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Are Drake And Other Men Still Intimidated By Financially Independent Women?

October 3rd, 2016 - By Ann Brown
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It seems Drake is going to be diversifying his business ventures. The Hip-Hop star announced he is opening a gentlemen’s club of sorts. But as writer Amy Zimmerman noted in a recent article for The Daily Beast entitled “Drake’s New Strip Club and His Love and Fear of Working Women,” the new venture is basically a strip club. Drake, however, doesn’t want to call it such. According to Zimmerman, Drake not only has a problem with using the term strip club, he doesn’t like to call strippers “strippers” either, signifying to her he might just have a problem with professional, financially independent women–especially those who take their clothes off and dance for men.

But Drake shouldn’t be ashamed. Strip clubs are mega money makers. Annual revenue for the U.S. strip club industry is $3.1 billion, according to Statistic Brain. And strippers earn an average of $125,000 annually. There are some 400,000 strippers currently employed by 4,000 or so U.S. strip clubs.

According to these numbers, a good stripper can pull in enough money to take care of herself and then some. And, wrote Zimmerman, this is where Drake seems to falter. Instead of big upping the independence of professional women–and strippers are professional women too — Drake wants to “save” them. “Drake is also obsessed with saving women, buying them things, and footing their tuition bills. Given his fetish for raising up fallen women, it was only a matter of time before he opened the world’s most chivalrous strip club,” wrote Zimmerman. She added,” Of course, the greatest irony of Drake’s ill-informed savior complex is that he’s not really the baller he thinks he is. Basically, Drake has relationship dysmorphia—he sees himself as an alpha male, but consistently plays the role of stay-at-home hubby.”

Drake is not the only male with such leanings. In fact, “alpha males”–even alpha male wannabes–tend to want to be the “provider” and are intimidated by successful women. Even though by 2025 more than half of the primary breadwinners in the United States will be women, men still can’t seem to handle this fact. “Lifestyle magazines and romantic comedies also often paint power in women as threatening, especially when it comes to love. Female success scares men away, they taunt. It’s intimidating, abnormal and unattractive. But if you just have to earn more than him, do let him drive and don’t talk about work. How generous,” penned Jenna Goudreau in “Why Successful Women Terrify Us” for Forbes.

In her article, Zimmerman theorizes that perhaps Drake has a “love and fear of working women,” when examining not only his “romance” with Rihanna but his confusing admiration of strippers in his songs. But is Drake like many men? Are these the type of men successful women want? Are successful strippers ashamed of their game?

Be it a stripper or a corporate CEO, women tend to relish in their career independence. We like being able to buy our own goodies and if a man wants to throw in something extra, so be it. Still men–young and old–can’t always mentally accept this setup. “When they meet a woman who put herself through college, makes her own money, pays her own bills, and smashes her own random apartment spiders, they sometimes take it the wrong way and feel emasculated. In reality, they should be glad if we want their company, because it’s truly a matter of wanting him around rather than needing a favor from him,” reported The Bolde.

Do you think most men, Drake included, are still intimidated by strong, financially independent women?

Degradation Doesn’t Have To Be A Part Of Adult Entertainment: Jada Pinkett Smith Talks Deeper Message Behind “Magic Mike 2”

July 2nd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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A lot of people may think that a move like Magic Mike will do nothing but objectify and perhaps even degrade men for the pleasure and entertainment of women. You know, kind of like in strip clubs patronized by men.

But according to Jada Pinkett Smith, you won’t see that with her character Rome.

She spoke with Rolling Out to discuss the way adults consume erotica and explained how he tied into her work with human trafficking.

Rolling Out: How did you prepare for this role?

The role was actually written for a guy and so when I got on a Skype call with Channing and Greg, who is the director of the film, Channing said he really wanted to infuse a sense of responsibility to this component of adult entertainment.

A lot of my human trafficking advocacy helped me understand–if I had a club what I would change about how clubs exist now. I really just used everything that I’ve learned during my human trafficking advocacy to really give me just the idea of making people who are in this industry feel empowered. And understanding that men and women can communicate in an erotic, sensual way without degradation. There’s absolutely no reason why degradation has to be a component of adult entertainment.

Rolling Out: What was the turning point or tipping point that made you say I’m going to back this cause?

It was really my daughter. Because she came to me and she said, ‘There are people in this country who are selling people my age for sex.’  And I was like ‘That is not happening.’  I went on the internet and saw that it was true. And she was like ‘I really want to lend a voice to this.’ And I said well, why don’t you let me be a buffer and that was how it all started.

While some of y’all are focused on Willow’s hair styles, this young girl is focused on important work. Kudos to her and kudos to Jada for taking such a cause so seriously.

Do you think there’s a way for men and women to appreciate adult entertainment with degradation?

You can check out the rest of Jada’s brief video interview with Rolling Out, here.


Male Celebrities Who Stripped Before They Were Famous

May 7th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Magic Mike and Chocolate City are just movies. But these celebrities took it all off in real life. Did you know these stars stripped before they were famous?

Famous Men Who Had A Baby With A Stripper

December 5th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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These celebrity men may or may have not been in love with a stripper but that certainly had a baby with one.

Famous Men Who Had A Baby With A Stripper


Paul George

Indiana Pacers star Paul George is a man of few words and chooses to let his style of play do the talking. But off the court, his personal life was overshadowing his performance on the hardwood floor. After he got stripper Daniela Rajic pregnant, she claimed he offered her one million dollars to have an abortion. George vehemently denied that and the two became involved in a bitter paternity dispute. Rajic accused him of being a deadbeat dad but they have finally worked out an agreement and now share full custody of their seven-month old daughter.

Florida Teenagers Found Dead, Tied Together On The Side Of The Road

September 19th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: ABC Action News

Source: ABC Action News

Tragedy struck two Tampa, Florida families when their teenaged daughters were found dead, tied together on the side of a road.

Angelia Mangum, 19 and Tjhisha Ball, 18, were found around 1 a.m. on Thursday morning in Jacksonville, Florida. A witness told WJAX, a Jacksonville radio station, that the two teens were bound with zip ties, lying on top of one another.

A witness drove by, saw the bodies and called 911.

According to ABC Action News, investigators suspect foul play and are trying to determine the causes of death.

Sergeant T.K. Waters told a news station, that they were in an area where they would have been noticed easily, so he believes they had been left there very recently.

A medical examiner has taken the bodies for further investigation.

Ball’s family, who still lives in Tampa, spoke with ABC Action News last night about their relative and the girl found with her, Ball’s best friend. They described the two as inseparable.

“I just don’t understand what happened,” Ball’s sister Crystal Moore said.

Moore said that both Ball and Mangum, had been living in the Jacksonville area, off and on, for approximately a year and a half. The family said both women had been working as exotic dancers.

When the news crew spoke to Ball’s mother, she too seemed confused about what happened and started questioning herself.

“I feel like sometimes that I failed. What could I have done? What could I have taught her better? It hurts…it really hurts.”

Their grief is exacerbated by the fact that they don’t know what happened and, as of yet, no one has been caught.

Ball’s aunt, Permella Hargrove, pleaded through the news cameras, shedding tears as she asked for information.

“I just plead with you, whoever done this, please just turn yourself in. Anyone that knows anything about these murders would you please, please help our families to get some justice and some peace.”

If anyone has any information about this double murder, you can contact the Jacksonville Sherriff’s office at 904-630-0500 or email . To remain anonymous and receive a possible reward of up to $3,000 you can also contact Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.

More Bandz Will Make ‘Em Dance: Adult Dancers File Lawsuit Against Strip Club Demanding Better Wages

August 29th, 2013 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Adult Dancers File Lawsuit


After a hard day’s work of spinning on poles, four adult in Colorado feel duped in being paid less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, especially since their manage takes a substantial cut of their tips. Hence, the four dancers have slapped the Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club with a lawsuit demanding better pay, The Huffington Post reports.

The class-action suit claims that the strip club, located in Grand Junction, CO, not only had their dancers paid by just tips, they charged them a fee-per-shift for the “privilege of working there,” HuffPo said. For private dances, the club also took 25 percent of their earnings. The dancers must also pay the bouncers and DJs 14 cents out of every dollar they make. To top it all off, dancers can be fined for situations that are out of their control—such as a customer touching them inappropriately.

The strip club’s owner, Kevin Eardly, denies the charges. “They’re just looking for a handout, that’s what they’re looking for,” Eardly told HuffPo. He adds that the dancers make an average of $300 to $500 per nine-hour shift. Plus, he says that some of the disputed rules are implemented by the liquor board and must be followed prevent to the club from being fined thousands of dollars.

Mari Newman, a Denver attorney representing the dancers, disagrees.“The case is fundamentally one of exploitation, of exploiting workers that are vulnerable because of the stigma that’s attached to what they do,” she said. “It’s an example of treating workers as chattel.”

Filed in Colorado federal court, the suit alleges Fantasy broke federal and state law by classifying employees as independent contractors, denying them a minimum wage, overtime payments and other labor protections. Such an arrangement is common in the adult entertainment industry, Newman acknowledged, but in her mind, it’s a clear violation of the law, HuffPo adds.

Eardly doesn’t deny that he classified his dancers as independent contractors. “These girls never mentioned that they were employees,” he said. And he says that the compensation arrangement for Fantasy’s employees is standard of the adult entertainment industry. Eardly believes that the four dancers are simply disgruntled.

Eardly, however, may have a hard time winning the case because of precedence; recently. A few dancers who have sued their strip clubs for poor wages recently have actually won, HuffPo says, citing three cases in Atlanta, New York, and Kansas were dancers one million dollar settlements and clubs were forced to count those women as employees.

Do you think these women stand a chance?

Don’t Hate! Do You Judge How An “Adult Star” Can Become A Housewife?

August 17th, 2013 - By Brooke Dean
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Not long ago, a friend and I were musing about all the “Wives” reality shows that are littering our TV screens lately. What we found amusing, as most people have made note of by now, is how many of the women featured on these programs are not wives at all. I guess they either got “close enough” to walking down the aisle, or had a child by some well-to-do man that deemed them “wife-ish” material. My friend said most of them will probably never get married because no man wants a groupie or a heaux or whatever. But I wonder how true that really is. After all, Jenna Jameson is now a retired pornstar who’s now a married stay-at-home mom. I often wonder how someone goes from adult video star, stripper or groupie to…wife? Most of the guys I’ve dated didn’t want to know anything about my ex or how many partners I’ve had, let alone have it on video for all the world to see. So how does this happen?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying that men “want a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.” But being a freak in the streets, videos and everywhere else is a lot for some men to handle. I’m not saying it can’t be done, or that sexually free women aren’t entitled to a husband, babies and house with a white picket fence; however, most of the women I know are very much ladies out in public. They don’t have their breasts spilling out or wear skirts hiked up their hoo-ha; instead, they leave some things to the imagination and keep their personal lives a mystery.

But these very same women are the ones who will swing from chandeliers if that’s what it takes to make them and their man happy. They’re into toys, whips, chains, lotions, and handcuffs and you’d never know it. Their sexual secrets are kept well hidden, and you’d never catch a sex tape of them floating around. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like watching them.

According to some studies, about 70% of women keep their online adult video viewing habits a secret, yet 1 in 3 women are consumers of a billion dollar skin flick industry. Even though women are more and more open to all kinds of sexual discussions, a lot of women are still afraid to let the wild cat out of the bag publicly for fear that they’ll be considered sick, a freak or a “ho” if they do. We all have an inner “Jenna Jameson,” but some of us are afraid to let it show. I’m sure most of us could put some”professional” video vixens (including Superhead) to shame if we let our true talents shine.

So how then do the Superhead’s, Jenna Jameson’s and other women “like that” get past their sexual history and settle down to become “normal,” happy- dare I say, respected- wives and mothers? Is it fair to judge them by their past if they’ve moved on? Why do we judge them at all for being sexually “free” or embracing their sexuality and showing that to the masses? After all, some men may find their confidence to be hot and are not at all intimidated by their past. Maybe a truly secure man would have no problem being with a woman who they know can satisfy their every need. So why not marry her?

I can’t say that I’d settle down with a Lexington Steele type, only because I’d probably never be able to get the visual of him having sex with hundreds of women out of my head. But that’s just me, and it doesn’t mean that he’s not husband material out there for SOMEONE if he decides he wants out of that life.

But do you think you could settle down with a adult video star or a stripper? Could you manage to get all the public images of the person out of your mind and realize you’re dating the more “real” side of them?

Why Are You Waiting For The New Year To Act Right? 10 Ratchet Behaviors We Should Leave Behind in 2012…Starting Now

December 28th, 2012 - By Toya Sharee
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A part of me is so happy to see 2012 leave, as long as it’s taking the “ChriannaRueche” love triangle,  Joseline Hernandez, the Romney family and the Twilight series franchise with it.  But seriously, something about 2012 made me completely disgusted with how African-American women are portrayed and more importantly what we prioritize.  This was the year of the booty shot fails, the stripper/sideline chick/baby mama, and the ratchet.  Sadly, it makes me wonder when we stopped wanting more for ourselves.  It’s like I looked up and one of the best things we had going for us was the cast and crew behind Scandal. Is that all we’ve got?  So not just for 2013, but starting right now, I propose our resolution be to stop engaging in the following ratchet behaviors:

1.  Knowing more about Basketball Wives than Obamacare.

If you can recite the names of all the characters on Basketball Wives, but can’t tell me any of the changes the Affordable Care Act made to U.S. health insurance, I’m going to need you to turn to CNN for at least five minutes a day.  When you become of age to vote, it’s definitely time to know how the economy, politics and world issues directly affect you.  You don’t have to break down the details of the fiscal cliff, but your knowledge of current events and economy should go beyond what you can write off come tax season.

Let the Protesting Begin: King of Diamonds Stripper Show Becoming a Reality

June 22nd, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Protestors of “Basketball Wives” and “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” might as well keep their e-pens handy because if people are already on fire about those two shows, there’s no way they’re going to let this new reality show fly.

Several months ago, we mentioned rumors a reality show based on the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami was coming to TV and now MissInfo.TV says it’s so:

“This is the story… The story of the money, the girls, the people, the fame and the love. Taking a page from HBO’s hit series CATHOUSE, and FULL THROTTLE, MAKE IT RAIN will be an amalgamation of docu-drama and sexuality, but at the very heart of the piece is a real story. [Owner] Terry managing a thriving business and juggling his other business ventures. At the same time, being a father figure to his employees, giving advice, coaching, paternally guiding some of the girls, making sure that his team of managers (the four horse men) and his self are on the same page, keeping his “A” list celebs clients, music entertainers and athletes happy…and doing all of this as a happily married man with a family of his own”

The first reports about this show said that VH1 was picking it up, but from this NSFW trailer I don’t think they could get away with this. The latest reports simply say a “major network,” and from the looks of things that would have to be a channel like HBO or Showtime, which are mentioned in the description, due to the nudity and language alone. Either way, I’m sure none of us is thrilled about this little “docu-drama.” I wonder what it’s favor patrons, Rick Ross, Diddy, Lil Wayne, and Drake think?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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Evelyn Makes It Rain In The Strip Club

April 9th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Spending stacks on quality naked toe-touching is no longer just a man’s thing. This weekend, Evelyn reportedly made it rain “one George Washington at a time” at a popular Miami gentleman’s lounge.

While hosting an event at the G5 strip club, Evelyn spent around $2,000 on topless ladies, but to her credit it’s not as though she didn’t get anything out of it. The dancers were said to keep coming over to Evelyn and offering their services and some even showed her how to drop it like it’s hot for her (supposed) soon-to-be husband, Chad Ochocinco. Let’s just hope he’s not trying to invite any of the dancers into their bedroom after this.

Check out the photo sideshow of her night out here, if you are so inclined. Let’s just say she was awfully up close and very personal. She must be earning Nene’s “Real Housewives” money on “Basketball Wives.”

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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