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“Don’t Believe The Hype”: Kevin McCall Slams Restraining Order Reports While Eva Stays Quiet

April 9th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Eva Marcille reportedly files restraining order against Kevin McCall following violent domestic dispute.

Source: Instagram

We told you yesterday about Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall getting into a big fight at the end of March, causing Marcille to file a restraining order against her partner and father of her 2-month-old, Marley. TMZ reported that the restraining order was filed on March 28 after this happened:

According to TMZ, towards the end of March Pigford and McCall got into a huge argument at their home, which allegedly led to McCall “violently kicking down” four doors in their home and trying to snatch their infant daughter out of Pigford’s arms. It’s unclear what started the argument, but the “America’s Next Top Model” winner reportedly told police that McCall lost it during an argument, chased her around the house and threatened to punch her.

We also told you that despite all that, days later, on April 4, Marcille posted an image of the family together, all smiles, seemingly all good. So either they’re working things out, or a good front is being put up for the time being.

We tried to reach out to McCall’s reps yesterday, but they did not respond. But the writer and producer decided to make a brief statement on Twitter on his own yesterday. While he didn’t bring up the restraining order report, he told folks not to believe the hype.


He also posted a message that said, “Keep her happy fellas or someone else will….” right after that.

But as for Marcille, she hasn’t said much at all to refute the reports or to support them. She did, however, post some inspirational messages to her Instagram account in the last couple of days, including this one right before the story broke:



Whatever is going on, we are hoping for the best for the both of them, and most importantly, for baby Marley.

Wife Of Member Of R&B Group “Next” Files Restraining Order Against Him

March 30th, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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Wife Issues Restraining Order Against Raphael Brown

Juliette Gil-Brown, estranged wife of Raphael Brown (he’s the one in the middle) of R&B group, Next, filed a restraining order against him after saying he kicked her while she was pregnant and brutalized their 4-year-old daughter.

TMZ says they obtained the restraining order which claims on multiple occasions the singer was physically abusive to her. He is accused on multiple occasions of hitting and shoving her, grabbing her by the neck, punching her in the mouth and kicking her. Brown claims many of the incidents occurred while she was pregnant.

Brown also says her estranged husband became enraged at their daughter and after she refused to kiss him on the mouth. The singer allegedly yelled at the child before throwing her into her car seat.  She then says he randomly yelled about not having herpes, although no one had accused him of being infected at the time.

To make matters worse, Brown also says the singer would watch pornographic videos on the computer while their kids were in the room. TMZ has made multiple attempts to call Raphael but received no response.

Next was popular for their singles “Too Close” and “Wifey” in the 90’s. The group was founded by R.L. Huggard and brothers Terry “T-Low” Brown and Raphael “Tweet” Brown. Raphael was rumored to have left the group due to conflicts between him and R.L. in 2007. He allegedly became more spiritual and wanted to use his talents to serve the Lord. He was replaced by Aaron Duponce for a short time, but all three original members returned to the group in 2011 to tour and record a new album that has yet to be released.

We hope this family gets the help they need, because if the reports are true they are clearly troubled.


Has DJ Khaled Taken Things Too Far? Nicki Minaj Allegedly Filed Restraining Order Against Him!

July 27th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Okay, what’s really going on between Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled?

SO remember we told you producer/DJ Khaled made a video proposal with a ring and everything? Yes, we thought it was pretty left field and kind of a weird thing for him to do out of the blue.

Well, allegedly, so did Nicki.

According to 365HipHop, Nicki has gotten a restraining order against DJ Khaled.  I know, right?  Well, according to them, Nicki has filed the restraining order in the state of New York because this isn’t the first time Khaled has pulled little stunts with Nicki.  They don’t have all the details but this is a bit of a surprise because I don’t think anyone knew Khaled was being a nuisance behind the scenes as well.

This isn’t an example of being the best, now is it, Khaled?

I always got the impression that all members of We The Best (Khaled’s label) and Young Money (Wayne’s label) were very close – almost like a blended family –  but maybe that’s not exactly the case.

Nicki hasn’t responded to the proposal or the rumor of her getting a restraining order against him.  This sounds like a publicity stunt but you know, stranger things have happened.

I Get Why People Would Believe That: Evelyn Lozada Talks Being Blamed For Provoking The Chad Ochocino Assault

January 22nd, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

When news of Chad and Evelyn’s physical altercation first leaked back in August, people wasted no time accusing the “Basketball Wives” star of initiating the fight. People even went as far as to say that she got what she deserved. After watching her erratic behavior on the last season of “Basketball Wives”, it was difficult for many to view her as a victim when they tuned in week after week only to see her victimize her fellow cast members. In an interview with Vibe, Evelyn shared that she understands why people blamed her for the incident and accepts full responsibility for her actions last season.

“I felt that I was getting blamed for the incident happening and it was hard…but at the same time I take full responsibility for putting this perception of me out there that I just argue and fight. That’s what most people connect me with, especially with last season. So it’s like ‘Oh, okay well maybe she did something to deserve what happened.’ And I’m like ‘I didn’t do anything’. “

She also expressed how grateful she was that Chad spoke out and cleared up any misconceptions that she may have initiated the fight.

“He did an interview… he was honest and real. I finally felt relieved that he said I didn’t have anything to do with what happened that day. He takes full responsibility…”

I believe that the ability to view a situation from multiple viewpoints exhibits growth. Since the incident and of course her life-changing encounter with Iyanla Vanzant, Ev appears to be continuing down a path of positivity. Hopefully she keeps this in mind while the cameras are rolling and that temper of hers wants to flare up.

Check out footage of her interview on the next page. What did you think when people began blaming Evelyn for Chad assaulting her? 

You Know What They Say About Making Assumptions: Evelyn Lozada Explains Her “Date” With Chad Johnson

January 2nd, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last month, reality star Evelyn Lozada made headline after headline as she began expressing how she felt about her ex-husband Chad Johnson and even revealed that she felt he deserved another chance. Eyebrows raised as news broke that she and Chad made their first public appearance together at a Florida courthouse where she requested that a judge lift the no-contact restraining order that she had against the former Miami Dolphins player. Once this occurred, most folks assumed that news of a reunion between the reality stars and a resurrection of the unaired show, Chad & Ev wasn’t far behind. A few days ago, photographs surfaced of Chad and Evelyn on what appeared to be a pre New Year’s Eve date. Considering the fact that only days prior to being spotted together, Chad stated that he and Ev were living together via his Twitter page, it was difficult not to believe that their little outing only confirmed their reunion. However, Evelyn is saying that the outing was not at all what it appeared to be and that she and Chad are not back together. In a blog post featured on her website entitled About Last Night, she provides an explanation regarding her date with Chad.

In the post, she shared that she felt it necessary to address the photographs because things were getting a “wee bit out of control”. She went on to express the reason that she and Chad were spotted out together was because she was attending his appreciation dinner with his daughter.

“I attended a dinner with Chad’s daughter, not only because I love baby girl like my own, but to support Chad and his fan appreciation dinner.  While at the dinner, several photos popped up on the Internet of Chad and I holding hands, while in the process of blessing the food.”

She also addressed the current status of their relationship and whether or not the two are actually living together as Chad previously stated.

“I care for Chad, we are friends and we love one another, however, we are still separated, not living under the same roof and working on ourselves because we have a long way to go.  This is a normal and realistic process for anyone and I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know God holds it and I’m taking things one day at a time.”

While the photographs that surfaced did appear to tell the whole story, her explanation does seem to make sense. We’ll say her story checks out, for now anyway. We hope that she’s sticking to her original feelings that a romantic reunion probably isn’t the best idea considering the positive strides she’s been attempting to make lately, but we all know how it is once you allow an ex to get his foot in the door. Next thing you know, he’s moving in.

What do you make of all of this?

Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise 

Evelyn Wants Contact, She Gets Contact: Judge Lifts BBW’s Restraining Order Against Chad At Her Request

December 18th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN/Jimmy Louis

Source: WENN/Jimmy Louis

Former Miami Dolphins player, Chad Johnson and ex-wife Evelyn Lozada made their first public appearance together since their extremely ugly divorce yesterday in court. Why were they in court you ask? Thankfully, they weren’t there pressing assault charges against each other. Instead, they were doing something remotely opposite. They were there to lift the restraining order that was put in place after the two had a fallout over Chad’s infidelity, which ended in a head-butt lifted.

A video recovered by TMZ depicts Evelyn and Chad standing before a judge in a Florida courtroom as the judge proceeds to ask Evelyn if she feels threatened by Chad or is afraid of him. Evelyn responds “no” each time and the judge honored her request and lifted the restraining order.

Now Im sure that while some are in shock after hearing this news, others aren’t as Ev has been hinting to multiple media outlets that she would like to begin talking to Chad again and how she believes he deserves a second chance. One can’t say for sure that Evelyn’s request to lift her restraining order against Chad will result in a romantic reunion between the two, but then again, the possibility is certainly there.

Just last week, Evelyn told Radar Online that it was difficult having a “no contact clause” with Chad because he still wears his wedding ring and expresses that he wants her back.

“I haven’t spoken to Chad, we can’t – we have a ‘no contact’ clause, but I hear things. He recently did an interview on ESPN and I saw clips of it but it wasn’t easy to watch because he is still wearing his wedding ring, and says he still wants to be married.”

Ironically though, she also told Rumor Fix that although she had some questions for him, she didn’t think that reconnecting the lines of communication was a good idea.

“He hasn’t tried to speak to me directly and I don’t think he is going to risk his freedom, I also don’t think it would be good for us.”

I guess she’s had a change of heart since then.

Check out Evelyn and Chad’s courtroom footage on the next page. Do you think it was a good idea to drop the restraining order?

The Paperwork Doesn’t Lie: Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Were Secretly Married?

November 28th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: WENN

Mmm mmm mmmm. The Halle Berry-Gabriel Aubry ratchgedy just keeps getting deeper and deeper. A lot of us have been questioning why everyone involved in this saga’s feelings are so intense all these years after Halle and Gabriel split and their daughter Nahla was born. Obviously there’s a child involved but emotions seem to be running just a tad deeper than that and a new detail revealed in Gabriel’s restraining order may help explain all of that. It appears the model has not just been fighting with the mother of his child and her fiance, he is arguing with his ex-wife.

Extra TV got a hold of the restraining order paperwork he filed asking for a protection order against Oliver after he whooped him something terrible, and when it came to a question asking for the relationship to protected person, the line reads:

“Fiancé of petitioner’s ex-wife”

That’s quite interesting since many from the outside have not just labeled Gabriel a “baby daddy” but have looked at him as nothing more than a donor who came along with the right genes at the right time to fulfill Halle’s wish of becoming a mother. We obviously knew the two were involved more than just in between the sheets but it appears they weren’t just girlfriend and boyfriend during that time, but possibly husband and wife because I can’t think of any logical (or illogical) explanation for why Gabriel would refer to Halle as his ex-wife in a legal document if it weren’t true.

While we wait for confirmation on that front, one thing that has been semi-determined about this threesome is that criminal charges against Gabriel are “highly unlikely.” Law enforcement sources told TMZ the consensus on the Thanksgiving altercation between Halle’s ex-husband (?) and fiance is that it was “mutual combat.” So far it’s not clear if he’ll be quite as lucky when it comes to the restraining order against him though. The protection order is supposed to expire tomorrow but Halle could go back to court and request a new one. I have a hunch that she’ll do just that. But while we wait for that news what do you think about this latest development?

Do you think Halle and Gabe were secretly married?

We Saw This Coming: Halle Berry Wants A Permanent Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

November 26th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Last week we reported that Halle Berry’s fiance Oliver Martinez and her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry both wound up in the Emergency Room after they got into a tussle on Thanksgiving when Gabriel showed up at Halle’s home to drop off Nahla. The saga seems to only continue this week as TMZ is reporting that Halle will be heading to court sometime this week to seek a permanent restraining order against Aubry. When the incident first occurred, the judge issued a temporary restraining order which restricted Gabriel from coming within 100 feet of Halle, Nahla and Oliver; however, that order expires this Tuesday.

It is being said that Halle is extremely concerned that didn’t have enough control to refrain from trying to fight Oliver in front of Nahla and that him being around her child poses a huge risk because he didn’t think clearly enough about his actions and the emotional trauma that he could have potentially caused Nahla.

After last week’s incident, both men were released from the hospital, but Gabriel found himself in police custody where he was booked for misdemeanor battery but was let go after he made bail, which was set at $20,000. Thankfully Nahla did not witness the scuffle.

While Gabriel and Oliver could have handled their differences in a more mature manner, trying to get a judge to issue a permanent restraining order against the man that would prevent him from seeing his child is a little extreme. However, as ugly as things got between Halle and Gabriel during their custody battle I guess an occurrence of this magnitude was almost inevitable. I’m not sure what it is with celebrities always seeking to keep the other parent from seeing their children once the relationship goes south but it seems to be a very spiteful and vindictive trend that only serves as a major injustice to the children in the long run.

Hopefully Gabriel can seek some help for his temper and he and Halle will learn to work through their differences for Nahla’s sake.

Do you believe Halle’s attempt to get a permanent restraining order against Gabriel is reasonable?

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

About That No-Contact Order: Evelyn’s Letting Restraint Against Chad Expire

October 29th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Johnny Louis/ WENN

Chad’s punishment for headbutting his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada is about to be over almost as quickly as their marriage. According to TMZ, Ochocinco is pretty close to fulfilling the obligations of his sentencing stemming from the domestic altercation. When that happens, the no-contact order that banned the former NFL player from contacting Evelyn in person, by phone, email, and Twitter will be lifted and supposedly Evelyn is just fine with that.

Sources close to the ex-couple tell TMZ, Chad’s on track to finish his batterer’s intervention program in the next couple months — at which point Chad will ask the judge to terminate his probation and lift the no-contact order.

If that happens, Evelyn would have to get a civil restraining order to keep Chad away — but we’re told she has decided NOT to do that … because she just wants to “move on.”

Chad was sentenced to one year probation and the batterer’s class after pleading “no contest” to domestic battery following the August 11 fight with Evelyn — but since he’s completing the class early … the judge can also lift the probation early.

Despite Evelyn’s decision … we’re told she does NOT want a reunion with Chad.

Gracias a Dios for that last clarification. What’s sort of comical is that Evelyn already assumes Chad has been contacting her on the low, i.e. Twitter stalking her, tweeting this message last week:

Guess she doesn’t mind if he stalks her in real life either. Do you think Evelyn should petition for a civil restraining order?

More Women Problems: Usher Files Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Who Thinks They’re Married

June 29th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Usher’s got it rough these days. On top of fighting for custody of his children in court and being exposed as a shameless cheat (if Tameka was telling the truth), now some woman is stalking him, so he says. I was going to say this isn’t just a regular fan but anyone who stalks someone else clearly is missing a few marbles, and according to Usher this woman might be missing a whole lot more because he says she thinks their married.

According to TMZ:

Usher has obtained a temporary restraining order against 26-year-old Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw — who’s listed at 5’2″ … and weighs between 140 and 180 lbs.

According to court docs, Usher claims Darshelle showed up uninvited to his Georgia home on June 23 with the intention of harassing him and his family. Sources close to Usher say she pounded on his front door and demanded to be let in.

Cops were called to the scene … where they warned Darshelle to stay away from the property … and told her not to come back. We’re told Darshelle left the home … but not for long.

Usher says she returned the very next day. Cops were once again called to the scene … and sources tell us Darshelle tried to convince the officers she was Usher’s wife and had simply misplaced her keys.

Darshelle was placed under arrest and Usher immediately obtained a temporary restraining order, claiming Darshelle “placed [him] in reasonable fear for his own safety and/or the safety of his immediate family.” Ursh wants to make the restraining order permanent during a hearing next month and if he takes in this YouTube video that Darshelle posted online I’d say he has a good chance of making that happen.

In an attempt to clear her name, which she says Usher has slandered, Darshelle posted a video claiming that she and Usher have been exchanging money for over a year and that Usher was supposed to have been making living arrangements for her and helping her with her music career. That actually wouldn’t seem that off but it’s the way she’s telling the story and is trying to convince Usher that he really doesn’t realize what he did by placing a restraining order against her that makes her seem a little delusional. She says she has been an advocate for him and comforted him throughout his custody battle and now she won’t be able to do any of those supportive hings, including download his music through iTunes. She also says she’s in love with him. See what I mean?

On the other hand, Usher does have a bit of a bad rep with the ladies, so if he comes in front of the wrong judge looking at his pattern of misleading women, he might have a tougher time making this restraining order stick than he thinks. Check out the video here. Who do you think is telling the truth, Usher or Darshelle?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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