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$35M Reportedly Wanted For Prince Music Vault With New “Purple Rain” Deluxe Edition In The Works

October 13th, 2016 - By Ann Brown
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Prince has only been dead for six months, but his vault of music is already being shopped around. And Billboard reports the asking price is $35 million. Also in the works is a “Purple Rain” Deluxe Edition collection set for release in 2017.

Prince estate advisers Charles Koppelman and L. Londell McMillan are shopping Prince’s collection to three major labels interested in the rights to the music. Ironically, Prince fought for years for the rights to and control of his own music and even changed in name to a symbol in protest over the control the record label had over his creations. He referred to himself as a slave to Warner Bros. Music at the time.

Now his music is for sale, and while there is no true knowledge of what’s in the vault, it will surely include many of his classics, and is said to contain “thousands of hours of music recorded over four decades.” Yet, who actually now owns Prince’s music is still up in the air. “Ownership of certain unreleased material also remains unclear, as Prince was under contract to Warner Bros. from 1977 until the mid-1990s and subsequently cut one-off or short-term deals with every major label group (including Universal’s Republic, Sony’s Columbia, Epic and Arista, and EMI) and several indies as well as streaming services over the years,” reports Billboard.  Since Prince died without a will, the ownership question is very complicated and a case will soon be heard in court to make the determination.

“[A] deluxe edition of Purple Rain — which was announced as part of the artist’s 2014 deal with Warner Bros. but has not yet materialized — will likely be released in the coming months, possibly as soon as early 2017,” Billboard says as well.

It’s no surprise that the asking price for this collection is so high; Prince’s music is still a top seller. “Since his death on April 21, Prince has sold 1.95 million albums and 4.9 million song downloads in the U.S. through the week ending Oct. 6, according to Nielsen Music,” reports Billboard.

Why I’m Not Here For The Paisley Park Tours?

August 25th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Why I’m Not Here For The Paisley Park Tours?

Source: AP Images

Today, news spread that Prince’s estate, Paisley Park, is going to be open to the public for tours. According to TMZ, Prince’s home will now be under the control of Elvis Presley, in a very round about way. How so? Well, the bank that manages Prince’s estate Bremer Trust announced that the deal would put Graceland, the company in charge of public tours, particularly Elvis’ estate, would be in control of Prince’s property. The announcement confirmed that the tours are set to begin in October.

Reportedly, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, is on board with the project. But sources told TMZ that other family members are not in support of the new partnership. The family is not okay with the deal because Graceland Holdings would stand to receive 50 percent of the revenue generated by the tours in Paisley Park.

Bremer is reportedly negotiating with the family to get everyone on board so they won’t go to the media and bad mouth the deal. According to TMZ, the tours are going to happen regardless. It’s just a matter of sweetening it up for everyone.

As much as I admired Prince’s talent and artistry and would have loved  to have been invited to his home, there’s something about this whole thing that seems skeevy. For as much as he gave to the world musically, Prince was notoriously private. Only a select few were invited to that sacred space. The thought of sweaty tourists with fanny packs traipsing through Prince’s private home seems like a violation to me.

I’m a huge Prince fan. But I also know he went through great pains to maintain his artistic freedom. The thought that not only his art but pieces of his life would be available for the profit of someone other than his family seems equally exploitative. Perhaps they need to do this to keep money coming in. But still, does it have to be this? Does it have to be Graceland, a company likely run by White people, profiting off of Prince’s space and his belongings?

It just doesn’t feel right.

And as curious as I am to see how he might have lived, I would feel much more comfortable with a museum that featured some of his belongings than walking through his home

Veronica Wells is the culture editor at MadameNoire. She is also the author of “Bettah Days.”

After Death Of Prince, Chaka Khan Motivated To Re-Enter Rehab For Prescription Drug Addiction

July 11th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Back in April, we lost one of the biggest names in music after Prince passed away from an accidental fentanyl overdose. He was 57.

According to the Associated Press, fentanyl is an opoid painkiller “that is up to 50 times more potent than heroin.” The synthetic drug was behind more than 700 overdoses reported to the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2013 and 2014. Prince was reportedly using it to deal with intense knee and hip pain, the latter he battled with after hip replacement surgery a few years back.

Well, as it turns out, Chaka Khan, one of Prince’s good friends and musical collaborators (he’s behind “I Feel for You”), received the wake-up call she needed from his passing to deal with her own issues with prescription drugs. In an official statement taken from the singer’s website:

“Representatives for Chaka Khan announced today that ten-time GRAMMY® Award-winning recording artist Chaka Khan has entered an addiction rehabilitation and aftercare program which will cause her to postpone all dates scheduled for the month of July. Chaka has struggled with a dependence on prescription pain medications and has voluntarily entered the program to get healthy and stay that way. As part of the ongoing outpatient treatment the doctors have urged her to resume recording mid-July and commence all performances beginning August 1st and onward.”

Khan is entering rehab with her sister, Yvonne Stevens (also known as Taka Boom). As she told the AP, “it’s vital that I put my health and well-being first. I know that I am disappointing some of my fans, but I also know they would want me to recover and be well and healthy.”

She added: “The tragic death of Prince has had us both rethinking and reevaluating our lives and priorities. We knew it was time to take action to save our lives. My sister and I would like to thank everyone for their support, love and prayers.”

Khan, born Yvette Stevens, has struggled with drug addiction for a large chunk of her adult life. She’s spoken openly about cocaine use in the past (and getting high with Whitney Houston) and her work to sober up from all of that. But after knee surgery, she found herself addicted to painkillers.

The singer tried to get a hold on her issues with prescription drugs, specifically, in 2013. After Khan’s stay at Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation Center, she issued a statement about the struggle to get healthy.

“The battle of addiction is a serious and long process, which is why I chose to address my use of prescription medications—which came about as a result of the knee surgery I had a few years ago. When and if necessary, I will seek alternative methods and traditional treatment to stay ahead of any potential problem. So many are not here today, and have lost this battle with addiction. Because these medications are legal, their abuse is often unknown—until it’s too late. If not handled they are a silent killer.”

Hoping for a successful treatment for Khan so that can she be around to hit those notes for years to come. Kudos to her for taking charge of her health and wellness.

“There Was A Very Intense Relationship” Judith Hill Recounts Her Last Moments With Prince.

June 22nd, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: AP Images

Source: AP Images

You may have heard Judith Hill’s name and seen her face before. I first saw her in Michael Jackson’s posthumous This Is It documentary. She was set to work as his background singer on what was supposed to be his last tour. But Jackson died before the tour ever launched.

I saw her again on NBC’s “The Voice” and then later, featured in a Grammy-award-winning documentary 20 Feet From Stardom. 

What I didn’t know was that she was working closely with Prince for the past two years. So close, that she was with him when pilots had to make an emergency landing on the flight less than a week before his death. Hill spoke to The New York Times about their relationship and the last few days they shared together.

The story started when she detailed the flight:

“She was sitting on a plane with a man she loved, talking, having dinner, when suddenly he lost consciousness. She shouted his name: Prince. She shook him. But he didn’t come to.”

On the flight from Atlanta to Prince’s home, Paisley Park, just outside of Minneapolis, Hill said, “His eyes fixed.” She, Prince, and his longtime friend and aide were the only passengers on the private jet. The New York Times said that if Hill had glanced away from Prince, she might have thought he dozed off. But she said, “Thankfully, I happened to be looking into his face.” 

She immediately got Prince’s aide, the pilots made an emergency landing and Prince was later taken to the hospital.

Hill said she was very freaked out and kept trying to wake him, shaking him and calling his name. On the tarmac, Prince was revived by paramedics with a shot of Narcan, typically used to treat opioid overdoses.

By the time he made it to the hospital, he was awake and talking.

Hill said she was relieved to see him in this state because she thought he was gone.

Hill said, “I was with Prince the last two years of my life.” She left her home in L.A. to live in Paisley Park and open concerts for him in Baltimore, Detroit and Washington. He also co-produced her 2015 debut album, Back in Time and offered advice as she separated herself from her recording contract with a major label.

Hill said, “Now he’s gone, and I realize I was leaning on him a lot. And that’s what’s scary. I’m on my own.” 

And while this is not the first time Hill has been near when a musical icon passed away, she says it’s not the same.

“Michael was different. I didn’t know Michael [except] as a fan and as someone that worked for him.” 

When asked if her relationship with Prince was romantic, she said, “There was a very intense relationship. I deeply cared for him.” She said in a conversation not long before he died Hill said, “He told me that he loved me and that he would always be there for me.” 

The two met when, in an interview around the time of promotion for 20 Feet From Stardom, Hill said her dream collaborator would be Prince. He saw the interview and reached out to her, inviting her to a jam session at Paisley Park.

On her project, Back in Time, Prince served as her background vocalist. Others said Prince respected and regarded Hill’s musical opinions in high esteem, often taking her suggestions. Marcus Anderson, a horn player for Prince, said “That was kind of a first.” 

But despite their closeness, Prince never told her that he was in pain after decades of performance and hip surgery.

“I only know what everyone knows about his pain—I read about it. He was quick on his feet. Never said anything, that this is hurting, never a sign of struggle. That’s why it’s all very shocking.” 

While Prince was a vegan, interested in a clean living and frowned on recreational drug use, those close to him say that he became dependent on painkillers.

After the incident at the hospital, Prince promised Hill that he would begin taking steps to heal himself. He underwent tests by a local physician.

“He did it because he was concerned, and he wanted to do the right thing for his own body,” Ms. Hill said. “And that’s the part that breaks my heart, because he was trying. He was trying.”

While he was in the hospital, after the emergency landing, Hill said Prince told her, “It’s only by God’s grace that I’m even here. I had to fight for my life. I remember hearing your voices from afar and saying to myself, ‘Follow the voices, follow the voices, get back in your body, you gotta to do this.’ And he said it was the hardest thing he’d ever done, to get back into his body like that.”

Sheila E. Is Dedicating Her Upcoming Album To Prince

June 18th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Photo Credit: Derrick Salters/

Photo Credit: Derrick Salters/

The news of Prince’s untimely death is still weighing heavy on the heart of loyal fans, and most importantly, his former lover and collaborator Sheila E.

When the news of the Purple One’s death hit in April, the renowned singer, drummer, and percussionist was in the process of recording a dance album. However, with the loss, she was driven to create something more insightful. “It just wasn’t the music I wanted out right now,” Sheila told Billboard. “It’s not how I’m feeling; everything has changed. So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to write a whole new album. And it feels right.”


Sheila will also join a number of artists like the Roots, D’Angelo and Janelle Monae, to pay tribute to Prince at the BET Awards (June 26), and will drop a new ballad of a single inspired by her former fiancé, “Girl Meets Boy.”


The revamped album is also titled after the lead single, and will “feature uptempo tracks and ballads influenced in some ways by the pair’s relationship and ‘driven by the sense of loss that so many are feeling,'”she added.

Billboard also reports that the upcoming LP, which will be released later this year, will be her first solo project since 2013’s Sheila E.: Icon.

“We Got You” BET Announces Artists Involved In The Prince Tribute

June 7th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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After the news of Prince’s passing fully set in—for some of us, points to myself, it still hasn’t— we began wondering who would be selected to honor the late, great musical icon. Since the Billboard Music Awards proved themselves incompetent in the face of the challenge, all of our hopes rested on the shoulders of BET.

And with their appropriately timed, super shady tweet, the network led us to believe that they were going to deliver.



Well, according to a recent press release announcing the artists set to honor The Artist, it seems like they were telling the truth.

The Roots, D’Angelo, Janelle Monae and Sheila E. are the performers set to celebrate the legend and his music.

I know I saw quite a few of these names on the wish list. I’m particularly happy to see Sheila E. made the cut since songwriter/producer, Linda Perry, went out of her way to not only defend Billboard’s decision to have Madonna tribute Prince but to insult his musical protégée and former fiancee, Sheila E., along the way.

In case you missed it, on CBS’ “The Talk,” Perry said, “…it’s really the Billboard Awards, they think about who is hot and popular. They’re not gonna call up Chaka Khan and re-put together The Time and Sheila E. because they’re not relevant right now.” 

But Madonna is apparently poppin’ in these streets.

Oh, okay…

Either way, with this line-up, we’re officially excited.

The BET Awards, which will be hosted by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, for the second year in a row, will air live on Sunday, June 26 at 8 p.m. EST.

Linda Perry Claimed Sheila E. Wasn’t “Relevant” Enough For Prince BBMA Tribute

May 26th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Peruse the interwebs and social media and you’ll find that one name consistently appears at the top of everyone’s Prince tribute wish list: Sheila E.  A date has yet to be announced, but the musician, who performed and co-wrote timeless hits with Prince like “Erotic City,” “The Glamorous Life” and “A Love Bizarre” (not to mention, The Purple One did ask her to marry him), stated soon after Prince’s passing that she’s spearheading a Minneapolis-based tribute to the late musician and her good friend.

Those of us who made it through Madonna’s sincere though poorly executed/flat/soulless (any and all of these descriptions suffice) rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U” at the Billboard Music Awards wished Sheila E., along with Prince-affiliated or heavily influenced musicians like Morris Day and The Time, The Revolution, New Power Generation members and a host of other artists who were willing or able to perform, graced that stage instead.  And while Madonna (and Stevie Wonder) had every right to perform that tribute, which wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to honor an icon whose music touched countless lives, it’s hard to imagine that someone could discredit Sheila E.’s ability to pull off an epic homage of “Housequake proportions.”  And yet, Linda Perry tried it.

While guest co-hosting on The Talk, the singer-songwriter (and wife of the show’s regular co-host, Sara Gilbert) had this to say when Sheryl Underwood threw Sheila E.’s name into the Billboard Music Awards’ Prince tribute hat: “In all fairness, Madonna was asked to do this and she was friends with Prince but you also have to think about, it’s really the Billboard Awards.  They think about who is hot and popular.  They’re not gonna call up Chaka Khan and re-put together The Time and Sheila E. because they’re not relevant right now.”

Hold your tongue, ma’am.  Sheila E. and “not relevant” are words that do not belong in the same sentence together. (And don’t even get me started on the disrespect towards the beloved Chaka Khan.) Whether intended or not, Gilbert’s comments were an unacceptable shot at Sheila E.’s impeccable artistry and legacy.

And, I’m sorry, did I miss something?  Allow me to be petty for a moment.  When did Linda Perry (did you have to Google her?  Yeah, me too) become the arbiter of artistic relevancy?  Yes, Billboard awards are presented annually to musicians who have produced chart-topping music within a given year, but that has nothing to do with relevancy or personal musical taste, for that matter.  Deducing Sheila E., who was a key player in Prince’s camp, as not relevant simply because she’s not on Madonna’s relative level of fame – notoriety is really what Perry was talking about – gives the machine of celebrity a power it doesn’t fully deserve.  It’s the music that matters.

To undermine talented, decades-in-the-game artists like Sheila E. who have put in the work and have the fans to prove it just because they aren’t on a certain level of fame or didn’t make the very short list of trending artists within the last year is beyond bogus.  By those standards, Prince himself wouldn’t have been deemed “relevant” in recent years, despite the fact that he constantly produced and released music.  Much of his library was difficult or impossible to access, however, on streaming mediums like Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, which is how a vast majority of consumers purchase and listen to music nowadays.  Yes, Prince was famous beyond measure, but he wasn’t topping the charts as of late, and his popularity wasn’t akin to what it was at the height of his fame in the ’80s and ’90s.  Did that make us love his music any less or render him irrelevant?  I don’t think so.

Linda Perry’s comments also suggest that music and its respective artists have an expiration date that not even a tribute can reanimate.  Apparently, music (and its corresponding creator) can go sour; become the musical equivalent of the Latin language; rendered inaccessible and give you no feels the second a musician steps out of the limelight.  Not only that, Perry’s biting words go against the very values and principles that Prince, who aided, trained and learned from musicians and artists in countless other disciplines, many of whom never achieved his level of fame, upheld.  Music, not fame, was the name of the game.

So, how did Sheila E. respond to all of this, you ask?  After pounding out a fierce, impassioned solo on the timbales in a way that only she can, Sheila E. paused during a recorded performance (see video below) to deliver a poignant statement in response to Linda Perry.  She did so without naming names, but I already went ahead and did that for you.

“On behalf of musicians, artists, creators, performers and anyone aspiring to be one of those, YOU ARE RELEVANT!  It was exactly that type of attitude and comment, recently conveyed on a talk show by a misinformed guest that Prince, Paisley Park and those who have been an extension of, continually fought, and still fight, against.  The creations and the creators, contrary to fleeting popularity or fame, is what breathes life into art.  The lack of understanding and myopic view of dollars over sense is what perpetuates the ignorance that continually works against the artist and the industry.  I am offended.  #RELEVANT.”

Boom.  How’s that for not relevant?  Keep marching to the beat of your own drum, Sheila.

Censored But Not Muted: Musicians Who Have Been Boycotted And Banned

May 9th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Musicians, much like other artists, have been censored by radio stations, universities, libraries and practically any other space you can think of for decades.  Before them, writers who spoke out against atrocities committed by governments the world over had their books burned and banned. Typically, musicians are targeted for censorship because their lyrical content is deemed too risqué or inappropriate.  Or, their music videos are considered sexually suggestive or outright explicit and therefore unfit and unsafe for public consumption.  But censorship and the flat-out banning of songs and videos always seems to work in favor of the artists – earning them more public attention and ultimately more album sales, giving credo to the saying there’s no such thing as bad publicity.  Controversy, whether intended or not, sells, and these artists clearly aren’t afraid to push boundaries or to speak their minds.  Here is but a small list of artists whose music was at one point or another censored, boycotted or banned.

A Prince Hologram Might Be On The Horizon

May 1st, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Prince Rogers Nelson


The popularity of celebrating late and great musicians via holograms continues to flourish. First, there was the somewhat eerie, digital debut of  Tupac at Coachella in 2012 along Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Then, Michael Jackson rocked the 2014 Billboard Music Awards with killer choreography and more. Recently, there’s been talk of other influential, high-ranking artists like The Notorious B.I.G and Whitney Houston possibly making posthumous appearances with the help of the developing technology, too.

Now, after the shocking passing of icon Prince, there’s buzz that fans and audiences alike may get the chance to relive his musical greatness live. Not even after a week of his death, Hologram USA said that if fans and the estate are interested, they’d be willing to produce a hologram of the artist.

“We are mourning the loss of Prince along with his millions of fans,” Hologram USA CEO Alki David said to The Wrap. “If at some point in the future his estate and the fans feel a hologram performance would be a fitting tribute, we’d be honored to celebrate the Sexy Motherf—er in every way.”

What are your thoughts? Too soon? Or would you be willing to see a posthumous Prince performance?

D’Angelo Performs “Sometimes It Snows in April” For Prince, Gets Choked Up

April 27th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Okay, our title may be a little harsh, on second thought. Jazmine Sullivan and Anthony Hamilton and his Hamiltones singing “Adore” was also pretty awesome. And Fantasia and The Color Purple cast’s rendition of “Purple Rain”? They gave us goosebumps. But after watching, you will have to admit that this performance by D’Angelo of “Sometimes It Snows in April” from the Parade album just pulls at the heartstrings like no other. It makes it even more indisputable that Prince truly is no longer here, which just makes one want to cry…

The performance took place last night during Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. D’Angelo, accompanied by Princess, the cover band led by comedian Maya Rudolph, performed enshrouded in purple light. And while the entire performance was moving, perhaps the most poignant moment came when D changed the lyrics near the end to “I often dream of heaven and I know that Prince is there,” and then proceeded to get choked up.

For those who wasted no time giving suggestions for stars to perform in a Prince tribute at the upcoming BET Awards, D’Angelo (along with the likes of Miguel and Janelle Monàe) have always been at the top of our list. The musician has always spoken of the influence Prince’s musical abilities had on him and his desire to be a renaissance man of sorts. As he said about being inspired while working on his debut album, Brown Sugar, “I was one of those guys who read the album credits and I realized that Prince was a true artist. He wrote, produced, and performed, and that’s the way I wanted to do it.”

D’Angelo and The Purple One were friends. And who could forget D’Angelo’s fantastic cover of “She’s Always in My Hair“? With all these things in mind, it only makes sense that he would be called upon to perform and that in the midst of doing so, would be hit with an overwhelming sense of sadness over the loss of his beloved friend and idol. Check out the performance for yourself below, as well as D’Angelo’s impromptu rendition of “Venus De Milo“: