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Popular Yeast Infection Drug Linked To Miscarriages

April 28th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Popular Yeast Infection Drug Linked To Miscarriages

Corbis Images,

Expectant moms are being warned by the United States Food and Drug Administration to steer clear of a popular drug used to treat yeast infections.

According to the FDA, data that has recently been made available suggests that there is a link between oral use of fluconazole (brand name Diflucan) by pregnant women and miscarriages. The data cited by the FDA is based on a Danish study, which was conducted by researchers who examined the medical records of women who took the drug during the initial 22 weeks of pregnancy. Researchers found that these women faced a higher risk of miscarriage when compared to moms who did not.

“Healthcare professionals should be aware that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines recommend only using topical antifungal products to treat pregnant women with vulvovaginal yeast infections, including for longer periods than usual if these infections persist or recur,” the agency warned. “Patients who are pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant should talk to their healthcare professionals about alternative treatment options for yeast infections.”

The Food and Drug Administration is currently looking into fluconazole, and it’s possible link to miscarriages. In the meantime, doctors are advised to use caution when treating expectant moms for yeast infections.

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Hilarious Thoughts All Women Have When They Realize They’re Pregnant

April 20th, 2016 - By Julia Austin
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Even women who want to become pregnant and have been trying with their partners for ages are never quite prepared to see that little positive symbol on that little pink stick. It isn’t until you know you’re pregnant that the concept of having a living human being growing inside of you kicks in. It isn’t until you’re pregnant that the reality hits that you will never only be responsible for yourself, again. Even when that kid is 40, he/she will still keep you up at night. Speaking of which, will your baby be a he or a she?! Your baby might have been some ethereal being in your head until you got that positive test result. As you can see, discovering you’re pregnant can bring up all sorts of thoughts. You can’t be held responsible for what runs through your head at that life changing moment. So here are 15 hilarious and terrifying thoughts women have when they discover they’re pregnant.

Fertility Myths We Can All Stop Believing

April 18th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

When it comes to fertility myths, there are a lot of stories out there. Girlfriends, grandmothers, and well-meaning co-workers all seem to have something to say when it comes to the subject of pregnancy. They tried it, they think you should try it, and they believe that you should try it much sooner than later. You know, before it’s allegedly too late.

And sometimes, pregnancy myths stick around for so long that even doctors think that they’re true. So how are you supposed to separate the fact from the fiction? Oh, the struggle.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common fertility myths out there and gotten down to the truth of the matter. And even baby experts might be surprised at the pregnancy facts that we all thought were true but turned out not to be — at least not according to all of the research and findings on the subject.

#FitCouple And Former Track Stars Go The Distance For Their Child In Maternity Shoot

April 11th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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While some people celebrate the impending arrival of their first child by having your everyday photo shoot (You know: man kisses belly, woman holds belly while smiling, couple embrace belly while smiling at one another, and so on and so forth), Kristina and Sam Sesay decided to return to the place they love almost as much as each other. The track.

The Maryland couple who’ve been Mr. and Mrs. for three years decided to celebrate the birth of their first child, due June 18, by doing an impromptu maternity shoot on a track located at a high school in D.C. The photos caught many people’s attention after the couple’s photographer, Adedayo Kosoko, shared the images on his social media accounts. The pair can be seen running, holding a baton, sitting together on bleachers and doing a lot more in their creative images.

Sam, 32, and Kristina, 30, both say that track changed their lives. It clearly had an indelible impact on their future health and fitness. Both have continued to stay in great shape, with Kristina reportedly working as a Zumba instructor who, as you can see, still has abs despite being seven months pregnant.

And as for Sam, the founder of a non-profit organization called Game Plan that supports student athletes, the former NCAA Division I All-American track star told ABC News that track taught him a great deal that he will teach his own child (whose sex they didn’t share):

“Track has taught me so much and really prepared me for life. The pictures meant so much more than just pictures because all of the life lessons I learned through track, I’m now going to impart them to our child. Everything came full circle.”

He continued, “[Track] taught me simple things like you have to stay in your lane. You can’t look to your left and your right. You have to run your race and not worry about your competitors. Track taught me not to look back and focus on what’s ahead of you because the second you look back you’ll get sidetracked.

It also taught me how to deal with defeat. In life bad things happen, but just competing in sports, you really learn [to say], ‘I’m not going to be undefeated.'”

If only high school sports had not turned from fun to the bane of my existence, I would feel the same way…oh well.

But I’m loving this couple and their beautiful pictures. And are they not a gorgeous pair? That baby is going to be a stunner!

Check out more shots from their lovely photo shoot and get inspired to think outside the box for your own celebratory moments.






Putting Off Motherhood? Here Are 15 Ways To Stay In Your Pregnancy Prime Longer

April 1st, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

Once you reach a certain age, the “when are you going to have a baby” questions really start to pile up. And while you politely tell everyone to please stay out of your uterus, there are still some things to do to keep ready if you want to put off having a child until much later in life. Whether you’re waiting on the right career, Mr. Right, or “right when I feel like it,” it pays to keep track of your body’s fertility so that when you’re ready, it’s ready.

Whether you plan on conceiving at 20, 30, or 40, there are ways to keep your body at peak fertility longer. But while you’re adopting these lifestyle changes, make a visit to your doctor. They know more about your personal health history, your fertility age (which is different from your chronological age) and all of the personal factors that affect every woman’s baby making window.

Serious Question: Would You Use A Crowdfunding Site To Help Cover Costs For A Maternity Leave?

March 29th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

It’s hard out here for moms-to-be. While most companies offer employees maternity leave for 12 weeks, that leave is not always guaranteed to be paid. And sometimes, the temporary cut in a woman’s salary when it is offered can be a significant one. Not to mention that most companies don’t have anything in place when it comes to paternity leave. So expecting couples or families with already growing broods are finding themselves worrying more and more about money during a time when they would like to be focused on their new child.

And that’s probably why thousands of women have decided to turn to crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe to ask people to help them cover expenses while they take a maternity leave from work.

You might think it sounds tacky, but for moms like 24-year-old mom-to-be, Nicole Ritchie out of Virginia, it’s necessary.

“You can save, plan, calculate, and hope for the best, but there is always that worry in the back of my head—will it be enough?” Ritchie told of the worries she has about trying to take care of a newborn, and cover regular expenses solely on her husband’s income for three months. Ritchie is a stylist at a salon where she doesn’t get anything substantial aside from a check. No insurance or benefits are coming her way, so you know they weren’t going to offer her anything during her leave.

“I’ve read a lot of articles where people ridicule those who seek crowdfunding for maternity leave,” Ritchie told Self. “They say things like, ‘If you can’t afford to have a baby, then don’t have one.’ It’s frustrating to read these things, because it is easy for some to say. But most people in America don’t have the luxury to have a one income family anymore, which means it’s very hard for people to save, even with two incomes. Many mothers come across unexpected costs and are too afraid to take out a personal loan on things like having a child because of the high risk it runs for them.”

And as Self pointed out, those who have turned to crowdfunding sites say they wouldn’t have done so if it weren’t, for example, for medical bills, credit problems and mortgage payments looming. Women like Ritchie say they’re not looking for a handout, but just a little help during the time they’ll be at home with their newborn. And while they set goals, those interviewed in Self‘s “Moms Are Turning To Crowdfunding Websites To Pay For Maternity Leave” piece said they were happy to obtain any support. And GoFundMe’s media director, Kelsea Little, told the site that they are glad to help make that happen.

“Growing a family should be a time of great joy, but the realities of paying for maternity leave are putting financial strain on many American families. We are incredibly proud to provide a platform that allows new parents to raise the funds necessary to spend precious moments with their children.”

It’s hard to say what one would or wouldn’t do without really being in such circumstances. But I will say that if people can get on GoFundMe and other crowdfunding sites to pay for getaways, the ingredients to cook random meals, and the money to fund a tired romantic comedy, it would be wrong to act as though asking for a little help to cover the expenses of a newborn and everyday responsibilities for a few months is ridiculous, because it’s not. And whether or not women like Ritchie make more than $1,000 or just $10 (which Self said she had received so far at the time of posting), a statement is surely being made about the parental leave in this country. A statement about the Good ol’ USA, the only country without mandated parental leave, and the changes that need to be made so that parents don’t feel guilty for asking for help, or go completely broke when they don’t.

But what do you think? Is it a good idea to go the crowdfunding route to cover some of the expenses that come with a newborn since the maternity leave struggle is real?


Could You And Your Partner’s Coffee-Drinking Habits Cause You To Miscarry?

March 28th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I know quite a few people who can’t seem to get through the day without some caffeine. And not just foods that have a little caffeine in them, but numerous cups of coffee, soda and tea. It’s pretty much the norm: You get a cup of coffee or a diet coke in the morning, and if you need to recharge, you keep pouring throughout the day. But it’s being suggested by a new study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility that not only can your coffee-drinking habits have an impact on your ability to carry a child full-term, but so can your partner’s.

The study had more than 500 couples working to have a baby track their daily behaviors for 12 months, including how much caffeine they were consuming, whether it was a cup of coffee, some tea, or a carbonated beverage.

It was found that of the 344 women who ended up getting pregnant, 98 miscarried. And while researchers did find some common issues (i.e., higher miscarriage rates were prevalent for women over 35), what was interesting was that they found women who consumed more than two caffeinated beverages each day around the time of conception and throughout the first seven weeks of pregnancy were more likely to miscarry. And even more intriguing was the finding that the excessive caffeine-drinking habits of their significant other had just as big of an impact on the loss of pregnancy.

According to Women’s Health, researchers didn’t have a real explanation yet as to why excessive caffeine consumption could be associated with miscarriages, but they did advise couples working on conceiving to drink no more than two caffeinated beverages each day. And if women with an itch for caffeine do get pregnant, they still need to stick to two caffeinated beverages at the very most. Another important suggestion was for women seeking to get pregnant to make sure they’re taking multivitamins with folic acid because those in the study who took it were less likely to have miscarriages.

Check out the study’s findings in full on the pre-pregnancy caffeine consumption of couples and the risk it could have on carrying a child to term via the National Institutes of Health website.

How Important Was It For You To Be And Feel Sexy During Your Pregnancy?

March 24th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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When my sister was expecting her first child, and we were preparing for her baby shower a few years ago, she pulled out a few options for dresses and laid them out on my mother’s bed. There my mother and I stood, waiting to see what she had in mind. One option was a very loose dress that would leave her entire back exposed, and the other, a tight dress in a burnt orange with some glittery heels and big baubles. It was definitely my sister’s style. But not my mom’s. My mother didn’t think the looks were proper.

“I don’t know why women like to wear tight clothing to have so much attention on their stomach,” she said. “This isn’t the time to really dress the way you always do and try to be overly sexy. That’s not what this time of your life is about.”

And yet, more and more women are opting against sitting back, covered up, waiting for nine months to pass so they can have their child and carry on. Many are carrying their children and going to all sorts of lengths to feel sexy during a time where everyone else thinks they need to focus on being nurturing and all that motherly jazz. Like pro pole dancer Jill MacLean, a.k.a., “Cleo the Hurricane,” who after feeling “uncharacteristically unattractive” (according to Cosmopolitan) while approaching her due date, decided to get back on the pole and bust a few splits to find a way back to feeling like her old self again. MacLean, of course, went viral:

And in response to people who may be critical of her dance moves and her choice to do them in sky-high heels while pregnant (heels she says she actually feels more comfortable in than her bare feet), MacLean said, “It is very apparent that some people think that a pregnant woman on a pole is disrespectful to their body and to their baby. Yes, what I do is still considered ‘taboo’ to some people who don’t know any better, but to me, it is strength and my passion and that is all that matters.”

And then there have been famous women like Tiny, who recently shared a sexy maternity photo she took with husband T.I.:


And after revealing that she was expecting her second child, Draya Michele wasn’t afraid to show a vulnerable, yet sexy side of herself as she showed off her stomach:

I am a woman….. I’m creating life….

A photo posted by Draya Michele (@drayamichele) on

And then there are countless advice articles from different publications, including Parents magazine, on how to remain sexy during pregnancy for the sake of your relationship, and how to bring it back after the baby.

And yet, there are many, like my mom, who say such ensembles, pictures and actions aren’t appropriate for a pregnant woman, and that trying to look sensuous and to get attention should be the least of a mother-to-be’s worries. It’s assumed that you can forgo exuding uber sex appeal for nine months.

But I think it’s comments like the following, which I found on a BabyCenter forum asking what were 12 things women miss during their pregnancy, that gave me a perspective on the matter I hadn’t previously thought about:

“I miss being sexy because I don’t feel that way very much.”

Like “Cleo the Hurricane,” and the ladies on that same BabyCenter forum who said they missed their stiletto heels, being told by their husbands that they’re sexy, wearing thong panties and wearing their “cute outfits,” many women like to embrace their sexy side, when they can, because their bodies, which they no longer have control over, are changing in a major way. Their feet are swelling, their pant size is increasing, and all kinds of things are happening that may make them feel less than alluring. And just as we all have a desire to turn heads from time to time, and to just feel good about ourselves, a pregnant woman is no different. And, in fact, it’s probably more important for pregnant women to go to whatever lengths they need to in order to stay happy, so they can stay healthy for their unborn child.

But every person is different. While one woman might want to stick to sweats and a floppy T-shirt, another woman might choose to go the Kim Kardashian route and wear the tightest maxi dresses, take alluring pictures, and do whatever they feel is necessary to feel not just comfortable in their skin again, but beautiful in it.

What do you think of mothers-to-be upping the sex factor during their pregnancies? How important was it to be and feel sexy during your pregnancy?

Baby Showers For Dads: It’s A Real Thing

March 22nd, 2016 - By MommyNoire Editor
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By Sujeiry Gonzalez

“Do I have to go?” my fiancé asked me.

“It’s our baby shower, I want you to come,” I replied.

He huffed and puffed before mumbling “fine,” and something about how baby showers are for women and how bored he’ll be. I quickly remind him that in the Latino culture baby showers are co-ed, and overflowing with booze and food. My uncles are expecting an invite. My male cousins will show up. It’s what’s expected of me and I like it that way.  

“It’s not going to be a traditional American baby shower,” I convinced. There’d be no baby shower games, outrageous mom-to-be hat and chair, or hours filled with opening presents and “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing.”

“You know how much I hate opening presents in front of people.” I reminded him. “It’ll be like a party with friends and family – only I can’t drink.”

His eyes lit up at the mention of “party.” Like most men, he’d rather partake in guy time – drinking, talking sports, and eating hamburgers and hot dogs off the grill – rather than guessing the diameter of my growing belly and coloring onesies. But a baby shower doesn’t have to lean toward the conventional or traditional. In fact, there are baby showers just for dads. Yes, a man shower – a male-only baby shower where beer and chicken wings abound and rough-housing takes place.

And it’s all the rage. Just last year the search for the term “man showers” on Pinterest increased by 149 percent. Dads want to celebrate their baby’s arrival too. Just with men.

What happens at a Dad Shower? Guests play games and bring gifts – only the games are messier and manly. A popular game is “The Changing Challenge” where men compete to change a fake baby’s diaper. The need to win leads to fun. Another is “What’s in the Diaper?” You melt different types of candy bars in the microwave and pour the liquid into numbered diapers. You know, so it resembles baby poop. The fellas smell the diaper (the more adventurous guys dip their finger in and take a lick) and they guess the candy bar. And, of course, there’s  “Baby Bottle Drink Off” where guys chug beer from baby bottles ’cause…men.

Dad showers sound like so much fun I might need to crash one.

As for the gifts, dudes bring the dad-to-be tools, knee pads and baby books. Anything that will help them raise their baby and aid them in building the crib, swing, bouncer – and taking on other dad projects. Wait, no gifts for the actual baby? Uh, selfish!

So, that’s a Dad Shower in a nutshell. Get comfortable with it as the trend is here to stay. Actually, this may be a relief for some moms-to-be as many still want a traditional baby shower. Women want to dish candidly on pregnancy, body image, relationships, sex, gossip and their husbands; that’s difficult to do when the guys are around. Dads also need a sacred space to vent their worries, frustrations and fears regarding fatherhood. Your guy might not be expressing and of these feelings to you, but he has them. Raising a child is serious business.

Dave knows, which is why he’s working extra hard to provide for our baby boy. He even tells me he wishes he could carry him for a day in his non-existent uterus just so he can feel him kick from the inside. So, if a daddy baby shower will help him feel like part of the process, I’m all for it! But not this time around. There’s only one baby shower, buddy – and you’re coming.

Sujeiry Gonzalez is the founder of Love Sujeiry – a brand for love and beauty – and Publisher of The Rodan + Fields consultant has authored two books that help women navigate the world of dating and love (Dating RITE: Advice on Dating Woes from Your Go-to Chica and Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles) and provides dating and beauty advice daily.

One Hot Mama: T.I. And Tiny Share An Image From Their Pregnancy Photo Shoot

March 18th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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You’ve seen the “man kisses belly” pictures before. You’ve seen the “woman rubs on belly while smiling pictures.” But you probably haven’t seen a pregnancy photo shoot image as fancy as Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and rapper T.I.’s recent creation.

We told you earlier this month that the pair recently celebrated the upcoming arrival of their seventh child (their third as a couple) by having a lavish baby shower in Atlanta. But that’s not the only way they celebrated the little lady they’ve deemed lucky no. 7. As they prepare for her to make her debut in the world next month, Tiny decided to share a picture from the photo shoot they recently had with popular Atlanta-based photographer and director Derek Blanks. How cute is this?


It’s nice to see the pair so excited and happy! And we’re sure the rest of their brood, including Zonnique, Domani, Messiah, Deyjah, King and Major, are thrilled as well!