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No Pregnancy For Pope? Kerry Washington Discusses The Challenges of Hiding Her Baby Bump On Set

April 19th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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kerry washington talks hiding baby bump

10.5 million viewers tuned in on Thursday to see what exactly was in store for Olivia Pope and President Fitz on the season three finale of Scandal. It didn’t disappoint, bringing all kinds of surprises, none of which were a pregnancy.

When actress Kerry Washington revealed that she and former football corner back husband Nnamdi Asomugha were expecting a child later this year, viewers anticipated exactly how the show would handle America’s favorite political fixer. Would Olivia Pope be saving the day with a baby bump in tow?

Washington reveals the decision to keep the character and actress’s life separate was completely creator Shonda Rhimes’s idea:

“The decision of whether or not a character would be on similar journey, I had nothing to do with that decision. I trust Shonda with all things. I feel very grateful that we have such an amazing team that was able to protect the character within the context of what the actress was going through.”

Washington reveals that this was her most difficult season yet as producers tried (and sometimes failed) to disguise her growing pregnancy including loose fitting shirts and coats, enormous desk chairs, coffee mugs, cast mates’ heads and let’s not forget more chairs (EOnline has a whole slideshow documenting the season’s sometimes desperate efforts). In fact, Season 3 was cut down by four episodes to accommodate the star’s pregnancy.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Washington talks about the physical and emotional challenges she experienced being torn between her personal life and her role:

“I work very physically as an actor. The biggest thing for me has been the challenge of how to be this person [Olivia Pope] with the personal transformation that’s going on for me physically and how to stay true to this character. That hasn’t been easy. It’s been an awesome challenge for me as an actor because so much of how I access character is through my body. It’s definitely been complicated to say the least. I’ve learned a lot about other ways to access Olivia and be her.”

She is quick to mention that concealing her pregnancy wasn’t just a credit to her incredible acting, but to the costume design team led by Lyn Paolo as well.

“I’m just grateful for how hard everybody has worked to maintain the authenticity of this character in this world.”

Although show creator Shonda Rhimes isn’t revealing any season 4 details yet, ABC is expected to renew the series for 2015.

Do you think producers did a decent job of keeping Washington’s baby bump backstage?

Columbus Short Issues Statement About Domestic Violence Episode And Personal Drama

April 17th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Image Source:

Image Source:

We’ve heard a lot about Columbus Short’s personal life these days. From knocking out a man at a bar in March to more than one domestic violence episode in his home with his wife since the year started, it seems that the man who appears so cool and calm as Harrison on Scandal, is falling apart behind-the-scenes in his real life. And while we’ve heard from everyone but Short, who has continued on despite all these claims with an upbeat attitude and smile on his face at events and while moving out and about, he’s finally speaking out. Short’s publicist’s reached out to share this short statement from the actor:

“As you all know, lately my personal life has been subjected to a lot of press.  As much as I would like to provide my side of events, my counsel has instructed me that a Court of law is the only and proper venue to deal with such matters.  Accordingly, I must refrain from making any comments even though that is very difficult for me under the circumstances. Thank you to my fans for your continued support during this difficult time.”

So there you have it, he’s going to try in clear his name in court it seems. But as for the court of public opinion,we’re not sure if things are looking too good.

What do you think of his statement?

We’re Watching: Notable Black Leading Ladies on TV Dramas Past, Present and Future

April 16th, 2014 - By Deron Dalton
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via ABC

via ABC

Kerry Washington – “Scandal”

Washington has broken down barriers as the lead of “Scandal” — becoming the first black woman in nearly 40 years to lead her own TV drama on American network TV.  Now the popular series season three finale is upon us. And fans of the show are celebrating the end to another successful season with Washington playing gladiator Olivia Pope. Since the success of “Scandal,” more networks are producing dramas featuring black female leads. But the road to having successful shows featuring a black female lead hasn’t always been easy. MadameNoire compiled a list of notable black women who played lead roles on TV dramas from the struggling past to the blossoming present and future.

MN Exclusive: LeToya Luckett Talks “Single Ladies” Cancellation And Return And Folks Picking On Her BFF, Michelle Williams

April 15th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Freestyle Releasing

Luckett and Tom Felton in “From The Rough” – Freestyle Releasing

It’s always fun to talk to LeToya Luckett, and we chatted with the multi-talented beauty as she prepares for the release of her new film, From The Rough, with Taraji P. Henson and the late Michael Clarke Duncan. The film, which actually began production in 2010, will finally be released on April 25 after those behind it figured out things with distribution. But aside from getting the 411 on her new movie, which is a true story inspired by Cassandra Turner, the first female coach of a NCAA Division I men’s golf team, we talked about Luckett being a Scandal-head (aka, a Gladiator), her excitement about the return of Single Ladies and what she thinks about folks on Twitter picking on her good friend, Michelle Williams.

About On The Rough:

“It’s a phenomenal movie, and I’m so glad that it’s finally hitting theaters. I play a character by the name of Stacey, who is the love interest of Tom Felton’s character. I’m pretty sure you know him from Harry Potter. I think a lot of people, from his character in Harry Potter [Draco Malfoy], expect him to be this mean guy, but he’s so, so so sweet. But Tom is also one of the members of the golf team and Taraji P. Henson, she coaches the team. Basically, she was at this predominately African-American college and they decide to do a golf team, but they don’t want to put a large budget towards putting a team together and getting the players together. So she has to go international with it. So she goes to Australia, Japan, all over the world to pick her players. London, which is where she gets Tom’s character, and it just shows her struggle with developing the team. And then they were coming into this predominately black college, being from all over the world, and you know how we get down [laughs]. It’s a fun story, but it definitely sends you on this emotional roller coaster.”

Working With The Late Michael Clarke Duncan:

“He was like that uncle that you always wish you had. I learned a lot from watching him. He was so professional and so awesome at his craft. He was just an amazing spirit. And he would always be like, ‘You ever need anything, I got your back.’ Even though he had this huge presence, he had this soft teddy bear spirit. He was great to work with.”

Her Time Playing Felicia Price On “Single Ladies”:

“A lot of people think I’m this mean lady. I have people who come up to me, who didn’t know me as LeToya, and will be like, ‘Oh my God, how are you Miss Felicia? I don’t want to bother you, but can I get a picture?’ [laughs]. But it was such a great experience to play something so far from my personality.”

On Being Sad About The Show’s Cancellation And Happy About Its Return:

“Of course I was, especially since it had this huge following that I wasn’t even aware of. But they [fans] are serious about their Single Ladies. I’m glad to know, especially for the fans of the show, that it is coming back, moreso for them than for any of us. I’m just glad that they started a petition and all kinds of stuff. It’s because of them that it’s coming back. It’s very nice to see people passionate about something [laughs]. That’s what excited me. Got me all riled up like “YEAH!” [laughs] It’s beautiful for them, that they get to have their show back. Folks were going off for that show, honey.”

If She’ll Be Back Next Season:

“We shall see. I think that she was such a big personality on this season and I think that everybody loved to hate her. I’m pretty sure they’ll want to see what Felicia is up to for next season.”

Being A Scandal Lover:

“I still love it! I think they’ve done a wonderful job, especially with working around Kerry’s ‘wonderful moment’ that she has coming up soon if you know what I mean [laughs]. I’m happy with what they did with that, and how they’re kind of making the storyline work around other characters. They just have all these wow moments with the other characters and it’s giving them their time to shine. Instead of just being based on one thing or one storyline, and not to say that it has been like that, but I just love how it’s really helping to develop the other characters as well.”

What She Thinks Of People Picking On Her Friend, Michelle Williams, On Twitter:

“People are…[breathes deeply], especially in social media now…I didn’t know about the hashtag, but now I do and I’m like, ‘Wow. Gross.’ People have to realize that these are people’s feelings and Michelle is such a beautiful person. When people create stuff like that about other people, I kind of want to come and sit on somebody else’s desk while they’re at work and point out things about them. Or come to their front door and just say nasty things. I don’t understand how people think that’s okay. Do unto others as you want done to yourself. This is somebody’s daughter. This is somebody’s sister. You don’t do that to people. That’s not nice. You wouldn’t want it done to yourself. You don’t want people coming out poking and picking at your insecurities and your flaws. And I’m pretty sure half of the world wishes they could be in Destiny’s Child and have had the experiences that she had. Of course, if she was the one answering the question, she would be like, ‘Girl, I don’t care.’ But as her friend, I’m like ‘Uh uh, don’t you do it. Don’t you come for her.’ So I just wish some people would really take time before they click on that comment and start rambling about someone they do not know. Think about how you would feel if someone did that to you. And I think with social media, people feel like they can come right to your front door and spit in your face at times. I don’t think the Twitters of the world, Facebooks of the world, and Instagrams of the world were created for such disgusting moments like that. And I think we as people are turning it into that, and that’s not cool.”

LeToya always speaks the truth! Check out From The Rough when it hits theaters on April 25, and check out the trailer below:

“Scandal” Special Airing After Season Finale Thursday!

April 13th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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scandal countdown

This Thursday “Scandal” will, sadly, be coming to an end, but thanks to ABC we’ll get an extra dose of our favorite TV show when all is said and done. After the third season finale, a special, “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Behind The Scandalabra,” late night talk show episode will air at 11:35pm.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jimmy Kimmel will be grilling Shonda Rhimes during the special and asking her all of the burning questions we want to know like, again, what’s up with Harrison, why Millie won’t just tell Fitz about his dad raping her, and who’s really the evil Pope parent?

The episode will also feature special appearances, which we hope means a very pregnant Kerry Washington, as well as secret revelations from the “Scandal cast” — perhaps an explanation for all the spit swapping between Quinn and Huck? We’re also super excited about the never-before-seen “Scandal” blooper reel that will air as well as the full anthology of Jimmy Kimmel’s Spanish-language telenovela “Escandalo” which ended its run this week before we even got a chance to check it out. Thankfully, the series lives on on the web, so check out episode 4 below and tell us what questions you want Shonda Rhimes to answer Thursday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Behind The Scandalabra.”

Did Y’all See? Mellie’s Secret, Big Sean And Naya’s Split & Restraining Orders

April 12th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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In this week’s episode of Did Y’all See?, the MadameNoire editorial team discussed this week’s episode of “Scandal.” There was some discrepancy on whether the episode left us wanting more or wanting it to end. Either way, we argued whether or not Mellie should tell her secret and discussed Huck and Quinn’s steamy sex scene and the bomb threats.

And in celebrity news we talked about the Big Sean and Naya Rivera split. Some of us were surprised and others saw the writing on the wall. And what was up with Naya accusing him of stealing her Rolex?!

Lastly, this week Eva Marcille and Tiffney Cambridge both filed restraining orders against their boyfriends Kevin McCall and rapper The Game, respectively. We discuss the prevalence of domestic violence and whether or not we believe the accusation in the the video above. Take a look and be sure to sound off with your opinions on these stories in the comment section.


Doing The Most: 15 Of The Most Ridiculous Beyonce Rumors

April 10th, 2014 - By M A
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Beyonce Rumors

Michael Carpenter/

Beyonce is one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world so it comes as no surprise that she is also the subject of incredible speculation and some of Hollywood’s most ridiculous rumors. Though Queen Bey seems to take it all in stride, we couldn’t help but call out some of the most insane, off-the-wall and absolutely ludicrous whispers even a Beyhive hater wouldn’t believe. So without further adieu, her are the most ridiculous beyonce rumors to hit the web.

Did Y’all See? Jake Chokes Olivia And Yandy Frees Mendeecees

April 5th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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The work week wouldn’t be complete without a little scandal and we’ve found plenty by way of the ABC show of the same name. Thursday night Shonda had us thinking about characters we hadn’t seen in years, and showed us some even darker sides of characters we liked at one point like Jake and Mama Pope. We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling like Liv may want to join a dating service at this point because none of the men in her life are worth a darn.

In other news, Yandy freed her boo Mendeecees, for a reported $200,000, which got us thinking: could we stay with a man on the brink of doing hard time for more than 10 years? Bottom line: that’s a tricky question. But we’re talking about it and more in this episode of Did Y’all See. Weigh in and tell us what you think.

‘Scandal’ Adds A Peabody To Its Stack Of Awards

April 3rd, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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ABC/Ron Tom

ABC/Ron Tom

Scandal has been on an award winning streak. The popular series has won several NAACP Image Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. Now the Shonda Rhimes creation has taken home a Peabody Award.

Launched in 1940, the George Foster Peabody Awards honors outstanding work by radio and television stations, networks, online media, producing organizations, and individuals. The judging process is intense. Entries go under review starting in February by about 30 committees composed of University of Georgia faculty or staff members and selected students. Each committee gives its recommendations to the Peabody Board, a 16-member committee of scholars, critics and media-industry professionals. There are various meetings and in late March the Board meets at the University of Georgia for final screenings and judging. Awards must be unanimous.

There were other winners for the 73rd annual George Foster Peabody Awards, including Netflix’s habit-forming House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Key & Peele, and Orphan Black (which is excellent. If you haven’t watched it, get on that before the next season starts.).

There will be a record number of 46 Peabodys to be awarded on May 19 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Normally around 25 to 35 awards are given out each year.

Also honored were The Central Park Five (PBS), Latino Americans (PBS), The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross (PBS), and “The Race Card Project” (NPR’s Morning Edition).

Online award winners included the YouTube video “A Needed Response,” made by two University of Oregon students to encourage respect for women. And Pakistani animated series Burka Avenger, aimed at empowering girls.

“The quality of storytelling in electronic media continues to increase year-after-year, across platforms, producing organizations and nations,” Jeffrey P. Jones, director of the Peabody Awards, said in a statement. “The unprecedented number of awards we gave this year reflects this fact.”

“Don’t Make The Same Mistakes They Make, How ‘Bout That?” Taraji P. Henson Talks Olivia Pope, Mary Jane, And Spirituality In The Industry

April 2nd, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Taraji P. Henson Talks Empire

Taraji in character for Empire Source: Instagram

Taraji P. Henson may no longer star on “Person of Interest” but we can guarantee the film industry will be quite interested in her this year, as will audiences. Prepping for what could likely be the actress’s biggest year since her 2009 Academy Award nomination, Taraji chatted with us this morning about all the great things she has in the works, like becoming the new host of BET’s Celebration of Gospel and starring in Lee Daniels’ Fox pilot Empire. The 43-year-old also imparted her wisdom on maintaining a spiritual connection to God among all the distractions of Hollywood and she told us how she really feels about the criticisms of Black female characters on television. Check out the Q&A below:

Tell us about your new project Empire and your character, Cookie Lyon?

“Empire is like the Sopranos meets Dynasty, plus hip-hop. The empire is a record label and Lucious (Terrence Howard), who plays my husband, is about to take the company public so they stand to make a lot of money. My character and Lucious both sold drugs when they were really young and silly to start the record label so my character goes away, does 17 hard years, comes home and now that the company is about to make so much money, the crabs come out the barrel. What I love about it is we deal with a lot of heavy subject matters. It’s a Lee Daniels project and he’s not afraid to push the envelope so we deal with the taboo of being gay in the African American community because one of my sons is gay.”

How do you think audiences will react to the exploration of homosexuality in the Black community?

“I think audiences will enjoy it. Art is supposed to ruffle your feathers and make you think. It’s not supposed to be safe. It’s supposed to show you life’s ugly truths and that’s the only way you make a change. If nobody knows you can’t make a change. We didn’t really understand Boyz n the Hood until John (Singleton) made a movie about it. I never understood what gangs were until I saw colors. So you can’t change anything you don’t know about. I don’t judge any of it. I don’t judge any of my characters. I look at is as God gave me a talent to share with the world and I think art saves lives.”

This year we’ll see you in Empire, Think Like A Man Too, and From The Rough, how have you managed to stay working and on such diverse projects?

“God is good. What you’re about to witness is a perfect storm. It’s the perfect timing. I filmed From The Rough four or five years ago and back then I was like ‘It’s got to come out now’ and God was like I have a plan for you. Watch what I do. So now I have a film coming out in the spring, I have one coming out in the summer, and I also have one coming out in the fall with Idris Elba that’s a thriller and that was filmed two years ago.  Everything is coming together all at once.”

How’d you feel when you were asked to host Celebration of Gospel?

“I almost dropped the phone. I know the history of that. They’re trusting me with something that’s been around. Celebration of Gospel, that’s 14 years strong. It’s not new, but I think it’s a great marriage because a lot of the people who watch that show follow me so I was honored to do that.

“I’m very spiritual. I believe in God.  I don’t do anything without praying first and listening to God’s voice. I do go to church. Church is in me. When you’re a God-fearing person, you recognize someone who has God in their heart. So I needed that at that moment. Just as I was about to go off and do all of these things, I had to host that show and it just gave me the spiritual soundness that I needed to stay grounded and focused. Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe it.”

How do you maintain spiritually grounded with so many distractions in the industry?

“I can truly see the snakes in the grass and I know that devil when I see him. When something’s not right I can feel it and it’s a lot of that in the industry. People who are trying to be your friend because of what — for shallow reasons. You don’t even know if I’m a cool person. You saw me in a movie and you want to be my friend.

“It’s an industry that’s very narcissistic, people are just out for self and I catch myself doing it. I’m human. We’re all beautifully flawed and so I catch myself and I check that girl. Check it. But the only way you can do that is if you don’t have a bunch of hanger-oners. I travel very light. I don’t have security. All that is probably about to change soon, but I wouldn’t have it every day. I’m not stupid; I don’t like to leave myself vulnerable because it’s a lot of crazy people out there and if they know you move a certain way you’re setting yourself up to be a target.”

How do you feel about the criticisms of Olivia Pope, Mary Jane, and Black women in general on television?

“Oh they’re gonna get me! ‘Why she gotta be comin’ out of jail! Why did she sell drugs?’ But you know what, at the end of the day did they complain when Charlize Theron played Monster? Did they complain when Julia Roberts played a prostitute? And the argument to that is they have more roles, but those same roles get nominated for an Oscar.

“I understand the need for more positive, roles but at the end of the day Olivia Pope is fierce. So what she has a flaw! She’s human! Stop trying to make everything so perfect! Look at the lives she saves and the people she keeps from getting in trouble. So what she’s messing around a little bit. Yes it’s the president; yes it’s tampering with the security of the United States (laughs) but it’s TV! Everything is to the tenth degree. At least she’s not a prostitute on the street corner.

“Being Mary Jane, that lady has her issues, but what woman doesn’t? What person doesn’t? At the core of it all, she’s a good person. She’s just trying to find love. Sh*t! Stop being so judgemental! Don’t make the same mistakes they make, how ‘bout that? Keep it moving. When you see my character, don’t sell drugs, how ‘bout that? Then you won’t go to jail for 17 years and be in a dysfunctional family. How ‘bout that? Take it for what it is. It’s TV. And yes we could use a doctor or a lawyer with a Black person in the lead, but we have Omar Epps who is doing Resurrection and we’re getting ready to see a lot of color on television. Times are changing.”

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