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Exclusive: Sara Stokes Speaks On Da Band’s Exclusion From Bad Boy Reunion, Domestic Violence Allegations

July 2nd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sara Stokes

Courtesy of Sara Stokes, Jay Productions

Sunday evening, fans were treated to a special Bad Boy Entertainment reunion performance. Acts that were never expected to share a stage again reminded us why we were screaming “Bad Boy for life!” back in the early 2000s. However, there were also many acts that were not included in the reunion such as Craig Mack, Total, Carl Thomas and Da Band. We were recently able to catch up with Da Band member Sara Stokes, who shared her thoughts on the reunion, domestic violence allegations made against her, time spent behind bars and her new reality show “From The Bottom Up,” which airs on BET this fall.

Sara Stokes "Sneak Peek"MN: We hear that you have a new single coming out. Can we expect an album as well?

I definitely have an album coming out. The single will be released July 11th and it’s called “Sneak Peek.” It’s featuring Babz. Babz was obviously on [Making The Band 2] with me. Everybody knows Babz. She killed it. She has 16 bars on this song, so I’m excited. It shows more of a sexier side. It’s that women’s anthem. You have to know that you’re the sh-t. If you don’t know who you are, who the heck else will?

MN: Did you and Babz keep in touch after Da Band or did you recently reconnect?

We’ve always kept in touch, everybody in Da Band. They’re like family to me. We all went through some crazy stuff. There were like three seasons of “Making The Band 2.” We lived together. It was definitely an experience that I’d never take back, and I love them all like they are my family.

Babz will also be coming through on my new show. “From The Bottom Up,” produced by Nicci Gilbert, James DuBose and Queen Latifah. Look out for that. It’s going to be on BET this fall. It’s a docu-series, and it’s more about positivity. I’m tired of the negative overshadowing everything.

MN: I read on our sister site, Bossip, that the BET cameras were literally waiting outside for you when you were released from prison.

Yeah, that’s true. As soon as I stepped foot out into the world again, it was like lights, camera, action! What the heck? But you know, it was part of my story, and I’m glad that they captured that. That’s real, raw emotion, me stepping out for the first time and just seeing my children, my parents and everybody else that I love. I was like, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’ I had a different insight about everything anyway. When I came out, I heard violins, an orchestra, everything.

MN: How long were you in prison?

It was two and a half months I was up in there. Two and a half months of me, myself and I. Talk about that. You really, really find out who you are when you ain’t got nobody else but yourself up in there. I feel like it made me a better person. Sometimes, you do need to sit down for a minute and figure out what you’re trying to do in life. Like, ‘Okay, if this is not working out right here and this is messing stuff up, let me try it this way.’

15 Male Stars Who Proudly Rock Women’s Clothing

May 1st, 2015 - By Rich
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These male stars are pretty proud of wearing women’s clothing (and no there’s not a cross dresser among them. Whether it be for fashion, sensationalism or for an acting role, lets get all the way into these men who’ve worn or admitted to wearing women’s clothing.

All images courtesy of WENN

Sources: Atlanta Black Star, Hollywood Life, MadameNoire, Fashion Telegraph

15 Male Stars Who Proudly Rock Women’s Clothing

Daddy Duty: Chris Brown &14 Other Hands-On Black Celeb Dads

April 21st, 2015 - By Rich
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Today we are saluting these black celeb dads who exhibit what it means to be a black dad in action on a daily basis. These Hollywood stars can be found rocking  red carpets, films and stages with their beautiful off-spring.

Go Daddy!

All images courtesy of WENN



 Chris Brown & 14 Other Hands-On Black Celeb Dads

Bottle Wars! 50 Cent Takes A Shot At P.Diddy & Ciroc

November 23rd, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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50 Cent is up to his old antics again. This time it involves P. Diddy, Ciroc and a brand new liquor.



While attempting to promote his partnership with EFFEN Vodka, 50 cent took a jab at Diddy.

50 Cent posted a photo of Diddy dancing with an overweight woman, with the caption, Dam…50′s right, I’m EFFEN Up Right Now. Of course his followers light up his comment section and shamed him for making fun of an overweight woman. 50 Cent eventually deleted the photo and posted a more direct form of promotion, before deleting that too.

As for Diddy, the mogul indirectly responded by simply posting ads of his successful liquor business. Ciroc is estimated to be worth around $1 billion.

New @ciroc Ad !!!! #BlueDot #StepIntoTheCircle

A photo posted by Sean Diddy Combs (@iamdiddy) on

To Go To #TheNextLevel You Have To Surround Yourself With LikeMinded Individuals @KennyBurns @DeleonTequila

A photo posted by Sean Diddy Combs (@iamdiddy) on

Hygiene Check: 15 Supposedly Stinky Celebs

November 3rd, 2014 - By Rich
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Get ready to have your heart sink and sink and sink as some of the most gorgeous stars on the planet have some serious funk going down and we don’t mean the P. Funk. Peek inside and see if your favorite star made this ultimate list of allegedly stinky celebs.

All images courtesy of WENN

Hygiene Check: 15 Supposedly Stinky Celebs

The Power Of The B-E-A-R-D: 15 Famous Men With The Best Facial Hair

July 9th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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15 Famous Men With The Best Facial Hair

Derrick Salters/

Sometimes good facial hair can bring out a man’s eyes, his cheekbones, his jawline and, well, our, as women, most primitive desires for a scruffy, gruff looking man! Here are 15 famous men with the best facial hair.






In Diddy Fashion: 14 Daddy Fresh Looks Of Diddy Courtside

July 4th, 2014 - By Kweli Wright
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Diddy keeps it classic from fitted hats to bomber jackets to eye catching kicks. Peep how he keeps his swagger on 10 when rooting for some of his favorite teams!

In April 2014, immediately following a nuclear press conference in which NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Clippers owner Donald Silver for life, forcing the sale of the Clippers, Diddy said he wants in. The rapper tweeted to his 9.65 million followers:


It never happened, but the effort was a valiant one, as always, in true Diddy style. says about him:

Diddy style is all about dressing up. His penchant for luxury is a hallmark of the modern hip-hop look and translates from casual to formal. To really capture the Diddy look, you have to have the right combination of well-made clothing worn in a relaxed style. His sports the style of success without the stuffiness of old-world wealth or the garishness of newfound riches. Diddy raises the level of expectations from the everyday fan and artist to bring a level of sophistication not just to hip-hop fashion, but to fashion in general. His mixture of fine materials and design lines can be found in such items as the Avant Garde Leather vest from Sean John. Throw it on over a hooded sweatshirt for a classic Puff Daddy look, over a suit jacket for the new Diddy style or even over a sweater for a versatile urban ensemble that provides warmth as well as the look of the moment. Like his stage persona, style icon Diddy changes and melds fashion with substance to reinforce the future of his music, his brands and the clothing every man on the street wants to wear.

In Diddy Fashion: 14 Daddy Fresh Looks Of Mr. Combs Courtside

“Reject The Slander That Says A Black Child With A Book Is Trying To Act White” The Best Celebrity Commencement Speakers

May 6th, 2014 - By M A
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Celebrity Commencement Speakers


It’s a wonderful time of the year for college students around the nation. With young adults bidding farewell to frat parties, all-nighters and general recklessness, students are gearing up for one final hurrah: Graduation. So now seems as good a time as ever to take a look back at our favorite celebrity commencement speakers whose words we have no doubt will stick with these grads throughout the years.

Sean “Diddy” Combs Talks About Taking Revolt ‘To The Top’ & The Bidding War With J.Lo Over Fuse

May 6th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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Derrick Salters/

Derrick Salters/

One thing Sean Combs has never lacked is confidence. And he proved this again at The Cable Show in Los Angeles when he revealed his to-the-top plans for his new cable channel, Revolt. During an open interview with Broadcasting & Cable, Combs and Revolt CEO Keith Clinkscales discussed how they are building a brand different from other cable networks.

One standout difference is its focus on music. “Music is one of the great cultural platforms for communications world wide. MTV changed their business model and BET changed their business model. We wanted to give music a home again,” said Combs.

“We’re not outsiders trying to catch up. We’re not big corporations trying to catch up. In six months we have become the No.1 music network socially on a day-to-day basis. We don’t cover the conversation, we create the conversation. In order to connect with these young people you have to have boots on the ground and we have boots on the ground,” he added.

Combs also spoke with the audience of industry professionals about losing out on the deal to buy Fuse network, reports Target Market News. He has gone so far to say that Revolt was used as a “pawn” to drive up the price for Fuse. NUVOtv, led by Jennifer Lopez,  ultimately outbid Combs. “The whole process was educational. A few folks have talked to us since then and they know we’re very serous so it’s been a good time for us. You also get a good sense of what you bring to distributors that’s unique. That kind of insight is valuable to them,” said Clinkscales.

Focusing on REVOLT, Clinckscales said there are particular measures of success. In Diddy’s talk about the Fuse bidding war, he holds up Revolt’s ability to compete after just months on the air as a sign how how far they’ve come in a short amount of time. But that’s not the only signpost. “We measure success with the advertising response that we’ve gotten,” said Clinkscales. “The channel has done deals with Fiat, Anheuser-Busch, H-P, P&G and other major brands. We had over 300 artists show up in our studios.”

And for Combs, the only place to go is to the top.

“We’re not just relevant, we’re influential” said Combs. “We like to do disruptive, fearless things. I promise you that I will make this the No.1 brand in music worldwide.”

Daddy’s Home! Diddy Announces New Stage Name For Upcoming Album

March 25th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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If you have been feeling nostalgic about the ‘90s, fear not, because Sean Combs, otherwise known as P.Diddy, or should we say, Puff Daddy, is taking it way back for you with a new announcement.

The 44-year-old rapper and mogul decided to switch from his millennial name of P.Diddy, back to his original stage name of Puff Daddy yesterday.

The Daily News reports, Combs decided to use his old stage name for his new album MMM. The album will be the first full work the iconic producer and occasional rapper has released in four years. The name change was revealed in the trailer for an upcoming music video for his new song, “Big Homie,” featuring rappers Rick Ross and French Montana.

Tweeting from his @IamDiddy Twitter handle, Combs set the record straight for fans and followers:

Fans reacted to the news in one of two ways: by stating that Combs is a confused mess, or by letting him know that they never stopped calling him Puff in the first place.  Not realizing how invested his fans were with his multiple aliases, Puff “P.Diddy” Daddy Combs continued to poke fun by posting both a tweet and Instagram picture that read, “#DiddyorDaddy???”



No matter if you are on #TeamDiddy or #TeamPuffy (or don’t give a you-know-what either way), set a reminder for yourself to make sure that you watch the “Big Homie” video next Tuesday (clearly this is important to…um…Puff). In the mean time, catch the trailer for it, below.