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Kiss Kiss! MAC Ruby Woo Red Lipstick Is America’s Best Selling Lipcolor

August 13th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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I must admit, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is my go-to lip color. When in doubt, I put it on. And the confidence the right red can instill in a women is amazing. It seems I am not the only one who feels this way. MAC’s Ruby Woo ($16) is America’s favorite. According to a new study by the NPD Group, MAC’s velvety red matte formula was the country’s best-selling shade of 2013.

Last year Americans spent $377 million on lipstick. In fact, lipstick sales reflect the state of the economy. “If you’re tracking the economy, start tracking women’s lips. If they’re red, plump and glossy, then you know that the economy is heading into a recession,” reports Town Hall. It was Estée Lauder chairman emeritus Leonard Lauder who first came up with the “lipstick index” to describe the spike in cosmetic sales he saw during hard economic times.

And even in hard times, women still love to buy MAC Ruby Woo, which first debuted in 1999 as part of collection with a new formula called Retro Matte, reports Yahoo. Basically, it is a mattified version of MAC’s popular Russian Red. “It immediately rose to success as the best red on the market,” says Jennifer Balbier, senior VP of global product development at MAC. “It is iconic! We sell millions of units a year. We call Ruby Woo the perfect sexy red from the runway to you.”

Women globally seem to love the color as well as such celebrities like Dita von Teese and Scarlett Johansson. Rihanna liked it so much it inspired her to do her own. “Rihanna loved Ruby Woo and wanted to work off that shade with a few tweaks to make her own personalized limited edition shade, Riri Woo,” says Balbier. And when RiRi Woo was introduced it sold out within minutes.

But while women worldwide like Ruby Woo, it wasn’t the top seller everywhere. According to the same NPD study, Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge 06 Rose Nu came in first in the UK and Chanel Rouge Allure 104 Passion was tops in Spain. Dior Rouge Dior 999 beat all other lipstick shades in France and Italy.

Separately but related, there’s this news above that we’re just seeing. Excited?

Move Over Ruby Woo: Rihanna Inks Parternship With MAC Cosmetics, Dropping “RiRi Woo” And More

February 20th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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By John Aquino

By John Aquino

Well isn’t Rihanna just delving into a little bit of everything these days? When she’s not doing the music thing, she’s trying to act, when she’s not acting, she’s collaborating on fashions with River Island (whether critics like it or not), and when she’s not doing that, she’s partnering with MAC cosmetics. Where did MY life go wrong??

Just kidding!

Anywho, according to Women’s Wear Daily, the Bajan singer and the famed makeup retailer have teamed up to create a variety of color collections, including her own take on the famed red Ruby Woo color, a personal favorite of hers, calling it “RiRi Woo.” What will RiRi Woo be like? “She wanted RiRi Woo to be slightly more blue-red and retro matte — a matte with moisturizer finish we’d used in a collection years ago and currently only have in one product, “says Jennifer Balbier, senior VP of global product development for the brand. “She was especially adamant that the color be suitable for every skin tone.”

She told WWD that she’s been riding for MAC for so long, it only made sense to put her own stamp on their products. “When you think of makeup, the brand that pops into your mind — for something legit — is MAC. Whatever color you want, it’s like ‘Let’s go to MAC.’ I’ve been using MAC on tour for such a long time it was a natural fit for me. I have always loved makeup, and I always said that if I do it, I want to do it with a credible brand.”

And while MAC is known for teaming up with celebs, including Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper and Elton John for its Viva Glam products, John Demsey, the president of MAC’s parent company, Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., tells WWD that they want to make this a lasting partnership, so homegirl’s contributions won’t be temporary. They’ll be working with her on “four distinct color initiatives,” AKA, four different collections.

“These four collections are like four tracks on a Rihanna compilation. Each one has its own vibe, look, special makeup packaging and flavor. This is really the convergence of pop culture, fast fashion, and iconic style and makeup.”

If you’re a big fan of Rihanna and will be in Brooklyn during her Diamonds tour stops on May 4 and 5 at the Barclays Center, according to WWD, MAC will be doing a pop-up shop to sell her new collection, including the RiRi Woo. If you’re not there, you can catch all of her products in a MAC store later this year.

Hmmm, I might be hellas of late, but I guess it’s safe to say that her CoverGirl status is dead? Oh well, this collaboration is definitely an upgrade either way.