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Target Practice: Outrageous Police Behavior Unearthed After Eric Garner

January 22nd, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Killing unarmed men, using photos of black suspects for target practice, the new focus on police brutality is revealing a lot of skeletons in these officer’s closets.

Police Tell Brooklyn Teens To Get Out Of Their Park Slope Neighborhood

October 3rd, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From BlackVoices

NYPD officers in patrol cars trailed a group of black teens walking through Park Slope and told them over their loudspeakers to “get out of the neighborhood,” a resident who witnessed the incident said.

The incident happened Sept. 22 about 2:45 p.m. on Ninth Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, witness Sara Bennett said at a 78th Precinct Community Council meeting Tuesday night.

“I was really really upset and disturbed, not by the kids, but by the way the police were yelling at them to get out of the neighborhood,” Bennett told police at the meeting. She said there were about five or six kids in the group and they appeared to be about 16 years old. The police had the dome lights on the top of their squad cars illuminated, but their sirens were off, Bennett said.

Commanding Officer Capt. Frank DiGiacomo told those present at the meeting that he wasn’t aware of the specific incident. However, he confirmed that his officers routinely try to move large groups of young people out of the neighborhood because clusters of teens have created problems recently at the Atlantic Center Mall.

Read more about police patrolling black teens at


“It Still Bothers Me”: Mother Incorrectly Pulled Over At Gunpoint By Police As Her Kids Watch On In Fear

August 26th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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ABC News

ABC News

Kametra Barbour was driving down the road with four young children (including her kids and godchildren), minding her business on August 9 when she was pulled over by the police. While you would think she was being pulled over for a simple traffic stop, police actually stopped her because they thought she was a criminal they were trying to chase down the highway outside of Dallas.

According to ABC News, police officers were driving in Forney, Texas looking for four black men in a beige or tan Toyota. The driver was reportedly waving a gun out of the window. But when officers lost the suspects, they mistook Barbour’s car as the one they were searching for.

Too bad her car is a burgundy Maxima that instead of holding four men, held four kids under the age of 10 in it.

A dashcam caught police stopping Barbour and shouting orders at her and the kids:

“Driver, let me see your hands! Everybody stick their hands out the window!”

Once Barbour was told to get out of the car with her hands up, she was handcuffed. The entire time she was being apprehended, her main concern was for her kids. She wanted to know what she did wrong and was worried that her children would be frightened by the situation.

“Oh my God, you will terrify my children!”

Very soon after that, police realized they had stopped the wrong people and that the criminals they were seeing were actually kids (“Do they look young to you?”). But by that time, her worried 6-year-old son exited the car with his hands up, worried for his mother: “Are we going to jail?”

Officers let him know that they weren’t, but it was too late. The children inside the car were crying and very freaked out about everything they were seeing.

Officers have apologized to Barbour, but felt that under the circumstances, they handled the situation appropriately considering who they thought they were looking for…

“The officers acted accordingly and professionally based on the information they were given … and they adjusted their methods accordingly when the situation presented itself to be otherwise.”

But Barbour says that every time she thinks of the situation, she gets upset all over again.

“I need you to make sure that you have all the facts because you can’t just say, ‘Okay, I’m sorry’ and I’m over it. I can’t. Every time I listen to or hear or think about it, it bothers you. I can’t just say, ‘Okay, I’m fine. It’s not a big deal.’ It is.”

So crazy. Check out the video for yourself below:

Watch more news videos | Latest from the US

Tragic News: Man Killed By Police After Running To Them For Help

September 15th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Jonathan Ferrell"


In absolutely heartbreaking news,  Jonathan Ferrell, a young man from North Carolina, was killed by the police while running to them for help.

This tragedy began after a woman called the police because  a man she did not recognize was repeatedly ringing her bell.  When she realized the man was not her husband (she assumed it would have been him), she called the cops. A police statement said the man stayed outside of her home in an attempt to gain her attention for a reason unknown in the moment.

They now know that man was 24 year old Jonathan Ferrell and he was knocking on the woman’s door because he was trying to get help after being in a serious car accident, according to WPTV. This was apparently the closest home to the accident.

When police got close to the scene, it is believed that Ferrell ran towards them to get help. However, one officer used his stun gun and missed and another officer, Randall Kerrick, pulled out his gun and fired at Ferrell. He was shot several times and died on the scene.

Officer Kerrick has been charged with voluntary manslaughter meaning he used excessive force in self-defense, or carried out the act without intent to kill. The initial police statement also used words like “charged” and “Advanced” to describe how Ferrell reacted to seeing them. However, he had no gun and there was seemingly no reason to believe he was going to cause any harm. A statement released later in the day said that Kerrick “did not have a lawful right to discharge his weapon during this encounter.”

Kerrick turned himself in on Saturday and was held on $500,000 bond. He, along with the other two officers on the scene, are on paid leave.

What a sad tragedy that also leaves you enraged. A man who was looking to receive help from the police was ultimately killed by them.

Jonathan Ferrell attended Florida A&M University and was engaged to be married.

Our condolences and prayers go out to his family and friends.

In Memory Of: Black Women Who Died Unjustly

July 31st, 2013 - By Kelly Franklin
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black women who died unjustly

Nurturing by nature, black women try and hold it down for our brothers who are racially profiled, tirelessly advocating when the unjustifiable killings of our black sons, brothers, fathers or friends occurs. But what about the sisters who are helpless victims in cases where their death was in vain, and could have been prevented had it not been for racism. Racism in this country seems to be getting more blatant – a suffocating, thick-as-pound-cake cloud that looms over black folk, and weighs on our hearts as we try to go about our daily lives and make sense of senseless acts. Let us not forget about our sisters – the ones who fell prey to the injustices of the world. Let us remember the black women who died unjustly too.

Pregnant Woman To Receive $55K From The City of Chicago After Being Tasered By Police

April 9th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: NBC Chicago

Source: NBC Chicago

Last June, Tiffany Rent, a 31-year-old Chicago woman was shocked three times with a stun gun by police outside of a Walgreens store. The incident came during a dispute over a parking ticket, which Rent didn’t believe that she deserved, so she tore it up, refused to show the officer identification and got back into her car. Rent says Officer Reginald Pippen then threatened to arrest her and stuck his arm in her window, shocking her three times with his taser, reports News One. Did I mention that Rent was 8 months pregnant at the time and that her two children were in the backseat, completely hysterical over what they’d witnessed?

According to  The Chicago Sun-Times, Rent says the other two officers who were with Pippen, Ronald Forgue and Dennis Smith “laughed and mocked” her as she cried out in pain during the assault. Following the incident, Rent was taken to a nearby hospital and she later filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago. Last week the City and Rent reached a decision in which the South Side mom will receive $55,000.

The City’s settlement attorneys say that the agreement  “is not, in any way, an admission of wrongdoing by the City or any officers involved” and Pippen still maintains that he wasn’t aware of Rent’s pregnancy. The case is still being reviewed by the Independent Police Review Authority.

Despite all of the craziness that occurred one month prior, Rent gave birth to a healthy baby boy last July.


What are your thoughts on this incident?

WTF News Of The Day: Rapper Too Short Runs From The Cops!

March 23rd, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Too Short pf"

Judy Eddy/

Okay, Short Dog must have really been “on one” to run from the cops.

Some nosy person had the good sense to get it all on tape and send it in to TMZ. In the clip, Too Short is seen speaking to police officers early Wednesday morning.  He was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence and was asked to step out of the car. The police gave him a field sobriety test and according to TMZ, before he ran, they told him they were going to have to take him in on a DUI charge.

That didn’t sit too well with Short because after pretending to have a civil conversation, Short took off running!

But here’s the thing: he got nowhere real fast. The rapper tripped on the sidewalk and the cops were on him like white on rice. So embarrassing.

Bless his heart. Even if he hadn’t tripped, it didn’t look like he was going to get too far in his little spring.

To add insult to injury, the police also found drugs in his car and added a drug possession charge to the list. I wonder if they’ll hit him with “attempting to flee an officer” charge as well.

Some of these rappers, no matter their age, just don’t learn. At some point, you’ve got to know you’re too old for the bull.

By the way, Too Short did tweet about it:



Take a look at the video…and laugh. Nothing else we can do (by the way, the TMZ link actually has a better version than the video below they posted on YouTube)!

Please, Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em! MC Hammer Arrested For Obstruction

February 24th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"MC Hammer pf"

Judy Cortes/WENN

Now when someone like MC Hammer is arrested, you know something in the milk might not be clean.

The former rapper turned businessman was arrested Friday night in Dublin, CA for obstruction an officer, according to CNN.

He was taken to the Santa Rita jail where he was booked and release for not only obstruction but also for resisting an officer. The Dublin police department says that Hammer was driving with an expired registration in a vehicle where he wasn’t the registered owner.

However, since social media is the perfect outlet for celebrities to let people know what’s going on with them, Hammer took to Twitter to address the situation. He says he was racially profiled and he is not pleased:

"Hammer tweets"


A department spokesman said when the officer asked Hammer questions, he became argumentative and refused to answer questions.

Now, we don’t know the full truth is but can anyone remember the last time MC Hammer got into legal trouble, besides the bankruptcy situation from years ago?  People do have mental lapses and it often results in bad situations but this sounds a littlr weird.

Hammer was cited and will have to appear in court next month; police will then decide whether or not they’ll file charges against him.

Chris Dorner, Black Folk & What America Needs To Learn

February 13th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: AP Images

Source: AP Images

On Tumblr, I follow some very militant black folk. Yesterday, and really for the past week and a half, I’ve seen some very extreme posts in support of Chris Dorner. In a series of posts, one woman said she wanted Chris Dorner to win, to get away, that those people, his victims, deserved to die. No, baby. If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that Dorner’s victims did not deserve to die.  That’s not the answer. Chris Dorner killed the daughter of the police chief who defended him in his case against the LAPD and her fiancé. That’s in addition to the two police officers he killed. If the LAPD fired him unjustly or for some racially motivated vendetta, they don’t deserve to die. And even if they did, it’s not Dorner’s decision to make.

In all of this, it’s clear that Dorner is mentally unstable, a sociopath who succumbed to evil in an attempt to avenge himself against what he claimed was years of racism. All of that being said though, I couldn’t help but empathize with him. While I would never defend Dorner’s method, being black in America affords you the “opportunity” to identify, in one way or another, with his story. How many of us have been mistreated, overlooked or blatantly disrespected simply because of our blackness? In his manifesto, which Dorner wrote to explain his actions, he said that since elementary school, he’d grown up in predominately white environments where he was often the victim of racism. Though the media has said that Dorner’s manifesto was an extensive rambling, full of incoherent thoughts and media shout outs; how many of us can relate to that story of growing up in or coming to work in a racist environment?

I have a friend who, in high school, transferred to a predominately white, private school and went through all types of hell, culminating in one of his classmates spitting on him in the hallway. It sounds like something from the ‘50s or ‘60s, but this was in the early 2000s. Would he have been wrong to retaliate? Maybe, who knows? But if he decided to strangle his classmate, (He didn’t.), you would understand his reaction. Racism is still very much alive in this country. It’s not a stretch for me to imagine the LAPD, or any other law enforcement agency for that matter, being discriminatory. They have plenty of history to support that claim. Like Dorner, I don’t believe the racism and discrimination against blacks stopped with Rodney King.  And over time, these repeated incidents of disrespect, unfairness and human indecency can work on a sane person’s nerves, patience, and compassion. It can gradually enrage you.  Yet, despite centuries of enslavement and subsequent racial injustices, black folks are expected to just endure it, forget it and move on, be above it. It was Audre Lorde who said, “Oppressors always expect the oppressed to extend to them the understanding so lacking in themselves.” That was just too much to ask of Chris Dorner and I get it.

I get it the same way I can understand Nat Turner rising up. It’s the reason I loved Django as much as I did. (Who wasn’t rooting for him to win?)  True, Dorner has been afforded far more opportunities and didn’t have it nearly as bad as the men I just mentioned. But the attitudes that contributed to Dorner’s mistreatment are akin to the mentality that made it okay to enslave blacks in this country, to legally consider them less than human and then torment them once they were freed. They’re the same attitudes that make the killing of an unarmed, black teenager remotely arguable in the court of law.

There’s a lot this country has to learn about racism and its detrimental effects to not only its victims but also its perpetrators. And in a completely unnecessary, sick, twisted and immoral way, I think that’s what Dorner was trying to do.

Joy DeGruy, an educator and author who writes and teaches about “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” said that even Thomas Jefferson, who is widely regarded as racist, knew that Americans, both black, white and people in between, would struggle with the effects of slavery. In an interview with “Like It Is,”  a local, public affairs television show DeGruy explained Jefferson’s position:

Thomas Jefferson was fully aware of what the impact of—the long term impact of enslavement would be—on white people and black people. He talked about the horror associated with what slave masters did. And that their children imitated the behavior among their friends and younger children that were enslaved. And that that built into a sickness on the part of Europeans and a hatred and antipathy on the part of Africans. And his greatest fear is that it would end in the extermination on one or the other race. He says because God cannot side with us, meaning Europeans, in this contest. He cannot side with us which means God will side with them. He says ‘Indeed, I tremble for my country when I consider that God is just and that His justice cannot sleep forever.’ So Thomas Jefferson not only knew at the time the wrongness associated, but recognized the long term impact.”

What saddens me most about this whole Dorner incident is that innocent people died in his attack against institutionalized racism. And not only did innocent people die, I fear that because of the way he went about accomplishing his mission that America will simply disregard him as an angry, crazy, dangerous big, black man instead of an extreme representation of the feelings, sentiments and grievances black people in this country have been harboring for centuries.

Please, No Pictures: Chris Brown Totals His Car Trying To Avoid Paparazzi

February 10th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"chris brown pf"


It’s slowly starting to look like Chris Brown needs to leave Los Angeles when the Grammys are in town.

CNN says on Saturday, the singer totaled his car while trying to escape the cameras of the paparazzi. He was on his way to a Symphonic Love Foundation event when the accident occurred.

In a statement about the accident, Brown’s rep said he was “ruthlessly pursued by the paparazzi. Further, the statement read:

“The occupants jumped out, with cameras, and aggressively approached his vehicle. In an effort to remove himself from the situation, he began to back down an alley, at which point his was cut off by two additional vehicles.”

He then crashed the black Porsche into a wall. According to the police, Brown told them he lost control of the car while he was attempting to get away from them.

Luckily, neither Brown nor anyone else was hurt  at the scene.

The paparazzi are infamous in their tactics to get the “money shot” of certain celebrities. In other cases, they know they’re part of the more annoying part of fame and use that to get under the celebs’ skin.

There is a fear that people will be right in the face of danger as the paps become more bold and even more aggressive in their tactics.

For now, it looks like Chris Brown was actually able to stay on the right side of the law.