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Cynthia And Porsha Go Head-To-Head, Apollo Seeks Divorce Counsel While Phaedra Learns The Truth About His Lies: RHOA Recap, Ep. 3

November 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Who knew Cynthia could be so nasty, so rude? *in a NeNe voice*
But that’s what we learned this week after watching the scorned friend go head-to-head with Porsha. Let’s talk about that, and a lot more in this week’s recap of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”



Phaedra Learns The Truth About Apollo’s Lies

Kandi meets up with Porsha and Phaedra to share the latest gossip, and that includes all that went down at Cynthia’s Ebony magazine party. They chat about everyone who showed up for the shindig (and Porsha had some shade to throw about not being invited), including Apollo. Kandi shares with her best friend that Apollo admitted to lying about pretty much everything when it comes to Kenya, and Phaedra is taken aback by the information, calling it not just f**kery, but “f**kation,” a new word. Surprisingly, she had some sympathy for Kenya: “If it wasn’t true I owe her an apology…Poor Kenya.”

“I Was Unmoved”: Phaedra Parks Was Not Here For Apollo’s Apology To Kenya Moore

November 21st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Apollo's apology


On Sunday’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” viewers saw Apollo Nida go out of his way at Cynthia Bailey’s Ebony magazine spread party to apologize to Kenya Moore. In an attempt to wipe his slate clean before going to jail, he admitted that he lied about the nature of their relationship to Phaedra Parks and to the public. Moore never offered him a blow job, and she never encountered him in Los Angeles as he had claimed for two years.

We told you that Moore felt vindicated by his admission, but still was hoping that Parks would apologize sometime in the future for calling her a ‘whore’ based on a lie:

“Phaedra has called me a whore 99 different ways. As I stated, I may be a lot of things, but I have never been anyone’s whore. Even if she chose to believe her husband, she never checked his story out before publicly slandering and defaming me. As a lawyer herself, I was appalled she would behave in such a way. Apollo clearly has the propensity to lie. With that said, Phaedra chose not to even speak to me about it at all, prohibiting me to even have a response, prove my innocence, or defend myself. Yet, she was more than willing to go to the media to spread this fictitious story.”

But after finding out the truth, what did Parks think of that whole scene and situation? In her Bravo blog, she kept her thoughts on that messiness concise and clean:

“I was unmoved. Right now, I am completely focused on my children and keeping them, and myself for that matter, in a stable, healthy, and happy place. I am not paying attention to any of the chaos that is going on, because it’s not productive.”

Guess that means Moore isn’t getting that apology she wanted from Phae Phae. But who really thought she would…?

“She Has Chosen To Act Like Kenya” Porsha Says Cynthia Bailey Will Do Anything For A Check

November 21st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Porsha Says Cynthia Bailey Will Do Anything For A Check feat

Officially, Porsha Williams is no longer a peach-holding cast member on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” but we all know that once a housewife, always housewife. Especially since we still see Porsha all the time, whether she’s prominently featured on the show or not.

And she definitely still has an opinion. Recently, Porsha spoke to OK! Magazine about whether she and Kenya could ever be friends in the future, Apollo’s allegations and why she thinks Cynthia is turning to Kenya 2.0.

See what she had to say in the excerpts below.

Did she originally believe Kenya’s allegations against Apollo?

No, when this whole affair took place two years ago, even though I wasn’t that close to Phaedra at the time, I felt her pain. I know what it is like to be with someone who isn’t faithful. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to think your husband is possibly sleeping with a co-worker or being inappropriate. I remember Kenya admitting to Kandi that she did see Apollo in LA last season. That’s why I don’t understand why she’s now forcing Apollo to back track and clear something she admitted in private with Kandi. But hey, that’s none of my business.

If Kenya apologized, do you think you two could be friends?

Unfortunately, I’m exhausted from going around in circles with a person who doesn’t mean well. Last week as I watched the show, I was in complete shock to see this woman play “The Victim” after she blatantly used props, pointing them in my face and shouting obscenities through a bullhorn in my ears. This weekend when I saw her make fun of how she violated my personal space, it made me sorry for a woman of her age with such behavior! She needs help in a real way. I find it pathetic that she would try to toy with the hearts of our fans and cry wolf by making claims of being attacked, then in a blink of an eye sing a song about dragging me by my hair.

She can never give a sincere apology because those come from the heart. At this point, I’m not sure she has one or a conscience. She represents a woman who is lost in “Fake Reality” and will most likely realize it isn’t real and have nothing because instead of using her gifts and being a blessing, she will have spent her life being envious and tearing down others who are actually living in the real world. However, if Kenya takes responsibility for the use of props at the reunion, yes, there might be a chance for a new start between the two of us.

A little messiness

Oh, here’s a little steamy tea, you all have to promise it’s just between us! I saw Kenya’s full sew-in & track, on a RHOA international trip. However, I welcome her and all to visit to get ya hair glam on!

And lastly, what she made of Cynthia and her behavior during the first and second episodes.

Flip-flopper and mean girl! The reason I chose those words to describe her character will become clear as you watch season 7. You will see for yourself the new and unimproved Cynthia.

She’s still cool at times and I still care for her, but mainly from afar! I feel like this season she has decided to “do whatever it takes” for her to make it.  It’s sad that you don’t see the true person or see who is real around you until money is involved. I believe that because of her financial misfortune she has chosen to act like Kenya, doing anything for a check. At the end of the day, we are only left with our self-worth & integrity. Instead, she has sold both to have a storyline and check. I pray that she realizes that even though she didn’t have a voice before, mimicking evil around you & being mean spirited is not being strong at all. Instead, one would think she’d been setting a positive example as a role model for women of all ages, verses displaying negative behavior.

Do you agree with Porsha, was Cynthia behaving inconsistently on the first two episodes? Is she too desperate for a storyline?

Kenya Moore Speaks On Apollo’s Lies, Why She Was Dead Wrong For Texting A Married Man, But Why Phaedra Still Owes Her An Apology

November 20th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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A photo posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

If you watched Sunday’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” you know that Apollo Nida surprised a lot of people by apologizing to Kenya Moore. Turns out, he lied for about two years now when he said that Kenya Moore had come onto him when they supposedly saw each other in L.A., and she even tried to offer him fellatio. All lies. He admitted that he was pissed off with her after she put him on blast for texting him behind Phaedra’s back during the season five reunion show, so he didn’t think twice about making her out to be a homewrecker.

On Sunday’s episode, Moore said she felt vindicated but would feel even more vindicated if she could get an apology from Phaedra for calling her a wh*re and more for so long. In this week’s RHOA blog, she spoke on Apollo’s apology, regretting her poor choice to text him without Phaedra’s knowledge, and why she thinks Phaedra should say sorry for helping to spread Apollo’s lies.


If you are tired of the “Apollo and Kenya” drama, imagine how I feel. This feud goes all the way back to a business deal gone bad. From that point on, Phaedra started to malign my character and drag my good name through the mud. According to her, I then became an alcoholic, bipolar, and broke. She added home wrecking whore to her list after I outed Apollo for texting me without her knowledge.

I was wrong for responding to Apollo’s text knowing Phaedra and I were not friends at the time or if people believed it was more. The texts were innocent and I have proven that, and I have apologized to Phaedra publicly many times. We all make mistakes and I can admit when I am wrong, apologize, and hopefully, never repeat the same behavior.

I have proclaimed many times that I never saw Apollo in Los Angeles or any other place outside of RHOA. Ever. Therefore, the lie he told about seeing me at a party and according to Phaedra, later showing up at his LA hotel and subsequently offering him fellatio, never happened. I have never wanted Apollo, never offered him sexual favors.

Phaedra has called me a whore 99 different ways. As I stated, I may be a lot of things, but I have never been anyone’s whore. Even if she chose to believe her husband, she never checked his story out before publicly slandering and defaming me. As a lawyer herself, I was appalled she would behave in such a way. Apollo clearly has the propensity to lie. With that said, Phaedra chose not to even speak to me about it at all, prohibiting me to even have a response, prove my innocence, or defend myself. Yet, she was more than willing to go to the media to spread this fictitious story. Imagine how I felt having my family or 5-year-old nieces ask my [sic] why I would do something like that?

The same people who do the most talking and the most damage fall silent when they are proven wrong. The negative headlines become global when it’s something negative. Yet, when the truth is revealed, no one has anything to say. Porsha stated on WWHL she believed “something happened,” NeNe stated I lied to Phaedra on the recent WWHL episode, and Kandi stated that she “looked at me differently” but would never say why. Do I deserve an apology? Yes, without question. Will I get one? …Have I ever?


After the truth came out, some people still felt that something did indeed happen between Apollo and Kenya. I’m not so sure about all that. I do think she inappropriately flirted with him on the show, but did so just to get under people’s skin. I don’t think she really has any interest in him…No matter what though, everyone involved in this messy triangle was wrong.

But that’s just my thought. What do you make of her statements? Do you think Phaedra should apologize too?

“I Shouldn’t Have Told My Wife You Offered Me Fellatio”: Apollo’s Been Lying On Kenya, And Mama Joyce Is Back And Mean As Ever; RHOA Ep. 2

November 16th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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This week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” included a lot of action and drama, and as usual, Kenya and Apollo were a big part of it.

To summarize: Phaedra and Apollo continue to be at odds, Mama Joyce is back and she still can’t stand Todd, and as it turns out, Apollo has been lying on Kenya all along. Let’s chat about this week’s shenanigans, shall we?

“Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Racks Up Best Season Premiere Numbers In Bravo History

November 14th, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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People love those Atlanta peaches! The Real Housewives of Atlanta season seven premiere on Sunday had the highest ratings of any premiere in the network’s history, tallying 3.83 million viewers overall and 2.2 million among adults ages 18 to 49. The show bested last year’s premiere by 20 percent.

The premiere spent much of the time focused on Apollo Nida’s legal troubles, but also gave us Kandi’s married name (Burruss-Tucker) and gave us a look at Nene’s preparations for her role in the Las Vegas show “Zumanity.” (You can read the full recap here.)

The show’s premiere numbers also outdid CBS’ Madam Secretary, but they were exceeded by ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

RHOA was also the number one reality show on social media with 171,000 tweets.

via Variety

“I’m Really Not Supposed To Be Here…” Kenya Moore Recalls Her Abusive Relationship

November 13th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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 Kenya Moore Recalls Her Abusive Relationship


After the whole melee with Porsha and Kenya from last year’s reunion, Kenya compared that hair pulling incident to a man beating his wife. While that might have been a little extreme, in an interview with theGrio, Kenya explained why she was so sensitive to Porsha’s attack.

It actually triggered memories of an abusive relationship from her past.

“I was really young. I was in high school, and I was dating a much older man. He was every bit of what you would think an abuser would be. He tormented me physically, mentally and once even nearly killed me by putting me into the hospital from stabbing me with a finger nail file.” 

“I lived through that very early on and I feel actually blessed because I did go through it so young and I know the signs to look out for with the men that i’m dating now. And whenever I see a hint of it, I don’t choose to be with that person because I know what it looks like.”

When asked what she would tell other women who may find themselves in a similar situation, Kenya said:

“Love is not someone who will hit you, someone who will talk down to you, someone who controls you, someone who doesn’t allow you to be with your friends, someone who wants to be every part of your life, that’s not love. And my advice would be if they are experiencing that, then they need to tell someone, they need to confide in someone that can help them.”

She also expressed that she wished she had taken her own advice as a teenager.

“I wish I had told another man that it was happening to me because I feel like a man would not stand for it on any level, to see a young woman being abused in that way. So I would say, try to stop seeing that person, get help, counseling yourself, which I had to do. And also, tell someone. 

I’m blessed. I’ve had a lot of things to overcome in my life and I just feel blessed that I am here. I’m really not supposed to be here…but I’m here.”

Why I Believe Phaedra Didn’t Know About Apollo’s Thieving Ways

November 13th, 2014 - By Kendra Koger
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Why I Believe Phaedra Didn't Know About Apollo's Thieving Ways



Like my last article addressing Apollo and Phaedra, I must start this off by saying that I have no idea what their marriage was like.  All I can do is speculate, because, like in most marriages, the only people who know what really happened are the two people involved.  With the use of reality television you get somewhat of an insight, but even that’s flawed, because you only see what the people involved, the cameras, and the editors show.

Now that I got all of that out of the way, can I just say that I think that some people are being a little too hard on Ms. Parks.

When Apollo was first arrested, and with the release of Ms. Stanton’s book, a lot of people said that Phaedra had to have known.  There was also the phrase of:  “Where did she think the money was coming from?” and “What type of wife was she not to know?!”

As someone who was married, now separated, soon to be divorced, I have to say that I can see how she could have been in the dark about a lot of things.  Let’s dissect the situations that people claim should have pinpointed Apollo’s wrong doings and have pointed to Phaedra’s willing participation.

His Past:

Some people think that his past should have been a good indication, but Phaedra was blind to it because of how he looked.

However, I honestly think that she thought that his past was behind him.  If someone is telling you about the wrong that they have done, and they’re being so open with it, you begin to think that they are recognizing their faults.  You begin to think that they are so open with discussing it because they’re not interested in behaving in that way ever again, so their past follies are now only anecdotes to a forgotten path that they have discarded.

On top of that, you look at the person and you begin to feel bad for judging them because you have a past too.  You think:  well, I wasn’t always on the up and up, and I’ve messed up too.  Just because they got caught, or theirs was on a larger scale doesn’t mean that I should hold it against them, I mean, he/she seems like they’ve changed.

So, you begin to believe them.


His lack of a Job:

To my understanding, Phaedra always talked as if Apollo was employed.  On one reunion special when some of the other wives suggested that Apollo was living off of Phaedra, she proudly admitted that he worked, made his own money and was employed as in the Asset Recovery field.  Even Kandi jumped in to explain it a little better.  There was even a scene two seasons ago where he came in with a bookbag on and said that he just came from work.  Granted, we now know that he was in field of stealing assets, but I don’t think she really knew that.

How many times do adult people tell you that they do something and you actually check on them?  How often do you go to your spouse’s or boyfriends jobs?  Even if you do, how often do you see them in action?

There are many people who lie about their jobs, and they do so because they are embarrassed.  People lie about credentials, background, and for having a higher position than they actually do.  Heck, I knew a guy in college who always talked about going to class and working on papers, when we all knew that he was kicked out of the University.  It didn’t stop him from strapping on a bookbag, sitting in different lectures, and carrying a yearbook around to give the impression that he was still in school.

Most of the time if someone you love and trust is telling you that they are doing something mundane, and they’re leaving for a set number of hours each day, are you going to follow them?  You’re gonna take their word, because why would anyone lie about that?!

On top of that, Apollo was a reality star, and most reality stars supplement their wages by doing appearances.  When he talked about throwing thousands of dollars in the strip club, maybe he told Phaedra that he got that money from work or from a series of appearances?  It’s plausible!


Penultimate, his attitude.

Now, I don’t ever want to come off like I’m anti-Apollo.  I don’t even know the guy.  But what I saw on the show was a guy who didn’t like to be questioned.  He was portrayed as a guy that he was highly offended if Phaedra questioned him and didn’t take his word.

I’m not saying that Apollo was threatening, and Phaedra was scared.  But what I’m saying is, when you’re married and have kids, you try to minimize as much drama as possible.  For some people, it looks like trying to bypass anything that makes their spouse angry, so you try not to overly question or make them feel like they’re being interrogated and take them for their word, because (as some of them say) “you act like you don’t trust me.”

Marriage is all about trying to find a good way to live a life with a person who has a life outside of you that includes other stressors.  So, many people toe that line with their spouses.


Finally, her behavior.

I remember about three to four months before I left my husband and decided to go at things alone, I buried myself in work.  At the time I was book editing full time, and I was ed-it-ing.  I would do a book in the morning, a book in the afternoon, and a book a night.

For me, there was such a tangible sense of powerlessness that was going on.  My marriage was disintegrating, my husband didn’t seem to want to talk about it, our newborn was being a newborn, and we went from a two income family to one.

When things in people’s lives get out of control, they might try to find solace in something that they can control.  That’s the basis of some people’s eating disorders, addictions, abusive behaviors, and other habits.  For me, it was working, it gave me the ability to feel like I had something to control when every other area of my life was out of control.

So when Phaedra started getting all of these extra degrees, putting on animal funerals, and redecorating, I didn’t see it as she was trying to cover for the unknown source of Apollo’s income.  I saw it as her finding a sense of control.

Like I said, none of this is based off of knowing these people, because I don’t.  But because I know how difficult a marriage can be, and how people will look over signs that are obvious to others, it causes me to be a little bit more sympathetic.

Love truly does cover a multitude of sins, and when you’re tied to a person you might be more likely to believe that hogwash that they’re feeding you.  You’re more willing to look for rain clouds when they’re obviously peeing on your leg, because you want to believe that the person they showed themselves to be when you were first dating is still there.

However, when you realize that you’re actually eating chum, instead of sushi is when you finally decide to move on, which is what Phaedra is doing now.  She might have had blinders on all this time, but she’s obviously seeing clearly now.


Kendra Koger is now craving sushi (thanks article), and tweeting @kkoger.

“Phaedra Is Always Assuming I’m Siding With Apollo”: Is There A Rift In Kandi And Phaedra’s Friendship?

November 12th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Kandi and Phaedra


Ever since Phaedra Parks joined the cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in season three, she has been very close with Kandi Burruss. They have been there for one another through marriage, childbirth, momma drama, and now, divorce. But have differing opinions about the way Parks has handled things when it comes to Apollo Nida’s legal troubles caused some tension between them?

In a chat on the Bravo blog earlier this week, Parks was asked about what support she’s received from her cast mates during this tough time, and she didn’t mention Burruss:

NeNe and Porsha have been extremely supportive of me and very attentive throughout this entire ordeal, and for that I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately, some of the others decided to use my personal crisis as an opportunity to further their own interests and talk to the media to get press for themselves. The lack of compassion was, at times, shocking.

I didn’t think anything of the omission of Burruss’ name, as most people are well are aware that she is more than just a “cast mate” to Parks, but damn near like family. Plus, we’ve seen Burruss be supportive during last season and in Sunday’s premiere episode. But when Burruss spoke to Bravo yesterday about Parks feeling like she takes Nida’s side too much, I wondered if there is actually something going on between them at the moment? Here’s what she told Bravo about the struggle of being friends with both Parks and Nida as their marriage crumbles:

It’s very hard. Phaedra is always assuming I’m siding with Apollo, which isn’t true. Todd and Apollo became pretty good friends, so I would say he takes Apollo’s side a lot. Todd and I have serious debates over their issues. Sometimes I get to the point where I’m like, “Listen Todd, we shouldn’t be arguing about their problems.” It’s crazy really… At the end of the day Phaedra is my girl. I’m always going to be honest with her about what I think. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion, but it’s not because I’m taking anyone’s side against her. Never that! It always sucks when two people that you really like are going through something as crazy as this. I’ve always heard that when a married couple goes through a divorce the people close to them end up going through the divorce with them. I never understood what that meant before, but I do now.

And it probably hasn’t helped that Burruss has talked about what’s going on with Parks and Nida in the media over the last few months, but she’s never really said anything negative. When asked about Parks’ situation by the Breakfast Club in September, she had this to say:

For me, if it were my husband or whatever, I wouldn’t leave him just because he was going to jail. I wouldn’t. But if it was about the other stuff that was going on that would be different. If he was just doing me wrong all the time, I would be like, ‘I don’t have time for this.’ There are certain things that could put any relationship in a bad position. But I would just say that I would have been fed up before the jail situation ever came…

They’ve been thick as thieves for so long, I’m sure it’s nothing they won’t talk through in time and move on from. But as Burruss said, divorce can be hard on everybody.

NeNe Leakes Says Statute Of Limitations Has Run Out On Donation To Detroit Schools

November 11th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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Image Source:

Image Source:

Detroit’s schools probably aren’t too pleased with NeNe Leakes. She recently went on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live TV show and basically said the schools in Detroit could forget about a promised $20,000 donation from her.

During last season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, NeNe challenged fellow castmate Kenya Moore to donate $20,000 to the charity of Moore’s choice.

Here’s how it went down. Leakes said to Moore: “Let’s put our differences aside for a day of charity. You pick the charity of your choice. I will donate $20,000 and you match me. You donate 20 along with me. How about that? 20K. You ready? Name the charity, and let’s go.”

Moore, who was born in the Motor City, picked Detroit Public Schools Foundation and later wrote the school system a check. Leakes then promised she’d match Moore’s donation. After Moore made her charity selection, Leakes again mentioned she’d do a donation match. “I will write a $20,000 check, and I’d like to see you match me. We’ll write it together.” Moore agreed.

But now Leakes is claiming she has no obligation to pay because the statute of limitations had run out on her promise. “Oh, really? She finally made a donation to Detroit. Well honey, didn’t the statute of limitation run out on that?,” Leakes said to Cohen on the show. “Well, it was a long time ago, so how ’bout that? The statue of limitations does run out on things. Just because she donate, I donate when I want to. I would want proof of that because she’s known to tell a few lies.”

The president of the school district is incredulous, telling TMZ there was no statute of limitations.

Rumor Fix‘s Real Mr. Housewife spoke exclusively to Kenya, who commented on Leakes’ latest announcement, “There was no deadline. This speaks to her character. She never intended to give $20,000 to any charity because she was likely trying to embarrass me rather than be kind and generous.”

Kenya continued, “She can contact Glenda Rice at the DPS foundation directly to confirm that I did give my donation. If she’s so rich, why is this even an issue?”