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She Ain’t Going Nowhere: Reports Claim Phaedra Has Been Filming RHOA For A Month Now

July 29th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Reports Claim Phaedra Has Been Filming RHOA For A Month Now

Over the weekend rumors started to swirl that Phaedra Parks wouldn’t be coming back for the next season of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.” And while that would make sense considering all of the drama that’s currently brewing in her household right now, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to TMZ, not only is Phaedra scheduled to participate in the upcoming season, she’s been shooting for a month now. A source told TMZ that the rumors of her taking a leave of absence from the show are just not true.

And she’s not the only one. Her husband Apollo Nida will also appear on the show until he has to begin serving his eight year prison sentence for fraud. Though I did hear some tea that Phaedra refused to film with Apollo. Apparently, she was driving to a restaurant to do a scene and when she learned that Apollo was there, she said she wasn’t coming. But that’s all hearsay at this point.

Naturally, the cameras want to capture some of the drama associated with Apollo’s sentence and the stress and strain it’s caused in the Nida/Parks marriage.

The rumors that Phaedra was quitting may have surfaced because a source confirmed that Phaedra may skip some filming to take care of family business but that’s far from leaving the show altogether.

I wish I could say I was surprised. But honestly, this is the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to Phaedra and Apollo.

Doing Too Much: Kenya Moore Falls On Las Vegas Catwalk

July 21st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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kenya moore falls


It’s a generally understood and accepted fact that Real “Housewife,” Kenya Moore has a flair for the dramatic. She spends her life doing the utmost. And it’s gotten her into a bit of trouble on more than one occasion. Yet she never seems to learn.

This past weekend, the reality TV star was participating in some type of competitive event at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Other Real Housewives from the other franchises were also in attendance where they teamed up with “high rollers” for a series of games they performed in front of a large audience.

In one of the games, the housewives were supposed to teach the high rollers how to work a catwalk. It seems like Kenya would be the perfect person for this. But it wasn’t long before she hit the floor and not with a dance step.

Take a look at the video below.

What we will say about Kenya though, she played it off pretty well and recovered like she starring in a sultry music video.

You can’t keep Kenya down.

Is This Miami Heat Player Porsha’s New Boo?

July 14th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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porsha's new boo

Source: WENN

Last week, we reported about Porsha “revealing” her new boyfriend on Instagram. If you saw the post, you know she didn’t really show us anything. It was just a blurry picture of her and some dude standing next to each other.

And now that she’s put her business out there, inquiring minds want to know, who is Porsha’s new mystery man.

Well, has a guess. According to the website reports have started to surface claiming that Norris Cole, of the Miami Heat is Porsha’s new man and that he’ll be present on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

They write:

And she shared a picture of her boyfriend with his face blurred. Hilariously, Porsha, in sharing the picture of herself, also blurred out her own face, so you don’t know who she is either. That certainly makes a lot of sense. You can tell in the picture that the guy clearly as some form of a high top styled or similar haircut. The male is darker skinned than Porsha and the height of a basketball player.

Stewart says ‘I really haven’t said yet who I’m dating…there is someone special. I’m not ready to say yet. I’m not ready. I’ve been there before and I’ve put my relationship out there. If I’m signed again with Housewives, then of course I’ll share the situation, but tip then, you’ll have to wait and see.’

Apparently the digital path is being kept clean so far. Cole is not following Porsha or the show’s executive producer on Twitter, LALate can report. And RHOA”s executive producer is not following Cole either.

Y’all know it’s not official until it’s confirmed by Twitter. In case you want to see if you can glean any more clues from Porsha’s image check it out below and compare it to the other pictures Cole has posted on his Instagram account.


porsha's new boo

Source: Instagram

This dude looks like a tenderoni.

Porsha’s Got A Man At Home, Reveals Him (Kind Of) On Instagram

July 11th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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porsha's got a man feat

Source: Instagram

Porsha Williams is sending out all types of hints that she’s taken yet another step in getting over her ex husband Kordell Stewart. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has been playing quite coy on her Instagram account, basically letting everybody know that she’s dating.

Now, before you get too excited she’s not revealing any names or faces but the proof is undeniable.

First there was this meme…

porsha's got a man

Source: Instagram

…which Porsha captioned Lol #guilty. 

Then there was this picture that clearly features a man but the image of the couple is completely faded out. And she captioned that one: #Him. 

porsha's got a man

Source: Instagram

It’s funny Porsha and Kenya can’t seem to get along but they’re actually very similar. Kenya has been and is still on the same half reveal antics with her “boyfriend.” Kenya might be her nemesis but it certainly looks like Porsha’s taken a page or two out of her book on how to keep your name relevant in the reality tv game.

We’ll have to keep a close look at Porsha’s Instagram and Twitter to see if she drops any more hints about the identity of her new man. It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll make an appearance on RHOA which is rumored to start filming again soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Do you think Porsha is silly for blurring out this image or do you think it’s wise to keep her personal life private?

Did She Take It Too Far? Kenya Moore Responds To Apollo’s 8-Year Sentence

July 8th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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RHOA star Kenya Moore explains confronting Apollo during Sunday night's episode.

Source: Bravo Tv

Being that Kenya and Apollo had such a tense relationship, marred by inappropriate flirting and then vicious shade throwing at the reunion, it’s no surprise that today, when news of Apollo’s 8 year prison sentence broke, that Kenya would have something to say about her former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mate. She took to Twitter to express her feelings and sympathies, with just an ounce of “I told you so.”

I’m never one to ride for Kenya and her antics, but I have to give this round to her. At the reunion when Apollo claimed that he made her and suggested that she put money on his books during his inevitable imprisonment, everyone turned their noses up in disgust. Where did this dude get off?! Sure the mess between the two of them was a big part of her storyline but trust and believe, Kenya has no problem finding numerous ways to create drama for herself, with or without Apollo. We’re sure she’ll be fine and continue to thrive in the messiness that is reality tv. And while people called it the shade of the century, I even felt a way when Phaedra came after her saying her future child could be fathered by a crazy murderer man who donated just so he could afford a pizza. Low blow. But seeing as how both Apollo and Kenya’s future criminal baby daddy might just run into each other in prison, Phaedra doesn’t have a whole lot of room to talk. 

What do you think about Kenya’s response? Should have taken this opportunity to take an additional dig or was it well deserved after all Apollo and Phaedra had to say about her?

Apollo Nida Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Bank Fraud, Phaedra Parks Doesn’t Attend Sentencing

July 8th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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First thing I thought about when I found out that Apollo Nida was sentenced was not him, or even Phaedra, but little Ayden and Dylan.

According to TMZ, Nida will spend the next eight years away from them as he serves time for cashing stolen checks, ID theft and laundering millions through phony bank accounts. This fraud game he was playing went on for four years while he tried to keep up with the Joneses. Considering that Nida could have faced a maximum of 30 years in prison, eight years is something of a “lucky break.” But a lot can happen in eight years that Nida will miss out on, including watching his boys grow up.

Part of the reason Nida was able to get a more lenient sentence was because he reportedly cooperated with the feds in order to share details on the criminal activities of others. But according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Nida wasn’t too happy about his sentence. The AJC says that he appeared annoyed when speaking on his way out of the courtroom, saying “The government did what they had to do.” Nida’s legal team tried to petition the court this week to have his sentence minimized, saying that his poor upbringing had a lot to do with his equally poor choices and never-ending legal troubles, and that his small-time criminal history doesn’t fit with him being categorized as being of Criminal History Category V. 

Before the sentencing, Nida apologized to everyone, saying “I want to apologize to the victims” and that he also wanted to “apologize to my family for letting them down.” But his family, as far as his wife and kids, were not present for the sentencing. There has been speculation for some time that Parks would part ways with her husband if he ended back up in jail, but she tried to refute such claims by saying she would stand by him until everything was resolved.

“…we are where we are and we’ll support him. We are a family. He’s the father of my two beautiful kids and at the end of the day, I am a Southern belle and I believe in family and I will support him until this is resolved.”

But I guess she got a little sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Nida is free for now on his bond, but the AJC says that he will probably have to head to prison to start serving his time within the next three to six weeks. 

Apollo And Peter At Odds Before Nida’s Sentencing

July 7th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Apollo And Peter At Odds

Souce: Bravo

Earlier this summer we reported that RHOA husband Apollo Nida pled guilty to fraud charges and is looking at up to 30 years in prison. Now, with his sentencing taking place tomorrow, July 8, Nida, who has already served five years in prison for similar offenses, is speaking to RadarOnline about his mind state, relationships and trying to get less time behind bars.

Though Apollo says he’s cool and taking everything in stride, he was shocked that his co-star and “on-tv friend” Peter Thomas was seen in MadameNoire’s exclusive interview, seemingly making light of his pending incarceration. For those of you who missed it, when we asked Peter how Apollo was doing, he said “about as well as someone who is getting ready to go to jail could do.” He chuckled a bit while he said it and apparently, Apollo took it as shade.

“I saw that. At this time, I don’t have time to waste to get into what he was saying. I didn’t really think he would count me out like that. I haven’t been sentenced yet. I talk to him, I just didn’t think he would have anything to say. I guess it doesn’t surprise me.”

Nida also says he’s just waiting on an update from his attorney about the amount of time he’ll spend in jail.

But in the meantime, he says that he appreciates those who’ve reached out. “Support is definitely needed. I appreciate everyone.”

Nida is not going to go quietly though. RadarOnline also confirmed that Nida has petitioned the court to lower his maximum prison time. In order to do so they would have to change the status of his criminal history category from Criminal History V to Criminal History IV.

Apollo’s lawyers issued a statement saying:

“A criminal history category of V substantially overstates the seriousness of Mr. Nida’s criminal past, thus warranting a departure from the Guidelines range,” his attorneys stated in July 3 documents, citing the 35-year-old personal trainer’s history of three probation revocations, driving under the influence, and giving a false name to law enforcement, all before he turned 24 years old.

“Mr. Nida’s lengthy but early small-time criminal history is simply not in the same league as the “violent offenders, drug kingpins and perpetrators of far more serious offenses” that Criminal History Category V was designed to address.”

And in reference to his strained marriage to Phaedra, Nida, who has been spending his last free days alone while Phaedra vacations with friends, says “We’re working to make it better.”

[Video] Kandi Burruss On Juggling Multiple Businesses & Handling Taboo Topics

June 17th, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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Right now, we’re tuning in to see Kandi marry Todd, the man of her dreams, and manage her mother, Mama Joyce. But normally, when we see Kandi in action on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, she’s managing her multiple businesses while navigating the minefield of drama between her fellow cast mates.

Kandi paid a visit to the MN studios to talk about the rigors of being a business owner, how being on a wildly successful reality TV show has helped her business, and how she decided to go into business industries that many would find too taboo to touch.

Kandi knows what she’s talking about so be sure to watch this one twice!

Mama Joyce’s Odd Behavior At Reunion Wasn’t Caused By Drugs Or Alcohol: ‘I’m Just Kookoo Crazy!’

June 13th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

Whether you agreed with her or not, I think most of us can agree that Mama Joyce was wildin’ out during the last season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” especially at the reunion show. So much so, that folks began to wonder whether or not her unusual and sometimes over-the-top behavior was triggered by substances such as drugs or alcohol. But the reality TV mom says that definitely wasn’t the case.

“I’m just kookoo crazy!” she told WetPaint. “So for those who thought I had been drinking, they are sadly mistaken. I do not drink, I do not smoke, and I have never done any drugs.”

“That was just me being me. And in the future if they see me on the show, they’ll see me being me,” she continued.

In addition to being “kookoo” crazy, Joyce says that cameras just catch her in a bad mood sometimes, but she’s naturally a happy person.

“For anyone that was misunderstood, that was my normal personality. I’m a happy person. I’m happy all the time,” she said. “Now, last year they may have caught me with a bad mood.”

Joyce also expressed that while Bravo may not make her a housewife, she feels like she deserves a peach.

“Maybe not a Housewife, but something! I should have a peach, don’t you think? I think I was a very important part of this last season.”

Oh, Mama Joyce!

Porsha And Kenya Required To Film Together Despite Altercation, Says Source

June 13th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Bravo

Source: Bravo


Despite their reunion show altercation, an industry insider claims that Bravo producers will require Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams to film scenes together for season seven. Actually, none of the housewives will be allowed to turn down scenes with one another if recent reports are correct.

“Bravo has had it with the egos of the housewives,” the source told All About The Real Housewives. “They talked to all the Atlanta ladies when they were asked back and specifically told them that if they expect to stay on the show and receive their paycheck, they will do what every employee has to do — THEIR JOB!”

The source went on to say that producers have had it with one housewife in particular and that’s resident Queen Bee NeNe Leakes.

“Producers have especially had it with NeNe’s superior attitude. They know that this is her only ‘million dollar’ job and she won’t quit despite what she demands she tries making. Not only that, she’s never had anything interesting going on in her life that could carry her on the show. Her interaction with her castmates is what makes her interesting.”

As you may recall, NeNe has made unfavorable comments about the franchise and whether or not she will return several times since the season concluded.

“I don’t know,” NeNe said earlier this month about her own decision to return. “I felt like this past season was very dark. I thought it was very negative.”

Considering all of the relationships that fell apart last season, we can definitely see why Bravo executives would want to make it mandatory for all cast members to film with one another. With all of the turmoil, this could possibly be the series’ most explosive season ever. Representatives from Bravo have yet to offer comment on the rumors though.

Are you looking forward to season seven?

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