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Guess Which Singer’s Adorable Son Just Attended His High School Prom

May 26th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Lauryn Hill's Son


When her acclaimed album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill  was released in 1998, many of us found ourselves belting out the lyrics to Miss Hill’s iconic song, “To Zion,” at the top of our lungs.

Seventeen years later, the muse behind the song is all grown up. In fact, Zion Marley just recently went to prom with his girlfriend, Kristen Richardson, and his famous family shared the moments on Instagram (photos below). They are adorable!


A photo posted by selah (@selahmarley) on

The teen will turn 18 in August and there is no word yet on what college he will attend in the fall. His older sister, Rohan Marley’s daughter, Eden graduated with honors from St. John’s University this month.

Congratulations to the Marley children!

Rohan Marley Talks Failure & Revival In Starting Marley Coffee Business

September 22nd, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Rohan Marley Talks Failure


The Marley family is critically acclaimed in the music industry because of their patriarch, Bob Marley. But since his untimely death, his family has picked up the baton in music and elsewhere.

Now Bob’s sixth child, Rohan Marley is taking the family name to new heights in the coffee industry. After receiving his share of his father’s royalties at the age of 27, Marley traveled to Jamaica to look at property that was for sale. Once he saw how fertile the land is, Marley made a purchase and decided to enter the coffee business.

After becoming certified and licensed in the business, Marely gave it up once a roaster told him his coffee was bad. Afterward, Marely helped his sister start a clothing company that unfortunately failed. Once it shut down he traveled to Ethiopia and observed Starbucks’ method for manufacturing coffee that there and neighboring countries. In a featured interview by Fast Coexist, Rohan shared: “I’m like, wait a minute, Starbucks is sourcing coffee from all over the world–why do I have to stick to my country Jamaica when Jamaican coffee is so expensive? We’re not trying to just appeal to a niche market.”

Because of this, Rohan rekindled his business in Jamaica and his land began to produce high-quality Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. In 2009, Jammin Java backed Marley Coffee to become a distributor. Last year, the company began to sell high-end coffee products that have signature names such as: One Love, Lively Up!, and Get Up, Stand Up. The Marley coffee brand also sells ground coffee and single-serve cups. Currently, Marley Coffee produces coffee from the 52 acres that he originally purchased in Jamaica along with Ethiopia and other countries.

With future plans of expanding the brand into single-cup spaces, you may see Marley Coffee in high end hotels as well.

Below is a video of Marley’s journey and read his entire interview, here.

You’ll Never Guess Whose Cute Kid This Is…

July 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Lauryn Hill's son and Rohan


This young man is Zion Marley, Lauryn Hill’s son with Rohan Marley. If you’ll recall, on her iconic album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, L-Boogie wrote a song for her first-born called “To Zion.” In it, she talked about the worries she had and the pressure put on her by industry folks when she became pregnant, and the joy she felt after Zion came into the world. Hill also said that her pregnancy helped her come out of writer’s block, so we have Zion to thank for that classic album! But that was back in 1998 (the year the album was released). Zion Marley is now 16 (and will turn 17 next month) and looks exactly like his father and his grandfather, Bob Marley. Zion recently traveled to Brazil with his father for the World Cup, and Rohan shared those images on his social media. You can check those out, as well as more images of Lauryn’s oldest child, below and on the next page.

Stir It Up! Marley Beverage Company Introduces New Jamaican Ice Coffee

September 19th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Image Source:

Image Source:



From Black Enterprise 

Bob Marley’s music and message of peace, love and unity inspires generations. With those same core values in mind, his family created Marley Beverage Company, makers of a wide range of healthy, natural drinks.

Today, Marley Beverage Company announced the launch of Marley’s One Dropa premium ready-to-drink iced coffee made with Jamaican Coffee. Marley’s One Drop is available in three flavors – Original Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla Light. The suggested retail price for one 11 oz. can is $1.99.

“Jamaican coffee is considered by many to be the world’s finest,” said Rohan Marley, coffee expert, businessman and son of reggae legend Bob Marley. “Our father was a farmer and an entrepreneur as well as a musician, and we’re pleased to deliver the fine taste of Jamaican coffee and our family’s heritage to people everywhere through Marley’s One Drop.”

Read more at 

Cee Lo Says That He Wanted To Marry Good Friend Lauryn Hill Back In The Day

September 11th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Cee Lo


In the year 2013, Lauryn Hill is an umarried mother of six children, and currently serving time in prison for tax evasion. But years ago, she was one of the biggest stars on the planet. And along with the success and money she garnered, she made some very famous friends, including Cee Lo Green. He was still a member of Goodie Mob around the time Hill was making major moves, and after meeting her and forming a friendship with the former Fugees singer, Cee Lo says he fell in love with Hill.

In his new memoir, Everybody’s Brother, the singer opens up about his criminal past, including holding people up by gunpoint, losing his father, and having low self-esteem for many years. According to the Daily Mail, he also opens up about Hill and his love for her in the past. In the book he says that he met the singer right before he met his now ex-wife, Christina Johnson. He wanted to marry her as he felt she was made “just for me.” It’s not clear if Hill actually felt anything for Green or if he even told her about his feelings, but in the end, he married Johnson, and after her torrid relationship with Wyclef Jean, Hill started a family with Rohan Marley.

But when speaking of their bond, Green says in his memoir that even though their love connection didn’t happen, “…we still got to have a great friendship that ended up making a big difference in my life.” They had a tight friendship and the two even did a song together with Carlos Santana called “Do You Like The Way” in 1999, which Hill produced. I couldn’t see these two making a love connection happen, but it’s definitely interesting to hear that he wanted to be more than “just friends.”

Could you see it? 

Things Just Got Really Real: Lauryn Hill Reports To Federal Prison To Begin Her 3-Month Sentence For Tax Evasion

July 8th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Paul Smith/ WENN

Paul Smith/ WENN

As reported by TMZ, Lauryn Hill, 38, has checked herself into to a federal prison in Connecticut to begin her three month sentence for tax evasion today. The rapper, singer and mother of six went in this morning to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, which is reportedly a minimum security prison. While most celebrities are often placed in isolation in order to not be possibly targeted by other prisoners, Hill will be housed in a “barracks” type of housing with the general population.

In the months leading up to this sentence, Hill has performed in concert and been very vocal in open letters on her blog about racism (and the idea of reverse racism not being possible), her beef with the IRS, slavery, and her case as a whole. I guess you could say, she is going down swinging, exposing society (or “Neurotic Society”) for its bull. As for those six children she has, Rohan Marley has said that he’ll step up and be there for them while Hill does her time (just as a reminder, the sixth child, a son, is not his). Once she completes three months in prison (unless she’s released early for good behavior, or any of the other reasons celebrities are pulled out of jail quickly), she’s also set to do three months of house arrest after the fact, and a year of probation.

Not too sure what else can be said about this sad situation. If someone would have told me circa 1999 that Lauryn Hill would someday be in federal prison for anything, I would have told them they were full of it. But alas, such is the case, and for failure to pay taxes of all things. And to be put with the general population!? I’m praying for Hill and her children at this time. As always, hopefully other celebrities will take the proper steps to pay their taxes so that an outcome like this doesn’t have to reoccur over and over again because clearly the IRS is not playing around when it comes to famous folks of color and paying what they owe.

Rohan Marley Vows To Step Up And Take Care Of Children While Lauryn Hill Serves 3-Month Prison Sentence

May 13th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Last week when we reported that Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in prison, despite the fact that she paid off her tax debt, some expressed concern about what would become of her six children, whose ages range from 1 – 15, while she serves her three-month stint.

Rohan Marley, who fathers five of Hill’s children told TMZ that although he is already very active in his children’s lives, he plans to step it up a notch and help out with his children as much as he possibly can while their mom serves out her prison sentence.

“I will be there even more while she is dealing with this … to make sure that everything is fine,” Marley said.

Rohan and Lauryn dated for thirteen years. The pair called it quits back in 2009. Sources tell TMZ that both Rohan and Lauryn agreed that the children will primarily stay with family and Rohan will support those family members in caring for the children. As previously reported, Lauryn has been ordered to turn herself in and begin her three-month sentence on July 8th.

Although this appears to be a very challenging situation, it’s great to see that Lauryn and Rohan are working together to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible for their children, who will more than likely feel much of the impact of their mom’s prison sentence.

And When He Get On, He’ll Leave Your A**: Men Who Left Their “Ride Or Die” Chicks When They Made It REALLY Big

November 14th, 2012 - By IndigoBlack
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Fame can be a good and bad thing. It can be good for the man who gets it, and bad for the woman who stands by his side through it all. While some women have been lucky to have their men stay committed to them as the spotlight gets brighter (think LeBron James and Savannah Brinson), others get distracted by all the good looking chicks throwing themselves at them and eff up. And when that happens, they leave their “ride or dies” for something that seems better. Well, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side (and hey, sometimes it actually is). Check out these 10 fellas who got on and left their longtime loves for one reason or another (including another chick who caught their eye).

Chris Bosh Leaves Allison Mathis, Marries Adrienne Williams

Just as a heads up, know that you’re going to see many a basketball player on this list. It seems they can’t hold it together when the money comes and the thirsty chicks step up. Anywho, Bosh was in a relationship with girlfriend Allison Mathis way back when he was playing for the Toronto Raptors and struggling to get some wins. They met in 2005 and according to the Toronto Star, she was a mainstay at his games for many seasons after that. But by 2008, she got pregnant and things fell apart. There were claims that he wasn’t taking care of his daughter, Trinity, and things got ugly. But luckily, after paternity cleared up, he started supporting his little girl. While he and Allison couldn’t make it last, Bosh found love soon after with his current wife, Adrienne Bosh, and the two married in 2011, giving birth to their son, Jackson, earlier this year. Speaking of marriage, in an interview with VIBE, Allison says they were supposed to make it to the altar first, but sadly, it didn’t happen.

“We talked about it; we actually got fitted for rings and everything. We talked about the different designs and everything so it was definitely in the plans. He, of course, told my mother and assured my mother, because my mother was very kind of against us having a baby before marriage. But he assured her; he told his mother and father, so a lot of my family and I were aware that it was going to happen and it just did not.”

The Miseducation ABOUT Lauryn Hill: An Open Letter To L Boogie, And Why We Owe Her An Apology

September 25th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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By Nikki Coco

Writing this piece locks me into a time machine and positions me dead in the center amid beat boxers, feisty Ritas, extension braids, the after-school crew and rebels…some with a cause – others for no good reason at all. You were me and I was you. I used to love it when my friends referred to me as Lauryn Hill; I still do.

In your typecast role as Rita in Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit, that was the first time I had ever seen a chick screw up her face as hard as I had as an equally rough around the edges, obstinate and head strong hormonal teenager. Admittedly, I do not believe for one second that your role in the film was a far stretch from the real Lauryn – just sayin’. We both grew up with a strict-as-hell mother, who worked hard to pay the bills. For years to come the film would remain highly favored in my Siskel and Ebert-esque ranks. I remember so well when you came and graced Toronto’s Much Music stage by performing hits off of your debut solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. You signed the back of a photo that I keep safely stashed away in an album in a Rubbermaid container in my room. It was summertime; Toronto was really feeling you, or so it seemed.

Years passed following your debut album and subsequent sophomore MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 release. By then, some had noticed that L. Boogie was on a different “tip” (as we Torontonians say) than you had been since your appearance onto the music scene both as part of the dynamic trio The Fugees, and later as a soloist. Many had noticed that L. Boogie was on a no-holds-bar path; yet and still, I held your lyrical content and overall skill and ability with high esteem. Indeed you had changed. Some blamed your ex-partner Rohan, others blamed Wyclef. I am not sure that we will ever know what prompted your sudden shift in demeanor; I do however suspect that it had much-a-do with the media bombardment that you had received as it regarded your relationship, your choosing to birth a son at such a crucial stage in your career, as you articulated ever so affectionately in the tune whose title was borrowed from his namesake – “Zion.”

For years you were largely removed from the public eye, yet thoughts of Ms. Hill – as you had since opted to be called – permeated through the reins of popular culture forums. Having birthed four additional children with Marley well into the late 2000s (and another without Marley), we saw you again retreat from showbiz. You made somewhat of a comeback by appearing annually as part of the celebrated hip-hop concert “Rock the Bells” line-up, as well as gracing other concert stages.

In January 2011, after a heckuva long hiatus you returned to perform in Toronto. Fans had waited for over a decade for you to return to our beloved city. Though they had been eager to see you, all the while throughout the industry’s pipeline they had heard the not so great murmurs about you: “She never shows up on time,” “She’s gone mad,” “She hasn’t come out with a new album in years, what’s she gonna perform?” All in all, that particular performance received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, with the commentary leaning on the side of lacklustre and enraged emotions due to your tardiness. As much as I had wanted to go, I didn’t actually make it to that show. With all the raucous that had been made through the grapevine, I was kind of glad that I didn’t. I wanted to ride or die for Lauryn but with all the bad press, somehow I started to realize that I couldn’t.

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago when news of your return to Toronto once more hit the air waves, Twitter feeds, and other media sites. This time, I–like many others–did not want to go. The negativity and bad reviews had gotten the best of me. Luckily, my sister insisted on buying tickets for the show; let’s just say I’m glad she did. After having seen you perform live for a second time, I can honestly remark that you are a lyrical and musical genius beyond describable words, connecting so well with the crowd, while also keeping it real with us, and is also stunningly beautiful live in the flesh. All this talk about you having old songs was completely thrown out the window because as far as I’m concerned, you did things to old songs that I didn’t know could even be done. Case closed.

This leads me to believe that what we needed to have been feeling for you all along was the compassion that seems to be the missing component in a lot of interrogations of celebrities. Shoot, you’re human too. You have been demonized in epic ways (especially by your former lovers and fans) as if you owe us something. You don’t owe us an album; you don’t owe us your time, and you sure as heck don’t owe us an apology. I reckon what makes celebrities have the tendency to breakdown and/or resort to a life of drugs and alcohol is the immense pressure that they tend to receive from the general public. I mean, thank goodness you haven’t taken that path but, even though you haven’t done anything of the sort, you’ve been branded as this lunatic of a human being for having cut your hair off, given birth to six children and for singing about politics, religion and Paul Bogle. What part of the game is that?

In a world that is so caught up on “keeping up appearances” and towing the line, you my dear have chosen to march to the beat of your own drum. How real. In a world where black mothers have been constantly deemed unfit, erratic and unnurturing, you have chosen to put your children first and it showed at the concert this past Saturday when you brought your son Joshua out on stage to recite his own rap, and when you gently kissed him on the forehead before he walked off stage. Yes, L – at that point it all became so clear to me – you are in fact a human being. Your departure from the frontlines has nothing to do with us and everything to do with you and your family, and rightly so. As a mother, I understand all too well the reason as to why you would want to protect your children from the harsh realities of this world.

Much love,


P.S., – you were right, all along we had been miseducated about you.

Nikki is a Toronto-based writer, whose musings cover a wide range of topics incuding but, not limited to: politics, love, education and cultural criticism. You can follow her on Twitter @artculturemusic.

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Rohan’s Not Having It With Wyclef: “He Knew From Jump That Was My Son”

September 24th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: WENN/Fayes Vision

While everyone has been throwing shade at Wyclef over his new memoir “Purpose” and wondering how Lauryn Hill and her son Zion will react to Clef’s allegation that he initially thought he was the Zions father, no one has even considered how Rohan, Zion’s actual father, might feel about all this. Well, leave it to TMZ to get the exclusive from the son of reggae legend Bob Marley who essentially says Wyclef is on one.

“[He] knew from jump that was my son from the day [Lauryn] was pregnant,” Rohan told the site.

Though he may need to take off the rose colored glasses on this point, Rohan doesn’t even think Lauryn and Wyclef were messing around at the same time that he was involved with the “miseducated” singer. From his view:

“They were definitely not messing around, or he would never have given me the okay.”

That would be kind of messed up for Wyclef to tell Rohan to date Lauryn if he was still sleeping with her, but considering Wyclef was cheating on his wife at the same time, we can’t expect too much from him. As far as Rohan is concerned,  Wyclef is “just saying false things to get book headlines.” Wyclef on the other hand is sticking to his story, telling TMZ:

“There is no way that I would have shown up in the hospital in that circumstance to wait for a baby to be born if it was not mine. The idea of a memoir is to tell the truth. I know that often the truth hurts, but a lie hurts even more.”

Um, so does that mean Rohan wasn’t at the hospital when Zion was born? This whole situation is getting a little too twisted.

Whose story do you believe?

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