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Tamera Mowry-Housley Shares Excitement For Her Little Girl

February 7th, 2015 - By Rich
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Tamera Mowry-Housley is a superstar. This mom, wife, and actress has had a long succesful career in Hollywood. She first gained success from her beginnings on her sitcom Sister,Sister and since then had roles on TV in Roommates, Strong Medicine, and Tia & Tamera and movies like the Disney Channel original movie Twitches and Twitches Too. Currently, she is one of the hosts on The Real along with co-hosts Jeannie Mai, Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon, and Loni Love.

Tamera announced her pregnancy on Instagram and found out the sex of the baby on her show The Real:
“We are thrilled to announce we are #ClearblueConfirmed! Can’t wait to meet baby #2!”  “Love Clearblue’s pregnancy test with Smart Countdown. It helped me get through the wait to get my result by counting down with me. #spon”

In an interview with PEOPLE at the Essence Black Women in Music pre Grammy party Tamera talked about Adens excitement for his sister:

“He actually looks at my belly and says, ‘Baby, baby,’” 

“I said, ‘We’re having a girl — you’re going to have a sister,’ and he lifted up his hands and went, ‘Woohoo!’”

And she continues…

“He is his own person, so I think right now he’s learning to work together with other kids because in our household it’s all about Aden, where at school it’s all about people, so it’s really good to learn,” Mowry-Housley explains.

“I’ve always wanted to know what Adam and my child would look like; We had a boy and now we have a girl,” Mowry-Housley says. “I love fashion and makeup, and now I get to have a little fun.”

She adds, “I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I love it. I love my son, I love my family, I’m grateful.”

To read the rest visit PEOPLE


Oh No! Nicole Murphy And Michael Strahan Call Off Their Engagement

August 2nd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Nicole Murphy And Michael Strahan Call Off Their Engagement


It looks like football-player-turned-morning-talk-show host, Michael Strahand and former model-turned-reality TV star, Nicole Murphy, won’t be making it down the aisle.

A rep confirmed to People that the couple have ended their five-year engagement saying:

“They love each other very much, but with the distance and work schedule it has been hard to maintain their relationship.” 

The news, which I’m sure is not new to them but certainly is to us, comes at a bit of an awkward time as it is just a day before the former New York Giant will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Murphy and Strahan started dating in 2007, both having been divorced. Murphy, 46, was famously married to Eddie Murphy and Strahan, 42, was previously married to Jean Muggli and Wanda Hutchins.

After two years of dating, Strahan popped the question and gushed on “Good Morning America” and “Live! with Kelly and Michael” about their union.

“I have a great relationship and she’s a great girl. I don’t like to talk much about my private life, but I’m really happy.” 

Sadly, they couldn’t make it work but the bright side is they didn’t make it down the aisle before they realized it wouldn’t work.

Hoping for the best for both of them.

Far From Home But Closer To Her Goal, Candace Stewart Forges A Fashionable Path In Media

March 21st, 2014 - By Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond
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Perhaps more important than achieving a successful career are the steps you take to build one. Candace Marie Stewart is stepping lively, in pumps, which you can find her wearing with a refreshingly attainable mix of mass market, vintage, indie, and designer labels on her blog MarieMAG.

With each styled ensemble and attendant affirmation, Stewart champions the “every girl” with an eye for Fendi on a Forever 21 budget.

The 26-year-old blogger, whose style has caught the eyes of street style photogs from Glamour to Face Hunter, is well cast as a fashion heroine. At 22, the Central University of Arkansas finance major left home for New York, though her parents wanted her to stay local. She snagged an internship in Vogue’s accessories department, and put in 13-hour days at the magazine while working towards her Marketing MBA at Seton Hall University. Today, she serves as executive assistant to the publisher of People magazine and’s Fashion Closet editor.

“My message is simple,” she writes in the description of a video teaser about her continuing climb. “If you have a dream, goal or ambition, strive for it… I moved to New York because I have a goal. Have I fully accomplished that goal? Not at all, but I am definitely a lot closer.”

We asked the enterprising fashionphile what it took to follow her passions more than a thousand miles from home, and got her thoughts on what Lupita Nyong’o could mean for diversity in fashion and mainstream media.

MadameNoire: Your family wasn’t keen on you leaving Arkansas to pursue a fashion career in New York. What path did they want you to take?

Candace Stewart: My parents started a church, Agape, when I was two years old and have been working there ever since. My parents would have preferred me to work in the church and help with the ministry.  I personally felt that working in the church was their mission in life and not necessarily mine.

MN: What were your parents wrong — and right — about as far as you starting a new life in New York?

CS: My parents were right about the fashion industry being hard and that I did not know anyone when I moved here. However, they were wrong in saying that I eventually would come back home. What they didn’t see was that I had tenacity and faith that would help me when times got tough, and to pursue my dreams no matter the cost.

MN: Speaking of dreams, how did you get the internship at Vogue?

CS: I got the gig by simply applying through the website, but I made sure to check the website every day so that I would be one of the first to apply.

MN: What’s the biggest misconception about Vogue and Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour?

CS: I had several interactions with Anna Wintour throughout the hallways and even [ran] a couple of errands for her. …People portray her as the “devil,” but I just view it as sexism. If she [were] a man, no one would have anything to say, and would have nothing but admiration and praise for her. However, as a society we still struggle with women in power.

MN: You had a non-stop schedule working at Vogue and getting your MBA. What’s your advice for maintaining balance while building a career?

CS: Make time for yourself and make sure to rest. It’s really easy to get caught up with getting ahead and thinking about the next thing, but that will drive you crazy. Whether you have to take out an hour to go for a walk or do something as simple as treating yourself to a manicure, taking that time out for yourself will give you time to breathe. My most creative moments come after I’m well rested.

Ludacris And His Daughter In Father’s Day Spread For People; He Talks Raising A Pre-Teen Girl And Dealing With Boys She Likes

June 6th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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With Father’s Day coming up on June 16, this month is one dedicated to “big upping” the fathers out there who are involved in the lives of their children. A lot of celebrity fathers, like Ludacris, can be seen with their little ones often, and his close relationship with his 11-year-old daughter, Karma, is being applauded by People. The two were photographed for a piece on celebrity men discussing the joys, and struggles, of raising young ladies, and clearly, he’s stoked about it, posting their picture on Twitter:

People Mag Fathers Day with me & @itskarmasworld hit stands June 17th! shouts to all the REAL FATHERS!

The 35-year-old rapper and his daughter have a tight bond and are open about a lot of things, including things he’s not ready to deal with–like boys. Ludacris talked to Ellen recently while promoting Fast & Furious 6 about the freak-out he had after Karma told him she thought a boy in her school was, “cool,” and how she listens to his music:

Ellen: “You must be such an overprotective dad.”

Ludacris: “It’s bad because I’m extremely protective, and she just told me that she thought a boy at school was ‘cool.’ I said, ‘Well, what makes him cool?’ She said, ‘You know, he’s nice.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh God…I need his address, name, social security number, everything. Yeah, very overprotective.”

Either way, being overprotective has worked because it seems that Karma is an intelligent young lady who has even started her own educational website, Karma’s World. Kudos to dad for doing a good job with this beautiful girl.  *Stands and gives Mighty Ducks slow clap*

Kelly Rowland Goes Makeup-Free As One Of People’s “Most Beautiful”; Halle And Kerry Make The Cut Too

April 24th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Kelly Rowland People

How can you not like Kelly Rowland? She’s just so charming and humble, right?

Well, in a behind-the-scenes video of her photoshoot, the singer showed off that humble side when she was picked as one of People magazine’s “Most Beautiful” individuals in the world and asked to get undressed (makeup wise) for the magazine:

“The first thing that popped in my head when I was asked to be a part of People magazine with no makeup was, “Oh My Gosh. Oh My God, I’m honored. Oh My God, what’s going to happen? [laughs] But I’m feeling very comfortable with my skin and very comfortable to share it with you guys.”

Dressed down in a sweater, a bra, and some light jewelry, Kells showcases her flawless face for the cameras. But like most women, there is a little something something about said face that she’s not always a fan of:

“What I don’t love about my face that gets covered when I wear makeup…is my bags [under my eyes] when I’m really, really tired. But I love that makeup does the trick. [laughs]”

But the stunning singer definitely is comfortable in her skin, something that wasn’t so easy for her to be as a young girl and that she talked about with But with time (and the help of Tina Knowles), she learned to embrace her looks.

“You just embrace it. You embrace everything that you are as a woman, even your flaws too. And those things that you want to fix too and you work at making them better.”

Ain’t that the truth.
Aside from Rowland, as of now we know that Halle Berry, who was once named the “Most Beautiful Woman” in the world by the magazine, was picked, as well as Scandal star Kerry Washington (see their pics below). And yes, Gwyneth Paltrow was picked as “Most Beautiful Woman” for 2013. I don’t get it, but I’m not going to hate on it either. But to see their picks, go over to, where you can also check out that behind-the-scenes interview with Kelly Rowland. Yay for black beauties!
Halle Berry
Kerry Washington
Photos courtesy of People.

Explore Your Options: Why You Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Take A Simple Date So Seriously

February 12th, 2013 - By Liz Lampkin
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"Couple bored on date - PF"


A date is a meeting between two individuals who may or may not have been previously acquainted, coming together for the purpose of getting to know each other. Dating is the process of continual encounters between two people for the purpose of furthering their knowledge of one another to see if they are compatible with each other for a potential relationship. These definitions make dates and the whole dating process sound pretty simple, right?  So then why is dating so complicated?

I believe dating is complicated because people don’t have similar goals in mind when going through this process, and people make more of a first date and dating than what it really is–a simple meeting or meetings to get to know someone on a different level. People have the tendency to make more of casual dating than what it really is because some get caught up in focusing on whether or not the person is ‘the one’ and what they can potentially bring to the table, rather than enjoying the person for who they are and enjoying the dating experience as a whole.

Now I know the whole purpose of dating is to get to know someone to see if there is potential there for a relationship, but honestly, when a person is primarily focused on having a relationship, then they make the dating experience complicated for both parties. How and why does this happen? This happens because people miss the steps of effectively communicating about their hopes and expectations and are half scared to come straight out and say that they would like to soon move forward to being involved in an actual monogamous relationship. People often confuse dating and monogamous relationships because during the dating process, many fail to communicate whether or not they are dating each other exclusively, with the purpose of moving forward in monogamy, or if they are dating other people…especially when the dating experience becomes physically or emotionally intense. When two people are involved in a dating relationship and they start feeling each other, they somehow miss the step of both parties agreeing to be exclusive and end up in a semi-relationship without proper communication, and when this happens, individual expectations and goals change for one if not both people, and that’s where things start to get complicated. What people should do when dating someone familiar or new is take their time and enjoy the person for who they are and not focus so much on if they will walk down the aisle with them in holy matrimony.

One should also realize that just because they are dating someone, that does not mean that you are the only person that THAT individual may be dating, especially if the two of you have not mutually agreed to see each other exclusively. Many times when people discover that they really like someone they are dating, they want to pursue a relationship with them, but the other person involved may not want the same thing, thus leading to hurt feelings and bruised emotions-especially if and when things become physical. That’s why when you’re involved in the process of dating, don’t just limit yourself to one person. Dating is a fun experience that should be taken serious, but somewhat lightly at the same time. It is the process of getting to know someone, but it is also a process of elimination, and if you are focusing solely on one person, you have automatically eliminated and alienated yourself from one aspect of dating. Dating is a wonderful thing when mature people have effective communication and truly take the time to get to know each other for who they are for a simple or greater purpose. Take things slow while dating, know what your intentions are with someone, know their intentions with you, be clear about the expectations, explore your options and take your time…

Have you ever confused casual dating for a monogamous relationship?

Liz Lampkin is the Author of Are You a Reflection of the Man You Pray For? Follow her on Twitter @Liz_Lampkin

Eerily On Point: Madame Tussauds Reveals Four New Whitney Houston Wax Figures

February 7th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Whitney Houston

With iconic wax figure-making Madame Tussauds, a lot of the celebrities that are immortalized in wax can be a huge hit or a miss, but the four new figures made to honor Whitney Houston are all on point. So much so that it’s kind of creepy…

Made in London, the four figures, which cost $1.2 million to make, are all an ode to some of Whitney’s most iconic moments, including her 1991 Super Bowl performance of the national anthem, a version of the singer dressed as she was in the video, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” her role as Rachel Marron in The Bodyguard, and a figure that is supposed to be Houston wearing a gold dress for a photo shoot for her final album in 2009. This is the first time in about 200 years that Madame Tussauds has made multiple figures at one time for the same person, and all four of these bad boys are going to different cities.

You can catch Super Bowl Whitney whenever you’re at the Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C., the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” figure in Las Vegas, Bodyguard Whitney in Hollywood, and Whitney in all her gold sequin glory in New York. They will be doing a big reveal here in NYC today.

In a statement to Madame Tussauds, Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager, Pat Houston, said that the idea to honor Whitney’s career and do so at almost one year since her death was something they knew her fans would appreciate. “We were extremely honored when Madame Tussauds approached us about doing four figures of Whitney from different points in her 30-year career. This is something we are excited to do for the fans.”

So what do you think of the wax figures? I personally think they’re fabulous and spot on, especially the one in the gold dress and Whitney at the Super Bowl, but how about you? Let us know below! And get more information on her figures at Madame Tussauds’ website.

Will This One Be A Little Southern Belle? Phaedra Parks And Apollo Nida Expecting Their Second Child!

December 28th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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This is just a week of great news now isn’t it? Not just upcoming nuptials but upcoming births too! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her good looking hubby told People exclusively that they do indeed have another bun in the oven, the second for the couple, who brought their son Ayden into the world in 2010. She took a picture of her growing baby bump while vacaying in the Bahamas alongside her hubby and with Kandi Burruss and her man Todd, Toya Wright and her man Memphitz, Rasheeda and her man Kirk from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and more friends and family. After showing off her curves on the show and debuting the fitness DVD Phine Body with Nida, Parks is probably going to take a break from working out that “donkey booty” so hard so that she can sit back and enjoy her pregnancy. And as the picture above shows, she’s glowing already!

And on a random side note, I will say that this pregnancy news isn’t as big of a surprise as I thought it would be for the nosy person in me, seeing as how they’ve received questions about bringing another baby into the world on the show and because while participating in this Bahamian vacation with friends and taking pics (like the one below), I did notice she was hiding in the back of them, and in one she only had her face showing. I thought it was weird, but I didn’t think too deeply into it after the fact. It all makes sense now of course! Well, congratulations are in order for the lovely couple! Phaedra is actually my favorite person on RHOA so I’m glad to see her so happy with her growing family. It’s safe to say that 2013 is going to be an amazing year for them!


Photo courtesy of Phaedra Parks and PEOPLE.

Evelyn Tells PEOPLE She Always Knew To Back Down When Chad Got A Certain Look In His Eye

September 7th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: The Jasmine Brand

In another of the many exclusives Evelyn is giving on her divorce from Chad Johnson, the reality TV star had a sit-down with PEOPLE for two pages worth of a chat on the drama that’s come to characterize her existence. Getting a little deeper than the Nightline interview, Evelyn talked about why she’s leaving Chad and what she plans to do now. Here are some snippets from the feature we caught on The Jasmine Brand.

Why she was mad at the condom receipt

“I’m not naïve. I didn’t think he was going to be perfect, but three weeks after we got married? I feel like he wasn’t even trying.”

Sorry, I just have to interject here. This clearly suggests Chad hadn’t tackled his cheating desires before walking down the aisle (probably because he wasn’t asked to) so why would you even marry someone who you knew had likely been creeping right up until the night before the wedding? Would it have been better if the receipt came three months later?

Alright back to our regularly scheduled program.

Source: The Jasmine Brand

What happened the night of the altercation

He flew into a rage, grabbed her face, and head-butted her in the face…Then she went to the hospital for five or six stiches.

“I had blood in my eyes. I was tasting it. I remember realizing, oh my God, the news is going to get out. I was so humiliated.”

Chad’s dark side

“I always knew [to back down] when he got that look in his eye. It was scary.”

Lozada also alludes to past “situations” but won’t elaborate out of respect for Johnson’s four young children.

Whether she was violent with him

“I never once lifted a finger to Chad; not that day, not prior. I never attempted to do anything to him.”

How she feels about Chad now

“I’ll always have love for him…Chad is not a bad person, but he made a bad choice.”

Evelyn’s feature is in the current issue of PEOPLE which hit newsstands today. What do you think about her interview?

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What’s Nas’ Secret Obsession?

August 3rd, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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No, not underage women, the HBO show. In an interview in People magazine, the hardcore rapper admitted that the show is his secret obsession, saying:

“I don’t know where this girl Lena Dunham came from, but she’s amazing!”

Who would’ve thought?

A lot of people share Nas’ sentiment on the show that’s been pegged as the next coming of “Sex & the City,” although the new series is not without controversy for it’s lack of color. Nassir clearly doesn’t mind.

Check out more of Nas’ revelations from his interview in the clip below he posted on his Tumblr. Do you share Nas’ “Girls” obsession?


Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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