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Wobble, Won’t You Wobble: The 15 Best First Dance Songs For Your Wedding

March 26th, 2015 - By Kevin L. Clark
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The 15 Best First Dance Songs For Your Wedding

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With warm weather approaching, it seems that weddings are going to be on the rise before Labor Day Weekend.

As many prepare to attend or be in a wedding, the impending season will be full of anxiety, excitement, great food and cherished moments to be had by all. For those who are the lucky bride and groom, you’ll have the hard part of memorizing vows, and making sure you don’t sweat out your tux and gown.

But those in the audience, well, you’re in for a treat, as you’ll have the honor of watching the couple’s first dance as newlyweds. Traditionally, the first dance is the most moving part of the wedding ceremony going into the reception. It is the moment where everyone—friends, family, whoever—all fade away and the spotlight focuses on the bride and groom. As someone who is close to either party (or just one creepy lurker), you get to see just how close and intimate the love between two souls is simply by the way they hold each other to the pulsating beat.

With wedding season soon in full swing, and everyone from your co-worker to your third cousin eagerly waiting to say “I do” to their significant other, MadameNoire highlights the top 15 weddings songs in no particular order your betrothed pals could play for their first dance.

Hear all the tracks in the list below, and share your own suggestions for the first dance song you want to hear at your next wedding.

Stevie Wonder Set To Produce Underground Railroad Miniseries And Broadway Show Based On Love Stories

January 19th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Stevie Wonder is working with NBC Networks to launch a miniseries and Broadway musical about the Underground Railroad. TIME says the miniseries will run for eight hours and be based on literature such as Forbidden Fruit: Love Stories From the Underground Railroad, which was written by Pulitzer Prize winner Betty DeRamus. Wonder will serve as the executive producer for the miniseries/Broadway show.

The book is based on the stories of men and women who risked their lives (and even limbs) in order to be together, says Google Books. And NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt says Wonder may write the music for the production.

Greenblatt also shared, via The Hollywood Reporter:

“We’re increasingly looking for projects that qualify as television events and these harrowing true stories of courageous young men and women who found love, in spite of the heinousness of slavery, certainly does that. Furthermore, the idea of also developing this into a Broadway musical with Stevie Wonder is very exciting as we look to expand the scope of our live stage business. We’re thrilled that these producers wanted to bring this important project to us.”

NBC’s Entertainment President Jennifer Salke also noted:

“These unforgettable moments in history, which have never been told on television before, are both incredibly painful and heartwarming and need to be presented to the world. We’re honored to be adapting this emotionally affecting book in a television event.”

No date has been set yet for when the miniseries will air, but we’ll be on the lookout for you.

Stevie Wonder And Fiancée Welcome Baby Girl

December 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Stevie Wonder, 64, and his fiancée, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, recently welcomed a baby girl, Us Weekly reports.

The couple named their little bundle Nia. News that the couple was expecting first made headlines after rumors began circulating that Tomeeka was pregnant with triplets. Stevie eventually confirmed during an appearance on “The View” that Tomeeka was, in fact, with child, but shot down reports that they were expecting triplets.

“I got, how many, 22 kids?” he joked. “It’s not true. The truth is we’re going to have a wonderful daughter, born in December, [and her] name is going to be Nia, which is ‘purpose.'”

Prior to his engagement to Tomeeka, Stevie married Syreeta Wright in 1970 and Karen “Kai” Millard Morris in 2001. As of October 2014, the musician and Karen were still legally separated, but had not finalized their divorce. Nia is Stevie’s ninth child.

“I Got, How Many, 22 Kids?”: Stevie Wonder Finally Speaks On Whether Or Not He’s Expecting Triplets

November 5th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Stevie Wonder weighs in on "Blurred Lines" copyright controversy.

Source: WENN

Last month, the National Enquirer did a story claiming that Stevie Wonder and alleged fiancée, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, 40, are expecting triplets. At the age of 64, and still technically married, the idea of the musician expecting another child with another woman, let alone triplets, seemed like a joke. But when Wonder’s estranged wife, Kai Millard Morris, decided to speak out on the rumors and didn’t say they were false, we didn’t know what to think:

While addressing news of Stevie Wonder and fiancée Tameeka [sic] Robyn Bracy expecting, Kai Milla says that she has no opinions on Stevie’s life or what his choices are. They are legally separated, and he has his own life. She adds that she is not judging Stevie and that they have an amicable relationship in regards to their two sons, Kailand and Mandla. She wishes Stevie well in life.

So what really is going on?

Wonder finally spoke on the rumors that he’s expecting three more kids in his brood while visiting “The View” earlier today. And when Whoopi Goldberg asked him about it, he joked, saying “I got, how many, 22 kids?”

According to USA Today, this is what he had to say:

“It’s not true. The truth is we’re going to have a wonderful daughter, born in December, name is going to be Nia, which is ‘purpose.’

Rumors spread, and like I said in the song “Superstition”: When you believe in things you don’t understand, you suffer.”

So to wrap, Wonder is expecting his eighth child (with his 40-year-old girlfriend, not a 25-year-old fiancée), not his 11th…”That’s a bunch of bull!”

Stevie Wonder’s Wife Responds To Rumors That He’s Expecting Triplets With 25-Year-Old Finacee

October 20th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Though Stevie Wonder filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Kai Millard Morris, in 2012, nothing has been finalized. So they’re technically still married. This, of course, makes reports that Stevie may be expecting triplets with his 25-year-old fianceé even messier.

For whatever reason, Kai felt compelled to comment on the rumors. According to a statement released by her publicist, she isn’t very concerned with what her estranged husband (and father to her sons) chooses to do with his life. Her statement reads:

“While addressing news of Stevie Wonder and fiancée Tameeka Robyn Bracy expecting, Kai Milla says that she has no opinions on Stevie’s life or what his choices are. They are legally separated, and he has his own life. She adds that she is not judging Stevie and that they have an amicable relationship in regards to their two sons, Kailand and Mandla. She wishes Stevie well in life.

At this time, Kai Milla is focused on her fashion design and is in the midst of preparing for the launch of her clothing line in June of 2015. She is a fabulous designer who recently attended LA Fashion Week as a guest designer. Kai Milla has designed for First Lady Michelle Obama, Salma Hayek, and many more.”

It’s also interesting to note that Kai did not formally confirm or deny the rumors, which leads us to believe that she may be in the dark (just like the rest of) regarding whether or not there is any truth to these reports.



Wait A Minute, Is Stevie Wonder Expecting Triplets With 25 Year Old Fiancee?

October 19th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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"Stevie Wonder pf"


Is Stevie Wonder expecting triplets?

According to DailyMail and the National Enquirer, Stevie Wonder and his fiancee Tomeekah Robyn Bracy are expecting triplets. Also, the two already have a daughter that was born last year that no one knew about!

The 25-year-old Tomeekah, yes 25, has been spotted on several occasions sporting a baby bump and engagement ring from Wonder. Stevie moved in with Tomeekah after his divorce in 2012. The legend lost $110 million of his fortune to his ex-wife Kai Millard Morris. The two were married for 11 years and had two children together. Kai divorced Stevie due to his constant infidelity.

If the rumors are true, this will make 11 children for Wonder. He has 5 from previous relationships, 2 from Kai, 1 from Bracy already and the triplets will make 11. Tomeekah has two other children as well. She also lost another son after he fell to his death from her apartment window in 2004.


You’ll Never Guess Whose Cute Kid This Is…

September 15th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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stevie wonder's son Kailand

Koi Sojer / PR Photos

This handsome young man is the oldest child of Stevie Wonder and wife Kai Killard Morris (he filed for divorce from Morris in 2012, but their split still hasn’t been finalized), and his name is Kailand Obasi Morris. The couple have two children together out of Stevie’s seven.

The 13-year-old is already making a name for himself with his charitable contributions, and recently hosted his 2nd annual Hoop Life FriendRaiser over the weekend (yes, this kid has his own annual fundraiser event, how cool is that?). The fundraiser, which was a basketball tournament, was to benefit the All It Takes foundation. All It Takes focuses on youth leadership and encourages young people to work to effect positive change in the world. Kailand is a youth ambassador for the foundation. Aside from a few celebrities there to show support, including comedian J.B. Smooth and former NBA player Mark Jackson, Kailand’s famous father was present at the fundraiser too, along with the singer’s other sons Kwame and Mandla (his youngest child). We’re sure Stevie was proud!

When you look in his face, you can totally see Kailand’s resemblance to his legendary father, and it’s clear that Kailand is inspired by Stevie to do great things in the world. Check out more images of Wonder and his son below.

Koi Sojer / PR Photos

Koi Sojer / PR Photos

Koi Sojer / PR Photos

Koi Sojer / PR Photos

“Tell Me Something Good” & 9 Other Songs You Didn’t Know Stevie Wonder Wrote

April 16th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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"Stevie Wonder pf"


Last night I was watching NBC’s “The Voice” and one of the contestants on Usher’s team decided to sing “Tell Me Something Good” for his selection that night. He said one of the reasons he chose it was because Stevie Wonder wrote it and Stevie was one of his favorite artists. Who knew?! I mean, it’s no secret that Stevie Wonder has penned some classics for his own catalog. But his contributions to the careers of others is nothing to snuff at either. Check out the list of hit songs.

“All My Life” And Other Songs Singers Wrote For Their Children

January 23rd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Singers often look into their own personal lives as inspiration for songs. These 15 artists got very heartfelt and emotional by singing about the joys of parenthood and their children. Here are some of our favorite songs singers wrote for their children.

Songs Singers Wrote For Their Children

Source: Tumblr


Superstar singer Beyonce is normally a private person but after having her first child, Blue Ivy, the former Destiny’s Child member has opened up about the joys of motherhood. In addition to sharing intimate photos of mother and child, Beyonce penned the song “Blue.” In the song, which is on her latest album Beyonce, Blue sings about feeling alive when she looks into her daughter’s eyes. At the end of the song, Blue Ivy joins in and sings with her mommy before asking if they can go see daddy.

Paula, Is That You Singing? Celebs We Didn’t Know Were Featured On Songs

October 7th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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We know that artists often collaborate with each other to make music – but not all collabos are as well known as others. Check out our list of 15 celebs whose guest appearances and background vocals in songs were a major surprise.