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For Real Or For Ratings? Radio Personality DJ Envy Pours Heart Out To Wife…On The Air!

January 5th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Charlamagne Envy pf"

Pictured: Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy; Source: PNP/WENN

When you’re famous and your spouse becomes fed up with your antics, all you can do is apologize…publicly.  Well, that’s the route New York radio personality DJ Envy took with his wife, Gia.

On Friday during Power 105’s Breakfast Club, co-host Charlamagne Tha God was awarding his daily “Donkey of the Day Award.”  To the surprise of listeners, the award went to fellow Breakfast Club host DJ Envy, with Charlamagne saying, “Something is off.  You’re looking stressed, you’re balling up in the corner in the fetal position, your radio/dj game is off…I know I gotta talk to my friend.  Whatever personal issues which are causing you to age drastically, like you listen to Adele records…I’m asking as a friend if you need some personal time off. Why has your game been off?”

After a “pregnant pause,” DJ Envy revealed:

“Shout to my wife. I been with my wife 18 years and sometimes you don’t treat the person well. You think they’ll always be there.  Its been a point where I’ve treated my wife like ish. It has to do with the small things you don’t do anymore.”

As the show continued, Envy went on to reveal that he’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t appreciate her and has taken her for granted.  Further, in a shaky voice, he revealed that he buys Gia things versus complimenting her or taking her out and making her feel like a wife.  In an attempt to make the situation better, he decided to call his “queen” on the air.  He then told her that he knows  he’s not been there for her, hes’ not been honest or loyal and he regrets everything he’s done to her and sincerely apologizes for everything.  At the end of the conversation, a seemingly shocked Gia told Envy she loved him as well and to call her when he was off the radio.

Whatever Envy has done to his wife (and there are many things you can assume based on his apology alone), he seems to really feel bad about it now. The hope is that this was a very sincere apology, especially since they have two children together and almost 20 years together (they were high school sweethearts). However, with the Breakfast Club in a ratings war with Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg morning show as well as Gia allegedly joining the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey, there’s a chance this was all for publicity and better ratings. There’s no question that in a local radio war, listeners will opt to listen to the station that makes them feel like they can relate to them.

Perhaps we’ll see when RHONJ airs this summer where they are in their relationship. Marriage is hard and since Envy seems to know that he is solely to blame, we hope he does his best to get his family back together and the chips fall where they should.

If your significant was not treating you the way they should, would you think that a public apology would be a good way for them to go?

If you’d like to listen, the conversation starts around 22:15.

You Might Want To Avoid Large Groups of Girlfriends While Meeting Men

December 17th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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Credit: Sutterstock

Credit: Sutterstock

From Single Black Male

I don’t go out as often as I used to in my younger days, but there is one phenomenon that has baffled me since I was young: large groups of single women “looking” to meet a man. To be clear, most large groups of women aren’t looking to meet men.  Most women (claim they) go out to enjoy the company of their friends, drink, and have a good time. The last thing they (claim they) want to do is meet a man! This is despite the fact that they spent hours shaving, plucking, and dressing in an sexually appealing manner, yet will simultaneously argue that they didn’t shave, pluck, and dress up for other women. So who are they dressed up and looking good for? I have no idea; themselves, I guess.

On the other hand, most men go out to meet women.  Men shave and dress up for women – and they admit it. Some people report that you can’t find your wife/husband in the club – or apparently, anywhere on Earth that men and women might consistently frequent – which is strange, since the people who say this are the same people who frequent these places the most often. But, back to the issue at hand. Why do women bring so many other women with them to places they claim they want to meet a man, and why are they so hesitant to go to those places by themselves?


Gucci This, Louis That: 7 Signs That You’re “Bougie”

May 1st, 2012 - By Kimberly Shorter
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Source: S2S Magazine

Your friends have been telling you that you’re bougie (derived from bourgeois), but you deny it. You simply have distinctive tastes and enjoy nice things, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That doesn’t make you bougie, does it? When you think bougie, you think of Toni Childs on Girlfriends or Hilary Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But it’s more to it than these TV characters who were poster children for sadity-ness. Don’t think you’re bourgie? Well, check out these 7 signs to see if you actually are.

Should T.I. be out in the Club Celebrating his Release…?

October 5th, 2011 - By madamenoire
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T.I. hasn’t wasted any time enjoying his freedom. The rapper has been out on the scene, partying and living it up since he was released. Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 questioned whether T.I. needed to be doing all of that… considering his affinity for landing behind bars.

Here’s what he had to say:

Yo @ciphasounds @kayfoxx—can someone PLEASE tell @TIP to stay HOME and stop hosting parties for a minute?! Come on man

Yo @Tip you can celebrate but why risk it at a club? What if an idiot starts ish with you? You think they won’t make you take the fall? Risk vs reward

You know T.I. didn’t let that go, see how he responded over at Necole Bitchie.

Top 20 Celebrity BFFs Holding It Down

October 29th, 2010 - By madamenoire
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“Best friend” is such a relative term. One day she’s your ace home skillet, the next day you’re not calling her back because she always wants to talk about her crazy issues. Either way celebrities, like us, have BFFs with whom they shop, dine and party.

You’ll notice that almost all the friendship pairs on our list have similar characteristics and even look the same at times…check it out:

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