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T.I. Speaks On His Chat With Snoop Dogg To End ‘Beef’ With Iggy Azalea, And Tells Iggy’s Haters To “Kick Rocks”

October 22nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Winston Burris/

Winston Burris/

We had the chance to check out T.I.’s album listening party for Paperwork, hosted by Hot 97, and as usual, the rapper was quite entertaining. In between playing new tracks from his ninth studio album, T.I. took questions from fans through Ebro Darden about life outside of the music. One question that was asked of him was what he said to Snoop Dogg to quell the rap veteran’s social media squabble with Iggy Azalea. T.I. is Iggy’s mentor, in case you weren’t aware. The rapper admitted that he didn’t have to say much because Snoop had basically decided before their call that things went too far.

“First of all, I have the utmost love, admiration and respect for Snoop, so the conversation never began or made its way to that. It was just like, ‘I’m in the crossfire big dog, what’s going on? [laughs] I can’t dodge many more.’ When I called him, after ‘What’s happening!’ he was like,’Heeeey, I know what you’re calling for. I know what you’re calling for and guess what? It’s over. It’s nothing.’ Me and him have a longstanding relationship. The only real elaboration was, the man just said ‘Hey, it was a joke that went too far. It ain’t nothing, for real. It’s over.’ And then I went to, ‘So how’s the kids?’ When Snoop says it’s over? It’s over. My sister man, she’s ‘voiceterous’…She’s outspoken, you know what I mean?”

No, “voiceterous” is not a word. But back to the matter at hand.

When speaking on Snoop and Iggy squashing their drama, T.I. was also asked about the femmeC being a polarizing artist. Some people either really like her or they can’t stand her. For the latter folks, T.I. had a message:

“Who cares about them? For real, success speaks for itself. In this day and age, if the only thing you have to speak down on a person about is their race or whatever it is, or their accent? C’mon! Does anybody come at Idris Elba for not really sounding like Stringer Bell? This is a part of art. Ya’ll gotta realize what art is. Do you want someone to just get in front of you? Or do you want someone to entertain you and really put on a show to the best of their abilities? That is what’s most important. The time, effort, energy, thought and application of skill that goes into her art, that is what is important. All that other sh*t, the blasé blasé woop de woop, man, go on with that! Because that’s not important. That’s a small voice in a crowded room. Imagine if you pack out Madison Square Garden and you got Jay Z about to walk out. If there’s one itty bitty voice in the corner saying ‘That ni**a ain’t sh*t,’ for real, it’s like, what is this voice over here?! [laughs] At the end of the day, beat it, cuz. Kick rocks with no socks.”

You can check out some of T.I.’s thoughts from the listening party, specifically on Snoop and Iggy’s situation, below.

There Are No Winners In The Snoop Dogg Iggy Azalea Beef

October 20th, 2014 - By Charing Ball
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No Winners in the Snoop Dogg Iggy Azalea Beef


I was hoping that the Instagram/Twitter sparring between Snopp Dogg/Lion and Iggy Azalea would result in both of them verbally punching each other until they got exhausted and had no other choice but to retreat to their corners to have a damn seat. But alas, the fuckery never tires…

Seriously, there are no winners in this situation.

For one, Snoop Lion is a lying ass lion – pure and simple. He targeted the girl in a meme. Now, whether it was for play or for real (more on that later), is debatable. Point is, old girl was offended. And being the more mature one of the two, he could have easily cleared the entire situation with an “My Bad, I wasn’t trying to offend…” or “I didn’t mean it like that…” But instead, he basically goes ape-shit on her some more.

Now granted, some of the back and forth between the two was pretty funny (you got to give Azalea points for the picture of Snoop under the caption: When Your Drug Addicted Aunt Gets Clean jab), but some of Snoop’s rhetoric was unnecessary aggressive and just flat out mean. And it is quite hypocritical considering that his original defense to all of this was that, he “was only jokin.” But it stopped being funny after Azalea spoke up for herself and even had the gall to throw a couple of insults of her own in his direction. Then it turned personal for him. And then came the threats of further harassment if Azalea didn’t learn that she “Betta not say shit.”

Snoop’s violently antagonistic reaction is a powerful reminder of just how dangerous the ego can be. Also misogyny. As there is little doubt that his passionate responses to her, which got less funnier by the tweet, was being fueled by a broken ego, further shredded by a woman with enough gall to stand up for her self – and to a man. And while some folk might want to dismiss it all as usual business within rap beefs, I highly doubt that Snoop would have even called out a male rapper on Instagram like that, even if he was only joking. And I highly doubt that he would have let the “joke” get this far if this too had been a male rapper. He probably would have respected the other man’s frustrations and likely apologized – much like he had after T.I reportedly stepped in to mediate the beef.

And while none of us should be surprised that a man, who is responsible for such classic women-empowering songs (snark for those, who don’t know) as “Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None),” might be a little misogynistic, he does not get a pass for misogynous behavior just because he is known – and celebrated by most – for his misogyny. Moreover, while I’m not feeling Iggy Azalea one bit artistically, I think she had Snoop’s entire behavior pegged right when she tweeted out: “its like the guy that asks for your number and then says you ugly and a bitch when you say no…”

With that said, she is neither hero or saint in this situation. While it is undoubtedly true that Snoop acted horribly, I’m not sure of exactly why she was mad in the first place?

Granted, Snoop compared her untouched face and facial features to an albino makeup-free Black woman with corn rows, but how is that a bad thing? And what about the comparison was so offensive? The albinism? Or the Blackness? Or maybe even the cornrows? No seriously, why was she mad?

What’s most perplexing about Azalea’s angst here, is that there was another way to take this meme. Basically, it could have also been read as a compliment, saying that she might be a White blonde-hair Australian, but beneath it all she is just one of us. You know, down? Now, I’m not necessarily a fan of the Black pass, but some Black folks have been praising culturally-appreciative, “cool” White folks like that for many years (ahem, Teena Marie…).

And sure the message within Snoop’s original joke might have been audacious, but Snoop is not Afternoon Tea the Dorchester. Snoop is Hip Hop. Therefore, I would think that a fellow emcee within this audacious space – particularly a rapper, whose entire career thus far has centered around mimicking the cultural and aesthetically distinctions of certain Southern Black woman – would feel a tinge of honor with being compared to said imitated Black woman.

Even if Snoop meant it offensively, which is admittedly is arguable, she could have turned it around on Snoop and discussed all the ways in which he missed the mark with that joke. Black women are beautiful. Albino women are beautiful. And we are all worthy of respect. But instead she got mad. And not just regular mad, Azalea put a cape on it and got super-mad within an entire Twitter rant about how he allegedly betrayed her – for calling her a Black woman. Nope, neither of the two here deserves any bit of sympathy here.

What I see in this beef isn’t so much how Black women have been left to their own devices against similar attacks levied at them while everyone in the world seems to want to step in and defend Azalea, which has been rightfully pointed out by fellow emcee and abuse taker Azealia Banks. But more so, it’s about how a Black woman is being used as both agitation as well as a source of offense and worse, no one has bothered to apologize or even think about her at all in this matter.

Well, I’m thinking about her. And somewhere in this vast world, I hope this anonymous woman, whose picture had been misappropriated as fodder to fuel this beef, eventually comes forward to burns their records and tell both of these losers to go to Hell.

Straight Into Africa: T.I. Debuts His Clothing Lines In Tanzania

October 20th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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Winston Burris/

Winston Burris/

Last week  T.I. traveled to Africa–Tanzania, to be exact–and caused a stir for saying he “ain’t afraid of no Ebola.” (In case you’re worried about Ebola, get the facts.) He is about to cause another stir. The rapper/actor not only performed at the mega Serengeti Fiesta 2014 in Tanzania that gets an average of 500,000-plus people annually, but he also debuted his clothing lines (Hustle Gang, Akoo and Strivers Row) at the Leaders Club in Dar es Salaam.

It seems T.I. took to heart President Obama urging Americans to invest in Africa during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit earlier this year. And why not. Africa is an untapped market for most American companies and it is one of the fastest growing markets globally. So it seems like a smart move on T.I.’s part.

According to Jason Geter, CEO of T.I.’s Atlanta-based Grand Hustle Records, “For us, we are excited to bring our brands to Africa and specifically Tanzania.”  The economy of Tanzania is projected to grow by around seven percent in 2014 and 2015, according to the African Development Bank.

“We think this is a great market that is ready for our products and I look forward to not only introducing our designs to Tanzania but also looking at the local fashion scene while we are there,” says Geter.

For the launch, T.I. attended the Pop Up Shop event, where fans had the chance to buy authentic Hustle Gang, Akoo, and Strivers Row clothing. Boutique owners were also there to place orders to sell in their shops, reports allAfrica.

T.I Teases Role in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man

October 18th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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It’s time for T.I to dust off his acting skills. For those of you who don’t know, T.I will star in Marvel Studios’ new super hero movie, “Ant-Man”!

Although the rapper cannot disclose which character he will be playing, T.I did tease fans during an interview with V100.7 Radio. He stated, he would be playing “a superhero’s homeboy”. We’re hoping this superhero in particular is Ant-man himself. In addition to T.I, another familiar face has been cast to the movie, Wood Harris.

We absolutely love seeing African Americans win roles in major franchise movies. In addition to T.I and Wood Harris, Anthony Mackie recently starred in Captain America and Michael B Jordan will play the Human Torch in the The Fantastic Four reboot.

Check out T.I’s interview above.

“Home Of The Brave And Free, Free Just To Murder Me”: TI Drops “New National Anthem” In Honor Of Michael Brown

August 22nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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"T.I. pf"


Earlier this week we told you that T.I. took to Instagram to speak on the unrest in Ferguson. In the first post he spoke about the role “ignoring & mishandling an already fragile spirited, recently enslaved, presently oppressed race/generation of people” has played in all the protests and fury spreading through Ferguson. But in a second post, he had some stern words for violent protesters and looters taking advantage of this sad situation:

“What I see us doing is just as futile as swinging wildly into the wind,waiting on the air to get tired. One question to MY PEOPLE: What are we changing…Really? Look at us. Destroying our own community, but continuing to spend money in theirs. Refusing education… re-volving in the same cycle of ignorance instead of e-volving out of it. I must admit that I TOO am disgusted wit America’s treatment. I TOO demand change. But Goddddaaaaamn man…. Look at us!!!!!”

But just that quick, in the same vein of Lauryn Hill and J. Cole, T.I. has turned around and put out a song about not only the killing of Michael Brown, but Trayvon Martin and the injustices that black people are dealing with in general. The track is called “New American Anthem,” and I will say that it’s pretty good. As he said on Instagram, “know dis may ruffle some feathers…. But my people need to hear this…. BAD!!!!”  At the end of the song, T.I. has some questions that need an answer:

“Let me ask you something. If the kids are the future, tell me why you can get more for being C.O., than you can for being a teacher. Tell me why it means more to the government to pay the people who got to watch over the prisoners, more than the people who got to keep the children from becoming prisoners. That make sense? Tell me why 9 ounces of crack will get you more time than a rape right now. Tell me why them crazy white boys can tote a gun but I can’t right now. Yea I had felonies, I done did dirt in the streets, but I ain’t ever gave it to anybody that didn’t deserve it. You know what I mean? I ain’t ever ran in no public place with no pistol shooting no innocent people. I ain’t never ran in no school, killing no kids. Man this is the result of you refusing to deal with the issues at hand. We are a product of the environment you placed us in…we aint do it…we just lived through it.”

Check out the song for yourself below and let us know what you think:

“Bill O’Reilly Needs To Stick To Journalism” T.I. Defends Beyonce Against Bill O’Reilly

August 12th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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WENN/Yosra El-Essawy

WENN/Yosra El-Essawy


From The Grio 

In an August 7 interview with Chris Witherspoon for, T.I. addressed the ongoing feuding between female hip hop emcees including Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim.

Minaj allegedly threw “shade” at Iggy Azalea at this year’s BET Awards during her acceptance speech for Best Female Hip Hop Artist.

And last week, Minaj caught the attention of Lil’ Kim after appearing on Beyoncé’s “Flawless” remix and delivering the line, “the queen of rap, slayin’ with Queen Bey,” prompting Lil’ Kim to release a diss record targeting Minaj titled “Identity Theft.”

T.I. said feuding in hip hop is inevitable, especially when women are involved.

“They’re women, okay. All due respect to women … but that’s what women do,” T.I. said. “You can catch women waiting on the bathroom and they are like, ‘what are you doing? I was right here first. What are you doing?’”

“I just think that it’s a competitive sport already in hip hop, and anytime that you have women who have to compete for acknowledgement in the same area … [feuding] is inevitable. But they’re women … let them handle that.”

Read more  on T.I.’s thoughts on Yonce’s artistry at 

T.I. Addresses Marital Woes On ‘The View:’ “Trouble Is Inevitable”

August 6th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: ABC

Source: ABC

T.I. recently stopped by “The View,” where he discussed his ninth album, “Paperwork,” rumors that his marriage is in trouble and when he intends to bow out of the rap game. Check out some highlights from his interview below.

On his new album, “Paperwork:”

“It’s different for me just as far as the sound from T.I. that people have grown to know and love. It’s been merged with the new level, ahead of the curve sound of Pharrell Williams. He’s executive producing it. So Ijust think it allows me to approach audiences from a different angle.”

On video vixens knowing not to get too close:

“If you notice, there’s just certain parts of the torso that you got to keep [away from]. Yeah. You know, you give a little shoulder and then bring it on back. Just keep it respectful.”

On rumors that his marriage is in trouble:

“What that mean? As long as they say there is trouble in paradise because trouble is inevitable, but it’s okay as long as paradise is still there.”

On learning to cook: 

“You know, I sat around and got hungry one day.”

On when he’ll leave rap to be a full-time actor:

“I have a certain number of albums in my head that I think I may have to still offer the industry and then I’ll pull back and apply my efforts and energy to other areas of entertainment.”

It seems like he and Tiny are going to be okay, which is great news.

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Tiny Explains Xscape’s Beef With Biggie Smalls: ‘We Weren’t Feeling Him At All’

August 1st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sources: WENN, Corbis Images

Sources: WENN, Corbis Images

Tiny recently stopped by The Breakfast Club, where she spoke candidly about a plethora of different topics including her marriage to T.I., that infamous Mayweather photo and Xscape’s throwback beef with Biggie Smalls. Check out a few highlights from her interview below.

On meeting T.I.:

“His first record was out, but it didn’t do so good. He was just a little young man. He’s a little bit younger than me. It kind of took me a a minute before we started dating because he was so young, but he was cool. He was sweet and very nurturing. He made sure he was real protective. I liked all that.”

On if industry man can be faithful:

“I mean, I would hope so. I hope for it to be possible.”

On being a ride or die: 

“I was just kind of sitting back in the cut letting him do his thing and I was falling back. I felt like that was a part of, you know, riding with him because that’s kind of what he needed at the time. Then, you know, all of the jail sentences, you know just being there. I’m down to make him feel like the king.”

On her relationship being under the microscope: 

“It is what it is. We living a real life here and however y’all wanna see it or take it…what you see is what you get. I mean, some of the rumors and sh– ain’t true, so I don’t really get all in my emotions.”

On if she hung out with Floyd to make her husband jealous:

“I was not. I mean, who didn’t want to go to the fight? I was in the picture with a whole bunch of people, so.”

“It’s just a picture, you take plenty of pictures all day, everyday.”

On women claiming that they’ve been with T.I.:

“I don’t really go into all that. A lot if the stuff they say, I know ain’t true. It don’t really bother me. I don’t bring it up unless I feel like it got some kind of substance to it, but not nothing from Instagram or anything.”

On T.I.’s mom telling them to work things out on social media:

“She’s new to social media and doesn’t really know how it works yet. She’s just thinking, ‘Oh, this is where they talk. The young people talk on social media.’ So she did it and I think she didn’t know that everybody is watching you.”

On Biggie dissing Xscape back in the day and calling them ugly in a song:

“We did feel a kind of way. We were working on our 2nd album and Jermaine was like, ‘Biggie here. He wanna come to y’all show.’ We were like, ‘Hell nah! No!’ Then he came and Jermaine was like, ‘He wants to talk to y’all. He wants to meet y’all.’ We were like, ‘No!’ But the night that he passed, we were at the party and he asked to talk to me and Kandi. Kandi was like, ‘I’m not going over there. I don’t wanna talk to him.’  So I was just like I’m going to go over there and see what he’s talking about.”

“He just apologized and said that he should’ve never said it and how he was ugly too and how you guys look good now. And that was that. I just told him we weren’t feeling him at all. But I was glad we got to talk before he passed. It was on March  9th, the same night.”

Watch Tiny’s full interview on the next page.

Tiny Sends Loving Anniversary Message To T.I.

July 31st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Corbis

Source: Corbis

Tiny and T.I.’s marital woes have taken center stage over the past few months, but it appears that the reality TV couple is committed to working through whatever problems they may be facing in their relationship. It just so happens that today the reality stars are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. In honor of the special day, Tiny took to Instagram with an affectionate message for her rapper hubby.

“4 yrs ago @troubleman31 made me The Mrs. Harris, this was the best day ever!! My own Fairy Tale Wedding….El Debarge singing “All this Love” for our first dance and @iamjamiefoxx sung me dwn the aisle. It doesn’t get much better than that!! Happy Anniversary to the man I LOVE, my husband!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Her message was also accompanied by photos from their ceremony.

Tiny recently spoke about the issues that she and her husband are experiencing and the two songs that they recently released about one another.

“I’ve had people say, why not just talk to your husband about all this instead of talking to him through a song,” the singer-turned-reality-star told Vibe’s Aliya S. King. “Please believe, I’m doing that too! You’re not in our house. You’re not in our conversations. You’re not in our bed at night. This song is not all there is to this relationship.”

“Will our music affect our real-life relationship? I really don’t know,” she continued. “I mean if it does, I hope it’s in a good way. Hopefully, it works out in our favor in the end. All I know is that I’m working on it. We’re working on it.”

Happy Anniversary!

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Pass Or Play? Janelle Monae Shocks And Shakes It In New “Electric Lady” Video

July 30th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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"electric lady" video

Source: YouTube


If you have Janelle Monae’s latest album Electric Lady, then you already know the title track goes incredibly hard. It’s the perfect anthem for a woman doing her thing, having fun and loving life. So we’re so excited that Janelle Monae has finally released the video for the song I adore.

The concept for the “Electric Lady” video is that Monae is leaving her house, complete with a shot of her real mom cooking in the kitchen, to go kick it with her sorority sisters at a house party. And just like any other house party, dancing, stepping, flirting and even a bit of stunting ensues.

The video gave me such a joyous, nostalgic vibe that I found I couldn’t stop smiling. You’ll also notice that the video features a few guest appearances from people you’ll be happy to see pop up. Sadly though, Solange, who provides vocals on the track was not present. Sad face.

Anyway, it’s still awesome. And if you happened to attend an HBCU, you’ll especially relate to this video. Take a look at the visuals for “Electric Lady” below and let us know what you think about the song and video in the comment section.