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People Are In Their Feelings About This Throwback Thursday Post Shared By Deion Sanders’ Daughter

December 18th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Judy Eddy / WENN

Judy Eddy / WENN

Update 4:59 p.m.: 

Deion Sanders’ son Shilo Sanders responded to the comments his half-sister made about his mother, and he’s not happy. Deiondra, however, seems to believe that it’s actually Pilar pretending to be Shilo. See screenshot below.

Oop #DeionSanders's son #ShiloSanders claps back at #DeiondraSander's petty post about his mom #ClapBackSeason!!

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Deion Sanders’ daughter, Deionda Sanders, took advantage of social media’s beloved Throwback Thursday to throw a bit of shade at her father’s ex-wife, Pilar Sanders. The photo was from Deion and Pilar’s 1999 wedding day.

“#TBT We knew it all along… LOL,” she captioned the photo, drawing attention to the amusing facial expressions plastered on her and her brother’s faces.



It’s no secret that Deion and Pilar have experienced their share of issues. Their nightmare divorce was finalized in 2013 and just last month, the retired athlete won a $2.2 million defamation lawsuit against Pilar after she began claiming that she suffered domestic abuse at the hands of Deion.

Apparently, folks were not amused by Deiondra’s joke because the comments section of that photo was quickly filled with people scolding the young woman.

“Pilar is your siblings’ mother! I really don’t like your father anyway! It’s none your business what happened between them!” exclaimed one commenter.

“@shedeursanders don’t worry karma going to hit your sister right back. She mad your mother looks way better than hers,” another shared while tagging another one of Deion’s kids.

“Stay out of people’s grown business grow up child no matter what have respect on some kind of level idiot!!! Kids these days have no clue of respect& loyalty spoiled little sh-ts that think they deserve it all. Foh,” wrote another.

We’re actually quite shocked by how many people are in their feelings about this. What do you think?


Pilar Sanders Ordered To Pay Deion $2.2 Million For Falsely Claiming He Abused Her

November 27th, 2015 - By Brande Victorian
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Pilar Sanders

Image Source:

Last December Deion Sanders sued his ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, for defamation of character after she claimed the former NFL pro had physically abused her. The fact that Deion was awarded primary custody of their three kids made that accusation a bit shaky, and now a judgement awarding the star athlete $2.2 million seems to add more credence to his claim that he never laid hands on the woman he was married to for 13 years.

As you’ll recall, things got very ugly once Deion served Pilar with divorce papers in the fall of 2011. From there, Pilar claimed Deion would only give her money to care for their children in exchange for sexual favors, and then came the accusation of physical abuse and infidelity. Through it all, Deion, who was reportedly only seeking less than $1 million in damages, rarely spoke about the very public divorce and it seems that silence has served him well, legally at least. According to TMZ, the defamation settlement Deion was just awarded will offset any money he would have paid Pilar in the divorce settlement. Pilar’s attorneys, of course, say they plan to appeal.


Pilar Sanders Sentenced To A Week In Jail For Violating Custody Agreement

December 16th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Deion and Pilar Sanders will go down in the history books as one of the messiest celebrity breakups of all time. It seems like they’re in the news– mostly Pilar– bad mouthing each other or talking about their equally messy custody battle. And apparently, this week is no different. But now, someone’s going to serve some time.

According to the Dallas News, today, Pilar was sentenced to seven days in the county jail.

After hearing from witnesses and attorneys for Deion Sanders a judge found Pilar in contempt for failing to return her children to Deion after visitation and for taking possession of them when she shouldn’t have. These actions were in violation of the former couple’s divorce decree.

Initially, the judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail but then suspended that sentence for a year.

As she was being taken into custody, Pilar said she objected to the day’s proceedings. Earlier, she appeared before the judge with no attorney, saying she was there under threat, duress and coercion. She told the court,“I am not a part of the United States corporation.” Pilar had no witnesses to testify on her behalf and when the judge asked her if she had any questions for Deion’s witnesses, she said, “I stand mute.” 

The hearing pertained to two accounts violating the divorce decree and the defamation suit Deion filed against Pilar last month.

The judge ordered that Pilar remove any statements that could be construed as damaging to her ex husband from social media. That case will come to trial on March 2.

Deion testified that the NFL has investigated Pilar’s allegations, which she’s posted on social media. Sanders said the nature of the posts have threatened negotiations to renew his contract and are jeopardizing his livelihood.

The judge also ruled that Pilar should not have possession of the former couple’s three children until further notice from the court.

During the hearing Pilar cited several legal statutes, saying she did not recognize the jurisdiction of the court. And when asked to give her name on the witness stand, she said: ““I am Pilar Sanders Love El Dey Allodial Moorish American.”

Deion testified that this past summer, after her visitation with the children had expired, Pilar did not return them. A police officer testified that he made three trips to her home attempting to return the children to Deion. The first time no one answered the door, the second Pilar would not allow the deputies inside and the third time, the officer had authority to enter the home by force to retrieve the children.

The officer testified that during their interactions, Pilar said that she was a Moorish American, under the laws of Morroco and the laws of the United States did not apply to her.

Once the children were returned to Deion, she filed a kidnapping complaint with Child Protective Services (CPS), who contacted the police. Because the court ordered the children to be taken, the authorities did not pursue charges. Another CPS investigator found that Pilar’s allegations of abuse and neglect had been investigated and ruled out.

I don’t have much to say. The story basically speaks for itself. But I will say I would love to ask Deion how he didn’t see these glaring red flags before he married Pilar?

He’s Had Enough! Deion Sanders Sues Ex Wife Pilar For Defamation Of Character

December 3rd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Deion Sanders Sues Ex Wife Pilar For Defamation Of Character

If you’ve been paying even minimal attention to the blogs lately, you will have seen the very messy divorce and custody battle Pilar and Deion Sanders have been undergoing. It’s been an all-out brawl with Pilar lodging some type of character attack against Deion every other week.

First, she posted pictures of bruises he’d allegedly given her. And then she claimed that Deion had abused her children. All of this came after Deion was given primary custody of three of their children.

And Deion had been pretty quiet about all of it.

Until now.

Apparently he’s had enough. And is suing his ex-wife for more than $200,000–but less than a million. He claims that she’s defamed him on social media as well as television. Sanders cites Pilar for claims of “child abuse, assault, murder and other crimes.” 

Seeing as how Pilar has been everywhere with these claims, I don’t know how she’s going to argue her case.

Anyway, according to court documents Deion claims that Pilar…

“…has published and continues to publish statements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media accusing Plaintiff of child abuse, abuse of the Defendant, assault, murder, and other crimes (the False Statements). She has also appeared on television, specifically the Bill O’Reilly Show, making similar abuse allegations.”

Sanders said he has asked Pilar to cease and desist but she has refused. Deion believes her behavior will continue and he wants punitive damages for defamation.

Deion Sanders Sues Ex Wife Pilar For Defamation Of Character

Source: Instagram,

Just last month, Pilar posted a YouTube video with a child who appeared to be the couple’s youngest daughter telling her mother that Deion kicked and choked her brother, their son.

Last year, Deion was awarded custody of the former couple’s three children, Shilo, 14, Shedeur, 12 and their daughter Shelomi, 10.

Pilar also tweeted a link to an audio clip of her two sons talking about their father’s alleged abuse. In it, you can hear Shedeur saying “Daddy told me and Shilo that if we chose hime we can go over to your house whenever we want.” 

The clip has since been removed.

This whole thing is less about who’s right or who we should believe but more about the sad reality that the children are in the middle of all of this.

What do you think will happen with this case, will Pilar have to pay up? (Does she even have it?) And if it makes it to court, do you think Deion will win?

Pilar Sanders Tries To Appeal Prenup Judgement…By Arguing That She Shouldn’t Be Governed By The U.S. Law

May 29th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

Pilar and Deion Sanders have been officially divorced for quite some time now. But apparently, the aftermath still lingers. According to TMZ, the former “Football Wives” star is still making attempts to have their prenup judgement overturned.

Her most recent stunt to have the ruling overturned reportedly included claims that United States laws should not apply to her because she’s now a Moorish National Aboriginal, Indigenous Natural Person. In short, the former model, who now goes by the name Pilar Biggers Sanders Love El-Dey, claims she’s only subject to Moroccan law now. In the court documents, she went on to state that she’s now affiliated with the Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World.

Unsurprisingly, her appeal was dismissed, even prior to this recent filing. However, for some reason, she reportedly believes the new development will breathe life back into her case.

We’re not really sure what Pilar has been up to lately, but it appears that she may be going off of the deep end. Hopefully, everything is okay with her.

The Ex-Factor: Hollywood’s 12 Bitter Exes

May 23rd, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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Torrei Hart Speaks About Kevin's Relationship With Eniko

Source: WENN

Yesterday, Torrei Hart promoted her new reality show, Atlanta Exes on Entertainment Tonight and during the interview, she recounted (for the millionth time) how Kevin Hart committed adultery during their marriage.

“It does hurt that my kids have to be around a woman who broke up a marriage. I was with [Kevin] when he was selling sneakers for five dollars an hour. I was at every show. I was at his first show where he ever did standup … I was his muse. I was there from the beginning.”

Kevin respectfully told his side of the story via Twitter and while fans pick sides or hope Torrei would stop uttering her ex-husband’s name, we’re looking at other Hollywood exes who showed their bitter side once their relationships, ended.

Busted: 13 Of The Most Entertaining Celebrity Mugshots

April 22nd, 2014 - By M A
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celebrity mugshotsTisk, tisk, these naughty celebrities. Everyone has had some wild times that could have ended in a visit by the po-po, but these celebrities weren’t able to wiggle their way out of those compromising positions. From violent outbursts to the downright ridiculous, these celebrities’ brushes with the law checkered the gossip pages and, admittedly, put a smirk on our faces at times. Madame Noire takes a look their trinkets from a trip to the big house with our collection of the most entertaining celebrity mugshots.

So Y’all Not Gone Pay For Your Kids? Celebs With Child Support Drama

April 10th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Celebrities continue to prove they’re regular people just like the rest of us, unfortunately in some of the worst ways possible. When it comes to these celebs with child support drama it took a judge to get them to cough up cash for their kids. Were they to blame or were the mothers of their children asking for too much?

"Nas pf"



Nas was happy to take himself off of the market and marry singer Kelis but that marriage soon went up in flames. In December 2009, the Queensbridge rapper was ordered to pay the R&B singer $51,000 a month in alimony and child support, but the bad economy worked in Nas’ favor and 13 months later he was able to convince the judge that his payments should be lowered. Even though at one point Nas was in arrears and owed Kelis more than $300,000 in back child support, the judge agreed to lower his payments to $20,000 a month in alimony and $5,000 in child support.

Did They Earn It? Celebs Who Kept Their Ex-Husband’s Last Name After Divorce

December 3rd, 2013 - By Meghan Reid
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Many women choose to keep their ex-husband’s last name after divorce for so many reasons. Some keep it for the sake of their children, some say it’s part of their personal brand, and others say they “earned it.” Whatever the reason, the choice always seems to draw speculation of ill intent, but that makes these women no nevermind. Here are 15 celebs who’ve kept it movin’ with the last name in tow.

Celebs Who Kept Their Ex-Husband's Last Name

Porsha Stewart

Porsha Stewart has decided to keep Kordell Stewart’s last name despite their pending divorce. With all that he put her through you would think she would want no ties to a man who kept her under lock and key. Porsha explained on the Wendy Williams Show why she chose to keep Stewart as her last name: “I’m going to keep Stewart. It’s not his name, it’s my name,” said Porsha. “I was Porsha Williams and I was at one point in my life before I got married. Marriage has taught me so much. I’m a whole ‘nother woman now. So, I’m going to own that last name. It belongs to me.”

Pilar Sanders Reportedly Joining Tameka Raymond and Christina Johnson For ‘Hollywood Exes’ Spin-Off

August 5th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Last week we told you that rumors have been circulating about a Hollywood Exes spin-off show, which would be starring Tameka Foster, the ex-wife of R&B crooner Usher Raymond, and Christina Johnson, ex-wife of Cee Lo. Since our initial report, speculation regarding additional cast members being added have surfaced, including Kim Elba, ex-wife of famed actor Idris Elba and Sheree Buchanan, ex-wife of NFL star Ray Buchanan. As if that star-studded line-up weren’t enough, we hear that Pilar Sanders, ex-wife of Deion Sanders, has also been added to the cast.

The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Pilar is currently negotiating her contract with VH1. Speculations have yet to be officially confirmed by the network, but they’d be crazy not to sign her up. It’s one thing to read about the scandalous, drama-fied stories, but it’s another to see it all go down with your own two eyes. Within the last two years, Pilar has lost custody of her children, been abandoned and sued by her friend, co-author and publicist and had her divorce finalized. It would be pretty interesting to see how she’s adjusting in the aftermath of it at all.

It’s also interesting to note that Pilar’s ex-husband, Deion, recently landed a reality show with the OWN network. How interesting would it be to watch both of their shows and compare notes?

We’ll continue to keep you posted as this story develops.

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