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Unpretty: Young Girls Post “Am I Pretty Or Ugly” Videos On YouTube

October 23rd, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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From StyleBlazer 

The fashion world is a beautiful, fantastical escape, but sometimes a real-life issue yanks us back from our Louboutin wishes and Balmain dreams into the cold, harsh reality at hand. Today’s terrible truth has to deal with pre-teen and teenage girls, their body issues, and their self-esteem. It’s bad enough that teenagers must navigate the tricky waters of growing up around Photoshopped ads and magazine covers crowding them in from all angles, and it seems that impressionable young minds are having a hard time sorting out the real from the fake–and feeling all the worse for it.

Young girls are feeling so bad, in fact, that they’re taking to YouTube–by the hundreds of thousands–to find validation (or humiliation) through posting “Am I pretty or ugly?” videos. Girls who question their appearance due to bullying at school or feelings of inadequacy are posting homemade videos on YouTube asking the general public to rate them on their appearance–the results are as disturbing as you’d think.

In the video below, for instance, a 14-year-old girl laments her confusion over her appearance–saying that her friends tell her she’s beautiful and that they’re jealous of her face, but other kids at school call her ugly. This sad trend of asking an unknown–and potentially cruel–public to judge one’s appearance has been around for a few years now. Early in 2012 one professor at Pace University referred to the practice as a form of “self-mutilation,” akin to cutting and eating disorders. Yet another article from early 2012 says, ”This is a self-destructive yet, unconsciously, coping mechanism. They’re trying to feel better, but it’s self destructive and it’s not working.”