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Zika Virus Has Significantly Increased Demand For Abortion Pills

June 24th, 2016 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Demand for the abortion pill has increased in several Latin American countries where citizens are currently suffering from the Zika virus, says the New England Journal of Medicine. In their latest study conducted with Women on Web, a non-profit organization that provides the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol in countries where doctors don’t administer abortions, researchers focused on how the Zika virus affects the choices pregnant women have to make specifically in Latin America.

What the authors found was demand for abortion pills has increased from 36 to 76 percent in countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras since the Pan American Health Organization put out an alert in 2015 that Zika causers birth defects. Orders for the abortion pill in Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela have doubled since that time. And while these percentages may seem realistic because of the Zika virus’ prevalence in tropical areas, Gilda Sedgh, the principal research scientist at Guttmacher Institute, revealed that the percentages may be skewed because Women On Web’s research in the study only accounts for the women they’ve serviced in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The study authors also noted their “approach may underestimate the effect of the advisories on demand for abortion since many women may have used an unsafe method, accessed misoprostol from local pharmacies or the black market or visited local underground providers. But accurate data on these choices are difficult to obtain. Thus, our data provide a window on how concern about Zika virus infection may have affected the lives of pregnant women in Latin America.”

Despite the differing claims the researchers have, one fact remains clear: women in Latin America don’t have access to even satisfactory reproductive health care. Jezebel reports from a recent study in The Lancet that an estimated 6.5 million abortions are performed every year in Latin America, with the majority of them being illegal. Women on Web released emails that have been sent to them by women in Latin America to depict the lack of health care access and issues women face in their countries:

“I contracted Zika 4 days ago. I love children. But I don’t believe it is a wise decision to keep a baby who will suffer. I need an abortion. I don’t know who to turn to. Please help me ASAP!”- Anonymous, Venezuela. 

Another, from Colombia, wrote:
“Here Zika is a major problem and the health authorities do not help with it … I have no resources at this time and want to ask for your help because fear overwhelms me. What if the baby is born sick?”

The World Health Organization has predicted more than 4 million people in the Americas will contract the Zika Virus by 2017, making this abortion pill trend seem likely to continue.

Angela Simmons Is On A “Fit Mommy Journey,” Shares Intense Pregnancy Workout Regimen

June 8th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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It’s been a week or so since Angela Simmons revealed to the world that she and her fiancé, Sutton Tennyson, are expecting their first child. But if you follow Simmons, you already know that she doesn’t play when it comes to her daily workouts with her trainer(s), and she’s not going to hold back in the gym just because she’s expecting.

Of course, it’s been stated by experts that working out while pregnant is fine. However, how hard you can go is dependent on how hard you were going before the baby. If you rarely exercised pre-pregnancy, you need to talk to your doctor first and then take things light and slow. But as for the women who get side-eyes for lifting weights like it’s nothing while toting a large baby bump, it’s safe to assume they were working even harder before the baby.

And that’s why Simmons hasn’t turned down the intensity on her workouts just yet. She shared video of the work she is putting in at the gym for her “fit mommy journey.”

Of course, there were the usual comments about her doing too much, with Instagram followers saying, “all this extra stuff is ok but isn’t really best for the baby,” “I would just stick to brisk walking,” and “Sit down u pregnant.” However, Simmons is working with multiple trainers who keep an eye on her movements, and she doesn’t seem to be doing more than she was pre-pregnancy.

Plus, experts say that it’s important to work out when expecting, as studies have shown that children who were exposed to exercise while in the womb had improved mental and physical health from childhood on into adulthood. Not to mention that according to the American Pregnancy Association, working out while preggers can help with the pains that come with carrying a child, including backaches, swelling and constipation. It even works to boost your energy, mood, improve your posture, and help you sleep better. And pregnancy exercise can also help you cope a little bit better with your labor and get you back in shape faster once the baby is here.

So, it’s recommended that moms working out stay especially hydrated, avoid contact sports and exercises where you’re expected to be on your back, do workouts that keep you moving (so you don’t become dizzy trying to hold your balance in one place), and take it easy. Listen to your body, sit down when you start to feel tired, and focus on maintaining and feeling good, not on trying to lose weight you’re gaining during pregnancy. Not the time for that, sis.

With that being said, were you physically active while pregnant? If so, what were you doing and how did exercising make you feel during the pregnancy process? Better? Tired? Overwhelmed?

As for Angela, exercising in the gym clearly makes her feel great because she’s in there like swimwear.



Jurnee Smollett Bell Is Pregnant!

June 7th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Congratulations are in order!

“Underground” star Jurnee Smollett-Bell kicked off the week with some major news: she’s expecting her first child with husband, Josiah Bell.

The 29-year-old mom-to-be made the announcement on Instagram when she posted an adorable photo of herself and Josiah cradling her baby bump.

“He+Me+Baby= Three. So in love with this beautiful blessing God has given us. #WeArePregnant!!” she wrote Instagram.

Smollett-Bell’s older brother, “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, also took to social media to gush over the good news.

According People, Jurnee and Josiah tied the knot in October of 2010.

We are so happy for Jurnee and her family. She’s such a beautiful person, inside and out, we’re sure she’s going to make a great mom.

Health Officials Suggests Traveling Couples Abstain From Sex For 8 Weeks After Returning From Area With Zika Virus

May 31st, 2016 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Zika Virus


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently announced that couples who have traveled to countries where Zika virus is prevalent should hold off from sex or conceiving longer than initially thought. The Cut reports, “men and women who’ve traveled to countries with active transmission of the Zika virus and don’t develop any symptoms are ‘strongly recommended’ to use condoms or remain abstinent for eight weeks, twice as long as the previous recommendation.” NBC News reports, The WHO doubled the abstinence period from four to eight weeks after scientists learned that the virus remains longer in bodily fluids.

Although it is suggested that couples should play it safe for eight weeks, it is recommended that men should have protected sex for as long as six months because the Zika virus survives longer in semen than it does in blood. Unfortunately, citizens who reside in third world countries may have a harder time adhering to these regulations because they may not have access to the information or may not believe in using contraception because of religious beliefs.

Christian Lindmeier, a spokesperson for The WHO, shared that “the guidance is to delay or consider delaying pregnancy, certainly recognizing that this is tough for some populations,” because the virus may vary from region to region. Lindmeird also revealed there are studies currently being formulated to find out what sustains the Zika virus in particular regions for longer time periods.

Foods You Should Encourage Him To Eat If You’re Hoping To Have A Baby

May 24th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Women know a lot when it comes to food and fertility: sweet potatoes help you conceive, eating raw fish is a no-no when you might be expecting, and you should skip the alcohol, no matter what all these new studies try to claim. But what we don’t often think about is how food affects a man’s role in making a baby. What he consumes is just as important as what you eat when you want to start on the road to expanding your family.

Helping him change his diet with the following foods can make him more fertile and also make the process of trying to conceive a little easier. And that’s not the only way he can start pitching in to do his part. There are a few foods that he should avoid if he wants to go half on a baby. They’ll not only interfere with his fertility, but they could also lead to other complications later on.

Draya Michele Shares Video Of Her Delivering Baby Jru In Honor Of Mother’s Day

May 9th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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It’s always nice to see the many ways people celebrate motherhood on social media when it’s Mother’s Day. I mean, who doesn’t love a good throwback picture?

But it’s a video that pretty much stole the show on social media late last night. Reality star, actress, and businesswoman Draya Michele recently gave birth to little Jru Scandrick on April 8 (at “16:17,” which is 4:17 p.m.). To celebrate his first month in the world and Mother’s Day, she shared video of herself in the delivery room last month, giving birth to him. In the clip, she can be seen pulling Jru into the world, and embracing the little guy as he let his first cries out.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women out there. We are created to recreate and that is the biggest gift of all from God. I had a silent delivery because I didn’t want to stress my baby and when I pulled him from my body I’ve never felt so important. I’ve made mistakes and had some growing to do and this little guy came at the right time. Orlando, thank you for Jru, Tatiana and Taylor,and loving Kniko unconditionally. Yesenia, bestie, godmother, sister….I couldn’t have done this without you and Orlando by my side. Thanks to my Dr. And a special #happymothersday to Shonna my nurse. I’m strong. #reachoutandbringlifeintotheworld Jru is a month today, and what a special day it is. ❤️ sorry if this offends anyone. I’ll be removing it shortly.

A video posted by Draya Michele (@drayamichele) on

Of course, there will always be people with something negative to say, but I was honestly left in awe of the clip and the reminder that so many women, as Michele stated, can reach out and bring life into the world. It’s a beautiful thing.

And it’s also a beautiful thing to see how well Michele’s body is adjusting after giving birth to her second child (she has a son named Kniko and Orlando Scandrick has twin girls Taylor and Tatiana). She hopped right back in the gym and looks great.

Arm day …….. I’m cut, thanks @gregg_miele @heartandhustlegym HEART & HUSTLE

A photo posted by Draya Michele (@drayamichele) on

Me, after training. Caffeine depleted. Still relatively happy tho. Photo : @jenloweryphoto

A photo posted by Draya Michele (@drayamichele) on


A video posted by Draya Michele (@drayamichele) on

Happy belated Mother’s Day to the moms out there, including Michele. And kudos to her for getting back in fighting shape so soon. Looking, good!

Comedian GloZell Green Gets Serious About Infertility, Surrogacy And Having A Baby At 43

May 2nd, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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You either love GloZell Green’s eccentric act or you side-eye it all. But a recent interview with Refinery29 is exposing a different, vulnerable side of Green that is making everyone pay attention, and is also making the colorful comedian all the more relatable.

She spoke with the publication about infertility for National Infertility Week (which was last week, from April 24-30) and explained that while she was making people laugh in front of the camera, for the last few years, she was going through a painful fertility journey behind the camera. As Green, who is married, pointed out, she decided to put her quest for motherhood on overdrive at the age of 39, and her doctors told her that it was pretty much too late for her.

“My mom told me, ‘Make sure you do everything you want to do before you have kids,'” Green told Refinery29. “So that’s what I was doing. But biologically, the body is just like, well, you should have done it. And all the doctors that I went to, except for the last one, made me feel like I was just so old. You know, ‘You should have frozen your eggs at 20.’ Well, who’s thinking about that at 20?”

But Green didn’t give up. She pursued all of her options before eventually being blessed to have a surrogate offer to help, going that route because she had endometriosis and her uterine lining was thin. (Note: She did share that the surrogate is a White woman, which some people gave her flack over. But as she put it, “when you get to that point, you don’t care. You’re just happy that someone is willing to do be [sic] your surrogate, because it’s very dangerous.”)

“I started looking into this at 39, and I’m 43, and it’s just now happening,” Green said. “The only procedure I had done was the egg retrieval, and I had that done six times. I wasn’t going to carry the child myself, so I didn’t have to do any other procedures. It took three years from talking about it, to meeting with Wendie Wilson-Miller from Gifted Journeys Surrogacy, to finding the right doctor, to doing the egg retrieval, and finding the right surrogate.”

The baby, a girl, is set to be born in August, and in the meantime, Green is trying not to stress herself, or her surrogate out. She often finds herself worried when her surrogate travels, but she doesn’t want to keep the woman from doing what she wants and needs to for herself, in order for her pregnancy to be an easy and happy one.

As she waits, she’s also looking forward to hopefully having another child (“I have a few more eggs left that passed the test”) and continuing with sharing her story, so that other women know they’re not alone. And also so other women know that they shouldn’t let the ups and downs of such a painful process stop them from seeing it through.

“Don’t stop. It can get discouraging — Oh, it didn’t work or Oh, I lost the baby or I can’t do this again. You can. And when you get the kid, you’ll be happy that you did. But it’s a very painful process for a lot of people. You just have to figure out how it’s gonna get done.”

Popular Yeast Infection Drug Linked To Miscarriages

April 28th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Popular Yeast Infection Drug Linked To Miscarriages

Corbis Images,

Expectant moms are being warned by the United States Food and Drug Administration to steer clear of a popular drug used to treat yeast infections.

According to the FDA, data that has recently been made available suggests that there is a link between oral use of fluconazole (brand name Diflucan) by pregnant women and miscarriages. The data cited by the FDA is based on a Danish study, which was conducted by researchers who examined the medical records of women who took the drug during the initial 22 weeks of pregnancy. Researchers found that these women faced a higher risk of miscarriage when compared to moms who did not.

“Healthcare professionals should be aware that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines recommend only using topical antifungal products to treat pregnant women with vulvovaginal yeast infections, including for longer periods than usual if these infections persist or recur,” the agency warned. “Patients who are pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant should talk to their healthcare professionals about alternative treatment options for yeast infections.”

The Food and Drug Administration is currently looking into fluconazole, and it’s possible link to miscarriages. In the meantime, doctors are advised to use caution when treating expectant moms for yeast infections.

H/t Elle

Hilarious Thoughts All Women Have When They Realize They’re Pregnant

April 20th, 2016 - By Julia Austin
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Even women who want to become pregnant and have been trying with their partners for ages are never quite prepared to see that little positive symbol on that little pink stick. It isn’t until you know you’re pregnant that the concept of having a living human being growing inside of you kicks in. It isn’t until you’re pregnant that the reality hits that you will never only be responsible for yourself, again. Even when that kid is 40, he/she will still keep you up at night. Speaking of which, will your baby be a he or a she?! Your baby might have been some ethereal being in your head until you got that positive test result. As you can see, discovering you’re pregnant can bring up all sorts of thoughts. You can’t be held responsible for what runs through your head at that life changing moment. So here are 15 hilarious and terrifying thoughts women have when they discover they’re pregnant.

Fertility Myths We Can All Stop Believing

April 18th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

When it comes to fertility myths, there are a lot of stories out there. Girlfriends, grandmothers, and well-meaning co-workers all seem to have something to say when it comes to the subject of pregnancy. They tried it, they think you should try it, and they believe that you should try it much sooner than later. You know, before it’s allegedly too late.

And sometimes, pregnancy myths stick around for so long that even doctors think that they’re true. So how are you supposed to separate the fact from the fiction? Oh, the struggle.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common fertility myths out there and gotten down to the truth of the matter. And even baby experts might be surprised at the pregnancy facts that we all thought were true but turned out not to be — at least not according to all of the research and findings on the subject.