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15 Celeb Kids Following In The Footsteps Of Their Parents

May 13th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

When you have a father at the top of the box office or an Emmy-winning mother, it can be intimidating when trying to decide if you should follow in your parents’ footsteps or journey out and do your own thing. These celeb kids decided to follow the lead of their parents and prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Twentysomethings Who Are The Next Generation Of Game Changers

April 24th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Every few years, we get to see the ascension of a new generation of fresh thinkers, new talent, and trailblazing innovators. The next crop of Black women making their mark in a variety of industries are influential and driven, setting new trends and bringing new philosophies and art to the forefront. Let’s take a look at the group of twentysomethings who’ve got next!

#ManCrushMonday: John Legend

April 6th, 2015 - By Rich
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The adage goes: nice guys finish last. But, as far as we are concerned, that isn’t exactly the case for nice guy John Legend.

Not only did the singer/songwriter recently win his ninth academy award during the 2015 Grammys in the category “Best Original Song” for the track “Glory” from the movie Selma; he’s released four highly-touted, successful albums, as well as chart-topping singles, including the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1, “All of Me;” he is an activist that’s been involved with campaigns to advocate for women’s issues and people living with HIV/AIDS; he graduated top of his class from the University of Pennsylvania; he played the piano for none other than Lauryn Hill on “Everything is Everything” off her The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album; and he is married to one of the most beautiful super models out there, Chrissy Teigen. That was certainly a mouthful, but, dare we ask: shall we say more?!

John isn’t only a talented fella, he is an attractive dude. He has a boy-next-door look to him that makes him relatable, approachable and super easy on the eyes. And, don’t front, you guys: every time he drops another romantical love song, he goes up a notch on our sexy meter. Because, a man than can put words together like that and then belt them out so effortlessly all while playing the piano is a man that can definitely win our hearts. Am I right?!

Another quality about John we absolutely adore is his ability to respectfully stand for what he believes regardless of whom he may potentially offend. Like the time he told the media he didn’t exactly agree with Kanye West’s opinion on Beck’s music, or when he expressed his disagreement with the “Blurred Lines” copyright verdict, and, most recently, not entirely cosigning on fellow artist Common’s thought that Black people need to “forget about the past” regarding racism an extend their hand in love to white people.

“I think it’s not enough for us to extend the hand of love,” John said during an interview with the Associated Press last month. “It’s important also that we look at policies we need to change as well.” Ahhhh, we love us an intelligent man!

Because of all of the above, John Legend is our well-deserved Man Crush Monday, so enjoy the slideshow of images of this cutie – we sure will!

#ManCrushMonday: John Legend

Michel’le Opens Up About Being A Single Mom

February 13th, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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Main image: Charley Gallay / TV One

Her ex-husband Suge Knight has been taking over headlines recently, but singer and single mom Michel’le is front and center on this season’s R&B Divas.

Knight, 49, has been charged with murder and attempted murder after an altercation on Jan. 29 that led him to fatally running over his former associate, Terry Carter, 55, on set of the upcoming biopic about the group N.W.A. called Straight Outta Compton.

“As far as having a relationship, we co-parent, [and] maybe we would see him every three months,” Michel’le, 44, tells PEOPLE of Knight and their daughter Bailei, 12.

While Michel’le was “amazed” to learn about Knight’s arrest, being a single mother is a life that she’s learned to maintain.

“When I was with [Suge], he was in prison for six years, which was most of the time we were together because we were only together for eight, and then [he was in prison for] another six months when she was born,” Michel’le explains of raising her daughter alone since Bailei was around the age of 2.

She adds, “[Bailei] hasn’t connected the dots, and that’s okay for me right now because by that time we’ll be able to work through it, and I’m happy about that.”

While Michel’le says that she is not Suge’s girlfriend, she worries that the men from her past may reflect her romance in the future.

“I think [men] are intimidated because they think I’m that girl that just likes these thug, gangster types, and I’m okay with it,” she says.

R&B Divas airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TV One.

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#ManCrushMonday: Omarion

January 26th, 2015 - By Rich
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The ladies mostly know cutie-patootie Omarion as an entertainer: the once-lead singer to the R&B male group B2K, which spawned hits like “Bump, Bump, Bump;” an actor that’s appeared in flicks like You Got Served and Fat Albert, among others; a very talented dancer (does anybody remember all that popping and gliding happening in the video to “Touch”? Yeah, dude can dance!); and a successful solo singer/songwriter whose debut album, O, topped the Billboard 200 chart and featured hits like the title track and the above-mentioned “Touch”.

But this handsome young fella has a new role these days –possibly his sexiest one yet! – and that is fatherhood. The 29-year-old Maybach Music Group signee became a dad for the first time August 2014 when his longtime girlfriend, Apryl Jones, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Megaa Omari Grandberry, and ever since then O seems to be on the clouds with excitement. “World. Allow me to introduce. Megaa Omari Grandberry,” he wrote on his Instragram as he introduced his “legacy”. “He is 7 pounds. 4oz & 20 inches long. My son, I’ve been waiting on you. God is the realest!! I witnessed a miracle. My soul mate @apryljones is so strong! Not only did she have an un medicated birth (no drugs) she did it at home. Naturally. Just like my mom had me. I love you. Thank you for having my legacy. I’ll forever belong to you & you will forever be tied to me. Creating a child takes no love or skill but being a parent requires lots of both. #royalbloodline #freshpitthewonbhandsome I love y’all.”

Seeing Omarion so gracefully and enthusiastically embrace his role as a father (and partner!) is turning up the sexy meter for us (don’t hate us, Apryl!), because, let’s be honest, there is nothing sexier than witnessing a man so happy about becoming a daddy and projecting that happiness through love and care for his young one. Can we say, we want one just like O!? Hell, we want one just like that precious Megaa, too! Check out these 15 hot pictures of Omarion that have us wishing he was our baby daddy!

#ManCrushMonday: Omarion

Exclusive: Christina Milian And Her Mom On Turning Up And Viva Diva Wines

January 9th, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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Christina Milian, the multi-talented actress and singer/songwriter, has lots on her plate. Besides being mom to Violet, she’s currently signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money / Cash Money / Universal label (aka YMCMB) and is currently preparing to release her fourth album in 2015. Soon, we’ll also see Christina and her family on a new docu-series, “Christina Milian Turned Up,” coming to E! Channel on January 18th at 10:00 p.m.

But her most recent project has her working with her mom and publicist on something enterprising and fun: Viva Diva Wines.

Her mother and manger, Carmen Milian, and publicist, Robyn Santiago, share in ownership of the brand launched with their passion for success and a vision to add creative new products to the spirits market.

We got a chance to chat with the mother-daughter duo about their new product and more!

Exclusive: Christina Milian And Her Mom Chat About Viva Diva Wines

#ManCrushMonday: Raheem DeVaughn

December 8th, 2014 - By Rich
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Raheem DeVaughn isn’t your average R&B singer. The DMV native is also an activist, a label head and a devout rap fan. As quickly as he can pen and sing a song about love and passion, he’s also good for a socially conscious tune here and there. The soul crooner is already planning on dropping an album just before Valentine’s Day for his fans. The LP is entitled Love, Sex and Passion so you already know the direction he’s headed in. Not only is his honeyed voice enough to make you curl up in the fetal position but he’s pretty easy on the eyes as well. That smooth caramel brown skin and those full lips have us imagining things that we probably shouldn’t. He’s built — not uber muscular, but clearly strong enough to carry his lady, you know, if the situation calls for all that. Because of these things we decided to make Raheem DeVaughn our Man Crush Monday. Take a look at these 15 pictures of the DC native and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

#ManCrushMonday: Raheem DeVaughn

#LifetimeBeLike: How Many Of Y’all Watched Our Horrible Aaliyah Movie Though?

November 17th, 2014 - By Rich
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#LifetimeBeLike. That was the hashtag that dominated social media in the hours following the Lifetime network’s premiere of “Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B,” the biopic that was supposed to chronicle the rise of R&B superstar Aaliyah before she met her untimely death. Instead, the network became the laughing stock of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere else critics could share their dislike of the Aaliyah film–not so helpful for a network gearing up for their next biopic about the life of Whitney Houston. The memes were hilarious, with hypotheticals that ranged anywhere from Cisqo playing Eve to Tyler Perry playing Ginuwine.

The sad thing is that the actors in the Aaliyah movie really got the short end of the stick. For most of them, it was their first time at the rodeo. Alexandra Shipp, who played Aaliyah, has picked up a few credits here and there, but this was, by far, her biggest role. The 23-year old actress cracked under pressure after the social media storm hit her home. “When watching my film tonight, know that I am human,” she wrote. “Know that your words and your opinions are your own and that you may think you know, but until we speak face 2 face, you’ll never truly know who I am.” Defensive much? Somewhere, Nickelodeon star Zendaya Coleman is relieved that she gave up the role, mostly due to the family’s boycott of the film.

When Lifetime first announced that the film was in production, Aaliyah’s family spoke out against it. They didn’t think Lifetime was the right platform, in hopes that Aaliyah’s story would land on the big screen instead. Aaliyah’s cousin Jomo Hankerson said in an interview, “She was a hugely influential artist on our culture. I think that she deserves a treatment of a ‘Walk The Line,’ or a ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ A big major movie.” But the question now is, will the Lifetime biopic prevent that from ever happening?

After watching the first few minutes of the film (executive produced by Wendy Williams), it becomes painfully obvious that no one in production, from casting all the way down to the scriptwriter, really wanted to do an Aaliyah movie for the right reasons. It feels as if the network, instead, wanted to capitalize off of the drama and ratings they knew the TV film would get by giving Aaliyah such a bad look. Why else would they move forward with it against her family’s wishes (really, how insensitive can you be?). Plus, who does an Aaliyah story without the rights to any Aaliyah music. Duh. (Producer Timbaland had a lot to say against the film, and did not grant the publishing rights to the music either).

The time frame they tried to cover, from Aaliyah’s10 year old star search performance up until her death (without showing how she died or anything that happened while she was in the Bahamas shooting her video) was too much. In my opinion, they spent way too much time on R. Kelly, without revealing any new information. And they made him look like the love of her life, which is sure to piss Dame off.

And speaking of learning something new, there is nothing in the movie that will make Aaliyah fans leave with a sense of satisfaction. Executive producer Wendy Williams should be ashamed of herself for picking up a credit here and not caring enough about Aaliyah’s legacy. The dialogue isn’t believable, and if you happen to be someone who knows a little bit of Aaliyah’s story, then you can pick apart the film for all of the things you know didn’t happen.

But the big no no was the casting, which became the subject of all the ridicule online. The R. Kelly actor looked more like Jive recording artist Joe than he did R. Kelly, the Timbaland and Missy actors were never as skinny as they were in the film, and the actor who played Dame Dash looked nothing like him either. All in all, it made the film look cheesy.

In the end, however, the executives at Lifetime probably don’t care. Somewhere in a closed-door meeting, they are high-fiving each other anticipating record-breaking ratings. Still, it’s a shame that they couldn’t give Aaliyah the proper treatment. An artist like that only comes around once in a Lifetime.

Meet Their Kids: Erica Campbell

November 1st, 2014 - By Rich
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This singer, songwriter, and reality TV star has been married to producer Warryn Campbell for 13 years. They married May 26, 2001 and their wedding was documented on the TLC show, “A Wedding Story.” They have three children: Krista Nicole born on April 24, 2010, Warryn born on July 19, 2011, and  Zaya Monique born January 24th, 2012. In an interview earlier this year, this is what Erica told Sister 2 Sister magazine about how she feels about family.

“Family is everything. Family is how I grew up. Everything was family. You know, we didn’t have a lot of money. We didn’t go on vacations. We went to church, and we hung out together. A lot of laughter, a lot of love, a lot of honesty—you know, my parents were in charge. It was a bunch of kids, but they were definitely in charge in the house. We learned respect, we learned forgiveness, we learned honesty, we learned how to stick it out.  No matter what happens in this family, ups and downs, we stick together. Even if you get together and it’s a little uncomfortable the first few times, you work through those uncomfortable feelings because it is family. This is my blood, this is my legacy, and so if I don’t have them, I don’t have nothing. I know that I have them, so even with my career, while I love it and I appreciate it, if the records come out and they suck, then people may change their mind about how they feel, but my family won’t do that. They don’t love me because I sing. They don’t love me because of awards. They love me just because I’m Erica. That gives me so much strength.”

Take a moment to enjoy the love shared by this wife and mom of three.

Meet Their Kids: Erica Campbell

Make Love Last: Erica Campbell Secrets To A Successful Marriage

October 29th, 2014 - By Rich
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Erica Campbell has it all: beauty, talent, success, and a wonderful family. She has a longevity in her music career that most want…but few have. She is half of the successful Gospel group Mary Mary and now has a budding solo career, too. But having it all doesn’t mean things are always perfect or that you don’t have to work towards happiness. Nowadays it seems celebrity marriages are lasting for shorter and shorter time periods so when there is a couple that has been together a while it doesn’t hurt to find out just how they keep it all together. Erica shared some of her tips with us. Enjoy!
How long have you been married and how did you meet your hubby? 
Erica: Warryn and I have been married for 13 years and we met in 1995 when he came to a stage play I was in.
What is it like working so closely together for work and how do you balance that?
Erica: It’s not always easy because you take things personal and get sensitive and upset a little quicker. But when there is respect and communication it’s good. I actually love working with my husband. We can kiss and work at the same time.

What is the best marriage advice anyone has given you?

Erica: In marriage, you gotta pick your battles! Everything isn’t worth an argument. And always speak your truth in love!

Can you give us four tips for keeping a healthy marriage?


– If there’s no respect in a marriage it won’t work, so much honesty is based on respect or the lack thereof.

– Communication is crucial. You gotta talk to each other about what’s important, and no, your spouse doesn’t just “know” what you feel. Always remember, speak your truth in love.

– Speaking of love, it’s what makes it all work. My husband often says, “Truth without love is condemnation but love without truth is compromise. The two go hand in hand.”

– Sex! If respect, communication and love aren’t in order, you may have sex but it won’t be that life-changing healthy connection. The kind that makes an imprint on your soul – the way God designed.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Erica: I believe love, the way God designed it, is perfect but people put an unrealistic pressure on what love does. My relationship takes work but I wouldn’t trade it for anything because I KNOW I married the right person for the right reasons. God’s way gets God’s results. Love works when you work it.