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I’m Done: Women Who Left Their Men After Reality TV

November 10th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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It seems like there’s a curse for couples who go on reality television. Before the cameras started rolling, it was all good but these women eventually chucked up the peace sign and left their mates after starring on reality television together.

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Phaedra Parks

When Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo Nida joined “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the newlyweds were in love and welcoming their first child together. But a few years later, the authorities came knocking at their door and accused the former felon of stealing $2 million from more than 50 victims. Nida ended up pleading guilty and was facing 20 years in prison. However, he cooperated and ended up sentenced to eight and as soon as he turned himself in to start serving his sentence, Parks served him with divorce papers.

15 Celebrity Couples Ruined By Fame

September 23rd, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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15 Celebrity Couples Ruined By Fame


If you need a reason not to work with your partner — or to pull back a bit on rushing to make it to the top — just look at these famous couples whose relationships were ruined by fame.





But Where’s Phae Phae? Apollo Wants To Know Who’s Gonna ‘Ride’ With Him For 8-Year Prison Stint

July 10th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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For some time now, rumors have been circulating that Phaedra is on the brink of leaving her husband, Apollo Nida. And now that he has officially been sentenced to 8 years in prison, the subtle signs that a divorce may be coming have become difficult to simply ignore and sweep under the rug. For one, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was visibly absent from Apollo’s sentencing hearing a couple of days ago.

Shortly following the sentencing, co-star Kandi Burruss was asked about her friend and Kandi expressed that Phaedra was doing “great” in the wake of the sentencing.

“Phaedra’s doing great. She’s basically working. That’s how I deal with things too; when I have a lot going on, I just put more into work,” Kandi said. “I know that she’s promoting her book and doing the book tour and stuff like that and she’s not really trying to focus as much on what’s happening.”

Since the sentencing, Apollo also took to Twitter and posed an interesting question.

We’re kind of wondering the same thing. Since news leaked regarding the charges being brought against him, the million dollar question has been whether or not Phaedra will stick with him through another stay in the slammer. Sadly, this seems to be a question that Apollo may not know the answer to either.

“I think that we have lost sight of the true picture, which is that we did take an oath to God and we did build a family and a brand. Whatever has come of this reality fiasco, we have had two beautiful children, and at the end of the day, I only wish her the best,” Apollo said back in April. “I can’t say if it [our marriage] is going to last. But I hope that it does…I definitely love her. I’ve grown to love her more.”

This is such a tough predicament to be in.

‘Nah, Nah, Nah, You Not Gonna Be Goin’ For Mine!’ Kandi Burruss Is Dead Serious About Not Paying Spousal Support

June 27th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Kandi Burruss is playing no games when it comes to her cash, as we’ve witnessed in episodes of her wedding special. During a recent chat with theGrio, Kandi opened up about why she was so adamant about signing a prenuptial agreement, with one of the primary reasons apparently being her refusal to pay spousal support should things fall apart.

“I’m not paying spousal support, oh no,” she says. “I’m seeing too much going on right now. Halle Berry’s paying $20,000 a month in child support, and then poor Sherri [Shepherd], she had a pre-nup and now [her husband, John Sally] is coming after her [for spousal support]. They’ve only been married a few years. Are you kidding me?”

She also reiterated her sentiments about people trying to hurt one another once things go awry.

“You don’t get to see it a lot… where a woman is in financially better off than the husband,” Kandi said. “You have to protect yourself.”

“Y’all know how divorce happens out of the blue to people that we thought we couldn’t believe they got divorced. So you have to be ready for a mad day. People can work things out and talk about how we wanted things to be when we’re on the same page, but when we get mad people want to hurt each other. How they want to hurt you? In your pocket. You not gonna be goin for mine.”

Contrary to popular belief, Kandi says that she and Todd did agree on a specific figure that he would get if their marriage doesn’t last, but she made it clear that it’s not some astronomical number. As far as money that they may make together over the course of their marriage, Kandi says she has no problem splitting  those funds with him if things should end.

“I feel like we should work together to make money together. The things that I’m trying to protect are the things that I had going into the marriage, meaning: Bedroom Kandi, my music, my stores, my properties and different things that I had going into the marriage.”

Well, Ms. Kandi has spoken!

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Monifah Opens Up About Adding To Her Family & Accepting That Her Daughter Wouldn’t Be Present At Her Wedding

June 23rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Courtesy of Essence Magazine

Courtesy of TV One

Reality TV shows generally clog up television airwaves with loads of fabricated drama, outrageous storylines and disturbing love triangles. However, every once in a while, out of the rubble of these sensationalized plots, shines through something that reminds us that there are, in fact, very real aspects of reality television. In the case of  TV One’s “R&B Divas: Atlanta,” it happens to be the love shared between Monifah Carter and now-wife, Terez. We were recently able to catch up with the newly married reality star following one of her morning workouts and she gave us the details on her Hawaiian wedding ceremony, her fabulous wedding dress and baby plans.

MN: First, I just want to start by saying congratulations! We were very happy to hear about the wonderful news!

Monifah: Thank you! Yes, it was a very exciting day. It’s a really great time for me in my life right now. I’m really blessed.

MN: I realize that you and your daughter haven’t always seen eye to eye when it comes to your relationship and sexuality. Did she participate at all in your wedding ceremony?

Monifah: No, she didn’t. She did not share in the moment. That was her truth and I respected it.

MN: With that in mind, what advice would you offer to those with family members who don’t support their relationship?

Monifah: You have to live your life for you. You demand respect in that area of your life because that is your life to live. I think acceptance of people’s decisions and beliefs and choices in those things is very key. You cannot change people. You have to keep it on you and do your best to be the example of what you’d like to see—in them or in the world period. That’s really how I’ve been living my life. It helps me make much better decisions because you know, you can’t change people. You’ll be disappointed the minute you try. That’s not even our place. I’ve learned that acceptance is key in most of those situations. You have to protect yourself and your spirit and you have to make tough decisions. It’s not always easy.

MN: Would you consider yourself gay or bisexual?

Monifah: I consider myself bisexual. Because we’re human, we have to put labels on everything. I’m a human being capable of loving anyone. In loving, it’s in the physical sense as well. I’m attracted to both men and women. I am in a monogamous, loving relationship with a woman. I’ve been in very good relationships with men. It just didn’t make it to where I made it with my wife. So yes, I would consider myself bisexual for the ‘labelers.’ Yes.

MN: Have you and Terez considered having or adopting children?

Monifah: Absolutely! I was thinking about the IVF thing. I would love to carry again. Terez has no interest in actually carrying. She doesn’t really have that interest—never did. I would love to carry our child. And I’m thinking, ‘Do I want to start all over?’ So we’re kind of weighing it out. We know that there are a lot of children out there that need love and loving homes, guidance and someone to take of them. You know, whatever God sees fit to have happen in our lives. If he wants us to be blessed and be a blessing in that way, it will happen. It will happen organically.

Todd Tucker Reveals Where He May Have Crossed The Line At His Wild Bachelor Party

June 23rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

Booze plus boobies, plus booty can equal a bride’s worst nightmare when you add her hubby-to-be into the equation. But Todd Tucker says that now-wife, Kandi Burruss wasn’t really tripping about his bachelor party.

“I do have a cool wife,” Todd recently boasted to Life & Style. “I think it’s just the modern day thing. Strip clubs are like, for guys right now, normal. Girls go there, too, so it’s kind of like, whatever! It’s so funny. There’s a big stripper culture in Atlanta and we’ve been to strip clubs together before. It’s just entertaining and fun.”

Although he pegs her as a “cool” wife, the reality TV producer did admit that Kandi set a few ground rules about how he should conduct himself at the party.

“She did [set rules]. We did have some rules. There was definitely no X-rated stuff happening. She said I could have a lap dance. She was OK with that.”

He didn’t specify whether or not he broke those rules, but he did confess to doing something that he didn’t really want his wife to see.

“We were pretty PG with it except for the little strawberry thing. When I bit from the girl’s mouth I thought, ‘Ehhh, you might’ve gone too far with that one.’ I feel like I might get a pass, depending on which angle you see it from. It may look like we touched lips if you don’t see it from the frontal part, but for the most part, it was just a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun, making it rain. We were just having a good time.”

Judging by last night’s episode, both and Kandi Todd thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Check out footage from both of their parties below.

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Tamar Says Her Marriage May Have Failed Without Reality Show

June 19th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Tamar Says Her Marriage May Have Failed Without Reality Show

Source: IG

While some believe that reality TV probably contributed to the demise of some popular celebrity couples, Tamar Braxton seems to believe that having a reality show had just the opposite effect on her marriage to husband of five years, Vincent Herbert.

“Had it not been for the show, ‘Tamar & Vince,’ I probably wouldn’t be sitting here today,” Tamar said during a recent interview with “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.” “It was a lot of things going on in our relationship that we didn’t realize until we watched it back.”

Thankfully, the couple took advantage of their missteps and shortcomings being documented as an opportunity to improve their marriage. Their marital issues also assisted Tamar in coming up with some great songs for her “Love & War” album.

“Those songs would have never been written,” she said. “It was therapeutic and some things had to be said. And sometimes when you’re in a relationship, you don’t know how to bring things up.”

In addition to fixing her own relationship problems, Tamar also expressed a desire for her music to help other couples.

“What I really wanted was to have a CD where you can put it in and it speaks for you,” Tamar continued. “Then you can spark up the conversation without it being argumentative and crazy because you ain’t getting nowhere with that.”

You certainly don’t hear celebrity couples discuss reality TV helping their relationships everyday, but Tamar’s explanation definitely makes sense. Seeing yourself on television could make you a lot more aware of your actions.

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Does T.I. Think That He’s A Victim Of The Reality TV Couples Curse?

June 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: VH1

Source: VH1

Considering how their relationship problems have been playing out in the public eye, fans have been wondering about the future of  “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the Georgia rapper’s recent interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” did not do much to ease those concerns.

“Man, you know, we got to see man, you know, where the bankroll goes. It’s a possibility.”

He then went on to shoot down rumors that a new season has already been secured.

“What happened was, they got us for this season. And then, the next season, you know, we gon’ figure it out.”

Speaking of “Family Hustle,” T.I. also discussed whether or not he thinks that he and Tiny are victims of the reality TV couples curse.

“You know, I think that for both of us, we both have a strong sense of self. And I think that we both know who we are. I think for most people, they were looking to find themselves. I think we both knew who we was from the get-go.”

He adds that he isn’t really buying too much into the whole couples curse thing because the show isn’t specifically about their relationship, but about their family as a unit.

“And also, it’s more so about the kids than just our relationship. It’s about the family. It’s not just focused on the ins and outs or the intricate details of our relationship. Although, that’s what people would love to sensationalize because that’s what puts them in the conversations and on the minds of people that they would normally not be on the minds of. ”

“It’s a lot of people who makes comment and say things that I would never notice because I never pay them attention. They speaking on things like this and sensationalize and propaganda, then that probably puts them in a position of consideration for maybe a millisecond. And just for that small glimpse of time, that’s what they do it for. They want to be noticed. They are nobodies living a nobodies life. Anything a nobody can say put themselves on the minds or the mouths of somebodies, then that’s what they gon’ do. They gon’ continue to do it.”

T.I. then went on to address people who are constantly reading into and possibly distorting comments made by himself and Tiny to reflect relationship troubles.

“Listen man, one thing about she and I, if we say something we gon’ stand by what we say. I don’t throw no rock and hide my hands. You know what I’m saying? I said it and I mean it. But if it’s not—won’t you wait on me to say I said it. Then you got me, but until then, back up off me partner, before something bad happen to you.”

Uh, okay.

Watch T.I.’s full interview below. Thoughts?

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Erica Dixon Explains Dumping Her Financially Challenged Boo: ‘A Man Should Be The Provider’

June 17th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

If you caught “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” last night, chances are you saw Erica Dixon break up with her model boyfriend, O’Shea Russell. Though it seems like there were several factors that contributed to the couple’s split, a major aspect of their romantic demise stemmed from financial problems. As fans have witnessed since episode one of the new season, O’Shea has been depending on Erica for some forms of financial support and she finally became fed up with it.

“I definitely feel like a man should be the provider in a relationship,” Erica recently told VH1. “Just learning from my dad, I felt my dad always provided even to this day- that’s just what [a man] does. I feel like if you fall I’m definitely there to pick you up and help put the pieces all back together. But it was like O’Shea never wanted to put it back together, it was just like everything was on me and that’s a lot.”

Erica adds that in addition to realizing that moving forward would mean continuing to support O’Shea, it dawned on her that it would also mean supporting his three children.

“It wasn’t just O’Shea, it’s O’Shea and his three kids, and then it’s my daughter of course. I only have one child. I would’ve had four other kids to take care of, and I wasn’t ready.”

As for those who are wondering how Erica even got involved with a man who would look to a woman to support him, the single mom insists that O’Shea wasn’t always this way.

“I feel like in our relationship he got very comfortable after the car accident, he broke his leg in three places and he had to get several surgeries and I was there to support him but I just feel like once he got back on his feet he didn’t like he just lost that drive and ambition to be a man and take care of his woman and his kids.”

After awhile, the reality TV star realized that she was being taken advantage of.

“It would usually be ‘I forgot my wallet,’ or ‘I don’t have any cash.’ At first you don’t really think about it, because you’re in a relationship. Then it just got to the point where it’s like let me know before hand and not after we’re out and we done had fun. Finally I got to the point where I’m like you’re my man and your supposed to be the provider. I’m thinking you have it and it’s like, ‘Oh baby you’ve got your card?’ What if I was just as broke as him what was we gonna do? Cause I wasn’t going to wash dishes.”

Aside from his financial struggles, it appears the O’Shea was good to Erica, but over time, his money problems weighed down the relationship.

“When we did meet, we were friends. What people don’t understand is regardless of what happened between us I can honestly say we’ve had our moments when he has fought for me, and he treated me like a queen. He made me feel like I was his queen – no additional women, no side relationships, no side friendships. He gave me that. That’s something that Scrappy could never give to me ever.”

And for those who are thinking that their dramatic split was just a stunt for ratings, Erica insists that they are really over.

Were you happy to see her kick him to the curb?


And Their Women Put Up With It?! 15 Reality TV Husbands And Boyfriends Behaving Badly

May 30th, 2014 - By Deron Dalton
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Source: MadameNoire

Source: MadameNoire

Reality TV housewives and girlfriends aren’t the only ones making headlines for their drama, but their boyfriends and husbands (usually part of the supporting casts) are typically the cause of this drama. We  compiled a list of reality TV husbands and boyfriends whose trifling antics caused much drama in their women’s lives while we shook our heads.