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Pass Or Play? Alicia Keys Drops New Track “28 Thousand Days”

August 1st, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Leave it to our gal Alicia Keys to pen an empowering track that will leave you motivated to chuck the deuces to life’s trials and tribulations.

Yesterday (July 31) , the superstar dropped a new song entitled “28 Thousand Days.” The upbeat and melodic track produced by none other than her husband Swizz Beatz flaunts her pitch perfect vocals over hard and triumph horns.

“Blood in my eye, hand on my heart/Feet on the ground, head to the sky/’Cause trouble ain’t no friend of mine/I’m not giving it up, no more wasting time,” she sings insisting that living life to the fullest isn’t up for debate regardless of the circumstances.

Take “28 Thousand Days” for a spin.

Can You Guess The Identity Of This Adorable Celebrity Baby?

July 1st, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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can you guess

Source: GSI

This little one is too precious! Can you guess who his parents are?

Here are a few clues.

This cutie comes from a very musical family. And is the second child to his parents, though he has several siblings.

That’s it. Too much more would give it away.

Any guesses?

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Share First Of Newborn Son

February 28th, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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A photo posted by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) on

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys are happier than ever.

The beautiful family posted a photo of their new addition to the family. The black and white photo showcases the couple with three of their children. Swizz’s son Kaseem, Egypt and their newborn baby boy, Genesis Ali.

Keys gave birth to their second child in December 2014. This is the first official photo we’ve seen of the bundle of joy. We’re wondering if the couple won’t stop until they get another girl. Swizz already has a daughter from a previous relationship.

[Photos] Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Celebrate Baby Shower

December 15th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Over the weekend, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys celebrated the upcoming birth of their second child with an intimate baby shower. The sex of the couple’s unborn child is still unknown at this time and judging by the pink and blue decorations from the shower, this could really go either way.

This weekend Swizz also celebrated the 8th birthday of his son,  Kaseem Jr., whom he shares with ex-wife Mashonda.



Alicia first revealed her pregnancy over the summer with an adorable photo shared to Instagram, which was accompanied by a sweet anniversary message dedicated to her hubby.

“Happy Anniversary to the love of my life @therealswizzz,” she exclaimed. “And to make it even sweeter we’ve been blessed with another angel on the way!! You make me happier than I have ever known! Here’s to many, many more years of the best parts of life!”

It’s unclear exactly when the pregnant beauty is scheduled to deliver the baby, but some have speculated that she’s due sometime this month.

Check out more photos from the shower on the next page.

“It’s About The Kids”: Alicia Keys Talks Burying The Hatchet With Mashonda Tifrere And Building A Friendship

November 12th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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In an interview with Wendy Williams to promote her new children’s book, Blue Moon: From the Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee, Alicia Keys talked about a lot of things, including the estimated arrival of her child (he/she is due at the end of December), pregnancy weight gain (“these babies have been very good to me”), and her relationship with Swizz Beatz (“We’ve known each other forever, and that’s the thing that makes us feel like we just have kindred spirits”). But one part of the conversation that definitely caught our attention and was pretty inspiring was to hear Keys talk for the first time about getting along with Mashonda Tifrere, Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife. Tifrere put Keys on blast in 2009 and said that the singer didn’t give her and Beatz (Kasseem Dean) the space to work on their troubled marriage. But five years, a wedding and two children later, the ladies are making nice, and Keys says she’s happy about it. It’s all about creating a positive environment for all of their children.

“You know what I think it really is? It’s about the kids: When everybody is able to be an adult, which we all are able to be, and we’re able to really recognize that actually, there’s a beautiful value about the way that we can all influence each other’s lives and the lives of the kids. They can really see that they have more than one woman to look to and say, ‘What can I learn here?’ ‘What can I learn there?’ and guidance and love. And it’s fatherhood and motherhood and it’s friendship. It’s really, really important and I think it’s so beautiful. It doesn’t always work but it’s totally possible. And it can work when everybody really wants to do the right thing for the children.”

Big ups to everyone involved for being able to get past what was a messy situation to do what was necessary for all the little ones involved, especially Tifrere. Check out Keys’ chat with Wendy Williams below:


[Photos] Swizz Beatz’s ‘Coming To America’-Themed Birthday Bash Thrown By Wife, Alicia Keys

September 12th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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In celebration of his 36th birthday, Alicia Keys threw her husband, Swizz Beatz, a Coming To America-themed birthday bash. According to Daily Mail, the shindig was hosted at Capitale in New York. Attendees consisted of relatives and friends of the producer-turned-business-student, including ex-wife Mashonda, fellow Ruff Ryda DMX, Naomi Campbell, Diddy and Lala and Carmelo Anthony. After his celebration, Swizz took to Instagram to share photos with fans and to brag about how lovely his wife is.

“My wife is the best 1of 1 look at my Dad , Mom , Gmom. Wow #kings & #Queens #myfam #bdayvibes #virgoseason #comingtoamerica #party thx my love @gradyspivey #kingDre,” he gloated in one post.

“My wife is awesome thx my love for the best Bday party everrrrrrrrrerr,” he wrote in another.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Swizz and Alicia are expecting their second child together.

Check out photos from their swanky party below and on the following pages.


[Photo] Alicia Keys Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2!

July 31st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Well here’s some news that we definitely did not see coming. Yesterday, Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys announced that she is expecting her second child with husband, Swizz Beatz. The announcement came in the form of a very sweet Instagram message from Alicia celebrating their wedding anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary to the love of my life @therealswizzz,” she exclaimed. “And to make it even sweeter we’ve been blessed with another angel on the way!! You make me happier than I have ever known! Here’s to many, many more years of the best parts of life!”

This will be the couple’s second child. They’re already the parents of adorable Egypt Dean, who is 3 years old. While the singer’s big announcement came as a bit of a surprise to most, she has expressed a desire to have more children in the past.

“I definitely want more kids,” Alicia told Wendy Williams in last year. “I do actually want more children and sometimes I think it does feel like, ‘Oh man, what if I could just spend every waking minute with Egypt. [I’ve] learned to really cherish those small moments and not rush so much everywhere.”


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Swizz Beatz Explains Being Spotted ‘Vacationing’ With Ex-Wife, Mashonda

June 5th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sources: WENN, IG

Sources: WENN, IG

A few months ago, Swizz Beatz was photographed on vacation with his two sons, wife Alicia Keyz and his ex-wife, Mashonda Tifrere. For many, this was a particularly peculiar sight because of the well-know love triangle between the trio. As you may recall, Mashonda accused Swizz and Alicia of carrying on a romantic affair while she was still married to the mega producer. During a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Swizz dished on the story behind the photograph.

Firstly, Swizz says that the group didn’t actually get together and decide to go on vacation. It was one of those things that just happened.

“Mashonda, she didn’t like fly on vacation. She happened to be over there already. She happened to be over there and she wanted to see our son.”

The group did, however, spend time together, which resulted in the photograph that attracted so much attention.

“I thought that was a very positive message but even in that people still want the waters to be dark. They was saying all types of stuff. People was saying, ‘Oh, Mashonda stupid or Alicia stupid.’ No, man there’s kids involved. We got to go to graduations for a long time. We got to go to games for a long time. And our personal things that we threw in the past, that’s the past. It’s going on 5 years already.”

“There were a lot of frustrating times for us. But to see us come together in a positive place, I think that’s what people should focus on. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. These two amazing women are coming together.”

It’s nice to see that the trio were able to put their differences aside for the sake of their children. And speaking of infidelity and love triangles, Swizz also dispelled a cheating a rumor that had been making its rounds among media outlets. In case you missed it, Swizz invited a fitness instructor to direct message him on Instagram a while back. According to Swizz, he was simply looking to hire the woman to train Alicia, but folks took it to another level.

“I don’t have no bad intentions, so I’m not thinking like that. I knew it was on there, but I was like let me hook this person up with my wife on the training vibe and it was cool. She’s very professional. Her work is well-respected. It’s just like man, all of these things I have going on and you gonna take two letters and make it a headline, out of everything?”

“I don’t really respond to a lot of different things, but it’s like how much are you gonna slide under the rug. I went through a lot of different situations that I didn’t want to talk about because of kids involved. I had to hold a lot of things and let people feel how they wanted to feel even though they don’t really know the whole story. My goal is, there’s a kid involved, there’s a family involved in this, I gotta deal with this a different type of way instead of fueling back and forth. How long you gonna just be quiet and just take those shots.”

“I’m in love with my wife, like for real for real. I don’t got time to just play games with fitness trainers on Instagram. That’s crazy.”

On a more positive note, Swizz also discussed enrolling at Harvard Business School.

“I just felt like you got to keep graduating your brand. A lot of people get complacent with their success and things that they have done before and I just wasn’t comfortable with that because I started transitioning from being a producer to being a business owner. And I would be in theses rooms and no matter how big the deal is or how good it is people would still look at me like ‘oh, he’s the rapper guy,’ ‘he’s the rapper friend.’ I was like we all in this meeting because of what I’m bringing to the table. Being that I really didn’t have those credentials to go with those different things, I didn’t feel I was getting the respect I deserved so I said you know what, let me go sharpen my pencil a lil bit. Really walk back in these rooms a different person and a different man. And really invest that time into myself.”

Watch the full interview below.

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Egypt Dean Makes His Runway Debut For Ralph Lauren With Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Looking On

May 22nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren

How cute is this little guy?

While mom Alicia Keys, and dad Swizz Beatz are known for their music, little Egypt Dean entered into the world of modeling earlier this week with both proud parents looking on. He was one of many kids who hit the catwalk in Ralph Lauren designs for fall, and he looked quite snazzy in his plaid green pants, sweater, button down, tweed jacket, and his signature mohawk. The show took place in NYC, and all the children walked in support of the New York Library, helping to spread the word in their own way about the importance of literacy. Dean is doing his part to be a little philanthropist, like his mom, who has done great work over the years with her charity, Keep A Child Alive, which raises awareness about AIDS.  And we can’t forget about Swizzy, who gives to a variety of charities, including hosting fundraisers for the Bronx Charter School For The Arts.

Alicia Keys couldn’t hold back her excitement over her son’s first big runway show, saying on Instagram, “Egys[sic] first runway show!!!!! Wooooowwww!!!!! My lil baby!!!! #proudmamamoment!!!”

And Swizzy had this to say: “Egypt said to tell uncle Kanye he’s walking with that Ralph tho. our lil guy 1st show”

Check out more pics, as well as a short clip of Dean doing the finale walk hand-in-hand with designer Ralph Lauren. Too cute!



Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren



Swizz Beatz Gets Accepted Into Harvard…Sort Of

April 20th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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swizz beatz gets accepted into harvard


Kasseem Dean, better known as Swizz Beatz may soon be able to add Ivy League grad to his already impressive resume. The producer was recently accepted into Harvard’s School of Business and took to Instagram to post his enrollment message. In the fashion of model Tyra Banks, Dean is enrolled in The Owner/President Management Extension Program.

“This might be one of the happiest days of my life. From the BX to Harvard,” he posted on social media.

Dean has a number of accomplishments to his credit. In addition to producing hit singles for everyone from Nas to Nicki Minaj to Beyonce to Bono. He also is a fashion and shoe designer, art collector and brand promoter. He was named the first “Producer in Residence” at New York University, for the 2010 – 2011 academic year.

Before folks start throwing shade (kind of like what happened a few years back when Tyra Banks was bragging about being a Harvard grad), let’s be clear: A prestigious honor nonetheless, The Harvard Owner/President Management program is a non-degree granting certificate course that has no formal education requirements. It’s taught in three week units with each unit costing $33,000. It’s application doesn’t include space to list any kind of GMAT scores but it does inquire about applicants annual compensation.  The school’s official site reads:

“Admission is a selective process based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. We look for professionals who have demonstrated business talent and leadership potential.”

The program focuses on navigating the global economy, maximizing financial resources, aligning strategies and sales and other business skills.

So what if Swizzy is buying his degree/certification? He’s not doing anything the rest of America isn’t doing. He could be spending his money on much worse things like weed and gold Jesus pieces. At least he’s trying to learn something. We wish Swizz the best of luck in his studies.