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Back To Glam: Get Back To Your Style, Post-Pregnancy

October 24th, 2016 - By MommyNoire Editor
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Angela Simmons mom style


We’ve all seen the snapshots of some of our favorite celeb mommies like Kelly Rowland, Chrissy Teigen, Teyana Taylor and Angela Simmons post-pregnancy. They were spotted on red carpets and on Instagram weeks after giving birth rocking fabulous outfits and five-inch heels like the words “delivery room” were a distant memory. I’m not just talking about weight loss here, I’m talking about their looks, their attitudes. They clearly gave new moms and moms-to-be life with their sass and style post-pregnancy.

I consider myself a die-hard “BlackGlamourMom,” hence the name of my blog. I was THAT mom who rocked her four-inch heels all the way through the eighth month of pregnancy and pretty much refused to rock maternity wear. However, I can admit, that post-pregnancy I fell into a “short-lived” glamour rut.

Let me explain.

After giving birth to my son, I initially struggled with getting back to me and what I was all about. I can remember trying to get dressed and not being able to pull my looks together. It was as if this baby changed me into a “plain Jane.” I was constantly rocking basic pairs of jeans and graphic T-shirts like that was my staple go-to uniform. (Trust me, I’m not knocking any mommy who prefers this as her go-to look, the fact of the matter was, it just wasn’t my look.) I was spotted carrying the same LV handbag week after week as I pretty much refused to swap out my bags the way that I used to pre-baby. I mean, really, it was so easy to throw bottles and wipes into this bag for those short trips to the grocery store or anywhere else I needed to quickly run out to. It actually got to the point, where I had to stop and laugh at just how much my fashion game had changed.

To be honest, as we moms know, having a baby is a major adjustment. I wasn’t yet comfortable with my new figure, mainly this new bulge of a stomach that I now owned and quite honestly, I think I started to believe that I had to style myself a certain way because I was now a mom. Fast-forward, six months post-pregnancy and I would say a change came over me. I started to realize that I had to get back to the “Glam Mommy” that I was pre-birth. I selected a weekend and got to cleaning out my closets and sifting through racks of clothes and shoes to determine what I should keep; I had clearly forgotten about what I even owned.

As I stand here today and look back at that time four years ago, I realize that I had lost a bit of my identity post-pregnancy when it came to my fashion game. What I learned is that you don’t have to lose yourself or your sense of style because you’ve given birth. In fact, I’m so excited to share that I clearly have my glam back. Yes, heels and sexy tops are back full-force!

Ladies, it’ so easy to lose your glam post-pregnancy, so I’ve rounded up my four tips for “Getting Back To Glam” after giving birth.

 1Understand That You Are Still The Same Person

Yes, you may now be the mother to a little one, but that doesn’t mean that you stop being who you are. It’s super important to remember that. Your style may actually increase post-pregnancy as you learn to adjust to your new body type and role as mommy.

2. Realize That You Don’t Have To Adopt A “Mommy Style”

A lot of times you see new mothers who totally switch up their looks after having a baby. No, I’m not saying that you should parade around town in crop tops and cut-off shorts post-pregnancy, but I am saying that you shouldn’t feel as if your look has to be totally covered up now that you are a mom. I personally have always dressed a certain way, but I still believe that you shouldn’t feel that certain items are “off-limits” now that you’ve added mommy to your list of roles. The key is to always dress for your body type as well as the occasion.

3. Pay Attention To Other Stylish Moms

Not only can you keep up with mommy style bloggers, but you can also pay attention to celebrity moms. They are always rocking the latest looks and can totally give you inspiration as you get back to your own personal glam.

4. Enjoy The Moment!

You’ve birthed a life, so you deserve to take time for yourself and do you, even if that means dressing less glamorous. The point here is that if you’ve always been that glam-type and want to get back to being that type, don’t think that all is over once you’ve given birth. I say, enjoy the moment, but remember who you were and who you are now.


Michelle Matthews-Alexander is the founder of, a mommy and lifestyle destination for young, fashionably chic, career and entrepreneurial-minded moms who refuse to trade their luxury crossovers for minivans and their Christian Louboutin heels for Crocs, just because they’ve entered the wonderful world of mommy-hood.

Burn Survivor Andrea Grant Disproves Doctors & Welcomes Healthy Baby Boy

October 19th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Impatiently waiting the arrival of a very special little boy Marcus D Jackson Jr.

A photo posted by Life Is WorthLiving With Scars (@chillonmill) on

About a month ago, we told you about burn survivor, Andrea Grant’s pregnancy. What made her pregnancy so unusual and so miraculous was that doctors told her that because of her scarred skin, she wouldn’t be able to carry her baby to term without the skin tearing. But after defying the odds with one child in 2012, she was sure she could do it again.

And last week, on October 12, Grant welcomed their son Marcus D. Jackson Jr. to the world. She documented a bit of her labor journey on her Instagram page, including a moment where Grant, experiencing a contraction, is asking for an epidural. Her sister, who was videographer for the day, said, “If you can survive fire, you can survive a baby naturally.”

Grant ultimately got her drugs and welcomed her latest bundle at 12:25 a.m. Baby Jackson weighed 6lbs and 8 oz. And you already know he’s adorable! Check out the pictures and video below.

💙💙💙 What An Amazing Gift From God

A photo posted by Life Is WorthLiving With Scars (@chillonmill) on


Marcus D Jackson Jr 💙 Born 10/12/16 12:25 am 6lbs 8Oz

A video posted by Life Is WorthLiving With Scars (@chillonmill) on

Baby Jackson 💙💙 More Photos And Videos On My Snap Chat Chillonmill

A photo posted by Life Is WorthLiving With Scars (@chillonmill) on

Such a beautiful and amazing story. Congratulations to Ms. Grant and her family.

Veronica Wells is the culture editor at She is also the author of “Bettah Days.” You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @VDubShrug.

Pause: A Few Signs You Shouldn’t Have Sex During Pregnancy

October 18th, 2016 - By MommyNoire Editor
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When I get that feeling, I want some sexual healing.

Come on – I can’t be the only one who sometimes (not all the time) wanted to get it on while carrying a little one. Hey, mama has her needs too, right? While pregnant with my first child, I instantly thought there was an unspoken rule of no sex during pregnancy because it would cause early labor and all sorts of craziness. However, after talking to my doctor, I was assured that things in the bedroom department could continue as normal, provided my husband and I are not indulging in any crazy 50 Shades of Grey stuff. My OB/GYN even reassured me that there are natural barriers protecting our growing little that include amniotic fluid and my trusty uterus.

Though my libido was not sky high like I thought it would be (sorry, no humping sofas for me), we have been able to keep up a somewhat regular sex life–even as the belly continues to grow. However, when I was in the final trimester, I started to wonder if we should stop as the baby only continues to get bigger and bigger. Not that I thought he would get his eye poked out or something silly, but God forbid something happens that could have been prevented if we just kept our hands off each other. This got me to thinking about signs one shouldn’t have sex during pregnancy. Do you know what they are? Here are some general warning signs you might want to back off a bit.

  •  Heavy cramping or pain. If you are experiencing some crazy cramps during and even after the act, push the pause button on your sexual escapades as that is a common warning sign you need to easy off.
  • Vaginal bleeding. This is another warning sign that should give you some concern. Should you notice unexplained vaginal bleeding or spotting, you could be putting too much pressure and stress on your special area which could lead to problems down the road.
  • Leaking amniotic fluid. Should this happen you need to contact your practitioner immediately!
  • Infection
  • Don’t feel comfortable. There’s no need to force something that doesn’t make you feel comfy. If you are having hesitations about having sex during your pregnancy, let your partner know. The best thing you can do for your body is to follow your instincts and listen to your gut.

I found that keeping an open line of communication with my doctor was key. As she was quite familiar with both my pregnancy and business down there (y’all know), her professional expertise on what to do and what not to do has made all of the difference. Do speak with your doctor or practitioner about having sex, as all pregnancies will differ. If for example you have a high-risk pregnancy or are susceptible to preterm labor, they may recommend against it. It’s always best to play it safe than be sorry so find out what works best for you.

 Click here to learn more tips on sex during pregnancy

Things That Make Your Period Late That Don’t Have To Do With Pregnancy

October 13th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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When you’re not ready to be pregnant, a late period is one of the scariest things in the world to deal with. You start to assume every slight change in your body is its way of telling you that you’re with child. But don’t buy every brand of pregnancy test in the drug store aisle just yet. There are quite a few reasons your period could be late — even if it usually comes like clockwork.

Check out these foods, lifestyle changes and even vacations that can actually disrupt your schedule. However, if your period continues to arrive off schedule for some time, you should probably see your doctor. Any period changes that last more than a month or so should be checked out.




If a situation is real enough to occupy your mind most of the time, it’s real enough to make your period late. And if stress really is the problem, your period might continue to be late until you find ways to relax.

A Glowing Janet Jackson Releases First Picture And Statement On Pregnancy

October 12th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We showed you pictures a few weeks back of a very pregnant Janet Jackson out shopping for items for her bundle of joy. And while we knew that Jackson halted the second leg of her Unbreakable tour to work on “planning her family” with Wissam Al Mana, she never fully announced that she was expecting. Sources and even big brother Tito Jackson talked to press about her being pregnant, and there were even rumors about her being on bed rest. Still, Jackson kept quiet and stayed out of public view. But now, six months after letting fans know she was taking a break to expand her family, she’s opening up about expecting and sharing the first official image of herself carrying her little one. It’s official like a referee with a whistle for those who had doubts:

She’s definitely glowing!

However, per the usual, Jackson is talking about expecting her first child on her own terms. What I mean by that is, she’s not saying too much.

“We thank God for our blessing,” Jackson told PEOPLEAnd that was it.

This is Jackson’s first pregnancy, and the fact that she’s expecting at 50 has stirred up quite the conversation. This is also the first child for third husband, Wissam Al Mana, 41, who is a successful Qatari businessman. The pair have been married since 2012.

And they’re a super cute couple. Congrats!

Myths And Facts About Ovulation

October 6th, 2016 - By Julia Austin
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If you’re struggling to become pregnant, or you’re pregnant with your third child and that wasn’t the plan you might be facing some issues, from how you use birth control (or don’t) to your lifestyle habits like diet and alcohol. But one other major issue that can affect fertility—whether you want to become pregnant or want to prevent pregnancy—is having the wrong ideas about ovulation. If you count on your ovulatory schedule so that you can avoid taking the pill, use condoms, and hopefully still not become pregnant, then you better have a thorough understanding of it. If you’re counting on your ovulatory schedule so you can become pregnant, then you also should have a thorough understanding of it! Unfortunately, many women do not. Here are myths and truths about ovulation that every woman (and man) should know.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Myth: the magical 14th day

Many people believe that all women begin to ovulate 14 days after the first day of their periods. Plenty of women just count the little pills in their pill packet—14 after the first placebo—and think they’re good to go!

At Four Months Pregnant, Fitness Guru Massy Arias Still Has A Six-Pack And The Internet Can’t Believe It

October 4th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I’ve been following fitness guru and health coach Massy Arias on Instagram for a while now. Arias, along with other women of color who train like Lita Lewis and Marissa of Body Concept in Chicago keep me motivated when I’d rather be somewhere eating all the carbs I can consume while catching up on 90 Day Fiancé.

Anywho, Arias has everyone talking right now because despite being 19 weeks pregnant, she still has a pretty mean six-pack. Of course, the 27-year-old Dominican beauty has been serious about fitness and her diet for years now (you have to be to call this a snack), so her muscles are well-defined at this point. As she shared in a recent post, Arias’s abs aren’t meant to make any other expecting (or non-expectant women) feel bad. She actually hopes that through posts of her workouts, diet and more, she can encourage women in general to be active:

My goal is to keep living and preaching about a healthy lifestyle. Couple of days before going into 19 weeks of pregnancy and I’ve never felt better. Being active and eating healthy isn’t only about maintaining a healthy looking body, for me it has meant staying physically but most importantly, mentally healthy as well. I am not doing this for me, but for the beautiful princess that is growing inside of me. Even though I’ve been so active for many years now and my routines might be a bit more advanced than what my fellow expecting mothers might be able to do at this point, I want to continue to inspire you all (pregnant or not) to be active. We will all grow at different rates and every woman’s body is different. My starting point and all the years of training has a lot to do with my own growth so take this into account before comparing your pregnancy with any other woman, including mine. I’ll be starting YouTube blogs very soon as soon as my 2.0 #ma60day launches. So get ready to get tons of education in a warrior/fun type of way. LE’TS MOVE, LET’S BE HAPPY, LET’S LOVE OURSELVES! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #mawarrior #childofGod #prego #fitmom #Mondaymotivation __________________________________________________ La meta es seguir llevando y educando sobre llevar un estilo de vida saludable. Al acercarme en unos pocos días a las 19 semanas de embarazo, quiero seguirles hablando que este estilo de vida para mí no es más que mantener un cuerpo estético. Para mí ha significado mantener mi salud física pero también mi salud mental. Yo no estoy haciendo esto para mí, si no para la hermosa princesa que hoy crece dentro de mi. Mi punto de comienzo y los años de entrenamiento que llevo tienen mucho que ver en cómo mi embarazo está progresando. Todos los embarazos son diferentes así que no te compares con ninguna otra mujer. Comensare episodios de YouTube donde estaré educándolos con mis mejores consejos. DALE! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

A photo posted by MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@massy.arias) on

More and more women are going into their second trimester with abs, and experts say that’s perfectly healthy and pretty normal during a first pregnancy, as rectus muscles separate when you deliver. “Some women don’t show, Alyssa Dweck, M.D. said in an interview with Shape last year about women with abs far into pregnancy. “The rectus muscles might be so well defined that they’re masking her growing uterus.”

At the same time though, as The Bump pointed out, you shouldn’t strive to get yourself some abs if you’re already expecting. However, you should just work out some, and do core exercises to prevent diastasis recti.

Fitpregnancy encourages moms-to-be to keep moving, with simple Pilates-based moves, curls and planks being their exercises of choice. Parents (and Andrea Orbeck) also has a few ab exercises they recommend pregnant women do a few times a week (2-3 times) that could aid in making the delivery process smoother. That includes heel slides, alternating heel drops, and double heel drops.

Check out a few more images of Arias, including how she works out during pregnancy, below. Don’t try this at home if you’re pregnant unless you’ve talked to a doctor and/or worked out at an intense level before baby. Again, the more work you do before pregnancy, the more it shows. As Arias told People last year, she has no background in athletics, but she knew she was determined to change her life by getting fit.

“I had no background in sports and I wasn’t athletic,” Arias said. “Today it’s a different story. I didn’t know that I was going to be able to do all the things that I’m doing now. I didn’t know that I had the potential to be this athletic. I think it’s just that the energy you put out, you get back.”


Omg my loves, today the baby is 4 months strong 👶🏽☺️ follow my journey on Snapchat: MassyFit READ BELOW: So my belly today is playing hide and seek. Some days I see a little bump but then the next day belly is gone. Skin is normalizing and almost blemish free. I haven’t lifted heavy these 4 months to protect the baby but now this little thing is secured and I can lift again. Not doing excessive weight either but in comparison to what I used to lift before, it will be more than what some could lift. Remember, I have a lot of strength so don’t be alarmed. Women lose tons of muscle mass during pregnancy so 2nd trimester will be the best time to pump some iron and mantain muscle mass. Let’s get it @mawarriors WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #prego #ma30day #mawarrior #16weeks #girlboss #girlpower ____________________________________________________________ Mis amores hoy el bebe cumple 4 meses 👶🏽☺️, que felicidad. Síganme en Snapchat: MassyFit. Tengo ya 4 meses sin levantar pesado para proteger a este bebe. Hoy la barriga no sé dónde está pero el bebe está creciendo y súper sano. Ya que el bebe está seguro y buen implantado es hora de levantar pesado y recuerden que mi fuerza es mucha así que cuando me vean levantando no se alarmen. La mujer pierde muchísimo músculo durante el embarazo y el 2ndo trimestre es buenísimo para mantener masa muscular porque ya el cuerpo se ajusta y se nivela! Así que vamos al mambo! Esta será una jornada interesante. Mi objetivo es ser activa durante el embarazo completo! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

A photo posted by MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@massy.arias) on

HAPPY FRIYAY, TAG YOUR BFF HERE IS AN AWESOME BODYWEIGHT ROUTINE FOR LEGS. GREAT FOR BEGGINERS AND MOMS EXPECTING (2nd trimester ). Reps and sets will depend on your fitness level. 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps should be a great range. You can make this harder by adding Dumbbells or barbells to each movement including the side plank. LET’S MOVE IT MOVE IT! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #prego #19weeks #childofGod #mawarrior #ma30day __________________________________________________ FELIZ VIERNES MIS AMORES AQI ESTA TU RUTINA DE HOY PARA PIERNAS. BUENISIMA PARS PRINCIPIANTES Y MADRES EMBRAZADAS EN EL 2ndo TRIMESTRE. Las repeticiones y series dependerán de tu nivel de entrenamiento pero de 3-4 series de 12-15 repeticiones es un buen rango. Si quieren progresar la rutina solo agrega resistencia con mancuernas y barras. DALE, A MOVERNOS! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

A video posted by MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@massy.arias) on

HAPPY MONDAY, HERE’S TODAY’S WORKOUT ROUTINE. TAG BFF 🌞 Mini bands available : @mawarriors WOD: 3-4 sets 12-15 reps Note: this routine is safe for 2nd trimester of pregnancy. The goal is to keep your heart rate stable and not over 150 beats per minute for a long period of time. You can do these using only your body weight. Ladies, listen to your bodies first. You shouldn’t be out of breath and unable to carry a conversation. You can mantain your level of fitness depending on where you were before you became pregnant. I don’t recommend if you were very sedentary, to start an intense routine that your body isn’t used to. Consult your doctor first. WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #mawarrior #childofGod __________________________________________________ FELIZ LUNES MI GENTE, AQUÍ ESTÁ LA RUTINA DE HOY. Menciona a tu mejor amigo/a mini bandas disponibles : @mawarriors RUTINA: 3-4 series 12-15 repeticiones. NOTA: esta rutina es segura en el 2do trimestre de embarazo. Tu objetivo es llevar un ritmo cardiaco controlado sin llevar a los 150 latidos por segundo por mucho tiempo porque el bebé necesita oxígeno. Puedes hacer esta rutina solo usando tu propio peso. Reinas, escuchen a sus cuerpos. No recomiendo que si llevabas una vida muy sedentaria antes de concebir, comiences una rutina muy avanzada que tu cuerpo no este aconstumbrado. Si pueden mantener tu estado físico durante el embarazo, solo tomando en cuenta que hay siempre que consultarlo con tu doctor! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

A video posted by MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@massy.arias) on



What Does It Mean To Have A Tilted Uterus? 5 Things To Know

October 3rd, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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So there I was on a rainy Friday afternoon, sitting in my gynecologist’s office after having my yearly exam. While reading back different information collected about me, the doctor said, “You have a tilted uterus.” I didn’t know what that meant so I responded with a “What?”

“Less than 50 percent of women have it, but it’s still quite common,” she said.

“So what does that mean?” I asked, bracing myself for something I didn’t want to hear.

“Nothing” she said. “Just thought you might like to know.”

Because I don’t know how to keep very much to myself, I went around telling everyone who “might like to know” about my unique uterus as though I were telling them about a secret power. When everyone asked what it meant, I told them that the doctor said it meant nothing. But then, I thought, it had to mean something for her to tell me — even if it’s not a bad thing.

So, I did some research. Just in case your OBGYN tells you that you have a tilted uterus, otherwise known as a tipped or retroverted one, here is some more information about it. And if you do have one, welcome to the club, sis.

Anteverted vs. Retroverted

Most women have an anteverted uterus, meaning it’s tilted toward the bladder. According to Better Health, to have a tilted or “retroverted” uterus means the uterus is tilted backwards towards the spine. While the anterior of an anteverted uterus is concave, for a retroverted uterus, the anterior is convex. Most doctors deem it a “normal anatomical variance” that one in five women have.


The causes of retroversion of the uterus vary. According to The New York Times, it could be because of weakened pelvic ligaments during menopause, as well as scarring of tissue in the pelvis due to things like endometriosis, fibroids, and pelvic inflammatory disease. However, for most, it’s due to genetics. For some young women, the uterus may tilt forward as they mature — sometimes it stays tipped backwards.

Possible Pangs

Many women don’t really deal with symptoms for a retroverted uterus. However, in some cases, it can cause pain, specifically during sex and pregnancy. According to Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D. who spoke to Women’s Health, she pointed out that you may feel discomfort when on top (but she also said that if you control the level of penetration, that can alleviate pain). Options she recommended that may not cause as much discomfort due to forceful penetration include missionary and the spooning position.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, What To Expect notes that you might struggle with more back pain than the usual mom-to-be, a harder time locating the baby during an ultrasound (which may require a transvaginal sonogram), and possibly, a hard time emptying your bladder. In the latter case, if the uterus is tilted far backwards while carrying a child, it could push up against your bladder and make it hard to empty it. Leaning backward while peeing can help.

Giving Birth

As for giving birth, just because you have a tilted uterus doesn’t mean you automatically have to have a C-section. According to experts, once you move past the first trimester, your uterus will be so large that it won’t be tilted. There have been times where there have been delivery complications or even an “incarcerated uterus” (as in, the uterus is stuck in your pelvis instead of moving up into your abdomen), but the likelihood of such occurrences is a small one. After giving birth, your uterus will find itself in a position based on how much of an effect your pregnancy had on your ligaments and how much weight you gained. Still, if it goes back to being retroverted, you should be just fine for future pregnancies.

Treatment Options

Doctors can physically lift a tilted uterus forward, but it may tilt back on its own. According to News-Medical, pelvic floor strengthening exercises can aid in helping it stay forward. A small silicone or plastic device called a pessary has also been used to tilt the uterus forward, however, it’s also been linked to infection and possible inflammation. Surgery is also an option, using sutures to tilt a backward-leaning uterus forward to keep it in place. So yes, you can do something about a tilted uterus. However, the consensus seems to be that if it hasn’t caused you any real trouble, why bother?

“Age Is But A Number With God”: 60-Year-Old Claudette Cook Gives Birth To Twins

September 30th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Get to know Claudette Cook of Pike County, Indiana. She just recently turned 60. She also just became a first-time mother this past Sunday.

As reported by Indiana’s 14 News, Cook and her husband Ross met 10 years ago. A year later, doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to have children, despite her hopes to try, due to her age. She fooled them.

Cook was deemed healthy and in shape by the IVF specialist she sought out earlier this year, so she proceeded with treatments. By April, Cook found out she was pregnant. Now, her fraternal twin boys are here: Isaiah, who came out first, and Isaac.

“I cried. I was like, you know, you look at TV and you see other people in the delivery room and you’re like, ‘Oh my goodness,'” Cook said. “And it was me. So, joy, it was so sweet. Everything changed in that moment. Once they’re born, your life changes.”

The couple will take their children home in a few weeks. After having a C-section, the boys were born a month prematurely at five pounds. Still, they’re healthy, and the couple is happy. Claudette and Ross, who met in church by the way, are also very thankful. Their faith brought them through the entire process, start to finish.

“Age is but a number with God,” she said. “Plus, I was healthy and in shape. I was like, yes, I know I can do this. I know I can. No matter how hard it was, it was like, He brought me through it all. So awesome God.”


Angela Simmons And Fiancé Sutton Tennyson Welcome A Baby Boy

September 29th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: PNP/

Source: PNP/

Guess who’s here!

Angela Simmons is officially a mom. She has welcomed her first child into the world alongside fiancé Sutton Tennyson. There were rumors swirling this past weekend that she gave birth, but no official word from the reality star or her reps. Earlier today, Simmons confirmed that she had indeed given birth through her Instagram page. And while she didn’t share any specifics on the date of birth or her son’s name, she did share excitement over this next chapter of her life:

The best part of life has just begun ❤️🙏🏼👶🏾💍 #Motherhood #ImSoInLove

A photo posted by Angela Simmons (@angelasimmons) on

Back in June, Simmons also used Instagram to reveal that she was having a boy. The 29-year-old celebrated her baby shower on September 2.

Speaking on this next stage of life, Simmons is also referring to marriage (peep the ring emoji). During her baby shower earlier this month, she revealed to E! News that she’s already started planning for a wedding for summer 2017.

“I just want to enjoy it,” she said. “I was going to get married in the beginning. We were already getting married and then all of a sudden I got pregnant. I was like, ‘Okay, you know what? Now I want to wait and do it when I can really enjoy it and be a true bride.’ So just in the summer sometime. I have some dates in mind and I’m working with Tiffany Cook. She’s an amazing wedding planner, so we’ve already started doing all that.”

Congratulations to Simmons on all of the great things happening in her life, especially the arrival of her firstborn child. According to Simmons, Rev Run’s name (Joseph Ward Simmons) will influence her son’s name, so stay tuned for that reveal.

“Just know that my dad is the most important and special man in the world to me, so his name will definitely be involved in some sort of way.”