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Let Us Upgrade You: 6 Steps To Discover Your Personal Style

September 19th, 2016 - By MommyNoire Editor
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It’s been said that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak (shout out to stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe) and I’m inclined to agree. As per Anna Wintour, your style should be unique to your personal taste, yet identifiable to others. Women go through many transitions in their lifetime and often have to learn how to dress for every situation and subsequently our wardrobes become a hodgepodge of items. In college it may have been hoodies and sweats, while when you landed your first job you became a member of the skirt suit club.


Ideally, we’d all have a seamless closet full of essentials and trendy items, but more than likely we spend too much time staring at the racks trying to put together a look for how we feel that day. We get stuck in a rut when we find a few items we love or we become a slave to the current trends and neglect our tried and true options. Getting dressed shouldn’t be rocket science or involve tears of any kind, so long as you know what your personal style is and how to work your closet.

Here a few ways to hone your style and establish a signature look:

Read up on current trends. It may sound contradictory–when discussing personal style–to look to others but you have to get your inspiration somewhere. Perusing fashion blogs and Pinterest for real-life dressing is an excellent place to start as they are a beacon of daily style, while fashion magazines like People StyleWatch and InStyle are great for celebrity inspiration. Figure out who your fashion icons are (celebrity or not) and study what it is that draws you to them and their outfits.

Take note of what you currently love to wear and how it makes you feel. If necessary, document your outfits every day for a month and see if you can spot a trend /theme in what you wear. Create a vision board (via Pinterest or Polyvore) and curate looks of your own based on the pieces you find you love. Some women are specifically preppy and polished, while others more boho chic and others still grungy rocker chic. Figure out which way your sartorial sensations are leaning and try gravitating towards pieces that evoke those feelings.

Determine what works for your life. Are the items you’re drawn to practical for your daily life? Do you love all things studded and spiked but work in a bank? Do you dream about dressing like Kim Kardashian in skin-tight pieces or pushing boundaries like Rihanna, but you’re a mom of five in suburbia? Be realistic. If it doesn’t make sense for your life, don’t force it. Think: classically feminine like Nia Long. It’s fine to have one or two “off the mark” pieces that make you feel good and that you love, but lifestyle dressing is really the only trend you need to follow.  I love heels but with a busy three-year-old it’s not really practical for everyday wear. I had to learn to find a happy medium that still allows me to feel cool but also not break my neck while chasing after my son.

Review your closet and begin to edit. Once you’ve established what you like, it’s time to take inventory of your current wardrobe. Does your closet contain any of the items you listed in the steps above? Are you holding on to items that you once loved but haven’t worn in years because they just not your style? What about items that don’t fit anymore? There’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze into jeans that are a size smaller than you actually are, or tops that you’re swimming in. If the answer is yes, then it’s time to let them go. Can you recreate any outfit inspirations based on what you currently own?

Create a wish list. It may seem childish, but it’s the best way to figure out what you truly need versus what you want. This will help you shop like a pro. Once you’ve determined your style and edited your closet it very well may be time for you to go shopping to update your wardrobe with the things that make your heart go pitter pat. And if you are obsessed with studs but find they’re not practical in everyday work wear, find a way to mix them in be it jewelry or a fun handbag. Don’t get crazy, but be true to your style lust. A little studding never hurt anybody.

Curate your closet. Figure out the best way to organize your clothing and stick with it. It will streamline the outfit choosing process and keep you aware of what you have and what you may want to add at later dates. Sorting clothes by season or occasion tends to work best for most as you’re able to easily access an item for a specific occasion and because you’ve already completed steps 1 -5 you know you’ll feel glamorous in whatever you put on.

Personal style isn’t something that’s developed overnight. It can take years to finally get the hang of it and create the ultimate wardrobe where getting dressed is effortless and always makes you feel fabulous. It is also guaranteed to evolve slightly as your life changes and you enter new phases, but you’ll often find that while the pieces might change the overall feel is the same. Just remember: “The secret to great style is to feel good in what you wear.”

Amber Dorsey blogs about her personal style evolution as a mother of a tween and a toddler at From Carpools To  She enjoys helping women of all ages discover their personal style while sipping on a quality beverage that isn’t a juice box.

Off The Red Carpet: Celebrities Describe Their Personal Style

January 21st, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

We’ve all seen the red carpet photos. But what do your favorite celebrities dress like when there’s no stylist involved, and they want to stay chic, cute and comfortable? Get ready to find out how these stars describe their personal style.

Fab Mamas, Get Your Personal Shopping On With Shopbolt

May 27th, 2015 - By Kay Hudson
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Okay, I love malls – but I don’t care for crowds, especially during a New York summer. I like small contemporary and chic boutiques – but they seldom have a range of sizes and fabrics that meet my needs. Furniture stores are ideal places to cruise, but really with a busy toddler, I need to hang in spaces that he won’t destroy. As a busy editor, I have a couple of events coming up and I am stuck. Where can I get a range of dresses, shoes and bags without having to leave work to go downtown during my lunch break?

So, like with all of my other fashion dilemmas – I reached out to one of my fab fashionista friends who told me about Shopbolt, which is an amazing – at reach personal shopping service for every day moms like you and me, who need various products and gifts, but are working with limited time. She said Shopbolt is your new hot spot for clothes, gifts, make-up – or pretty much anything your heart desires. She was right. I tried it and fell in love! My list of to-do’s never included a personal shopping service until now!

So you are probably wondering how it works! Simple! I tried it last night! In a nutshell, visit: and in the little box just type what you are looking for! In my case, I typed in a leather mid-length skirt! Yes, its a bit out of season, but I wanted to get a jump on one before the fall. I still asked the experts about backless dresses, kitten heels, and various pastel leather bags. The experts responded within a few hours with their selections and viola! I had options! And you will too!

Check it out!

Visit the site or you can always text your personal shopping expert at 312-768-8412!

Fab Mamas, Get Your Personal Shopping On With Shopbolt


Style Rut? : Fashion 101 Tips to Update Your Style

July 14th, 2014 - By Rich
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Style Rut can be defined as that dark hole that we can easily fall in as a result of building a career, joining the ranks of motherhood, or not having the time to stay abreast of the latest trends and styles. We go from wearing well-tailored clothing to “mom jeans” and tattered sweatpants, the very  things we wouldn’t have been caught dead in during the peak of our style career. The fall is coming and what better time to resurrect your sense of style and pride in your look than the start of a new season. Find a few style tips to set your look off right!

  1. Purge: Trash it. Throw it away. This is the hard part. The reality is if a wardrobe of ratty sweatpants and T-shirts weren’t readily available you probably wouldn’t wear them. I’m not saying you can’t be a sweat pants and T-shirt girl, let’s just not make it the pair of pants you clean in and the T-shirt you won dunking teachers at your child’s fall festival.
  1. Take Inventory:  Once the undesirables have been removed look at what you have left and assess what you need. Yes, a good jogging suit and nice pair of sneakers are on the must have list. Make note of items you need to have in your closet to create a good base for looking stylish on a whim.
  1. Shop the basics: The majority of the time you see someone with impeccable style they have essentially learned the art of building on the basics. Nothing more, nothing less.  A top, a bottom and shoes. These are three things we must not leave home without.
  1. Find Inspiration: Being fashionably astute doesn’t come easy for most. Lack of resources, styles, sizing options and accessibility to stores can all be culprits to style deprivation. Look at magazines, fashion blogs, and Pinterest for ideas. Take the pages with you and recreate looks you like. That is a great place to start.
  1. Invest in the Proper Undergarments: Fashion is about feeling and looking good. If we don’t feel that we look good in our clothing we may throw in the towel. Get properly fitted for a bra and see what a major difference it makes in how well you look in your clothing. This small, often overlooked detail may give you the boost you need to get out of that style rut.

Savvy Shopper: How to Navigate Thrift Stores and Score Big

November 9th, 2012 - By Kim Jackson
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Thrift shopping is a very cool endeavor that not only allows you to find one-of-a-kind pieces, but is eco-friendly as you recycle clothing items; but taking the time to search for items that you like, in your size, that are still of good quality can be quite a daunting task. There are often racks and racks of merchandise to be sifted through for that one great find. Yet, taking just a few key preparatory actions can make your shopping simpler, helping you to navigate in a way that scores you the best stuff.

Do your research – Check in with stylish friends, read blogs, do Google searches, read reviews at the Better Business Bureau website, post questions on social media. Whatever your preferred method, find out where the reputable thrift stores are in your area—ones that have been in business for a while, and are known for quality merchandise with fair prices. If you want to dig a little deeper, you may even be able to find the ones that suit your style specifically—whether you are looking for high-end items, items of a certain style or even from a specific decade.

Get friendly with the owner/staff – Thrift shop owners and staff are your absolute best resource at finding the items you want. They take in the merchandise from donations, they are savvy about the history of the pieces they sell and they often know when or from whom pieces are coming. Half of the battle in shopping at thrift stores is getting to the merchandise before someone else can pick it up. Give yourself a leg up by being friendly so that you know when items are arriving—bonus if they offer to put items you would love aside for you to preview first. You’ll probably even learn a thing or two in the process about the designers you love, specific periods or collections, authenticating items, etc. depending on the store.

Look for unconventional ways to wear conventional items – Can that dress you spied also double as a top? Would that pair of men’s jeans have the perfect amount of ‘boyfriend’ style slouch? Can you rock that fedora with a feminine menswear inspired business look? Would that bulky sweater be great if it were belted? Keep your eyes open for opportunities to layer or transform items that make them look totally unique when you put your personal spin on them.

Be Original! Five Rules To Personal Style

March 10th, 2011 - By Erica R. Williams
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As different as they appear on the outside, what do celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Iman have in common? They have all demonstrated  a sense of personal style; and whether you hate it or love it, consider it fab or drab, their styles, although very different, seem to work for them.

The same is similar for all women who love to experiment with fashion, know what works well for their bodies, and stay abreast on the latest trends. It’s called personal style; if you don’t have it, get it. If you don’t know how, here are five rules to finding or creating your personal style.