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Slow Down, Son, You Killin ‘Em! Justin Combs Shows What Football Training Has Done For Him

August 10th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Justin’s Instagram

Okay, age is really starting to show when I see pictures of Justin Combs as a young man.

Now, we always knew Diddy’s son would be a handsome guy…and if we didn’t know, many of you would shout him out from time to time. But as Justin has been preparing for his sophomore year at UCLA, he’s been having a little fun on his Instagram page.

But not too long ago, Justin showed off the work he and his teammates have been putting in to make them competitive on the football field (he’s a cornerback). We have to say that Justin has really packed on the muscle and is clearly adding to all the reasons why the young ladies love him. Handsome and a nice build? I’d say that’s a “yes, please” for them.

You’ll notice I’m keeping myself out of the equation because as a woman who remembers seeing Justin in music videos as a baby, I’m still in a bit of shock to see him so…grown.

For fans of the UCLA Bruins, hopefully this means he’ll be productive during games.

So what do we think: Is Justin, who is legal, “eye candy” worthy?

So What You Popped A Molly?! The 10 Most Annoying Phrases In Songs

February 6th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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We all have a song or two that we just can’t stand. Sometimes the radio plays a jam one time too often. Sometimes the beat isn’t exactly on point. And sometimes, the lyrics are the problem. It may not be the whole song we’re over, but there are choruses and phrases we’re just sick of or that make no amount of sense at all. Check out our list of 10 rap phrases that we don’t want to hear anymore.

Juicy J

Image Source: Jlnphotography/

“Popped a Molly”

Rap music may need an intervention. Apparently, Molly is the new hot drug in the street. Rappers spit about it so much, white people get on the Internet and Google “who is Molly?” They know Molly as MDMA and they’ve been losing their minds on the designer drug since the late eighties.

Rappers like Juicy J talk about popping a Molly in almost every song. And all I want to know is can we move on and talk about something different? ‘Cause ya’ll sound like a broken record. No? Well get back at us when ya’ll are done getting high.

Revenge of The Nerds: Reasons Why You Should Give Geeks A Chance

July 28th, 2012 - By Brooke Dean
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Someone recently asked me what my “type” is – the type of guy I usually fall for. While I don’t think I have a type per se, I was told I always dated “nerdy” guys. I personally like to refer to them as “academic” – because “nerdy” seems to imply that they’re socially inept, lack muscles, wear cuffed jeans and thick glasses. That is what is defined as “nerdy” by society’s standards – shy, awkward men who love comic books, Star Trek and wizardry.

But don’t let the bow tie, smarts, and self-deprecation fool you.

Those stereotypes have often left the geeks out of the dating game…until now. While some “unenlightened” women shun these men, others realize that geeky guys are the preferred choice among women who overlooked them during our high school and college years. They’ve spent their 20’s and 30’s “regrouping” and growing into their intelligent sexiness and behold: they now have nerd boy swag. So, before you write this person off as not worth dating, let’s consider what geeks bring to a relationship.

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It Must Be the Money: 7 Swag-Based Celeb Crushes That We Don’t Understand

June 19th, 2012 - By IndigoBlack
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“I don’t see it.” That’s exactly what I say each time the following names are brought up in a conversation about hot men in Hollywood. While many women, even followers of this site, swear up and down that these brothas are delicious and could “get it,” I’m always reading their comical comments, scratching my head and thinking, “Wow…really?” I’m a fan of most of these individuals, but you won’t see me throwing my panties at the computer screen for ’em. But hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

Source: Esquire


Ever since Beyoncé upgraded this brotha, people have been saying for years that he’s got it going on. Got what going on and in what way you ask? I can’t say 100 percent, but you can probably blame it on June Ambrose who made him re-evaluate his fashion choices, and the business sense he cultivated on his own, which helped him reach an audience outside regular hip-hop fans, invest in NBA teams, push a fashion label, be the head at Def Jam for a while and more. That in turn helped him rake in more and more money, and a lot of women find a man good with money to be attractive. For the most part, he seems to be a pleasant and sweet character, especially when he’s with his lady and baby girl. But all that talk of “Jay is looking good as hell right now!” just because he put a fitted cap on evades me…

How Far Can “Swag” Take You? An Analysis of the Rick Ross Appeal

May 8th, 2012 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Hello

Let me preface this whole thing by saying that I’m so done with the word “swag.” If the NAACP, the SCLC or the NRA decided to have a funeral for another word commonly and overly used in the black community, I’d be the first to nominate “swag” and would be happy to be one of the pallbearers carrying the empty coffin. But for the purposes of this story, swag is the word we’ll use because swag is the word most often associated with Mr. Rick Ross.

I first learned that Ricky Rozay (my nickname of choice for the rapper) had a certain je ne sais quoi over four years ago when my friend, my sister and I took a little road trip to Chicago. We were listening to Ross’ hit song, “Here I Am,” when my friend started unashamedly confessing her love for the overweight rapper. My friend loves to say things, almost anything, to shock people so my sister and I didn’t take her too seriously at first. But she just kept going. Talking about how Ross could get it, how he would show her around Florida and what not. I was driving but eventually I had to partially turn my neck to ask her, “Are you dead serious right now?” And she said she was. No joke.

My sister and I clowned she and her infatuation. Naturally, we mentioned the fact that Rick Ross sounds like he has a fat tongue and that if they ever did get involved, she’d always have to be on top, so as to avoid suffocation. But we also mentioned the fact that maybe her imaginary boo thang wasn’t the best lyricist either. In “Here I Am” Ross says, “A lot of alphabets, girl I’m a G.” We had to ask her, are there a lot of alphabets or are there a lot of letters? It was something she should certainly bring up on their imminent first date. She laughed and conceded that that wasn’t the best line but she wasn’t wavering on her lust for the man. I thought she was off but my friend is a known chubby chaser, with a thang for Floridian men, so I didn’t put too much thought into it.

But with his growing popularity, Ross’ name kept coming up. Random girls would talk about how much they loved the man even after he was seen shirtless, on award shows. I, still not having learned my lesson, would assume they meant his flow, the breathy grunt, his music. (In all fairness, his lyrics have improved since “Here I Am.”) But no, they were talking about Rick Ross and his “swag.” Some of these chicks even had the nerve to ask me, “Don’t you think he’s attractive?” I’d always respond the same way, “I mean his beard is nice and shiny but… no, I don’t see it.”

One day my coworkers and I just so happened to be discussing Ross at work when not one but three of my female co-workers cosigned the notion that they would date Rick Ross if given the opportunity. What was this, a world gone mad? One of the women had even seen him in person and while she admitted that his size was a little intimidating, she wouldn’t write him off. Some of the women admitted that his money made him more attractive but the consensus was that Rick Ross had “it.”

So, I really have no concluding thoughts on this subject of Mr. Ross and his “swag,” other than we can never underestimate the power of attraction, whether it’s about money, confidence, talent or whatever. But I did write this post, just to take a poll, how many of you ladies out there think Rick Ross could, as they say, “get it”? Is he attractive to you? Should he be the next man in our installment of “Evening Eye Candy”? LOL Let a sista know.

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Really? The-Dream Says R&B Dudes Have Been Trying to Steal His Sound

March 12th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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While back out on tour mode, singer/songwriter The-Dream took time out in his show to let people know that since he’s been busy getting married, getting divorced, figuring out expensive divorce settlements, and helping other people make hit singles, he’s noticed a crop of fellas out there who are trying to sound just like him and be just like him.

“I haven’t done a show in close to two years, and ever since then, there’s like four n****s who sound like me now. I’m just being honest. I remember before 2007, nobody knew what to do with this s**t.”

Hmmm, I don’t know who in particular he could be talking to. He could be referencing folks like Trey Songz, Frank Ocean, or even popular Canadian crooner The Weeknd, but either way, I see him throwing shade! I just wish people wouldn’t say things like that, because these days, everybody is influenced by everybody (and let’s keep it real, his first album had so many attempts at the brotha trying to sound like Prince).  Check out what he had to say in the video below (it’s at the beginning), and see snippets of him performing jams like “Purple Kisses,” “Walking on the Moon,” and “Shawty is a Ten.” Big laughs around the 4.15 mark when he tries to do some kind of awkward crotch-grab dance that MJ wouldn’t be proud of.

And P.S., check out the old-school Roc-a-Fella chain he has on…what could that be about?

Who do you think he’s talking about?

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts: Not So Cute Dudes Who Nabbed Very Cute Women

January 9th, 2012 - By IndigoBlack
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"Elise Neal and Rick Ross"

After being the poster couple for mismatched love, Jay-Z and Beyoncé finally have it all–they have more money than they can count, they’re at the top of both of their respective music genres,  and now they have a new baby–Blue Ivy Carter. While people estimated breakup dates after the two made it clear (without saying) that they were couple, now, they’re sitting on top of the world. They’re not the first couple to have us scratching our heads, but they might be the most successful pairing to stick together. Here are a few other funny looking brothas who nabbed beautiful women at one time or another–even if it didn’t always work out.

We Invented Swag

September 21st, 2011 - By TheEditor
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by Mark Anthony Neal

Obviously the subjects of Jamel Shabazz’s groundbreaking collection Back in the Days didn’t create swag; an Afro-disaporic style of expression that we can surely witness in the figures of Jack Jonson and Bessie Smith in the early 20th century, as surely as some alpha male was crip walking across a plantation field at night generations earlier. Yet the photographs that comprise Back in the Days, capture a generation of African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans and Afro-Latinos full of aspiration and brimming with self-confidence, at the dawning of the Reagan era and at a time when hip-hop was just a funny-sounding phrase and no one had yet to coin the term “ghetto fabulous.” The 10th Anniversary edition of Shabazz’s classic collection was recently released by Powerhouse Books and forces us again to consider the genius, ingenuity and aspirational powers that everyday youth cultivated in those first moments of hip-hop.

Born in 1960, Jamel Shabazz is the embodiment of what I refer to as the post-Soul generation, a cadre of Black Americans who came of age between and betwixt the watershed moments of the Civil Rights struggles and the full blown commercial exposure of hip-hop culture. No doubt influenced by the iconic photography that captured nearly every important moment in the drive towards desegregation and voting rights in the 1960s—was it documentation or surveillance?—Shabazz picked up a camera as a 15-year-old in 1975.

As Shabazz explained in an interview I conducted with him nearly a decade ago, “We always had cameras laying around the house, so I would just take these instamatic cameras up to my school and just photograph a lot of my peers.” More specifically Shabazz was inspired by a friend of his, who was in a local gang, noting that “I would go to his home and look at his photo albums of these gangsters and…want(ed) to shoot young people in that type of situation, with the fly gear on and the strong poses.”

Shot primarily in Brooklyn, with the early photographs taken in 1979, Back in the Days is a visual time capsule of infamous places and spaces like the Albee Square Mall (immortalized by Biz Markie), various BK subway lines and the Fulton Street Mall, (with landmarks like the flagship Abraham & Strauss department store, then BK’s alternative to Herald Square) which developers are actively trying to destroy to make Brooklyn more accommodating to a growing middle class in the borough.

The folk featured in Back in the Days were not trying make any claims other than the style is which they their way to and from school, hung out with friends, and wore their gear. Shabazz was not trying to make any grand artistic gestures either: “I was just trying to record my history. I never looked down the road in terms of recording a time, I just recorded my personal life. And I wanted to record the images of people, a document of people I engaged in conversation with. It’s like a visual diary.”

How Many Times Is Diddy Gonna Change His Name?

May 23rd, 2011 - By TheEditor
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(The Root) — Good thing the rapture didn’t actually happen as predicted (shocking, right?), because it would have been a shame for the masses to miss out on the chance to call Sean “Diddy” Combs by his new name: Swag. Yes, Swag.

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