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Don’t Give It All Away: 5 Reasons To Share Less About Your Kids On Social Media

August 25th, 2015 - By Martine Foreman
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I was one of the last people in my group of friends to get on Facebook. I just didn’t see what all the hype was about and I wasn’t all that interested in sharing bits of my personal life online. Finally, after much convincing, I started an account and slowly began to add friends. And I do mean slowly because it’s 2015 and I still only have about 350 Facebook friends, compared to the 1,000+ friends that most people I know have.

I was once a Twitter hater as well, but now it’s one of my favorite social media platforms. Needless to say a lot has changed over the years. Some of it has been a genuine interest in using these platforms to stay connected with family and friends, while a lot of it has been an appreciation for the benefits that come with using social media to grow your business. No entrepreneur can deny that.

So with all of the amazing opportunities social media offers, I think we all know that all good things can come with an ugly side. Haven’t you ever seen something on Facebook, Instragram or Twitter and wondered why the hell someone would post it. I know I have. Actually, it happens every single day.

And while I am the first person to now admit that social media is incredible, I am also the first person to wonder why people share so much, not just about themselves but about their kids. Despite my desire to not share too much about my children, I have acknowledged that I chose to launch a business where I am the brand and building trust with my audience requires me to share some of who I am. And honestly, despite my paranoia about the world we live in, I like letting people into my life a little bit.

But I also think that as parents, we might want to consider sharing a little bit less about our children. Although doing so may be all in love and good fun, there can definitely be harmful consequences when we don’t think twice.

Here are 5 reasons you should share less about your kids on social media.


Your kids may not want it public. Sure, it might seem cute to share Jared’s first time on the potty but you really have no idea where this picture might end up or what type of embarrassment it may cause your kid when he gets older. It’s one thing to have family members flipping through albums and seeing those pics, but it’s an entirely different story when anyone can see them.

Some details can put them at risk. We often over share without even realizing it. Posting a picture where people can see the name of the street you live on or the sign for the school your kid attends can be dangerous. You also may want to limit sharing your child’s name, birthday and other details. It gives too many people access to details that they can use to cause harm.

Digital kidnapping is real. You’ve heard the stories before, but I am sure you think it won’t happen to you. I’m here to tell you that it CAN happen to you. People do steal images of children from Facebook pages or Instagram and they can use your child’s image for a number of things without your permission.

Online predators. I know none of us want to think about this, but online predators are out there. So before you post that cute naked picture of your little one in the bath, consider the fact that the image may end up in the wrong hands. Some pictures of our kids belong in a photo album or protected on our hard drives.  

You don’t know what their future holds. You really have no idea what your kid plans to do when they become adults, so why take away their power to choose. They may end up in a profession where all those pictures may hurt, or your kids may end up being a lot more private than you are and have no interested in having their images plastered online.

Sharing too much about your kids doesn’t make you a bad parent. Most of the sharing comes from a place of pride and love. It’s totally understandable. But as parents, even the very best intentions can land us in a jam. Think twice before you share more than you really need to. Our job is to protect our kids as much as we can until they are old enough to figure it out on their own.

Martine Foreman is a life + relationship coach, freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, and speaker. To learn more about her work and get great tips on how to create a life you love, check her out at CandidBelle.  

Keep It On The Hush: 15 Celebrities Who Unsuccessfully Used Direct Message For Hookups

August 24th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Kevin hart and mike epps throwing punchlines


Mike Epps isn’t the only one who has been caught with his hand in the direct message cookie jar. These celebrities have also been caught using social media to try and hook up with people. Have you ever received a celebrity DM?

Moms On Social Media: The Envy Is Real, Here’s How To Deal

August 24th, 2015 - By Erickka Sy Savane
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Wow, Tina looks good in that bikini! you think, strolling through your Facebook feed. She just had the baby last month. How did she do it?

And there’s Nessa and her man in Dubai. The last time you and the hubby had a vaca Bush was President. Wonder who watches the kids?

Ah, look at Lisa’s spa day with the girls. You couldn’t get a sitter…

Switches to Instagram.

Damnit! Why didn’t anyone tell you that Stevie Wonder was playing a concert in Central Park?! Don’t they know how you feel about Stevie? There was that one time you and your mom risked getting cancer staying at the dankest, darkest, mildewy-est hotel room in New Orleans (you booked late) for Essence Fest, just to see him? But, man, it was worth it. You’d fly to the moon to see Stevie. To think that all you had to do was jump on the freakin’ subway train is maddening! And just look at everyone smiling like this could be his last concert on earth. Damn your life and everyone on social media!

It’s like you never get to do anything fun. Most days feel like a constant grind between work and the kids. And it’s not like you don’t enjoy spending time with them, it’s just that you want to be able to do some of the things you used to, like pick up and go!

Yet moms on social media are everywhere doing everything and sometimes you feel like that old newspaper sitting in the corner turning yellow.

It makes your relationship with social media dysfunctional at best. You love it, you hate it but you keep coming back. It’s because of work, you tell yourself, but a part of you knows better. Social media is your lifeline and without it you’d lose sight of everything.

So how do you deal with these feelings of straight-up envy whenever you get on social media?

You’d call your mom for advice, but she’s only on Facebook for Candy Crush. Last checked, she had no friends. Calling your friends is out because they’re the reason your life sucks. Who else could you call…? said while scrolling through your Facebook feed.

Wait, there’s Harriette Cole. The other day you saw a promo for her column, Ask Harriette, and were happy to see her still doing it. Why not ask her? She’s a mom on social media and since she was your boss back in the day, maybe she’ll take your call…

“First of all, stop taking in so much social media!” Hariette scolds. “And also be aware of the triggers that bring you down. Usually, it’s the images.”

She got that right. But it’s impossible to avoid the images.

“Well, if it happens that you see people from your circle at a party that you weren’t invited to, instead of getting down and grudgeful, congratulate them. Tell them that the event looked like a lot of fun and you’d love to be invited the next time. It happens so much with moms because we’re always taking care of our children. People forget. So remind them.”

She’s right. Between the kids, work and the hubby, your time is limited. Invites from even your closest friends get turned down, especially if they aren’t kid friendly.

“But you also have the power to decide what you want,” she adds. When you’re balanced enough to look outside of your nuclear family and work, use social media to start engaging. If it’s motivation to work out that you want, ask some friends on Facebook to join you on a run. If it’s inspiration and inclusion you need, create your own sisterhood.”

It makes so much sense. But when did you become so envious in the first place?

Maybe when you developed mom bod or perhaps when you started wearing the same three pieces from your wardrobe everyday, or maybe just maybe when you stopped remembering the last time you hung out with friends. Your lifestyle and priorities are so different. You ain’t the girl you used to be. And maybe that’s fine because the old you didn’t have kids and all she thought about was herself … and imagine if you couldn’t make the switch? You’re not supposed to be her. Running the streets all day and night. The vision of perfection. Who’s with your kids?

Harriette shared one last tidbit that was helpful. She said that her mom would tell her to count her blessings whenever she was feeling less than. “What are the little things you can be grateful for?” she’d say. “And she’d literally have me count them.”


You’re grateful for this conversation.

Erickka Sy Savané is a freelance writer and creator of THE BREW blog. Before that she was a model/actress/MTV VJ. She lives in Jersey City with her husband and two kids. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Do It For The ‘Gram: Protecting Your Child Online

August 19th, 2015 - By Allyson Leak
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Sites like Instagram and Facebook and other social media sites make connecting with friends and sharing special moments easy and fun. Sometimes family and friends who live thousands of miles away can feel like they are part of the fun through shared pictures and videos. While there are many adults and kids that use social media for positive reasons, there are also cyber predators out there. Cyber predators could include child molesters, identity thieves and much more. The bottom line is, there are safety precautions you need to take and teach your child when it comes to posting photos and info online. Here are some basic ways to start protecting your child online.


Personal Info

Let your kids know not to post any personal info like their number, email address, or home address online. Be sure that they know that it is for safety reasons. Make sure to tell them to double check all photos that could include personal info like a photo of the front yard may have the address in it and they might not be aware.


GPS Tagging Is Not Your Friend

If the GPS is enabled at the time a photo is taken then a cyber predator could use the information attached to the uploaded photo to find out an exact location like your home or child’s school. You can google geo tags to find out more info. Tell them they can still upload photos just remind the to get in a habit of keeping the GPS disabled unless they need it.


Image Thieves

The last thing you want is to see your kid in an ad online for a children’s clothing website and you never agreed to it. Images are stolen and used all over the web. So make sure that you sit down with them and go through their privacy settings so that everyone in the world can’t see their photos. The less people that can see, the less likely the chances are for identity theft or much worse.


Upload Responsibility

Talk to your child about the importance of responsible uploading and that once they upload something they can never take it back because it will always live online somewhere. Even though they might not care now, mention that future employers will look at past online experience when making hiring decisions. And tell them even if they want a more entrepreneurial career like real estate or entertainment that their past reputation can come and haunt them and prevent certain opportunities.


Set Boundaries

Social media should not be allowed 24/7. Figure out what you think is a healthy amount of time they should spend online and let them know the cut off time. If you find that they are going past the time or they start uploading inappropriate pictures and they keep doing it regardless of what you say, then shut down their entire account. Even though they will probably think you are the worst person on earth, it sends a larger than life message that you aren’t playing around about their safety.

Little Tech Heads: Do Your Kids Need A Technology Diet?

August 18th, 2015 - By Allyson Leak
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I have 2-year-old twin boys and there was a time about a year ago when TV was my savior so that I could get five minutes of mommy time. I was still in the room with them, but I had a break from constantly entertaining my sons. Then I went through a period for a few months where I cut out all TV and that wasn’t easy, however, we all survived and I think it was really good for them to have a break.

It’s no secret that technology has become an addiction to many people. Whether it’s at a restaurant, at home at the dinner table, at school, or hanging with friends, kids are constantly tip tapping away on their phones and tablets and updating their social media pictures and status messages or playing games.

According to a recent study on teens and social media use, the Pew Research Center found that “Aided by the convenience and constant access provided by mobile devices, especially smart phones, 92% of teens report going online daily — including 24% who say they go online “almost constantly,” according to a new study from Pew Research Center. More than half (56%) of teens — defined in this report as those ages 13 to 17 — go online several times a day, and 12% report once-a-day use.”  

If you find that your child is watching too much TV, playing video games for hours at a time, and just generally disconnected from the family and more concerned with what’s on their favorite blog then you might want to consider a technology diet. Try committing for one year and see if you notice a difference. A tech detox and maintenance is not easy, but it could be beneficial. Here are some things to consider:

Lead By Example

It just doesn’t make sense to tell your child they can’t update facebook 50 times a day when they see you doing the same thing. Take an assessment of your social media/technology consumption. If you find that you are on as much as them, then make a commitment as a family to scale back so your kids see everyone is serous about it.

Library Time

The library may not be a kids idea of fun but there can be some cool ways to make it a little more appealing. Dedicate a day once a month where you go as a family and everyone picks three books about things they like. If your son likes video games let him read a book about it versus playing all the time.

Increase Family Time

When there is a technology cutback you need to figure out other fun things to do. You can make a family pizza night and play games that the kids pick. You can go bike riding and pack a picnic or even find out when your local museum has child or teen night etc. The whole point is to get their minds on other things besides Facebook or their favorite show.

Screen Free Areas
If you are downsizing on tech time then take TV’s out of the kids rooms and out of the kitchen if it’s there. Have one to two TV’s around for less temptation. Put tablets and laptops away until the weekends or whenever they are allowed.

Stars Who Say They Read Everything You Write–Even The Mean Stuff

August 17th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: ABC

Image Source: ABC

When it comes to megastars, most of us assume that managers handle their accounts. But these celebrities on social media want us to know that they read everything we write — and sometimes it hurts!

Go 007 On Them: How To Spy On Your Kids

August 17th, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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Growing up, these words: ‘I’ve Got Eyes In the Back of My Head’ would utter from my mother’s mouth instilling the illusion that she was always watching and it was in my best interest to be on my P’s & Q’s. However this was long before the days of the internet where our children have access to more than two billion people around the world at any given moment.

That’s why as parents, we have to not only prepare and protect our children in the real world, we must prepare them for life online–you need to go 007 and spy on your kids. Below are six easy methods for you to implement to safeguard you and your children

Get Techie
Children are sponges and they have the ability to gain mastery of technology so quickly it can make your head spin. Nonetheless It is every parent’s responsibility to know exactly which key features are included in the gadgets our children are using. So take a few minutes before purchasing that next gadget, visiting a social networking site or downloading an app to conduct a quick investigation to ensure you understand how it works and what your child(ren) will be exposed to.

Find Your Center
It’s much easier to keep tabs on any online activity when the devices are located or used in a high-traffic area versus your child is using in the privacy of their room or bathroom. Insist that laptops, mobile phones or tablets are used in central location like your family room so that everything is out in the open. It’s also a good idea to take mobile devices from them at night and store in your bedroom to ensure they are not using it overnight without your supervision.

Use Filtering Software
There are various software programs that you can buy to monitor your child’s online usage; many of these products enable you to view the words that were typed, how long they were online and what websites were visited. Popular programs such as Net Nanny allow you to monitor social media sites, block chats, filter content and more. You can even monitor your cell phone activity with My Mobile Watchdog.

Check Privacy Settings
Ensure that your privacy settings for the Internet and social media sites are set to the highest levels. Depending on which browser (IE, Chrome, etc) you are using,settings can be modified via the options tab.

Go Undercover
Some children are more tech savvy than others when it comes to hiding their online activities to include using fake names and blocking parents known email addresses on Facebook so they cannot see their pages. In order to get around this, you have to be very sneaky. One tactic is to create a fake profile page using a newly created email address unbeknownst to your child(ren) of someone in their age group and request to become their friend.

Be a Great Example
If you constantly tweeting and taking selfies to post to Instagram then you’re setting a poor precedent for social media usage that your child will surely mimic. Always remember to ask yourself if you’re setting a good example and demonstrating proper tech etiquette as well.

Your Relationship Status, Your Self-Esteem Level And More Things Facebook Can Tell You About Yourself

July 30th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Facebook knows a lot more about you than you think the social media site does. These studies just might shock you with how much social media knows about your business–probably because you share so much of it. Do these ring true for you? Or do these Facebook scientists need to go back to the drawing board?

How You Doin’ (On YouTube)? The Vital Business Role Of This Popular Social Media Site

July 23rd, 2015 - By Janel Martinez
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Wendy Williams Big Moves in Hollywood


When it comes to social media, would you believe me if I said YouTube was king? With many social media users flocking to popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope, to name a few, it’s hard to believe video-sharing website YouTube is as popular but it makes perfect business sense.

A recent Business Insider article discussing the success of “The Wendy Williams Show” points out why the daytime TV show is dominating YouTube. “Wendy” is second in YouTube views and subscribers to another popular TV show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The success of the“ Wendy” YouTube channel can be attributed to its free, shareable videos, the reality TV show vibe and ability to reach new audiences from across the globe. YouTube’s partner program allows for “Wendy” to also generate a profit, which “impacts the show’s bottom line.”

A report released last year by AOL Platforms revealed YouTube is more effective at introducing new products to consumers and converting them to purchase. For those investing in paid advertising, YouTube trumps Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Brands and businesses have found success in growing their audience on this social media network, both through organic and paid means. YouTube has more than a billion active users to date with the number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month going up 50 percent year over year.

It’s crucial for brands to know what makes return users and loyal subscribers click on a video, as well as what would make someone subscribe to one’s channel. One thing that “Wendy” has undoubtedly done is tap into what’s already working for her. She and her team know her audience is looking for one thing, and one thing only, more Williams. It’s why the after-show is a hit and “Hot Topics,” which is the show’s most popular segment, keeps her audience, new and old, engaged with her YouTube presence.

“It’s not scripted, it’s just me talking,” Williams said about the after-show. “I’m very comfortable with myself.”

Tristan Zimmerman, the show’s senior digital producer, knows this. It’s why he and Associate Web Producer Jessica Bell have mastered a strategy of giving viewers more “Wendy.”

Each video gets around 50,000 views or more within a day or two, with some getting closer to 100,000 views, reports Business Insider.

“The after-show came out of that need [to connect with fans on social media],” said Zimmerman. “She’s open to having that sort of conversation and connection with her audience, but she’s not going to be sitting on her phone tweeting in 140 characters.”

As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And with “Wendy” mastering a social media strategy that proves successful (sans the latest platforms), it’ll be a great case study as the social media landscape evolves.

Do you have a YouTube channel for your brand? Tell us how you attract your following in the comments section below.

#InstaQuotes: 15 Quotes on Love & Relationships from Poetic Style

July 9th, 2015 - By Rich
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Every Sunday we’ll be highlighting words to live by from some pretty influential people, some from pop culture and others from literary giants. This week we’re looking at relationships with Poetic Style.


I discovered Poetic Style on Instagram and became immediately intrigued with his ability to capture some of the intense emotions and thoughts of those going through or dealing with a break-up. He has a really dope segment which he calls-He Said/She Said, where he speaks on behalf of women or men who are going/been through the pain, confusion, hurt or regret of a break-up.  His mission is to “Paint pictures of hope by telling stories of pain” #YouAreNotAlone.  This young Nigeria man who currently lives in Baltimore, MD is definitely on the move!!

He has a way of relating and delivering the message in a REAL and down to earth way. He hasn’t stop with poetry he has put his words to music. Lessons in Love is a mixtape that he hopes will show you how to gain strength in a relationship or “celebrate the people who were stupid enough to lose you.” His message and delivery are relatable and inspiring. Poetic Style clothing line was recently launched and you can check out clips from his live performance “When the Story’s Told” on YouTube.  Make it your business to Check out “the voice of the nice guys” on Instagram .

Here a few samples of his work; however to really FEEL him I highly suggest you check out his Instagram page.  Happy reading and be prepared to have your heart strings pulled a time or two.

#InstaQuotes: 15 Quotes on Love & Relationships from Poetic Style