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Weaves, Hair Art & Nail Polish: Lisha Lee & Bethany “Queen B” Bell Are Launching A Beauty Empire

July 23rd, 2014 - By Candace Smith
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Bethany "Queen B." Bell

Bethany “Queen B.” Bell

Lisha Lee and Bethany “Queen B” Bell are two beauty entrepreneurs who have amassed a large following in a short period of time. Lee’s Hair Insanity, Lisha Lee Cosmetics brands and Queen B’s majestic hair artistry have put them both in positions of “ones to watch” in the worlds of beauty and art. MadameNoire talked with both women to find out their secrets to business and creative success in an already crowded industry. 

Madame Noire: Please talk about why you decided to get into your respective fields in the beauty industry?   

Lisha Lee: With hair extensions, I thought about starting my business (Hair Insanity) about four, five years ago. My hair is very coarse and my hair was breaking off due to flat ironing. I was trying to get my hair the same texture as a friend of mine, who has virgin hair, which is very fine and silky. I thought to myself that there has to be something different to achieving the same desired results for my hair without damaging it.

I started doing research and that’s when I [read] about Brazilian and Malaysian hair. I thought to myself, “Hmmm, what if I got some of this so I can see what will happen.”

Then I came up with Lisha Lee Cosmetics to expand on the success of Hair Insanity. I kind of did it for myself because I love nail polish. I’m not going to sell you something that I won’t wear myself. I wear nail polish, hair extensions, and lip gloss. These are things that I wear on a normal, day-to-day basis. Then you see other women out doing the exact same thing. I just basically took my business ideas from there.

Bethany “Queen B” Bell: I actually never wanted to be a hairdresser. It was something that I was never passionate about. I didn’t grow up braiding or coloring my girlfriends’ hair or anything like that. I wanted to go to school for fashion and changed my mind during my senior year.

My mom had a little heart attack. She was like, “This is my oldest daughter. I can’t spend 50 grand a year while she still can’t decide what she wants to do.” My mom was also getting married that year and where she was getting her hair done they had a school upstairs. So I went to check out the school and decided to try it out and it stuck.

I was only halfway through school and I had a position behind a chair. I built an awesome book and a salon out of the experience. About seven years into my career, I got really bored and needed to play around because I’m an arts kid. I decided to play around with my business of making hair art and ended up on Oxygen’s “Hair Battle Spectacular” (Season 2). From there I pushed myself even further to create the pieces that I have today.

Lisha Lee

Lisha Lee

MN: Lisha, did you have a start-up funds before creating your businesses? 

LL: Honestly, I started my business in 10 minutes. I had no money. I had no job. I did all of this on my own, with no help, no boyfriend, no family, nobody but just me.

A few years ago, I got laid off and I thought “Oh my God, what am I gonna do?” Then the hair came in and I did my research. Every time I got money in my hand I would buy samples (of hair). I just put everything into the business.

I spent money on the logo, business cards, brochures, samples, bundles. Of course I was struggling. I was completely struggling. Then in 2012, my mom ended up with lung cancer. At that stage, I kind of put the business on hold for a little bit. For some strange reason in 2012, all of a sudden people just started ordering and I was just making it from there. I didn’t even have a website, only social media links. In 2012 I made $80,000 and in 2013, I made $120,000.

Oxygen’s New Shows Are Designed For The Young, Multicultural Woman Seeking Good Energy In Her Life

April 15th, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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A scene from "The Face," which stars Naomi Campbell

A scene from “The Face,” which stars Naomi Campbell

During its upfront presentation last week, Oxygen announced plans to “revamp” its programming line up to better target millennial women (ages 18-to-34) and multicultural audiences with programming that Frances Berwick, president of Bravo and Oxygen Media, said is “hard to find.”

Speaking with The New York Times after last week’s breakfast, Berwick said a variety of audiences — “African-American and Hispanic and Asian-American and white” — “want to see themselves reflected on the screen.”

To that end, the network will bring back Preachers of LA  and they’re adding shows like Nail’d It!, a nail design competition that culminates in a $100,000 prize; Sisterhood of Hip Hop, a reality show about five up-and-coming female hip hop artists that has TI (among others) serving as executive producer; and a docu-series about female comediennes living in Los Angeles that has the working title Funny Girls.

While diversity on television (of every kind, to be honest) is still lacking in many ways, we’ve seen an increase in shows that feature African Americans, and African-American women, in particular. From Real Housewives of Atlanta, to Basketball Wives LA to programs like Sleepy Hollow and Scandal, black women are making a way to the headline positions on many programs. However, Oxygen has a very specific goal of showcasing women of various backgrounds who are making a way on their own and in positive ways.

Speaking specifically about Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Oxygen Media’s SVP of Original Programming and Development, Rod Aissa, told us, “Instead of tearing each other down, what if the drama is centered around being competitive? Being the best? What if they’re getting better together and there’s some support?”

The Check Helped Too: Bishop Noel Jones Says He’s Doing “Pastors of LA” So Christians Can Realize Their Pastors Make Mistakes

July 11th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Pastors LA 1

In an interview with Pastor Mark Burns for Impact Network’s “Lift Your Voice” show, Bishop Noel Jones (of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California), 63, spoke about why he decided to take part in the Pastors of LA. The new Oxygen Network reality show is about megachurch pastors and their lives both inside and outside of the church. It’s revealed (if you didn’t already know) that folks have children out of wedlock, are struggling in relationships, and we get to see what many of them do with all that money they come upon. He made it clear to Pastor Burns that he wasn’t using the show as an “evangelical tool,” but as an opportunity to show Christians that pastors make the same mistakes they do, and that just because they do, they shouldn’t be judged on a different level because they’re men of God. Here are some interesting tidbits from their interview:

“My original intention was not for this to be an evangelical tool, very certainly not. My original intention was it to be a tool to help bring the minds of Christian people to the place where they give some balance to who their pastors are and how they deal with their pastors.

The only reason I signed up was to help to reduce the iconoclastic proclivities that church members have about their pastors to the point where if they break any of the rules that the church members are breaking, they completely throw them away.”

He described examples of scenarios where congregants often look down at their pastors and think they’re “no longer any good” because of issues they’re having in their personal lives:

“It takes God 40-50 years to put a man together and he ends up in a divorce and he’s no longer any good. It takes God 40-50 years to put a man together and he ends up taking a drink, having a kind of accident, and he’s no longer any good.”

While he does make a good point about folks expecting a lot more from their pastors than they do for themselves, I’m sure that nice check from Oxygen also had an impact on his decision to jump in reality television too. Just saying…

Do you understand Bishop Jones’ point? Will you watch the show?

Are You the Next Kenya Moore? The Affects Reality TV Shows Could Be Having On Your Relationship

April 26th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Black-Couple-Arguing1 "argument" "couple" "relationship" "reality"

From YourTango

What are we learning about love and relationships from watching these shows?

Is it just me or is TV out of control with all the dating shows being aired? According to this article in The New York Times, three new shows aired this month with each program being worse and worse. The first program to air was Eva Longoria‘s show, Ready for Love, but it was cancelled after only two episodes. The idea was that three matchmakers had to scour the world to find matches for their clients. (My thought: if these matchmakers had to “scour the world” to find someone a match, this client was being way too picky, anyway.)

Next to hit the airwaves was Find Me My Man on Oxygen, featuring Miami matchmaker Natalie Clarice. The show, created to help Miami’s professional women find love, is clearly another reality dating series … sans the reality.


Would You Rather See Us On Welfare? Shawty Lo Launches Petition To Save His Show

January 16th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Yesterday, we reported that after weeks of petitioning efforts and much deliberation, Oxygen decided to put an axe to Shawty Lo’s one-hour reality special entitled All My Babies’ Mamas. Many were overjoyed to hear this news, simply because the show was felt to be disgraceful to Black families. But Shawty Lo’s reps are saying don’t celebrate too quickly because this isn’t the last you’ll see of him or his babies’ mamas. Publicist Kali Bowyer told RumorFix that after receiving 123,000 emails from people wanting to save the show, they will be fighting against Oxygen’s decision to cancel the show by launching their own petition entitled Oxygen Network: Put Shawty Lo and Baby Mamas back on the air. As you’ve probably guessed, the petition is seeking to appeal to the public’s emotional side, and somewhat implies that by participating in the cancellation of this show, you are literally hindering this man’s ability to take care of his children. It also went on to question why petitioners against the show would “reject” a father who is there for his kids. They even pulled the race card. A portion of the petition reads:

“It’s a sad day in America, when people attempt to reject a father that steps up to the plate, a father who is actively supporting his children & their mothers , not just monetarily but emotionally as well.

Shawty Lo, is in fact a father figure that most young black men today coming from a similar past lifestyle and environment, should mimic in his parental role. With 11 children, which are all clothed, fed, housed and loved in everyway that a parent should love, protect and provide for their child. As well as being a supportive and active partner in the co-parenting of his children with their mothers.

A man is supposed to take care of his children, and the mother (s), weather it be singular or plural.

So here’s the question, would you rather see 11 children struggle with mothers on welfare? Or watch a man support his children? Does it come down to the race card?

Other networks that currently showcase polygamy, promiscuity, and alcoholism, are on the air, with multiple mothers and magnitudes of children. So what’s the difference? Because Shawty Lo is black and a rapper? Yes, I said it he’s black, ( just in case you didn’t already know ).”

What do you make of Shawty Lo’s counter-petition?

Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise.

And One More Makes A Dozen: Shawty Lo Could Be Expecting His Twelfth Child

January 14th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Just last week we told you guys about controversial rapper Shawty Lo aka Carlos Walker’s coming forward to explain how he managed to father 11 children. Many of you were completely outraged when he somewhat insinuated that the conceiving of so many children wasn’t his fault. “I didn’t ask for it, it just happened,” he expressed to MTV News last week. Well, it seems that the Atlanta rapper may not have learned his lesson yet, as word on the the street is that he could be expecting another child.

Underground rapper Jai Jai and ex-girlfriend of Shawty Lo shocked many when she posted a photo of her protruding baby bump to her Instagram page. Although she has not identified who the father of her child is and Carlos has yet to confirm or deny fathering her child, a source informed The YBF that the All My Babies’ Mamas star is indeed the father. Now of course, so far this is all he say, she say. But, you’ve got to admit that this would be a fairly large bomb to drop during the one-hour special. Jai Jai has not been listed as a cast member of the show, but you never know.

According to Sandra Rose, Shawty Lo and Jai Jai dated for over six years. She is even reported to have gotten into a club brawl with one of his babies’ mothers a few years back.

I’m sure All My Babies’ Mamas protestors are somewhere having a fit right now. One would think that a man who has fathered 11 children would know the importance of contraceptives by now.

Check out a picture of Jai Jai and her baby bump below. What do you make of all of this? 


Source: Instagram

Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

‘I Didn’t Ask For It, It Just Happened’: Shawty Lo On His House Full Of Babies’ Mamas

January 10th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

There has been much controversy surrounding 36-year-old rapper and producer Shawty Lo ever since word got out that he would be starring in a one-time reality special on the Oxygen network alongside his eleven children and the ten women who mother them entitled, All My Babies’ Mamas. Talk of the show even ignited a petition, which threatened to boycott the network and any companies that advertised during the show because of the negative manner in which it portrays Black women. Shawty Lo recently sat down with MTV News to explain his family’s situation and to clear up any assumptions that the public may have made about him and the number of children that he has.

One of the first things that he addressed was his rough upbringing and how he pretty much raised himself after his mother died from cancer. He shared that he eventually wound living a life of crime as a drug dealer, which is where his children’s mothers entered the picture.

“When the money came, a lot of women came. I wasn’t trying to have babies, but once you know, I was talking to these women and once you feel like this girl was your girlfriend, the rubber probably came off. And a lot of them felt that because at twenty-one I saw my first million in the streets and they knew I was the most popular dude in the streets because I was getting so much money, and they would be like they wasn’t having an abortion. They used to take the money and run with it so they could have a baby by the most popular guy in the streets. So that’s how I had all them kids.”

He went on to express that none of his children were conceived while he was a rapper:

“Ain’t none of my kids came while I was a rapper. All my kids came when I was that dude in the streets.”

The Atlanta native also dispelled any rumors that may imply he doesn’t take care of his children.

“I take care of all my kids. You know, I just have problems out of one that feels because she has two kids out of me, I’m supposed to do more for her kids. She don’t want to work, she just wants me to straight take care of them. But you know, it’s all love. I handle it.”

He also took time out to address the heavy criticism that he has been recieving lately for having so many children.

“There’s a lot of fathers that don’t take care of their one. I deal with eleven […] You can hate all you want to. I didn’t ask for it, it just happened. Now that it happened, I’m supposed to turn my back against it? If I wasn’t taking care of my kids, then y’all would really dog me out. I’m taking care of my kids. I provide for my family.”

Check out footage of his full interview on the next page. Does Shawty Lo have a point? Although having so many children may not be the most desirable situation, is the fact that he provides for them all really what should matter most?

Bury The Ratchet: Petition Urges Oxygen to Put An Axe To Shawty Lo’s Reality Show, ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’

January 2nd, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Madame Noire

Last week, we told you about the Oxygen Network’s latest reality show project entitled, All My Babies’ Mamas, which is a one-time, hour long special that will highlight the life of Atlanta rapper, Shawty Lo as he juggles eleven children and ten baby mamas. Many were outraged that Oxygen would even produce a show such as this one, considering the fact that the network claims their mission is to “release the energy of women to do great things.” And now, a woman by the name of Sabrina Lamb has taken her disapproval for the show a step further as she recently launched a petition via where she urges the network to do away with the show that “stereotypes and demeans Black children, mothers and dads”.

In the petition Lamb suggests that the network is seeking to profit from the degradation of Black women and threatens to boycott all companies that choose to advertise during the show.

“By pushing these degrading images, your company seeks to profit from the humiliation of girls and women and the blatant stereotyping of African Americans. We think Oxygen and the show’s creators and producers have gone too far and if this show is aired, we will, without hesitation, boycott any and all companies that advertise during this minstrel show,” the petition reads.

So far, the petition has received 3,108 signatures. We most certainly agree that broadcasting a reality show that focuses on a man and his dealings with his ten babies’ mothers is an all new low for the Oxygen network and reality television in general, but whether or not the petition will convince the network to cancel the show is a different story. Some online petitions have proven to be semi-successful in the past, for example the one that was taken up against VH1’s Basketball Wives for the violent acts that were frequently acted out by the women on the show that undeniably grabbed the network’s attention.

Do you believe that the petition against All My Babies’ Mamas will have an impact?

Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

Oxygen Network Hitting New Low With “All My Babies’ Mamas”?

December 27th, 2012 - By Tonya Garcia
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baby mamas

Oxygen Network, the television station that advises you to “Live Out Loud,” has just announced a new “special” coming soon: All My Babies’ Mamas. Oh my.

Deadline Hollywood says the show will be a one-hour, one-time reality program that follows “the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas, and their army of children.” Our colleagues at Hip Hop Wired have more detail: the show will star Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo (?) and his 10 baby mamas who have alter egos like “First Lady Baby Mama” and “Shady Baby Mama.” All told, they have 11 kids. Hip Hop Wired has got promo video from the show.

A new reality show isn’t news. But that this show, which, in name alone, scrapes the bottom of the barrel, is a surprising choice for a station like Oxygen.

Forbes reminds us that the network began in 2000 with a mission to “release the energy of women to do great things.” The network was actually launched with help from Nickelodeon founder Geraldine Laybourne and Oprah Winfrey. This latest show is brought to us by two former MTV execs — Liz Gateley and Tony DiSanto — who were behind shows like The Hills and Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

Certainly, Oxygen hasn’t shied away from dipping in the reality pool. Shows like My Shopping Addiction, Girlfriend Confidential LA, and Bad Girls Club certainly have their fair share of drama. And the network isn’t immune from the needs of ratings and a social media following. They want to generate tweets and Facebook chatter. We get it. But this is really over the top, even by reality show standards.

Will you be watching? And does it ultimately damage Oxygen’s rep with women to put this show on the air? There’s speculation that this one-hour “special” is really a way to launch a whole new regular program. We’ll pass, thank you very much.

“We Are No One’s Housewives”: First Look At Eva Marcille’s Reality Show, Girlfriend Confidential: LA

August 17th, 2012 - By Alissa Henry
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"Eva Girlfriend Confidential Promo"


First called the “Eva Marcille Project” then “Taking Hollywood”, Eva Marcille’s new reality show is officially “Girlfriend Confidential: LA” and it premieres on September 3rd.

Famous for winning the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model, Eva Marcille (formerly Eva Pigford) is coming back to reality television this Fall. She’ll be the most famous face on the show, but it will feature her alongside her three friends — actress Denyce Lawton, interior and product designer Nikki Chu, and talent and brand manager, Kelly Marie Dunn — as they “navigate the tumultuous waters of love and celebrity life against the cutthroat backdrop of Hollywood’s entertainment industry”.

In the past, Eva has said her show will not be like the “wives clubs of sports”. She is hoping to portray the real struggle of the entertainment industry. Obviously she’ll be showing that “struggle” from the vantage point of having already made it enough to be the subject of her own reality show on Oxygen (likely because she has been on TV shows, movies and magazine covers), but we get what she’s trying to say.

Oxygen is hoping that many can relate to the girls and it’s likely this show will be pretty clean. Sure, Eva certainly brought the drama on “Top Model”, but that was 2006. Besides, this show is not competitive in nature and is supposedly about their pre-existing friendship. According to the press release:

“Eva and her friends are at various points in their lives, and they’re taking career risks, looking for love, and just trying to figure out the next step. Yet they know that whatever happens, they’re anchored by their unbreakable friendship.”

Sounds kind of like a reality show version of “Girlfriends” and everyone loves friendship, right? Let’s just hope they continue to write “friendship” into the script and don’t begin incorporating fist fights at the first sight of a yawn from viewers.

No matter what, judging by the sheer amount that continue to be created, viewers love reality shows and so this one has the potential to do well.

The six episode series begins on September 3rd at 11pm and the preview is below. (Warning: the beginning of this preview is definitely a scene ripped clean out of “Sex and the City” the movie.)

What do you think of this show? Are you looking forward to watching it?

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