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When Does He Sleep? Pharrell Williams Inks Deal With Adidas

March 28th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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pharrell adidas

Pharrell Williams has been making a lot of out-there fashion statements lately–from the oversized hat he wore to the Grammys to the tuxedo shorts he donned at the Oscars. Now we can add another fashion partnership to the list.

The “Happy” singer has entered into a partnership with Adidas Originals to design  a line for the brand which will debut this summer.

Of course, isn’t his first fashion collab. Pharrell already has deals with Comme des Garçons, G-Star jeans, Moncler as well as a t-shirt collection with Uniqlo. On top of these, he’s got own successful line of clothes, Billionaire Boys Club.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to work with creative people who understand where I’m coming from and respect my taste while having access to great technology and an amazing brand history,” Pharrell told WWD.

“I’ve had my own brand for 10 years now and had a deal with another company in the past so it will not affect anything, especially since I have the right team around me to help manage these projects,” said Pharrell, who recently dropped his new CD, Girl. “Music will always be my first love and what I focus on, but I’m really appreciative to Adidas for allowing me to further develop and understand my design dreams.”

Fabrics from his own textile company, The Bionic Yarn, will be used in some of his upcoming products for Adidas. Environmentally minded, The Bionic Yarn turns plastic debris from the oceans into yarn and fabric.

While Pharrell didn’t reveal what his line will involve, he did tell WWD, “It’s my line so it comes from my heart and mind. I’m taking this very seriously. [It’s for] basically everyone. [I’m] not doing this for any specific demographic; I hate being put in a category anyway.”

‘Yo, You Don’t Need Nobody To Represent You:’ Pharrell On The Alleged Absence Of Black Women On ‘G I R L’ Album Cover

March 25th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last month when Pharrell debuted the art work for his new album “G I R L,” he received a ton of backlash for failing to include black women on the cover. Though he initially responded to the controversy explaining that one of the girls appearing on the cover was actually black, in his recent interview GQ he provided more in-depth thoughts on the criticism he received.

“It’s insecurity,” he explained. “If you love who you are—and I’m not saying that there’s not a plight out there for people who have different skin colors, because Mexicans go through just as much discrimination, if not more discrimination, than black people do in this country. Right?”

Ironically, he adds that he actually put his friends on the album cover and reiterated that the young lady standing closest to him is black.

“You don’t gotta be waif, white, and thin to be beautiful. You can be anything that you want to be, and what I chose to do is put my friends on the cover. The girl that was closest next to me is black, but they didn’t know that, so they jumped the gun.”

The “Happy” singer went on to express that a lot of the backlash he received did come from black women, but not all of it.

“It wasn’t all black women. There were a lot of black women that were really angry at some of those girls, but some of those girls are the ones that instantly get mad when they don’t see somebody that’s dark. And it’s like: ‘Yo, you don’t need nobody to represent you. You represent you. You represent the best version of who you could be. You go out there and change the world.’ Because I’m black, and I wouldn’t trade my skin color for nothing. But I don’t need to keep wearing a badge that tells you that I’m black every time I do something! I’m black!”

He went on to argue that discussions regarding degrees of blackness in this country are senseless and foster division.

“My mother’s black, who’s a big part of my business; a black woman runs my business; and I’m married to a black woman. What more do you want? And why are we talking about this? And if we’re going to talk about degrees of black—what is it in this country? I still believe that if you are at least 1/32nd of black blood in your body, even if you look like you, you are deemed black. Right?”

“Right,” his interviewer responds.

“So why are we still having this conversation?” the newly married producer argued. “I’m a black man. I’m happy to be black, and anybody that is not happy to be black will point around and ask for that kind of sympathy. But the thing is, let’s not ask nobody for no more sympathy. Let’s get together ourselves and support ourselves.”

After citing a few major accomplishments of figures in the black community, he closed his argument by insisting that with all of the greatness out there, being black is nothing to be insecure about.

“So which is it? Is President Obama black or not? Since you’re so mad: Is he black or not? Come on, man! We ain’t got time for that. We are black people. This is the new black. Oprah Winfrey: That’s the new black. She’s a black billionaire. President Obama: He is a black American president. Regardless of what you think about him, this is his second term. That’s the new black. LeBron James: the first black man ever shot on a Vogue cover, a black man. Me: a guy that’s written a song at 40! Nominated for an Oscar, four Grammy awards—at 40! That’s the new black! And by the way: a song that has transcended my lyrics, my own intention, and has become a movement and helped cancer patients. That’s the new black! Black ain’t a color: Black is a spirit, and it is ubiquitous. In fact, there’s more black out in space than there is stars. We have nothing to be insecure about.”

Read Pharrell’s full interview here. What are your thoughts on his stance in the whole colorism debate?

‘We’re Happy To… Get Our Hat Back’: Arby’s Buys Pharrell’s Grammy Hat For $44K

March 3rd, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Adriana M. Barraza/

Adriana M. Barraza/

Update: The eBay auction is over and Pharrell’s now-iconic Grammy hat has been sold for a whopping $44,100.

pharrell tweet hat



Proceeds from the sale will go to his nonprofit organization  From One Hand to AnOTHER. The charitable buyer was none other than Arby’s, the fast-food chain that used the hat (along with other Twitter users) to poke a little fun when it first made its grand entrance on Grammy night.

arby's tweet


So something positive came out of a meme. The internet did good.

Separately but related, the hat made another appearance last night when Pharrell performed his Oscar-nominated song “Happy” and got his shimmy on with Luptia Nyong’o, Meryl Streep, and Amy Adams. He’s getting a lot of mileage out of that accessory!

Update by Tonya Garcia

Original post from February 21, 2014

What the heck inspired Pharrell’s choice of headwear at the Grammys? The Arby’s logo? Smokey the Bear? No one knows. But it certainly set the internet ablaze! And if you want to keep a souvenir of this iconic moment in pop culture, you can literally buy Pharrell’s chapeau for $10,500!

You heard right. According to The Daily News, the bulky headpiece is being auctioned off on eBay for $10,500. It’s such a steep price for a hat that it would be unfitting to call it anything but a chapeau. But at least the winner of Pharrell’s glorious chapeau will get free shipping.

The headpiece may cost a pretty penny, but the “Happy” artist is doing it all for a good cause. “I’m auctioning off my hat from the Grammys to benefit From One Hand to AnOTHER,” Pharrell wrote on Twitter. From One Hand to AnOTHER is an organization, founded by Pharrell, that helps develop learning programs for underrserved children between the ages of seven and 20.

“All proceeds benefit From One Hand to Another whose mission is to help change the world one kid at a time by giving them the tools and resources to meet their unique potential and empower them to nurture curiosity by learning through new technologies, arts, media and motivation!” the eBay listing says.

“My hat will help kids get a better education, how’s that for a #win?” Pharrell tweeted.

Even Pharrell, who started the auction at a relatively low price, couldn’t believe the current bid for the Vivienne Westwood “Mountain” Hat: “We started my hat auction at $200 (the price I paid for it) and it’s already up to over 10K?” Pharrell  underestimated the momentous mark that his Harry Potter sorting hat has left in pop culture’s chapeau history. The Vivienne Westwood headpiece even has its own Twitter account — with 20,000 followers! “Buy me,” the hat tweeted, “it’s for a good cause!”

The much-talked-about chapeau remains up for grabs for the next nine days. If you win, you can do your own “Happy” dance in it.

Lupita Wins And Ellen Takes Celeb Selfies: Our Favorite Moments From The Academy Awards

March 3rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Though this year’s telecast of the Academy Awards was a bit longer than we would have liked, we can’t lie, it was a pretty good show! A few of our favorites took home awards, and Ellen brought the funny (of course). Here are the moments we couldn’t help but enjoy in the more than four-hour long show.

Academy Awards


Lupita Nyong’o Wins Best Supporting Actress

There was talk for a while that Nyong’o would be going head-to-head with actress Jennifer Lawrence, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in American Hustle and won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes. However, the Academy went with the newcomer, crowning Nyong’o Best Supporting Actress for her amazing work as Patsey in 12 Years a Slave. When Nyong’o went up to accept her award, it was an absolute watershed moment for fans, and a well-deserved moment for the actress.

Pharrell Williams Performs “Happy” At The Oscars With Help Of Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep And Amy Adams

March 2nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Pharrell Williams Happy

How can you listen to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” and not want to at least bob your head or tap your feet? So infectious!

The Academy Award nominee for Best Song was the first to perform out of all the nominees in the category, and he had everyone up and moving in their ball gowns and suits during his performance of “Happy,” which is of course from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack.

Williams stepped out in his Vivienne Westwood hat and a track jacket and jeans to shake a leg or two with the crowd, including Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, who all danced with the producer and singer as he made his way through the front of the crowd of celebs. And can we talk about the dancing during the performance? Amazing! The background dancers were hitting the Nae Nae and showing off some moves I’m going to have to steal for my next club outing.

And did we mention that the song is number one on the Billboard Hot 100? It’s Pharrell’s first number one song as a lead performer. If Williams wins the Academy Award tonight, this will be yet another great year for one of our favorite producers.

But check out his performance below and share your thoughts (and also be sure to get up and dance a little!).

2143223652 by YardieGoals

‘I Wanted To Be Like Jay, I Wanted To Be Like Puff:’ Pharrell Tells GQ He Tried To Emulate Others During His Early Years In Music

February 28th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Pharrell Williams is by far one of the most unique artists on the scene right now. But around 2006 when he released his first album, “In My Mind,” the “Get Lucky” singer admits that he was busy trying imitate other artists like Jay Z and P. Diddy.

“So when I write a song on In My Mind called ‘How Does It Feel?’ ”—that’s the one that goes See me on the TV, the cuties they wanna f**k—“Man, what was I talking about? That wasn’t joy. That was just bragging. I wanted to be like Jay. I wanted to be like Puff. Those are their paths,” he admitted to GQ.

Thankfully, he decided to embark upon his own path.

“I got my own path,” the 40-year-old Virginia native continued. “But I didn’t know what my path was. I knew that I was meant to do something different. I knew that I needed to inject purpose in my music. And I thought that was my path. I didn’t realize that like, from ’08 up until now was like, training. Like, keep putting purpose in everything you do. Don’t worry about it; just put purpose in there.”

Speaking of purpose, Pharrell also dished on what inspired him to name his latest album “G I R L.”

“I instantly knew that the name of the album was called G I R L, and the reason why is because women and girls, for the most part, have just been so loyal to me and supported me,” he explained. “There is no breathing human being on this planet that did not benefit by a woman saying yes twice. Yes to make you, and yes to have you. Point-blank.”

Pharrell also discussed whether or not marrying his wife, Helen Lasichanh, changed him. According to the “Blurred Lines” producer, becoming a married man hasn’t changed him because Helen continues to be his best friend.

 “No, that’s just—that’s my bestie,” he said nodding at his wife.

We’re so HAPPY Pharrell experienced his “Aha!” moment and decided to follow his own path instead of continuing his attempts to follow someone else’s.

Read his full interview here.

Him So Purrty: 15 Of The Prettiest Celebrity Men

January 15th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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In Hollywood there are pretty boys — you know the Diddys of the world who place photos of themselves on Instagram with cucumber patches under their eyes and take more time to get ready than the average woman — and then there are men who are just plain pretty. They have the long eyelashes, soft facial features, and grooming habits that just make you swoon and say, you know what, that’s a pretty man right there. Check out our favorite pretty celebrity men.

prettiest celebrity men

Source: WENN


Musician Prince has always had an androgynous look about him. With his high cheekbones, deep, soulful eyes and soft lips, the Purple One has worn clothes such as ruffled blouses and boots with heels that at the very least could be labeled unisex. The legendary artist has been romantically linked to beautiful women but he’s always been the prettier one in the relationship. Prince, who normally wore his hair similar to Halle Berry’s signature short hairstyle, debuted his new look sporting an afro on ABC’s “The View” which made him look a little more masculine.

Celebs Who Were Winning In 2013

December 26th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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2013 is done and in the history books. While most of us are just happy to make it to 2014 alive, these celebrities actually have a lot to celebrate. They had a stellar year and, to put it plainly, were killing it in 2013.

Celebs Who Were Winning In 2013

Source: GSI

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton has finally come out from the shadows of her big sisters and stepped into the limelight alone. After winning fans, or Tamartians, over on her family’s reality show, “Braxtons Family Values,” Tamar landed her own spin-off, which focused on juggling being a wife and then expecting a baby while getting her solo career off of the ground. All of her hard work paid off when Love and War debuted on the Billboard charts in the number two slot after selling over 115,000 copies. Not wasting any time, Tamar released a Christmas album Winter Loversland a few weeks ago.

Pharrell Williams To Reportedly Celebrate Marriage To Helen Lasichanh In Miami This Weeked

October 9th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Though Pharrell Williams has been quite vocal about his feelings for rumored wife, Helen Lasichanh, the couple’s wedding plans have been top secret. Word on the street is that they officially married in France back in August, but the pair have yet to officially celebrate their union with family and friends. Well, until now, that is.

Page Six is reporting that the alleged newlyweds will officially celebrate their nuptials this weekend at a swanky shindig at Miami’s Tropical Botanical Garden. The guest list reportedly includes Robin Thicke, David Guetta, Gwen Stefani and Paula Patton. Jay Z and Justin Timberlake are also rumored to be performing.

According to reports, the lavish party will be held outside and guests are asked to wear “garden party attire.”

“Pharrell has worked with everyone. He just produced Miley Cyrus’ album, he has worked with Beyoncé, Madonna, Shakira, Daft Punk, Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez. Half the music business will be there,” said one insider.

Pharrell and Helen have one son together, Rocket Man Williams. Pharrell often boasts that becoming romantically involved with his best friend was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

“It’s awesome. I can’t tell anyone what to do. I can’t give anyone relationship advice, but the bestie thing is awesome. Yeah [she's my best friend]. Every night is like a sleepover,” Pharrell gushed this past summer.

Congrats to the beautiful couple!

Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number: Beauty Secrets From Stunning Celebrities Over 40

October 7th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Celebrities over 40

Source: WENN

While some women dread celebrating the big 4-0 and beyond, others transition into this new and exciting season of their lives quite gracefully. They realize that beauty knows no age restraints and as Vivica A. Fox frequently chants, “age is nothing to be ashamed of.” Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities over 40 maintain such youthful glows and skin flawless enough to compete with even the teeny boppers? The secrets are yours for the taking, but be prepared to click!

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