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Serious Question: Would You Have Sex With Your Sperm Donor In Front Of Your Husband?

October 7th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Thirteen years ago, Ed Houben (pronounced who-been) decided to become a sperm donor because he doubted he would ever have a family of his own. As he became more comfortable with his side-occupation, Houben created a schedule where he visited the donation clinic twice a month. However, the Netherland’s citizen began to feel the process lacked intimacy. So, after donating in the icy atmosphere for the umpteenth time, Houben decided to create his own site offering artificial insemination services via house calls.

During his house calls, Houben would get to know his client/s and would then produce a sample of his sperm in their bathroom. The client/s would then insert his sperm into the syringe in order to get pregnant. However, during one visit, Houben’s procedure changed; instead of producing his sperm in a cup, the couple asked Houben to donate his sperm, the old-fashion way. Houben told GQ Magazine, the wife wanted to have sexual intercourse with him in order to expand her family because she felt artificial insemination was an impersonal process.

Interestingly enough, the woman’s husband joined her and Houben in bed, so he could be present when his child was conceived. “We were three persons in the bed, and I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say. I had this combat inside—my head full of non-stimulating thoughts—but he never even accidentally touched me,” Houben reminisced to GQ. “He wanted to be present when his child was created.” Ever since that experience, Houben has been paid not only for his sperm donation but to travel across the world to help couples and single women create the miracle of life. Although Houben describes himself as “the truly ugly guy with glasses” and has not had a romantic relationship of his own in years, he has fathered over 106 children—something he thought he would never be able to do prior to becoming a sperm donor.

The BBC has hailed him as the “most virile man in Europe” and many in his local community call him the “Babymaker,” though many believe Houben is dismissing his morals and crossing boundaries between married couples. Houben explained his relationships with the women are just quasi-friendships and noted about 20 percent of the husbands are present while their wives and he engaged in sexual intercourse. Other husbands tend to wait outside the room or in the car. Houben also said many of these couples tried every reproductive procedure possible to get pregnant. So, after spending large amounts of money to help with their fertility issues, the option of  having sex with another person to conceive a baby doesn’t seem that out of the question or ludicrous.

While I read about how Houben donates sperm, I found it interesting people judged him and the couples who use his services. Cultures and societies, alike, believe producing children is the greatest accomplishment for individuals to achieve. Though when couples are not able to attain that particular goal, they are shamed and ridiculed. By couples taking a more modern approach with how they define marriage and achieve parenthood, they can be more comfortable with their unconventional choices. It also doesn’t allow them to succumb to society’s trick of wanting people to have it all but objects to the options they need to gain what they desire.

Would you have sexual intercourse with a sperm donor in order to get pregnant?

It Must Be Baby Season: From The Rock To Rachel Dolezal, Did You Know They Were Expecting?

October 2nd, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

There must be love in the air in Hollywood these days because so many celebrities are announcing that they’re knocked up. We thought babies weren’t coming until after cuffing season! Did you know all of these stars (and public figures) were expecting?

Grab The Tissues: This Pregnancy Announcement Gone Viral Will Have You In Tears

October 2nd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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pregnancy announcement

Source: Facebook

If you’re looking for your morning cry, I have just what you need, straight from Virginia couple Dana Griffin-Graves and her husband Arkell Graves.

The couple have been trying to get pregnant for the past 17 years with no luck. The Graves told WRIC, an ABC affiliate, that Dana had four miscarriages and suffered a stillbirth when the fetus was six months old. After so much devastation, the couple had given up their dream of getting pregnant.

But recently, Dana surprised her husband with some amazing news.

She prepared dinner and when Arkell walked in the kitchen to eat, she told him that there was some more stuff in the oven.

He opened it to find buns as well as pictures from her ultrasound.

I don’t want to ruin any more of the surprise. Check out the amazing moment and Arkell’s heartwarming reaction in the video she secretly recorded below.

Dana only suspected something was up when, after walking with her friends, she wasn’t losing weight like they were. When she went to the doctor, she learned not only was she pregnant, she was five months along. She immediately began scheming of a way to tell her husband. Since she was five months, she was able to tell him the sex of the child. Their baby boy is due on February 16.

She uploaded the video to YouTube with the caption:

Have your tissues ready! After 4 miscarriages and 1 stillborn birth, we had given up on the idea of having babies of our own, especially at our age…But God!

The video has since gone viral with over a 1.5 million views. Griffin-Graves said she is shocked by the way the video is being shared especially since she only sent the YouTube link to eight people.

“I thought that this was going to be for family only.”

Nope, we’re all sharing in this joy.

Arkell and Dana said these days strangers walk up to the couple already knowing a bit of their story.

Arkell recalled one incident in particular.

“A lady just came up to me and said you’re the big guy who was on there crying. Everything is going to be ok. I’m praying for you. You know in these times we need prayer. So I will take all the prayers I don’t care how they come.”

Dana told WRIC, she’s hoping her story can be a source of encouragement for others.

“It shows that God is able to do any and all things and so I’m grateful and I said if it can help someone else and give them hope that it can happen, then you know that’s what it’s about,”

If you’re like me and just can’t get enough of this sweetness, you can watch their WRIC interview here.

Congratulations to Arkell and Dana! We’re praying for them too.

Are You Sharing Your Abortion Story?

September 23rd, 2015 - By Tamika Frye
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Women and what we do with our bodies is always up for debate and discussion. Politicians have made it a point to want to tell women what they can/cannot do with their bodies. There have been plenty of discussions about abortion and whether or not the procedure should remain legal. As the Presidential campaign trail heats up, it is almost a guarantee that candidates will lean on this topic for support.

Social media brings a lot of issues to the forefront. With that being said, the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag is currently trending and gaining steam. With Planned Parenthood and its services being challenged, more and more women are standing up to defend their legal right to choose.

The abortion debate has always been a hot topic. The #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag is drawing public discussion about women’s right to choose and why some women chose to abort. While many think that the main reason for terminating a pregnancy is “rape,” it isn’t. The majority of abortions are focused around finances, career, unstable relationships, lack of responsibility, and age. There are a myriad of reasons why women abort. Whether it’s about her career, bad timing, or the solution to an unplanned pregnancy, abortion is a legal choice that have gotten women out of some pretty sticky situations.

Please don’t get it twisted, abortion is not a method of birth control. Being responsible is taking the necessary precautions to prevent the pregnancy from happening in the first place. Those methods do fail hence putting a woman in the position to have to make such a decision. Not using birth control and turning to abortion to fix things is something the woman has to deal with. Whether it’s the pill or the surgical procedure to terminate the pregnancy, having multiple abortions is a bit much and definitely an abuse of the right to choose.

And what about the men? They are just as responsible in all of this. While their feelings should be considered when making a decision to terminate, a lot of they time they aren’t. Women will abort and not even mention it to their partner, if she knows he will not support her decision. The flip side to that is men aren’t carrying the baby. Men don’t have the same responsibilities so they can walk away at any time.

In the middle of all these arguments and debates is the fetus. There are some people who believe that an unborn fetus is a person and that its rights should be protected. Some women feel that if they abort early enough, in their mind, it’s not considered “killing a child.” Other people feel that life begins at conception. Others feel life begins once outside the womb. People have been charged with double murders when on trial for killing a pregnant woman. While the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 deems a ‘child in utero’ as a human being, there is no right answer for this. It all boils down to what a person believes.

This #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag is giving women the gusto to want to share their abortion story. Personally, I don’t think women need to explain nor share their decision. Since abortions are legal options for women, there shouldn’t be a need to judge a woman by her actions. The guilt of having had an abortion is a heavy burden to bear. While the choice is not an easy one to make, it makes life easier for some.

Are you ready to share your abortion story and #ShoutYourAbortion?

Blue Or Pink? How To Use The Chinese Gender Chart

September 2nd, 2015 - By Allyson Leak
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So mythical stories may not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean that some gender  pregnancy practices don’t work at all. Some women chose to wait to know the sex until birth or until their baby showers but for others, finding out the sex of the baby is such a huge deal. Knowing the sex also allows you to plan a little when it comes to room decorating and knowing what to buy as far as the baby’s needs.  But how can you find out the sex before your scheduled doctors visit two months from now? Well, many women have turned to the Chinese gender chart to help them find out the sex of their baby. The chart, according to its legend was an original manuscript that was buried in a royal tomb in China. This manuscript that was buried well over 700 years ago can now be found on display at the Beijing institute of Science and it is supposedly  93 percent accurate each time.

How To Use The Table
It’s really easy to use the table. You have to cross-reference your age (at conception) with your month of conception and the chart will tell you if you’re expecting a boy or a girl. So pick the month of conception on the left and use your finger to follow it along to your age and you will see a pink symbol or a blue symbol. You can google to find a chart or you can use because it combines the entertaining predictive features of many different baby calculators into one site. It’s a Chinese baby gender predictor, due date calculator, lunar age calculator and zodiac machine for moms-to-be.

The History Behind It
The Chinese Baby Gender Pregnancy Calendar Prediction Chart was published in Taiwanese newspapers in 1972. Since then, the Chinese Farmer’s Almanac publishes the Baby Gender Pregnancy Calendar Chart every year. It is said that the documents for the Ching (Ching Dynasty) Dynasty’s Baby Gender Calendar Chart disappeared at the Emperor’s Summer Resort after the Ching Dynasty lost the battle with the Eight-Nation Alliance in 1900. The documents were then sent to Britain. After translating, since the original documents were written in the Manchu language, the King of Britain kept them as treasures. Later on, the documents appeared in Austria and a Chinese scholar saw them. He copied the contents, brought it back to China, and published them in the newspaper.

There are different stories circulating on the Internet about the Chinese Gender Pregnancy Chart. Some rumors say the chart was found in a tomb of loyal family of Ching Dynasty and was estimated around 700 hundred years old. Other rumors say the chart was found in the underground storage room of the Forbidden City of the Ching Dynasty. The chart was deduced from the theory of Yin Yang, Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) and Pa Kua (Eight Trigrams). Rumors also say that the Baby Gender Prediction Chart had been studied by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center.

Let us know…have you tried it and did it work for you?

So You Want To Have A Baby? Here Are 10 Things To Know Before Trying To Get Pregnant

August 26th, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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For many women, getting pregnant can be a frustrating and anxiety-filled experience. That’s just how I felt, which is why I wrote “The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant” offering tips for TTC women to feel more in control of their fertility.

You may see many women walking around pregnant, but unless you talk to them, you never really know what they had to do to get to that point. If you’re already a mom, or want to be a first-time mom, these following tips will help you get in the zone of trying to get pregnant. Of course, always consult your doctor with questions and concerns.

Try the following 10 tips:

1. Obviously, it’s time to throw away your once beloved birth control! A good rule of thumb is to get off of the pill three months before trying to conceive if you have been on it for less than a year, and six months prior if you have been on it for over a year.

2. Make friends with your ovulation cycle. Between a third and two-thirds of women under age 35 who are aware of their fertile time are able to conceive in their first month of trying.

3. Find your fertile time by using a fertility monitor, ovulation predictor kits (OPKs), charting, or (my personal favorite) all three. Sometimes this can be trickier than it sounds – for example, traditional “line” OPKs can be difficult to interpret. Consider a digital test with a clear “yes” or “no” like the First Response Digital Ovulation Test. Then you’ll know exactly when to get busy.

4. If you’ve been having ovulation-focused sex for over three months and still haven’t conceived- don’t freak out! Keep calm and consider convincing your partner to get a quick and easy sperm analysis. This “male factor” or sperm issue comprises nearly half of all fertility issues.

5. Adjust your diet for optimal fertility. Incorporate fertility-boosting foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, soy foods, and olive oil. Avoid trans-fats and partially hydrogenated oil, found in frosting and some baked goods. These are so bad that the FDA just outlawed them! Food companies have 3 years to comply, so for now you have to police it yourself.

6. Many studies show that taking prenatal vitamins, such as folate and vitamin B6 increases your chances of getting pregnant quickly. Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil) have been linked to better embryos in IVF and smarter babies overall. There is also strong evidence that prenatal vitamins lower the chance of birth defects, so begin taking them immediately. FIRST RESPONSE™ Reproductive Health Multivitamin Gummies have a delicious, natural Berry Citrus flavor and are specially formulated to provide women with the essential nutrients they need when planning to get pregnant.

· 400 mcg of Folic Acid
· One serving is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, D & E
· 100 mg of Calcium
· 50 mg of Omega-3 DHA
· Excellent source of Iodine per serving
· Gluten free
· No iron added, so they’re gentle on the stomach

7. Contrary to popular belief, having sex every day doesn’t lower sperm count, So feel free to have as much sex as you please, and enjoy it. But, if you are dry, use Pre-Seed, a sperm safe lubricant developed specifically for couples who are trying to conceive. Pre-Seed is properly pH balanced and isotonic to mimic a woman’s fertile fluids and optimize the journey for sperm. Mimicking natural fertile fluids, it allows swimming sperm to move freely and its pH balanced to match fertile cervical mucus and the pH of sperm.

8. Cut the caffeine. Non-smoking women who consume about 2-5 cups of coffee per day cut their fertility by 12 percent. Consuming caffeine has an even worse effect on male fertility, where having 5 cups of coffee a day will cut his fertility in half. An alternative to getting more energy? Try getting a full eight hours of sleep- it will enhance your mood and your health.

9. Soak up the sun! Sunlight causes your skin to generate Vitamin D, which has been linked to fertility. Sit outside for 15-30 minutes without sunscreen a few times a week in the afternoon. This will also help you sleep.

10. When you think you may be pregnant — the earlier you know, the better. Several scientific studies and a Consumer Reports study showed that the First Response™ Early Result Pregnancy Test detects the smallest amount of the pregnancy hormone – so it can tell you sooner than any other test. The sooner you know you’re pregnant, the sooner you can begin making healthy pregnancy choices for yourself and your baby that include: diet, nutrition and limiting your exposure to hazards.

If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed about getting pregnant, more information lies within “The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant.” Besides planning on incorporating these tips into your daily life, here are two things that you can do right now: take a supplement of 1,000 mg of fish oil a day and learn the relaxation technique of deep breathing and you will begin to feel better. You’re about to start your trying to conceive (TTC) journey. Enjoy the ride.

Let Me See You Tootsie Roll! You Must Watch This Pregnant Woman Dance Through Labor Pain

August 21st, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Pregnant Woman Dances


Many pregnant women fear painful contractions during labor as they prepare to give birth. Some seek an epidural or use meditation to ease the pain, but one woman chose to dance instead.

Mattapan resident Yuki Nishitzawa danced to the “Tootsie Roll” and “Cupid Shuffle” as she prepared to have a natural birth. With her supportive husband Connell playing the music in her hospital room, Yuki danced to the songs’ choreography as her water broke. “It’s a really good cardio exercise when you think about it. There is a lot of legs and squatting movement [when dancing to these songs]. I think this is what helps the baby to shift downward [through the vaginal canal],” Connell said about his wife’s dance moves. Yuki added her dance of choice was The 69 Boyz’ “Tootsie Roll.”

The couple told CBS Boston affiliate WBZ, Yuki initially used dance to help with her first pregnancy. A week before she gave birth to their daughter, Yuki danced seven times a week to the “Tootsie Roll.” Years later, the dance still keeps Yuki stress free, which is vital to any labor process.

In 2014, the couple lost their son in labor and Yuki vowed she would do whatever it takes to give life to another baby. Her commitment paid off when she birthed a healthy baby boy named Coji this year. The couple told WBZ reporter David Wade they hope Coji can dance as good as their entire family.

Check out the moves in the video below.


Want To Get Pregnant? 6 Things You Need To Know Before Trying To Conceive

August 19th, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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Starting a family and getting pregnant can be a serious undertaking for couples who are having a bit of trouble. Couples who take every precaution to baby-making may lack some simple yet very critical steps that can elevate pregnancy stress. Alyssa Dweck, MD, OB/GYN at the Mount Kisco Medical Group in Westchester County, New York provides care to women of all ages and has delivered thousands of babies, gave us six tips to about getting pregnant that every couple might not know.

  1. You can’t get pregnant on just any day of the month. Teenagers might worry a lot less about pregnancy with a little out of the classroom SEXed regarding the menstrual cycle and fertility. Education about ovulation, peak fertility and “safe times” during the menstrual cycle whether it be from an phone app, a friend or a healthcare provider is key. This, of course, is not so easy if your cycles are irregular and doesn’t take the place of contraception and/or condoms, but sure is handy info nonetheless.
  1. Women can learn a lot by charting their monthly cycles. It’s amazing what your menstrual cycle can tell you whether you are trying to conceive or prevent pregnancy. Predicting ovulation doesn’t have to be complicated if you are in tune with your body. By simply tracking basal body temperature and cervical mucus changes women can have valuable information to plan or prevent pregnancy.
  1. Ovulation doesn’t always happen on Day 14… Newsflash! It’s not uncommon to assume that conception occurs specifically at the moment of ovulation. In fact, sperm can live up to five days in a woman’s body. The best time for intercourse is actually a few days before ovulation and a day or so afterward.
  1. Some lubricants can have a negative effect on sperm motility. Many common lubricants contain sperm-toxic ingredients, have the wrong pH or have high salt levels, all of which have may have a negative effect when trying to conceive. Even saliva and water can kill sperm and should be avoided when trying to conceive. Fertility friendly lubricants like Pre-Seed mimic cervical mucus to optimize fertility. Pre-Seed’s isotonic and pH balanced formula supports sperm on their journey through the cervix to meet the egg.
  1. A surprising number of women will experience infertility, miscarriage or both. At least 1 in every 10 women will have significant trouble getting pregnant, and 1 in 5 will experience miscarriage at least once. These are emotional rollercoasters to say the least. Good news, there are tests and treatments to help prevent and treat the many fertility problems that we face. Rest assured, if you are facing this challenge, you are not alone.
  1. Life is full of uncertainty, but the relationships you form will be your source of strength when things don’t go as planned. Coping with the anguish and emotion of miscarriage, no matter how early or infertility, is easier with support from your partner, friends, family, clergy and healthcare provider. Community is vital and all can serve as life lines when we face adversity.


How To Carry Out A Vegan Pregnancy

August 7th, 2015 - By Julia Austin
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you’ve always eaten a vegan diet and plan on being pregnant, you might go into a panic wondering, “Oh no! Do I have to go back to eating meat? Will I become sick if I do? Will my baby become sick if I don’t?” Relax: it is possible to carry out a healthy vegan pregnancy. You just need to know how.




Ab Rehab: Tips On Losing Pregnancy Belly Weight

August 4th, 2015 - By Rich
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Pregnancy is a beautiful life changing experience but it can wreak havoc on a woman’s body. From stretch marks, new moles, and stretched out stomach muscles, your body needs a lot of TLC to get back to normal. For many new mommies, the biggest challenge is that you’re still looking pregnant in the belly months and sometimes years after giving birth.

There is no quick fix or easy remedy for losing belly weight…you just have to take your time, work hard, and be disciplined. If you are the kind of mom that needs to do things step by step then try out these tips.

Phase One
The first step in a lifestyle change is your perspective and outlook. You want to get in a positive mindset because you have to be your biggest cheerleader. Cut out or print out positive quotes and stick them on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, and in your car.

Phase Two
Your second step to getting the fab tummy you want is to look up the ingredients in the junk food you love. Take the time and find out how those ingredients affect your body in a negative way. Even though it may be time-consuming, it is worth it.  Eating healthy is a mind over matter process so getting turned off a little to some junk food you love is a start. Then, start eliminating one junk food item one month at a time. Start with what’s easier and work your way up to something like chocolate if that’s harder. Phase two is all about developing self-control and once you do that, you can allow yourself occasional cheat days down the road.

Phase Three
The next step is to start moving more. Find an activity you like that you can continue to do for a while. Sign up for a gym or a dance class. You could also take tennis or swimming or even sign up for mommy and baby workout aerobics. Work out at least two to three times a week. When you work out on stationary equipment like a bicycle or elliptical you may want to consider wearing a “sweat” suit but make sure you check with your doctor first.

Phase Four
Cut back on white carbs like pasta, white rice and bread. If you eat bread daily, try cutting down to just twice a week. These carbs turn into sugar in the body and help pack on the pounds when they aren’t eaten in a balanced way.

Phase Five
Now that you have cut out some junk food, cut back on too many white carbs, and started being more active, you are ready to incorporate even more healthier eating. Your daily diet should include lots of fruits, veggies, protein, and water. If you aren’t a big fruit eater, then try putting them in a morning smoothie. The bottom line is don’t make excuses, there are always creative ways to incorporate healthier eating habits. Also, try to steer clear of too many high calorie drinks. You would be surprised how fast you can be at 1000 calories just by drinking juice, soda, and other flavored drinks in one day. The safe low-calorie options are water and hot tea with lemon and honey.

Phase Six
If your muscles are stretched out from pregnancy then no matter how much weight you lose your tummy will still stick out a little. The body has the amazing ability to bounce back so you may want to try shapewear or go to a professional shop to buy a comfortable corset that you can wear a few hours a day. The key to waist training is to make sure it’s snug but not too tight. You shouldn’t be out of breath or feel faint just from wearing it.