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Room for Dessert? Patti LaBelle Bringing Cobblers to Walmart

August 28th, 2016 - By Toya Sharee
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Walmart Welcomes New Desserts From Patti Labelle

Remember last year when people were being filled with the Holy Ghost after tasting Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies? Well Ms. LaBelle is giving Walmart five additional reasons for people to get their praise dance on in the aisles. After the success of her pies, People Magazine reports Ms. LaBelle will be bringing 5 new desserts that will be sold exclusively at Walmart: three cobblers (apple, peach, and berry), apple pecan cake, and sweet potato loaf.

LaBelle says the desserts are a result of her having a little fun experimenting with traditional family recipes:

“I’ve been cooking for most of my life. As you’re standing in the kitchen and you think of certain ingredients, you just put them in — sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t.”

The desserts require almost no prep which will come in handy for folks like me this Thanksgiving who still can’t quite get mom’s mac and cheese quite right. All you have to do is pop them in the oven and “lie and say you made them,” jokes LaBelle.

Many credited Youtube star James Wright Chanel in making the pies fly off the shelves over night after his viral endorsement video. After a little shade from Patti’s way in which she denied Chanel’s video had anything to do with her confectionary success, the two became friends and even filmed a cooking special together. Patti revealed that the two have remained close but she doesn’t expect another viral video:

“I’m definitely sending him everything to taste but I’m not expecting him to do anything like that again. That was a one time thing only.”

The singer/chef is also working on a cookbook she says will include recipes for additional desserts and should be in bookstores before the end of the year.

I’ll admit I was skeptical of the hype surrounding those Sweet Potato Pies last year, especially since I didn’t actually find one to taste until months later. But I must admit, I found myself singing Patti’s praises afterwards too. The new desserts are scheduled to hit store shelves August 29th.

Could You Make It Work With Someone 20 Years Older? These Stars Did

January 14th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

Remember when dating someone several decades younger was a Hollywood scandal? This past year we saw lots of celebrity couples with major age differences walk down the red carpet. Is age really nothing but a number in Hollywood? These romances seem to say so.

Um, Is Auntie Patti Dating Her 41-Year-Old Drummer?

January 13th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Rumor has it Aunt Patti has been busy doing more than just baking pies. And while we try not to feed into rumors too much, this one was entirely too juicy to pass up.

According to the Daily Mail, the songstress is dating a musician who is 30 years her junior. Her rumored beau is Eric Seats and he’s reportedly Miss Patti’s drummer.

“She tried to keep it quiet, but everyone around her has figured things out now. She’s completely smitten with him and they spend so much time together,” a source claimed.

According to reports, Patti met 41-year-old Eric just as she was getting out of a bad relationship and the two quickly hit it off, engaging in lengthy conversations after her shows.

“It wasn’t long before he was helping her heal her broken heart,” said the insider. “He made her feel at ease and she loved that he had such a vast experience working in the music business.”

Supposedly, things are so serious that Seats packed up his life and moved from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to be with the legendary singer.

“Patti was so happy he moved to Philly with her. She loves having him with her all the time. She even has a big portrait of the two of them up on her wall in her bedroom,” the source went on. “Everything they do now, they do it together. She hasn’t seemed this happy in years. Apparently those who know him, say he’s always dated older women.”

And before you start suggesting that Mr. Seats is looking for a come-up, we should note that he’s a well-established musician who has toured with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliot. He has also produced music for Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child. Reportedly, Patti’s 42-year-old son, Zuri Edwards, isn’t too pleased about his mom’s alleged romance with someone who is younger than him, but the couple is lovestruck and y’all know how that goes.

We have no idea whether or not there is any truth to these rumors, but we are absolutely tickled by the thought of Miss Patti getting her groove back with this young man.

Patti LaBelle Launches Cake Line With Walmart

January 5th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Following the wild success of her popular Patti Pies, Patti LaBelle and Walmart have joined forces to bring you two new mouth-watering delectables.

Monday, the Grammy Award-winning singer announced the new releases from her Patti Cakes collection, which include a vanilla pound cake and a caramel cake. The vanilla pound cake is already available for purchase for $6.98 while the caramel cake will go on sale January 18 and will be priced at $13.94.

“Who’s ready for #PattiCake? My new vanilla pound cake is making its way to stores!” LaBelle tweeted yesterday.

According to the New York Daily News, there Patti also has more desserts in the works. Only time will tell whether or not those Patti Cakes sell out as quickly as the Patti Pies did, but we hear that Miss Patti throws down in the kitchen, so it’s unlikely that these the new additions will disappoint.

Patti LaBelle, James Wright Score Holiday Cooking Special

December 4th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Patti LaBelle, James Wright Score Holiday Cooking Special

Splash News

Patti Pie: The gift that keeps on giving.

Days after James Wright’s hilarious review of Patti LaBelle’s now famous sweet potato pies went viral, the soul-singing duo, who spent Thanksgiving together, were invited to film a holiday special for the Cooking Channel.

“It’s one of those blessed stories,” Patti told People. “For his birthday, which is Thanksgiving, we were at my home. I invited him to dinner before I even met him.”

The pair actually met for the first time on the set of the cooking show, which was filmed before Thanksgiving.

“It was his first time seeing me, so when he came into the kitchen, he saw me and my back was turned. He came up behind me, and he had on these beautiful leopard pants and a necklace,” the singer says. “We just had a love moment.”

Patti went on to say that the two have formed an amazing bond, and she considers herself to be a mentor and mother figure to James.

“He’s such a larger than life person himself; he’s like my new son. It’s just a blessing when people come into your life like this, and you’re not expecting anything.”

“When she first called, it was like we’d known each other forever; we talked like we were best friends,” James added. “I told her, ‘I have to tell my mom that Patti is my new momma too.’ I said, ‘Patti, you my momma!’”

As for the TV special, the pair will be whipping up a variety of different goodies including some sweet potato pie.

“He’s a great sous chef, I found out,” said Patti.

The special is set to air on December 16 at 8:30 ET on the Cooking Channel. The duo will also be performing together at an upcoming concert.

“We’re going to perform in more ways than one. He can be my lead singer, and I’ll be his background singer,” said Patti.

How sweet.

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“I Didn’t Do The Video Looking To Get Paid”: James Wright On Life Before And After Pattie’s Pies

December 3rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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James Wright


This time last week, it was Thanksgiving. And while we were playing spades and eating turkey with all the trimmings, singer James Wright was slow dancing with a one Patti LaBelle in her kitchen in Philadelphia. Doing an impromptu duet of LaBelle’s classic “You Are My Friend,” it was like a dream come true for Wright, who just weeks earlier was singing her songs in front of a camera for his followers on social media. All the while, snacking down on what was then, one of her little-known sweet potato pies.

Of course, Wright is the man who created the frenzy over Patti LaBelle’s beloved desserts at Walmart. After being asked by some of his followers to try the cake and review it, he told us that he bought one and simply did what he always does: Posted up in front of the camera and shared his thoughts in a most entertaining way. Soon after, the video spread like wildfire and people were grabbing the pies out of Walmart to the point that the chain sold out. LaBelle’s pie were all the rage and Wright’s name, and face was all over the Internet and TV.

So with doors opening for him, what’s next for Wright? We had to know. He took some time out of his cramped schedule to share with us his background in music, the story of how that viral video came to be, if LaBelle really should cut him a check like people say, and what the future holds for the talented crooner. Here’s what we found out:


MadameNoire: Many people don’t know that before the Patti’s Pie’s video, you were cultivating quite the singing career for yourself. Can you share the work you’ve done leading up to this?

James Wright: I’ve made a numerous amount of videos, and I have sung background for artists like Nicki Minaj, Chrisette Michele, Yo-Yo, Mario and a couple of other people. So my journey and singing started years ago.

MN: What inspired you to make your review of that video? Did you think it would be a great (and funny) way to show off your vocal abilities or was the pie really that good?

JW: I was inspired to make the video because my fans asked if I could make a video to review the pie and let them know if the pie was good. The pie was actually really, really good to me and everything in the video was a live reaction, nothing more. Nothing was planned. It was raw footage and spontaneous.

MN: What did you think of the response the video received by going viral? Could you have imagined it was going to blow up like that?

JW: The response from everybody that watched the video and the fact that the video went viral was actually awesome. I didn’t know the video went viral until the next morning because my phone was broken. I did not know that this was going to take off the way it took off.

MN: What do you think of people saying, “Patti should cut him a check for all his efforts”?

JW: Everybody is saying I should be cut a check for what I did. I didn’t do the video looking to get paid. I didn’t promote the pie to get paid. I was simply doing a review and a blog that I usually do every single day. I video myself talking about different stuff and then I post them. I just feel like when you do great in God’s eye, and you sow into someone else’s ministry, all you have to do is worry about him blessing you in the end.

MN: And what are your thoughts on Patti saying that her pies were selling off the shelf before the video? Some said she was failing to see the power of social media and not giving you your just dues.

JW: I did not know about the pie before the video, or before someone told me to go out and get a Patti LaBelle pie. You know, a lot of times, people twist what other people say and make it look like somebody said something bad about you, but the one thing I do know is that Patti LaBelle is a living legend, and I love her. I’m one of her biggest fans, and I will continue to support her in all that she does whether at singing or selling pies or cooking. Like I said, I didn’t do this video for anything. I actually did it for my fans.

What doors has this video opened up for you? We saw that you were hanging with Jamie Foxx and Tank on Facebook. What’s next for you?

JW: This video has opened many, many doors for me. I have a new single coming out called “Sometimes Love.” It will be on iTunes soon. I’m just grateful for the fact that people get to see, or should I say, more people get to see who I am and what I am about. All I have to say is stay tuned.


Exclusive: Patti LaBelle Plans To Make Music, Not Pies, With Viral Star James Wright

November 23rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The first and last time I talked to Patti LaBelle, about less than two weeks ago, we were discussing the importance of getting the word out about lung cancer and how it affects Black women. The icon lost two sisters to that form of cancer and wanted to help save lives.

But I talked to LaBelle again today about something much more upbeat and sweet. Literally.

Yes, I’m talking about her sweet potato pies, which we all know have blown up all over the country after singer James Wright created a video reviewing the dessert.

So what does LaBelle really think of the wild success of her pies? And what does she really think of Wright’s video and its contribution to that success? I talked about that with her, as well as the secret to her delectable pie, her Thanksgiving plans, and if she sees herself teaming up with Wright again soon. Wanna hear about it? Here it go.

MadameNoire: So Ms. LaBelle, what is the secret ingredient in your pies that makes them so good?

Patti LaBelle: I guess it’s just love. It’s Patti’s love. It’s all in the pies. About a year ago, I went over my new pie recipe with Walmart. So we came up with a Patti pie for Walmart. But years and years ago, I did a pie in my first cookbook [LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing about] that most people are trying now. It’s not quite the same as this one. I can’t tell you what’s in this one other than a whole lot of love and a whole lot of butter [laughs]. But as a diabetic, I want people to know that I have one coming out for us. But the one everyone loves is filled with butter and stuff that I can only have a little piece of in moderation because it’s very sweet. But it’s very good.

MN: As a diabetic, do you have other low sugar options of your desserts coming up?

LaBelle: My next pie will be prepared with agave. Not any more real, real sugar. And sometimes the sweet potatoes are so sweet you don’t need any sweeteners. For the diabetics, it’s still going to be great because I know how to substitute and still put the love in it [laughs]. ‘Cause that’s what I do for myself. I make a pretend Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie with just sweet potatoes. But everyone got a hold of this sweet one right away, and Walmart just started selling them like crazy. Before my new friend, James, put that new video on, the pies were selling great. But he woke up a lot of people and turned them on to my Patti pie. I’m going to meet him today. We’re spending four days together in Philadelphia, and he’s going to come to my house for Thanksgiving dinner.

MN: Patti! That’s awesome!

LaBelle: He’s a good guy. I called him from London about a week ago. That’s when I first met him, over the phone. I sent him some flowers, balloons and a big teddy bear because he’s a big teddy bear. I do believe in giving people back when they give to me. And he gave me a video! A man I never met before. I said, “Thank you, dear God, for another blessing.”

MN: His involvement and the success of the video definitely shows the power of social media and the Black dollar. Every person I knew was on social media like, “Just got a Patti pie!” 

I know! You know what? I feel so good about this. I couldn’t have dreamed this up. I saw myself on OWN on Oprah’s show [Oprah’s Master Class] talking about blessings. Of course, the pie wasn’t talked about when I did the show two or three months ago and the episode finally aired last night. But it speaks to the power of blessings and the power of the Black dollar. People were seeing a video and going out to try something that they might not have tried had they not seen the video.

MN: Are you going to team up with him in some form or fashion soon, whether it be to sell the pies or musically? Cause he can blow!

I’m going to meet him today, and I know we’re going to team up and do a lot of things together. The man can sing his face off, so I know we’ll be doing some music together.

MN: Patti! That’s so awesome. So what other goods can people expect from you via Walmart, maybe not in time for Thanksgiving, but soon?

There are a lot of things that Walmart will be selling of Patti LaBelle’s. My bedding, sheets and comforters. I’m going to do macaroni and cheese with Walmart. A diabetic-friendly sweet potato pie and some other diabetic-friendly items. So I have a few things coming out, thank you, dear God, and I’m going to ride that train! [laughs]

MN: This is a really big deal because Black folks live for sweet potato pie. It’s like everyone is breaking bread, or pie together, over the Internet.

Yeah! It’s beautiful.

MN: So I know you’ll be with family and James, but what are you throwing down for Thanksgiving? 

Oh God, let me see. Four fried turkeys. Turkey fried legs. Turkey fried wings. A Cornish hen. A capon. Three big briskets. Slabs of pork ribs, hot and mild. Of course, sweet potato pies and peach cobblers that I’m making. Kale greens, about 20 bunches. Four heads of cabbage. A green salad. A fruit salad. Rolls. Cranberry sauce. A leg of lamb and a sauteed turkey leg also, in the oven. Oh, and potato salad! Macaroni and cheese with lobster and shrimp and plain macaroni and cheese for those allergic to fish. And I invited Questlove for dinner also. And I also invited the great Lee Daniels, so I’m going to have a bunch of cute people in my house, and they’re going to be full [laughs].

Why Patti LaBelle’s “Thank You” To James Wright Is Enough

November 23rd, 2015 - By Charing Ball
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

I swear Black people can’t have nothing.

We got a real opportunity here to help one of us corner the mainstream pie market and here come folks with their conspiracy theories and negativity messing it up.

I kid, of course about the whole cornering the market-thing. Black folks’ empowerment will never come from capitalistic pursuits alone. But I am serious about folks shutting the funk up about Patti LaBelle’s pies.

We are literally talking about a $4 pie here. It really isn’t that serious. Yet folks have managed to wrap 400-years of oppression and Black empowerment into one little slice of a dessert. I have witnessed more folks debating the ramification of Patti’s pies and what it means for Black folks, than I have seen them discussing this upcoming presidential election.

And I am talking about silly accusations like, Patti’s pie are mental slavery. Or Patti pies are a trap set by Walmart, Black women and “emasculated” Black men to thwart a boycott that I’m pretty certain most Black folks were ignoring anyway. (This is a real meme y’all.) Or Patti’s pies are the reason we are not taken seriously politically. Or Patti pies are a ploy to give us all Type-2 diabetes. Or Patti’s pies were on the balcony when Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr was assassinated…

It’s like folks just don’t like to be happy. Or worse, we are so used to losing that we can’t even accept when one of us is actually winning.

It’s literally just pie.

If you like the pie, eat the pie, Anne Mae!

The worse of the Patti’s pie criticism belongs to the folks upset over credit.

More specifically, when asked by a TMZ reporter whether or not LaBelle would use James Wright, the talented performer behind the viral video review of her sweet potato pies, for “more stuff,” she said:

I did it myself…I was selling before the guy did his wonderful video….Thank you James…He is just a wonderful singer and a wonderful guy.”

Sounds reasonable to me.

But many folks believe LaBelle hasn’t been appreciative enough. They say that she should cut him a check or invite him or tour to be a background singer, or put his picture alongside hers on the pie box with the caption “As seen in the James Wright video.”

I swear y’all harassing LaBelle like one of those dudes who feels just because he bought us a drink at the club, he can follow us around all night until we give him some. That’s right I said it: Black folks are collectively acting like that dude in the club.

What’s most bothersome about the criticism is the subtle sexism behind it all. The idea that a woman can’t take ownership of her own accomplishment without giving everyone else credit.

Last I checked, we didn’t ask Drake to cut a check to Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa, as well as all the countless other women he whines about on wax.

And nobody’s asking Mark Zuckerberg to cut a check to all of us for making Facebook a global tech empire.

Likewise, when RL from the group Next got pissed that his song had been pilfered without financial compensation for the Why You Always Lying viral meme, everyone told RL to “mmmohmygod…stop f**cking whining.”

So why are we asking LaBelle to share credit for her success?

And no disrespect to Wright because I seriously love the dude and his beautiful voice. But let’s make this clear: he is not Patti LaBelle.

And Patti LaBelle is not some nobody from Fraggle Rock, Kentucky.

What LaBelle is, however, is a living icon. And not only does she have a long and noteworthy career in music, film, stage and television, but she has countless of awards and achievements, including inductions into the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Apollo Theater Hall of Fame and the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame.

In addition to pie, she also makes BBQ and hot sauce, marinades and has her own line of cookbooks

The point is that Patti LaBelle ain’t no has-been, or up and coming. Patti LaBelle is down by law.

It is Patti’s well-known name and career that gave the sweet potato pie its value. It was Patti’s name and career that inspired Wright to make the video. And it was Wright’s imitation of Patti, which made the video go viral.

Not the other way around.

As much as I love Wright’s voice, I guarantee you, if he had sung the praises of No Name Brown’s locally famous poundcake, most of us would be like, “that’s nice. But she ain’t no Patti!”

So yeah, I don’t blame her for making it clear, Wright didn’t make Patti’s pie, but rather Patti’s pie made Wright a household name.

She called the man and said thank you. If she decides in the future to use him contractually for paid advertising, that would be great. But honestly, a thank you is enough.

Besides, if Patti would have cut him a check, then many of us would have been like, “see, I told y’all sheeple, it was all a setup…”

Because Black folks think everything is a trap.

“I Did It Myself” Patti LaBelle Says She’s Responsible For Her Pies Selling Out Of Walmarts Across The Country

November 20th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: AP Images

Source: AP Images

Mama Patti is very grateful to James Wright, the man who made the sweet potato pie review, gone viral. But she says the success of her pie sales at Walmart is all her doing.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In a recent interview with TMZ, the camera man tried to ask Miss Patti what she thought about her recent pie sales and whether or not she was going to use James Wright to help promote some of her other culinary products.

Ms. LaBelle’s response:

“I did it myself.”


Well, that is partially true. The sweet potato pie recipe has been in her cookbook for years. It was the recipe that James was responding to. But real talk, not many of us even knew Patti LaBelle’s pies were being sold in Walmart. And Black people take sweet potato pie so seriously that even if we did, many of us were too skeptical to try it, thinking that the flavor had been watered down in the mass production and packaging processes.

But according to Miss Patti, that’s not true.

When the TMZ cameraman said, “That guy had you selling out of pies in Walmart.”

LaBelle responded:

“I was selling out before that guy did his wonderful review.”

Hmm… we’d have to see the numbers on that. But alright.

Either way, there was no shade toward Mr. Wright. Patti said that with James’ voice and wonderful personality, he definitely has a career ahead of him.

If you were thinking about grabbing some of Miss Patti’s pies for Thanksgiving, you’ll be disappointed. According to TMZ, several Walmart stores claim that December is the earliest the pies will be restocked.

You can watch Patti LaBelle’s TMZ interview in the video below.

Why Patti LaBelle’s Pie Is The Blackest Moment This Year

November 17th, 2015 - By Charing Ball
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Patti Labelle's Pie

The next time someone tries to tell you that Black people in America have no culture, give them four dollars, point them to the nearest Walmart and tell them to get one of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies.

Because seriously, what is more Black American than the weekend we had debating the authenticity of Patti’s sweet potato pie?

Patti’s pies are blacker than the “Black Jesus” Ned the Wino episode on Good Times. Patti’s pies are blacker than the first Black president of the United States of America. Patti’s pies are even blacker than Colored People Time. And you don’t get no blacker than showing up late to things. Heck, even this essay is late…

The point is, Patti’s pies are pretty Black.

And ever since YouTube sensation James Wright promised that eating a slice of her pie would turn you into the legendary diva, many Black folks ran to Walmart just to see if the review measured up to the hype. But don’t get it twisted: this wasn’t about wanting to sing like Patti. And it wasn’t even about seeing if Patti, who brags religiously about her ability to burn in the kitchen, could really bake.

I guarantee you that had this pie been apple, key lime or even peach pie, folks would not have given Wright’s video a second view. I mean, what self-respecting Black person would stand for 45 minutes in the only open checkout lane in Walmart out of 75 unopened checkout lanes for a damn cherry pie?

Nobody I know.

Instead, this was about the sweet potato pie. And honor.

After all, nobody makes sweet potato pies like a Black grandma. And everybody swears that their Black grandmas make the best pie. Not to mention, there is no greater symbol of Black people’s ability to turn our tragedy into triumph than the sweet potato pie.

In fact, sweet potato pie is almost the antihero to the villainous pumpkin pie. As we all know that pie is a symbol of conquest. As some questionable history of the sweet potato pie suggests, it was the Europeans who first brought pumpkin pie to West Africa. Because that’s what Europeans did back then. They would show up on indigenous shores, waving around a welcoming pumpkin pie. And while the native people were gagging because of how awful it tasted, they stole our land.

That’s why you’re not supposed to touch the stuff (that includes the pumpkin spice). It is a trap. Don’t believe me? Ask the Native Americans.

Anyway, after our conquest and kidnapping to the Americas, Black people took the pumpkin pie, threw it in the trash and used the pie tins to invent a whole new kind of pie made out of local potatoes and spices that White people stole from all the colored people in the world.

And that’s the story of how the sweet potato pie helped us survive all these years.

While I certainly can’t prove this, I am almost certain there was sweet potato pie around when General Granger read aloud the special decree that ordered the freeing of the last enslaved Blacks in Texas. And I am also certain that the kitchen ministry evil-eyed and slapped the hands of anybody daring to touch that sweet potato pie they made special for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was still in the pulpit giving his “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop” speech. And I am also certain that long after civilization ceases to exist, the only Black person left in the New World Order will be trading and bartering her possessions for some nutmeg and a pound of North Carolina premium sweet spuds.

Of course, those New Negro weirdos who say they don’t like sweet potato pie do not count. Obviously, there is something wrong with them. Obviously, they’re trying too hard to be “different.” These are the same folks who use words like “classy” and “professional” (Bougie black people love calling things “unprofessional”) and who won’t eat watermelon and fried chicken in front of White people out of fear of being called the n-word. And these are the same folks who then act shocked when those same White people they have been hiding their proclivities from, still treat them like the n-words even without the chicken and watermelon.

I’m telling you, those people are just jealous. They are jealous because they spent most of their lives suffering through the nasty taste of conquest pies while depriving themselves of everything Black. Meanwhile, there you are: acting both blackly and proudly as you enjoy your chicken and sweet potato pie in front of whomever while wishing somebody would have something to say…

Also not to be counted are the folks who have used our celebration of the sweet potato pie as an opportunity to rail against Black people for supporting the White man’s capitalism. Those folks are just jealous too. And despite their proclamations of saving us from ourselves, they’re the reason we can’t have nice things.

According to Jenice Armstrong of the Philadelphia Daily News, Patti’s pies were selling at one pie per second during the weekend blitz. As a result of the hype, Walmart is unable to meet demand. As Kerry Robinson, vice president of bakery and deli for Walmart said to Armstrong, “We need probably two million pounds of sweet potatoes.”

What that means is that not only did Black people help to put money into a Black woman’s pocket (to the tune of $2.3 million in a single weekend), but we achieved what no recent boycott could ever do: We shut it down!

That’s right Walmart: You are not getting our pie money during this holiday season.

But seriously, what’s really special about the Patti’s pies hype is that it was a true testament of our love for one another. It shows that we support each other, despite what most believe. And that we do want to see one another prosper.

It also showed that we do value our culture. There is no doubt in my mind that if those sweet potato pies had tasted like oppression, Patti would have been “On Her Own.”