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What Most People Don’t Know About Plastic Surgery

September 28th, 2016 - By Julia Austin
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Black woman bandaged from (plastic) surgery


People who have never had plastic surgery often have rather limited knowledge of. And even those who have undergone a procedure or two don’t know everything about the world of going under the knife. Many of us just associate plastic surgery with modern innovations, vanity and breast implants. But people around the world have been using plastic surgery for some pretty surprising purposes for centuries. And some of the procedures that exist will surprise you. Here are 15 surprising facts about plastic surgery.

My Breasts, My Body, My Turn: Allergan Encourages Moms To Feel Great About Their Bodies

June 13th, 2016 - By Kweli Wright
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Being a mom is pretty amazing but pregnancy can trigger changes to your body that may be less than amazing. Allergan, a trusted leader in aesthetics, recently launched this initiative to encourage women to focus on themselves after all they do for their families. My Breasts, My Body, My Turn is a new Allergan campaign that helps women address changes in their bodies brought on by pregnancy.


Dr. Lawton and patient, Harmony Russell

Dr. Lawton and patient, Harmony Russell

Dr. Tenley Lawton, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and her patient Harmony recently hosted an enlightening dinner discussion at Betony restaurant about the procedures and their personal experiences. Harmony is a young mom to three kids who didn’t want to look overdone.

Dr. Tenley Lawton, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California, is a proponent of the My Breasts, My Body, My Turn program. “We’re trying to bring awareness to women to let them know that there are procedures available to them to address some of the changes that they’ve seen during pregnancy,” she told Mommynoire. “These include a deflated appearance and loss of volume in their breasts and loose skin on their stomach that they can’t address through diet and exercise.”

Lawton added that many patients are relieved to hear that there are safe and effective procedures available to address these issues. “We want women to know that there is opportunity to address them, but still get back to their families as soon as possible,” she said.

Harmony Russell is a patient of Dr. Lawton: “I became a patient of Dr. Lawton after I had three C-sections and nursed each of my children for a year. I found that with each pregnancy my breasts became very saggy and deflated and I had a lot of extra skin around my stomach, which was also saggy,” Russell confessed. “I was very faithful to diet and exercise but it didn’t take away all of the sagginess so I wanted to seek out some other opportunities. I met with Dr. Lawton and we addressed some of my concerns.”

“I felt like we were able to tailor my treatment to exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to look overdone and I wanted to make sure the safety aspect was a concern. Really I wanted to get back to where I was.”

Russell says her body caused her to shy away from activities with her family, which made her stand out, especially in sunny California. “I was that mom that sat in the chair on a 90-degree day and didn’t participate in events. I was the wife that didn’t want her husband to see what she looked like and would often shoo him out of the room. And I didn’t even want to look at myself. After a lot of thought about this and meeting with Dr. Lawton I felt very safe with her, especially because she is a mommy herself.”

She decide to schedule the surgery and had a tummy tuck,  a breast augmentation and a lift. “It was a two-week recovery time and I was back to being a mommy in no time,” Russel told us. “I’m very pleased with the results. I now find that I am the mom who is getting out of the chair and initiating events with my kids. I no longer shoo my husband away. I’m encouraging him to stay in. And I’m looking at myself in the mirror once again. So it’s been a very good experience for me.”

When you’re ready to do something, talk to your plastic surgeon about which Allergan aesthetic product may be right for you. You and your surgeon can choose from a full range of offerings, starting with Natrelle® breast implants.

That’s exactly what these moms did and you can too. Follow along on their journeys as they discover their options for breast and body.

Visit* to try an interactive consultation tool and explore all of the breast and body treatment options available to you after childbirth.

My Husband Doesn’t Want Me To Get Plastic Surgery

January 29th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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A 31-year-old wife and mom is seeking advice because it seems that she and her husband of 7 years can’t see eye-to-eye. The woman, who we’ll call “Jackie,” is not unhappy with how her body has changed since she gave birth to her children and would like to have a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. However, her husband is against plastic surgery and is trying to discourage her from having the procedures done. Jackie explained in a Reddit post that she’s pretty healthy and has even lost all of the baby weight, but she believes that she won’t feel better about herself until she gets a little nip and a little tuck. Jackie explains:

Here’s the thing: I eat well, I am very active, and I gained less than 20 lbs including baby and all. I had my kids in my 30s and my body did not bounce back.. period. I have a flappy skin apron. I could not breastfeed for more than three months with either child, yet my breasts took the hit anyway. So I’ve got nipples that point down, too. I’m talking deflated balloon here.

That being said, my husband does believe in pornography where he enjoys the bodies of women that have clearly had some of the procedures I want. I want more attention from him than I get, and I want to feel good when I have it, rather than thinking about how I can feel my skin touching my other skin that never used to touch…

My pants ride down until my belly flap is visible beneath (or just the silhouette) my shirt. There is no “sexy underwear” for this very reason. I am unwilling to take my bra off during sex, which he complains about. I know surgery comes with scars, but I would take that and a tighter feel than what I’ve got.

I have a good job, hubby has a good job, and we don’t have a lot of debt. I went behind his back for a consultation and for what I want, I expect to pay about 7-10k. We gross more than that in a month. I don’t know how to get across to him that I am ashamed of my body now (yeah, yeah, earned her stripes, I know) and if he wants to have sex with the lights on ever again, we’ve got to do something about the state of the union over here.

His issues: He doesn’t want to spend the money. He thinks that once I have a procedure, there will be no end to procedures I want. Part of me also thinks that he will feel the need to make self-improvements too if I do, and he doesn’t want to have to deal with that.

My issues: I don’t enjoy sex anymore, and even just his touch is enough to make me feel ashamed rather than aroused. His “I love yous” and “I want yous” aren’t enough to make me feel, at 31, that I need to give up my dream of feeling beautiful. I love my kids and my body for what it has given me, but I feel used up and tossed aside. I have wants too.

What should she do?

Group Of Florida Women Stole Credit Cards To Fund Plastic Surgery And Dental Work

January 9th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Orlando, Florida law enforcement has been working around the clock for some months to lock up a group of women who stole personal information (including credit cards) of innocent individuals to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery and dental work.

According to police, the women involved/wanted in the investigation they have dubbed “Operation Nip Tuck,” cashed out on everything from breast implants to gold teeth, showing off their new purchases on social media.

Local news station WFTV spoke with Detective Todd Herb, who has spent months working to expose the fraud scheme. “Constantly, you would see them on Facebook and Instagram showing their pictures just a few days after their surgery,” he said.

Constance Zellous, one of the ladies involved in the scam, was also known to show off before and after photos of her surgeries. However, workers at Paradise Dental eventually figured out she was using someone else’s information and contacted police.

Zellous and several other women have been arrested so far, with police still searching for three other women involved.

According to WFTV, there are 16 women connected to this scam, totaling more than $160,000 for procedures. Unfortunately, for the victims of “Operation Nip Tuck,” it could take decades for them to rebound from this incident. Many that were effected were between the ages of 20 and 24 years old with no lines of credit. Now their credit is ruined.

“To get work done for vanity purposes is theft, and it’s terrible they did this against these victims,” said Herb.

The charges these women will face have yet to be announced, as they continue their search for more women involved, including the alleged ringleader.

If You Had The Money, Would You Ditch The Gym For Liposuction?

November 3rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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It doesn’t matter if you were one of those people who played sports growing up or someone who has been a couch potato for a majority of your existence–working out sucks for everyone. Or at least, it blows in the beginning. The beginning, as in, that time when you’re trying to motivate yourself to get your life together after realizing your favorite pants no longer fit. That time when the new year begins, and you decide to use that as inspiration to get it right and tight (before heading back to the couch in March). That time when you realize your bikini body is not looking the way you had hoped and decide to do one of those 30-day squat challenges people post on social media in the hopes that at least your booty can be perky.

Knowing how much it sucks, and how much time and energy it takes to drop the pounds, if you could, would you avoid the gym altogether and just get the fat sucked right out from under you? I’m talking liposuction.

Love and Hip Hop LA‘s Teairra Mari decided to do just that recently. The “Feel Good” singer started her career as a tiny little thing when she was working with Jay Z and was signed to Roc-A-Fella. But by the time she joined Love and Hip Hop LA, she put on a little weight. It was nothing major, and nothing people really noticed–until it was brought up by a co-star who blamed an out-of-breath and out-of-tune performance by Mari on her being out of shape. He said such hurtful things as “Her stomach was all over the place,” and “You gotta get in the gym and work out.”

From that man with a bad body’s mouth, it all just sounded like hate. But by Season 2, Mari gained even more weight and could no longer hide it. And it was also apparent that she had allowed that weight to mess with her confidence. Plus, those jabs from her co-stars (including Princess Love calling her a “hippo” and saying that Ray J doesn’t want her “fat a–“) and folks on social media about her size probably didn’t help.

So she announced on a recent episode that she was thinking about getting some plastic surgery done to slim down. And in a bonus clip, we saw her explaining why. She wanted that immediate snapback. She also wanted that immediate happiness, as she shared with a friend:

“I told you before; I’ve just been feeling a little insecure about the weight gain. I don’t feel like myself. This weight feels like a barrier.”

She continued, “It’s been a wall in my life. I just don’t want to be this big.”

And on last night’s episode, she went through with her liposuction. The fat was sucked out from her stomach, and based on the bandages she displayed during her recovery process, she may also have had some taken out from underneath her chin. And while she wasn’t happy about the soreness, Mari seemed happy to have a little bit of extra weight off of her body and off of her shoulders.

I’m not here to bash Mari and hammer down the obvious, which is that with a few months of healthy eating and consistent time in the gym, she could have dropped some of that weight without putting her life at risk. Seriously, that’s not why I’m writing this. Rather, I’m just worried about the fact that before getting surgery, Mari never actually confronted how and why she wound up gaining so much weight in the first place.

And truly, that is what is important, especially when you’re not an individual who has battled with weight problems years upon years. If you don’t figure out what led you down a path of consistent unhealthy eating, while you can always head to the plastic surgeon, you could easily gain that weight back after surgery.

I recently lost about 40 pounds. To do that, I had to figure out what piece of the puzzle I was missing during my past attempts to lose weight. I started gaining a lot of weight near the end of college and afterward because I was getting lazy, and I was stressed. So instead of cooking something, I was making late-night stops to Burger King while studying for finals. Instead of staying to work out, I was getting tacos with shredded beef with my meal plan after my shift at the rec center. I was picking up gyros and fries after a shift folding panties at Victoria’s Secret. I was snacking while working on my stories late at night after working my full-time job all day. I was treating my body like whatever because my mind was all over the place. I didn’t care about looking fit because I wasn’t happy with the state of my existence. And during those years, I wasn’t happy with the state of my existence because I wasn’t fulfilled. Plus, you know, a sista didn’t really have the time to be a gym rat. So I ate until I felt good.

And the reality is that Teairra Mari has had a lot to emotionally eat about. Her music career, which she worked hard for, never really took off. Her relationship with Ray J, despite the decade she claims that they were together, was never a rewarding one. He didn’t even openly acknowledge her as his companion during their time together. And after thinking they were going to reunite at the end of Season 1, he expressed his dysfunctional devotion to Princess Love. And then there’s the legal trouble for reportedly fighting an Uber driver. Mari was inevitably charged with battery and theft, and could face possible jail time. There are also the mean folks who have openly stated that they think she’s “fat” online. And, of course, Mari lives in L.A. A place where image is everything, and if you don’t look the way you want or need to in order to find happiness and success, you can pay someone to get you there. Hence, Mari stating that she wanted to unveil her post-lipo body on the runway of a fashion show. She wanted to show other people how good she looks and how happy she finally is.

She’s a grown woman and can spend her dollars and cents as she pleases. But she was also always a beautiful woman who didn’t look like someone whose weight was spiraling out of control. Until there’s a grasp on how she ended up with the weight that she considered a barrier to her prosperity, there’s a scary chance that she could fall back into that hole–and fill it with food all over again.

“This Lady Shouldn’t Be Dead.” Donda West’s Plastic Surgeon Tries To Clear His Name

September 14th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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donda west's doctor

Source: Inside Edition


Many of us remember the shock and even second-hand sadness we felt for Kanye West when we learned his mother, Donda West, had passed away. Later, we would learn that she died after having a series of plastic surgery procedures.

Immediately, everyone held her physician Dr. Jan Adams at fault. But now, he’s coming out once again trying to clear his name.

He initially tried to speak to Larry King, shortly after Donda passed but received a call from Kanye West’s lawyers telling him not to do so. He ended up walking off set in the middle of the interview.

And earlier this year he spoke to the New York Daily News about her death and who he believes is responsible.

Now, in a sit down with “Inside Edition,” he’s ready to tell his version of the story

Adams says after the surgery he wanted to care for Donda to be monitored in a medical facility. But she insisted that her nephew, Stephen Scoggins, a nurse with a PhD in public health, be left in charge of her aftercare.

Adams claims that the day after surgery Scoggins left Donda to attend a baby shower and that’s when she choked to death.

“This lady shouldn’t be dead. All you had to do was sit her up and every nurse on the planet knows that.”

Scoggins, Kanye’s cousin, denies all allegations that he’s responsible for his aunt’s death and a nurse’s board dismissed the case against him.

Adams believes he’s been set up as the fall guy in the whole situation. Again, he said that Kanye should step forward and tell the truth.

“Kanye West can end this by telling the truth. The doctor had nothing to do with his mom’s death. The truth, when you bury it, it just grows bigger.”

Who will ever know what really happened in this situation. Either way, we can all agree that after that much extensive surgery she should have been monitored at a medical facility. Particularly when the doctor who performed the procedures suggested it.

Still, while I sympathize with Dr. Adams losing his practice and his reputations, there’s something slimy about the way he’s going after Kanye specifically.

I doubt Kanye will ever respond to him, acting this way in front of the television cameras.

You can check out clips from the upcoming interview in the video below.


15 Surprising Facts About Breast Implants

August 31st, 2015 - By Julia Austin
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Getting breast implants seems as commonplace as getting a manicure these days, but breast augmentation has a long and complicated history— one that’s still in progress. Here are 15 surprising facts about breast implants.








Things Men Should Know About Sex After A Breast Augmentation

August 17th, 2015 - By Julia Austin
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

If your girlfriend or wife is about to get breast implants, you feel like she is bringing you home a new toy (or toys)! But you need to know how to play with them carefully. Here are some things men need to know about sex after a breast augmentation.


15 Hidden Risks Of Plastic Surgery

June 12th, 2015 - By Julia Austin
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Image Source:

Image Source:

When you really, really want something, it’s tempting to overlook the risks. You do it with your dating life (you know a guy isn’t good for you, but he is so hot), you do it with your jobs (you know your boss is a nut, but the pay is satisfying) and you might even do it with something as life changing as plastic surgery. But you can’t overlook the risks of this ever-growing trend. If you are considering altering something about yourself, here are 15 hidden risks of plastic surgery you need to know beforehand.

Is Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise Among Black Women?

June 3rd, 2015 - By Nneka Samuel
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cosmetic surgery for black women


We’ve all heard the horrific “pumping party” tales of women looking to get a little plump in the rump.  They’re often led by unlicensed non-professionals who inject silicone, Krazy Glue, and even cement into bodies that are forever altered.  Some women lose limbs as a result of this deplorable and illegal practice. Others, their lives. Just this week we told you about the Maryland woman who died after getting an illegal butt lift procedure done in a basement in Queens.

This is an extreme example, but it helps to exemplify the stigma long associated with cosmetic surgery in the Black community.  Not only is it perceived as dangerous (even in the hands of reputable doctors, no cosmetic surgery is 100% safe), but it is also seen as something a lot of Black women and women of color in general just don’t do.  That could explain, in small part, the underground pumping party phenomenon.

Whether it be rhinoplasty, breast implants or face-lifts, cosmetic surgery has been thought to be an impossible quest for perfection. A desire to reverse the aging process, and a quick fix confidence booster to remedy a perceived flaw.  Depending on the kind of procedure, there’s also the assumption that if you’re a Black woman going under the knife, you’re trying to erase the physical signs of your race and are therefore adhering to Eurocentric standards of beauty. These standards ignore or condemn our features, but laud them on white skin.  A little nip here and a little tuck there, especially on the face, is thought to result in an unnatural, stiff look that renders people unrecognizable. Botox and skin bleaching form separate categories of hate and shade altogether, and that’s no pun intended.

In an attempt to demystify all of these assumptions and taboos, Dr. Nia Banks, an African-American board certified plastic surgeon and owner of Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in Lanham, Maryland, spoke to Roland Martin in a 2014 NewsOne Now interview.  According to Dr. Banks, “Most people get plastic surgery because they’re trying to get back something they already had.  They’re not trying to look like somebody else, they’re not trying to never age.”  The most common surgeries her office performs are liposuctions, tummy tucks, and breast lifts.  These are often done to repair dramatic changes incurred during pregnancy.  So while we’re used to seeing surgeries that have gone too far, the healthy way to use plastic surgery, Dr. Banks asserts, is as a means to enhance, not to be completely transformed.

“Most women don’t want a radical change,” Dr. Banks continues.  “That’s a red flag…Most women who get plastic surgery actually have a very strong self-esteem, looking to change something very specific.  If someone comes in and says, ‘I want to look like so and so,’ that’s usually a red flag, because that’s not achievable.”

But red flags don’t keep all doctors from operating on people who have had one too many procedures done. Like the late Michael Jackson, who was clearly addicted to cosmetic surgery, or Lil Kim, who could very well suffer from body dysmorphic disorder.  It’s that willingness to operate on patients, no matter the psychological cost, which helps to keep the plastic surgery taboo alive.

But it seems that things are starting to change. In fact, many celebrities have spoken openly about the work they’ve had done, including NeNe Leakes, Porsha Williams, Wendy Williams, and Kelly Rowland.  And the numbers prove it as well. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgery is up six-fold since 1997. The biggest spike in plastic surgery in 2014 was butt augmentation, up a whopping 86% from the year before.  Even labiaplasty – Yep, they do that too – rose by 49%.  Here are some more staggering statistics: 15.1 million Americans had cosmetic procedures done in 2013 alone.  From 2005 to 2013, cosmetic surgeries done on African Americans increased by 56%.  And with the popularity of reality shows like Botched, Dr. 90210, and The Swan over the years, it’s easy to see why cosmetic surgery has become more commonplace, less secretive, and less taboo, both in the U.S. as a whole and particularly in the Black community.

So while the stigma is waning, the pressures that women face in our youth-driven, beauty-obsessed society are still very real. Some businesses even offer “mommy makeover” packages that promise to lift and tuck women in all the right places.

Ultimately, there are a myriad reasons why women choose to get cosmetic surgery.  Should you decide to undergo a procedure, do your research and make sure that you approach it from a sound and mentally stable place. And seek out a doctor who has worked with Black skin, as ours is more prone to keloids and scarring.  While there are more questions than answers when it comes to the psychological effects of cosmetic surgery, one thing is certain: there are no easy fixes.