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“All Of Us Have Been Touched By 106 & Park”: Countdown Show Saying Goodbye To TV After 14 Years, Moving Online

November 14th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Ivan Nikolov/

Ivan Nikolov/

After 14 years on television, “106 & Park,” is calling it a day. Well, they’re calling it a day on television at least.

According to, the show’s final episode will air on December 19, and after that, it will transition from cable to online. Stephen G. Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials for BET, had this to say about the show ending:

AJ accepting Janet Jackson’s challenge to…dance. Bow Wow laying that kiss on Tyra Banks (or was it the other way around?). Free crawling around the set LIKE Catwoman WITH Catwoman Halle Berry. Julissa’s taking over Halloween as “Wonder Woman.” Keshia brilliantly bonding with First Lady Michelle Obama. Paigion flying around the world with Rihanna on a 777. Rocsi salsa dancing with Victor Cruz and putting him to shame. Shorty and Ms. Mykie’s killer rap, “The History of Justin Timberlake,” visably [sic] thrilling JT himself. Terrence beatboxing while Jamie Foxx rhymed. Tigger making Tom Cruise do the of-the-moment “motorcycle dance.”

We all have our favorite moments from the show that has put youth culture on television daily since the first year of this century. We have pride in being involved with the show that has welcomed almost every movie star, music superstar and fresh-faced talent you can name (you can even throw in a first lady). We’ve all laughed with and been entertained by the young men and women hosts that have charmed us at 6 p.m. (and more recently 5 p.m.) each weekday.

All of us have been touched by 106 & Park. 

Now it’s time for 106 & Park, as a daily TV entity, to take a bow and exit.

It’s been a great 14-year run as America’s top music/variety show on cable. And now that very valuable brand is going to take its talents to the digital realm. The interactive brand you helped build, 106 & Park, is alive and well…and it’s moving to the space in which our audience NOW interacts with music the most: online. It’ll be very exciting to connect with the millions of people that are already engaged with 106 & Park and other BET digital and social media entities and bring content that will further evolve the 106 & Park brand — and enhance the overall BET Networks brand. As we transition to the digital space, we look to continue 106 & Park’s role as both a leader of and a mirror to youth culture. We’ll have more information to share about how that is to roll out very soon.

And 106 & Park will still have specials on BET. What’s a New Year’s Eve without 106 & Party? 106 & Park Presents: 106 & Party will be on-air to take our viewers into the beginning of the second half of this decade in a big way. And when it’s time for the BET Awards to come around, you can be sure that 106 & Park Presents: Live, Red and Ready will be ushering you into the show and that 106 & Park will be an integral part of the BET Experience.

I’m not trying to minimize it; this is a very big change. We thank all the people who have worked on the show over the years; the talented hosts, the hard-working staff, production crews and all the incredible guests we’ve had. Most of all, we’d like to humbly thank the “livest audience,” both in studio and at home, who fueled this landmark TV show from the very beginning. Meet you in the digital domain.

“106 & Park” has been one of BET’s highest rated shows since it first debuted in 2000, and it has had quite a few hosts over the years. Free and AJ Calloway kicked things off from 2000-2005 and were fan favorites. When they left and the network was looking for new hosts, in the interim, Big Tigger and Julissa Bermudez hosted from 2005-2006. Rocsi Diaz and Terrence Jenkins hosted from 2006-2012, and after that, I think we can all admit that things went a little left.

The network tried to have four different hosts at one time, including Bow Wow, Shorty da Prince, Paigion and Miss Mykie for a few months from 2012-2013. When they were shown the door, Angela Simmons became co-host with Bow Wow for a short time. Eventually, Bow Wow and Keshia Chante became the new, and last hosts of the program.

“106 & Park” has definitely had a good run, but with YouTube, it really doesn’t make much sense for a video countdown show to be on anymore. “Total Request Live” got the hint in 2008.

Will you miss the show? What fond memories do you have of it?

It’s Official: Rocsi Diaz Is Leaving “Entertainment Tonight”

September 23rd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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 Rocsi Diaz Is Leaving "Entertainment Tonight"


For the past couple of weeks, there have been rumors swirling that “Entertainment Tonight” was letting go of Rocsi Diaz.

Well, there is some truth to that story.

After two years, serving as the network’s weekend co-host and daily correspondent, Diaz is expected to leave in January.

A representative told Deadline:

“As both Rocsi and ET have grown and evolved over the years, she has elected to pursue hosting opportunities that are available to her at the start of next year. Until then, she will continue to bring her usual brand of Rocsi-style entertainment interviews to ET.” 

That last sentence explains why she was Instagramming pictures of herself on the ET set. 

According to other sources, this evolution they’re talking about might have more to do with an increased emphasis on news content that might not be the best fit for Diaz. The rumors about CNN entertainment correspondent, Nischelle Turner, coming aboard the ET team are also true and she will start next month.

Entertainment Tonight focusing on news, eh?

It’ll be interesting to see where Rocsi lands after this. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Rocsi Diaz Responds To Reports That She Was Fired From Her Gig At “Entertainment Tonight”

September 17th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Image Source:

Image Source:

There were reports circulating earlier this week that Rocsi Diaz had lost her job at “Entertainment Tonight,” which she’s had since 2013. According to those reports, Diaz had been fired and replaced with “Showbiz Tonight” correspondent Nischelle Turner.

Diaz didn’t responded directly by saying yes or no to such reports or rumors, but she did put a temporary sock in them by posting and reposting some images of herself on the set of “Entertainment Tonight.” They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words!


She posted the above picture of herself with hosts Nancy O’Dell and Kevin Frazier, as well as fellow correspondent Brooke Anderson on Instagram as the rumors circulated. She captioned it “Tonight we talk Beyonce Joan Rivers and more @etonline”

ET posted the same photo on their Twitter page (which Diaz retweeted on the social network) and captioned it “A break between takes to tweet hello from @NancyOdell @KevinFrazier @rocsidiaz & @BrookeAnderson #ETnow”

Now, according to The Wrap, Turner is still heading to the ET table, but they didn’t make clear whether or not she was going to sit alongside Diaz or take her gig. But according to Diaz’s social media accounts, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Diaz joined “Entertainment Tonight” after six years as co-host of “106 & Park” and has been doing big things ever since.


Mmmkay: Rocsi Says Torrei Hart’s Moved On From Kevin

May 29th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Last week OK! magazine held its annual “So Sexy” event in Los Angeles, toasting Hollywood’s sexiest celebrities of 2014 and thankfully we were on the carpet to catch all of Tinseltown’s finest in action. One sexy lady we came across was Entertainment Tonight host Rocsi Diaz whom we had to ask about her explosive interview with Torrei Hart. Claiming that the women of “Atlanta Exes” are trying to get away from being identified by their former partners, Rocsi says not only has Kevin Moved on from his previous marriage, but so has Torrei. Mmmkay. We also caught up with Tami Roman who, shockingly, is getting ready to star in a new television series alongside Halle Berry and is more than excited to be doing this type of entertainment, as opposed to acting a fool on reality TV. Check out what both ladies had to say in the video above and discuss in the comments below. Would you agree that Torrei Hart’s moved on?

Style To Steal, Or Girl Stop: The Best And Worst Looks From The 2014 Billboard Music Awards

May 18th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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While this year’s Billboard Music Awards have been quite uneventful (sorry, it has been kind of dull aside from the MJ hologram performance), we always enjoy tuning into these events for the sake of checking out who was wearing what. Black seemed to be the big color of the night (even if black performers were slim to none), but there were some colorful and just flat out head-scratch worthy looks from a few folks. Let’s discuss the looks of the night from a few of our favorite people.



Nicki Minaj

From head to toe, a toned down Minaj (and we’re loving these more natural looks she has embraced) was dressed in all black. Rocking an Alexander McQueen gown with a few risky cut-outs and a flash of underboob for the Barbs and Ken dolls, it was definitely an interesting look. I’m not crazy about it, but homegirl looks good! Steal!

“I Look Like The Bad Guy Right Now”: August Alsina Says 106 & Park “Played” Him, Speaks On His Behavior

April 21st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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August and Sway

Last week we told you about the very awkward moment that took place on 106 & Park between singer August Alsina and co-host Keshia Chante. When Chante tried to ask Alsina a question about squashing his beef with Trey Songz, he didn’t appreciate it. Alsina claimed that he told someone at the show beforehand that he didn’t want to speak on the topic, so when he was asked anyway, he said this:

“So you just go against the grain, and go against everything that I just…I just told y’all not to ask me that s**t when I got up in here.”

Reaction to his response was mixed, with some thinking he behaved quite poorly, while others thought that it wasn’t a big deal, and that if he told people at the show he didn’t want to talk about it, they never should have asked him the question. But one person very bothered by his choice to curse on the show and embarrass Chante was former 106 & Park co-host, Rocsi Diaz. She took to Twitter to call Alsina out:

“Let me go on record and say Keshia Chante did her job as a journalist. Any other Radio or TV personality or blogger would have asked to.”

“2 even applaud how she was responded 2 is what’s wrong with our generation 2day. Also that language on @106andpark its not even necessary”

But since that whole thing happened, what does Alsina have to say? In an interview at Sway in the Morning late last week, he said that he basically was “played” by those at the show, and didn’t appreciate being made to look like the bad guy:

“I was played, man.

Here’s the thing, I look like the bad guy right now because of how I’ve been portrayed. Really, people don’t know.

First of all, let me say, I ain’t no b**ch, I ain’t no ho, I ain’t no pu**y, I ain’t no pushover–none of the above, so don’t play with me. Don’t lead me to believe something that it’s not. If you tell me we ain’t gon’ talk about this because I ask you–it’s different if…you lied right to my face! So don’t blindside me. So it’s like all of us [points to people in studio], we going to war with in this muthaf**ka with each other. We all on the same squad. And then as soon as we get out there and start bussin’ at ni**as, ya’ll just start shooting at me! So you gotta be prepared for me to bust back at you if you don’t kill me! And that’s what it is. I was played.

Me and Stephen Hill, shout out to Stephen Hill over at BET–we had a real conversation and it’s love, but I don’t like the way I’ve been portrayed because I’m not a bad ni**a. What’s exhausting is for me to try and show you that I’m a good guy when I know who I am. It’s too exhausting, but I was played. If anybody feel like I disrespected her or whatever, it’s like, okay, cool, well f**k you too! Straight up! And that’s just what it is.”

I couldn’t have said it more eloquently.

What do you think of Alsina’s response to how he was treated at 106 & Park, and how he reacted to it on live television? 

Check out the interview, with the 106 & Park incident being spoken about at the 9:00 mark:

“I Just Told Y’all Not To Ask Me That Sh*t”: August Alsina Curses At 106 & Park Host, Rocsi Diaz Comes To Her Defense

April 16th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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On 106 & Park last night, singer August Alsina (whom we just had an interesting interview with) was the guest, promoting his new album, Testimony. While doing so, he was asked about his issues with Trey Songz, something we also asked him, but I guess at that point he was sick and tired of talking about it. Alsina claimed that he told the hosts at 106 & Park not to ask him about his issues with Trey before the interview, but when co-host Keshia Chante did anyway, he calmly cursed at her:

Chante: “Is there any chance that two talented brothers will bury the hatchet?”

Alsina: “So you just go against the grain, and go against everything that I just…I just told y’all not to ask me that s**t when I got up in here.”

Things got tense after that.

Chante: “Fair enough. I think the girls wanna know. And you’ve spoken to–

Alsina: “Testimony coming out, baby. Album in stores.”

Chante: “You’ve spoken on radio stations and blogs and you’re on the show and fans want to know. So I’m just asking you what fans want to know. That’s it. If you don’t want to answer that’s fine.”

Alsina: “I won’t.”

Chante: “All right, we move on.”

After that, Chante was quite peeved by being cursed at on live television, as anyone would be. So by the time he introduced his new video a minute or two later, she walked off the stage.

So who was in the wrong in this situation? The feedback has been mixed. But former 106 & Park co-host Rocsi Diaz, who now works for Entertainment Tonight, has spoken out, defending Chante and saying Alsina’s behavior was unnecessary on Twitter. Forgive the grammar issues, Twitter does only provide you with 140 characters…

“Let me go on record and say Keshia Chante did her job as a journalist. Any other Radio or TV personality or blogger would have asked to.”

“2 even applaud how she was responded 2 is what’s wrong with our generation 2day. Also that language on @106andpark its not even necessary”

“She Be applauded for asking the hard question not being shut down”

And when someone tried to say that she used to get cursed out by celebrities on the show too, Rosci shut that down, saying:

“SWEET HEART NEVER ON MY WATCH AND @TerrenceJ wouldn’t let it happen”

What’s your excuse Bow Wow? Just kidding…but not really.

I think Alsina has every right not to answer questions he’s not comfortable with (more celebrities need to do it actually), but to curse at the young woman? Not a good look in my opinion, especially as a new artist, and especially when you consider the fact that Alsina was the one who brought his issues with Trey Songz to light in the media. Once you bring it up, people are going to want to talk about it. In response, just say, “no comment,” and better yet, have your publicist send a memo in advance so things like this don’t happen. I agree that this new generation of young people can be too comfortable talking to people any kind of way these days, and it’s quite ridiculous, especially when you’re talking crazy on live television.

But what do you think? Check out the awkward clip below and share your thoughts.

SideEye: Celebrity Women Who Are Surprisingly Single

November 18th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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These single celebrity women have a lot going for them. They’re smart, Hot, beautiful, talented, and make their own money So why hasn’t anyone but a ring on it yet — assuming they want one?

single celebrity women


Sanaa Lathan

Actress Sanaa Lathan has been a Hollywood staple since the late ’90s. While she has maintained consistent work since leaving the theater world behind and relocating to L.A., Nathan has kept her private life mostly private. The 42-year-old Best Man Holiday star dated football player Adewale Ogunyele for a few years but other than that, Lathan has kept her dating life to herself. A few months ago, she shared a photo of herself and San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick out together on a romantic dinner date. No word on if the two are a couple or if it was just dinner with a friend.

Moving On Up.. Radio Personalities And DJs We Love!

September 14th, 2013 - By Davisha Davis
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Many of these radio personalities or DJs have expanded their brands and can be seen on TV or have moved to the bif time in radio and have syndicated shows.  They made radio fun and kept us yearning for more. Some of them, of course, have us wondering, “Where are they now?” So while the internet has certainly changed the course of radio, one thing is for sure: it can never replace the mark these people left behind in traditional radio.

Serious Question: Can We Go Ahead And Cancel “106 & Park” Already?

July 5th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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John Ricard / BET

John Ricard / BET

No, really. The once dominant video countdown show that people once went out of their way to watch, or stood in lines forever to make an appearance on, is now a boring shell of its once colorful self.

In high school, I used to be thirsty to stay over at a friend’s house after school to see which one of my favorite musicians was going to hit the couch and chat with AJ and Free. I used to be very intrigued by their chemistry. Were they dating? Weren’t they? Did he just buy her a fur coat!? No matter what they were doing or how corny AJ sometimes appeared, they were great hosts, and they got all up in everybody’s business when they came on the show (including Bey and Jay during their early dating years).

When they left, things definitely went downhill, but the show still managed to dominate ratings, becoming the number one video countdown show over the now defunct Total Request Live on MTV. Julissa Bermudez and Big Tigger were interesting enough for the short time they held their position as hosts (Tigger’s voice alone keeps you hype), and when Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J finally turned up, they were a change some weren’t feeling, but had enough chemistry and talent to get fans and folks on their side (plus, it helps that Terrence is fine–even in person).

After the departure of Rocsi and Terence J, it would have been the perfect opportunity for 106 & Park to make an exit on a high note.

But no.

Instead, they’ve been beating a dead horse. They hired four new hosts (and two was already enough) in job needy Bow Wow, Miss Mykie, Paigion, and Shorty da Prince . And while they were a bit cheesy as a team, they were honestly doing their best on a show that was and is running out of steam. In the end, less than a year after giving these folks their jobs, BET fired everyone BUT Bow Wow so they could try and force sparks to fly between him and his ex-Angela Simmons. She’s cute, but that baby struggles to show real personality and enthusiasm, and she’s only appeared for the last few weeks. Here’s the new news that came out about the future of the show’s 15 hosts:

106 & PARK” is undergoing exciting changes.  Angela Simmons will continue to guest host until the end of the summer.  Bow Wow aka “Mr. 106 & Park” will continue as the lead host; Miss. Mykie, Paigion and Shorty Da Prince will no longer remain on the show.  BET Networks is happy to have worked with these bright, young stars and will continue to support them and their upcoming endeavors.

When I found out that they were going to try and revamp things with Bow Wow and Simmons (they must have realized that Bow Wow and his ex-girlfriends bring a lot of attention to the show, i.e., his uncomfortable interview with Ciara not too long ago), I had to roll my eyes.

Please BET, let this show go already. While the network has made positive strides in its programming as of recent, anytime I flip past 106 & Park they’re showing videos by artists no one has ever heard about over the age of 12, as teenagers sit behind the hosts looking bored and tired. And that’s the way the audience feels at home. There’s no connection to the hosts. While I think Angela Simmons and Bow Wow are interesting people separately, I’m personally tired of seeing famous faces get jobs over more qualified people just because they supposedly have a following. Really, what grown woman is still crushing on Bow Wow!?

And if we can keep it really real, the era for the music video countdown show is dead. Especially when the same video you want folks to spend their high text message rates on to vote for can be viewed for free.99 on YouTube. It was a good idea at a time when you could watch artists make their videos on the network, and back when world premieres took place mainly on the show, but in the hours that one would wait to watch 106 & Park now, you could watch the video and many more on your phone. Plus, the Z-list celebrities they get to come on the show aren’t enough to get anybody to watch.

While 106 & Park might have at one time beaten MTV’s TRL during its heyday, and jump started some thriving careers (except for Free…girl, where are you!?), they need to make like TRL and all the other video countdown predecessors and be done already. It was fun while it lasted, but now it’s just a waste of good re-run and original programming space. Just saying.