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Who Are You Again? Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable These Days

April 8th, 2014 - By Meghan Williams
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Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable

Source: WENN

We’re used to celebrities changing up their looks from time to time with new hairstyles, new clothing and even a little nip tuck. But every so often celebs do something so drastic to their appearances they’re hardly recognizable anymore. Be it surgery, weight loss, weight gain or something else here are 15 celebs who are unrecognizable these days.

Are Selfies Keeping Plastic Surgeons in Business?

April 7th, 2014 - By Ezinne Ukoha
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

I am not that keen on selfies. I hardly indulge in the sport of taking pictures of myself, and posting them on social media outlets, in the hopes that my “friends” will readily hit the “like” button and offer their batches of compliments.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite vain but I prefer solitary judgments as opposed to allowing others to do the work for me. But, I am becoming a minority in a sport that is taking hold of everyone, regardless of age or status. It used to be funny and cute when teenagers caught the bug, but now that grown adults are succumbing to the nagging desire to be validated through a series of photos they orchestrated using their bathroom mirror, I have to admit that I am little disturbed.

But this current trend is no longer just an innocent way to pass the time. There are now serious ramifications associated with polluting your timeline with splashes of selfies, particularly when it pertains to young women who are naturally the most vulnerable when it comes to the subject of beauty.

According to the president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, selfies are helping to spur on the epidemic of physical alteration. “Social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and the iPhone app, which are solely based, force patients to hold a microscope up to their own image and often look at it with a more self-critical eye than ever before.” This statement is based on the results from research pulled from three surgeons who attested to the fact that their increased client lists came at the high price of the “selfie trend.”

Young women are no longer relying on the instincts of natural light and youthful glow to get them through the bad days. Botox and hyaluronic peels are now becoming the approved antidote for those of us who can’t stomach our own reflection.

I personally don’t think I photograph that well; in fact I am convinced that I look much better in person. Of course, my friends and family think I am crazy but I have never liked the way I look in photos. Once in a while, I am pleased with what I see, but majority of the time, I am disappointed. But interestingly enough, after a couple of years have passed, when I look at those pictures again, I actually end up liking how I look. I start wondering why I gave myself such a hard time. That is the primary reason why I refuse to subject myself to multiple selfie sessions. I know what that can do to someone like me, and I can’t afford to go down that road.

But this is a wake up call for women who are entrusting their disposition to flighty friends and outspoken strangers. You are your own worst critic and enemy, and stirring the pot can lead to serious consequences.

Self-esteem shouldn’t be based on whether your hair is too short or your face too long. Comparing yourself to someone who fits your defined ideal image can lead you down a path of self-destruction. There is nothing wrong with taking a couple of fun shots of yourself goofing off or laying out in the sun, but overdosing on selfies, in an attempt to garner the “perfect” profile can potentially hold you hostage for longer than you might anticipate.



British Woman Undergoes Dimpleplasty To Look Like Actress Cheryl Cole

February 11th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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British Woman Undergoes Dimpleplasty

Channel 4

There are celebrities who we individually admire for the physical traits they possess. Beyonce’s curvaceous hips and posterior, Michelle Obama’s arms, and Lupita Nyongo’s flawless skin leave us fixated on red carpets, but most of us wouldn’t go to great lengths to look like these people.

Unless you’re like trainee lawyer Cherelle Campbell from England. Facial dimples have intrigued the lawyer since she was a child, but her obsession took on a whole new level when she came across actress Cheryl Cole. Although Cherelle has natural dimples, they were never noticeable enough for her. The 30-year-old told The Daily Mail:

“I’ve always loved dimples [but] I wasn’t blessed to be given big ones. When God was giving out dimples I was at the back of the queue. I find myself on the street or watching TV and anyone with dimples stands out to me.”

While online with a friend one day, Cherelle researched  bizarre plastic surgery procedures and stumbled across dimpleplasty, a surgery that involves punching holes in a person’s cheek with a scalpel. Once the hole is created on the face, a new dimple is stitched into place. The surgery costs 1,500 pounds (approximately $2,500). Cherelle received the procedure for free by allowing the clinic she used to market her surgery for their promotions.

Cherelle appeared on an English Channel 4 documentary titled, “Bodyshockers: My Piercing Hell,” after the procedure and said this about the experience:

“I was impressed as I didn’t think they were going to be that deep, it’s mixed feelings. Once it has healed, I know I will love it.”

After surgery, Cherelle’s face looked rather deformed but two weeks into the healing process, she told Daily Mail the holes became less distinct. Now her new dimples appear only when she smiles. In an interview with Mirror TV, Cherelle told reporters she received hate messages for participating in the procedure because believed she wanted to look like her white celebrity dimple inspiration. She stated:

“Without going into too much detail (for fear of further backlash) I did not want to look like Cheryl Cole or Lauren London, that will never happen and I don’t idolise them. I wanted to do it because I hated my smile previously – I thought it just looked odd. So I avoided smiling in photos. I literally feel as if I’ve been pin pointed when all I did is something to make me feel happier with my new body, it might sound ridiculous but I didn’t hurt anybody to receive the treatment I did.”

Here’s a picture of Cherelle after she fully healed. What do you think?

Channel 4

Channel 4

Check out a video of her surgery, below.

“Never Say Never” Michelle Obama Talks Plastic Surgery On The Eve Of Her Milestone Birthday

January 15th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

This upcoming Friday, our first lady, Michelle Obama, will turn 50 years old. And she only spoke to one media outlet about her thoughts on the occasion: People Magazine. You know, in our society 50 is seen as the beginning of the decline so People made sure to ask her questions about aging. And when you speak to women about aging, it’s always couched around preserving physical beauty. So in addition to asking Mrs. Obama about her workout routine, they inquired about her thoughts on plastic surgery. The Associated Press obtained quotes from the interview, which will be on newsstands Friday. Here’s what Michelle had to say:

“Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves. Right now, I don’t imagine that I would go that route, but I’ve also learned to never say never.”

True story. Essentially, she doesn’t want it but you never know. Though Jezebel took a bit of issue with Mrs. Obama’s comments and People for having the gall to ask a woman in her position about it. As if all women in her age range are preoccupied with looking 30 at 60. They even mentioned the dangers of botox.

I get it, society still has some work to do when it comes to their objectification of women. But really, what is the right way to answer this question? If she keeps it all the way real and says, “Look at my momma! Ya’ll know black don’t crack.” She would have insulted every woman whose opted to nip and tuck her face–black and white alike.

If she appears too gung ho about the prospect, then folks will jump on her for not loving herself or promoting surgery over self love and acceptance. You can’t please everybody. But leave it to Auntie ‘Chelle to avoid the minefield that was that question. She said I’m good with me but do you and if I need or want to touch up in the future, ya’ll won’t be able to call me a hypocrite.

But that’s not all she had to say. She also spoke about eating habits, exercise, reaching her peak and what she’ll do once her husband, President Obama, is out of the White House.

Eating Habits

“I don’t obsess about what I eat, but I do make sure that I’m eating vegetables and fruit,” added Mrs. Obama. “And as everyone knows, I do exercise.”

Working out

“I’m seeing myself shift from weight-bearing stuff – even though that continues to be important – and the heavy cardio and running, to things like yoga that will keep me flexible.”

Reaching her peak 

People asked Mrs. Obama if she had reached her peak at this point in her life. (What did I tell you about people thinking it’s all over after 50?) She joked that being first lady is  “pretty high up” but also said that she feels her life is “ever-evolving.” She’s not one to rest on her laurels and even went as far to say tat she doesn’t have the right to “just sit on my talents or blessings.”

After the White House 

“I’ve got to keep figuring out ways to have an impact, whether as a mother or as a professional or as a mentor to other kids.”

She noted that daughter Malia, now 15, will be in college when they leave the White House in January 2017. And Sasha, who is just 12 now, won’t be far behind.

“At that point in life, whoa, the sky is the limit.”

How do you think Michelle handled the plastic surgery question? And what would you like to see her do after her family leaves the White House?



Tell ‘Em Why You Mad: Kim Kardashian Is Lashing Back At Haters & Says She Worked Hard To Get Her Body Back

January 11th, 2014 - By Drenna Armstrong
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She’s had enough and not taking it anymore: Kim Kardashian is lashing back at the so-called “haters” in the world who continuously have something to say about how she looks post-pregnancy.

On Friday, Kimmy Cakes took to Twitter to acknowledge anyone who’s accused her of photoshopping her pictures or having plastic surgery. In the extended message, she wrote:

Preach! LOL thank you! It sucks when people make up surgery or photoshop lies when I am so disciplined & work so hard! Just trying to motivate others & show anyone struggling with weight they can totally achieve whatever they want if they are dedicated!

The photoshop rumors started a couple of weeks ago when a photoshop “expert” noticed some interesting differences in pictures she posted on Instagram. On Friday, Kim stepped out looking great body wise, but many commented that her face looked different and suggested she’s had some work done.

Here’s the thing: she’s got to get over it. Kim Kardashian has always found a way to put her body on display (as if we could ever miss it because she was fly for a long time), but now that folks aren’t as excited about her anymore, everyone is a hater.  Even if she hasn’t had any surgery, she’ll never be able to make everyone happy so why try? It’s pointless.

Anyway, you all better leave her alone before she attacks again. In 140 characters.

Lil’ Kim Thinks It’s ‘Corny’ That Folks Are So Obsessed With Her Face

December 27th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Lil' Kim

Source: WENN

“I miss the old Kim” is a statement frequently made by 90s hip-hop lovers and most times, they aren’t just referring to her catchy hooks and feisty punchlines. Anyone with eyes assumed that she has had a bit of cosmetic work done on her face. Some would say that she’s barely recognizable. It’s unclear whether or not she has regrets about her  drastic change in appearance, but it does seem to be a rather touchy subject for the Brooklyn rapper.

“No disrespect, no shade, but I’m not going to answer [that] question,” Kim when asked about the media’s fixation on her face during an interview wit Rolling Out. “I think that’s kinda corny. I don’t know how to answer that. That’s not a question I would answer,” she continued.

The pint-sized powerhouse added that the only thing she will say in response to questions about her appearance is that she’s “blessed.”

“I’m blessed. That’s all I can say. And I am who I am.”

What she was willing to discuss, however, was her current thoughts about finding love and possibly getting married.

“If it happens, it happens,” said Kim. “I’m not going to fight it. At the end of the day, I feel like I can have both.”

Do you think people should lay off discussing Kim’s appearance?

In Case You Wanted To Know: Sharon Osbourne Reveals She Had Her Vajayjay Tightened

December 3rd, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Sharon Osbourne

From the inception of reality television, 61-year-old Sharon Osbourne and her family impacted how we view celebrity families. As we remember perfectly, Sharon has always been candid so it wasn’t a total surprise when during “The Graham Norton” show she spoke about her experience going under the knife for plastic surgery. What was a bit shocking, though, is according to the Daily News, Osbourne revealed her most painful surgery in TMI fashion which was to tighten her vagina. “It was the worst,” Osbourne said. “It was just excruciating.”

After speaking about her plastic surgery, Sharon went on to talk about her tremulous marriage with Ozzy Osbourne due to his addictive personality and why she left him only to find herself back in their marriage, but on her terms. Sharon also opened up about entering the entertainment industry via the television route in order to secure the lifestyle she and Ozzy built for their family.

“[Ozzy and I] both worked to continue a lifestyle we had become accustomed to and we had to travel so my kids spent quite a time away from us,” she explained. “You can never get that time back.”

Check out what else Sharon had to say about getting that old thing back down below in the video.

“I Held His Pen!s Every Night” Conrad Murray Talks Michael Jackson’s Sexuality, Kids, Plastic Nose & More

November 25th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Over the weekend, we reported that Conrad Murray claimed, once again, that he didn’t kill Michael Jackson, that Michael accidentally killed himself. Murray has been saying this for years now. But this particular interview with The Mail,  Murray had faaaaaar more than that to say. In the lengthy interview, Murray attempts to “clear” his name by describing the friendship he and Michael shared. And because the two were so close for the icon’s final years and Michael trusted him, he was privy to some of the most intimate details of Jackson’s life. And I do mean in-tim-ate. This interview answers many of the questions we’ve had about Michael Jackson for decades now, including why he was so adamant about bleaching his skin, the biology of his children, his sexuality and the abuse Jackson had suffered at the hands of his family and others he had once trusted. You can check out some of the highlights below.

Michael’s drug use 

Murray says that when he initially went to work for Michael in 2006, he was already using propofol. When he came to his home to help him prepare for his comeback tour, he realized that Michael had a personal stash of the drug which Murray did not supply.

He told me there were doctors in Germany that gave it to him. I didn’t agree with this at all, but Michael wasn’t the kind of man you can say no to. He would always find a way.

So I acquired propofol and gave it to him over a two-and-a-half month period as I weaned him off it, which I finally achieved three days before he died.

I would never have recommended propofol to Michael. 

But when I  got there he was on it – he called it “milk” – and he needed to get off it. I wanted to help my friend.

How he and Michael were able to develop such a close friendship. 

He liked me because I wasn’t starstruck. The children loved me. We shared similar backgrounds.

He had a very unhappy childhood and was beaten and abused by his father. I came from poverty and didn’t meet my father until I was 25. We were both forgotten little boys.

 Michael had a lot of lingering pain. He would sing the song The Little Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot to me and say, ‘That’s our song.’

 I protected him. I am only  speaking now because I have been unfairly vilified.

He told me he believed he had been sexually assaulted by one  doctor while he had been under sedation. You name it, he had experienced it.

The prediction Michael made that came true in a very tragic way.

You know, for the rest of your life and my life our names will become inseparable.

I asked him, “Michael, what do you mean?” and he smiled and said, I am clairvoyant.

Skin bleaching 

Murray said Michael craved porcelain skin and he helped apply the cream he used. He rubbed it on Jackson’s back.

He transformed himself because he wanted to obscure where he came from. He wanted to look different from his family. He wanted porcelain, flawless skin. Those were his words.

More quotes about Michael’s children, his sexuality and the plastic nose on the following pages.

Somebody’s Lying Here: Celebs Who Denied Having Plastic Surgery

October 28th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Going under the knife in Hollywood has never been anything new. While some are open and honest with the work they’ve had done, other celebrities try to deny it ’til their death. Despite evidence showing otherwise, these celebrities have denied having plastic surgery.

"NeNe Leakes pf"


NeNe Leakes

Viewers instantly fell in love with NeNe Leakes and her bold personality when Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality show premiered in 2008. The sudden rise in popularity also caused a rise in her bank account and soon NeNe was debuting a brand new look. After first copping to getting some pearly white veneers, the “Glee” co-star revealed all of the work she had done, including a nose job, liposuction, breast reduction and breast lifting. So when she appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s show last month, NeNe had viewers scratching their heads by denying she had any plastic surgery. Frankel herself had to get up and perform her own inspection to see if NeNe was telling the truth or not.

Miami Radio Personality Dies After Infection Related To Butt Injections Causes Her To Lose Hands, Feet

October 14th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Courtesy of El Nuevo

Courtesy of El Nuevo

In August, Betty Pino, known by some as the “Queen of Radio” in Miami for her work on Spanish-language radio and helping big Latino acts get on, died from complications from cosmetic surgery, according to a full autopsy report that just came out this past weekend.

According to the Miami Herald, Pino was well-known by many not only for helping to jumpstart the careers of stars like Julio Iglesias (Enrique’s daddy) and more in the United States, but also for being a fan of plastic surgery. Pino passed at 65, and if you look at pictures of her before her passing (like the feature image for this story), she didn’t look anything like her age because of extensive work over the years. The radio personality reportedly first had work done on her backside 20 years ago when she had “hard implants” put in to give her some lift. But a decade later, she asked to have the implants swapped out for saline injections, which caused her pain when she sat down. Just four years ago, she took those out for silicone implants, and before she knew it, those implants would put her health even more at risk.

According to the Daily Mail, the silicone was causing the tissue in her backside to harden and deform. She sought out a doctor in Miami who helped her take it out in June after other doctors refused to help because of the “risks” and possible complications. But after she was sent home post-surgery, the operation wounds developed infections and they would not heal. She went into the hospital in mid-July after she experienced vomiting and diarrhea and was diagnosed with sepsis, a severe blood infection. Pino soon fell into a coma, and as she was transferred to another hospital on August 6, she had to have her hands and feet amputated when her infection spread. The next day she passed away after family decided to disconnect Pino from life support.

According to the Miami Herald, the family says it was what Pino would have wanted. Her family, back in August, was also considering filing a medical malpractice claim, but after years of illegal injections nand implants from different people and a last ditch effort from the doctor in Miami to remove her silicone, they weren’t sure who to sue. It’s unclear if they intend to go forward with any lawsuits.

Definitely a shame, and it just makes me think of these different women in entertainment and everyday life who are running around trying to get back-alley butt injections and slicing up their faces and getting butt implants and changing their looks every time you see them. Just say no, ladies. Please, just say no.

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