Last night, Tamar Braxton posted a clip from one of her shows from the Love and War Tour. It seems that she invited several fans to come on stage and sing her hit song “Love and War.” Now, if you’ve listened to that song carefully, you know that it is not an easy song to sing…at all. It’s presented a challenge for even Tamar herself at times. It’s not for amateurs. But that didn’t stop one fan from trying…and failing.

And while this is certainly not an uncommon occurrence at concerts, Tamar’s over the top reaction is what makes this video so very hilarious. I was literally in tears. I’m not going to ruin the surprise just watch the video below and be entertained.

My first and only reaction was “funny” but others are saying that Tamar was wrong for putting this woman, her fan, on blast like this.

She captioned the picture: #nolies I miss you <3 #Tamartianfriends #funnersalways #love&wartour

What do you think? Tamar Braxton Nearly Passes Out During Las Vegas Performance

June 22nd, 2014 - By Toya Sharee
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tamar braxton nearly collapses


Tamar Braxton may need to take a break for a bit. The flamboyant star gave Las Vegas Tamartians a scare when she had a meltdown during her performance the other night before nearly losing her voice.

Friday night her body almost gave out while on stage and husband Vince even went to assist the singer off stage before she took an extra-long break before her next set. The singer clearly felt some type of way and issued a letter of appreciation to her fans via Instagram:

“I really felt like last night was #lightsout for me! I felt sooo bad I was shaking. I honestly couldn’t remember a lyric ( which is nothing new) a dance step (every night) but…I never lost my MYSELF where my body took over my mind and left me helpless. I wanted to stay but I couldn’t. I wanted to drink water and catch my breath but I couldn’t.”

“I was powerless and heartbroken.”

The relentless Tamar says she didn’t want to give up on her fans so easily, but seriously felt like she didn’t have the strength to continue at first. She credits her fans with helping her fight her way through the rest of the show by singing the words to her songs when she couldn’t do it.

“I tried to get up and go back 3 times but I couldn’t move, talk, sing & worse, breathe. Not until I heard how after all that time past that you ALL was waiting for me no one left!”

“I GOT my life last night cause u gave it to me! I walked back on stage feeling defeated, frustrated, scared, VOICELESS and STILL u ALL excepted &still loved the REAL Tamar.”

“THAT is how my voice came back I had a TON of energy and you even sang every song until I could do it by myself!! I KNOW you love me for ME! I’ll never forget how u changed my life last night & you all have left me feeling that I will NEVER be the same! Thank you for saving me!”

Team work makes the dream work. Those Tamartians are dedicated. Even though Tamar is a bit much at times, we appreciate the singer’s honesty and appreciation. I’ve been to concerts where the lead acts have come out drunk, high and expect the audience to sing their whole set because they partied too hard the night before. Tamar just seems tired. Hopefully she is able to get some rest so we can get some of that sass back on stage.

Evening Eye Candy: Model, Dancer And Singer, Alvester Martin

June 20th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Meet Alvester Martin, ladies. He’s a burgeoning singer and dancer (classically trained at that) who has shown off his talents while on tour and performing with the likes of Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and most recently, Tamar Braxton. That’s right, he can bust quite the move on the dance floor. The cutie moved to LA to launch his singing career, but found himself looking to pay the bills and get his foot in the door working as a background dancer for Beyoncé. But he’s been getting the chance to step in the spotlight and share his delightful pipes with the world. Seriously, he’s really good. Check out his cover of Bruno Mars’ “Locked out of Heaven.” Killer voice.

He’s obviously very talented, but Mr. Martin is also very attractive. Just ask the folks drooling over his pictures on Instagram. We wanted to help you get more acquainted with the beauty of this man, so we decided to pick him as our evening eye candy of the week. Check him out in all his ab-a-licious glory and let us know if he’s your cup of tea. Clearly we’re already big fans of him…

Watch: Tamar Quits ‘Braxton Family Values’ In Season 4 Teaser

June 16th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WE tv

Source: WE tv

Those Braxton sisters stay with some drama, but have they finally reached the end of the road? WE tv recently debuted a teaser for season four of the popular series and it looks like the Braxton women have all reached their breaking point. For starters, Tamar basically quit the show during a super dramatic scene with the Braxton family therapist, Dr. Sherry.

“This is not who I am,” an emotional Tamar can be seen telling Dr. Sherry. “This is my last scene and season.”

Of course, we all know that Tamar can get really dramatic at times, so it’s hard to tell whether or not she was merely speaking from a place of hurt or if she actually plans on abandoning the show. So far, no announcements have been made regarding her future with BFV, but her departure wouldn’t be a complete shock. As you may recall, her WE tv spin-off,  “Tamar & Vince,” caused a lot of tension and even seemed to stir up a bit of jealousy amongst the sisters. I suppose we’ll have to stay tuned to see what’s really going on.

The other sister who seems to have reached her tipping point is Towanda. In another scene from the teaser, Towanda goes into complete meltdown mode.

“Nobody cares! Nobody cares about me,” she screams before knocking a bunch of drinking glasses off of a table.

This season is definitely going to be an interesting one. “Braxton Family Values” returns to WE tv in August.

Watch the teaser below. Will you be tuning in?

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“Are U Kidding Me With These Computer Thugs???”: BeyHive Attacks Syleena Johnson For Blue Ivy Hair Jokes

June 12th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

We told you yesterday about the ridiculous petition that was launched on to push Beyoncé and Jay Z to comb Blue Ivy’s hair. The petition popped up after new pictures of Jay Z holding the toddler appeared online, and her long natural hair was out. But outside of the petition, we also told you that celebrity moms and R&B singers Tamar Braxton, Keke Wyatt and Syleena Johnson were asked about the child’s hair when chatting on V-103 together earlier this week. In case you missed what each person said, Keke Wyatt said natural hair on a baby is nice, but you still need to pamper it to keep it together: “Ain’t nothing wrong with being natural. I got natural, but you still got to grease natural and comb natural and wash and condition and then you won’t have the beadiage.” 

Braxton didn’t think Blue’s hair looked bad, but she did have a recommendation: “I don’t see the beadiage. I just think it needs product. That’s it. It ain’t that bad though!”

But Johnson started cracking jokes that went a little left: “She’s giving me Terence Trent D’Arby and I don’t know how to feel about it. She’s giving me ODB on this one. This is bogus. She is super cute though.”

With all that being said, you know that members of the BeyHive pretty much attacked the career and looks of all three women in a disrespectful manner, but they went particularly postal on Johnson it seems. There were reprehensible remarks about her children and the singer, posted online:

“@Syleena_Johnson you washed up a** b***hes stay running your mouth about women more successful than you. Stop being so damn bitter.”

“@Syleena_Johnson blue ivy birthday got more press than your last album”

“@Syleena_Johnson & y’all were WRONG for sitting up talking about a CHILD …. It’s NOTHING funny about that it’s SAD”

“3 irrelevant Muppets @KeKeWyattSings, @TamarBraxtonHer & @Syleena_Johnson talking about a child’s hair, who’s worth more than ur existence.”

“They are mad because their kind of R&B is dead and is not selling while Beyonce is 2X platinum is just 6 months! HAHAHAHAHA STAY MAD LOSERS, Y’all will continue to LOSE!”


Johnson has since responded to the attacks, choosing to laugh at the foolishness rather than come back with ugliness.

“Hahahahahhaahahhaahzhahahhasha He’ll naw! What is going on in my mentions? Where are the PARENTS!!!!!!”

“Haha haha I’m paying yall unlimited DUST!! ARE U KIDDING ME WITH THESE COMPUTER THUGS??? haha haha haha DUST!”

She also posted this:



Clearly she’s not bothered, as the Bey Hive is known for doing a little too much. But I will say, while I do love me some Syleena, the ODB and Terence Trent D’Arby jokes weren’t cool to say about a little one. But what do you think?


“I Don’t Play With That” Tamar Denies Rumors Vince Is Cheating On Her

June 10th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Tamar caused some eyebrows to raise a couple months ago when she posted a message about side chicks on her Instagram account. The messages seemed to come from no where and it had many speculating that perhaps something was going left in her marriage with Vince.

Well, it looks like we’re finally getting our answer. In the upcoming July issue of Upscale magazine Tamar talks about the state of her relationship, being a mother and how she’s learned that her mouth can get her into a lot of trouble. And she specifically addressed the “Instagram psychics” who think they know her life just because she shared a few thoughts on Instagram.


Her relationship with Vince 

I don’t think the level of exposure changed my relationship with Vince, I think the work that we do together changed our relationship. It went from me supporting Vince and all the things that he was doing to it switching around. He supports me and everything that I’m doing. It’s like our relationship has taken a turn because communicate because we have to. We have to get along or else we couldn’t get anything done. The level of respect for each other has increased and also, we’ve grown up because of it. The maturity of the relationship has matured. I know I’ve matured. Now he’s a father, I’m a mother. We don’t have time for that.


Side Chicks and Instagram Psychics

Everything I post is not personal for me, let’s just go there. One of my post I call “Instagram psychics,” everybody thinks they know what the hell you’re talking about. There was a week where there was a lot of side chick posts on Instagram, and I was saying this is a repost—I don’t know how that turned into the blogs saying that Vince is cheating on Tamar. I don’t play with that, [laughing].

I just thought it was interesting that [being a side chick is] something that people are proud of these days. I wrote about this in my book, being a side piece, sometimes you don’t know. But when you do know, you shouldn’t be proud of it. If you’re 100 percent woman, you should be loved 100 percent. One of [the posts] that worked on my last everlasting nerve said, “I can’t help it if he chooses to be with me more than you.” Excuse me!? And that’s what I was saying, this is when you can tell that you’re not somebody’s wife because that should bother you. Why should it not bother you that this man gets up and leaves you to go home? Wait a minute, you have to want more than this. I just wanted women to know that and it somehow became Vince cheating on me, which was sad.


Her mouth

Watching yourself on television it’s like, wait a minute! I didn’t mean it like that! It took me a long time to understand that just because somebody is talking about something around me or to me does not mean that they want me to always talk or have something to say or want my opinion.


Check out the rest of Tamar’s interview in the new issue of Upscale which is on stands now.