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Pass Or Play? T.I. Begs Tiny To “Stay” In New Song

July 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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T.I. Begs Tiny To "Stay" In New Song

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The Lord above knows that T.I. and Tiny are getting on my last nerves with their very public and very messy relationship drama. Why these two can’t seek private counseling instead of putting all of their business on front street is beyond me. But anyway, in the latest Harris family saga, T.I. has released a new track entitled “Stay.”

It’s not quite Robin Thicke 2.0. but he certainly makes it known that he loves Tiny and would like to work on their relationship. And I’ll be damned if the song doesn’t sound good…even though T.I. doesn’t sound all too remorseful with lines like:

“I ain’t trippin cuz you caught me out there but your reaction to it pushed me further out there.”

Really, Clifford? You mad your wife flipped the eff out when she realized you weren’t being faithful to her? So much drama in the LBC.

In addition to reminiscing about their early dating life together, their wedding and the love he still seems to have, T.I. also managed to throw a shot at Tiny’s friend and ride-or-die, Shekinah, calling her an “education-hatin broad.” Not going to even lie, I chuckled.

Interestingly enough, Tiny and T.I. may have been working on their songs at around the same time. The video for Tiny’s “What The F@#k You Gon Do” was released the same day T.I.’s “Stay” was uploaded to YouTube.

Hmmm…Wondering if this is his response, or if the song was already in the works.

Anyway, check out a few more of the lyrics and take a listen below.

“Remember when you got a tattoo, put my name on it.
Put you in a wedding dress with a train on it.
I went spent a whole mill just to go chill in Miami
I’ll be damned if she don’t know my love real.
How dare you compare me to dude? Girl, chill.
Might be so
close up on it you don’t see what it is.
Shawty, I’ll die, kill for you if you
keep it real.
Go to jail. Even if I gotta kneel, I will.”

I ain’t trippin cuz you caught me out there.
But your reaction to it pushed me further out there.

I can’t see you with no me.
But you left me, and I’m just me.
So I’m gon be what they gon be.
And I know he want you, but they want me.
Girl, together or apart. I bet you’ll be forever in my heart.
I swear. If anything we end it here I know it’s hard.
I’ll never love that way again, I swear to God.
I be breakin down. You be playin hard.
She chose to bid low. Watch how you play your cards.
And now you runnin round town with education-hatin broad.
Goin at me, got me hot. But hol up. How is they involved?
And you can’t say that I ain’t changed
whole life since we met that day.
And when we get it right, God bless that day.
But until then, I just pray.”


And as if we needed any further confirmation, when asked if these songs have been written just to keep things interesting or if they reflect the truth, Tiny told Dish Nation:

They’re both very personal. They’re very straight from our heart. I can say that these songs…they’re our life story…Yeah.

We can tell, honey.

In Case You Didn’t Get The Message, T.I. Will “Chew Your Throat Off Your Neck” If Need Be

June 18th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Chew Your Throat Off Your Neck

Source: Instagram

Thinking that perhaps T.I.’s little outburst at Azealia Banks yesterday in which he called her a “musty mouth thot” was just something said in the heat of passion, TMZ caught up with the “No Mediocre” rapper in the streets of LA to ask him what all the drama was about.

Not feeling much more calm than he was earlier in the day, T.I.P kindly reminded the camera man that his stance on life is”No disrespect. From no one. At no time. No exceptions. Period.” And then he proceeded to announce that he’s a”real ni**a” and left us with this gem: “I’ll chew your throat off your neck if I need to because I have an oath to honor and respect and to maintain that respect and the integrity of my family.”

I would say somethings about the lack of respect the rapper’s been showing his wife as of late but I rather not be on the receiving end of his threats so I’ll just leave you with this video below and you can see what this man is talking about firsthand and judge accordingly. Thoughts?

“If U Speak Ill Of My Family Again….. I WILL END YOU!!!!!!”: TI Slams Azealia Banks Over Tiny Comments

June 17th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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TI and Azealia Banks


We told you today that Azealia Banks made some disrespectful comments about Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Tiny responded. But she’s not the only one.

Although Banks deleted the Tweet, T.I. still saw it and took to Instagram to respond, which was one fine, but then he took things to the next level with a threat:





But Banks isn’t backing away slowly. The rapper went on her own tirade on Twitter:

“The ni**a shouting bad b***hes this bad b***hes that, is almost always at home with some busted bumpkin.”

“rap is not real. These ni**as are all fronters.”

“But your wife has meth face.”

“And your wife can’t read.”

“I saw you backstage at Kanye and you had nothing to say.”

“I stood next to you ON PURPOSE. To see if you would say something.”

“I’m taller than you in my heels.”

“Come see me ni**a.”

“And come by yourself.”

this grown a** man with kids went and cropped his favorite part of the atlantis video and really threatened to put hands on me LOL”

niggas really do be hella pu**y. u went to jail a million times for guns and drugs and are gonna turn around and threaten some girl.”

“yea i shouldn’t of said it, BUT SO WHAT, IT WAS FUNNY, really had to take it to threats?”

This is not a good look for you black man, it really isn’t.”

you’ve already been to jail for drugs and guns, your wife can’t read… can you be more of a statistic?”

You see what i mean when i say hip-hop is a minstrel show?” 

I BET HE WON’T DO S**T. But sit and simmer, and watch the rest of the atlantis video.”

She also claimed that she was going to sue T.I. for his threats, even saying “Ni**as love jail,” but again, she deleted those tweets.

I’m still trying to figure out why Banks brought Tiny into her issues with T.I. And while I can appreciate him trying to defend his wife, the whole “people fall down stairs” thing was the wrong thing to say on a public platform. Just saying. But all in all, both of these individuals have to do a lot better.

Azealia Banks Takes Jab At T.I. And Tiny On Twitter; Tiny Responds

June 17th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Azealia Banks

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Harlem-born and bred MC Azealia Banks is reportedly taking shots at someone again, but this time, it’s both T.I. and Tiny.

If you didn’t know their background, Banks had some words for T.I. in 2012 when she made some comments about T.I.’s protege, Iggy Azalea, that he wasn’t too fond of. He said this in an interview about Banks:

“If you spend half of your day getting money and the other half of your day counting money, you ain’t got no time in your day to worry about nobody else.”

Of course, Banks didn’t take too kindly to that, responding to him in a long message where she basically told him to stop getting involved in women’s issues and called him corny (and used quite a few expletives and what not). That would be one of the first times they had a back and forth (him on a more public platform like radio, Banks on Twitter), but it wouldn’t be the last.

As I said, that was in 2012. Fast forward to now. According to AllHipHop and Bossip, Banks took to Twitter yesterday to take a jab at T.I., his wife, Tiny, and his new song “No Mediocre,” which is about wanting the best looking woman on his arm. It features Iggy Azalea.


T.I. has not responded to such statements, but Tiny did post this on her Instagram late last night:



Tiny II


As I’ve said in the past, Banks has bars and if you give her music a chance you might like it. But anything else that doesn’t have to do with the music is always foolishness that takes away from her talents. It’s a shame really…Oh, and good comeback Tiny!


Famous Men Who Waited Forever To Marry Their Wives

June 9th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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They may have eventually put a ring on it but these celebrity men were in no rush to make it official. Here are some men who waited seemingly forever to marry their women.

"T.I. pf"



Although they haven’t been married for that long, T.I. and Tiny have been one of hip-hop’s favorite couples since 2001. The former Xscape member has stuck by T.I.’s side even when he served time for gun possession and again a year later when he was locked up for a parole violation. A few months after he finished his first term in March 2010, the couple, who had been engaged for three years, tied the knot in an over the top ceremony that took place over the course of two days. But the honeymoon phase would be interrupted a few months later when the rapper returned to jail.

“Watch Ya Mouth & Mind Ya Bizness”: T.I. Has Words For People Commenting On His Family And Relationship Trouble

June 5th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Despite the fact that both T.I. and Tiny have been very public, via social media, about their relationship issues, T.I. is now saying that folks need to watch what they say about him and his people. Quite a few individuals often comment on his posts on Instagram, especially ones that hint at discontent, to give him relationship advice, to scold him for his treatment of Tiny, and to take some take shots at his wife too. Knowing this, the rapper took to Instagram this week to tell people, as Will Smith would say, “Mind ya bizness! Just mind ya bizness!”

He posted this:


“Regardless of whateva….. I allow disrespect of me & mines #NEVER !!!!! Watch ya mouth & mind ya Bizness…. Best treat it like a football game…. Observe safely from da sidelines & stay off da field,unless u wanna get HIT!!!! #nuffsaid #hustlegangoverrrrthang”

He also posted this picture of himself below with a caption quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes, he went deep on ‘em:



“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he STANDS in moments of comfort & convenience, but where he STANDS at times of challenge & controversy.” – Dr. M.L.King Jr.” I know where I STAND. Most cats nowadays be some ‘sitdown’a**’ni**az’!!!!!#StandUpGuy #hustlegangoverrrrthang”

*Deep sigh*

I just can’t with the subliminal messages from adults. Get off social media and handle your business and then maybe other people won’t have to be on the sidelines talking about it. Just saying. #commonsenseoverrrrthang

Tamar Braxton On T.I. & Tiny’s Marital Woes: ‘It’s Not Easy’

June 2nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Tamar Braxton is infamous for chiming in on other people’s business. But when asked about her BFF Tiny’s highly publicized marital issues, she expressed that she didn’t have much to say about it.

“Been tried because that’s my best friend and her husband,” Tamar told Power 105.1′s Vannesa Denis. “I don’t really want to comment on that because if that was my marriage, I could tell you about my marriage. But I can’t tell you about what’s going on in somebody else’s relationship. Just hope for the best and pray for everybody who’s married because it’s tough. It’s not easy. It’s not a walk in the park.”

When asked if she has spoken to Tiny since the latest incident, Tamar said:

“I talk to Tiny every single day, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. She’s also Logan’s god mother so she calls him on his phone and FaceTime’s him so you know our relationship is very, very close.”

In other words, she more than likely knows exactly what’s going on, but she’s not talking. The “Tamar & Vince” star did, however, briefly discuss T.I. confronting Floyd Mayweather last month.

“T.I. is a man at the end of the day. He doesn’t like to be disrespected and he’s going to stand up for his family. He’s always been that guy and he’s going to continue to be that guy.”

Watch Tamar’s interview below.

Did Y’all See? Is It Time For Tiny To Be Done With T.I.?

May 31st, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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The big news of last weekend was that T.I. got into a fight with Floyd Mayweather after spotting the boxing champ out with his seemingly estranged wife Tiny. Though Floyd came out to say nothing was going on between him and the rapper’s wife and even apologized for somewhat provoking T.I., ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith seemed to think Tiny was to blame here, suggesting that if she keeps this behavior up she may soon find herself a divorced woman. We guess he missed the rumors of infidelity that have been following T.I. for the past several months…

In lieu of that — as well as Tiny’s status as the quintessential ride-or-die chick — we’re wondering if it might be time for her to file those papers herself before things getting any more out of control, not to mention disrespectful, on social media or in real life.

That’s what Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw did — parting ways before they even made it down the aisle because the R&B singer admitted to having a “problem” and knew it would be a struggle for him to remain faithful to the mother of his kids. Is that a respectable way to bow out? Or should these men put their partners before other you know what? Check out our editors weighing in on this subject and share your thoughts below.


Stephen A. Smith Slams Tiny For Publicly Bashing T.I.: ‘The Next Call She May Get Is From A Divorce Attorney’

May 28th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sources: Instagram, WENN

Sources: Instagram, WENN

Everybody and their mamas have something to say about the fight that went down last weekend between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather Jr., and sports commentator Stephen A. Smith is no different. During a recent appearance on ESPN’s “First Take,” the outspoken TV personality offered his two cents and as usual, it was very entertaining.

“Be cool and learn how to walk away,” Stephen advised. “One of the things that I will say about Floyd Mayweather Jr. compared to most is that he’s relatively cool and to himself in public. All of that bravado you see with the 24/7 promoting his fights and what have you, Floyd doesn’t roll like that in public. Usually, it’s trouble coming to him. It’s not the other, which is why you have those bodyguards with you all the time. Everybody knows how much money Floyd makes because Floyd ain’t shy about letting you know, but the problem is that usually invites trouble.”

Stephen went on to address some comments made by Tiny via her Instagram account, where she accused T.I. of being jealous. He also slammed the reality star for publicly siding with Floyd as opposed to her husband.

“I’m not going to accuse T.I. of being jealous or whatever, regardless of what his wife says because I’m trying to figure out why would the wife go on Twitter and dime out her husband like that? That doesn’t make sense to me because even if it were true, that is yo’ husband. And he is supposed to take precedent over everybody else. Even if he’s wrong, that’s something that you tell in private. You don’t tell the world that he was wrong. That’s the dude you go home to, that you have a family with. So that’s a different subject.”

For a moment he caught himself, and made it clear that he’s not looking to slander Tiny in any way, but made it clear that if she were his wife, he’d probably be divorcing her.

“I’m certainly not trying to impune her integrity or reputation in any way. I’m just talking about principles. If I have a wife and that wife goes on Twitter and tells the world she thinks I’m wrong, the next call she may get is from a divorce attorney. With a wife like you, what I need one for? You got to go!”

Watch a clip from the discussion below.

‘I’m Not Sleeping With That Girl:’ Floyd Mayweather Speaks On T.I. Fight

May 26th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Floyd Mayweather speaks on T.I. fight and denies romantic involvement with Tiny.

Source: Instagram

While you were off celebrating you holiday weekend, several scandals were brewing—including one that involved troubled hip hop couple T.I. and Tiny. In case you missed it, footage surfaced of T.I. and Floyd Mayweather engaged in a vicious brawl at Fat Burgers in Las Vegas early Sunday morning. It appears that the fight ensued after T.I. confronted Floyd about his relationship with T.I.’s wife, Tiny. However, according to Floyd, things between he and Tiny are strictly platonic.

“Only person I wanna apologize towards is Tiny,” the boxing champion told NecoleBitchie. “I said something like “control your b-tch” and I don’t want to say that about Tiny. So I do apologize to Tiny because she cool people, man. She cool. She never been disrespectful to me. Shekinah never been disrespectful to me. I’m going to continue to support Tiny and Shekinah cause they’re cool people and I don’t got nothing against them. So I apologize for that.”

“I’m not sleeping with that girl [Tiny] and I told that man before,” he continued. “But if I was, talk to her about that, don’t talk to me about that. But I’m not going to be disrespectful because I’m not going to sleep with a married woman. Now if she was divorced…I still wouldn’t do that because I’m cool with her and we have a real cool and cordial relationship and sometimes sex can mess a good friendship up. And basically, I don’t want to f-ck up a good relationship that I have with a person. So whatever I said, “stole your b-tch…take your b-tch” or whatever, I apologize to Tiny and all of her children and T.I.’s children for saying that. I want to apologize to the children and Tiny and Tiny’s family for saying what I said.”

Floyd also explained those now-infamous Instagram photos of himself and Tiny.

“I been knowing Tiny before T.I. I’ve never slept with her, I never kissed her, never touched her in no inappropriate way. Her friend Shekinah wanted to come to the [May 4th] fight, she brought Tiny with her. They came to the fight.

After the fight was over Saturday night, Sunday they came over my mother’s house. My mother had a big, big party for me. They came over and showed love. They came over to my house all cool, all respect. Hang out with The Money Team, my crew. Everybody was cordial. No disrespecting type. After that, I guess she put a picture up on Instagram of her at the fight so I guess he [T.I.] was feeling some type of way.”

Floyd went on to reveal that T.I. confronted him a few weeks before yesterday’s brawl.

“[T.I] came to me when I was in New York. He stepped to me when I was at the jewelery store like, ‘Yo, let’s go outside and talk.’ We went outside to talk, but he talked about, basically, ‘These girls tryna play us against each other.’ I said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re talking about your wife?’ I never put up a picture of her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I was basically like, ‘Listen. I’m letting you know I ain’t got…me and your wife don’t have nothing…if you think so.’”

As for Sunday’s altercation, Floyd says:

“So Memorial Day weekend, a lot of people come out to Las Vegas. Tiny and Shekinah was out here. They come to my party last night. They cool. Everything is cool. We was at the strip club. Everything was cordial. We having fun. I throw my daughter [Iyanna] a big [14th] birthday bash today. I’m eating at Fatburger and next thing you know, he walk in talking about we need to talk again. And then I told him, ‘You need to get the f-ck outta my face.’”

After exchanging a few more words, the fight ensued.

“People got to pushing and a riot kinda broke out. And then a bunch of chaos and that was basically it. Because, like I said before, he probably does some foolish things, but he ain’t no damn fool to swing on me. Like, you must’ve forgot what I do for a living. He had a totally different look on his face.”

The altercation has fueled festering rumors that the reality TV couple is grappling with marital issues.